At the Dolphin Bay

(image credit: net) I have a confession to make. I never really watch the whole thing. Yes, tragic and late, I know. But I mostly watched bits and pieces here and there and mostly MVs. I do own the soundtrack though because it was so beautifully done by some of the cast and production team. … Continue reading At the Dolphin Bay

Lost Beauty by Angela Chang

(Credit: 福茂唱片) Song Title: Lost Beauty (遺失的美好) Music by: Huang Han Qing (黃漢青) Lyrics by: Yao Ruo Long (姚若龍) Key: Bold = Chinese Teal = Pin Yin Royal Blue = English Indigo = Vietnamese 海的思念綿延不絕 hai de si nian mian yan bu jue The ocean's longing is continuous and endless Nỗi khát khao của biển … Continue reading Lost Beauty by Angela Chang

All About Wallace Huo

So I decided to start some kind of saga to share the things I love and hate about my favorites. Who's the first one on the plate? Who else but Mr. Huo, right? But before I get started, DO REMEMBER that these are my personal likes and dislikes SO if you don't agree with me, … Continue reading All About Wallace Huo