Golden Bell Awards 2016: Winners

A year full of excitement and also some unexpected appearances. There was also some awkward moments but somehow the show managed to go on. Congrats to all winners! Best Supporting Actor - Drama - Presented by Peter Ho and Tiffany Hsu:Wu Cheng Di (吳政迪) - The Youth! (谷風少年) (Hakka TV)Andy Chen Yi (陳奕) - The … Continue reading Golden Bell Awards 2016: Winners

Year 2015 in Recap

  Oh joy, I'm bringing this back since it's another year of madness. How did it go? Let's check the number first, lol. Yes, before I start bragging and realized it wasn't worth bragging over, lol. But before I actually go into the stats, I would like to thank The New World and iHero for … Continue reading Year 2015 in Recap

Yesterday by Chris Wang

(Uploaded by: 泉谷明理の歌詞工作室) Song Title: Yesterday (昨日) Music by: Chen Jiong Shun (陳炯順) Lyrics by: Wang Shuai (王帥) Key: Bold = Chinese Navy Blue = Pin Yin Red Violet = English Sea Green = Vietnamese 一個人回家 聽電視說話 yi ge ren hui jia   ting dian shi shuo hua Returning home alone, listening to conversations on TV … Continue reading Yesterday by Chris Wang

Golden Bell Awards 2014: Winners

Okay, here are the results for this year. All are listed in the order they were presented. Best Film Editing - Presenter(s): Liang Xiu Shen ( 梁修身) and ?: An Bang and Zheng Xin Kai (安邦、鄭心愷) - Double Happiness (主桌) Ke Wen Li (柯汶利) - Freeman (自由人) Fan Yang Zhong and Lin Xin Min (范揚仲、林欣民) … Continue reading Golden Bell Awards 2014: Winners

Fan Fiction: Inspirational Songs

This is more like out of fun and to fill the blog with more randomness. One time I was talking to one of my fellow fan fic writers and she was surprised that I actually write with music on since it's more of a distraction for her than inspiration. So I started to wonder what … Continue reading Fan Fiction: Inspirational Songs