Liao Zhai 2 (Uploaded by: chiffon168) Ending Theme Versions: Featuring Luo Sha Hai Shi and Yan Zhi: Here Featuring Yi Ning and Fen Die: Here Featuring Lian Xiang and Yi Qian: Here I said that I would do an overall analysis on this one so here goes. I thought this set of stories was quite lacking compared … Continue reading Liao Zhai 2

Liao Zhai 2: Fen Die

(image credit: as marked) It was in the third place when I was anticipating the series but it eventually tied with the first place, considering how my fond of Eddie and Esther's pairing up grew over the years. And this story was a tad disappointing though it combined the mystery element with all the fairy … Continue reading Liao Zhai 2: Fen Die