Love Letter by Van Fan

(Uploaded by: t000172) Song Title: Love Letter (情書) Music by: Luo Ji Yi (駱集益) Lyrics by: Wu Yu Kang (鄔裕康) Key:Bold = OriginalOrange = Pin YinAmber = EnglishBurnt Orange = Vietnamese 一直到雙手 像枯樹一樣斑駁yi zhi dao shuang shou   xiang ku shu yi yang ban boUp until both hands are mottled just like a withered treeĐến lúc … Continue reading Love Letter by Van Fan

Qing Shu by Van Fan (Credit: ForwardMusic) Yes, this is another Van Fan-related entry. In fact, I'm tempted to create a category just for him so it would be easy to find when I want to go back and read some of the stuff I've already written so it would not overlap. (In fact, it's there now since I … Continue reading Qing Shu by Van Fan

Yong Xin Ting by Van Fan (Credit: ForwardMusic 豐華唱片) I became his fan after listening to this song. It's a very touching song. Van sang it very well with the right mixture of emotions added in. But the thing is, I did not pay as much attention to him as I should have over the years since I would often … Continue reading Yong Xin Ting by Van Fan