CSI: Grave Danger

One of the most intense episodes in the series. Probably because Quentin Tarantino was the director. If anyone needed a little recap, Nick Stokes was kidnapped so the rest of the team had to use all their resources and talents to find him before it was too late. This episode actually cranked the hype a bit more. Of course, considering how they not only had to race with the time to save Nick but they were also thrown an extra special surprise in the end. I had somewhat felt disappointed that the team had fallen apart after Ecklie had divided them into two teams. Yet this episode brought back the much-needed teamwork essence of the show. Well, they were still close and had fought on some levels because of differences of opinions at times but they seemed distant toward one another, except for Nick and Warrick who were joking around so comfortably at times during and after their shift. The spirit of the team in this episode was heightened to a new level. In fact, the whole lab had come together to solve the puzzles. Archie Johnson got to actually participate in different discussions regarding the case. He managed to narrow down the area of the webcam feed yet it was still a large area. Grissom, who had previously managed to capture an image of the ant, had successfully identified it hence giving Catherine and Sara–respectively–enough information to narrow the location even more. Of course, Greg and Warrick had also helped with their own research and gathering of information. That moment was really fast yet showed their talents and deduction skills at work. This episode also showed the powerful friendship between Nick and Warrick. Even Catherine was willing to beg her father for the ransom money, even though she didn’t want to associate with him anymore. All in all, a very good episode.

CSI: Cross Jurisdictions

I finally made my way around to catching up on the original show that started it all. I especially like this particular episode because the two teams were working together on the case. This episode was also used to introduce CSI: Miami. It was a very fun episode and brought back many memories. Catherine and Horatio had great chemistry. It was wishful thinking if she could have been part of the Miami team, lol. Well, I sort of loved the scene where they were at “The Hive” and their little exchange was funny. Then the part where Delko had to go into the water and Speedle was making a joke about it. Horatio had to break it up since they needed to move forward with the case and all. All in all, a fun episode with seeing the two teams working together and joking around in their different ways.

CSI Crossovers

I don’t know. It’s just so cool to see those episodes, seeing the teams work together, even with one or two members from here and there calling back and forth or actually meeting up. CSI: Trilogy was especially intriguing with the three teams working together. Even if they’re not seen on screen at the same time, but it sure was quite hectic and lived up to the hype. There were many tragic stories along the way too, but the overall story was intriguing with the cases, trying to track down the killers and the whole hybrid behind it. Not to mention a different set of groups resorting to any type of method to earn money, i.e. by using others. Scary and tragic.

CSI: Miami – The Downhill

I think the downhill must have happened during Season 6. It wasn’t bad like some other shows. But I just plain lost it after they brought in Elizabeth Berkley. It’s not that I don’t like the actress. I liked her in Saved by the Bell, but that was ages ago. It was getting repetitive for me when they had sneaked in the whole Horatio had a son from the past. It just got quite repetitive with how his brother was BUT, of course, it was different. Still, suddenly everyone had children from the past springing up. Exaggerating here, but just to show my annoyance. I got over that since it was just part of the background plot. But like I said, what sent me over the edge was Julia Winston and her ongoing appearances throughout. I didn’t think it added to the story or added more hype or whatever else like how people think it would be necessary to crank up to the hype or change the formula. I just got over the death of Marisol OR barely and they had to irritate me even more with bringing in some psycho? Even if she was a character supposedly WAY in the past, WAY before the Marisol days, but I actually wanted to believe no one could melt Horatio’s heart except for Marisol–even if it was just wishful thinking (since it seemed like he had something going on with his sister-in-law too–NOT outright have it but the looks between them were too obvious). What became a bigger joke was how Horatio supposedly know what Julia had done (but they didn’t have solid proofs to link her to some of the murders yet) and still aided her throughout at times? I got it it was hard to severe ties since there was his son, Kyle. But it was a waste of time. The story made me annoyed with Horatio. And I swear I liked him from the start, along with the rest of the cast. That reminded me if they wanted him to be alone, why were they taunting us with the whole Marisol story? I read that it was an unexpected storyline and they had fun working that story arch out. But what was the freaking point of adding in Julia Winston and Kyle’s story arch? I rather they focus on the cases–like they still do but that overlapping of stories was getting really annoying, like ‘in your face’ type of thing. And while I’m at it, why did they take Kim Delaney out? I read it was because she lacked chemistry with David Caruso. But really? It was supposed to be a crime show. They didn’t have to click on everything to work together. I liked her. Kicking her out and then adding in some weird side thing with Yelina was just ugh for me. I liked Yelina, but not in that way that the story was implying. If they wanted to have some continuation with showing how Horatio care for people and his family (or how he cited throughout), why didn’t they have more scenes with him and Madison and Susie? Madison was sooo cute. Those short, subtle scenes (after the initial introductions–of course) made my day more than the overly dramatic scenes since Season 6 with Julia and Kyle. Okay, so if they wanted to add Horatio’s son, go ahead with Kyle. Yet adding in his psycho mother too? Why didn’t they just make up a vague story about it and then move on? The dramatic story arch failed. At least for me.

Oh yeah, if they wanted to create more stories, why didn’t they just make up more story arches for Wolfe? He didn’t really have a romantic story arch (at least not up to the point that I’m still catching up on). Well, he had dated Natalia in the past but that didn’t work out since they weren’t clicking. That was okay with me. I didn’t want too many romances anyway since I was in for the cases. AND yes, I do understand they must create side stories for the characters too. But too much on Horatio! They were dragging him through the mud already. By the time Season 7 rolled around, Horatio had dropped from my list of favorite male characters, and Wolfe became No. 1, followed by Frank Tripp. I don’t know who else the writers are out to get after almost killing Wolfe’s career (several seasons ago with the eye incident and then the gambling problems later on) and then Eric. I read that Marisol was brought back for an episode in Season 10. Was that compensation for all the damages they’d done by bringing in Julia Winston? Because apology is not accepted. Not from me. Even if I would be looking forward to that and would love seeing a little of Marisol again.

TV Show Recommendations – Hollywood/ Western

Just another random list.


  • Dharma & Greg
  • Speechless


  • The Andy Griffith Show
  • CSI
  • CSI Miami
  • Diagnosis Murder
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show
  • Early Edition
  • Gunsmoke
  • Hawai Five-O (Classic)
  • I Love Lucy
  • The King of Queens
  • Mission Impossible
  • The Wild Wild West

Fox Network

  • 21 Jump Street
  • House, M.D.
  • Married…with Children


  • The A-Team
  • Bonanza
  • Columbo
  • Matlock
  • Will & Grace (Original)
  • Wings – ONLY Seasons 1-5

USA Network

  • Burn Notice – ONLY Seasons 1-4
  • Monk

*Will be updated from time to time.

John Ross Bowie in Burn Notice: No Good Deed

John Ross Bowie is actually a very talented actor. He’s quite charming in the various roles he portrays. Or at least the ones I’ve seen so far. Having loved him since watching him on The Big Bang Theory and being Sheldon’s archenemy since the beginning had been quite entertaining for me. (Talking about Sheldon, Jim Parsons just got his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame!)

Anyway, I’ve been trying to catch up on Burn Notice. John guest starred in there as Paul, Barry’s brother. It was actually a riot the minute they appeared together, the contrast in their behaviors. So we got a little more background into Barry’s life. For the majority of the times he appeared during the previous seasons, Barry’s sole job was to help the gang from time to time with his magic (from his money laundering business experiences). So while Michael was out there working on some mission with Max, Fi had to stay home and listen to the banter between the brothers–while at the same time trying to track down a hacker. Then there was the whole idea of Fi trying to convince Sam to help Paul. Sam’s reaction said it all. He didn’t want to be involved. Yeah, like there’s two of ’em? LOL! Even if Fi put in a good word for Paul, Sam still wasn’t convinced. But no problem! Fi’s always pretty persuasive so Sam had no choice but to agree (until Mike returns, that is). And just when I thought her classic move was hitting Sam with her gun instead of the target, her classic move for the episode was actually slapping both Barry and Paul when they were distracting her from her work. Yes, she needed to concentrate, considering what she was doing, especially the nature of the item being worked on. If they would only shut up the first time around when she asked nicely.

Overall, another nice, enjoyable episode. Yet the intensity cranked up once again when the ending rolled around.