Zi Wo Yi Shi by Will Pan

Recently, I’ve been addicted to this song without rhyme or reason. It’s just too addicting. It’s not helping with my sudden addiction to rap music or those types of really upbeat music either.

I especially like the part where Will sings “I’m the king of the world. Everybody, get down, get down.” Sounds so powerful and dominant. Maybe it’s because there’s this ‘control bug’ within all of us that makes us want to be someone who’s on top also. Still…something to think about. Doesn’t Will look so cold and cool from the images above? (Haha)

This is actually my 3rd favorite song from the album 007 after “Shuang Ren Wu” and “Be With You”.

Okay, I just felt like being random with this entry. But still…what do you think?

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Shuang Ren Wu by Will Pan

(Uploaded by: 潘瑋柏官方頻道Will Pan)

I’m beginning to get quite addicted to this song that it’s not even funny. Maybe it’s because of the addicting tune. (Go Will!) The MV gets a bit addicting to watch too since you get to see this mysterious story unfolding itself, which you have to do a lot of guessing but it’s all right. There’s also the dark hallway and the constant flashing of the light adding to the mystery.

There are also these dance steps that Will does for the MV, surrounded by a group of female dancers. Oh yeah, I think he’s one of those rare guys who could wear pink and pull it off.

And did I mention he looks super good in a black suit? (Okay, maybe it’s just me being obsessed.)

Enough said.

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Will Pan – 007

I think this is a 50/50 chance. I do not mean the rating either. It’s just one of those styles that you just really love or really hate. Having only followed since after his last album, Will’s Future, I think I can’t really judge. However, I must say that since I supported his style this long, I really like this one also.

Anyway, I bought the Commemorate Edition. I must say it was really worth it–even if there is no ring in this one. In place of the other extra goodies, this one contains 3 MVs and behind-the-scenes footages, plus an interview of Will.

From the past pattern, it is not a surprise that Will loves food. It’s really interesting though to see different types of food being set out.

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Will Power

To name the most hard-working artists of all time, how can anyone not put Wilber Pan on that list? In fact, he honestly deserves to be on top of that list and it would not be exaggerating at all. His commitment and dedication to his work are just so amazing. The hard-working vibe just radiates off him and shows that he truly values what he has and always pushes his limits to the max–regardless of the consequences. His positive attitude and his full of energy personality are really admirable on many levels.

After giving us Miss No Good and his album Will’s Future, he thrives forward again this year, working hard as always. Despite his injury from the fall during one of his concerts, he tries to make a speedy recovery to deliver to us his latest album, 007-another amazing album with variety and content.

However, it would be nice to see him have a good rest and not strain his energy too much. It wouldn’t be good if all the strains giving way to other health future problems.

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