Chris and Angela: The Story Behind


Chris posted some old pictures earlier today stating that it had been ten years now since his and Angela’s collaboration from Romantic Princess. That was seriously a surprise to me since I didn’t really watch the drama properly. It was about time I dug it out and watch it for what it was worth. And those who actually watched but didn’t remember, Chris portrayed Angela’s husband in Romantic Princess since she portrayed two roles in there, one as the main character and the other one as the mother.


Chris also said in another post that Angela was still pretty after all these years. Was someone hinting things or was just promoting the new album? (LOL!) They do look cute together.


*All images were from Chris Lee’s Facebook page.

Angela’s New MV: Before Goodbye

(Credit: Angela’s Official YouTube Channel)

As some might have known, her new MV just released. She directed the MV. Very artistic and complex. The actor in the MV is Chris Lee. He mentioned on his Facebook page regarding the project and recounted how he had called Angela “Director” yet she told him to call her Angela. Cute story. (Cue: I sense a fanfic coming, kakaka.)