Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 7 – Sprouting

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So even though Long Tai was trying to chase Wen Zi away, he was still worried for her. At least he was pondering where she was since they hadn’t seen her around since that morning’s encounter.

And it seemed like Long Tai’s luck was running a tad lower lately. Because he ended up bumping into those group of gangsters he once fought off again. Yet before he could react to ‘teach them a lesson’, Ren Mei just have to jump out of nowhere to stop them. (What?) Ren Mei reminded him that he shouldn’t fight. Since Long Tian He wasn’t the fighting type. If he fought this round and won and it got to Wen Zi, he would be exposed. But how could he just take it? No choice. He had to shield Ren Mei from the beating though. OY!

At a restaurant, Ren Hu thought he was in for some romantic date, but his frown made its appearance when Wen Zi asked about Long Tian He. Wen Zi wanted to know since she heard that Tian He and Ren Hu were enemies so Ren Hu should understand his enemy. So Ren Hu had no problem with disclosing all of Tian He’s sin toward mankind. That also sparked Wen Zi’s departure since she had no interest in hearing those words. (So not a good way for Ren Hu to score points with Wen Zi since he was acting quite crazy right now.)

On the other hand, Long Tai and Ren Mei finally caught a break when a cop spotted the gathering and blew his whistle. The gang finally fled the scene, leaving Ren Mei to tend to Long Tai. Long Tai didn’t answer her when she asked his well being though. He only walked silently away while she followed behind.

He finally turned around and scolded her when she asked to help him again. He told her to stay away if there were such situations occurring the next time. A somewhat touching and sad moment. Since he admitted that he cared for her, not wanting her to get hurt because whenever she was hurting, she would hide somewhere and cry alone.

When they arrived home, he told her not to tell the others about what happened earlier, not wanting them to worry. She once again asked of his well being. He finally responded that he was all right. She then moved on to the other topic. (Yeah, the one about him admitting that he cared for her.) He dodged the question by explaining that she was there temporarily to help them so of course he was in charge of her well being. Though she said he scared her with that confession earlier yet she looked disappointed that it was just so (when he already left the scene). OY!

Ren Mei delivered some ointments to him when he was in his room, thinking about what crazy things he said earlier. She finally realized how badly he was injured. Then she asked if she could help him since there were spots on his back that he probably couldn’t reach. And she even promised not to peek, lol. He was just staring. Her request got turned down since he didn’t know what to make of his current moods either, slamming the door in her face. (Nice?)

That night, Wen Zi came home all tired and no progress. She found a good opportunity to sneak into Long Tai’s room to investigate. Yet he found her out and entered in time. She apologized for her intrusion by saying that she didn’t see anyone hence entering. He quickly returned it with some intimidating words about Japanese people probably know about courtesy/respect and the intrusion stuff. (YUP, definitely trying to piss her off so she would leave.) Wow, she could really hold it in. Since she was able to do a respectful bow and repeated her apology for causing trouble, etc. She was definitely laying out a trap since she mentioned about returning to Japan tomorrow. (YEAH RIGHT!) And based on the flashback, Long Tai purposely set out Tian He’s stuff and left the door ajar so Wen Zi would discover it. (NICCCEEEE…) If only she would fall for it.

As Wen Zi was really packing in her room, Long Shou Cheng just have to come in and disturb her. Um…he was asking about her plans of leaving tomorrow, etc. Then he left briefly after. But the list he gave her was like a little clue that made her even more suspicious. (DARN!)

So she was back for round 2, questioning Long Tai and confronting him about the matter. Though Long Tai was trying to drive Wen Zi away, he was also shocked about the letter. The ones his father claimed to write yet he didn’t see a thing. He realized that his old man was telling the truth, he really did write letters.

Meanwhile, Ren Mei was in her room, fighting with herself whether she should go check on Long Tai or not. She was trying to convince herself it was normal to worry about his injuries since those injuries were because of her. Yet on another hand, it just seemed too weird. She decided to use her coin to help her decide whether to go or not.

So back to Long Tai and Wen Zi, he finally read his father’s letter. And was pondering about how his mother didn’t want his father to find them, etc. Wen Zi, on the other hand, was wondering about the next step. It was hard for her to treat him like a stranger from now on. After he stated that he had no choice but to play the role right now, she promised to help him keep the secret. PHEW. (And I was worried it was her that leaked the secret yet she didn’t disclose those stuff to Ren Hu. After all, she didn’t know him so why revealed stuff to him, right?)

And Ren Mei finally made her decision to go check on Long Tai. Yet what she discovered was another rendez-vous (or so it seemed) between Long Tai and Wen Zi. Long Tai wanted to help Wen Zi tend to her wound. (The one she accidentally got when she brushed aside some wine glass in the restaurant.) The mistake he made was using Ren Mei’s ointment since it really got to her. (Eh! Jealous time from her, lol.)

After Wen Zi left, Long Tai spotted Ren Mei spying on them. It was hard not to. He was asking her why she was sneaking around and hiding there. She said she was just passing by, lol. Yet she wasn’t just passing by, she couldn’t resist it and turned back to ask him why Wen Zi was there. OMG, jealous rants all around! So funny! After some more scolding marathon, Ren Mei left the scene while Long Tai was seen smiling.

Ren Mei didn’t go back to her room. She was outside staring at the tree and on the verge of tears. Awww…sad indeed. Even if it was only a misunderstanding, but seeing her wanting to cry like that was just plain sad.

Next morning, round 2 began with their cold war. Even Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were able to detect it. It was hard not to when Ren Mei pulled out another chair and slid into it instead of keeping her place next to Long Tai like usual. OMG, they were able to hold a psychic-like conversation between the three of them? (Long Shou Cheng, Lao Tu, and Ah Pan Jie that was.) The only normal thing was seeing Long Tai back into his old attires again, no longer donning Tian He’s clothes to trick Wen Zi. And the atmosphere was ruptured once again with Wen Zi wanting to join them at the breakfast table. Nice? Major cold war time. Nice, she’d chosen the spot between Long Tai and Ren Mei, the spot Ren Mei abandoned earlier. OY! Yet Ren Mei was still keeping it intact with her manners and managed a smile and a ‘morning’ to Wen Zi. Nicely done. After all, Wen Zi was their guest, shouldn’t offend the guest. But what shocked Long Tai–and eventually the others–was how Wen Zi said she wasn’t leaving. (WHAT?!) Yet the others soon recovered, they were more than happy to see business coming in. Only Long Tai was still unrest.  (And perhaps Ren Mei too but for her own reason.)

OMG, just when will this awkward breakfast end? Wen Zi kept attracting attention to herself and Long Tai. Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were getting suspicious. Or perhaps they were just curious. Yet it was getting really, really uncomfortable for Long Tai. But he finally found out the person responsible for his downfall (aka allowing Wen Zi to connect the dots to him–the one giving her the list last night). Wen Zi kept scooping her food and sharing it with Long Tai. It was getting super awkward again. He finally resolved it by letting Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie have some as well. OY!

Later, Long Tai dragged Wen Zi aside to question her about her behaviors. He told her to stop acting so close to him since they supposedly just know each for only several days. Yet she said it was hard to pretend not to know him. OY! Who else but Ren Mei walked in on them when Wen Zi was playfully hitting him on the shoulder?

In the kitchen, Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were talking about Long Tai and Wen Zi. That, of course, had affected Ren Mei. She excused herself to go distribute flyers yet Ah Pan Jie had detected that Ren Mei was jealous. Then they were talking about how it was forbidden between Tien He and Ren Mei because Ren Mei was from the Zhao family. OY! Getting complicated again.

That night, Long Tai was wandering around searching for Ren Mei. Ah Pan Jie was sneaking up on him when he was trying to think. She disclosed that Ren Mei went to search for a friend. He was mumbling about how she said she didn’t have any friends. And then he reacted by saying that he wasn’t worrying about Ren Mei, he was just asking. Yup, Ah Pan Jie even noticed that his reaction was quite strong.

Ren Mei indeed ventured into a quite complicated area to search for Xiao Xiang (the current owner of the shop her family once went to eat). Her search wasn’t in vain since she did locate Xiao Xiang (known as Haru around the area). However, she wasn’t able to speak to the other party.

Meanwhile at home, Long Tai was pacing back and forth in his room while Wen Zi was studying Tian He’s stuff, commenting about how his brother was so smart, etc. He didn’t care. He was worried about Ren Mei–and was still denying it. Wen Zi finally found out he wasn’t paying attention. But he shooed her out, stating that he was tired.

On the way back to her room, Wen Zi was stopped by Long Shou Cheng. So they proceeded to his room to talk. He, of course, was suspicious of their behaviors from earlier. So she didn’t have to pretend anymore. But still…

Back on the Long Tai front, he was out and about searching for Ren Mei. (YUP, shooing Wen Zi away was just an excuse so he could be free to search for Ren Mei.) He went to her room first, just checking to make sure. Then he went outside to talk to the tree. OY, that tree was really popular. Well, he was mostly talking to his mother, but still… And then while he was at it, he ended up beating himself up for being so fierce with her.

Apparently, Ren Mei was still standing outside that one place to wait for Xiao Xiang. While Long Tai stood outside the resort waiting for her to come back. As unfortunate as it was, Ren Mei’s phone got dropped again so it malfunctioned already. Even if Long Tai wanted to call her, she wouldn’t be able to pick it up anyway. He couldn’t take it anymore so he went out to search for her. Ironically, that was when she came back. So when he came back, he stood outside again, waiting, thinking she was still out somewhere. OY!

The next morning, Ah Pan Jie came out to open the door and spotted Long Tai sleeping outside. She was more than shocked so she questioned him about it. He said he was just up early and went outside to exercise yet ended up falling asleep on the doorstep. (Nice? Well, there was no way he was going to admit he was there waiting for Ren Mei all night.) He was trying to ask why was Ren Mei out all night. Then Ah Pan Jie was saying how Ren Mei was inside helping her prepare breakfast. He was soooo stumped.

At breakfast, they once again sat in the spots from yesterday. Long Tai was still staring at Ren Mei and fuming inside. He tried to eat loudly or make more noises so she would notice him yet she was just minding her own business and eating her meal. Well, she was lost in thoughts about the other matter so of course, she wasn’t paying attention to him. OMG, that was so messed up! He snatched the piece of food away from her. And then he started the show with scolding her. So she was forced to apologize to everyone. Yet Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie backed her up, even Wen Zi said it was no big deal and that he didn’t have to scold Ren Mei. Lao Tu told Ren Mei to call next time if it happened again. Long Tai wasn’t about to let it drop. Far from it. Ren Mei once again apologized for her behaviors, and Ah Pan Jie interfered again, saying that nothing happened so he should just drop it, considering how a ‘guest’ was here. After all that was said and done, Wen Zi realized there was really something up since Long Tai seemed too fierce with Ren Mei. Yup, Wen Zi went on another investigation. This time, she was questioning Ah Pan Jie about Ren Mei.

While that was happening, Long Tai was spying on Ren Mei. He had no choice. It was a big scare for him last night with not being able to locate her. So now he had to sneak around to see where she was going. Long Tai was really a pro stalker since he was able to follow her to that one complicated area. She was still on her mission in finding Xiao Xiang and talking to her. Yet the bouncers at the door pushed her, and Long Tai jumped to the rescue in time. A confrontation was inevitable yet Ren Mei was quite strong, she didn’t want to return home with Long Tai.

It was revealed in a flashback of how Ren Mei first met Xiao Xiang. Ren Mei was crying and Xiao Xiang had cheered her up.

Long Tai finally successfully dragged Ren Mei from the scene. It wasn’t because she was suddenly so obedient. It was actually because she finally succeeded in delivering a note to Xiao Xiang. Yet unfortunately for the both of them, it rained on their way home. So they had to seek some shelter while waiting for the bus.

Another confrontation ensued, but this time it was regarding him. She was scolding him for making her misunderstand. Since he claimed to hate her yet kept looking for her and tried to help her. So that had created confusion for her. Yup, it wasn’t a good feeling. He finally obliged to her request by distancing himself from her. But that was still unbearable to watch him stand there in the rain like that. She couldn’t stand it anymore so she approached him and told him not to be so childish. He scolded right back, stating that who was more childish, considering how she was the one being out all night and not calling home, etc. (Too intense. Yet their feelings were obvious.)

Hearing him say those words, she couldn’t stand it anymore and turned away. Yet he turned her back to face him, demanding some answers. He ended up kissing her at last. But this wasn’t their romantic get together since she fainted instead of responding to his kiss. (Nice? So much for being prince charming.) It wasn’t because of him though since it was probably because she was already overly tired since last night and now being in the rain and all.

Morning finally arrived and it was a clear day. (Indeed fitting with those phrases about the sun coming out after the rain.) However, Ren Mei was still unconscious–with Long Tai taking care of her. Yet she was going through one of her nightmares. The one about losing her parents, and that everyone was hating her because of what happened.

Before Long Tai could figure anything else out, he received a call from someone and was forced to tend to it while leaving Ah Pan Jie to care for Ren Mei. Unfortunately for him, once again, he ran into those groups of gangsters while taking care of Xiao Xiang’s matter. What was even more unlucky was how Ren Hu was nearby and had noticed him hence stopping the car to witness the scene. To fight or not to fight?

Fight, of course. He had no choice. Not to mention, things were getting too dangerous and complicated. (And on top of that, he didn’t see Ren Hu nearby.) There were too many things to think about aside from checking to see if Zhao Ren Hu was lurking around to spy on him or not. Things were getting quite intense between both parties. However, it was soon resolved because the other guy was able to spot the words “北野” on Long Tai’s belt. Or at least it was a handkerchief dangling by his belt. It was Bei Ye Jian Ren (北野健二)’s signature.

The turn of events. They knelt in front of Long Tai to apologize for their behaviors, considering how Long Tai knew Bei Ye Jian Ren. So they were under Bei Ye’s commands as well. No wonder they were so apologetic toward Long Tai. Not only was Ren Hu surprised when he saw those men bowed to Long Tai but also Xiao Xiang who was standing nearby. Ren Hu was more determined than ever that the person standing there wasn’t Long Tian He, but someone else.

The other matter was finally resolved, now it was Xiao Xiang’s situation. Long Tai said that he knew her story through Ah Pan Jie, and even revealed that her mother had left behind the shop for her. He continued by persuading her to return home.

While that was going on, Ren Hu was busy scolding at his PI to work harder and expose Dr. Jin’s patient–whoever that person was. Then he was back to empty threats.

The good news was Ren Mei finally woke up. Her head was still swirling so she was trying to piece things together. Yet what she remembered shocked her even more. Wah!

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Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 6 – Restriction

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The episode continued with Ren Hu bullying his sister and trying to make her feel guiltier than she already was regarding her parents and now her grandma. After that incident, he went home and launched another investigation regarding how Doctor Jin had accompanied someone abroad, etc.

Meanwhile, Long Tai’s Japanese friend, Wen Zi, was also on one of her investigations. Instead of wandering around town on fruitless search missions, she approached her father to confront him about the matter. After her father rattled out a bunch of random stuff and eventually having a break with an important meeting, he left. Luckily for her, she found an envelope with important information in it so now she had a clue to continue on. That was also when she decided to head to Taiwan to search for Long Tai–to much of her father’s displease that night when he found the note she left behind for him.

Back at the Long resident in Taiwan again, Long Tai was seen talking to Lao Tu about coming up with a plan to draw in more business. Yet Long Shou Cheng popped out of nowhere to reject Long Tai’s suggestion. Considering how arrogant his father was, he didn’t care if the old man’s business was sinking. He even voiced his opinion that they could do anything they want and let the business die since it wasn’t his problem anyway. Lao Tu, not understanding, wanted to calm Long Tai down. So he set out to patch things up by trying to convince his boss to agree with Long Tai’s suggestion. What now? Nah, still no since the old man just shook his head and walked away. While Long Tai was standing there mocking the old man with still wanting to save face when his business was deteriorating already. However, Lao Tu said they should proceed with distributing flyers anyway to draw in more business, then they could approach Long Shou Cheng again to talk about Long Tai’s suggestion. Lao Tu still have money! So clever, but still funny with Long Tai thinking the man was loaded so he wanted to search for more, lol.

Meanwhile, Ah Pan Jie received a call at the front desk from none other than Jian Er, Wen Zi’s father. He was more than weird to her, considering how he was asking for Long Tai and kept insisting that there was no such person there so she slammed the phone down on him. (LOL!) However, he wasn’t about to give up so he dialed again to make another request of speaking with Long Tai. Yet he didn’t have time to order her around since she called him crazy and told him not to call again before hanging up once more. (LOL!)

The next day, they proceeded with distributing flyers in town. As Ah Pan Jie was actively trying to persuade customers, Long Tai was standing nearby mocking his old man about not showing up to help them. Lao Tu came to the rescue and said it made sense that someone shall stay home to tend to the hot spring resort in case customers showed up. Yet what upset Long Tai even more was how Ren Mei was surrounded by a bunch of guys at the moment. (WAHHHH, he’s so jealous–and still not willing to admit it. So cute!)

But that wasn’t all. He didn’t have too much of a problem when he saw that those other guys were just passing by. But now there was someone else wanting Ren Mei’s number? (What? Gotta stop that, right? Time to come up with an excuse to interfere, I guess, LOL!) Man, he was just about to come over and stop the scene YET Lao Tu asked him where he was going. (Eek!)

OMG, it was so crazy. Crazy but cute. He was acting like a jealous boyfriend while Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie stood nearby clueless as to his actions. It was just so funny! He was trying to come up with reasons why she shouldn’t just give her number away like that. OY!

At home–in the kitchen to be exact, Ren Mei was helping Ah Pan Jie with some duties while pondering why Long Tai was soooo upset over the fact that she gave someone her number–and even scolded him for being senseless. Yet Ah Pan Jie was more than ready to help Ren Mei ‘decipher’ the code. Or it was more like Ah Pan Jie finally understood why. Time for more teasing. Oy, false alarm. She didn’t get it. She was just teasing Ren Mei about the other dude from earlier, not Long Tai. Yet there were more obvious signs of Ren Mei’s crush on Tian He years ago.

So as Ren Mei was wandering outside and pondering about her little crush on Tian He since little, Long Tai was sneaking up on her without her noticing. (He claimed that his footsteps were loud, it was just that she was spaced out so she didn’t notice he was around.) Then he even brought up the whole thing with her trying to wait for someone’s phone call. (She wasn’t!) Yet so unfortunate for him that he just had to bring it up, because someone did call in to ask for her then. (OY!) He was all riled up, lol. He eavesdropped when she was right there! LOL! So funny how he was so happy upon learning that she wasn’t interested (in whatever they were talking about over the phone), lol. OMG, that was really funny! Honestly, it was a riot! He thought it was that ‘handsome’ dude calling her BUT it was some salesperson wanting to offer her insurance, lol. (YUP, infomercial call, lol.)

So as Long Tai was beating himself up for even meddling into Ren Mei’s business, he finally remembered about his own cell phone. He forgot to charge it so that was why no one could call him, especially Jian Er who was looking for him.

Wen Zi finally arrived in town. Yet she missed her chance with only wanting to seek out a certain hot spring resort that was popular among Japanese customers so when the other lady told her about the Long family’s hot spring resort, she dismissed it before the other lady finished. Too bad. (For her that was.)

And while all of those things were unraveling around town, Grandma Mei Ren was staring at her son’s photo and ranting on and on bitterly over how he didn’t listen to her and married that dancer, etc all over again. OY! (Drop it already.)

Good news for Ren Hu was his PI managed to unearth some more stuff, but the identity of the person that Dr. Jin accompanied was still unknown. Yet it didn’t matter. Someone was really coming to answer his questions. (Or that was my guess.) Who else but Wen Zi showed up at the Zhao family’s hot spring resort? Then whatever might develop later regarding the feuds will have to make way for Ren Hu’s daydreaming moments. Because he was seriously falling for Wen Zi though he just saw her for the first time. Crazy….but oh well. That would occupy his time for a while. To much of Ren Hu’s fantasies, it was all in vain because Wen Zi had already left. She realized since last night that Long Tai wouldn’t stay there–and that it wasn’t his style.

Another day of distributing flyers around town, Long Tai’s radar cranked up again. Well, at least whenever Ren Mei was on the phone with someone, LOL! He kept getting all paranoid because he assumed it was that guy from yesterday calling her. OMG, he was so childish. He knocked into Ren Mei on purpose so her phone would drop thus disconnecting her call. (Or worse.) Well, he sure was double trouble all right. And he still dared to look so innocent? Even she knew he did it on purpose. YUP, he made a mistake. (Since the person calling in was her auntie, NOT some other random person. I had a feeling it was her too when Ren Mei said, “I really miss you too.”) Time to patch things up now.

Yet Long Tai had more pressing matters to tend to at the moment. He spotted Wen Zi across the way before he could say anything to make Ren Mei feel better. What to do? What else but to grab Ren Mei and try to hide behind her. Brave or what?

Just when Long Tai was trying to play the ‘unwell’ card to flee the scene, he was so unfortunate to bump into Ren Hu. OY! What luck! He had to pull a fast one and pushed Ren Hu into an alley. It wasn’t after it seemed safe that he left the scene–after warning Ren Hu to be nicer to him. Ren Hu wasn’t threatened. He immediately wanted Long Tai to convince him that Long Tai was indeed Tian He. He needed proofs so what was more convincing than to ask some questions about the past, right? Lucky for Long Tai, he remembered some stuff when he went through some of Tian He’s stuff in Tian He’s room. Yet the answer he provided was the wrong one. It was just that he wanted to blurt out some random stuff so he could get away, but it was a taboo one with Ren Hu. (Long Tai had mentioned that Ren Hu was afraid of fire.)

And Wen Zi finally found a break when she stumbled upon Lao Tu’s flyer and spotted some keywords that shouldn’t be disregarded. It was worth a try since she couldn’t just search so blindly around town like that. Lao Tu didn’t care that this girl was mumbling some random stuff. He was just happy that there was finally a customer.

As for Long Tai, he fled home safely at last and called Jian Er to investigate about Wen Zi’s whereabouts and the reason for her being in Taiwan. However, unfortunately, Jian Er’s cell phone landed in the fishbowl. Too bad! Things delayed once again.

It didn’t matter. Perhaps Long Tai will find out from Wen Zi herself soon. Very soon, because she was already checked in. Ren Mei showed her to her room and was happy that she liked the room, considering how they hadn’t had business coming in for a while now.

After leaving Wen Zi’s room, Ren Mei decided to check on Long Tai since he was saying he wasn’t feeling well earlier and fled. Yet before she could knock on his door, he opened it so she ended up hitting him instead of his door. (LOL!) Major awkward moment! Yet she recovered quick enough and even withdrew her hand before explaining herself. He ended up asking about the task with distributing flyers, lol. They moved on to other subjects, like needing him to be the chef for the night, considering how Ah Pan Jie was nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Dinner finally rolled around. Long Tai had to cook. And Wen Zi loved it, of course. The taste reminded her of her friend, so she requested to see the chef. That was when Long Tai had to play ‘hide & seek’ with Wen Zi again. What now when things were so pressing and Ren Mei was questioning him? What else but to shove Ren Mei into the nearest room and hide once again? Yet Ren Mei misunderstood.

Ooooh, it was Ren Mei’s room and Long Tai tried to make her hide in the closet. He got bitten, lol. And Ah Pan Jie just had to show up at this time. OY! He tried to hide. He did! It was getting too uncomfortable. Why didn’t he just hide in the closet like before? OMG, why didn’t Ah Pan Jie just plain leave? Oh no, exposed! Ah Pan Jie grabbed the cover off! PHEW, saved! Long Tai hid in time! He went back into the closet? Wow! Fast all right! Ren Mei didn’t let him explain but just shoved him out, lol. Oh well…

Next morning finally arrived, Long Tai announced to the others that he wanted to dismiss their latest guest. Great or what? Lao Tu was objecting but Long Tai pointed out how they didn’t have money to even provide food for customers so how could they keep their latest one. So what else could Lao Tu do except to scold at Ah Pan Jie for stealing the money? (She said she ‘borrowed’ it but Lao Tu insisted on the ‘stealing’ since she didn’t tell them beforehand.) Yet they all soon stopped tearing at one another and tried to find a new alternative. Long Tai continued to turn down other suggestions so he could kick Wen Zi out. The most surprising thing was he even tried to turn down his father’s suggestion of selling some items from the house so there would be money to care for current customers. (He was scolding at the old man for not being supportive of their cause yet now he objected when the old man made a move to help? LOL! It was indeed puzzling to the others.) He was finally happy when his old man suggested that they tell the guest that they weren’t able to service her anymore so they would arrange for her to go to another resort instead.

Just when they were about to break the sad news to Wen Zi, Wen Zi said she didn’t know how long she would stay and ended up giving them some of the fees ahead of time. What to do except to accept and then depart to do their job? Nice? (Long Tai really had to go back to the drawing board.)

Which led to this scene. Long Tai thought he was already safe so he went out for a walk. Yet bumped into Wen Zi who was on her way out as well. The interesting part was Ren Mei spotting them in that close embrace. Long Tai was more than shocked when he realized what Ren Mei saw. He finally pushed Wen Zi out. And soon recovered, realizing he was in Tian He’s place right now so he should act like Tian He. What was there to be afraid of, right?

Ren Mei finally stepped forward to ask about the matter when Long Tai denied in knowing Wen Zi. So Long Tai played on, merging into his role–with Ren Mei backing him up. So Wen Zi was confused once again. As long as she was confused, Long Tai made a clean escape after telling Ren Mei to tend to the guest, lol.

Back in his room, Jian Er finally called him back. Jian Er informed him that information had been leaked so Wen Zi already knew he went to Taiwan. But Long Tai interrupted him before he could say it, and said that they met up already. Jian Er was shocked that Wen Zi found Long Tai. But Long Tai soon told him that things were complicated so it was hard to explain but he needed the man’s help on some matter.

While that was taking place, Wen Zi wanted to know more about Long Tian He so Ren Mei did the honor of disclosing some information about the odd dude Long Tian He. After she was done, it was Wen Zi’s turn to describe Long Tai and why both guys were so different.

That night at the dinner table, Long Tai was sighing up and down about his trouble. Yet the others thought he was still mad about the matter. He wasn’t mad, just troubled. When he was able to use his ear to hear some footsteps, he had to pretend he didn’t. It was Wen Zi. It was time for his opening act. He needed to crank up his attitude to chase the ‘guest’ away. Seriously, he would drove the rest of them away before he could scare Wen Zi away. His moods kept changing, it was too hard to predict. So after throwing some more tantrums in front of the ‘guest’, he stormed off to his room–after giving some last orders to the others.

As he was reading Jian Er’s message and trying to brew up another plan, his old man showed up and told him not to act so rudely to Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie since they were a part of the family after all. He was about to explain his behaviors yet he was able to detect that Wen Zi was nearby hence having no choice but to drop it and continued on with his fierce attitude, even slamming the door in his old man’s face.

Next morning, he had a new plan. Donning Tian He’s outfits. That would help his acting even more, right? Yet Wen Zi was still greeting him with a happy face. Had she detected something? Was she testing him? YUP, she tested him. The handshake was a mistake on his part, considering how she could feel that he was Long Tai. So Wen Zi continued to spy on him while he continued to convince her that he was indeed Tian He. Yet it was soooo hard. He had to pretend that he didn’t care and couldn’t help Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie carry stuff or help with other chores when Wen Zi was still around spying. OY!

What now? He couldn’t just “not” help his girl, right? But it wasn’t like he was nice to her every single day. YUP, he went with picking on her every single mistake with ‘missing a spot’ here and not doing it right with another task. OY! Despite seeing how mean he was to others, Wen Zi wasn’t about to give up. She had one more test for him. She tried to call him on his cell phone! Wah, where was it when he needed to turn it off?

Eh…yup, he was definitely donning Tian He’s wardrobe to take the role even further. Wen Zi was indeed doing quite a poor job of spying though. Even Ren Mei realized that they were being spied on. (LOL!) It was so funny that Long Tai let it slip that ‘they just grew up together’, not ‘girlfriend, boyfriend’ like Ren Mei guessed. (The ‘they’ in question here was Long Tai and Wen Zi.) When Ren Mei asked how he knew, he tried to dodge out of it by saying they were the same and nothing happened, lol. (They here was referring to Ren Mei and Tian He.)

And so Ren Hu was so lucky to have finally found Wen Zi. Yet it seemed like she was going to cause trouble for them all in the future. At least the Long family’s side, because she wanted to ask Ren Hu something. That probably meant regarding Tian He. If Ren Hu knew she suspected something, he would be even more sure that the other person wasn’t Tian He. OY!

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Mei Ren Long Tang: Episode 5 – Enjoying Lean

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode continued with Grandma Zhao storming out after scolding Ren Mei. Yup, the misunderstanding since Ren Mei’s words were offending her. (Well, she couldn’t think back to the times she made Ren Mei feel worse than hell? Geez whiz, it’s a one way road all right, always about her and her feelings being hurt, NOT about Ren Mei.)

That night, Long Shou Cheng took it into his hands to comfort Ren Mei, stating that her grandma really cared for her, just that her words were mean at times, etc. The typical cold face, warm heart talk. Luckily, they moved onto more pressing issues, such as Ren Mei’s diet plans. Long Shou Cheng was telling her that it was more important to be healthy and well, not starving herself to become skinny, etc.

And as Long Shou Cheng was coaxing Ren Mei into telling him the reason why it was so important that she persisted in being thin, Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were spying nearby. SO funny and cute at the same time.

What was even funnier (as I thought it wasn’t possible, not at that moment) was even Long Tai spied along with them as well. OMG, priceless moment. So he wasn’t really spying, just curious. Yet he caught Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie spying and they had to tell him to quiet down so they could eavesdrop some more, lol. OMG, that was so cute, Ah Pan Jie was blaming Long Tai for keep saying Ren Mei’s fat hence her diet plans. AND Long Tai still dared to look all innocent. LOL! But after Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu left, Long Tai did try to reflect on his past misdeeds.

After some reflection, he went out for a walk. No wait, was just passing by the front part of the house (lol). Anyway, he saw Ren Mei standing in front of the peach blossom tree and was pouring her heart out. He couldn’t see that she was talking to the crystal snowball and not the tree. But still, he was able to understand more of Ren Mei’s worries and her reason for dieting, etc.

The next day, Long Tai woke Ren Mei up (after several attempts of knocking fiercely on her door) and took her to the market. YUP, he did research last night online after making up his mind to help her with her diet plan. She can’t just continue on with her ‘starving’ routine like that. There has got to be some other healthy way to slim down without killing herself first. BUT it was seriously funny how he kept saying she was dumb, etc.

So to prove that eating healthy food didn’t mean eating ‘not so good tasting food’, Long Tai whipped up some delicacies for Ren Mei to try out. Yet she uttered that dieting like that would be a type of happiness if she was able to eat his delicacies each day. He was jumping in to clarify there was no way he would do it for her ‘each day’, LOL! But have no fear, Ah Pan Jie came to the rescue with her plans to help Ren Mei–as the cute Ren Mei nodded along with her, lol. It was indeed a really cute moment. OMG, it gets even better, everyone trying to cheer Ren Mei on YET Long Tai was unwilling to cooperate hence the stare from Ren Mei, lol. (In case anyone was wondering, Long Tai was in charge of nutritional area aka food preparations for Ren Mei while Lao Tu and Ah Pan Jie were in charge of exercise routines. They had to scrap the hot spring routine with Ah Pan Jie because Ren Mei didn’t like doing it. And Long Shou Cheng took it into his hands to monitor her ‘weight’ number and planning out the goal of slimming down slow, like marking her next target, etc.)

So the scene from the previews with Ren Mei returning to her slim self (like she once was when she was little) through bathing in the hot spring was just her imagination after remembering about what Ah Pan Jie said of the hot spring’s many miracles. That also meant she tried it out and it didn’t work hence her deep disappointment and locking herself up in her room. This moment was quite nice since Long Tai wasn’t able to sleep and was trying to find a way to cheer her up hence having a talk in the middle of the night. Cute moments. OMG, Ren Mei’s imagination and Long Tai played along with her little ‘fake journey’. But they were sooo cute in the scenes.

OMG, that was so cute! Long Tai wasn’t playing along with her market night scenes BUT he was having his own little ‘dream’, LOL! That was equally cute though. With him growing up in Japan, of course he would imagine those scenes with wearing the traditional outfits and going out like that. His own version of the night market, lol. Look at him smiling like that! He really have it bad for her, lol. BUT poor Long Tai though since Ren Mei already fell asleep when he tried to make a ‘date’ with her. OY! Still cute! After that little talk though, Ren Mei went back to her exercise routine and her diet plan that the others set out for her again. Though she didn’t come out, but she still tried to exercise and take food that Ah Pan Jie leave by her door. (So it wasn’t like she was on her hunger strike again.)

Goal achieved, at least at the number that was supposedly normal for girls her age. Yet they were still waiting for her to come out. Wondering if she had failed, etc. Funny that Long Tai was nervous when Ren Mei should be the one worry. Yet of course she succeeded so she would be able to meet up with her auntie. (Though I quite like having Ren Mei as the chubby girl since she was quite cute. Yet I guess it was good for Da Yuan to not dress up in that stuffy outfit anymore. I’m also glad that they didn’t do the whole ‘miracle’ from the hot spring as the actual scene of explaining her slimming process but set it up as a more realistic and encouraging message for those who really want to slim down to follow a healthy exercise routine along with healthy foods.)

After some mishaps, Long Tai finally caught up to Ren Mei. YUP, he was shocked like the others. The funniest thing was, he forgot about picking her up and actually taking her to the meeting place. Yet he had to argue (just slightly) with her and she had to take the bus. He realized too late and tried to catch up afterwards, lol. Lucky he still remembered to take the motorcycle AND didn’t just run after her on feet.

The meeting was successful yet Ren Mei still have her doubts about pursuing her dreams, thinking that Auntie Kate was just trying to comfort her, etc. But who knows? She still could think it over.

While scolding her for her ‘clumsiness’, he took full advantage of the situation and tried to help her put the helmet on. (*mwuhahahaha*) But they were sooo cute! He was still pretending to be mean to her, lol.

So Tian He was still in Japan, going through treatments as the doctor accompanied him. Dr. Jin suggested to Long Shou Cheng about allowing Tian He to see his mother so it would resolve some of his past issues, etc. It would also help his recovery because most of it wasn’t just health related, but also how he couldn’t get over the fact that his mother took Long Tai with her instead of him, etc. Yet from the doctor’s words, Long Shou Cheng must have revealed the truth to the doctor already, asking him to keep mums. We’ll see how long it would last.

Meanwhile, as Tian He was out taking a stroll to see the sights (supposedly), he stumbled upon the little shrine where his mother had once placed a blessing there to wish him well – even though she couldn’t see him. Interestingly though, he walked right by Long Tai’s place while one of Long Tai’s friends tried to call out to him, thinking he was Long Tai. Yet she soon retracted and thought she must have seen wrong because his outfit wasn’t like Long Tai’s.

The wind’s truly a helping hand in here since that was how Tian He discovered of his mother’s message. Though he thought it was a coincident that someone else was named Tian He.

Back to the Long resident in Taiwan, they celebrated of Ren Mei’s success with the dieting plan that night. Aww…everyone was getting along so nicely. But funny that Long Tai was just eating, not caring to tune in to whatever they were saying.

This was the result of how Ah Pan Jie was saying about ‘finding a boyfriend for Ren Mei’, LOL! YUP, he choked. What a reaction! He had to recover fast. LOL! OMG, another priceless moment. Ah Pan Jie told him to eat slower, lol. If Ah Pan Jie and Lao Tu kept talking, Long Tai would exterminate them, lol. Look at him staring Lao Tu down with those eyes. Oh, never mind, he was more pissed off at his old man for encouraging Ren Mei to get to know more people, etc.

He finally snapped and slammed the rice bowl down. LOL! I was waiting for that moment since he couldn’t take it anymore after all those words from the other three. OMG, he steered the topic toward the amount of food present, instead of saying what was actually on his mind. (Of course he wouldn’t admit that he was getting super jealous, lol.)

So after some mishaps the next day, Ren Mei finally got the chance to buy her own outfits. (Yes, it was a result of Long Tai’s previous night’s words about her outfits, so the others made him go with Ren Mei to buy more suitable outfits for her.)

Running into her grandma at the shopping center, Ren Mei was more worried of what her grandma would think of her or would approve of her current appearance or not. Instead of celebrating for Ren Mei, her grandma ended up getting mad instead. YES, she was still grudging over the fact that she wasn’t the one influencing Ren Mei in changing yet it was the Long family. Of course I understand she was hurt because she didn’t have a hand in helping Ren Mei, but she didn’t use the right techniques, thinking scolding and forcing Ren Mei was the only way. The Long family–was like Ren Mei said–kept encouraging and helping her in a positive way, not pushing her to the point of unbearable with cruel words only. Though Long Tai did say mean things to her yet he had helped a lot with his actions. Not to mention, trying to cheer her up from time to time when she was down.

And as Ren Mei was meeting up with her grandma, Long Tai stepped away to give them some privacy. Though still worried, but he wanted to respect them and reassuring himself that she could take care of herself. Yet Ren Hu showed up to start another battle of words. Yup, Long Tai wouldn’t back down. Like he was weak, he just didn’t want to fight.

And now we have another piece of the puzzle into Tian He and Ren Hu’s past disputes. It was indeed very hard to bear. Yet I wonder when did it start. Since the previous memory was about him picking on Tian He. So was that before or after this event? But did their dispute started since they were little or into the school days? Not trying to defend Tian He here since he seemed so intimidating at times, etc. But it didn’t seem any better with Ren Hu not backing down either. So both were equally active in challenging one another over the years. But I was glad for this piece of puzzle because the pain that Tian He inflicted right there had fused the hatred even more.

Regardless, still hate Ren Hu for causing grief toward Ren Mei. Seriously, that was an accident. How would she know that would happen? IF she had schemed the whole thing, then yeah. I guess he couldn’t accept his parents’ death hence wanting to put it on Ren Mei like that. BUT seriously? She lost her parents too. Like she wanted that. Now he was making her feeling even more guilty by implying that she wanted to jinx her grandma too? GREAT….

End of episode but still another great one. The pace’s still good. Don’t know why rating’s still not letting up. It’s stable right now but still a shame. Then again, I need to remind myself, I quit caring for ratings a long time ago because I figure I’m already in the minority so shouldn’t try to figure the majority out.

*All images were captured by DTLCT