The Lost Tomb: Review

(image credit: as marked) I finally made my way to watching this. LOL! In fact, I decided to kick some of the other series aside to focus on this one. Besides, it's only twelve episodes, so why not? Before I dive in and then after watching, I swear I was looking toward Season 2. Yet … Continue reading The Lost Tomb: Review

Chinese Paladin I

WARNING: NOT my usual positively cheerful post SO READ at your own risk. IF you disagree, it's okay. But I DO NOT hope to strike any arguments with anyone. Take it as differences in opinions and that was just my take on it. I DID NOT aim to be right OR had a purpose in … Continue reading Chinese Paladin I

Tian Xia Tai Ping

It was an average series overall. It could be said to be a longer version of Chinese Odyssey starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Faye Wong, and Vicki Zhao, but more draggy/ stretched-out. There were good points of it, however. Since they added a lot of stuff in between with royal takeover and such. Robbers and … Continue reading Tian Xia Tai Ping