Celebs Real Life Couples

Okay, I was just bored and wanted to start a list. But I will only include the ones I know for sure of OR care about somewhat. So if you don’t see your favorites on there, DON’T freak out. Also, I’m not including any past relationships OR rumors. AND–yes, this is the last one–I’m dividing them by region since I was getting a headache trying to group ’em one way or another.

Hong Kong

  • Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng
  • Angela Tong and Chin Ka Lok
  • Edmond So and Winnie Lau
  • Eric Suen and Macy Chan
  • Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung
  • Felix Wong and Leung Kit Wah
  • Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok
  • Hacken Lee and Emily Lo
  • Jacky Cheung and May Lo
  • John Chiang and Lee Lam Lam
  • Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan
  • Leila Tong and Desmond Tang
  • Liu Kai Chi and Barbara Chan
  • Michael Miu and Jamie Chik
  • Noel Leung and Gary Chan
  • Power Chan and Mimi Lo
  • Roger Kwok and Cindy Au
  • Simon Yam and Qi Qi
  • Stephen Fung and Shu Qi
  • Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau
  • Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li

Mainland China

  • Benny Qian and Coco Lv
  • Deng Chao and Betty Sun Li
  • Dong Xuan and Gao Yun Xiang
  • Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er
  • Kevin Yan and Sunny Du
  • Qiao Zhen Yu and Wang Qian Yi
  • Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin
  • Tong Li Ya and Chen Si Cheng
  • Zhang Jie and Xie Na


  • Alice Ko and Kunda Hsieh
  • Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai
  • Ann Hsu and Roy Chiu
  • Blue J and Sandrine Pinna
  • Blue Lan and Jade Chou
  • Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng
  • Chen Yu Feng and Ye Jia Yu
  • Eric Huang and Jenny Lu
  • June Tsai and Lee Yi
  • Justine Ji and Wu Jian Xin
  • Leroy Yang and Jiang Zu Ping
  • Nylon Chen and Lene Lai
  • Phil Chang and Shi Yi Lang
  • Vic Chou and Reen Yu
  • Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin
  • Wesley Chia and Amanda Chu


  • Christopher Lee and Fann Wong


  • Ada Choi and Max Zhang
  • Archie Kao and Zhou Xun
  • Dicky Cheung and Jess Zhang
  • Gallen Lo and Sophie Su
  • Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan
  • Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao
  • Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu Shi Shi
  • Sonija Kwok and Zhu Shao Jie

*This list will be updated from time to time.

Borrow Your Love: Episode 14

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

Ye Chen and Ping An moved the meeting location with the old friend to a cafe. They took a table outside to talk, which would be easier. Ping An finally learned of the old man’s background when he recounted past events. The pair of father and daughter used to circulate the area, and Ping An’s father had performed in his restaurant numerous times. Ping An then asked him if he knew of her father’s whereabouts. He finally told her (after some hesitation and choked up feelings) that her father had passed away that one rainy night already. Ping An actually knew of her father’s passing already or at least had a feeling it was so yet she couldn’t help but break down totally after hearing the truth from this old friend of her father’s. After breaking down at home that night, she met up with the old man again to retrieve her father’s belongings that the old man had kept all these years. When she finally was able to settle down somewhere to go through the box, Ping An found her father’s ID on top, so happy that she wouldn’t forget her father’s face again. Then there were also music sheets and other sentimental items. What became a major clue to the overall story of their family’s past–and other misunderstandings–was her father’s letter to her mother. He had intended for her to find it after his death. However, because of that car accident and many other complications with Ping An being lost and the old friend wasn’t able to find her, things were delayed. The letter actually disclosed that Ping An’s father was the one snatching Ping An up and leaving. He didn’t want to drag Ping An’s mother down since she was still so young and beautiful and still have a bright future because he’d discovered that he’d leukemia. He apologized for leaving and also for taking Ping An with him since he thought that she shouldn’t be held down by a sick husband and a kid, etc. He also mentioned how her boss was really fond of her so that might be a better choice for her and could bring her more happiness than being with him. So Bai Ming Li didn’t abandon them. Ye Chen was quite upset to learn of it, chiding Ping An’s father for thinking such thoughts and causing so much hardships for Ping An all these years. Yet Ping An said she understood her father’s reasons and was glad that she learned the true version, knowing her mother didn’t abandon her all these years.

As for Zi Wen, he was still working hard to win Xi Le’s heart back. This time, he used sincerity and patience for it, especially tending to small things like making her meals and all. She wasn’t unaffected by that. (At least on the surface. She just wanted to protect herself this time around, not wanting to get hurt anymore.) Soon, Zi Wen met up with Sergeant Xu. Ye Chen had finally handed Hei Zai’s cell phone over to Sergeant Xu awhile back so now Sergeant had contacted Zi Wen for help. Zi Wen actually said that he wanted to seek out Sergeant Xu as well. So they have something in common. Negotiations perhaps?

After taking care of some more stuff, Zi Wen was back for more trying to win Xi Le over. He even took her to Wei Zhen’s grave and tried to prove his words. However, she said she wouldn’t trust him ever again. Later still, Xi Le sought out Ye Chen to verify some details of the story, claiming she couldn’t trust Zi Wen anymore. Ye Chen told her of how Zi Wen had given him the will already, telling him to pass it to Ping An. It was like how Zi Wen had told Xi Le. It was then that Xi Le dared to believe. She pondered why Ping An didn’t make a move to take back what was hers after having the will yet Ye Chen said Ping An didn’t want to. Xi Le said that was what she was most envious of Ping An, being able to let go and not fight with anyone. Moving along, Xi Le told Ye Chen that Zi Wen had dragged her to Wei Zhen’s grave. Ye Chen, upon hearing that, asked Xi Le to repeat it. He told her that this time Zi Wen meant it since Zi Wen hadn’t visited Wei Zhen’s grave even after all these years. After they parted ways, Xi Le spotted Zi Wen and overheard his conversation with Hei Zai. She quickly alerted Ye Chen. Ye Chen was with Ping An so he told her to go contact Sergeant Xu while he went to find Zi Wen.

Upon arriving though, Ye Chen was captured by Hei Zai, because he didn’t realize Hei Zai was behind him. He only had his eyes on Zi Wen. He didn’t realize about Zi Wen’s part in Sergeant Xu’s trap. That was what Ping An wanted to tell him before he was captured. Nevertheless, Zi Wen had to move forward with the plan, pretending that Hei Zai had done good in capturing Ye Chen or his plans would leak out. However, as he tried to negotiate with Hei Zai and exchange the money for Ye Chen, things got ugly from there. Though Ye Chen was able to fight Hei Zai off, he couldn’t see the attack from behind and Zi Wen ended up taking the hit for him, receiving the stab in full. (Although it was unbelievable how Ye Chen was able to fight like several dudes at once since the beginning, now seemed quite slow and weak for Hei Zai’s match.) But anyway, as Zi Wen fell, Sergeant Xu finally jumped out with some police officers, rattling out commands for the others to go chase Hei Zai as he called for an ambulance. Before any came though, Zi Wen apologized to Ye Chen and how he had always kept it in his heart that Ye Chen had sacrificed for him in serving the prison sentence, etc. They exchanged some hearty words about their bond and being ‘brothers’ again before Zi Wen told Ye Chen to tell Xi Le that he loved her. All the while, Ping An had finally arrived on the scene to witness the conversation. (Though it was strange that no other staff was nearby to help them? It could be explained they were in a very quiet area and that would make Hei Zai less suspicious of their motives, but still too quiet. And the blood was seriously too fake. Yeah, it was a very touching moment YET I was paying attention to those details, lol. But what puzzled me was how in the BTS when they applied it on Eli, it looked darker and real yet it looked so fake in the real scene. Was it because of the lighting? *shrugs*)

Days later, Xi Le was seen grieving over Zi Wen’s death still. She was moping and didn’t want to get up. (Yes, she was staying at Zi Wen’s place.) Ping An finally came to the place and forced her to face the truth. She couldn’t get to Xi Le–despite the yelling, scolding, and all of the side fights. Words of comfort and/or encouragement were already out the window. The only thing that worked was how Ping An asked Xi Le if she wanted to hear what Zi Wen wanted Ye Chen to tell her before his death? Xi Le finally pulled out of her trance and asked Ping An. Ping An told her exactly what Zi Wen said that he loved Xi Le. Xi Le broke down again, crashing to the ground, mumbling that he finally said it.

At home, Ye Chen was out on the porch watching the sky while Ping An was hanging some clothes. Ping An told him of what happened and how Xi Le had recovered already so she believed Xi Le would stand up soon. After some jokes, Ye Chen noticed how Ping An’s hand was all bruised up. Not that extreme, but it was like those marks came out of nowhere. Ping An claimed it was from the fight with Xi Le earlier. She said if the marks were present on her, Xi Le must have suffered worse. (LOL!) Yet Ye Chen wasn’t amused. He wanted her to go check it out, mentioning about her past nosebleeds and how she was so weak of recent. She didn’t want to. He reminded her that her father’s leukemia could have been passed to her. He didn’t want to take the risk. When they walked out of the hospital later though, she looked devastated while he tried to comfort her with how the medical field was getting quite advance nowadays hence they could cure her, etc. She wasn’t paying attention. Then she suggested they go on a vacation. He agreed. (Yes, so she has it. OY! How dramatic could it get? This tells you being nice is worth nothing. OR according to this, lol. Hello, how could she be this unfortunate? It made sense that her genes would be affected, considering how her father had it, but wow, couldn’t they pull it off with letting her go on this one?)

So Ye Chen and Ping An went on their trip. Super cute moments yet it was really sad at the same time since it was too obvious she was leaving soon. (Yes, it’s cliche but it’s obvious she’s trying to spend some time with him before leaving.) Even if she had started to have nosebleeds again, she still refused to go to the hospital to start her treatment. (Indeed, she was stubborn like her mother.) Ye Chen was indeed quite upset with how unfortunate Ping An was, scolding how it was so unfair, considering how Ping An had already endured so much pain already. Yet Ping An said she really wanted to get mad too, but that was the reality, not like stories where bad people get their deserved punishments while good people ended up with a happy ending, etc. (Yet, honestly, did they have to do that explanation for this one? I swore it was to cover up for all the plot loops and stupidity that couldn’t be explained at some point and dragging out more episodes with senseless moments at times just to say it was okay to let some details go.) Ping An soon convinced Ye Chen to not be so upset anymore, reminding him that it wasn’t like her disease was incurable. She just wanted to create some beautiful memories with him before going in for treatment and fighting the disease with her positive energy. So they resumed the vacation. However, after some more eventful time together, Ye Chen woke up one morning to find Ping An gone. He searched everywhere for her but it was hopeless, she wasn’t even home when he returned. He saw that her belongings were gone.

Zoom forward to some airport, Ping An was seen with Xi Le and Li Sha. The other two were there to send her off. Xi Le wanted to go with Ping An or at least send Xiao Si along with her. Yet Ping An turned it down, saying that each of them had their own destination. She believed that she could conquer the challenges ahead. Xi Le then asked if Ping An was sure about not letting Ye Chen know. Ping An said if anything happened to her and Ye Chen know, he wouldn’t be able to move on; yet if he didn’t know, perhaps it would be easier for him to forget her. It was around then that Li Sha jumped in to chide Ping An for being a dummy, always thinking for others, not herself. Huo Ying then jumped out of nowhere to say that he would go with her. Ping An turned him down as well, not wanting anyone to go with her, especially him (lol). Ping An joked that she wanted Huo Ying to stay behind to watch his sister, not wanting his sister to bully Xi Le. Even Li Sha was smiling over that. Yet Huo Ying was still worried about Ping An going alone like that. Ping An said they still have contact yet asked the others to promise her to not let Ye Chen know of her whereabouts. After those words, she went inside alone while the others watched.

As for Ye Chen, Xi Le finally came to talk to him, giving him Ping An’s letter, saying that Ping An had already left yet was safe. Upon opening the letter, Ye Chen almost jumped. Okay, he did jump. It was because he spotted Ping An’s bow clip. It was indeed a fright for him. She even wrote it on the letter. She told him when he finally conquered his fear of the bow, she would be back. He smiled and was no longer grievous. He had a new goal to work toward now. First step? Ye Chen set up a swing by that one tree Ping An pointed out awhile back to him. He even told the kids to help him decorate the swing with bows so that Ping An would return, etc. They were indeed quite helpful.

Time passed, Ye Chen was used to interacting with the kids at the orphanage and reading stories for them, playing with them, etc. While Xi Le still working hard at the company. Yet what she worried about was Ping An’s whereabouts and how Ping An hadn’t been contacting them. (She had also thought of Zi Wen and hoped that he could see her accomplishments, etc.)

One day, when Ye Chen was seen reading to the kids by the swing, the kids muttered they were tired of listening to “The Little Red Riding Hood” so he was forced to pick another story. They asked again when Ping An was coming back. He didn’t know. But they ended up searching for a new story. Somehow though, Ye Chen ended up falling asleep in the middle of the story. The kids soon scattered, leaving only Ye Chen behind. He awakened after a while and went searching for them. Suddenly, he heard Ping An’s voice calling him to come and help her. He couldn’t believe it, thinking he was dreaming. Yet when he came closer, he saw her sitting on the swing, smiling happily. Yes, she was indeed back. They ran toward each other and embraced happily at last. (Does that mean she’s cured? Since she looked quite healthy at this point, not so pale anymore like the last few episodes seemed to show.) But anyway, cute ending. (Yet I still don’t get how it had become that way with some of the details, but I still love watching the two.)

Borrow Your Love: Episode 13

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

So they had to seek out Ji Shi Cheng at long last for help. Well, it was some sort of collaboration, not totally siding with him. The reason why Ping An even went with this bizarre, risky move was because of how she wanted to save the employees at the restaurant. Ji Shi Cheng asked why he should help Ping An. Of course, the old man wasn’t going to dive in just because his son and daughter backed Ping An up. He needed much more than that. Before Ping An spoke up though, Huo Ying stopped her by placing a hand on her shoulder. He jumped in to answer in her place, saying how they have to seek revenge since they’d lost to Xi Le so badly. Ji Shi Cheng pointed out if he were to seek revenge, he would have to deal with Huo Ying first, considering how it was partially Huo Ying’s fault that he didn’t get all the information. So after scolding his son, Ji Shi Cheng turned to ask Ping An how would it be better that she becomes the chairwoman. After some struggling of trying to conjure up an answer, Li Sha jumped in to say that regardless it would be better to have Ping An as a chairwoman since she’s easier to bully, lol. (Realistic but the old man liked the answer, lol.) Ji Shi Cheng’s question was asking Ping An if she was sure that Bai Ming Li was her mother, adding that Xi Le was more like Bai Ming Li. Ping An said that she had her mother’s words as well as some other proofs. Though she didn’t have the real will and the DNA proofs, she said the main point was to cast doubts among the public of Xi Le’s identity. Ji Shi Cheng thought it was interesting so he agreed to help her. However (yup, there’s always a term), she must marry his son. That was when Li Sha jumped in to protest. Ji Shi Cheng said that it was a good way to resolve his past conflict with Bai Ming Li as well, having both of their children marry, etc. As Ping An attempted to dodge, Huo Ying slipped a hand around her shoulder, grinning happily and telling his old man that he’d actually proposed to Ping An already and she’d agreed. Of course, Ji Shi Cheng was shocked yet he was also glad that things were moving on a positive path.

So Ye Chen had no choice but to leave upon hearing those words and Ping An had to chase after him. (Probably after their meeting adjourned.) She told him to slow down yet ended up bumping into him (literally) when he finally stopped? Funny. So yeah. She was asking him if he would be upset when she posed as Huo Ying’s fiancee. He said because of the ‘big picture’, he couldn’t do anything anyway but to accept it. She chided him, saying how he was jealous yet refused to admit it. What got to him was how she said he wasn’t ‘man’ enough. That was when he grabbed her and pin her to a fence. Alarmed, she called him “Da Se Lang” (大色狼) again, lol. YUP, indeed it had been a long time since she called him that. So he told her to teach him how he could be the so-called ‘man’ that she was using the term so loosely. She looked scared but ended up giving him a kiss on the cheek before dodging out of his embrace. She called him dummy before running off. He didn’t mind, he finally smiled.

Then the plan of restoring Ping An’s identity was in place. Huo Ying and Li Sha directed them through some steps of preparations before they would face the other side for a showdown. First, they have to seek out Doctor Lu to help with acquiring a copy of the DNA results. Then they have to spread the information of Ping An being Bai Ming Li’s real daughter (via paparazzi) and let the rumors spread far and wide. As long as there were talks, it would reach many ears and eventually reach the shareholders as well, casting doubts. They also have to hold a press conference to bring out even more proofs to convince the public of the “rumors.” What got Ji Shi Cheng impressed was how Ping An was able to bring out her own set of proofs, like the letter her mother wrote to her as well as the cassette player with the tape of her parents singing together. It was worth brownie points since even if paperwork could be faked, but the voices couldn’t be. And because of that press conference, one of Ping An’s father’s friends was able to track her down. However, he didn’t get to meet up with her yet since the lady boss at the flower shop thought it was one of those scams again so had tossed his card away.

A major development in the plot soon took place. Zi Wen was reassuring Xi Le about the whole situation blowing over at the moment. When he was taking a shower and she was cleaning up in his room, she spotted how Hei Zai had called him. She deleted the text message which Hei Zai sent after the failed call. She ended up showing up at the meeting place and soon discovered of Zi Wen’s plot–right from the start with how he was trying to win her heart and thus aiding his revenge plot. Well, Hei Zai wanted money before he could disclose more details about Zi Wen’s plot. She couldn’t pass the opportunity up so she ended up learning the full truth from Hei Zai. (Yet I thought Zi Wen had asked her in the past about using her and if she was able to accept him still and she had dodged and replied with how Wei Zhen would forgive him. OR was it because she thought he loved her and only used her when he didn’t have an alternative?) And the answer soon came when Zi Wen came to the hospital to tend to her. (Yes, she fainted out in the streets so she was sent to the hospital. Ping An actually came first but it was because she was on Xi Le’s contact list. Ping An only stayed a bit with explaining how they’d called her, not that she wanted to bother Xi Le, etc.) Xi Le finally confronted Zi Wen and asked him if he’d loved her. The traumatic moment was too much, the doctors and nurses have to come and give her a sedative shot to calm her down first.

Back to Ye Chen and Ping An. They were at Lawyer Huang’s office again. Lawyer Huang explained that since they have the DNA results now, they could fight back, etc and at least take some of the money for Ping An. But the case could take a while. Ping An didn’t want to fight for the money, because she’d saved some and also have the money that the head of the orphanage gave her (since that was the money Bai Ming Li gave to the head of the orphanage). Ye Chen was surprised that she was that rich. He wanted her to treat him to some big meals and possibly get gifts. She said the money was for her tuition since she wanted to study overseas, and said she’d told Xiao San to check on the schools for her. She said to wait until all these dramas pass, she would get to fulfill that wish. Then she added about wanting to find a blond hair, blue eyes boyfriend. That was when Ye Chen told her to repeat it once more. So while they were pinching each other’s cheeks and joking around, Lawyer Huang cleared his throat. LOL! He apologized for interrupting them but he had something to say. They finally let go of each other’s cheeks and sat up straight again. Ping An even apologized for their behaviors (lol). What Lawyer Huang wanted to say was he have a document about a certain piece of land, and the inheritor wasn’t of the last names “Bai” or “Xie”. Lawyer Huang said it was probably Ye Chen’s. They were indeed shocked but was soon given the paper to read over.

After leaving the law office, Ye Chen and Ping An went to check out the location indicated in the papers. It was actually Ye Chen and Wei Zhen’s old home. Ye Chen had thought that this place would be non-existence by now. He then told her of how he and Wei Zhen spent time there, playing and all until their grandma came to get them to come in for dinner, etc. Through what Lawyer Huang said earlier, this place was bought by Bai Ming Li after Wei Zhen’s accident. She also managed to buy it over at a high price–in order to save it from being acquired and use for some new developmental project. She had used Ye Chen’s name throughout as well. Ping An asked if Ye Chen had forgiven her mother already. Ye Chen said that it wasn’t her mother’s fault and that she must have known who he was from the start hence taking him in and trusting him so much. To him, she was a teacher and also a good friend. He even disclosed that he had wanted to leave Ping An so he wouldn’t let his sister down. Yet Ping An hugged him, saying that he can’t leave. He reassured her he wasn’t going to leave. (Not anymore after the whole clarifications and all.) He went on to say how he still owed her mother a “thank you” and “sorry.” Thank you because of her mother that he came to know her, and sorry because he’d lost the will so he wasn’t able to protect her and help her. Ping An told him it wasn’t important since what they’d have now was already enough.

So then came the day Xi Le decided to play ‘detective’ again and went through Zi Wen’s possessions in his apartment. This time, she attacked his safe. (The reason why he wasn’t around because she’d faked sickness and told her assistant to tell him to take care of some meeting.) So what did she find this time? The will. The real will. That was when she went crazy and almost ripped up the will. Yet she didn’t. She blamed him for not tearing it up on spot but had to let her find it. Regardless of how cruel the truth was to her, she ended up deciding on returning it to Ping An. When she was trying to flag down a Taxi, he showed up and tried to persuade her into giving it to him. She no longer cared for his sweet words. He finally resorted to the yelling and tried to gain some power over her. That was when she started running–and also taken a fall as they reached the middle of the street with the dividing strip protecting them from the traffic. Yet the papers had flown out of her hands. He asked for her well being yet had chosen to go after the papers. It was too important. That was when a car came along, but only she saw it since she was the only paying attention and he was just too focused on retrieving the papers. She reacted quickly and pushed him out of the way. Though the car was able to stop, she had already crashed over and fainted. He no longer cared for the papers and only tended to her, breaking down completely. The reason for the change of heart was because of how he’d seen Wei Zhen like how it happened with the accident years ago. (It was too fake though that the driver didn’t get out to ask or NO one stopped or crowd around to check out the situation.)

Soon, at the hospital, the driver who had driven them to the hospital excused himself. Zi Wen apologized for disturbing him since they were the ones in the wrong. (Yes, that driver was the same driver who almost hit Xi Le but it wasn’t his fault, considering how they were the ones running around in oncoming traffic.) The driver returned the papers that Zi Wen had abandoned and left. Zi Wen had the papers now, he could just destroy it and be done. Yet he didn’t do it. Not this time. He went out by the hospital entrance, thinking and telling Wei Zhen that it had been so long and he was exhausted. Yes, he was ready to let go. He realized that what Wei Zhen had tried to tell him was finally coming through, considering how Xi Le had almost lost her life trying to stop him from his madness as well.

What did Zi Wen do next? He told Ye Chen to meet up at the old house. It was now Ye Chen’s property. Zi Wen didn’t realize it until Ye Chen told him, and what Bai Ming Li had done. (Perhaps what many people do not know of Bai Ming Li was how she was fierce with the business wars yet wasn’t as cold-blooded as a human being. Not completely when it came to that accident with how she thought it was her fault that Wei Zhen had died. Or was she practicing those mantras about, “It’s not personal, it’s business”?) Anyway, Zi Wen admitted that he’d been by Bai Ming Li all these years yet didn’t know the other side of her, a possible good side. Ye Chen reminded Zi Wen of what Ye Nai Nai used to say, “When one uses the eyes to look at things, one could only see the shadow of one’s own heart.” He went on to say that he and Zi Wen had made the same mistake. Zi Wen finally turned around to face Ye Chen, saying that the difference between them was how Ye Chen was willing to admit of his mistake right away yet he, himself, wasn’t able to do that. Zi When finally brought out the will and gave it to Ye Chen, telling him to pass it to Ping An. Ye Chen went insane (again) and scolded Zi Wen for being despicable. Yes, Zi Wen admitted that and many more that he’d learned over the years. Ye Chen pondered why Zi Wen gave it to them for, asking if Zi Wen was trying to seek their forgiveness. Yet Zi Wen said he wasn’t asking for their forgiveness, but only wanted to fulfill Xi Le’s wish of giving this to Ping An. He left but turned back to tell Ye Chen that after he’d faced the past places and things all these years, even refused to see, listen, or think about matters. Yet he finally knew after Xi Le’s accident what Wei Zhen wanted to tell him all along. Then he left for real this time.

Though having the partial will already and how they would be able to vote for a new chairperson, Ping An withdrew the day of the voting. Ji Shi Cheng wasn’t around yet Huo Ying and Li Sha were shocked of Ping An’s decision when Ye Chen told them. Li Sha left in a huff after saying that if there was anything in the future, don’t call her. Ye Chen’s job wasn’t just to deliver the news to them of Ping An’s decision, but also to return Huo Ying’s stocks back to him. Ping An had already filled out the papers so it was on there. (Yes, the reason why Ji Shi Cheng wanted Ping An to marry his son was because he needed to transfer Huo Ying’s stocks to Ping An to have some ground in the company. If he didn’t have some guarantee, he wouldn’t take the risks.)

Later, Ye Chen was seen sitting around thinking. Ping An came over to disrupt him (lol). He first wanted to scold her for her decision yet seeing her so happy, he didn’t want to anymore. She said she wasn’t suitable for it anyway and said that Xi Le was more qualified. Yes, she didn’t want to join the battle in the first place but had done it for the employees. Yet now? Since she’d already have the talk with Xi Le in the hospital and all, they’d somehow reached an understanding–with how Xi Le had already apologized to her for the whole matter, she didn’t want to fight with Xi Le for the chairperson position. Surprisingly, according to Ye Chen, Zi Wen and Xi Le weren’t at the meeting either. Yet Xi Le had won in the end. Possibly because of how she was already experienced with the education she’d had, etc. After all the serious talk about the other matter, Ping An said that she’d gone to see the employees at the restaurant/kitchen area and all was good. She said she wanted to say goodbye before she left. He asked about her decision and the progress of the paperwork. She said Xiao San had already found a school, but she still needed to wait for the passports, etc. He asked her if she was coming back. She asked him if he was going to wait for her. He said he would but don’t let him wait for so long, because he feared she would get lost–considering how big the outside world was.

As for Zi Wen, he had definitely repented and was working his way back into Xi Le’s heart. Yet she was too heart-broken. She couldn’t trust him anymore. So he needed to try harder.

Back to the flower shop, Ye Chen and Ping An went to visit the lady boss. Ping An was resigning. They exchanged some more words before the lady boss told Ping An to come back soon or someone would snatch Ye Chen up, lol. Joking aside, the lady boss said she would miss Ping An a lot. After they were gone, Ping An’s father’s friend came again, asking for Ping An. It wasn’t until Ye Chen and Ping An returned (because Ping An had forgotten something) that Ping An finally get to meet the other person. He had called her “Mi Bao” so she was shocked, not recalling him at all. Not yet.

Borrow Your Love: Episode 12

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

Ping An finally came to the Bai resident to retrieve her mother’s belongings. Or at least whatever it was that she could take with her. Xi Le tossed the box toward her before giving her a scolding marathon about what Bai Ming Li had done to her, and over the fact that Bai Ming Li and Ping An didn’t consider her feelings–or asked for her permission. She even went to the extreme of snatching Ping An’s necklace up (breaking the chain, dang that girl was indeed strong) and picking on how she was only given some random necklace while Ping An received sentimental items. Ping An wanted to apologize but Xi Le didn’t give her a chance. Xi Le still stuck with Bai Ming Li being her mother and left the scene. (Honestly, it was Bai Ming Li’s doings, NOT Ping An. Why was she scolding? OKAY, I got it that she was really, really, really upset and it made sense, BUT she’d been attacking Ping An for a while now. It’s getting really, really repetitive and tiring. Not to mention how petty Xi Le appeared, considering how much she kept implying they were sisters in the past and how Ping An was willing to share her father with Xi Le. Yet now? She could burst out at Bai Ming Li all she wants, but Ping An? Like Ping An was in on the schemes too or something.) Anyway, the box that Xi Le tossed down to the ground, saying it was Ping An’s consisted of the wedding gown her mother left for her, the letter, and her family picture. So after Xi Le was done scolding Ping An and left, it was seen she was actually crying. Was that for herself or not really wanting to go into the whole conflict with Ping An?

Meanwhile, Ye Chen was out investigating the flower bouquet. He was still searching for the flower shop, trying to figure out who the sender of the flowers was. His trip wasn’t unfruitful. He not only found the shop but also found the real sender of the flowers. Definitely not Zi Wen. It was Bai Ming Li. Indeed, it was a big surprise. Since he had expected it to be Zi Wen. He even started out the question with if the person who had requested the orders of flowers to Wei Zhen’s grave was a young gentleman, etc. Yet the person at the front desk responded that it wasn’t. She soon looked at her log to verify how Bai Ming Li had requested the orders to be delivered at different intervals. When Bai Ming Li was asked if she was Wei Zhen’s family member, she responded that she was only representing Wei Zhen’s brother (who was at a very far away place hence not being able to do it himself) in buying the flowers and having it sent to Wei Zhen’s grave. Upon learning of Bai Ming Li being the person responsible for sending flowers all these years, Ye Chen left the store and pondered–as he walked along the street–why Bai Ming Li had done that. He wondered if it was her way of making up for her past wrong, and even pondered if Bai Ming Li had known all along of Ye Chen’s identity as Wei Zhen’s brother. He also wanted to know if that was why she wanted to buy him over since the beginning.

Ye Chen didn’t have a chance to ponder anymore because he soon spotted Ping An sitting at a bench when he crossed the street. He asked her why she was sitting there alone. She told him she went to fetch her mother’s belongings. She showed him of the wedding gowns, the letter, the diary, pen, etc. The item she wasn’t able to figure out was the old cassette player, which seemed to be broken already. Ye Chen promised to have it fixed for her. Ping An then admitted that aside from knowing that her mother was called “Bai Ming Li”, she didn’t know anything else about her, like what music she’d liked, what was her favorite color, or what she’d liked to eat, etc. Ye Chen said that he knew more about Bai Ming Li, stating that the person she loved the most was Xie Ping An, and then he went on to say how Bai Ming Li’s taste didn’t veer much from Ping An’s. The more she listened, Ping An was able to smile again. She told him that he was too nosy for an assistant. He went into his defensive mode, lol. Yet the atmosphere turned hectic again when Ye Chen learned that Xi Le didn’t let Ping An come to Bai Ming Li’s funeral. (She didn’t tattle-tell on Xi Le, but she only said she wanted to go back to the orphanage to visit in two days and Ye Chen realized it was the day of the funeral.) Ye Chen wanted to go confront Xi Le yet Ping An stopped him. He stated he didn’t want to see Xi Le bully Ping An anymore, that it was enough already, considering how much Bai Ming Li did for Xi Le–even if she’d tricked her about the real identity. Ping An came up with more reasons to not blame Xi Le, etc. Ping An finally said that she didn’t want to show up anyway since she didn’t know all those people that were coming. He told her that he could understand how Ping An wanted to make it up to Xi Le for what happened, but it was too overboard robbing the chance of Ping An sending her mother off for the last time. After all that was said and done, Ping An said that she was hungry so she wanted to go home and eat, telling him to go home and prepare the food. (LOL, what a way to dodge, cute even if it’s so NOT a good time for it.) As she carried the box and made her way home, he pondered what he should be doing. He really wanted to help Ping An and make things return to its stability for her, so that he could leave without having to worry anymore. Though he knew Bai Ming Li didn’t do it on purpose, it was because of her that Wei Zhen had died, so he can’t let his sister down.

At the company, Xi Le expressed to Zi Wen that she wanted to return to Ping An what was Ping An’s. Yet Zi Wen managed to persuade her not to. He stated that it was for the company’s own good since Xi Le was more capable, etc.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen continued on with his investigation of the accident. The recent accident with Bai Ming Li and Xi Le, not Wei Zhen’s. He was talking to the driver. The driver said what Ye Chen asked, the cops already asked him, and his responses wouldn’t change. He claimed he didn’t know what was going on. He usually checked the car each time before leaving the residence. He wasn’t supposed to work that day yet received a call from the lady boss hence going over to do the deed. He didn’t see anyone suspicious, etc. But the piece of information that was helpful to Ye Chen was how Bai Ming Li usually take her car in for inspection regularly. Ye Chen walked around, trying to think again. He realized that it was unlikely that it was Bai Ming Li’s carelessness (of not taking the car in for regular inspection) that had caused the accident. It was too strange. When he was lost in thoughts, Ji Li Sha suddenly came up to him to tell him of some good news. She said since Bai Ming Li’s passing, he was directed to a new department, under a new boss. The title was too long, he asked her to repeat it. Then he asked who. She stated it was her. He said since Bai Ming Li wasn’t around anymore, he didn’t have any reason to be around yet she gave him another reason to leave the place. (LOL!)

When Ye Chen went to submit his resignation letter to Zi Wen, he told Zi Wen he wanted to talk with Zi Wen. So they went to the roof. Ye Chen asked about Hei Zai’s whereabouts. Zi Wen replied with the typical “I don’t know” and then returned it with how Ye Chen had Hei Zai’s phone so he should know how to find him. Ye Chen knew Zi Wen would answer like that. He then asked Zi Wen if Zi Wen had hired Hei Zai after Bai Ming Li fired him. Zi Wen returned it with how Ye Chen already formed his own conclusions so it didn’t matter how he (Zi Wen) answered. Ye Chen’s last question was had Zi Wen ever went to visit Wei Zhen’s grave since her passing. That was when Zi Wen got stumped. Ye Chen disclosed that he initially thought the person sending the flowers was Zi Wen, but it wasn’t until recently that he learned that the person sending the flowers was Bai Ming Li. That had shocked Zi Wen. Ye Chen said if Zi Wen didn’t know about that, then he didn’t even go visit Wei Zhen at all after all these years. Zi Wen reasoned that it was because he couldn’t bear it, not being able to face his pain. Ye Chen didn’t think so, he asked was it because Zi Wen was feeling guilty hence not being able to face Wei Zhen. Zi Wen faked innocent, stating he didn’t understand what Ye Chen was saying. Ye Chen’s anger had cranked up a few notches, he wanted Zi Wen to come with him to Wei Zhen’s grave and swore that he had nothing to do with it. Zi Wen shoved Ye Chen out and told Ye Chen not to make up stuff anymore, saying Ye Chen was crazy. Ye Chen knew Zi Wen was lying–and told him that. Zi Wen once again had to shove Ye Chen aside. Yet Ye Chen wasn’t attacking anymore. He told Zi Wen that from now on, Zi Wen wasn’t his brother anymore. Then he left.

Later at home, Ye Chen was apologizing to Wei Zhen again. He stated that he was wrong all along. The person responsible for Wei Zhen’s death was actually Zi Wen. He vouched once again to seek justice for her. And still later, he met up with Ping An at the orphanage. She was helping with some tasks. Soon though, they took a walk around the place. She pointed out different locations to him, as well as the tree that they wanted to put a swing in. After some more walking, Ye Chen pulled out the cassette player he had fixed already and gave it to Ping An. She played it and they were able to hear Ping An’s father’s voice. It was the song he composed for Ping An. Not only that but her mother was also singing along with her father. She was so happy to have this clip of her parents singing her song.

Then at Zi Wen’s place, Zi Wen was seen breaking down completely and drinking. Yes, somehow, somewhere in his heart, Ye Chen was the world to him. Or the last of his true friends who left him. Xi Le came over to comfort him. She said she’d overheard the conversation between the two guys already, but she was still supporting him, etc. She said she didn’t have any friends either. He outright told her that he was a murderer–and that he was responsible for Wei Zhen’s death. So in flashbacks, a full story was given with how Zi Wen told Wei Zhen he wanted to take revenge on Bai Ming Li. She didn’t want him to waste his time on revenge and torture himself. Yet he didn’t listen and went to sabotage the brake on Bai Ming Li’s car. Wei Zhen followed. She saw it all and somehow ended up jumping out in front of the car. After the flashbacks, Zi Wen told Xi Le how he’d done wrong toward Wei Zhen and Ye Chen, and that he’d wished the person who had died was him. He also said that was the reason why he didn’t dare to visit Wei Zhen at her grave. (Yes, the guilt thing.) Xi Le said he didn’t mean it. He then said all because of Bai Ming Li, he even restored to using Xi Le, would she still accept him? She responded by saying how if she was Wei Zhen, she would forgive him. And her thoughts were that since she’d already fallen for him, she would follow him anywhere–even to the Hell realm.

The day of Bai Ming Li’s funeral, interestingly and dramatically as it was, it was raining. Ping An attended. But she didn’t break the promise of showing up. She stood across the street to watch and sang her song for her mother. However, Xi Le spotted her walking along the road when her car drove by later. But before that scene was the part Xi Le had the talk with Ji Li Sha. It seemed like they weren’t best friends anymore. Both were attacking each other like insane. One mocking, the other went on the insulting route without caring. Perhaps it was because of how Xi Le had acquired the power she needed so she no longer was afraid of Ji Li Sha.

As things progressed even more, Ji Shi Cheng was definitely losing his grounds within the company. He lost to Zi Wen’s schemes. Moreover, Ji Li Sha was finally beaten by Xi Le as Xi Le had spread the rumors of her actually not Ji Shi Cheng’s real daughter, and she’d come from the orphanage. So now Ji Li Sha had lost her ground among her friends. She ended up stumbling around and bumped into Ye Chen. She pondered why the world was against her, etc. In her drunken state, she threw up on Ye Chen. Whether taking pity on her or just plain curious, Ye Chen took her home and tended to cleaning his own shirt. (The reason why Ye Chen was around the area to bump into Ji Li Sha was because he’d was asking around for information on Hei Zai’s whereabouts.)

When Ping An finally arrived home, she saw Ji Li Sha on Ye Chen’s bed and how he didn’t have his shirt on so she quickly left. Yet Ji Li Sha told her to stay, explaining to her that Ye Chen was just being nice and bringing her back there since she was drunk. She told Ping An not to get jealous over it. Ping An came back in and told Ji Li Sha that she already sobered up, she could leave. Ping An stated that she wasn’t as ‘kindhearted’ as Ye Chen. Ji Li Sha got up from the bed and was about to leave. But she ended up blurting out that Ping An should listen to her words carefully since it was the most truthful since their meeting. She said she’d treated Ping An as an enemy since little. That was when Ping An got up from her seat and told Li Sha that Li Sha was drunk. Li Sha ignored her and said she’d promised herself to defeat Ping An, but seeing how weak Ping An was, she couldn’t stand it anymore. Ping An was finally able to see the scar on Li Sha’s hand and realized Li Sha was Sha Sha. Ye Chen was also shocked by the development yet he still stood in the back to listen. Li Sha went on to say she knew Ping An and Xi Le’s bond yet she had to tell Ping An that Xi Le had changed already–and that Xi Le wouldn’t return to her side to become her good sister anymore. Ping An still refused to believe that Xi Le was turning into another Bai Ming Li (aka her fierce attitude and how she treated her enemy, etc). Li Sha went on to say that the only person who could dethrone Xi Le was Ping An, so if Ping An needed her help, she and her brother could help Ping An. Ping An said there was no reason for Li Sha to help her since Li Sha really hated her. Yet Li Sha clarified that she hated Xi Le more as of recent, lol. She finally got up and told Ping An to think it over. Before leaving, she thanked Ye Chen for his help earlier.

After Li Sha left, Ping An consulted with Ye Chen. Ping An still didn’t want to do it and didn’t know if they could trust Li Sha. Yet Ye Chen said the only way to save Xi Le was to go forward with the plan. He also said this time Li Sha was serious in helping her. Ping An said she didn’t think that Li Sha was the Sha Sha they knew in the orphanage, pondering if Xi Le knew. All of a sudden, she went all ballistic, telling him not to bring any drunk girl home anymore, except for her. (LOL! CUTE!) He laughed. But she then resumed her serious manner and asked him what he’d told Li Sha that had caused her to become a good person. He said he wasn’t going to tell her. So she pinched his cheek, not letting him drink water.

The next day at work, Ye Chen showed up to help Ping An. He even chided her for not knowing how to rest, etc. She ended up calling him “Ye Da Ma” (葉大媽) since he was becoming more and more like the head of the orphanage, lol. They didn’t get to joke for long since some of the employees from the restaurant had come to tell them some bad news. The staff got cut off once again.

Borrow Your Love: Episode 11

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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When they arrived, Bai Ming Li finally told the girls of the truth and apologized to Xi Le for using her. Yet Bai Ming Li didn’t have too much time (or she thought she didn’t have any more time) hence saying that she wanted to hear Ping An call her “Mom”. After much heart pouring moments from Bai Ming Li, Ping An finally called her “Mom” and she finally closed her eyes. Ping An yelled for the doctors, etc. Then both girls were forced to get out of there so they could work.

So outside in the waiting room, both girls had their own outbursts because of the sudden change of situations and all. Ye Chen claimed that he’d known already so Ping An attacked him, asking why he didn’t tell her. He let her hit him (literally and she can so hit) and vent out her anger before grabbing her and hugging her to him, trying to comfort her. Xi Le was indeed taking it even harder, considering how she’d lost everything–or so she claimed. Yet Zi Wen comforted her by saying how she still have him, etc. Later, more waiting and they were informed that Bai Ming Li had gone into a coma. So after the doctor left, Zi Wen and Ye Chen tried to convince both girls to go home and rest. Yet both didn’t want to. Zi Wen finally convinced Xi Le to go home since he reminded her that she was injured. Ye Chen stayed put with Ping An as she forced him to tell her all the details of the story, etc. After he was done, he said his own words of comfort yet encouraged her on. He said whether she hated her mother or loved her mother, she still should hope that her mother would wake up to compensate her.

Meanwhile, Zi Wen was working his own charms toward Xi Le–even at that time. He was trying to influence her by taking his side and how he wasn’t surprised that Bai Ming Li had used Xi Le all these times. She didn’t want him to badmouth her ‘mother’. Yet after he left, she discovered the wedding gown that Bai Ming Li ordered for Ping An thus going ballistic. She even discovered the letter Bai Ming Li wrote for Ping An and was even more frustrated, more than upset for being used and all. (Which was understandable of the breakdown.) And at that moment, Zi Wen was back to the hospital, going into Bai Ming Li’s room to tell her how he was the one behind all the schemes, saying that she’d finally got what she deserved. He tried to pull her mask off yet soon stopped himself, stating that she must wake up to see what she’d lost, not leave so comfortably like that.

One morning, Ping An was inside her mother’s room, tending to her. However, she was soon interrupted by Xi Le, telling Ping An to leave and let her and her mother be alone. Ping An got up but didn’t leave. She was just tending to some things at the side. Xi Le repeated in a fierce voice, asking if Ping An knew what it meant to leave others alone. Ping An finally gathered her stuff and left the room. She didn’t really leave though since she was standing outside, crying over the fact that she couldn’t be present, tending to her mother like she wanted. Moreover, she was really hurt that Xi Le was very upset with her as well.

At the company, Zi Wen had already helped Ji Li Sheng acquired some control over the company so Hei Zai came to his office without caring for caution. Yet when Zi Wen realized that, he wanted to help Zi Wen move things forward faster.

Back at the hospital, Xi Le was already gone for the day so Ping An got a chance to go back in the room with her mother. In fact, she had fallen asleep by her mother’s bedside. Ye Chen soon came in and draped a jacket over her. That had alarmed her and woke her up. He told her to go home and rest first. Yet she said she wanted to stay some more since she was told to leave earlier when Xi Le came. Ye Chen, upon hearing that, was more than upset that Ping An got kicked out. He wanted to go reason with Xi Le yet Ping An stopped him. He said he would go buy some food for her so she agreed. She went with him yet didn’t leave far. She actually went to the nurse’s station so when Hei Zai came in to try to mess with the machines, Ping An came back with a nurse and was able to prevent the inevitable. Hei Zai fled yet Ping An chased after him as the nurse was calling others to come help. Ping An almost got attacked by Hei Zai yet Ye Chen came back in time to rescue her. Hei Zai was able to flee the scene after pushing Ping An toward Ye Chen. Yet Hei Zai had dropped his cell phone. Ping An suggested they gave the cell phone to the police. Ye Chen told her to go back and tend to her mother since he had to go somewhere.

Back inside, Ping An realized that her mother had awakened. Ping An finally got a chance to have a heart-wrenching talk with her. From the subject of how Ping An got her name to her father, and many more. Bai Ming Li even took the time to tell Ping An to take good care of Xi Le, saying how much she owed Xi Le. She also told Ping An to tell Xi Le “thank you and sorry”. Indeed it was their last talk since after saying all those things she wanted to say, Bai Ming Li passed away. It wasn’t too pitiful because she saw Ping An’s father coming to pick her up.

Elsewhere, Ye Chen finally confronted Zi Wen. He saw Zi Wen’s cell phone number on Hei Zai’s cell phone hence wanting to seek Zi Wen out for a talk before doing anything. Zi Wen, of course, finally went all out to tell Ye Chen what was going on and how it made sense for him to avenge his parents’ death. Ye Chen said what Bai Ming Li had done was within the business wars and how she would get what she deserved, but Zi Wen doing all those things was crossing the line, etc. Ye Chen said he should’ve let Zi Wen served his sentence a long time ago so he wouldn’t keep stepping down the wrong path. However, Zi Wen said that because it wasn’t his parents so Ye Chen was able to stand around and say those things to him. So there they were arguing over what was going on. Ye Chen finally made his decision by exposing Zi Wen before things go further so it wouldn’t be too late for Zi Wen to return. Yet Zi Wen delivered the last blow by saying that Bai Ming Li was the one who killed Wei Zhen. That got to Ye Chen. Though he beat Zi Wen up and scolding Zi Wen for not being able to take good care of his sister, he didn’t do anything else. Around that time, he received a text message from Ping An that her mother had passed away.

When he came home, Ye Chen saw Ping An sitting around grieving over her mother’s death and mumbling things. Though he was still upset over the newly learned information yet he still held her to him, comforting her, knowing too well she had nothing to do with it. Though he silently apologized to Wei Zhen for not being able to seek justice for her like he’d promised–because he’d also promised Ping An that he would stay by her side.

So the will was finally read and Xi Le became the inheritor–as expected by Zi Wen since he switched the documents. (Probably the previous version since he’d sneak a look at it in the past somehow.) Ye Chen was beating himself up for not being more careful and losing the documents. Yet after a talk with Lawyer Huang, he tried to seek out Doctor Lu to ask for his help. Because they were both witnesses, they should try to resurrect the situation. However, after Doctor Lu left, Ping An said it was all right that Xi Le was in charge since she was more suitable for the job. Ye Chen told Ping An to stop protecting Xi Le since Xi Le had changed already. Ping An told Ye Chen not to badmouth Xi Le and that she believed Xi Le, because she’d known Xi Le longer. Ye Chen reasoned that because of different reasons, people would change.

Not being able to convince Ping An, Ye Chen decided to go ahead with his plan in exposing Zi Wen. He had told Sergeant Xu to meet up with him in front of Wei Zhen’s grave. (He actually apologized to Wei Zhen first for doing that but he had to stop Zi Wen from doing any more wrongs.) Sergeant Xu first chided him for picking such a location since he preferred the noodles stall of their last meetup. He said if Ye Chen didn’t want to pay, he was willing. However, Ye Chen went right into asking him about the details of his sister’s death. Sergeant Xu told him about the details of the accident. However, he pointed out what was strange was how Wei Zhen was the one who jumped in front of the car. Ye Chen then reached into his pocket and was about to give Sergeant Xu the evidence (Hei Zai’s cell phone) when he spotted a bouquet of flowers near the tombstone. He ended up telling Sergeant Xu if he hadn’t told him he got something, Sergeant Xu wouldn’t help him. So Sergeant Xu left in a huff. Ye Chen reasoned to Wei Zhen that since Zi Wen still cared for Wei Zhen, they should give him a chance. Yet what Ye Chen found out next was another puzzle. The card left along with the bouquet of flowers didn’t include names or anything, just the location of the flower shop.

Borrow Your Love: Episode 10

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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It seemed like Ping An was back to her cheerful self. She was back at the flower shop and working for her old lady boss. Her lady boss told her to stay there forever since she’d brought luck toward their business. She said she was willing to increase Ping An’s salary. Yet Ping An told her lady boss of her recent dream and wanted to work harder toward that goal, with saving money and traveling abroad to study, etc. Her lady boss was really proud of her and encouraged her on. After all the talk, her next delivery was to Huo Ying’s company.

What did Huo Ying want now? After all, he was responsible for her downfall. Even if he did apologize silently but she was still fired, etc. He was actually sponsoring Zi Wen and Xi Le’s wedding so that he could use them as free advertisement for his products, lol. He outright told Zi Wen so too, even if that was supposed to be his wedding present for them. When Ping An finally arrived, he told her to come over. He said he was giving her a new job. He’d given her a chance to become a magician once again. And she was able to perform and rouse many people’s interest, even the groom’s attention. (That had, of course, sparked major jealousy from Xi Le and had riled her up even more. Though she’d kept it all inside for the time being.) Anyway, after the performance, Ping An changed out and returned the magician’s outfit to Huo Ying, telling him that she was leaving. Yet he stopped her, convincing her to take on a job at his company. He really wanted to tell her what he had done and if she’d known, she wouldn’t forgive him. Yet he couldn’t muster up the courage to do it. She left at last after some more teasing and joking around between them. Even though she said she didn’t mind that he couldn’t help much and as long as he thought of helping her, it was fine yet he was still troubled after she left. He hoped that she would forgive him. (So okay, I guess I could forgive him a bit since it was his father after all so he had to listen.)

Later, Xi Le and Ji Li Sha were seen at a mini-golf court, trying to play. Ji Li Sha didn’t even know why Xi Le took her there, claiming it was both hot and uncomfortable. Yet Xi Le was even scarier with her upcoming words, causing Ji Li Sha to talk less and less as time passed with their conversation. Xi Le had said how her mother wasn’t around to protect Ping An anymore, she pondered if Ping An would get bullied by anyone. (It was like she wanted to imply something to Ji Li Sha.) It was then that Ji Li Sha said that she didn’t realize Xi Le could become so scary. Xi Le turned and thanked Ji Li Sha for being such a good teacher. (YES, it was her fault after all. Even if Xi Le had all those insecurities in her, but thank Ji Li Sha for honing those ‘skills’ in her. Or was it talking about influences here?)  Soon, Xi Le kept edging closer and closer to Ji Li Sha that she ended up falling over and injuring her leg. Ji Li Sha yelled out that Xi Le was crazy. Yet Xi Le said she was helping Ji Li Sha. What was the plan? She called her mother up and told her mother how she’d injured her leg. So Bai Ming Li requested that Ye Chen go tend to it since Zi Wen was busy at some meeting. Ye Chen arrived on the scene to be told by Xi Le that her mother must have heard wrong since the one injured was Ji Li Sha. Ye Chen had no choice but to help Ji Li Sha. Yet the worst part was seeing how he had to carry Ji Li Sha on his back. Though she should be more than happy that she could spend some time with Ye Chen, Ji Li Sha looked more scared of Xi Le and what Xi Le was suddenly capable of. (Because Xi Le’s previous words to her were how Ji Li Sha was like a kid, only lashing out at others when she couldn’t get a certain toy. Indeed, Ji Li Sha was just like that, not knowing how to think of some major schemes, except those side schemes she could conjure up at times but those were mini.)

So the wedding plans moved forward with Bai Ming Li wanting the best for Xi Le–as she said before. She even went all the way out with wanting a rush custom made wedding gown for Xi Le all the way from France. Xi Le was more than happy. (She should be!) Indeed, it was super fast because Xi Le was able to try on the wedding gown not long after. Yet what sort of bothered her was hearing another gown was coming from France. The reason why Zi Wen wasn’t there to try on his tux as well was because he’d claimed to have to go somewhere. (The actual story was he’d overheard some words about a new will so he needed to go track things down.)

Elsewhere, Ye Chen finally met up with Lawyer Huang to give him Bai Ming Li’s new will. After Lawyer Huang checked the sealed documents and said it was fine, he placed it into his briefcase. However, someone rode by on the motorcycle to snatch up his briefcase. Ye Chen was still nearby so he chased the culprit down after telling Lawyer Huang to call the cops. His chase was unsuccessful but he was able to retrieve the briefcase again because the other person had tossed it away somewhere down the road. He returned and Lawyer Huang checked the package again to see that it was still sealed. (I seriously never got why they didn’t just plain break the seal and check, considering how someone had snatched up the briefcase. It would be for safety purposes to check, even if they would have to redo the documents again. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Even after I got impatient and went ahead to watch before doubling back to write the summaries, I still didn’t get why. It was too careless of a move, considering what kind of person Bai Ming Li was. She was super careful. It was the script-writers not taking care of such details and dragging out some unnecessary dramatic scenes. And it didn’t matter what the cops said about the snatching thing, it could be a coverup for some other incident. So why not check?)

Anyway, after reporting the incident to Bai Ming Li, Ye Chen had to take her to the hospital for Doctor Lu (her doctor) to check on her again. After Doctor Lu left, Bai Ming Li said that she was fine again so they could leave. However, Ye Chen blurted out that it was already enough. He wondered when she was done with holding up the strong front, and stating he didn’t want to help her anymore. He didn’t want to be the only person to be by her side during her last moments. He told her to just tell everyone the truth already, etc. He said he didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand either. He asked if her kingdom and money were more important. She soon apologized to him, saying that she’d tricked him. She didn’t realize how the situation had turned into such complications, and how after interacting with both girls, it was harder to do a lot of things. Like how she couldn’t just plain use Xi Le anymore–and how Ping An was by her side yet she couldn’t accept her either. It seemed like there was no reason for her to not let go, but she said she wanted to leave behind the career that she’d worked hard for half of her life as compensation. He still didn’t get it. She said it didn’t matter if he’d understand or not, but since the beginning, she’d also used him. However, she said he was an unexpected surprise that Heaven had given her. She then thanked him, saying he was an angel in black. She finally extended her hand to him–to which he lingered a bit before taking it. Was this a sign that they were finally friends? (Or at least reaching some sort of equality–more than just him working for her, etc.)

Later at some cafe, Zi Wen was finally meeting up with Hei Zai again. He was indeed the person who paid Hei Zai to snatch the briefcase and exchanging the two packages. (He didn’t accept the compliment when Hei Zai gave it to him since he said he had to thank Ji Shi Cheng for it. Yes, he knew about the switched documents being the Ji family’s doings because he’d spotted the package Huo Ying dropped at that one time on his way out of the house.) What was Zi Wen’s reaction after finding out that Ping An was actually Bai Ming Li’s daughter? Of course, he went ballistic. How could he not react so strongly after all that he’d done and he thought he was one step closer to achieving his goals? He couldn’t believe he’d fallen into the trap. He even maintained that same upset attitude when arriving home and shooed Xi Le out. Yet after all the explosion and mad rants, he finally calmed down and said that he could just go with the plan. What was his next move? Not allowing Bai Ming Li a chance to say the truth.

Still, the wedding plans were being carried out. Ye Chen took Ping An to the wedding site so she could plan out the decorations, etc. However, she encountered Bai Ming Li. She was about to leave, not wanting to bother Bai Ming Li yet Bai Ming Li told her to stay. (Yes, Ping An was still feeling bad about the whole lost documents incident hence not knowing how to face Bai Ming Li.) Bai Ming Li soon asked Ping An to help her by subbing in for Xi Le as she practiced walking the ‘bride’ down the aisle. It was indeed a very touching and sweet moment between the pair of mother and daughter. Ye Chen was actually smiling as he watched nearby.

When Ping An finally returned to the flower shop, she was met by Ji Li Sha and her thugs in toll. They were trying to sabotage Ping An, even damaging the roses Ping An had ready to use for decorations with Xi Le’s wedding, etc. So Ping An had to make calls all night to find the roses again at other places.

The wedding finally arrived. Interestingly, it was also the day that Xi Le graduated from her class. So Zi Wen said he wouldn’t be able to make it but told her to take lots of pictures and send it to him. Somehow, he told Ye Chen to help with picking Xi Le and Ping An up at Xi Le’s school. So Ye Chen told Bai Ming Li and Bai Ming Li was forced to call her other driver. She said it wasn’t a problem and told Ye Chen to go pick up the girls. However, what went haywire (considering Zi Wen’s recent plan) was how the wedding gowns shop had messed up with the delivery and had delivered it to the house instead of the wedding site. Xi Le told Ping An to go with Ye Chen while she went home to fetch the wedding gown and would go with her mother. Yes, it was a great plan for them yet that was what had caused Zi Wen to go insane. Yes, he told Hei Zai and had strongly stressed the importance of the plan for the day, telling Hei Zai not to mess up. Yet the person who messed up was him. For his plan to work, he wanted to off Bai Ming Li for real so she couldn’t have a chance to say the truth, but he needed Xi Le to be alive. So he was more than disturbed the whole while, trying to call Hei Zai up and finally using someone’s motorcycle to race there to stop the inevitable. While that was going on, Xi Le was seen all changed in her wedding gown already, looking so elegant and beautiful like a bride usually would on her wedding. She was really enjoying the moment when her mother helped her brush her hair and do the usual mother bonding before the wedding ceremony. Bai Ming Li was indeed enjoying the moment as well, not pretending anymore like some past moments. (Like she had stated Xi Le had become her daughter also through time spent together so she was more than happy to do the last bit of helping Xi Le before the wedding.)

When they were finally on the road, Xi Le was nervous hence Bai Ming Li holding her hand and telling her to sing to ease her moods. Xi Le could only remember some of the lyrics. Bai Ming Li finally joined in and helped Xi Le along the way. However, the incident finally occurred with the driver realizing that he wasn’t able to brake as they turned at the bend of the road (since he was trying to slow down for the turn). Soon, Bai Ming Li was protecting Xi Le as they were trying to open the door, but it seemed hopeless. The driver had somehow opened his door and escaped first. Only two people were left. Bai Ming Li shielded Xi Le as the car finally dove right into the cliff. That was when Zi Wen arrived on the scene and cried out in frustration and madness. Whether it was for Xi Le or for the fact that his plan was done for, it wasn’t clear. (Yet the fakest part was how the car exploded already but they were still alive? Like seriously? If they got tossed out before it exploded, then it made sense.)

When they were finally at the hospital, Xi Le broke down and said her mother had shielded her hence receiving all the injuries. She only had some minor injuries. The others tried to calm her down while waiting. As the doctor finally came out, he told them the operation was done and Bai Ming Li wanted to see both girls. As they walked away together–with Ping An guiding Xi Le along, Zi Wen silently said Bai Ming Li finally done a good deed with saving Xi Le. While that was going on, Ye Chen was staring at Zi Wen with much suspicion.

Borrow Your Love: Episode 9

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

Ye Chen finally had a chance to take Ping An to Wei Zhen’s grave, and tending to the flowers he asked of her advice earlier. At first, Ping An was wondering why he’d took her there since she expected him to plant the flowers at home. However, upon arriving, she was a bit lost for words. Not for long though since she asked him who the other person was. He said it was his sister. He then faced the headstone, telling Wei Zhen that he’d brought Ping An to see her. Ping An commented about how Wei Zhen’s smile was so bright–and wondered what happened. Ye Chen said it was a car accident, he was still in prison so he didn’t get to see Wei Zhen for the last time. It was then that Ping An placed a hand on Ye Chen’s shoulder for comfort. Then she realized that the first time they’d met, he was carrying flowers and asked him if it was for Wei Zhen. She then said it was Wei Zhen who’d saved her and Bai Ming Li also since Ye Chen was visiting his sister and coming back to town hence seeing them both (and the whole rescue scene). She faced Wei Zhen again and thanked her for it. After paying some respect for Wei Zhen, Ping An turned to check on the flowers. She said he was exaggerating about the flowers being all dead. He was pondering why there were no flowers after so long. She said all the flowers were the same, needing water, food, etc. So she promised to help him tend to it. Seeing her bright smile, he walked over to her and pulled her to her feet. While having both hands on her shoulders, he asked her to promise him whatever happens in the future, he hoped that she would keep smiling. She obliged but also asked him to stay by her side no matter what happens in the future. Then they hugged. (Awww…they’re finally together.)

Meanwhile, elsewhere at some shopping center, Xi Le was seen out shopping with Ji Li Sha again. YES, they were back to the same team, being best friends and all. Yet another development worth mentioning was how Ji Li Sha accidentally dropped her handbag so all contents spilled out. As Xi Le helped her retrieve the items inside, she spotted the pearl earrings right inside the bag. She soon confronted Ji Li Sha YET after all the jealous rants, she’d somehow hit the correct spot, causing Xi Le to think of how Ping An was seriously interfering with her life, and how her mother seemed to be favoring Ping An at times too. (GREAT. It’s all Bai Ming Li’s fault for doing this. Although I dislike Xi Le’s fake, perfect image but I know it was Bai Ming Li’s doings to cause so much confusion now. Well, she said she had her reasons–and it seriously had happened with how Zi Wen had tried to jump in to further his plans, but like Ye Chen said, it wasn’t fair to Xi Le or Ping An.) So after Xi Le left–with saying how Ji Li Sha still didn’t have to do those things even if she hated Ping An, Ji Li Sha herself wasn’t upset that Xi Le had tried to lecture her. She was satisfied that she’d gotten to Xi Le since seeing how Xi Le walked away with her head down. She said she didn’t believe how Xi Le would be happy with being Ping An’s shadow since she knew Xi Le wouldn’t disclose the real whereabouts of the pearl earrings (aka Ping An would still be responsible for those crimes she didn’t do). (And I know for sure Ji Li Sha wasn’t up to any good when she promised to help Xi Le in exchange to keep the secrets. She was just saying that to help herself and then eventually tearing both Ping An and Xi Le apart with all the tactics that she’d got.)

Back at the hospital, Ye Chen was seen signing some documents. It was actually Bai Ming Li’s will. Yes, the documents she told Ye Chen to go retrieve from her lawyer was the will. She wanted to change her will–with both her doctor and Ye Chen being witnesses. After thanking her doctor for helping, she gave the documents to Ye Chen and told him to keep it safe. If anything happened to her, he was to give it to her lawyer. They discussed further suspicions and future plans. She told him to protect both Ping An and Xi Le if something happened to her since whoever was the one striking would be targeting her daughter after her passing.

Later at Bai Ming Li’s house, Ping An and Xi Le were cooking together. Xi Le spotted the necklace Ping An was wearing and was about to ask, only able to mutter about the word “pearl” when Ping An accidentally cut her finger. She tended to it quickly and told Xi Le that she would definitely work hard to earn the money so she could compensate Xi Le. Ping An was talking about the pearl earrings that she’d lost. Xi Le clarified that she didn’t mean it yet Ping An insisted. Xi Le apologized to Ping An for scolding her so fiercely that time. However, Ping An said because Xi Le treated her like family so scolded her, and she understood that she was all grown up now yet still didn’t know the seriousness of it so she should learn to take responsibilities. The fact that Xi Le never told Ping An about the whole incident that she found out and how Ping An was innocent all along said something about their so-called friendship. Ji Li Sha was indeed right that she’d hit the correct spot. The conversation soon moved toward Ping An and Ye Chen since Ping An wanted Xi Le to guess where Ye Chen took her to yesterday. Yes, the truth finally came out that Wei Zhen was actually Ye Chen’s sister, not Zi Wen’s. It was also then that Zi Wen walked in and overheard that his plan was going haywire. He soon interrupted their talk to ask about the delicacies they were preparing, and if they needed any assistance.

At the dinner table, awkwardness all around since Ping An was trying to ignite some sort of lively conversation to dissolve the atmosphere yet she, like her usual self, would go a tad over at times hence Ye Chen having to kick her under the table multiple times. She got the message somehow but was still trying to patch matters. Yes, Bai Ming Li did compliment Xi Le’s delicacies and said she really liked it, etc. Yet Xi Le was still upset over the other matter hence not really talking much. Bai Ming Li soon got up to leave. Ping An said that she hadn’t eaten much yet Ye Chen said she just got discharged so she should go rest. So there it was, Bai Ming Li went to rest while the others continue. As Xi Le was washing dishes, Zi Wen tried to strike up a conversation. He wanted to help her yet Ping An jumped in and told him not to since she got it. Ye Chen finally pulled her aside and told her that he was taking her out for a walk. So when they finally left, Zi Wen tried again yet Xi Le left in a huff. He chased after her, admitting that he had lied about Wei Zhen yet the rest was true. He then proposed to her. She agreed yet she said she had to talk to her mother first.

Elsewhere, Ye Chen and Ping An were seen taking their walk. She was pondering why he’d taken her out for since it was cold, etc. He said he brought her there to watch the stars. It was then that she realized it was indeed nice. After some more teasing from him, he asked her about her new ‘gift’. It seemed like he hadn’t seen the pearl necklace her mother gave her yet. So he was mumbling about how first it was a cell phone and now it was a necklace, he pondered what Huo Ying’s intention was. Ping An clarified that it wasn’t from Huo Ying but from Bai Ming Li. He looked reassured and settled down next to her on the bench. They talked about their necklaces looking like stars. Ping An also admitted that she somewhat knew her father had passed away already but she didn’t want to believe it.

Then Xi Le finally saw the picture on her mother’s dresser and realized that her mother had given the necklace to Ping An. Bai Ming Li disclosed that it was her 2nd husband giving it to her. So that had caused Xi Le to be even more unease since she reasoned that it was indeed very important of memorial value yet Bai Ming Li had given it to Ping An. After some more words being exchanged, Xi Le told her mother about Zi Wen’s proposal. She was happy for Xi Le and as long as Xi Le was happy, she would agree to this marriage. So Xi Le went to the company to tell Ping An of the good news. Ping An was more than happy about the news. Xi Le then gave Ping An a package that Ping An had to deliver before heading off to shop with Ji Li Sha.

Ping An’s trip proved dangerous and it had become her last chance at the company because she ended up losing the documents and was forced to quit. It was because of Huo Ying. He’d listened to his father and switched the package from Ping An while trying to help her. He had claimed that it wasn’t safe to hold it in her hands like that hence wanting to put it in her backpack for her. That was when he’d switched the package. The more obvious sign was how he’d uttered a “sorry” to her after she left his car because of traffic, claiming that it was faster for her to walk. So she rushed off and delivered a package that was empty. And contrary to her past protecting of Ping An, Bai Ming Li actually personally told the others to do as appropriate. She even stopped Ye Chen from trying to investigate–though she obviously knew it was Ji Shi Cheng. Ye Chen still didn’t understand since he’d requested a copy of the clip from the security room to present it in front of Bai Ming Li. However, she told him it was best to let Ping An leave the company and away from all the madness. So that night, he brought Ping An back to his place. (And for the record, Xi Le knew of the whole matter yet didn’t say anything, because she was supposed to give the package to Zi Wen BUT she’d ended up giving it to Ping An. Bai Ming was setting a trap to see if she could believe Zi Wen–and she claimed that Xi Le had become her daughter after spending all these times together so she wanted to make sure Xi Le had met a good person, but the inevitable happened so she just have to go with it to get Ping an out of the complicated company and its business wars.)

Later, Bai Ming Li was talking to Ye Chen on the roof again. Mostly to discuss of their current plan and possible moves. She also mentioned how she made sure to have the best arrangements for Xi Le’s wedding. She said it was the best she could do for Xi Le, and making up for her with the trap since the beginning. Considering her past traps and thinking for herself and only people who are related to her. It seemed like a change because she’d even admitted that she ended up treated Xi Le like her daughter. She then told Ye Chen not to tell Ping An that she was actually Ping An’s mother, because it was the only way to let Ping An continue on happily.

Borrow Your Love: Episode 8

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

After remembering the location of the possible misplaced pearl earrings, Ping An rushed to find it. Xi Le wanted to go too yet was stopped by Ji Li Sha once again with the same reasoning that she didn’t want Xi Le to waste time searching and not rest hence them having to do too much brush up with the photos. So she wanted Xi Le to go do a spa with her while Ping An go search. Silently, Ji Li Sha was gloating inside, saying that Ping An could search all she wanted since she couldn’t find it anyway. The spa session was also the time for Ji Li Sha to badmouth Ping An and put more doubts into Xi Le’s mind. She wanted Xi Le’s help with getting Ye Chen. Great or what?

As Ping An was out searching for the pearl earrings, Ye Chen was trying to call her. She left her cell phone inside again. He soon discovered that bit when he walked by the inventory area and heard the phone vibrating. Ping An, still outside, actually stopped her searching for a bit and reminisced about last night on the boat ride with Ye Chen. She pondered why the feeling was totally different from last night. Of course, it wasn’t similar since tonight she was in big trouble and trying to find a certain item. As Ping An was mumbling about why she was thinking of Ye Chen anyway, he showed up, chiding her for talking behind his back, lol. She was more than surprised by his presence. Or was just shocked since he overheard her words? (LOL) He said he guessed since she was probably standing there reminiscing about last night, lol. She told him she wasn’t that senseless, and even scolded him for almost making her sick. He returned it by saying if she wanted to stand there tonight so the wind would make her sick for real. She didn’t want to joke with him anymore, saying how she was searching for the pearl earrings. So he ended up helping her. (Thank Ji Li Sha for giving them more time to spend together, lol.)

Ping An later returned to her room shared with Xi Le to find Ji Li Sha hanging around and giving Xi Le her beauty supplies, even giving Xi Le tips regarding them. Ping An interfered and said Xi Le was a natural beauty so she didn’t need them and Ji Li Sha could just bring it back for herself. Yet Xi Le spoke up to ask Ping An about the pearl earrings. Ping An said she still couldn’t find it yet she was willing to go back outside and find it. However, Xi Le said Ping An didn’t need to and that Ping An should rest since it was late already. She then turned to Ji Li Sha and asked about the price of the earrings and told Ji Li Sha she could compensate her. As Ping An jumped in to interfere, Xi Le ignored her and just discussed with Ji Li Sha, treating Ping An like an outsider. It wasn’t until Ji Li Sha left that Ping asked about how Xi Le seemed to have become best friends with Ji Li Sha. However, Xi Le didn’t reply, she just said she was tired so she wanted to go rest. Ping An quickly apologized for what was going on and said she would compensate Xi Le later regarding the earrings. However, Xi Le was still hostile, stating that it wasn’t about the money. Ping An asked her why she was so upset. Xi Le then burst out saying how Ping An was like the past, knowing that the item was important yet still lose it. Ping An said she didn’t do it on purpose and Xi Le said she knew, but… YUP, she wasn’t talking about the earrings anymore. (Take it as whatever it was, but Ping An’s only fault was allowing Zi Wen to take the tie clip from her. The rest, it was on Zi Wen and Xi Le.)

Back on the Zi Wen front, he was finally able to acquire the medical files and was gloating. He soon opened the files to read and finally discovered about Bai Ming Li’s current health situation. It was indeed quite serious. Yet what was Zi Wen’s next move now? Let nature take its course or increase the pain for Bai Ming Li?

Next morning, Ping An was still really, really, really unease. So she got up early to go back out for another round of searching. However, what she discovered was how Ye Chen was still there looking for the pearl earrings. She walked over to ask him how long he’d been there. He said he couldn’t sleep anyway so it didn’t make a difference. He went on further to say how he was sure there were no earrings around there, joking about how some birds must have carried it off already. As he was stretching and yawning, she grabbed a hold of him, saying how he was the world’s dumbest person. His surprise mode kicked in as the grogginess wore off. She continued on with her rant, saying how he knew he couldn’t find it yet still did it. He finally smiled, hugging her back. He said he didn’t want to give up so quick. She told him that Xi Le was really upset this time–and even admitted that she was really happy to have him by her side at this moment. (Thank Ji Li Sha again for bringing them together.)

They finally returned to the company and Xi Le was seen calling Zi Wen and arranging a dinner date with him. After they got off the phone, Ji Li Sha walked up and hooked hands with Xi Le as they walked and chatted happily like buddies while Ping An carried a box of items, being left behind. It was indeed a totally different situation. (However, they seriously let a guy stand between their so-called friendship/bordering on sister relationship. Seriously?) It was a misunderstanding, but if they were real friends or sisters, JUST PLAIN SAY IT OUT ALREADY. Ping An still had no idea what Xi Le’s talking about and she did try to ask, but Xi Le kept dodging. It was really a time to test their bond. So I got it with how Xi Le was trying to mingle into her supposedly new family’s world and have her doubts about many things, including her relationship with Zi Wen. But what about her past promise of always being sisters?) But Ping An’s mood soon improved when Ye Chen walked up to her and patted her head like usual, slipping a hand around her shoulders and showing his support. Indeed, it was one good thing out of all the unfortunate things she’d to face after so much ruptures.

After a call with Hei Zai, Zi Wen went to Ji Shi Cheng’s house to discuss the next step of his plan. Well, he sure knew how to spoil the old man’s moods by trying to blackmail him into cooperating. So now they were on the same team? For how long actually? Yes, it wasn’t long. Since after Zi Wen left with an air (since he seriously got something over Ji Shi Cheng already), Ji Shi Cheng was saying how he’d under-estimated Zi Wen. However, he had disclosed he would use this to his advantage as well.

Back at the company, Ping An and Ye Chen finally arrived at Bai Ming Li’s office. She asked about their trip and if Ping An was exhausted from the work. Ping An said she wasn’t yet when Ye Chen gave her a look, she admitted that she was a bit tired, lol. Ping An went on with saying how much she’d learned from the Ji siblings these past days. Bai Ming Li said if Ping An worked harder, she would become as experienced as them, and if she had the opportunity of studying overseas, she might even surpass them. Ping An agreed yet she said it would be too expensive with the overseas education. Bai Ming Li assured her she would have an opportunity if she could earn the chance of the company’s program of funding the education. Ping An’s confidence restored and she promised to work harder.  Then Bai Ming Li said she wanted to go out a bit, telling Ping An to accompany her. They headed back to the kitchen area so Ping An could visit with the employees. Soon, they were standing in a straight line to greet Bai Ming Li. Bai Ming Li, unlike her past stern self, told them they’d been working really hard, etc. She then informed them that she would keep Ping An by her side so Ping An wouldn’t be returning to work there. The staff was more than happy that Ping An got this opportunity and cheered her on. As they were talking, the supervisor gave Ye Chen a big scare since she appeared in her usual work outfit but had placed on top of her head a big red bow AND also another big bow near her shirt hence freaking the world out of him. He, upon seeing it, jumped over to stand next to Ping An. Bai Ming Li was surprised yet Ping An sent Ye Chen a sympathy look. Ping An then asked why the supervisor was wearing the big bow and she answered with saying how she was trying to change her “tao hua”, lol. Though sympathizing Ye Chen, Ping An couldn’t help but laugh at the other lady for exaggerating. It wasn’t until the supervisor left with Bai Ming Li that Ye Chen somewhat calmed down.

Later that night, Zi Wen and Xi Le were on one of their dates again. However, they didn’t go to some fancy restaurant again. He brought her back to his place so he could prepare some Italian noodles for her. She was more than happy. Yet her moods were spoiled by some items she’d found. She had wandered into his room and opened up his secret box that had some photos of him and Wei Zhen along with the cake Ping An gave him. She was more troubled as to why Zi Wen had those and pondered if the girl in the picture was his sister or “that Wei Zhen”–as she phrased it. When he announced that dinner was ready, she rushed to close the box and placed it back into its original spot and got up to go outside. In her haste, she’d knocked over his watch. He said it was okay but his expression said that he was upset. He soon restored his ‘happy’ mood as they ate. But he soon realized she was spaced out hence asking her what was wrong. When Xi Le finally asked him about the name he blurted out that day (so she did hear it after all) of the photoshoot, he immediately asked if Ye Chen had told her anything. (Nice friend indeed, accusing Ye Chen every chance he got.) Xi Le said that Ye Chen didn’t tell her anything, but just clarified that she’d overheard Ye Chen and Zi Wen’s conversation that day and how Ye Chen told Zi Wen not to treat Ping An like ‘that girl’. Zi Wen said that the girl was called “Wei Zhen” and he said that Wei Zhen was his sister. (NICE one.) Xi Le couldn’t drop it since she said how it was strange he had blurted out his sister’s name in his dream. He said if she didn’t believe him then forget it. He attempted to walk away, but she rushed after him, apologizing and saying how she hadn’t met Wei Zhen yet and wondered if she wasn’t important enough to meet her. He turned around–now totally out of control (aka all emotional)–stating that Wei Zhen was already dead. That wasn’t all because he sure did break down, saying how all his family had left him already since he was in high school, and if she was satisfied that he finally told her everything. Whether the break down was real (or somewhat of it was real and he just went with it to win her pity), Xi Le sure was convinced. She rushed to apologize again. Instead of allowing her to comfort him, he said since it was already destined that everyone he loved would leave him, she might as well leave too. Then he opened the door to kick her out. She apologized again but was told off once again. This time, he used a louder tone, so she had no choice but to leave. As she turned around to look at him again, he closed the door in her face. A brilliant performance indeed. As she finally left though, he was inside, coming out of his trance, at last, saying he can’t let her go. So the previous scene might not be a performance after all? Maybe somewhat of it was to explain of Wei Zhen’s status as his ‘sister’ but the other parts of breaking down weren’t. It would make sense that all those boiled up feelings would come forth one time or another. So he opened the door and chased after her. He couldn’t catch up with her at the elevators but managed to by the time she was down at the lobby. So the game was on again.

As for Ping An, she was in her room, trying to work hard again. Yet she was scolding herself for not trying harder since little with studying and all. While playing with her pen, she spotted the bow she had clipped onto the pen and once again thought of Ye Chen and his fear for bows. She finally took the bow clip off and placed it in her bag, saying goodbye to Zi Wen and hope he and Xi Le would be happy. (Wait, he gave her that clip? I had forgotten since episode 1 since I had watched that WAY back before going back to watch from episode 2 onward.) Looking on the bright side though, she was finally able to let go of Zi Wen and consider protecting Ye Chen–with his fear of bows and all. Wanting to take a break, she headed out to the kitchen to get some milk. As she did that, she sang her father’s old song again. That was when Bai Ming Li walked in and smiled at her. She stopped abruptly upon realizing of Bai Ming Li’s presence. After some brief exchanged, Bai Ming Li said she wanted some milk–like how Ping An prepared hers, so Ping An obliged. Bai Ming Li soon sat down at one of the stools to wait for her drink, even taking that time to ask Ping An about the song and how she’d overheard Xi Le sang it previously. Ping An disclosed that she’d taught Xi Le that song, and explained how her father had composed it when her mother was pregnant with her. Bai Ming Li then complimented the song–and even wanted Ping An to sing it again for her. Ping An was more happy to, considering how it was her father’s song. While Ping An sang, Bai Ming Li reminisced back to the time Ping An’s father sang it to her at a park. When Ping An was done with preparing milk for Bai Ming Li, Bai Ming Li mumbled something about, “This is my real daughter” so that had caused a stare from Ping An. Bai Ming Li rushed to explain that Xi Le was too busy with ‘love’ right now so she wasn’t home as much as Ping An, so it seemed like Ping An was more like her daughter than Xi Le. (Smart save, lol.) Ping An let out a nervous laugh and said she wasn’t that fortunate. Bai Ming Li then moved to ask about Ping An’s father, pondering if he’d mentioned her mother to her. Ping An replied yes but she didn’t remember much. She also went on to say that her mother was probably someone who only cared for the glamorous stuff hence abandoning them both. Bai Ming Li tried to comfort her by saying that her mother probably regretted it very much and she must have her reasons since kids were the most precious things to a mother. It was then that Ping An asked her if she had any regrets. She said that she never had any regrets in pursuing her own dreams, but if she was able to do it again, she would bring her daughter with her. Ping An pondered aloud if her mother had similar thoughts as Bai Ming Li. Bai Ming Li, on the other hand, pondered if that was Heaven’s punishment for her since her daughter was right in front of her yet she wasn’t able to reach. She also wished that she could hear Ping An call her ‘Mom’.

So on some other day, Ye Chen was out and about. He encountered some traffic jams at a side street. Yet that had allowed him an opportunity to see Hei Zai meeting up with someone. They seemed to be doing some exchange. He silently pondered about it yet didn’t linger. He was meeting Ping An up at this one flower place. She needed help to pick up some flowers for her. While they were walking out of there, he noticed that she wasn’t wearing her bow clip. She didn’t answer directly, but just asked him, “Aren’t you afraid of bows?” She soon told him that she’d stored it away already–to which he smiled. He then asked her for help with tending to his flowers. Yeah, the one he planted by his sister’s grave.

At the opening ceremony, Bai Ming Li finally crashed–after not being able to sustain any longer. Even her meds didn’t help, considering how her condition was getting worse and worse. Or possibly it was an overdose since she had increased the amount as she was leaving the conference room earlier. Yet she was able to complete her speech. Ye Chen immediately rushed forward to carry her off as the others followed to the hospital. (And then suddenly Ping An and Xi Le were best friends again because of how Ping An told Xi Le to calm down, etc. Or was it because of how Xi Le was already reassured that Zi Wen was just thinking of Ping An as his sister because of how similar she was to his sister?) So did Zi Wen strike this time? Because he had nodded briefly in Ji Shi Cheng’s direction after saying a few words to the crowd to control the situation. Since Ji Shi Cheng only taunted Bai Ming Li earlier in the conference room. Or was this all a coincidence that Bai Ming Li’s health was taking its worse turn at last because she’d delayed all sorts of treatments since she was diagnosed?

A flashback, while Zi Wen was in the restroom, showed that he indeed did switch the pills out of her briefcase when she wasn’t around. It was also then that Hei Zai walked out of one of the stalls to congratulate Zi Wen for his plan being successful. Zi Wen’s clever move was actually retrieving the fake pills from the briefcase after knowing Bai Ming Li had taken some, not wanting to leave behind any traces of evidence. Hei Zai wanted to toss it out immediately yet Zi Wen stopped him in time, wanting him to take it out of there before getting rid of it. He was indeed careful. If not, how could he survived by Bai Ming Li’s side all these years, right? After that, Zi Wen gave Hei Zai his payment for the completion of the latest assignment. And he somehow disclosed to Hei Zai how he was trying to scare Bai Ming Li so she would give Xi Le’s hand to him, i.e. letting them both get married since she (Bai Ming Li) doesn’t have much time left.

At the hospital, they had to wait like last time and was later greeted by Bai Ming Li’s doctor. Yet this time, he did say that it wasn’t just exhaustion like last time (since Ping An asked), he said it was an overdose and they have to do some more tests, etc. However, he told them not to be worried. Ping An and Xi Le were allowed to go in to see her but they have to be quiet so they wouldn’t disturb her rest. However, the doctor told Ye Chen to go fetch Bai Ming Li’s medications. (YUP, Zi Wen sure took care of everything. Good luck with investigating.)

Inside Bai Ming Li’s room, both girls were by her bedside. However, Xi Le had to step away to take the call from Zi Wen, telling him of the situation there. (Nice, he has ears everywhere now.) While Ping An was still standing there, watching over Bai Ming Li, the latter finally awakened. As Ping An realized that Bai Ming Li had opened her eyes, she turned and was about to call to Xi Le. Yet Bai Ming Li grabbed a hold of her hand–to much of her surprise. Ping An soon smiled in return though. It was also then that Xi Le finished the last bit of her conversation and turned to them, witnessing the scene. She seemed unhappy about it (which was understandable) and walked over to them. Ping An rushed to explain that Bai Ming Li probably was still groggy hence thinking that she (Ping An) was Xi Le. (Lucky for Ping An, Bai Ming Li had already closed her eyes again so it made sense that was what was taking place.) Xi Le nodded, agreeing. She even took that chance to detach Ping An’s hand from Bai Ming Li’s and told Ping An to go back to the ceremony since she could tend to her mother.

After Ping An left, Xi Le told her mother that she must stay healthy and safe since it was already hard enough that they were able to find each other again. That was when Bai Ming Li mumbled randomly in her unconscious state the name “Mi Bao”. (OH SHOOT!) Xi Le wasn’t paying attention at first and thought Bai Ming Li was calling her so she said she was right there. Yet Bai Ming Li repeated the name hence Xi Le realizing that the name sounded familiar.

Back at the company, Ye Chen finally arrived and was on his way to fetch Bai Ming Li’s briefcase so he could return to the hospital to give it to the doctor. However, he was stopped by Bai Ming Li’s assistant. She said that she only knew of it when Zi Wen returned to the company to retrieve some items. Ye Chen was surprised that Zi Wen had returned to the company to get some stuff instead of just heading to the hospital to meet up with them after taking care of the situation at the ceremony. He immediately went into Bai Ming Li’s office to fetch her briefcase. Yet he checked the medications first. Even if it had been switched back but he now knew something was up. After checking the pills, he remembered about how he had spotted Hei Zai receiving some similar-looking pills from a certain someone earlier.

As interesting as it got, Ping An was on her way out of the house–using a motorcycle she acquired somehow, Ji Huo Ying drove by in his car and blocked her path. He called her “Master” and told her to get in since he would be taking her around. She returned it by saying that she already had her own vehicle so she didn’t need his help. (And when did the “Master” thing happened?) He didn’t mind that she was giving him her usual attitude. He went on happily by saying how both Ye Chen and Xi Le were already at the hospital so he was being a good ‘disciple’ and using his special car to pick her up. She said it was a good opportunity for her to experience this particular ride so she told him off and left on the motorcycle. He didn’t yell or attack her with some words either but just looked a tad disappointed before riding off as well. So the flashback explained more about why he’d have a change of heart about her. It happened when he encountered the embarrassing incident with his ‘ripped’ pants. She forced him to take it off so she could patch it up for him. (Yes, another interesting thing but she knew a good bit of needlework to help him in such a situation.) He found her cute? LOL! It was really happening! The day he would see something in her. And he had admitted to her that it was the first time someone patched up his clothes for him. She said, of course, he didn’t have a reason to with his background and it was different from her since she grew up in an orphanage so they often have to patch their own clothes. She also had to patch clothes for the other kids. He said he wanted to learn, wanting her to teach him. (Wah, really? Or he was just using that excuse to pursue her? Just saying.)

Back to reality. Somewhere down the road, Huo Ying caught up with her and tried to cut her off again. She ended up yelling at him, of course. He decided to ‘bribe’ his master with a smartphone, lol. She returned it to him, saying that people who are ‘smart’ don’t need ‘smart’ phones. LOL! He placed it back into her hand, saying that treat it as his thank you gift to her. He even reasoned that it would help her work from now on. Then he left, not caring that she was calling after him–still protesting about the matter. Ping An finally accepted it. It was due to the fact that he had mentioned how it was new to her yet it was old to most people, etc (aka falling out of trends). So she said she shouldn’t waste it, stating it would definitely benefit her with future photo-shooting sessions.

And then somewhere down the road, Ping An finally arrived at the company. As she was having trouble with moving another item out of the way, someone helped her. It was Zi Wen. She soon realized it and straightened up – since she just thought it was some random person nearby. Yet she didn’t forget to thank him again. As she took her helmet off, he was asking how he hadn’t seen her bow clip for a long time now. She struggled to answer, finally saying that she had accidentally damaged it already. He was about to chide her, reaching his hand forward to touch her nose (like he usually did at times when he was chiding her). YET she recoiled, taking a step back to increase the distance between them. (YES, finally an improvement and change since she should be more conscious of the situation now. OR was it because she had fallen for Ye Chen already and considering his feelings so wanting to keep the distance from Zi Wen? Still, it was a great improvement. It would at least reduce somewhat of the misunderstanding Xi Le have toward her.) Zi Wen indeed noticed the difference in her reaction, comparing to the past. However, he recovered and told her that he could buy her another clip. She said he didn’t have to since she didn’t care for clips anymore–and even mentioned that he should be buying stuff for Xi Le instead. He didn’t look too happy about that but replied that he knew. He then asked her if they could still be friends, even if he was dating Xi Le now. She responded yes but she said she didn’t want to bother him anymore and that she had to get going anyway so she rushed inside the main entrance as he stood there staring. He silently realized that Ping An seemed to have grown up already.

At the hospital, the doctor told Bai Ming Li that this time’s crash wasn’t due to her health condition but other factors. Yet he told her that she still have to stay put, considering how her health was really deteriorating. As Xi Le walked in, Bai Ming Li told her that the doctor said she could go home tomorrow. The doctor chided her for not listening to him before saying that she still had to stay home and rest. He even instructed Xi Le not to let Bai Ming Li out of the house. Xi Le obliged. Bai Ming Li was joking that the doctor had bought off her daughter. Then she told Xi Le to go home and prepare stuff. She said she wanted to taste Xi Le’s delicacies tomorrow when she could finally be discharged. Xi Le was more happy to do just that. She was also told to tell Ye Chen to come in right away. After Xi Le left, the doctor asked if Ye Chen could be trusted and Bai Ming Li nodded, saying that he could. When Ye Chen entered, they could finally start with the discussion. The doctor told them of the blood test results first. He then explained further what all of that meant before asking Bai Ming Li if she’d taken any other types of medications. She confessed that she’d increased the dosage but didn’t take any other types of medications aside from the pain killers he’d given her. Ye Chen stated that it was possible that the pills got switched. However, the doctor clarified the pills that Ye Chen retrieved were indeed the ones he prescribed. Bai Ming Li, being intelligent that she was, pointed out that if the other person had taken the pills back, then it would make sense no one could investigate it. She went on to say that if whoever that was had done it the first time, it would happen again. So she told Ye Chen to go get some item(s) from her lawyer. She then asked the doctor to be her witness, which he agreed. She also wanted Ye Chen to be her witness.

Borrow Your Love: Episode 7

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

The episode continued with where Ji Li Sha pushed Xi Le into the pool while others watched nearby. Ping An quickly rushed over to the pool area and pushed Ji Li Sha into the pool as well. After that, she rushed toward Xi Le, telling Xi Le to try and grab hold onto her hand. Meanwhile, someone else finally reacted. That person was Zi Wen. He was the only one jumping into the pool and managed to rescue Xi Le. (Of course, both Ping An and Xi Le didn’t know how to swim so that was why Xi Le couldn’t save herself and Ping An couldn’t just jump in.) After Xi Le had been rescued, her nervous attack surged. Luckily, Ping An was able to retrieve the inhaler for her so she was fine again. As Zi Wen and Ping An were tending to Xi Le, Ji Li Sha finally was able to swim to shore and made her way back out of the pool. A hilarious yet embarrassing moment occurred because her dress had slipped off showing her undergarments, causing the crowd to snicker away. That was also around the same time Ye Chen made his way over and used his jacket to cover her up, trying to help her. However, being ungrateful that she was, she pushed him away–and into the pool. As she rushed off, Ping An already got up and exchanged a look with Ye Chen. She actually laughed at him for being a ‘hero’ at the wrong time. When he finally got a chance to go dry up, he told her he did it for her since she would be punished later so he was just patching up the situation as much as he could. She said she didn’t care and was just protecting Xi Le. Yet Ye Chen pointed out of Bai Ming Li’s punishment. It was then that some sort of fear crept into Ping An’s mind. She turned to look at Bai Ming Li and surprisingly saw the woman smiling at her.

As things were going on outside with people cleaning up. Xi Le had already calmed down and even brought a new change of clothes for Ji Li Sha. It was actually after Ji Huo Ying wasn’t able to convince his sister to open the door. Xi Le was shooed out with sharp words after having left the new clothes for Ji Li Sha. Yet Xi Le soon discovered a secret of Ji Li Sha’s. Ji Li Sha was actually one of the orphans at the orphanage that Ping An and Xi Le grew up in. Her name was Sha Sha. She was actually adopted and not really Ji Shi Cheng’s daughter. However, she had forgotten it already–or tried to after having a new life. The reason why Xi Le was able to recognize her was because of the scar on her hand. It was inflicted by Ping An when they were little because Sha Sha tried to bully Xi Le so Ping An pushed her. Upon that discovery, Ji Li Sha finally gave in and told Xi Le not to tell anyone–in exchange for the fact that she would help Xi Le merge in with the high-class society. A good bargain? And then after all those things were taken care of, Ji Li Sha finally headed downstairs to see Ye Chen walking in with some trays. She finally took the time to thank him for helping her earlier and asked of his name. She told him she would compensate for his clothes later. He just scoffed and left. It seemed like she wasn’t acting like a typical princess. Was it because she’d fallen for him?

Next development was how Zi Wen was waiting for Xi Le to come over and “thank him.” He expected it. NOT sure if the other incident was just plain coincidence and it fitted into his plan or he had cooked up that plan somehow along the way. Yet the person greeting him first was Hei Zai. Hei Zai was saying how his money was running low again. Even though Zi Wen was annoyed with the constant bother but he soon told Hei Zai that he needed Hai Zai to do something else for him before giving Hei Zai more money. After their discussion ended, Xi Le knocked. Yes, it was really her this time, not some unplanned guest. Indeed, that little incident with Xi Le falling into the pool had given Zi Wen some good reasons to “realize her importance to him” hence getting past his self-pride about their distance, etc. So yes, they were officially together.

At Bai Ming Li’s place, she was seen reminiscing about the necklace her 2nd husband gave her. After that, Ping An entered. Probably she was summoned in to have her punishment delivered for her rash behavior earlier with pushing Ji Li Sha into the pool. She looked timid enough. It must be that. But no, it wasn’t that. Bai Ming Li called Ping An in to thank her for her hard work the whole day. That was definitely a shocker for Ping An, knowing too well–though she was protecting Xi Le–she still pushed Ji Li Sha in. When Ping An asked, Bai Ming Li said that Ji Li Sha needed someone to teach her a lesson anyway so she didn’t mind that. Bai Ming Li even gave Ping An a necklace as a reward for her good work of planning and overseeing the banquet. (Yes, it was the same necklace her husband gave her years ago.) Ping An was reluctant at first but soon accepted after knowing it wasn’t as expensive–and after all, Bai Ming did insist so she couldn’t keep turning it down. And as Bai Ming Li placed the necklace on for Ping An, Ping An felt that it would be good if Bai Ming Li was her mother. Then their conversation moved to the dining table since Bai Ming Li was hungry so Ping An prepared some noodles for her. It reminded her of the past again yet they proceeded on with the conversation as Ping An was assured that Bai Ming Li really liked it. The conversation moved back to work-related matters again, Bai Ming Li wanted to promote Ping An after her good work and all. She was really happy.

The next day, Ping An and Xi Le were seen walking happily to work. It was as if they didn’t realize one another’s presence yet they were able to carry a conversation upon descending the escalators. Ping An, of course, was happy with her new promotion and was ready to work harder–with Bai Ming Li’s encouragement. Xi Le was enjoying her own happiness because Zi Wen would soon approach her mother to ask for her acknowledgment thus allowing him to publicize their relationship. While that was going on with the two girls chatting away and teasing one another, Ye Chen was seen at a shop eating and talking to Sergeant Xu. Ye Chen was asking about Hei Zai and if the latter had captured Hei Zai yet. Having no luck on that matter, but Ye Chen was provided with the information of the person who hired Hei Zai. After some brief exchange, Sergeant Xu left, allowing Ye Chen some peace to think of the new piece of information. Ye Chen knew for sure that it wasn’t Bai Ming Li who had executed such plans to kill her daughter (the scene where Zi Wen played the hero) so it was now on Zi Wen. Yet Ye Chen was still puzzled as to why Zi Wen had done that. He wasn’t snitching on his friend but was still investigating silently on his own.

More drama finally rolled along as they checked into a hotel and was ready to do some photo-shooting for the upcoming advertising that Ji Huo Ying was in charge of–regarding the pearl collection. He had somehow convinced Bai Ming Li it would save them a lot more if Xi Le became their model, etc. Not to mention how she fitted the image. So they all went, including Ping An. Xi Le took the time when they were checking out their room to ask about Ping An’s tie clip. (YES, she spotted it on one of Zi Wen’s ties and thought of Ping An.) She wondered if Ping An had given it to Ye Chen. Ping An nodded and said that Ye Chen didn’t care to wear it so it couldn’t be helped. Xi Le was a little assured, thinking silently that perhaps Ye Chen didn’t wear ties so he had given it to Zi Wen. Yet she retracted her statement and pointed out that Ye Chen usually didn’t wear ties anyway so he wouldn’t have any use for it. So Xi Le was back to thinking if Ping An had tricked her. Her next move? Suggesting that they have a double date later to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Elsewhere, Ji Huo Ying’s nurse friend at the hospital was summoned by Ji Shi Cheng for a meeting. It was a secret meeting between the two. He requested some information from her and even gave her a big envelope of money. Though he had subtly mentioned about just letting her use to buy some handbag or things she like, but it was too obvious it was money to shut her up. Her mission was probably bordering on messing with confidential information. He was really on it by trying to figure out Bai Ming Li’s medical condition. Her real one, not the one blurted out by her medical doctor, saying that she’d been too exhausted from overworking herself.

So after a long day of walking around to get a better knowledge of the surrounding locations and different sites that they were going to use for filming–and Ping An being bullied by Ji Li Sha, they were finally up to the part of the double date. (Though Ji Li Sha had used the excuse of working to yell at Ping An from time to time and how Ping An tried to keep her temper in check since it was work, it was obvious Ji Li Sha was getting back at her for the other incident.) Or more like Xi Le was already done with refreshing herself and ready for the upcoming date while Ping An strolled in and collapsed on the bed, telling Xi Le she was too tired so she wasn’t hungry (aka Xi Le and Zi Wen could just go on their date). After much persuasion, Ping An finally agreed–considering how Xi Le had let her off slightly by allowing her some rest.

In the lobby, Ye Chen finally confronted Zi Wen about his involvement with Hei Zai. However, Zi Wen turned it around and pinned it on Bai Ming Li, stating he had no idea why Bai Ming Li had done so either yet he’d learned from her that there was never a sure way to know who were true friends or enemies. Ye Chen was indeed wavered, considering how Zi Wen was his friend after all. (Even if Zi Wen was all because of the revenge plot and one would sympathize with him all these years AND Bai Ming Li indeed have a lot of despicable moves, but seriously, I just can’t stand Zi Wen whenever he faced Ye Chen of recent. Not after what Ye Chen had done for him and how he’d killed Ye Chen’s sister. Though that was an accident, still… AND I’m siding with Ye Chen, not Bai Ming Li since what she did WAS so on her.) Zi Wen’s look at Ye Chen after Ye Chen left also made it tenfold more frustrating.

Ye Chen was actually called away at the lobby and what he thought was supposed to be some gathering with someone he knew wasn’t. Well, at least, he wouldn’t have guessed it would be her. It was Ji Li Sha. She wanted to invite Ye Chen to dinner to thank him for the other incident. He shrugged it off again and said it was nothing. So he got up to leave yet she tried to chase after him, saying that he wasn’t being a gentleman with turning her down like that. He scoffed, saying that the “gentleman” image wasn’t suitable for him. That was also around the same time Xi Le walked out with Zi Wen and saw them. Ye Chen told them that he was leaving yet Xi Le told him that Ping An was coming so he turned around and made his way toward the tables once again, leaving Ji Li Sha fuming.

Somehow though, Ji Li Sha ended up at the same table as them. There were extra chairs for additional people so it seemed like this double date was turning into a party. Meanwhile, Ping An was calling Xiao San on her cell phone to ask about the appropriate table manners, etc but was interrupted by someone. She opened the door to see Ji Huo Ying. She ended up blurting out, “It’s you again,” but he said he should be the one saying that. Of course, he was looking for Xi Le. So he ended up going with Ping An to the dining area to join the others. And because Xiao San didn’t specify the instructions, Ping An ended up in an obstacle again. Luckily, she had Zi Wen as a lifesaver, sending her the correct signals as she tried to eliminate which utensils to use for which. Yet those little side gestures had cranked up Xi Le’s suspicions even more about the two’s relationship. Before Xi Le could ponder about the matter, Ji Li Sha strike again. But this time, she was taking a jab at Ping An and how she’d ordered ahead of time for Ping An. Ye Chen attempted to rescue her by exchanging his order with her yet Ji Li Sha didn’t let them. (I didn’t know why it mattered what she think since they were girlfriend/boyfriend status right now so why care? Or perhaps Ping An wanted to stand up for herself so she turned down Ye Chen’s help.) But it was Ji Li Sha’s own doings that had once again caused an embarrassment for her. As she was anticipating for Ping An to make even more mistakes with trying to tend to the crabs, the crab ended up on her head. She was more than freaked out, yelling out for help as the others laughed on. (Though not too loud.) Only Xi Le rescued her yet her next move was to spray her own drink on Ping An–even though Ping An had apologized since she honestly didn’t mean it. That little incident had caused both Ye Chen and Zi Wen to look quite upset.

Later that night when everyone had gone to sleep already, Ping An was seen still working. She had to rely on her small phone screen to check out some pictures and plan accordingly. However, Ye Chen soon showed up to help her. He drew an on-scale drawing of the location for her. It was a hilarious and cute moment for them. First, he was asking why she didn’t go to sleep yet and it was obvious. So he went to get some supplies to help with drawing it out. He also mentioned after he was done, they could sleep. At first, she agreed. Then she realized his choice of words so she scolded him saying who would go with him, lol. And while he was focusing on drawing, she realized a different side of him. Like how he was so cool-looking on the outside yet was always helping her out at the moment she needed it the most, etc. He caught her staring, lol. And she pretended not to stare. After he was done, he told her they could finally call it a night. She was still sitting around after he walked off so he returned and asked if she needed to be carried, lol. She said she wanted to stay and watch the scene a bit more. He had an idea so they ended up taking the boat out in the middle of the lake to enjoy the night scenery. She finally had a chance to ask him about his past imprisonment. He admitted that it was because of a friend. She first blurted out how dumb he was yet took it back, knowing it was too serious a matter to be joking. As he tried to tell her more of the story, she somehow dozed off. He didn’t mind. He used that opportunity to draw her sleeping. He ended up nodding off as well after a while. So there were different drawings of her falling into the water.

Next morning, Xi Le was already practicing in a church with the male model and Ji Huo Ying overseeing the matter. Ping An finally rushed in to call Xi Le and whispered to her that Xi Le could just imagine the male model to be Zi Wen. However, instead of feeling happy–since she did imagine it was Zi Wen before, she chided Ping An for being late. She continued with how Ping An could spend time with Ye Chen but should remember what day it is today (aka how important it is with the work) and walked off. Ping An felt that was strange, but she didn’t have much time to ponder. Ji Li Sha showed up to yell at her to start working.

As the filming was about to commence and they were by the lake, Xi Le was given more instructions by Ji Huo Ying as Ping An watched nearby. Xi Le was somewhat scared by the water since she was told she had to be in the middle of the lake–for the theme of the AD. Even Ping An was worried that Ji Li Sha might try something. However, everyone was assured by Zi Wen and Ye Chen arriving to check on them. Zi Wen disclosed he was there to support Xi Le so she was more than happy. While they were exchanging those words, Ye Chen took that time to look over to where Ping An was standing and sent her a smile. She looked away nervously, still pretending not to stare. Yet she couldn’t help but smile to herself either, considering how much he’d helped her with the drawing and all.

Soon after, another incident took place. Ping An walked over to ask Ji Li Sha if they needed the earrings. However, Ping An got scolded, so she turned around again, trying to get out of the way. As she turned though, she ended up tripping and took a fall. It was also then that Zi Wen–still in his trance of remembering about the time he went with Wei Zhen to take his father’s boat model out to test it–snapped out of it and tended to Ping An. The more interesting thing was how he had called Ping An “Wei Zhen” so that was when Ye Chen paid more attention to what was going on. Yet from where Xi Le was in the boat in the middle of the lake, she could only see Zi Wen’s overly concerned for Ping An. And while Ye Chen and Zi Wen were both tending to Ping An’s matter, Ji Li Sha walked over to snatch up the earrings that had fallen out from its box and pocketed it. (She was probably going to blame Ping An for losing it later.)

Later, when the photographer was finally snapping away and Ji Huo Ying was giving Xi Le instructions over the walkie-talkie, Zi Wen had pulled the disappearance card on them. He was actually inside, taking a call from Hei Zai. But when Ye Chen confronted him, he said it was a business call. As they continued talking, Ye Chen finally brought up the topic of Ping An and how Zi Wen was seeing Ping An as a replacement for Wei Zhen. Ye Chen said that he initially thought Zi Wen liked Ping An but now he realized what was happening. So he was more than puzzled with Zi Wen choosing Xi Le and how fast their relationship was going. He wondered what Zi Wen was up to. Zi Wen clarified he had thought he liked Ping An too but he finally realized that the person he truly liked was Xi Le. Ye Chen hoped that whatever Zi Wen did, he wouldn’t hurt Ping An and would treat Xi Le well, and not because of Xi Le being Bai Ming Li’s daughter. That was around when Zi Wen realized Xi Le was standing by the door. He changed the direction (instead of taunting Ye Chen), he put on his sincere face and said he seriously hoped Xi Le wasn’t Bai Ming Li’s daughter because he wouldn’t have as much pressure. Yet despite all of that, he wouldn’t let go of Xi Le again. (Great or what?) The more interesting part was when Zi Wen asked that Ye Chen gave them (Zi Wen and Xi Le) his blessings, Ji Huo Ying jumped out to say he wouldn’t. Yes, he had overheard the conversation as well. (At least at the last bit.) So Zi Wen once again have to repeat his words with how much in love he and Xi Le were so he asked Ji Huo Ying to let them be. Ji Huo Ying turned him down, stating he wanted to challenge Zi Wen. If he lost, then he would let go of the matter.

So what was the theme of the face-off? Um, horse-racing. Ye Chen was the referee while Xi Le and Ji Li Sha watched. It was also around then that Ping An jumped out, wondering what they were doing and she soon bet that Zi Wen would win. Ji Li Sha, of course, supported her brother yet she retracted by saying who was betting. Then she scolded Ping An and told her to go clean up since they have to head back tomorrow. Ping An told her it was an exciting moment so she wanted to watch. She said she would clean up after the race. After some more preparations, the race finally began. While that was going on, Ping An had somehow stepped past the white string line to cheer for Zi Wen. (Yes, she still had no idea what they were racing for but still supporting Zi Wen.) So that was when Ji Huo Ying silently chided her for being a dummy with standing out there like that and how dangerous it was. (Interesting since honestly, he claimed her to be hateful and so off, not up to his standards YET he worried for her? Or was that just instinct for the dangerous situation and all?) And at that moment, Ji Li Sha was thinking about how Ye Chen was just messing around with Ping An, not being serious with her and still thinking that Ye Chen’s tastes weren’t that terrible, etc. She reasoned since Ye Chen had taken off his jacket to shield her from such an embarrassing moment that one time, he must be interested in her. (Someone was honestly sore.) The result of the race? Zi Wen won. Ji Huo Ying mumbled about how it was Ping An’s fault that he lost his concentration. As both men were checking their horses again, Ji Li Sha walked over to her brother, claiming that she wanted to ride as well, and that was when he warned her to be careful. She indeed had fallen back because of how they hadn’t really steadied the horse yet and how she was wearing high heels as well. Unexpectedly (according to her plan that Ye Chen would save her again if anything happened), Ye Chen stepped out of the way so her brother was the one attempting to rescue her hence getting hurt. She didn’t thank him yet scolded him for saving her. (Nice?) After Ji Li Sha stormed off, Zi Wen came over to give Ji Huo Ying a hand. However, as he tried to stand up, Ping An pointed out that he’d ripped his pants somehow. (Probably when he was catching his sister.) Everyone laughed as he cried out how embarrassing it was.

Another plot development came forward as Hei Zai requested for a meetup. It was at the hospital where Bai Ming Li stayed at the last time. Zi Wen learned from Hei Zai about how Ji Shi Cheng had tried to acquire some files. Zi Wen went with the tip and cooked up a story with how Ji Shi Cheng had spilled some stuff over the files hence needing another copy. The nurse wasn’t convinced at first yet after asking for some identifications and all, she was convinced and told him to come to the old spot to receive the files later when she was off work. She was given another huge amount of money as an appreciation. So now Zi Wen had another piece of the puzzle for his plans. At least he will get it soon.

Back at the hotel, Ping An was told to do an inventory check with all the items so they could continue the last shoot for tomorrow. When Xi Le wanted to help, Ji Li Sha said she was the main lead so she can’t overwork herself or it would affect their shooting. Ping An interfered and said she was fine. As Ji Li Sha was too familiar with the scene unfolding, she watched on as Ping An did the check and was puzzled with how the pearl earrings were gone. Ji Li Sha jumped in (as expected since she’d been waiting for so long for this moment) and scolded Ping An, saying how she told Ping An many times to be careful. Xi Le interfered, suggesting that Ping An try to retrace her steps. Ping An did just that and remembered about the trip from earlier in the day.

Borrow Your Love: Episode 6

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

The search for Xi Le continued. Zi Wen directed them to the club that Ji Huo Ying usually go to and gave Ye Chen Bai Ming Li’s membership card so they could get in. He didn’t want to go with them, stating he didn’t want to get caught in the mess with Ji Huo Ying, so Ye Chen and Ping An went in on their own for the search. A very fierce confrontation took place over the phone as Ye Chen and Ping An were able to acquire Ji Huo Ying’s cell phone number from Zi Wen. However, upon spotting Ji Huo Ying, Ping An didn’t outright beat him up for daring to lure Xi Le into such a place. She did scold him, but it turned into a situation with “the jealous wife trying to break up a lovey-dovey get together”, LOL! She did grab Xi Le but steered her aside toward Ye Chen (for safety), saying how she didn’t blame her since her husband was too crafty. The situation got even more hilarious as Ji Huo Ying’s friends seemed to believe Ping An’s convincing act. Ye Chen and Xi Le were also laughing as they watched nearby. Xi Le seemed to have sober up already or at least beginning to snap out of her drunken state to enjoy Ping An’s show. What convinced Ji Huo Ying’s friends that the story was true was how Ping An had told of Ji Huo Ying’s past words with saying she was like the ‘pearl’ he had given her, etc. (Yeah, the same show he had often put on to impress girls and his usual sweet talk.) It escalated to the point that Ji Huo Ying’s friends have to interfere, grabbing Ji Huo Ying out and preventing him from hurting the pair of ‘mother and baby’ (lol), saying that the baby was innocent. They wanted to pool together some money to aid Ping An yet she turned them down, stating she only wanted her baby to have a father (lol). The others made Ji Huo Ying sing and cheer the baby up (lol).

Outside, Ping An finally revealed her trick by pulling the sweater she had stuffed into her stomach out and put it on while asking Xi Le why she had to go with that “big per…” but stopped herself and changed the words since she had spotted Ye Chen’s unease. (Yes, the name was reserved for him with the ‘big pervert’ title, lol.) As Xi Le started to explain herself, she spotted Zi Wen standing by the car waiting for them. She immediately walked over to him. Ping An attempted to call her yet Ye Chen stopped her, telling her to let Xi Le be. And that was when another confrontation between Xi Le and Zi Wen ensued. He was still sticking with the whole “not good enough for her” and how he should let go when they weren’t so deeply in yet. So he left after some more words as she cried on, telling him she knew he wasn’t those type of people, etc. All the while, Ye Chen and Ping An watched nearby–with Ping An’s face more than worried for her good sister. Yet the sad scene didn’t last too long, because Xi Le was saying how she was somewhat envious of Ye Chen and Ping An, lol. Ye Chen took that moment to put an arm around Ping An to show how loving they were–to which Ping An hit him (LOL). He didn’t mind. It was so funny teasing her.

When they came home all wet from the rain earlier, they were scolded at by Bai Ming Li. However, as Bai Ming Li sent Xi Le upstairs to shower and all, she told Ping An to stay. Fearing something might happen, Xi Le halted along the way to listen in. It was then that Bai Ming Li said she wanted Ping An to be in charge of the new project. Though Xi Le was happy for Ping An yet Ping An herself was very troubled by it. Sure, she would love to have some power. However, it wasn’t that simple. She had to think up of each step carefully, not wanting to make a single mistake. So when she wandered around with Ye Chen the next day, she was racking her brain trying to see how she could take care of the details. Ye Chen made a joke, but that had also made her realized something else. So they got started.

Then came the time when Ping An’s righteous acts didn’t get repay yet almost earned her a slap in the face. It was a big misunderstanding since she thought she was rescuing one of the innocent victims out of Ji Huo Ying’s grasps again. Yet she didn’t realize it was Ji Huo Ying’s sister and he was just using that trick to cheer his sister up. (Or just plain show off.) Ji Huo Ying’s sister, Ji Li Sha had just returned so Ji Huo Ying picked her up and delivered her to the company–just like he’d promised their father. Then came the encounter and Ji Li Sha wanted to slap Ping An after some disagreements. Luckily, Ye Chen was there and was able to grab Ji Li Sha’s hand in time. They quickly cleared the situation up, but not totally and left the scene. Ping An was forced to apologize before she could leave. But she wasn’t too pitiful, she knew it was her mistake so she just apologized and then left, NOT getting bullied any more than she had to endure.

Well-groomed by his father, Ji Huo Ying went out of his way to cause havoc toward everyone again. Well, it was mostly Bai Ming Li’s own doings and he just took it to his advantage. Because he was the one who told the other employees of the “terms” Bai Ming Li told Zi Wen to add to the contract. So Ping An went to confront Bai Ming Li in her office. She was told to go understand the situation before jumping in. Ping An knew she was rash to just jump in but then she asked why Bai Ming Li had to betray their trust in her, etc. After Ping An left, she went outside to bang her head against some wall (literally) and mope. Ye Chen found her there after having a private talk with Bai Ming Li. She wasn’t that mad at Bai Ming Li as she had been in the past. She told Ye Chen it was because she seemed to understand more how busy Bai Ming Li was every day with work and having to take care of the littlest matters. What Ping An was wary of was how to talk to the other employees about the situation. Ye Chen reminded her about the latest project so she said she could go inform them about it, etc. Ye Chen joked that how could Ping An fend without him around, which earned him a sharp look from her.

Much, much later, Ping An and Xi Le were tired out from trying out different outfits at this one shop. It was instructed by Bai Ming Li that the girls dress nicely for the upcoming event so that Bai Ming Li’s reputation wouldn’t be affected. Ping An was sooo tired that she leaned on the ledge of the counter, trying to rest her head. Yet upon hearing that Bai Ming Li had arrived to check on them, she immediately sprung up to greet the boss. (It was indeed cute.) The cuter part was how she almost fainted when Bai Ming Li said they could have the outfits custom-made if they couldn’t decide AND the priceless part was seeing how Bai Ming Li almost smiled but she was able to repress herself.

So the days went by and Xi Le–like how she promised Ping An–continued to pursue Zi Wen yet she had used the method of silently preparing foods or drinks for him with a note but didn’t appear to distract him. While that was going on, Ping An and Ye Chen were moving forward with the kitchen staff with preparing for the upcoming event. And Xi Le was finally able to meet Ji Li Sha. In fact, she was on her way to try on her dress for the upcoming banquet. Yet Ji Li Sha just had to bring out her princess attitude to force one of the salespersons to oblige to her commands, stating she wanted to duplicate the dress that Xi Le have–after failing to get the dress. Xi Le had clarified that she could step down with other outfits, but not this one because her mother had personally chosen it for her. She even bravely dared Ji Li Sha to wear the exact outfit at the upcoming banquet. (Surprising yet it was good to see how Xi Le could stand up for herself at times.)

Away from the dramas, Xi Le was troubled once again by how she had to learn to mingle with the high-class society. It was indeed too much pressure. Considering how she already found it so hard to deal with the Ji siblings. She was pondering if it was possible that she could just simply be Bai Ming Li’s daughter without the other complicated things attached. While she tried to think of a way to resolve those matters, she wanted to look for Ping An. But as she was about to descend the stairs, she spotted Ping An and Zi Wen talking to each other. They were just discussing some items Ping An still had to take care of. She was seeking his opinion over something. He, out of habit, joked with her so naturally, that had caused Xi Le to ponder. This time though, she was just pondering about the pressure of her being Bai Ming Li’s daughter that had caused Zi Wen to not feel comfortable in front of her anymore.

Later on, in Zi Wen’s office, Ping An was forced to write an official report for Zi Wen so he could report about the situation to Bai Ming Li as well. She was, of course, carrying on a long face at the same time as writing–or trying to write. Like she said before, she wasn’t familiar with those reports so telling her to think and write like that was indeed torture. Yet Zi Wen was more than happy to help her with providing different files and manuals. As Zi Wen was pondering how strange it was that Bai Ming Li was punishing Ping An yet was giving her these assignments and he thought it made more sense that Xi Le do it. His thought was interrupted by Ping An using a tie clip as a placeholder for some documents. (Yes, it was the tie clip that she wanted to give to Zi Wen but couldn’t because she found out on his birthday that Xi Le like him as well.) He thought that she had picked it up from somewhere and joked about it. She quickly clarified that she had used a lot of saved up money to buy it but it was just that she wasn’t able to give it out. He clipped it on his tie and said why don’t she give it to him since it fitted with his tie. She nodded her head, thinking that since it was supposed to be his anyway. (But didn’t she forget that she had encouraged Xi Le not to give up? Or was she just thinking of giving him it but just won’t tell him? It was too hard to blame her.) Their little side talk was interrupted by Ye Chen walking into the office. He wanted to break up the little talk (and more so because he had spotted the tie clip on Zi wen’s tie). (Yes, he’d known about the tie clip since she dropped it that one time and he’d retrieved it for her.) When Ye Chen said that he’d waited so long for her, Ping An returned with saying how she still had a lot to write. Zi Wen jumped in and said it was all right, he was supposed to monitor her progress anyway so he would take her home later. Of course, Ye Chen objected and they were in a battle, each grabbing one hand of Ping An’s and putting her in a dilemma. (Who knew a normal ugly duckling like her was so popular, right? Well, at least according to her she wasn’t the least bit a decent girl for someone to look at.) Yet Ye Chen won in the end, reminding Ping An that she still had to attend to tomorrow’s banquet matter and it was already so late. It was then that she turned to thank Zi Wen and told him that she would seek him out later to help with the paperwork matter. Ye Chen hauled her out of there as she was still trying to talk to Zi Wen. (It was so funny!)

Outside, a confrontation took place as Ye Chen was asking Ping An about the tie clip. She said Zi Went wanted it (aka it wasn’t her who initiated it). She then made up more excuses for it to be reasonable (lol) that he’d been helping her with stuff and all. Then she turned to him, finally realizing she had no reason to explain to Ye Chen, and stated that it wasn’t his business. He handed her handbag to her and unlocked the car. She then realized she forgot some paperwork. He didn’t let her go, but told her to get in the car and lock it, because he would go fetch the paperwork for her.

Back inside, Zi Wen was just putting the folders away. Yet when he heard some knocking on his door, he thought Ping An had returned to get her paperwork. Yet it was the thug who he hired to stab him that one time, Hei Zai. That dude had run out of money and wanted some more money for a trip. Zi Wen had no choice but to tell him to meet up at a certain location to discuss further. That wasn’t one of the most interesting developments of the plot. Because the part where Ye Chen returned in time to see Hei Zai walking out was. Hei Zai had used the stairs and Ye Chen had used the elevators so they didn’t meet up. Yet it had given Ye Chen the chance of seeing the dude’s face better and knowing that he wasn’t mistaking. What he was most puzzled about was if Hei Zai had come to look for Zi Wen or Ji Huo Ying.

The day finally arrived. Ping An was seen busy like a bee yet she sure exuded the typical boss aura since she was able to control the situation with her directions to various employees. Though she was a bit shocked that Zi Wen was the one who picked up Xi Le’s outfit but she soon thanked him before delivering it to Xi Le. She didn’t forget to tell Xi Le that Zi Wen was wearing the same color as Xi Le, lol. Before Ping An could look at her dress though, she was called away for business again. So she went.

Outside, it seemed like everything was in tip-top shape. The Ji siblings arrived together and told Zi Wen that they were there to help. (SURE!) As Ji Huo Ying asked if Xi Le had arrived yet, Xi Le answered from the top of a staircase that she was. Indeed, she looked like a princess in the dress. Ji Huo Ying said he had a present for her as Zi Wen extended a hand to help her step down the last few steps. So that was when Xi Le exchanged a look with Zi Wen. Though they soon recovered and Ji Li Sha offered her help with putting the necklace on for Xi Le. What happened next was another round of intensity as Ji Li Sha spotted Ping An walking by with Xiao San and Xiao Si, giving them more directions. She tried to talk down to Ping An and picked on Ping An even more. Obviously, she wasn’t over the other matter yet. Ping An tried to explain as much as she could while keeping cool since it was Xi Le’s big day after all. However, Ji Li Sha went WAY overboard when she said that those chosen foods were really suitable for those who came from the orphanage–which caused a reaction from both Ping An and Xi Le–though Xi Le had shaken her head, signaling for Ping An not to fight back. And even if Ji Li Sha apologized to Xi Le for her comment yet she wasn’t the least bit sorry. (Her face said it all that she meant all the words she said–possibly even more.) The scene soon changed its moods when some of the guests arrived and Zi Wen took it into his hands to introduce Xi Le to them thus breaking up the side catfight for the time being. Ping An was relieved and happy for Xi Le yet she turned off her smile upon seeing Ji Li Sha. But she wasn’t about to start another fight, she just walked off after giving Ji Li Sha a glare. While all that was happening though, Ye Chen was standing by the side and hoping silently that Ping An was truly a hardworking director (of the kitchen staff) and not Bai Ming Li’s daughter.

Just as things were going back to normal and Ji Li Sha might not have an opportunity to attack Xi Le, for the time being, things proved differently that she was indeed a cunning person. She pretended to step over to give Xi Le a toast yet had ended up spilling red wine all over Xi Le’s dress. Though she apologized for her clumsiness, it was way too obvious of her motives. (Well, she did silently say that if she couldn’t have it, no one could–in regard to the dress–before stepping over. SO yeah. It wasn’t an accident.) Ping An, like a good sister, rushed over and helped Xi Le to her room. She, of course, offered Xi Le her dress–since she stated that Xi Le was the “leading lady” today so she shouldn’t be robbed of a fancy dress. So she left the scene after saying if anyone was picking on Xi Le, Xi Le must tell her.

After Bai Ming Li had already appeared and introduced her daughter, clarifying her background and her life before meeting the 2nd husband, the party continued. Bai Ming Li had a face-off with Ji Shi Cheng yet broke it off early since she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go upstairs to take some more meds, but she had to change her plan because she didn’t want Ji Shi Cheng to find out. Somewhere else, another incident took place when Ji Li Sha strike again. This time, she pushed Xi Le into the pool.