A Railway Life

image credit: Daai TV I started watching it shortly after it aired. However, a lot of other things happened, so I had to put it aside. I went back to it several months ago and watched it slowly as I was between things. So, how was it? Like the majority of Daai series, it revolved … Continue reading A Railway Life

DaAi Drama: Never Give Up

The other day I was doing my usual browsing and saw this. Great that Ehlo gets another DaAi drama. This time, Ehlo's pairing up with Christine Chang. I liked her since watching Jin Qu--although she wasn't around much. There are also other familiar faces that had worked with Ehlo in the past, like Stacy and … Continue reading DaAi Drama: Never Give Up

Ehlo’s New Drama: When We’re Together

As I was browsing for new dramas, I managed to discover Ehlo's new drama. This is probably Ehlo's umpteenth time getting married in a drama. Like he said in his posts, it seems like he has a lot of luck in dramas. Yet when will he find someone in real life? (LOL) *All images were … Continue reading Ehlo’s New Drama: When We’re Together

Love by the River: Tragic or Touching?

(Credit: 大愛戲劇一部) Yes, I'm really back to updating constantly on Jun Ya lately. But it's because the dramas kept piling up. I saw the news about this before the movie, but I ended up jumping ahead with updating the other one first. This production marked the third time Jun Ya got married in a DaAi … Continue reading Love by the River: Tragic or Touching?