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I don’t know what’s the purpose of this post, but it’s just another excuse for me being random, I guess. But anyway, like the title said, it’s about tags. Since I usually hide my tags, this is what this post is all about. Yes, me sharing the most popular tags circulating my blog.

So let’s get started on the top ones. I know it seems obvious with who’s leading by looking at ‘Categories’, but the ‘Categories’ count is misleading. It’s because sometimes I tag people or topics but I don’t put it in ‘Categories’ because it belongs to ‘General’ only or such. So in this post, I will disclose the exact number as of the time of the cap above (which is actually Friday, January 24th in case anyone wants to keep track). I’ll list it backward so it would get even more exciting to see who’s the real winner, lol.

183 Club – 31 posts

Novia Lin, Su Yan Pei, Wilber Pan – 32 posts

Shen Shi Peng – 34 posts

Ai Cheng, Hu Ge – 37 posts

Becky Chang – 38 posts

Calvin Chen – 40 posts

Chen Bo Han – 43 posts

Dian Wan Da Lian Meng (Game Union) – 44 posts

Angela Chang – 45 posts

Ady An, Pan Bo Xi – 46 posts

Derek Chen, Ye Jia Yu – 47 posts

Jiro Wang, Lin Dao Yuan, Li Xing Wen, Nicholas Teo – 48 posts

Hao Zi , Xia Zheng Feng, Yao Yuan Hao – 49 posts

Ah Xiang, Debbie Huang – 50 posts

Ah Gan, Liu Xiang Ci, Qian Jun Zhong – 51 posts

Fahrenheit – 52 posts

Fu Zi Chun – 53 posts

Pang Yong Zhi aka Ah Pang – 54

TVB – 64 posts

Cyndi Wang – 72 posts

Wallace Huo – 73 posts

Rookies’ Diary – 84 posts

Jacky Chu – 97 posts

FTV – 98 posts

Joanne Tseng aka Qiao Qiao – 107 posts

Denny Tang Feng (Tang Jia Hao) – 112 posts

Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu aka Xiao Xiao Yu – 125 posts


Zhao Jun Ya


Who knew, right? Well, I sort of knew he was one of the top 5. Yet I didn’t realize he ended up leading. Nice?

What about the others? It’s obvious from the majority of the people, it was because of Rookies’ Diary at one point that cranked the stats up for them. 43 episodes and they ended up with lots and lots of posts. It’s the same for some others, as long as I do some episode summary or recaps of stuff, they would benefit from it. However, the ones truly gaining posts because I had posted about them since the beginning are Xiao Xiao Yu, Tang Feng, Qiao Qiao, Jacky, Wallace, Cyndi, Nic, Ady, Angela, Hu Ge, and 183 Club. Calvin and Jiro only came into the picture in later years since I wasn’t that into Fahrenheit from the start, considering how some fans were scaring me away more than get into them. Too bad Chun didn’t make it into the most used tags because he only has 9 posts. YES, sadly. But not too bad since it was partially due to my laziness with updating on him. And yeah, same with Will as in he came into the picture later for me than the initial obsession with some people.

So, talking about the top 5, excluding FTV (since I already explained how it had to do with their dramas), what about them? Jacky made it, Wallace didn’t, why? Um, like I mentioned many times before, I listen to music more than watch stuff. Wallace just got really unlucky because, at times, I couldn’t find time to catch up on his stuff or I decided to give up. *shrugs* Jacky’s posts only slowed down when I was so mad at him that I didn’t want to bother anymore. Yet he always managed to find his way back into my posts somehow. (YES, he’s evil. He knows some voodoo OR something.) Moving on, it’s too obvious that Qiao Qiao would gain so many posts on my blog, but what was surprising was finding out she lost to Tang Feng. Then I realized the same thing that had happened with most of the people mentioned here. Rookies’ Diary happened, lol. Have no fear though, several more posts then Qiao Qiao would pass him to claim the 3rd spot. (LOL!) Now, about the little fish, lol. Xiao Xiao Yu had a lot of advantages because of the number of summary posts I did. She would have more if I had continued on with updating some of the summaries. Yet that’s not too bad with being in the 2nd spot–only three posts behind Jun Ya. And talking about Jun Ya, how in the world did it happen with me only blogging about him since like three years ago? I don’t know. It just happened. I only managed to slow down a tad because I got occupied with other real-life matters, and then there was the whole thing about his dramas being a tad vague like for the last bit of 2013. Yeah, he practically fell off the radar after Lucky Touch though I did hear some new drama in progress at that time, I wasn’t too sure. It wasn’t until now that I could be sure of something and could continue with updates again. In fact, there are several posts in the background regarding him but I still haven’t gotten around to it yet. At least not in a sense of a good post. But as I’m writing this, I realize before this post publishes, Jun Ya will jump up five more totaling his posts count to 133. So yes, he will continue to lead even though Achel, Joanne, and Jacky will jump up in posts as well.

Oh yeah, I initially didn’t want to tag them in this post since it would be too funny. It’s like “Are you kidding me? Tag them in the tag post?” kind of thing. But I decided to tag them anyway, but will minus one the next time I update on the tags again. Nice? So see you next time! Whenever that is that I feel crazy enough to get random about tags again. But I probably will only update on the top 10, and it will be on people, skipping topics/titles/station names. And who will gain the upper hand with the next update? Who knows?

Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 44

Back in normal clothes? OR NOT…

NOT that dog! LOL! But that was so random yet funny at the same time. Talking about crazy, right?

Since they were on the subject, she talked about her role in Chinese Paladin as Ding Xiang Lan. (She was cute in there! Although she only appeared a bit in the beginning.)

Oooohh, she stunned him, lol.

She got carried away again. (And of course he was rolling his eyes, lol.)

Now who’s getting carried away? LOL!

She doubt him? (Well, no surprise though.)

Sadly, this is really “goodbye” because this would be the last episode. It’s really a shame though, BUT nothing could be done since it has passed already with some stuff happening behind the scenes, etc.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 43

More randomness. But look at their strange characters, lol. No more poking fun of each other this time. Well, NOT yet. But they were just discussing about students getting time off from school, etc. More time for games, lol.

What? She was teasing him about his appearance, not looking like his character but a certain someone? LOL! I wonder why he didn’t return the attack? Or was he saving it for later? (Must admit that the ‘Transformers 3’ game looked quite exciting. But then again, it usually looks easier on-screen versus actual execution, lol.)

Too intense with talking about games. Well, that was the purpose of the show, right? LOL! But it was funny how he was picking on people playing games on smartphones.

Excited to play games, lol. Understandable.

He was already in pose. It looks like someone’s even more anxious to play games? LOL!

Oooohh, boxing. No wonder she was standing so far away, lol. Wouldn’t want to get hit, right?

And he wasn’t kidding about sweating. (I thought he was exaggerating again, lol.)

They got so excited describing the moves, lol. But I could see how cool it was when looking at the clips from the new version of ‘Street Fighters’, one of my favorite games so seeing it brought back some memories, lol.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 42

Someone looks unusually happy today, lol. But I must admit, I’m curious to see who they were posing as this time around.

OY, I’m getting really bored with that joke already. Just hope he would move on already. GOD! Though it’s funny at first but it’s dragging to the point of unbearable.

What? Okayyyyy… (I root for her to hit him really hard at this point. It doesn’t matter if he stops OR not with the jokes.)

Reminding of important matters, lol. But on the other hand, why was he so fidgety all of a sudden? LOL! Impatient about something?

Yay! They’re finally playing games, lol. At least she’s playing while he’s narrating. Whoa, watching her shooting is too dangerous, and nerve-racking, lol. Don’t piss this girl off, EVER! (LOL) OY, too bad ran out of time. NOT used to the new controls yet? Perhaps.

He’s playing a different game. And we all know why he chose that game, right? LOL! But that’s so cool, he did it! Though it was funny seeing her compliment him. He continues to play as she narrates us into the next part, lol. Couldn’t help it since he’s really impressive thus far, lol.

Excited about summer, lol. (It was near summer vacation for students around this time.)

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 41

Oooh, creepy, lol. And he was still operating on the idea that she would dress as what he (and the audience) expected from the last time? LOL! (Get a grip, man, lol.)

Still talking about the age thing. AND they didn’t stop, lol.

Introducing their characters, AND getting carried away with acting out their parts again, lol. Ooooh, he said that she was the one who was scary? OY, they’re going around in circles, lol. She’s strangling him again.

Caught off guard, lol. Apologizing because she was in her role? YET he pointed out that it wasn’t just her role but she was usually like that too. (Implying she was crazy anyway, lol.)

Goofy pose from him again. At least the expression.

What now? His turn to act fierce? OMG, he’s still going about the costume thing with the last segment. OY, let it go already! LOL!

Throwing tantrums now?

And she’s hiding behind Alice’s shield, lol. (Like in case he goes after her for something in the future, like bringing up the past.)

Average episode for me. At least I wasn’t so hyped over some of the games as previously, except for the part where they were introducing the PS Vita’s features some more. And not to mention they didn’t play games this time. Probably no time but those were the highlight moments for me.

*All images were captured by DTLCT