TW TV Series Worth Watching

I actually started this list like 2 years ago but didn't want to post it just yet. Now, I thought what in the world, just go ahead. AND this is not an attempt to convince or manipulate people into watching it. Just something to share and add to this random blog. Some of them I … Continue reading TW TV Series Worth Watching

Bump Off Lover

(image credit: net) This was actually the drama that got me into liking Angela. Her performance was wonderful in here as the twins, Yi Zhen and Yi Jing. She also captured the complexity of both characters very well. Like Yi Zhen was thought to be the strong, independent big sister who was a role model--for … Continue reading Bump Off Lover

Ying Xing De Chi Pang

If Angela wasn't the singer for this song, I didn't think it would have made such an impact because she has such a unique voice and made the song so mystical and inspirational on so many levels. I also became her fan after listening to this song. And also because I was watching Bump Off … Continue reading Ying Xing De Chi Pang