Don’t Want To Leave by Nicholas Teo

(Uploaded by: aYmond Kee)

Song Title: Don’t Want To Leave (不想離開)

Music by: Boy Oh

Lyrics by: Fu Zhi Cai (傅志才)

Bold = Chinese
Dark Green = Pin Yin
Pinkish = English
Green = Vietnamese

qi shi wo bu xiang jie shi tai duo
Actually, I don’t want to explain too much
Thật ra tôi không muốn giải thích quá nhiều
雖然我離開 不代表什麼
sui ran wo li kai   bu dai biao she me
Although I’m leaving yet it doesn’t mean anything
Tuy rằng tôi rời khỏi nhưng đó không nói lên được gì
其實我想要 飛向更遠的地方
qi shi wo xiang yao   fei xiang geng yuan de di fang
Actually, I want to fly to a faraway place
Thật ra tôi muốn bay đi một nơi thật xa
如果我留下 你依然是那樣
ru guo wo liu xia   ni yi ran shi na yang
If I stay, you’re still the same as before
Nếu tôi ở lại, em cũng vẫn như ngày xưa

qi shi wo bu xiang yao qiu tai duo
Actually, I don’t want to demand too much
Thật ra tôi không muốn yêu cầu quá nhiều
應該的放開 應該的等待
ying gai de fang kai   ying gai de deng dai
Having to leave, having to wait
Phải rời khỏi, phải chờ đợi
其實我正想 帶走愛你的夢幻
qi shi wo zheng xiang   dai zou ai ni de meng huan
Actually, I really want to take away the fantasy of loving you
Thật ra tôi muốn đem ảo mộng yêu em rời khỏi
或許你不該 等著我回來
huo xu ni bu gai   deng zhe wo hui lai
Perhaps, you shouldn’t wait for my return
Có lẽ em không nên chờ tôi trở lại

qi shi wo   zhen de bu yuan yi fen kai
Actually, I truly am unwilling to separate
Thật ra tôi…thiệt sự không tình nguyện mà chia tay
gei ni zui wu gu de shang hai
Unintentionally leaving you with a deep wound
Vô tình đã để lại tổn hại lớn cho em
bu rang ni de yan lei liu xia lai
Not letting you shed tears
Không để cho nước mắt em rơi xuống

qi shi wo   zhen de bu fang xin li kai
Actually, I truly am uncomfortable with leaving
Thật ra tôi…thiệt sự không an tâm mà ra đi
shi bu shi ai bu neng zhong lai
Should love not be resurrected?
Tình yêu có nên bắt đầu trở lại hay không?
liu gei ni can que de ai wo zhi neng xuan ze li kai
Leaving you with such a shattered love, I could only choose to leave
Để lại cho em một mảnh tình tan vỡ, tôi chỉ có thể chọn lựa rời khỏi

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Only Nicholas

I know. Backtracking on my collection but have to, LOL. Another worth-collecting album (for me). It was honestly worth it. I wasn’t thinking about it much the first time but the second time around, it sank in and I didn’t regret getting it at all.

I have to say that Nic’s image in this one is still on the side of boyish. Still cute though.


1. Because of You (只因為你) – A hopeful song. Good start for the album. Uplifting indeed. Not sure if it was featured in Wei Xiao Pasta or not. (One of the songs he sang at the beginning.)

2. A Wound In The Heart (痛徹心扉) – The sub-theme song for Wei Xiao Pasta. A good, sad song. Very well-written.

3. Day & Night (日日夜夜) – Sad, touching song. Too sad for words. YET they were able to write it? Does that even make sense? (Don’t ask. I never make any sense.)

4. Struggle (掙扎) – Another well-written song. Not too depressing yet kind of sad. The struggle of feelings. Typical theme yet I liked the way it was written.

5. Forgotten (忘記愛過) – For some weird reason, I thought it would be suitable for some ancient series. Just listening to it the first time around with how it was written. I still liked it though.

6. Your Heart, My Heart – All right song. Not really my favorite though I liked how it was written. Maybe it was the mix that was affecting my mood toward it.

7. Understood (明白) – Powerful, uplifting song. Well, to me. For some weird, weird reason. Kind of inspirational in a way. Maybe ’cause it sort of had this feeling of bringing back memories, etc. I liked the beat of it also.

8. Don’t Want To Leave (不想離開) – That haunting feeling of not wanting to leave for whatever reason, wanting to make an excuse–any excuse–to delay that departure. And there was also the feeling of not knowing what would happen in the future yet not wanting to hold others back either. Nice song.

9. Make The Best Out Of It (將錯就錯) – Know what it was talking about, but didn’t really like this song for some reason.

10. That Year (那一年) – I don’t know what spot this song takes on my list, but it’s definitely one of my favorites.

11. Dad and Mum (爸爸媽媽) – A nice and touching song about parents. And the encouraging words about family overall.

12. Your Heart, My Heart (Strings Version) – I honestly do not know what’s the difference between this one and the other one. Maybe I have to listen to it more to distinguish the two. I meant it sounded the same. 5 times was not enough to tell the difference. I need to try harder, lol.


1. The Making of A Wound In The Heart (痛徹心扉 MV拍攝花絮) – The funniest thing about watching this is seeing the words scrolling by with random comments while Nic was trying to tell us about the shooting of it, etc. Then the scene where they were shooting the part where he was settling down at the step next to her in front of the house, I was wondering what would it be like if it was Cyndi. (JUST KIDDING…but it would be fun to imagine.) Nic playing with the crutch! (Hope he didn’t hit anyone!) Pretty cool actually. (Well, if people know me, they would know how excited I get with BTS moments.)

2. A Wound In The Heart MV (痛徹心扉 MV完整版) – Watched this MV before–more than twice–when it was circulating on the net. (OKAY, I LIED, it was more than 10 times.) BUT it beats watching it again on VCD. Honestly, I just loved how the transition was done with each of the scenes while he was reminiscing back to the old days. Like the part where he yanked the white cloth back in frustration and then we were able to see another set of memories lost in time. And I wasn’t really paying attention before (since it was blurry) but after reading the messages she left for him, it was really, really sad. I almost cried IF the song didn’t end. That was just sad. Nicely done MV.

3. The Making of Because of You (只因為你 MV拍攝花絮) – More scenes of Nic goofing off! (I pity the director! JUST KIDDING!) More funny scrolling subtitles, lol. Second funniest part was seeing Nic reading the cards for this one lady who excused herself to take the call. What was the funniest? Reading it for the mob boss! He kept drinking water! So nervous! Can’t blame him!

4. Because of You MV (只因為你 MV完整版) – Inspirational MV. Nic reading the Tarot cards? LOL!

5. The Making of Day & Night (日日夜夜 MV拍攝花絮) – Nic getting sprayed by water! What fun! Well, they were trying to give the dog a bath BUT it was the typical story of the dog spraying them instead. How great was that? Nic kept NG-ing so the dog got bored and ran away? Priceless! It was funnier watching him trying to control the dog! It was supposed to be a touching song! LOL! Nic gave up on the dog! LOL! He didn’t care to grab on to steer the dog back anymore! How funny was that? The easiest part must be the dog laying flat on the floor and Nic was just stroking its fur.

6. Day & Night MV (日日夜夜 MV完整版) – Nice job, everyone! The MV pulled through! Aside from the happy scenes with the dog being active, they had to cut the dog out. Probably ’cause he couldn’t stay still? LOL! Poor doggie!

*All images were captured by DTLCT