Black & White: Cracking the Code

Okay, remember how I said I was sooooo frustrated and disappointed that Vic and Janine didn't end up together in the drama when I was doing the review? I've solved the puzzle. They actually did end up together. YES, people are probably gasping already since it was so obvious that the scriptwriters misled us for … Continue reading Black & White: Cracking the Code

TW TV Series Worth Watching

I actually started this list like 2 years ago but didn't want to post it just yet. Now, I thought what in the world, just go ahead. AND this is not an attempt to convince or manipulate people into watching it. Just something to share and add to this random blog. Some of them I … Continue reading TW TV Series Worth Watching

The GBA Aftermath

Okay, I wasn't even going to participate in this ridiculous, beyond childish "game" this year. Yet I had to after reading some things. I refrained from wanting to even blog or care about it after reading some news (which was my first mistake in a long time now because I had cut myself off with … Continue reading The GBA Aftermath

Black & White

Okay, I finally watched it after much-failed attempts. I had to hunt down the Viet-dubbed version so I could watch it with my mom. (LOL!) First things, the starring cast: Vic Chou as Chen Zai Tian aka Pi Zi. Hilarious! A totally different role for Vic aside from his other morbid roles or borderline of … Continue reading Black & White

Love Buffet: What happened?

(image credit: net) With the drama's unavoidable delay due to the weather at first and numerous other reasons coming up--either weaved by the pen of the paparazzi or assumptions from others, it was still an excruciating wait for everyone involved--directly or indirectly. In the most recent post, I mentioned that filming had resumed yet it … Continue reading Love Buffet: What happened?