Angel Lover OST

Old, but I still want to talk about it, considering how much I love the TV drama itself. CD 1. Angel's Intro. A suitable start for the soundtrack. Calm and soothing, as should regarding angels. It had a sense of security within it. 2. Discover True Love (發現真愛) by Ming Dao, Jacky Chu, and Ehlo … Continue reading Angel Lover OST

Angel Lover

Interestingly funny that I just watched this properly. SO I was waiting for better subs since my understanding of overly complex and/or deep ones aren't to its fullest yet. And of course, I wanted to make sure I understand completely for this one. Despite being quite long, this drama was one of those worth it … Continue reading Angel Lover

Miss Hong Kong 1996

Okay, I didn't watch '97 BUT I seriously have a feeling that '96 was the last year worth watching regarding beauty and entertainment. I know that '98 got so many stars and all too, but it seemed that was the only thing that saved the ceremony. Interesting and funny opening since Eric and Natalis were … Continue reading Miss Hong Kong 1996

Miss Hong Kong 1993

Since llwy12 and I were talking about Miss Hong Kong in the old days and now, I decided to go and watch some of the old ones. I'll be blogging about it as I go along. I must say that I only started at '93. What do I notice first? Simple yet elegance. I'm not … Continue reading Miss Hong Kong 1993

One Step Beyond

It was one interesting, unpredictable series. It was actually one of those series that is hard to come upon these days. It was unpredictable in that it was crazy yet did not follow the typical pattern of TVB series nowadays. The acting was just so awesome also that you can't really hate any one character … Continue reading One Step Beyond