Asian Wave Moments: The Return of Zhu Shi Xiong Di

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Just the other day, James posted up an old picture of the brothers’ performance on one of the shows. It sent me chasing a possible new performance down. One question later and some unfruitful findings, I finally matched the outfits to a certain tiny clip of them singing something only to find out it was old. So just to direct my attention away from the lost, I hunted down some clips they were performing on Asian Wave last year.

The song in the clip above is actually “Once Again“, one of 183 Club’s songs from their first album. Fans are too familiar with it yet it seemed refreshing to see the brothers sing it together onstage. I really miss those times when Jacky sing the old songs from time to time for different performances with 183 Club. But this time, it was really cute to see how James was chanting along (even when Jacky was singing it).

Because of how James would randomly share moments from past performances when he was in one of his sentimental moods, it was really misleading sometimes if they have a new performance or not. Yet it would make sense that they don’t since Jacky’s mad busy filming for Dong Jiang Heroes right now. It would be too hard to juggle for both, especially how much energy it would take to film for the historical drama.

But while we’re still waiting for a possible future performance, here’s another song for the road:

The Daredevil in Jacky Chu

Remember how I was wondering about Jacky’s current whereabouts as of talent agency and whatnot when I updated on Qiao Qiao several months back? (Go here if you don’t remember.) Anyway, I finally got the answer what happened. He had left Boda already and joined an agency called “Yale Talents” sometime around October. That was not all because after landing a guest-starring role in Mei Ren Long Tang (美人龍湯) as a father of two kids, he scored a leading role for a movie called Shi Kong De Mei Xue (失控的美學). (The picture above was from the movie.) Mad exciting for Jacky fans, right?

So, first things first, this is his new image for Mei Ren Long Tang, I’m guessing it’s a professional role since he didn’t disclose much. (The better since there will be more surprises during the actual watching and probably there will be more info when the drama actually airs, which IS soon.) Regarding the ‘two kids’ part, I’m not totally sure, but the count is from the pictures posted so far. Here’s his daughter:

Isn’t she cute or what?

I’m guessing this is his son from the drama, BUT not too sure. From his fierce look in the scene, I wonder if that was the part he talked about with having to hit his son (which he totally didn’t want to do and had cried on Weibo about it). (Yeah, prepare for a major scolding from the audience, right? LOL!)

As for the movie, it’s currently filming and I think they survived several days of it already. All I could find out as of now is the theme of car racing. (Obviously from the pictures of the blessing ceremony.) The reason why we haven’t really heard about it much was because he had kept it under wraps at the beginning (probably when he was still studying the script and talking to the production team, etc) was because he wanted to surprise his mother.

A nice surprise during Day 4 of the filming was Ming Dao’s visit. Jacky was filming some scenes at Da Jia Riverside Park (大佳河濱公園) that day. Interestingly enough, Ming Dao brought hot coffee and hot chocolate to visit them. (It was posted on the Yale Talents’ page.) Jacky had even posted the photo on his own Weibo and had expressed his idea about 183 Club reuniting to perform in the mainland sometime this year. (Probably just old feelings and how he could get excited with the memories of 183 Club days so don’t hold your breath on this one. Though I really want to see something like this happening too, we’ll have to wait and see. And yes, for those who are wondering, Ming Dao has already been discharged from the army. Go here for more info.) The reason for Ming Dao’s visit? Actually, there might not be a specific reason at all since Ming Dao’s enjoying time off right now until he starts working again. It was nice to see him visit Jacky though. The other reason? I have a guess because it sort of add up, lol. Jacky had been whining about the cold weather during the early hours of filming so probably Ming Dao had to shut him up by bringing hot drinks to the site, lol. (No, not trying to stir anything up, just my fun guess here. Maybe I should save it for my fanfics, lol.)

Anyway, after some silence (aside from the Asia Wave hype with James), Jacky’s finally back on the radar regarding dramas. I’m excited! If only they would air Blissful Dandelion too. BUT since Mei Ren Long Tang is airing soon, I shouldn’t be asking for too much? The fact that Jacky said that he felt like he was back at J-Star sort of got me thinking he’s back into a stable point. At least I had a feeling he likes it better with a busy schedule and facing challenges, like how he’d always dive into stuff others might suggest against in the past. But whatever it is, I’m all for it! Or should I start holding my breath for a theme song in the happening? (It’s not a surprise that the main guy gets to sing for the soundtrack, right? Or am I getting ahead of myself again?)

Until next time!

*Images and information credits go to Yale Talents, Jacky Chu’s Weibo, and various other sites around the net.

Asian Wave 2012: Phil Chang K.O. Hacken Lee

First off, don’t misunderstand, I like both of them AND not planning to start any senseless fan war. Blame it on the urge to put on a misleading title to draw in readers, lol. But I just had to share this moment. Anyway, as it was that I was on my search for Jacky and James’ latest performance for the Asian Wave competition and how they had fended during the last few rounds that they were still around, I encountered this segment:

(Credit: KanKaneNews)

I honestly miss Phil’s comedic side because he was saying how he hoped it wouldn’t start raining for real after Jacky and James finished with their performance. The performance was indeed liked the judges said, it got modernized and felt refreshing with their added touches.

So after JL’s performance, which was also unique, the host asked Hacken to comment on Jacky and James’ version of “Rain Keeps Falling” (雨一直下), Hacken gave them good feedback, plus adding in, “Because we all listened to his version since little.” (Hacken was pointing at Phil.) The host then repeated, “Since little?”, even laughing a little bit. Phil finally caught on and grabbed his microphone to ask “Since little?” Hacken apologized quickly before continuing on with his critique. (LOL!) That was around the time I paused the video and went to search for their profiles. They’re actually the same age, but Hacken’s birthday is at the end of the year. (NICE one, Hacken, lol.) I’m sure he didn’t mean it, but it was still one of those priceless moments on the show. Yet the hilarious bit didn’t end there since after Phil gave his critique for JL, they moved on to another judge who stated his support for Jacky and James, and even rehashed Hacken’s phrase with “Because since little, we all listened to Yu Ge’s version growing up”, making Phil sounded like he was a million years old or something. The others were laughing though, even Hacken. The camera zoomed out a little bit to see Phil with his head down. He sort of laughed too at first but had to put his head down to emphasize his pity state with being called “old”, lol.

Moving on, when they finally got to the part where the host asked the judges to lock in their votes and explaining that “red” represented Jacky and James versus “white” represented JL. Two of the judges locked in Jacky and James before it was Hacken’s turn. Hacken said he was more into colorful elements and could relate to the more youthful style (something like that) hence picking JL. Another judge continued the commenting by saying that he was with Hacken since he liked youthful style, not like the other three judges who were too old. (NICE one, following up with the previous joke.) The camera zoomed to Phil and he was hysterical by then. The other judges were done with the current scoreboard showing 2 reds and 2 whites. It was up to Phil now. The final decision laid on him and he was calm, not threatened by the loud cheer from fans (though it was unclear of whom they were supporting since it was REALLY loud). Phil stated that “Rain Keeps Falling” was harder to sing hence his decision was with Jacky and James.

In case anyone wanted to know why Phil trumped Hacken, though it was a misleading title, the truth version behind it was because JL was singing Hacken’s song for their performance of this PK. But regardless of who won and all, I felt JL’s song before they departed was quite nice, they sure could harmonize with one another.

To end the post, “Rain Keeps Falling” by the man himself:

And this would be my gift to all for hitting the 100,000 mark! The next target is 500,000!