All About Wallace Huo

So I decided to start some kind of saga to share the things I love and hate about my favorites. Who’s the first one on the plate? Who else but Mr. Huo, right? But before I get started, DO REMEMBER that these are my personal likes and dislikes SO if you don’t agree with me, IT’S OKAY. I’m just sharing, NOT forcing anyone to agree with me.


Best Character EVER: Tang Lang (from Detective Tang Lang), intelligent and hilarious. NOT completely perfect but super righteous at times. Also, his kick-ass martial arts in here.

2ND Best Character EVER: Lu Yun Xiang (from Sound of Colors), OMG, he’s an artist! Super hot-headed character at times, but he’s so sweet and cute at other times.

Favorite Swordsman Character: Gui Hai Yi Dao (from Tian Xia Di Yi). (I would’ve put “Ling Hu Chong” BUT thanks to YZ, I can’t anymore, because I can’t ignore the fact that his character got ruined really badly in there.) So anyway, this was the character that brought me into being one of his fans. He really convinced me in here and come on now, his martial arts skills really ruled too! (Did he do the stunts himself back then? At least some of it?)

Devilishly Witty Character: Xing Wang (from Westside Story), a genius and bordering on the side of a nerd, but was also quite awesome with various talents.

Most Hateful Character (in my book): Li Wei Xiang (from 100% Senorita), NOT because of the other girl, but I hated the fact that he was portraying a supposedly intelligent lawyer and supposedly a very understanding boyfriend YET he was more than stupid could describe. Like how he didn’t forgive his ‘godfather’ until he needed the old man for a favor near the end to help his girlfriend. Then there was the whole thing with claiming to be supportive and understanding toward his girlfriend, he acted super annoying with kept confronting her and forcing her to see how ‘hurt’ he was YET didn’t think to investigate into her strange behaviors for some ‘side’ story. It could also be the stupid plot’s fault with affecting his poor character development BUT still, I didn’t like it one bit though I felt Wallace did a really good job with portraying such an annoying role when he was still struggling between roles and trying to make it happen during the beginning of his career.

Annoying YET Can’t Hate Character: Li Ya Shou (from Wu Shi Lang). I don’t know. I couldn’t explain why I didn’t hate him. Well, partially it was Wallace and how hilarious his character was at times that I couldn’t blame him for being up to no good with his ‘getting rich’ schemes. Perhaps, it was also the fact that he knew his father died from hunger that he got so freaked out with the whole landing into the same fate as his father so I was sort of sympathizing him on that front too. And Wallace’s haunting eyes at times when he looked after Shi Lang that made it sooo hard to hate him. (Besides, I don’t really like those insanely ‘good’ characters nowadays. It’s just too flaky.)


Best Drama Ever: Detective Tang Lang, just because I’m a fan of detective/police stuff and action/martial arts stuff as well. It’s a mixture of both and Wallace so kicked ass in here with his moves. The cases were quite interesting and the pace was fast enough. Plus most of the characters made it lively most of the time and hilarious during others. This drama wasn’t flawless but I seriously felt it was one of Wallace’s best choices BECAUSE though at times he picked good roles BUT failed to pay attention to the plot that made it SUPER hard for some people to watch. (I seriously am not that ‘obsessed’ yet obviously to go through every single one of his series.)

Most Touching Drama: Sound of Colors. Okay, I think some of the others were quite touching as well, but I felt this one with how it made me cry more than usual, even during re-watches, deserved the spot the most. Jimmy Liao’s adapted story, wasn’t perfect and I could detect all the goofs throughout. Yet the overall story was quite good and touching. The ending was worth a box of tissues already. But I didn’t hate it. Sure, I felt bitter after watching the ending for the first time and it stuck with me for several days (or more). Then I became more accepting of it and even felt in a way, it was meaningful. Perhaps, it was somewhat paving its way and dropping hints with how things would eventually come to that point (aka making sense), so I was able to accept it better as well.

Worst Drama Ever: 100% Senorita. NOT just because I hated his character, but I felt so robbed with how it was supposed to be a revenge plot. Then it got side-track AND got so draggy that I ended up hating almost all the characters in there. Then only the last ten episodes seemed to be worth watching. (Or so I thought.) And the fact that Deric Wan was part of it puzzled me even more since he could DO WAY BETTER than got stuck with this stupid stuff.

TOO BAD: Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, seriously, I think it’s too obvious. It’s one disastrous, nerve-racking journey from the start. It’s a train-wreck that most of us should see it coming YET refuse to believe BECAUSE some of us actually believe in Mr. Huo’s judgment and how he would be able to control more factors coming into this drama–with his going somewhere and reading the script and studying it to death with other information before taking the role. YET he got conned as well with the script changes. AND of course it’s NOT something new that scripts get change in the industry, sometimes it happens the night before even. BUT the fact that he barely could do anything about it was so frustrating. He wanted more of the ‘martial arts’ side and less ‘romance’ side (like how a typical wuxia should be) YET he couldn’t fight too much with the rest of the production team and make it ‘difficult’ for them. (OR so I heard. I also heard two of them were women so he couldn’t ‘bully’ them too much.) He only won over some of the fighting scenes with Howie Huang (aka he was able to suggest certain scenes and that was it). After what happened though, the next time I see Mr. Huo caving in and agreeing to some YZ production again, HE’S ON HIS OWN. (People say you could only fall for something one time AND the next time it’s your fault, so that’s that for me. I won’t abandon him BUT just won’t watch it if he’s going to fall for YZ’s trap again.) AND what else? Um…the fact that Wallace criticized Taiwanese soaps for keep having the same formulas (and I agreed with him when he listed all the repetitive formulas during that one interview) YET accepted and went through with YZ’s schemes? WOW! Being in YZ’s production is actually worse than starring in a Taiwanese soap, I’m telling you. At least most of the TW soaps make sense with some twists–even if it could be frustrating.


Favorite Female Co-Star: Ruby Lin. YES, unlike some of the fans of his who are like attacking her, she’s actually my favorite among all his co-stars. And I felt they were actually quite cute together. If only they would work together again and there would be a happy ending at last! (How many times do the guy have to die for her, really? LOL…) UPDATE: They got together and got married in 2016 already so that was happy news for me. I’ll take whatever I can get. (LOL!) (Go here and here for more coverage relating to their relationship.)

2nd Favorite Female Co-Star: Alina Zhang. Words have it that they’re more like ‘sisters’ in real life OR something like that. But I really enjoyed their chemistry in Detective Tang Lang. They didn’t click for me at first yet in the later parts, it got to me with how funny they were with the constant arguments and many more.

3rd Favorite Female Co-Star: Mariam Yeung. How can I not like it that she got him out of his shell after their collaboration? It was so cool that they were getting along so well afterward and she even invited him to co-star again in one of her MVs. Aside from that, I thought they were quite funny in WSL together.

Favorite 2nd Female Lead Pairing: Yvonne Yao. To be honest, I have to skip around to watch his and Yvonne’s scenes only when I was watching since I couldn’t stand the main story when I was reading the spoilers. That was too bad that she would only be ‘second’ in his heart. I didn’t see the big deal with the main girl. One of the rare times when I actually get quite bitter with the main characters. And when I say the ‘main girl’, I meant the character AND not the actress so don’t misunderstand. Maybe one day I will watch it the right way with how the plot go and get it. But as of now, NOT happening.

Favorite Male Co-Star: Wei Qian Xiang. OMG, they were a hilarious team in Detective Tang Lang. Both were so crazy at times yet didn’t fail to impress.

Most Pitiful Co-Star: Yuan Shan Shan. Seriously, people might not like her. But I felt she was sooooo robbed with her scenes being stolen when she was the ‘main lead’ AND then bashed to high Heaven. Then what else? Her character got reduced to some silly girl instead of the supposedly awesome, witty character I was looking forward to. (Like seriously, I thought I could trust people when they say she’s one of YZ’s favorites! Never know she got sacrificed and got thrown ‘invisible rocks’ at while YZ stood laughing and shaking his head.) I’m not saying YSS is a great actress OR trying to convince anyone to like her, I just felt soooo sorry for her with what happened. (People might also be saying she’s a grown-up and could take care of herself and who cares, etc. But for me personally, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. It’s just ridiculous.) AND I seriously don’t care about those who are telling the rest of us who read the novel to “shut up” because we actually took the time to read the novel. AND without the freaking novel, it would be just another stupid soap. AND most importantly, Ren Ying Ying IS actually my favorite Jin Yong female protagonist ever so of course I’m pissed off. (SO YZ wasn’t the first one who created the ‘soap’ with twisting some characters within XAJH since I felt XAJH had always been the most butchered novel ever regardless of adaptations. It’s still such a shame that people have the resources to make this the best BUT didn’t?)

Compensation Paring: Penny Lin. I felt robbed from the stupid 100% Senorita drama. They had great chemistry and I could see the sparks BUT I hated how the plot was and his stupid character in there. I wish they could work on another project together and with an ideal plot. (Update – 12/30/22: The ideal plot was At the Dolphin Bay BUT SETTV messed up and made the wrong call regarding his pairing.)

Missed Chance Pairing: Tammy Chen. Honestly, I felt soooo disappointed that they didn’t get to star in Lucky Days together.

Didn’t Happen Pairing: Angela Chang. Okay, I admit, I was skimming too with some scenes when I was checking on At the Dolphin Bay. I might one day go back to properly watch it. But I really like this pairing too. Too bad. (Update – 12/30/22: I finally watched At the Dolphin Bay properly and understood why it had to be that way regarding Ambrose and Angela, but I still don’t support his paring in there. It was just too rushed.)

Could Have Been the Ideal NEW “Ling Hu Chong and Ren Ying Ying” Team: Cecilia Han Xue. Okay, I heard they don’t get along in real life? (Where was that rumor from or was it real?) But seriously, it was interesting that they were cast as Ling Hu Chong and Ren Ying Ying but from different production teams. Too bad the other side got snubbed. YET I swear I could enjoy it with this second collaboration. With some alterations here and there to compromise, I felt the other side did a better job creating the wardrobe for Ren Ying Ying. Even if she had to wear pink and white (for one of her outfits), I felt it projected the whole “thánh cô” (聖姑) vibe better.


Favorite Song: “Fragments”, because it hit so hard. Yes, that song was relatable in so many ways.

Favorite Theme Song:

Bottom line? He needs to bring out another album. (And possibly sing a song or two with Angela Chang, lol.)


Veteran Actors:

Liu Kai Chi. There was this one article I read with how he was talking about Liu Kai Chi as his mentor at one point of their collaboration and the way he described it, it seemed he really respected LKC.

Kent Cheng. Wallace recently visited Kent while both were in Hengdian filming, and then later when Kent was on break, he returned the favor as well. It was cool to see how Kent was posting it up on Weibo and they seemed to be getting along fine.

*Will be updated as I catch up like INSANE with all his “works” (EXCEPT for anything YZ related since I swore off YZ dramas after Tian Di Bu Rong BUT had to make an exception for XAJH because of Mr. Huo. Now? I’m really out!)

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Chinese Paladin III: Friendship

One of the most important themes of Chinese Paladin was of course friendship. At first, I liked how it was with Jing Tian and Chang Qing being friends and their change in attitudes toward one another throughout. More like Jing Tian trying to compete with Chang Qing at times while Chang Qing was trying hard to get Jing Tian onto the right path. But later in the story, it became more addicting to watch Jing Tian and Chong Lou interact. Aside from Chong Lou’s obsession with the battle with him and Fei Peng since the beginning, the later parts were more interesting to watch. Though I did not like the whole creation of the ‘Chang Qing-Zi Xuan-Chong Lou’ triangle, I actually found it funny–perhaps extremely funny–that Chong Lou was abandoning his goal of finding people to engage in different battles, etc. Instead, he looked Jing Tian up at times to talk about relationship matters. It was so funny to see Jing Tian and Chong Lou at one of the stalls at this one town, talking away while Jing Tian went back and forth between the little shop and where Xue Jian and Long Kui were. He had to find out the answer before getting back to Chong Lou and launch into discussions.

With Chang Qing, Jing Tian would often find ways to get the upper hand. Though Jing Tian seemed bossy, he did care for Chang Qing as friends. He would joke or make rants to lighten the situation. They fought alongside each other whenever needed but they did not say much. It was their actions that count with their friendship. Sure, Jing Tian ranted a lot more than Chang Qing could ever take at times but they did not get too cheesy regarding how their friendship was.

With Lei Yun Ting, of course, it was obvious that he and Jing Tian were love rivals. Yet they became friends later. Yun Ting wasn’t the competitive type and didn’t force Xue Jian into doing anything she didn’t want. He only wanted her to be happy. Though Jing Tian would be talking nonsense to him, he didn’t mind, knowing the reason why Xue Jian liked Jing Tian so much. On the other hand, Jing Tian managed to put the whole rivalry thing aside to help Yun Ting that one time when the demons were invading Yun Ting’s place.

Jing Tian and Chong Lou were more like that of “knowing the hero, respecting the hero” concept. When Jing Tian was Fei Peng, he wanted desperately to find someone who could match his abilities and be able to fight with. Chong Lou felt the same way thus feeling quite happy that they met thousands of years ago. However, when Chong Lou found Fei Peng as Jing Tian and Jing Tian wasn’t willing to fight–and not to mention how Jing Tian hated fighting and found it senseless, Chong Lou wanted more than anything to fight with Jing Tian. The battle wasn’t finished yet. After losing, Chong Lou kept his words. Upon encountering Zi Xuan and falling in love with her, Chong Lou then realized that there were other things besides fighting. He changed his views and realized how senseless all of the battles were. It was then that he and Jing Tian ended up on the same path again. They could share things together–though Chong Lou might be talking too deep–or too vague for Jing Tian to understand. But it was still funny to see those scenes, all the same, especially the one described at the beginning of the post.

Another thing was I never realized that Chong Lou would end up being on their side during the last battle. I thought that he was supposed to be the main villain but he was actually one of the powerful ones that they could rely on. At least he was one of their hopes to defeat the strongest enemy. So they found out that Chong Lou was defeated already but I thought it was a bit surprising that he became someone on their side. The story was much more complex than just some typical demon slashing one. What was even more ironic about the whole thing was how others have lost faith in Jing Tian, even Jing Tian himself YET Chong Lou never gave up, wanting to scold Jing Tian so Jing Tian would be stronger and not give up.

The part after they won the battle, Chong Lou wanted to challenge Jing Tian again. Yet this time, he said that they would not fight to the death–like before. Somehow, Chong Lou seemed to develop a sense of humor like Jing Tian, lol. Then the part where Chong Lou sought Jing Tian out to drink together and have a talk, Jing Tian was saying how Chong Lou finally have a chance with Zi Xuan but Chong Lou lectured Jing Tian back. It was so funny how Jing Tian retorted by telling Chong Lou that Chong Lou should go to Mt. Shu and be their leader since Chong Lou was becoming more and more like those Taoists. They continued to argue about what was the correct way to love someone, etc. Jing Tian was soon sabotaged by Xue Jian yet he was still trying to teach Chong Lou how to be human, lol. It was getting more addicting to watch them though it was near the ending.

And who could forget the friendship between Jing Tian and Mao Mao? Another character that Jing Tian tried to gain the upper hand with. Yet Jing Tian only allowed himself to be the one bullying Mao Mao and no one else. Mao Mao–though older than Jing Tian by years–would rather let Jing Tian be the ‘older’ one. Of course, Jing Tian left him no choice but Mao Mao was very loyal to Jing Tian and always believed in whatever Jing Tian said. It was probably the same with Jing Tian trusting Mao Mao to do what was right when the time came. He seemed to be afraid of a lot of things yet his bravery was more than most people in here. So what if he wasn’t as smart? Or if he was simple-minded? He had a good heart and was even willing to sacrifice for people who might or might not deserve it. (I seriously wanted to cry upon seeing him losing his own flesh to gain food for the others. The suffering he had to go through yet the others had no idea–at least those villagers who would never appreciate it since they probably think it was what Jing Tian and the others should do for them.) His death was probably the most terrifying because it was so slow, so painful. Yet he just bit down his teeth to endure it all, not blaming anyone. He was indeed one of a kind and could be considered a god even. After all, who could do what he’d done? What surpassed everyone in here was that he never wanted any fame and/or credit for it, but just let Jing Tian take all the credit. His death was the most tragic and most worth crying over if anything.

Last but never least was He Bi Ping. Others said that he had switched sides and how rude he was to his friends, leaning on the side of disrespect since he gained some power. But I have always doubted if he switched side or not. It wasn’t because of believing him like how Mao Mao was at first but later was disappointed. But it was more because of what Jing Tian said. Jing Tian said the reason why Bi Ping even sided with the pawnshop owner was because Bi Ping wanted to help him. So, it made sense that he was doing the same thing. I watched carefully and he delivered a convincing performance with making fun of everyone around him for being fools. Yet there were always underlying words within that arrogant exterior. To think that Bi Ping seemed to not care as much or didn’t pay attention to what Jing Tian was saying half of the time, comparing to the loyal Mao Mao, but Bi Ping had done a lot for Jing Tian. He only discovered it after reading the note from Bi Ping and retrieving the jug.

What I found the most touching was the flashbacks of Jing Tian, Mao Mao, and Bi Ping. What was so sad yet amusing at the same time was the ones who sacrificed themselves for the whole world were not the most important people but those so-called ‘little people’ that others often ignored, even scolded upon. They could’ve been selfish until things eventually end anyway. But they chose to fight alongside their friends, knowing they would meet the worst fate first.

Chinese Paladin III: Most Touching Story

Of all the stories in here, the ones being discussed the most were the ones involving the main characters. Yet I thought the most touching one must be the one with Xi Feng. I finally figured it out when the old man was telling the story and then Xi Feng cried out for Chong Lou. Xi Feng was the guy who was following Chong Lou all along.

I thought that all the other stories of Fei Peng and Xi Yao or Jing Tian and Xue Jian, Long Kui, or even that of Chang Qing and Zi Xuan should all step aside. Though Xi Feng’s story was just a small story within all the complexities and trials they’d encountered, but it surpassed the others because it contained a subtle mysterious element and light touches of dramatic moments. Even Xi Feng’s character seemed to be in the background for the most part so when his story was finally being told, it drew even more fascination toward it.

I’m not trying to discredit the other touching stories. But I am just saying that Xi Feng’s story has become my favorite out of all because of its ability to surprise. It was actually refreshing to me because maybe I haven’t read many spoilers or read any that was relating to it versus the other main stories. Chang Qing and Zi Xuan’s story was just too much for my taste. And they even added in the whole Chong Lou story into an already complicated story. It felt dragged out. Perhaps it was because there were three lifetimes involved with Chang Qing’s character that made it too much. The other one regarding Jing Tian? It was interesting. It had its own direction and drew you in but less dramatic than the Chang Qing one. Long Kui was too much of a burden and too hectic for me to feel for her as much. Though I do pity her. But it was just too much. Too heavy.

Back to Xi Feng’s story. The background story was mysterious yet their reunion was really touching. The part where he came back and she was only a statue. He was trying to convince her that he was indeed the Xi Feng that she met and knew. But because he no longer had that soft and warm voice that she came to love, she was not able to recognize him. While that was going on, Jing Tian and the others were witnessing it nearby. Maybe it was one of the other reasons why the whole conflicts with Chong Lou, Zi Xuan, and Chang Qing even happened. It not only was testing both Zi Xuan and Chang Qing, but to make Chong Lou understand what love really was and the pain of separation. It even made Chong Lou sympathize with Xi Feng and eventually giving Xi Feng his freedom again.

Yang Mi: Xue Jian vs. Xi Yao

Some people prefer Xi Yao while others choose Xue Jian. Who is better then? Aside from both characters being portrayed by Yang Mi and the fact that Yang Mi portrayed the characters so well, convincing us that they were actually portrayed by two different people, what else is there? No one could shed off the fact that if there was no Xi Yao, there would be no Xue Jian. However, who did Fei Peng/ Jing Tian love more?

I think it was like what Hu Ge said regarding Fei Peng and Xi Yao. The relationship between them was not considered love. At least not like that. It was more Xi Yao’s one-sided love while Fei Peng’s heart lied somewhere else. He needed Xi Yao to cheer him on and support his belief. There was also this loneliness that he couldn’t stand, considering how every other god or goddess would only care for their own safety and/or well being OR would be jealous of his talents that he couldn’t find a friend among them. He also craved for someone who could match up to his level like Chong Lou. He treated Xi Yao like a good friend who he could share his feelings with. That was also why he felt responsible for causing her punishment along with his when he abandoned his duties and caused the worst for the Heavenly realm. He didn’t want to pull her into the conflict.

With Xue Jian, there was much more. Though Fei Peng had already reincarnated several lives and had become Jing Tian, his love with Xue Jian was more genuine. It consisted of constant teasing, arguments, and much more. Both sides were tugging and pulling. They were considered ‘guan jia’.

Xi Yao was gentle and calm. She was very peace-loving. Perhaps she cherished every moment of peace because it would mean the free time she could spend with Fei Peng. Xue Jian was very lively and would love a good adventure more than anything. However, that didn’t mean superior over one or another. Just because Xi Yao had prettier clothes than Xue Jian (or one might think) didn’t make the other less important.

Who had a stronger effect on Fei Peng/ Jing Tian? Of course Xue Jian. A good example would be the battle between Fei Peng/ Jing Tian and Chong Lou. The one when Jing Tian was posing as Fei Peng to meet with Xi Yao. When Xue Jian jumped in to make comments regarding how Jing Tian couldn’t match up with Chang Qing, Jing Tian tried even harder to prove his strength. Then Xue Jian went even further by praising that Chong Lou was handsome and powerful, causing Jing Tian to become even stronger than before. It was not only because he had forgotten his past life as Fei Peng that made Xue Jian had an advantage. But it was because his and Xi Yao’s relationship wasn’t as strong as his and Xue Jian’s.

It’s not that I’m siding with Jing Tian and Xue Jian because they were more fun to watch or would I consider Fei Peng and Xi Yao boring. I’m far more patient than that and if Fei Peng and Xi Yao’s love was not so one-sided, I would like their story also.

The saddest part out of Jing Tian and Xue Jian’s story was knowing that Jing Tian would die soon. Though the ending was left off to spare us from watching the tragic separation, it was so heartbreaking upon hearing Jing Tian yelled out that he did not want to leave. He wasn’t only answering to Xue Jian’s jokes. But he was also expressing his feelings toward leaving the world behind and more importantly, leaving Xue Jian. Though she did not know, it left him the last bit of reassurance that she could still live in happiness for the time being. (Hu Ge sure know how to make one cry here. He managed to bring out Jing Tian’s emotions really well.) I think though Jing Tian and Xue Jian got to live with one another, they were more pitiful than Chang Qing and Zi Xuan since Chang Qing and Zi Xuan got to spend more time together before the separation. Jing Tian and Xue Jian would eventually lose each other forever.

All aside from those conflicts, I must say that Hu Ge and Yang Mi have very good chemistry, and watching them was really addicting–regardless if they were Fei Peng and Xi Yao or Jing Tian and Xue Jian.

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Hu Ge: Li Xiao Yao or Jing Tian?

(image credit: as marked)

This question has been asked since Chinese Paladin III came out and I couldn’t help with debating it also. Seriously, I must choose Jing Tian regardless of how much I liked Xiao Yao and Yue Ru as a pairing. Why? The transition that was written for Xiao Yao just did not go well with me. Jing Tian seemed more down to earth and real in his way. There were many similarities in them, but there were definite traces of totally different characters in regard to how they handled matters at times (of course). Jing Tian was both a kind person and a loudmouth at the same time. It was just that over time that his good side came out more after being with the others on the journey. Xiao Yao? I don’t know. He was just too random at the beginning and then just changed for the better good later. Though I know it was the maturity through time and things he’d been through, but I feel that Jing Tian was more mature and more real in a sense. He was not one dimensional like being bad or mean all the time and then changing later. All the personalities in Jing Tian that co-exist at the same time made it more believable. Jing Tian was a loudmouth, but so what? Like he could stop that. Or he would worry for his friends yet do not say it in nicer ways. Here, it was similar to Xiao Yao that he cared for his friends and all, but it was just different. I just think that it was because of the way the story was at the beginning that made Xiao Yao lose momentum with his transition and the pace of the story. Jing Tian’s development in character was smoother.

With Xiao Yao’s story, I think it was more like a teenager growing up in exploring things around him, lusting after a girl, and then paying for the heavy price of a lifetime. It was until he went through different trials that he matured and developed a much more matured relationship, experiencing what was really known as going through hardships together, not just all talks like the first love that seemed sweet but became a burden when reality hit. He ended up paying for everything when his past caught up with him and then he had to take responsibility for what he’d done. (I seriously thought about it in modern terms in that way. I’m sorry but it seemed that way to me with how the story was.)

With Jing Tian, he knew the world around him already–at least in normal people world. So when he ventured into battling demons and much more, he was just inexperienced with the abilities to fight, not having to learn so much about love and hate (aka different relationships of life). He encountered them and learned even more, but it wasn’t random. There was actually a purpose that made sense about finding the five pearls and helping to restore peace all around, not running around senselessly trying to be a hero and protect some weakling like the other one. Jing Tian’s righteous actions were shown when he did not abandon Chang Qing and managed to bring Chang Qing to Mt. Shu no matter how Chang Qing told him to run first. Then there was the whole Jing Tian’s encounter with the monkey–who eventually became his master–showed that he knew how to react to certain situations. Though he was seemed immature at times, when the time called for it, he knew what to do, not hesitating. He valued friendship and treated others kindly–though in his own way. He did not go around lecturing people on how to behave (though he liked to pick on Xue Jian). But when he had to defend his friends, he was ready and was there, especially how he was really protective of Mao Mao–regardless of how he was seemed mean or trying to upstage Mao Mao in situations.

Or perhaps the plot had a lot to do with it that I chose Jing Tian over Xiao Yao. I liked the idea of him valuing friendship over love. Though there were romances, the friendship between Jing Tian and Chang Qing surpassed all the romances in Part III. Also, maybe it was because how Jing Tian and Xue Jian were the ones who possessed the jade pieces that reminded me of Tang Yu and Ah Nu in Part I, making me believe in the strong relationship between both pairings. Ah Nu had a crush on Xiao Yao just like how Xue Jian had a crush on Chang Qing at the beginning. It was showing their innocent sides yet there was some cuteness in it. Though I could not say that Tang Yu and Jing Tian were alike–since Tang Yu was not such a loudmouth (lol), but both valued friendship very much and their sense of righteousness was seen at various times throughout. They had a duty to follow and they weren’t afraid of fulfilling it at the end. (Didn’t Tang Yu sacrifice himself? There it was, the same pattern.)