Rookies’ Diary: Episode 33

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So we left off with Shan Ren and Neng Zhi passing words around to make the conspiracy happen, right? So it continues in this one. Though would it be successful? We’ll see.

Poor Hai Sheng and the others. They had no clue that Shan Ren was just stopping and yelling at them to waste time. Or more like stallingl for time until the other vehicle came. Lucky Hai Sheng caught on and he joined in with the skit. LOL!

And finally, they were able to catch up to one of the most important persons there to help An Bang’s case. Or will this lead to anything? They just like to keep us audience on the edge. But to get back to the story, they were seriously too much though. I meant the words they used for such a situation, such as bringing in Bao Qing Tian and all the righteous words. But I guess whatever helps them communicate their thoughts to the superiors. Just when things were going smoothly–or so it seemed, Tian Bin had to make a mistake. I thought he’s ‘tian bin’, why did he mess up like that? But Xu Jia Cheng was standing nearby and witnessed the whole scene. Would this influence him and caused him to change his mind when he is called upon later? (Or I’m just being hopeful and bias here since I seriously do not want Jacky to play such a character. NOT really that despicable or anything since it was just a difference in opinion BUT I had a feeling it had to do with Jing Wen more than the actual difference in opinions SO that’s when the disturbing feeling comes into play.)

The panel is in place and the trial will begin. Well…more like last chance to see the so-called ‘evidence’ and hear everyone’s case before deciding. Definitely keeping us in suspense since some of the reactions are so hard to read while An Bang was talking. It was obvious they were molding things over and some looked lenient yet their expressions could deceive. Kind of obvious that An Bang’s attempt to stop Luo Gang failed yet it still showed that An Bang would never sacrifice his brother–even when he had a chance to clear himself. Ding Hao’s speech was indeed quite moving. Yet will the others be moved by his words? Nice song accompanying the moment to stress the point. So after Ding Hao left, Xu Jia Cheng stepped in – after a word of greeting to Ding Hao. What will it be?

So after that hectic session, they gathered outside for a tea party. JUST KIDDING…was just walking out. Jia Cheng was making his way out as well; Ding Hao told the others to remember to thank Jia Cheng like seconds before Jia Cheng stepped toward them. Just when it seemed okay to like Jia Cheng, he had to make it harder to like him. Just kidding, but still…since he was still clarifying that he didn’t agree with An Bang but just want to be fair toward the situation. Indeed what he said was true regarding how the others were willing to speak up for An Bang. Yet it didn’t mean he would link hands with An Bang and become best buddies. Still, it was somewhat admirable that he was willing to speak up in this situation and put aside his differences in opinions or more like some sort of bias toward An Bang. And then they clarified some things for us by doing the flashbacks with Luo Gang and An Bang at the restaurant with Chen Hao Nan and how the fingerprints became proofs of the whole money thing. Anyway, finally, see Luo Gang accepting An Bang and thanking An Bang for being there for him all these times. Though it had been quite obvious that he appreciated An Bang for what he did, it had been mostly An Bang saying things like, “Because I’m your brother” or “Because you’re my brother” in the past instead of the other way around with how Luo Gang actually admitting it. Still not too cheesy since it proved that Luo Gang was able to do anything to help An Bang.

So they were back to trying to throw the bomb again. Seriously, Tian Bin went WAY past the line, LOL! Yet Shan Ren still put him on about the ‘not bad’ comment before pointing out to him about the line, LOL! Bo Wen’s turn showed that he seriously had the ability but it was because of his own problems that he didn’t do so well in the past (obviously). Yet the funniest was Bo Wen’s words to Shan Ren, LOL! Bo Wen could be so funny at times. I guess he isn’t Hai Sheng’s best buddy for nothing. Lai Hu’s turn proved another disaster, LOL! Shan Ren had to duck. He switched hands! Trying to see if it would make a difference? Yeah right. OMG! Wu Yong got a 48? (And An Bang’s back so everyone’s happy, which is too weird of a sight to witness, LOL!) What? Hai Sheng got 35? Lower than Wu Yong? Unbelievable. Luo Gang also got 35. Was he trying to make it less embarrassing for Hai Sheng? Hmm…still can’t believe Wu Yong got 48. I must have under-estimated him in the past, considering how he’s as crazy as the rest of his bandmates. Shi Jun got 25, 3 points lower than Tian Bin. Not bad, I guess since he wasn’t as confidence last time. Da Tong actually apologized to An Bang for failing to make it? Wow, this is an improvement (aka Da Tong trying to make it instead of just doing it). Wow, Luo Gang and Hai Sheng tied again in the next round? (40) Let’s see how Lai Hu fended for himself the 3rd time. After some minor mishap, Lai Hu managed to score 25 and was so proud of himself that he wanted Shan Ren to praise him too? LOL! Shan Ren was indifference, LOL! Shan Ren shot him down with saying others scored 40? LOL! But still say a few words of encouragement so it wasn’t all for nothing. Da Tong scored 36 this time around. Not bad, showing improvements. No wonder they were in the same band, seriously. He wanted to be praised by Shan Ren as well, LOL! It was funny that Shan Ren was saying that An Bang had changed and was no longer ‘mo gui’, LOL! And Neng Zhi’s response. NICE…

WHAT?! And I thought Hao Zhi could get the upper-hand YET she’s coming up with another scheme to force Hao Zhi to pay attention to her? GREAT… Not really. Of course, I was being sarcastic. I can’t find myself to like her regardless. When in the world is Xiao Rou and the others back? (Just look at the list and Xiao Rou won’t appear anymore! AAHHHH…this sucks!) And why in the world is Wu Yong acting like a pervert in front of her? I’m taking his points back just for that. Why are the other sympathizing with her? GREAT…They had no idea how manipulative she could be. Of course, she’s working her charm at that very moment to lure them in and take her side instead of Hao Zhi’s. You Shun better speak up before I whack him over the head with something too. And yes, Hao Zhi seemed to be affected by it. But I seriously don’t care. I’m getting too impatient with unnecessary people appearing. Rather no girls around than keep seeing her around. (YES, mean BUT SORRY…)

Okay, Da Tong caught red-handed, LOL! Trying to spy for his mother? Not really but he got caught anyway. Can’t seem to explain himself. But he managed to gain the upper-hand again, LOL! So he was really spying for his mother. Darn…and I thought the other girl was too paranoid. What? Hong Jie took money from son? LOL! What difference does it make really? LOL! Too funny.

The date finally came. Why were they matching? Yup, teasing us again since we know it’s impossible between them. Honestly. But still funny that Shan Ren was saying that. (I like it that they were playing the song the two sang though.) She called him by his name and he got overly happy, LOL! But that also meant he cut her off. How would she be able to start now? Well, she has to be firm on it, can’t just keep him hanging like that. She wants to be nice about it yet it was giving him even more hope. OY! Please don’t make this turn into a typical soap. She’s a strong, independent girl so would be cool that she just approach it the straight-forward way instead of falling into those traps like those typical girls. Well, it was hard to start again when those annoying people were coming by to sing her happy birthday. I think they didn’t mean any harm but it’s delaying things even more. (To be absolutely random though, I like her hairdo this time more than the time she took Shan Ren to meet her mother.) And Shan Ren’s so dead… Who was playing him with this arrangement?

And here they are again. Luckily, Shan Ren’s words didn’t come true, LOL! Well, they’re waiting for the results still yet it seems like it’s always better to get the trial over with already than just sitting around and anticipating the moment when they go in front of the panel. Well, the hostility between Shan Ren and Sheng Nan are still there. Hard to forget actually.
That’s another episode. Oy, keeping us hanging again.

Previews…Yu Ting’s back! Yay! At least something to look forward to. Then suddenly I remember that it must be because she’s filming ‘Love Together’ with Zhao Jun Ya that they aren’t around as much during the later episodes than the earlier ones. Not to mention the relevant parts of the plot wouldn’t allow too much of her screen time. Back to this one, Bo Wen teasing Hai Sheng, so funny! Aww…Xiao Yan help Hao Zhi get back at his wife? LOL! So funny! Would love to see it. She thought she could get him all jealous with her schemes, huh? Two can play this game! LOL! Everyone’s spying on each other now, LOL! All messed up, LOL! And An Bang wearing the red string again, does that mean he’s been acknowledged again? (Aka rank still attached?) I’m so going to beat Wu Yong up for siding with Hao Zhi’s wife. What the heck? And Xiao De Ji finally turning a new leaf? Seriously?

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Rookies’ Diary: Episode 29

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

I don’t know. I could never get tired of watching these powerful routines. It’s just so lively and full of spirit.

Here were go again. I guess someone couldn’t change at all, so uncooperative, even when Sheng Nan specifically spoke up on his behalf in front of Ding Hao. Ooohhh…he dared to talk back to An Bang? And no wonder since he was getting arrogant again (as always but less subtle at times since he pretended to behave when others were around). So he thought by saying those words and using such threats would scared An Bang? He has a lot to learn all right. (Yeah, An Bang could get in trouble BUT like he would cave in to such attempts.)

Ooohhh….more dramas. We’ll see. And yes, nice team! Da Tong and Wu Yong exposed them, sort of…kind of…WHAT?! They’re PK-ing? Okay! But Da Tong just had to turn and ask Wu Yong what those words mean, LOL!

They were so cunning! (Of course!) They doubled back to check out the situation. But what now?

Hao Zhi was all heart. He wanted to ask for money–not for himself–but to help You Shun yet his father didn’t see it that way. Well, it was hard to blame the old man. It was kind of weird. And he was sort of jealous! LOL! Oooohhh…negotiation. The things Hao Zhi would do for his friends since he was willing to put in the thing with ‘being nice to Su Qing’ in the future. Oooh…Hao Zhi hung up! Couldn’t blame him since he was frustrated with not being able to help You Shun when things were quite time sensitive here. And since the old man doesn’t agree, that means he doesn’t have to be nice to Su Qing either. Nice. (Mean, but yeah…whatever…) Nice scene between Hao Zhi and You Shun. Friendship’s always awesome like that, especially when the genuine kind like these two shared.

More bonding scenes. Nice to see Luo Gang coming to visit An Bang without having been called upon. Things have definitely improved between these two. Always that song playing in the background for their scenes. No more Mo Gui Pai Zhang but now Ying Xiong Pai Zhang? NICE! LOL! Cool that An Bang could joke now. Well, at least in front of Luo Gang. But he has always been nice to his brother anyway. I guess after that whole Bo Wen incident, everyone’s reconsidering things, not just Bo Wen. It wasn’t for nothing after all. (And I did notice how An Bang had the bandage on again. But I guess it wouldn’t be too odd since he would want to look stronger or appear more effective in front of others versus relaxing at nighttime and putting it on to protect his hand.)

They needed direction for every step when drinking water? LOL! Just wondering, but still funny. Ooohhh…Jian Xing was back? But poor him, he got made fun of by others. Sucks. Never good to be picked on. Shan Ren almost looked like he was pitying Jian Xing. We’ll see what next.

So he chose to comfort Jian Xing. Not seeing an eye-to-eye with Jian Xing doesn’t mean he would leave the guy to drown in others’ rude teasing. But that was funny that he jumped right into explaining that even if he respected Jian Xing’s point of view, it still did not mean they were from the same world. What was funnier was seeing how they could become friends. That was funny with Shan Ren drawing the lines, naming the terms before actually accepting Jian Xing as a friend. Well, at least this means that Shan Ren won’t have to run away from Jian Xing from now on since they got things sorted out already.

The day when Hao Zhi’s not running away from Su Qing. Well, he did but he had to stop when he heard about the money. Aww…poor Hao Zhi! Had to sacrifice so much helping You Shun. You Shun had to be grateful. Like not trying other means to betray anyone’s friendship anymore.Yeah, sort of bringing up the past. But Su Qing is seriously good at her game, acting all innocent and understanding in front of her father in law and now using these tactics to get Hao Zhi to cave in. Oh…Hao Zhi’s so cunning. Well, two could play at this game. At least in the deception department.

Awww….An Bang’s expression when he heard about the info. Poor him. Sad… (Still can’t figure out if Jacky’s voice being dubbed. I don’t know. It still doesn’t sound like him. It got dubbed or he manipulated it so it sounds different?)

Another cute and/or bordering touching scene. WHAT?! So she said that they were just friends, not boyfriend/girlfriend? Hmmm…

Anyway, get to see Ding Hao demonstrating more of his righteous actions. (That background music to one of the songs from the soundtrack.)

Awww…poor Hai Sheng. Sort of. Wang Wei just had to single them out. Well, not really since they have each other to rely on, NOT really singling, LOL! Better shape up! Oh…okay…nice…

Good question, time to think up of a good answer now, Wang Ban Zhang, LOL! Man, Shan Ren’s scolding and Wang Wei had to shush Hai Sheng up by signaling behind Shan Ren’s back, LOL! Gosh, Wang Wei’s trying not to laugh BUT it’s so hard. Shan Ren had no idea that they were all in on it. LOL! He made it like Wang Wei couldn’t handle it, telling him to take care, etc. Anyway, to continue their secret operation, Hai Sheng had a good point – even Wang Wei admitted it. (And he blamed it on them so they had to help him with the situation now? LOL!)

This scene sort of reminds me of the time Sheng Nan sought everyone out to pose as her ‘boyfriend’, LOL! But this time Wang Wei’s the one who’s asking her to go show support for Shan Ren. Sheng Nan’s so clever! LOL! Made Wang Wei invite An Bang as well. He smiled too soon! LOL!

A rare talk between An Bang and Wang Wei. NOT rare but more like on the same level versus having to receive orders only, etc. Still cool.

Eh…Shan Ren found some interesting lines written in the notebook. Ooohh…who dared to write that one? Seriously, it wasn’t Sheng Nan. Was he going to fall for that? Okay, he fell for it. Sucker! LOL! Mean, but come on now! He should learn by now. Fixing his hair and getting ready? OKAY…

OMG! It was too much to be true. No wonder he hit himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming! Yay! They played the song they sang in the background just for them. Nice…  (Well, not really since they let the tune played instead of letting the song take over. Good idea since they were still talking. Didn’t want to drown out the talk with the music.) This is killing me! Sheng Nan was signaling to Wang Wei! What in the world! Shan Ren had no idea since he was too busy talking and was too drown in happiness to know Sheng Nan’s secret messages. LOL! Wang Wei’s going to be soooo dead! LOL! Was he the one who wrote the mushy message? Look at the smile on Sheng Nan’s face. She was like trying to hold it in for just one day before killing Wang Wei tomorrow–OR something.

Okay, getting funnier and funnier since Da Tong and the others were behind the other door. And Wang Wei was signaling to him. AND Sheng Nan wanted to kill Wang Wei again.

Oohh…so everyone knew. NOT just F4 and Hai Sheng. Now even Shan Ren wanted to kill Wang Wei, not just Sheng Nan, LOL! OY! It was getting out of hand and Sheng Nan thought Shan Ren was in on it. YUP, sounds like a lot to settle with Wang Wei later. If An Bang was here, would he be able to resist from laughing? LOL! And nice, An Bang’s joining them as well. So funny how they were all serious again but when An Bang clarified things, they dug in.

And imagine that. An Bang’s stabbing Luo Gang in the back without knowing. ‘Cause he was cheering Shan Ren on regarding Sheng Nan, LOL!

And was Shan Ren serious? He was still taking advantage of the situation?

Now I understand why Ding Hao still had great respect for Shi Jun’s father. The man stood up for him years ago, not letting others scold him. Even if he had to do the scolding (or something), he would rather do it himself, under his own wing, NOT because of some rich guy’s son. We could see also how Ding Hao would often look out for others as well, possibly influenced by Shi Guo Zhong (Shi Jun’s father).

What? He dared to play deaf in front of Sheng Nan? Or was he too deep in thoughts? To even respond to Sheng Nan? Impossible! Yup, he jumped up as soon as he realized what he just did. Oh, he plugged his ears in, no wonder he couldn’t hear anyone. Losing his points again. But like he ever had points, to begin with?

Kind of mean but still funny, lol. On the other hand, that was fast! Sheng Nan wanting to seek revenge when Wang Wei just had to hint stuff again BUT he ran fast! AND Shan Ren was reacting super fast too, getting out of the line of fire. LOL!

Xiao De Ji dared to say stuff at that point? What in the world? Well, Shan Ren scold him but like he would quit. Aww…shucks. An Bang’s expression. And that was the end of the episode.

We get to hear the powerful song again! Yay!

Plot moving forward in the next episode. NOT that it wasn’t moving in this one, but focusing on some of the more essential ones. Like Shi Jun’s story and some others. Looks like Xiao Yan and You Shun broke up for good? We’ll see. What? So Xiao Yan’s with Wu Yong? Ooohh, they’re teasing us back and forth, left and right, and now more teasing? Can’t believe Wu Yong’s that scared of the needles! He gripped the other guy’s hand so hard! And what in the world is Shan Ren doing now? Trying to piss Sheng Nan off even more? Luo Gang’s turn to spy on them instead of the other way around? OKAY…

BTS! Yao Yuan Hao trying to teach Ai Cheng the correct way, LOL! So different from the scene (of course). Now it was everyone’s turn to show off or something? LOL! Okay, after Lin Dao Yuan messed up (lol), YYH took it back again. Then Fu Zi Chun jumped in. Great. Might be more successful? They’re making fun of Xia Zheng Feng? LOL! So funny yet cute at the same time. Ohh…poor the director. He has to demonstrate for Hao Zi! LOL!

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Rookies’ Diary: Episode 28

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

More training.

So after a round of jogging, etc, they were given a break. The guys were gathered around to talk nonsense again as we see Luo Gang on the bar, still training. Well, they weren’t really talking nonsense since it was about the upcoming match. Luo Gang was done with the monkey bars and wanted to practice his technique. And soon everyone was joining in as well, wanting to do their best. Yay for team spirit! (The song by F4 is in the background the whole time. F4 = Funny 4, NOT the ‘F4’, LOL!)

Here we go again. Sometimes I think Sheng Nan’s too nosy. Yet maybe she’s just overly concerned for them. It’s like stop aggravating him, but then she couldn’t help but want to know. I’m starting to get annoyed with the constant flashbacks. Come on, move on. Or more like I’m bored with watching Luo Gang and Sheng Nan. I don’t know. It’s just too fun to watch the others acting crazy than this. NOT that I dislike the characters or actors/actresses. Just feel too bored with watching them together versus the other guys goofing off. They are cute together and do have fun moments or memorable ones. But I don’t know. Just getting bored. On the other hand, listening to the song sang by Ah Pang and Liu Xiang Ci is more fun. BUT would have been fun to see it for Shan Ren and Sheng Nan though that would be super random since they’re not together or anything.

So Shan Ren was supposed to take a late-night shower with Neng Zhi accompanying him. Well, they were both taking showers at a different stall. BUT Neng Zhi left to take a call and Shan Ren was suddenly scared…of Ah Piao? JUST KIDDING…Well, he decided to ignore it BUT it was getting creepy again. Is it really Ah Piao? Careless, he managed to flick his bar of soap out of his stall. How to get it now? No one was around, right? (Except Ah Piao…) So just scramble out there and get it. No big deal…YET…since he realized it was Jian Xing the whole time, NOT Ah Piao. But maybe he rather it was Ah Piao? (He thought the white item in the corner was his bar of soap and Jian Xing was the one who picked up his bar of soap instead..nice?) Why were they playing that song in the background? Teasing him much? LOL! Poor Shan Ren! How to get out of it now? Lucky he was one of those who change really fast or he would be dead! He kept his nerves intact so great…LOL! So funny that he convinced Neng Zhi not to go check it out BUT ended up pulling Neng Zhi out of there as well.

An Bang back and watching them. Everything’s all too familiar, right? Sheng Nan yelling at Da Tong and Shan Ren’s scolding Lai Hu. Just like home, how he left it two days ago.

Everyone welcoming him home. Well, Lai Hu was the first one to yell out in excitement. He was kidding, right? But that wasn’t all since Hai Sheng spoke up on their behalf and thanked An Bang for saving Bo Wen. Da Tong’s attempt to greet An Bang back? LOL! Bo Wen’s inspirational message. Aww… (Love that song. The one in the background.)

So Xiao Yan sought You Shun out and realized of his difficulties, that he wasn’t lying about his father being sick, etc. That was kind of cute seeing how she was hanging up the clothes for him. You Shun was seriously silly though. I meant if she liked him for his money or whatever else, she wouldn’t be worth his time. But I guess I can’t blame him too much, considering how the world today revolved around money, etc. Awww…they were so cute…and the song was so suitable for the scene.

So while Shan Ren was harassing the recruits–as always, Hong Jie came on her bike and told Da Tong that Xiao Yan was missing. And while Da Tong was trying to recount things to Shan Ren–who was like standing there the whole time, they learned from Hao Zhi that Xiao Yan went to You Shun’s house. Hong Jie was relief YET she jumped at Hao Zhi for such a bold comment. She soon got You Shun’s house number–thanks to Shan Ren’s threat–and called Xiao Yan up. Or at least You Shun’s house since Xiao Yan picked it up. The exchange was too funny. LOL!

Eh…an auction? Well…it was more like war! LOL! Wu Yong and Xiao De Ji fighting for the shirt? LOL! They couldn’t even reason for themselves when it comes to Xiao Yan. You Shun looks like he wants to jump in but… Seeing Hao Zhi being the one taking control of the auction was kind of interesting. LOL! That was so funny! Da Tong stopped Wu Yong in time, whispering that it was his mother’s shirt and NOT Xiao Yan’s! LOL! Xiao De Ji was in for good this time! LOL! This was too priceless! This was worth even more than any ball game that they wish for a re-match OR one of those other activities where they could perform their best. The next item was equally interesting since it was believed to be Sheng Nan’s. Shan Ren went ballistic! LOL! Can’t lose! It was between Ah Hou and Kai Wen. Shan Ren had to react soon. Were the others clapping Shan Ren on or laughing at him? Probably both, LOL! He thought he could get the prize right there and then. He forgot what he told Xiao De Ji earlier, LOL! Too into his victory to remember. OMG! It was Neng Zhi’s AND not Sheng Nan’s. Should’ve listened more carefully! That was worth lots of laughs all right! Of course, Shan Ren can’t back down though the others said he could. Sheng Nan was watching. Would be too much of a bad rep on him. Okay, now everything comes out…and Da Tong let it slip that it was Hong Jie’s shirt! LOL! That was another hilarious discovery. Too priceless! Aww…too bad things turned out quite embarrassing for You Shun. So it was a relief for him.

I don’t know why I should be surprised by Xiao De Ji’s move, using You Shun’s hardship as an advantage. But it was just too low. Was this another test for You Shun? I meant if he’d done it, it would be for his father. YET I rather he be a bit embarrassed and accepted help from the others–just temporarily until he could somehow pay them back in the future rather than betray them again. They’re a crazy bunch but they have always been supportive of one another through all sort of difficulties, especially Bo Wen or Wu Yong’s situations. Even went through misunderstandings. But they managed to get past that, even if they had to apologize to one another, etc. Now, this? It was a hard decision but…

What to do now? He didn’t tell Hao Zhi but hinted that he had no heart to play. A game was just a game but the trust was there. Too hard.

This was too exaggerating. Hai Sheng got a game plan ready for them? OKAY! Luo Gang pointed out all the weaknesses, LOL! Even Bo Wen agreed with Luo Gang. Yup, Hai Sheng needed to bring out ‘experience’ to extinguish the others’ doubts. YUP, he was definitely using his persuasion skills to the max YET it had no effect on Luo Gang. Touche. Should we thank Xiao De Ji then? Since Luo Gang was about to leave but since Xiao De Ji worked them up with his taunting, they were more than ready to join forces once again and beat that arrogant dude so he would crawl and beg. (Well, not to that extreme, but yeah…)

So funny! Hai Sheng’s smooth-talking again. Still cute. And funny with his ‘of course’. Her laugh sounded too sinister, LOL! What was he supposed to do this time? Can’t wait to see. And his laugh was not so confident anymore, LOL! He was in for good. Gotta do it now, not just ranting his mantra.

So the match is on. This one will be a real stake to some people. It’s a test of trust and…we’ll see. So funny that Luo Gang was yelling at Shan Ren to pay attention and stop looking at Sheng Nan. LOL! They dared to return all the words Shan Ren used to scold them in the past? OOOooohhhh….I guess it was one of those once in a lifetime thing. Gotta take advantage of it to the max.  OMG! So Yu Ting wanted Hai Sheng to attack Ding Hao with the ball? OOOOHhhh…this was more than yelling at Shan Ren for his slowness. Darn…he actually did it! OMG! He did it! And apparently he got away with it! PHEW! Of course, the others had to convince Ding Hao. And lucky that Ding Hao was that forgivable. If it was any other superior, he was dead! AND I MEAN DEAD! Luo Gang got Xiao De Ji and his gesture was too slick! BUT he signaled to You Shun…is You Shun really going to do it? He just did a high-five with Luo Gang. It felt good to be on the same side and having everyone cheering for him as well, right? Too much pressure. I guess things won’t be resolved or move forward until Xiao De Ji gets kicked out for good since he seems to want to break every one of them down. First bullying Shi Jun and now preying on You Shun’s need with the financial. AND YES, You Shun finally choose to break free from Xiao De Ji’s taunt. He needs to conquer his own demon and not get tempted by others’ offers. It’s so funny that even one of his own teammates was laughing at him. I guess they had no choice but to submit to his power? Victory was so satisfying yet I think what You Shun liked more was their trust and support. (Of course…)

Another scene worth mentioning. Their joined forces to fight against someone as despicable, always wanting to use any method possible to win or sabotage others. Nice that You Shun threw Xiao De Ji’s money back to him. It really showed that You Shun could stand up to such a bully now. Aww…Wu Yong’s reaction. I meant I’ve been struggling in the past few episodes too with seeing how You Shun and Wu Yong looking so cute with Xiao Yan. You Shun truly deserves his happiness, but seeing Wu Yong’s reaction when Da Tong acknowledged You Shun is kind of sad. An Bang’s spying on them? How nice…

And the relief was a success and some more… There would be more good news to come in the next episode. Hopefully so.
They were using the preview time to present a song from the soundtrack again. I don’t mind really. Yay, Mo Gui Pai Zhang is back! LOL! Well, he has been back but he didn’t have to wear the protective cloth anymore. Even more energy to yell at others, LOL! More troubles and control damage. Da Tong poured water on Xiao De Ji and the other dude but the buckets ended up on Wang Wei and Shan Ren’s heads? GREAT! Time to run! Oh no, can’t really since he’s up on a tree. And Hao Zhi’s wife’s back to cause trouble?

More funny BTS. As if it’s not always so funny. They say that Ah Xiang was heavy? LOL! The NGs were always the  best! Fu Zi Chun leaned in for a kiss instead of turning so she could whisper to him? Looked like it! LOL! Then his attempt to toss the game plan on the table got everyone laughing. Lucky Tang Feng didn’t spit out his water, LOL!

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Rookies’ Diary: Episode 27

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Kind of cheating on repeating some scenes. But I guess it was trying to build up to the climax once again.

So while the others were searching desperately for him, he was going through flashbacks and thinking how he couldn’t go on anymore.

And the incidental scene we saw in the previews. For a person who wants to die, he sure is strong. YES, he was persistent with wanting to die but honestly. Lucky An Bang was persistent and quite strong as well to maintain his grip that long. Since Bo Wen was wiggling like crazy before, wanting An Bang to let go. Um…instead of yelling for An Bang not to let go, why don’t the rest of the population go find some other alternatives? Not standing around and yell. Oy, hectic all right. Darn, Luo Gang and Hai Sheng came on time BUT not really since it was kind of too late. The drop! I swear, I thought they were just trying to make it hectic and then somehow the other two or someone would eventually come and help everyone up. Yet the fall occurred. And before things revealed, I had a feeling An Bang was the one who had his head bang. Darn! And I guess his sacrifice wasn’t all vain since Bo Wen finally realized how many people were worried for him. Oh yeah, now even Jing Wen know that An Bang and Luo Gang are related. (And the information was passed onto Bi Ying. This secret was starting to get out of hand…though it wasn’t exactly a secret.)

PHEW, he’s all right. Of course he can’t die ’cause he’s the main guy. BUT I thought they would intensify the whole situation and make it like the other soaps where everyone would cry ever so dramatically, etc. And was he right-handed or left-handed? I guess it doesn’t matter anymore since he has no choice but to use his left hand in this situation.

Bo Wen looked like he was serious about it–and won’t repeat such a foolish thing again. Hope so. He looked like he thought it through. Well, who could repeat it after knowing everyone was so worried? And not to mention how An Bang was almost gone trying to save him. It was strange hearing An Bang confessed that he has been through lost love in the past before. Just strange. ‘Cause we’ve been seeing him as the tough, serious pai zhang the whole time.

So Hao Zhi managed to get a hold of You Shun and convinced him that they were worried for his father’s well being, etc. I guess after Bo Wen’s attempted suicide, it didn’t matter anymore regarding the other event. Or was it just Hao Zhi’s nature to worry for You Shun? Either way, I knew it would get resolved. They were friends after all.

So Hao Zhi’s on a mission to beg Xiao Yan to make a trip to You Shun’s house to check on matters. Oy, she’s still mad. She has every reason to since she was lied to in the past. Hao Zhi was all heart, coming up with every reason possible to cover for You Shun. (And I guess it’s true to some extent or Hao Zhi has too much faith in You Shun. YET I got deceived again, thinking there might be something to look forward to with her and Wu Yong…oy…) Xiao Yan was considering things over…we’ll see.

Oy, more dramas. I said in the past already, won’t comment on the political parts anymore. So just hope it will pass soon ’cause I want it to focus on the soldiers more. But will say one thing: Poor Ding Hao.

What in the world are they doing? Ohhh…they were actually playing out the scene according to directions (sort of). But they were way too over to be convincing. They argued in front of Ding Hao? Brave all right. Ding Hao’s always so forgiving though. Oh…Shan Ren and Wang Wei get to play the scene instead? LOL! GREAT! But before we get to see Shan Ren and Wang Wei’s performance, others were carrying on side conversations. Lai Hu was trying to reassure Luo Gang about An Bang’s well being while Shi Jun was explaining to Hai Sheng about Ding Hao’s intention in letting others played out the scene.

And I thought Da Tong was WAY over. Look at Shan Ren. Exaggerating much? Anyway, they were bringing up possible problems the soldiers could be going through with Shan Ren’s words while Wang Wei was informing them about all the help they could get–without having to go through the problems alone or even think of ending their lives. Despite the bizarre way of presenting the problems and resolving them, Shan Ren and Wang Wei were so funny at the end, especially with how Shan Ren was saying he didn’t want to commit suicide anymore and Wang Wei hugged him and patted his head, muttering, “Good, good.” (Sort of like soothing a child! LOL!)

So news traveled back that both parties were all right. (Actually, Sheng Nan reported it to Ding Hao and Ding Hao told the others.) That was funny that Wu Yong was making the comment about Mo Gui Pai Zhang and the others were chiming in. YET not funny that Xiao De Ji and his gang were saying those stuff. That was cruel. Lucky Ding Hao directed the conversation back to the relevant topic. After some more instructions, they were left to ponder matters for themselves. (Eh…they kept teasing us with the tune–like I said before. When in the world are they going to play the song? Don’t mind me, I’m just impatient.)

So one of the fastest ways to get noticed or get some attention was to commit suicide–and then failed. JUST KIDDING! I know it wasn’t funny but now everyone know him. Well, they were following the directions and wanted to show their care for Bo Wen so he would realize how many people worry for him to not repeat such. Hope some parties wouldn’t ruin it for them. Well, even if they would, he wouldn’t consider suicide anymore since after what An Bang went through for him. And I thought Xiao De Ji would sabotage them first but Tian Bin had to get all curious about it! Darn! Serves him right for getting hit by both Hai Sheng and Wu Yong. What in the world was he thinking? Though he didn’t mean it.

And it was just the two of them again, talking over matters. Bo Wen definitely scared the world out of Hai Sheng all right. (That song about friendship was playing in the background. It was also in the soundtrack. Suitable for such a situation.) Good thing that they got it all sort out now.

No wonder they wanted to see the show. Xiao De Ji had to carry out his sentence so the guys got a chance for revenge. And they missed? Tian Bin’s suggestion, great idea! LOL! Too bad it hit Shan Ren! They were so dead! That was messed up though! The other three pointed to Lai Hu? LOL! Poor him BUT it wasn’t all wrong. Can’t believe it. So much for good brothers. Yup, Shan Ren’s not dumb. Of course, he could figure out that it wasn’t just Lai Hu. The result?

Yup, they were punished for not admitting their wrongs. Too bad that Xiao De Ji get to laugh at them. Oy…the price they pay for taking on a little revenge. Be more careful next time? Maybe…

Moving on after a round of dramas. They were learning new things again, of course. Lai Hu was the first to get scolded this time. Must admit he’s a genius though. Thinking he could jump down with fewer risks, LOL! OMG! It got better since Lai Hu asked Shan Ren for help but he doesn’t want to. Then Shan Ren couldn’t get out because his hat couldn’t squeeze through. When he asked Lai Hu for help, Lai Hu gave the same reply! LOL! But then he had to help anyway. That was the difference between being a soldier and a superior. Okay, Shan Ren wasn’t so heartless since he tried to help Lai Hu BUT it was really hard. He was really stuck. Uh…what possessed Lai Hu to take the short cut in the first place? So it’s high but he should’ve done better estimates. Poor Shan Ren, almost died trying to help Lai Hu. Next in line? Da Tong! Oh yeah, Da Tong had the fear of heights! Xiao De Ji was just a chicken. Da Tong ran like mad! But he bumped into Sheng Nan instead. I guess that was worse. But she told him a way to conquer his fear. (Sort of…not too bad…) Seriously, now we see why Xiao De Ji loves picking on others. That way, they couldn’t see his weaknesses. Will Xiao De Ji seriously learn after that lecture? Have to wait and see. Unlikely since it’s just awhile. And Ah Hou’s just so funny. He was freaking Shan Ren out, LOL!

Perhaps a lot of things we’d been seeing were from Bo Wen’s point of view so it seemed like it was hopeless and how she was hiding stuff from him. Yet it wasn’t like she was heartless or anything. It was just Bo Wen’s interpretation. It was good to see how they finally came to terms and how Bo Wen realized there were still many things in this world that he hadn’t seen or done. And how there were many people caring for him. Like he said, his world didn’t only have her, but a lot of others too. A peaceful closure at last.

A celebration should be called for since Bo Wen’s a new person now. At least he finally saw through everything. And Hai Sheng’s once again reassured. Nothing like Hai Sheng’s encouragement, right?

Da Tong wanted to use the whole suicidal incident to their advantage by saying that Hai Sheng was the one who jumped? BUT luckily Hai Sheng turned Da Tong’s idea down. He did not want to use Bo Wen’s situation as a joke. Great for him. Giving him even more points. He could prank someone, but not go to the extreme of using his friend’s situation to benefit himself. He abandoned Da Tong? He had to find out that Da Tong already lied about the person who jumped. Eek! Da Tong deserves that hit. So what if Bo Wen’s okay now? Didn’t have to play that joke on Yu Ting. It’s not funny.

Okay, one of the scenes in the preview. So that was the reason why Hai Sheng trusted her so much to drink it. He thought it was Da Tong making Yu Ting worry hence not wanting her effort to go to waste. Yu Ting, of course, knew Da Tong was lying so she had prepared a little of her own specialty for Hai Sheng. Just to teach him a lesson. Too bad he drank it for real…eek! She did look so pitiful and honest. So of course he fell for it. Aww…that was a nice and slick confession! No one could pull that one off except for Hai Sheng. (And the song played in the background helped. They were so into promoting the soundtrack! LOL!)

And that was it for this episode after the talk between An Bang and Bi Ying.

Guess what? They changed the ending theme for the show, which turned into the first song of the soundtrack! Yay! Cool! Or is it only for this episode to present the MV? I guess we’ll find out in the next episode. Never mind, the ending song is still ‘I Believe’ since the previous was just presenting the MV. They just didn’t show the previews. But we could see some upcoming scenes when they play the ending theme anyway.

BTS. Always love those. And this time, we’re rewarded with seeing how they set up and shoot the attempted suicide scene. Eek! A lot of precautions but still nerve-racking. No stunt doubles? Beat that! And poor Ah Pang, had to endure the pain with the water balloon part. Eek! How many take was that?

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Rookies’ Diary: Episode 26

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So they were trying their hardest to master the latest routines that they learned. More high blood pressure time for their trainers. Oy…poor those superiors.

So the story unfolded. Shan Ren was telling them about how there was going to be some filming around there. They got all excited but Hai Sheng turned his smile off upon hearing about Tian Xin. Of course, he would since his buddy has been depressed about it for a while now. Yup, he pulled Bo Wen aside to ask about his well being and if he could handle if Tian Xin was coming. Nice response, but we all know he’s just trying to reassure Hai Sheng–and Hai Sheng knew it as well. Oy, hope it’s only this one episode. YET they were playing that tune in the background. Anyone caught it? It’s the song that Zhao Jun Ya sang for this drama. It’s in the OST. Don’t know when they’re going to play the actual song and not just the tune. Maybe waiting to use it for Zhao Jun Ya?

Back to trials. Lai Hu’s so careless. No surprise. Eek, poor Shi Jun. And I knew Xiao De Ji wasn’t going to change anytime soon. He was just looking pitiful so the others wouldn’t kick him out YET. Da Tong dared to use Hai Sheng’s phrases to get back at him? Oy! They were going to be defeated because of him? NOT that it was that big of a deal since it was a matter of performance and practice. But seeing Xiao De Ji’s arrogant face just makes it ten times worse.

Shi Jun’s condition. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious. He’s so hard-working.

Now I know why Shi Jun’s freaked out. His old man sure is tough. YES, some of the things he said made sense and I do understand why he believes things should be more strict. But there are other things to consider as well.

Oohh…the confrontation…and tension building. Oy, the typical drama. The father always worries about the son yet usually scold when he sees the son and not utter some words of caring. Afraid that the son might be too spoiled or rely on the father too much to grow up? Yes, I was right. He was just worried for Shi Jun but it sucks also that he doesn’t have confidence in Shi Jun to pass.

So the monkey show is on. I meant the filming is finally commenced. No Bo Wen. Might be better since it would be even more awkward. Kind of weird though. I meant shooting a drama inside a drama. LOL! What? Those people were asking for signatures? Oh well, they’re guys so whatever. No one could stop them. Not even Shan Ren since he wasn’t around anymore. Well, at least Hai Sheng and Wu Yong weren’t going up to her for signature, right? (To sum it up, their group didn’t go up there or Hai Sheng would kill them.) Well, Xiao De Ji got it good. They sure got a kick out of that. But Shan Ren was lurking around and waiting for the moment to yell at them again. (That was sort of creepy since I thought he was gone.) Man, Chen De Lie sure has eyes that could melt people. ‘Cause the way he was portraying those scenes with Bo Wen looking so sad was just too pitiful. Makes one sympathize for his character. Even the director acknowledges those eyes. (LOL) Hai Sheng’s so funny! (And gotta love him for being so supportive and wanting to help Bo Wen get out of the sticky–AND super awkward–situation.) The director thinks he’s kind of unusual? (Try crazy.) What? Bo Wen accepts? OKAY!

Oh yeah, Luo Gang wasn’t in the group either. It’s hard to believe that An Bang’s a maniac (sort of) with the others yet he’s so patient and gentle toward his brother. And seeing how Luo Gang has the upper-hand at times. (Sort of.)

Nightfall and there were several things going on, some more worrisome than others. You Shun got permission to leave and tend to his father – who has been hospitalized. Then there’s Hai Sheng and Bo Wen’s conversation and how Bo Wen’s trying to reassure Hai Sheng that he would be fine with the shooting the next day.

Hai Sheng and Shi Jun’s late-night talk. Shi Jun sure got Hai Sheng this time. Well, it was an accident. Poor Hai Sheng’s leg. But it wasn’t anything serious–this time. (And Hai Sheng thought it was Shan Ren at first. It would be funnier if he thought it was some ghost, LOL!) A change to see these two talk–aside from the usual only confiding to people within their own groups (the ones they came with, not the recently formed group).

Yay, they were moving on to new things. Two guesses who would add more headaches for the superiors. Poor Bo Wen! I hope Lai Hu doesn’t end up wiping out the rest of his comrades before he succeeds in learning the techniques. Made sense to give Shi Jun a break. Poor Shi Jun, being so hard on himself. (Hey, they were using another song from the soundtrack. Cool!) Da Tong was actually awesome? That was funny! I thought he dropped something or made a mistake. But they were putting him on, LOL! Eh…Tian Bin’s actually not tian bin anymore? (JUST KIDDING…) Well, guess everyone has their weakness. Shan Ren wouldn’t mind giving him a break on that one. (Kind of.) Oh, it wasn’t so hopeless if they couldn’t succeed with the first method since there was another one – with the help of their comrades. Lai Hu’s happy again. And there was also a third method. YAY! Looking hopeful. (Another song from the soundtrack in the background.) Yay! Teamwork and everyone were clapping Lai Hu on…or more like relief before they were all wiped out because of his recklessness? And they were teasing us again with that song by Zhao Jun Ya, only playing the tune. Maybe not time yet? But definitely using the songs at the right time–and great timing for promotion too, LOL!

Wu Yong was sure showing his loyalty toward Bo Wen, still ranting away about the other dude. Yup, day two of filming and even Luo Gang joined in. Well, thanks a lot, Hai Sheng. He said they didn’t have to call Wang Wei out to PK the other dude, but even Shan Ren could beat him (in looks and talents)? LOL! I wonder if that’s a compliment toward Shan Ren or an insult. Geez whiz. Okay, why was Bo Wen going upstairs when the shooting was like right there? And they were setting up their equipment and stuff so it looked more like they were filming since the previous day with one guy carrying the camera was a bit fake. Was Bo Wen going to commit suicide for real? He seriously is looking like it since the part where he was looking at their room and was thinking. And then there was the whole lurking in the distance and spying on Tian Xin and the other dude. AND going upstairs sure looks super suspicious.

YUP! He’s up there. The suspense is killing me! Gah!

And they’re sending a search party out for him, which also marked the end of the episode.

Previews…oh shoot, they shot the water balloon at Shan Ren? Accident but still. They dodged but wonder if Shan Ren saw them. Two guesses. Eh…more troubles for An Bang… Yu Ting’s payback time? Hai Sheng actually drank it. Well, almost. Yup, Bo Wen jumped but lucky An Bang went with his instinct and got there on time. Or it seems like it since he managed to catch Bo Wen’s hand. Hope the others come on time to help. Or An Bang could pull him up.

*All images were captured by DTLCT