Deceive by 183 Club

Song Title: Deceive (欺騙) Lyrics by: Ke Cheng Xiong (柯呈雄) Music by: Lacy and Tony Bruno Key: Bold = Original Lyrics Maroon = Pin Yin Blue: Jacky Golden: Ehlo Pink: Johnny Green: Ming Dao Purple: Sam Burnt Orange: Chorus 在半夜三點 無法入睡zai ban ye san dian   wu fa ru shuiAt 3'olock in the middle of the … Continue reading Deceive by 183 Club

183 Club’s First Album

Old album, but for sentiment's sake, I'm digging it out and reviewing it anyway. First thing I want to say is: I regretted not getting the other version. 'Cause I got the simple version so I could take advantage of a certain deal. I swear it was a bad idea. Free stuff isn't all that. … Continue reading 183 Club’s First Album