Wu Mei Niang: The Wrap-Up

Yes, the production wrapped up recently. (Click here for article.)

Eric actually posted some pictures of the celebration on his Facebook. He, of course, thanked the cast and crew for their hard work throughout. Most of the cast and crew that posted had nothing but praises for Eric as a first time producer. So now we wait since it’s going to take awhile for post-production work. (Obviously, I know, but just excited to see what it would be like.)

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Wu Mei Niang: Amanda Chou

There was an article on Amanda after her participation in the drama (not that she hadn’t already established herself through her past works). But I found it an interesting read, so click here to check it out for yourself.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners

Eric Huang’s Wu Mei Niang

If you haven’t noticed, Eric Huang finally get to fulfill his dream of being a producer. It’s actually a web series, called Wu Mei Niang (舞魅娘), which will be focused on the stories of some ancient beauties and/or heroine. (Click here for full article.)

Amanda Chou (周曉涵) will be portraying Xi Shi (西施).

Mandy Tao (陶嫚曼) will be Hua Mu Lan (花木蘭).

Viola Fang (方妍心) will be Yang Gui Fei (楊貴妃).

And last but not least, Tang Rui Hong (唐瑞宏) will be Da Ji (妲己).

Aside from that, I have no idea who the male cast will be. I meant there were pictures of them in the blessing ceremony, but not sure who will play whom. I’m not even sure if Eric will somehow be part of the cast as well or just be producer. Aside from some random pictures here and there from the cast, there are no other official information after the news of the production starting.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Status of Drama Watching V

As promised, this is an update on my drama watching – and not delaying it like I used to, lol. Although I did wait quite awhile so I could do some reviews before doing this update. Not much of an update since I barely moved on some of them. But I’ve been occupied with lots of other stuffs, so yeah.

Past Dramas:

Current Dramas:

  • Empress Conquers (天后之征) – Episode 5 – NOT done with part one yet so can’t jump back to this one.
  • Home (回家) – Episode 2 – Still halting.
  • IUUI – Episode 2 – Might just plain cancel the episode reviews and watch it straight, seriously.
  • Love Family – Episode 15 – Yup, I halted it a bit since I was busy with other stuffs.
  • Monga Yao Hui – Episode 3 – Still halting.
  • The War of Beauties – Episode 39 – I had to halt again ’cause it was getting repetitive with some stuffs. I ended up watching the ending and then planning to go back later.

Upcoming Dramas:

  • 7 Friends.
  • Aquarius.
  • Blissful Dandelion.
  • Biao Men/ The Great Protector.
  • City of Angels.
  • Dan Shen You Yue aka Single & Still Dating.
  • Full Moon, Curved Saber 2012.
  • Fu Rong Jin.
  • Murphy’s Law of Love.
  • RPOGE.
  • TiAmo Chocolate.
  • The Crossing Hero.
  • The Four Horsemen.
  • The Queen.
  • The Way We Were.
  • Women on the Breadfruit Tree.

On-Hold – STILL:

  • Autumn’s Concerto.
  • Channel X.
  • Chinese Paladin III.
  • Disclosed – Episode 2 –
  • Father and Son (父與子) – Episode 12 –
  • Galileo II – Episode 2 –
  • Garden of Life – Episode 2 –
  • Love Buffet.
  • Lucky Touch – Episode 2 –
  • Sunshine Angel – Episode 2 –
  • They Are Flying.
  • Tong Flowers Love – Episode 2 –
  • Zhong Wu Yan.
  • Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2012.
  • You Are My Sisters – Episode 2 –


  • Evil Spirit 05 – I should have placed it here last time but didn’t think it through so yeah. YUP, I think my task list is too long for me to even have hope for this.

See you all next time again!

Star Awards 2015

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