White Fox by Ai Yi Man

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O0oDO38hpI (Uploaded by: Grace yen) Song Title: White Fox (白狐) Music by: Li Xu Hui (李旭辉) Lyrics by: Sun Hong Ying (孙红莺) Key:Bold = ChineseSky Blue = Pin YinGrayish Blue = EnglishFaded Violet = Vietnamese 我是一只修行千年的狐wo shi yi zhi xiu xing qian nian de huI'm only a fox that has mastered the immortality technique by … Continue reading White Fox by Ai Yi Man

Fan Fiction: Inspirational Songs

This is more like out of fun and to fill the blog with more randomness. One time I was talking to one of my fellow fan fic writers and she was surprised that I actually write with music on since it's more of a distraction for her than inspiration. So I started to wonder what … Continue reading Fan Fiction: Inspirational Songs

Liao Zhai 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O0oDO38hpI (Uploaded by: chiffon168) Ending Theme Versions: Featuring Luo Sha Hai Shi and Yan Zhi: Here Featuring Yi Ning and Fen Die: Here Featuring Lian Xiang and Yi Qian: Here I said that I would do an overall analysis on this one so here goes. I thought this set of stories was quite lacking compared … Continue reading Liao Zhai 2