We’re All Afraid of Pain by Wilber Pan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xHd7FF_Jp4 (Uploaded by: Diana Sim) Song Title: We're All Afraid of Pain (我們都怕痛) Music by: Lin Zi Liang (林子良) Lyrics by: Lin Zi Liang / Wang Ya Jun (林子良 / 王雅君) Key:Bold = OriginalBlue = Pin YinFaded Red = EnglishRoyal Blue = Vietnamese 她說她再也不相信 眞愛ta shuo ta zai ye bu xiang xin   zhen aiShe said … Continue reading We’re All Afraid of Pain by Wilber Pan

808 by Wilber Pan

Mr. Pan is back with another album and it's following the number thing. His birthday is August and it's also his 8th album, nice? Another good album. The first song (全面通緝) was very catchy and I'd already lost count of the number of times of which I put it on repeat. The MV was fun … Continue reading 808 by Wilber Pan