Fighter of the Destiny

I finally got around to watching this a while back but haven’t posted the review yet. I also need to clarify that I didn’t read the novel so I will just base my review on what’s in the series. I actually tried to read the novel but got impatient and then flipped to the end a bit. I ended up hunting down for the summary of some characters instead and understand a bit about the situation of the adaptation. But back to the series. How was it? I’ll save the rants for it below.

Main Cast:

  • Lu Han (鹿晗) as Chen Chang Sheng (陳長生). He was really likable and relatable as a protagonist. I felt there were many sides to him that it was enough to be an interesting main lead. He had serious moments (plenty, considering his death always looming) and funny scenes–where he interacted comfortably with the others. I liked his intelligence and his kindness toward others. Sure, he had moments where he was super stubborn, but that was what sold me on him, considering most main leads nowadays were just too good to be true. I felt his rouge sides added to the character, but how there was a balance to his character so it wasn’t too over either–like trying too hard and then failed. What I also liked was his sword, lol. Super cool and convenient for road travel. He could store everything in there. This was my first time watching him and I must say I was surprised. Not that I doubt his capabilities of being the main lead. It was more like I only heard of his name but never watched him before. I was glad to finally watch him in this series.
    • Yang Ceng Xi (杨曾曦) as Childhood Chen Chang Sheng (幼年陳長生).
  • Guli Nazha (古力娜扎) as Xu You Rong (徐有容) aka Holy Girl (聖女). I don’t know what to say about this character except extreme frustration throughout. Okay, I have a lot to say yet I had to calm down for a bit to be able to write this review. First off, as the main lead, I felt she was really robbed–regarding the script. Sure, she appeared a lot. But I felt the writers played her major time. She was so bland that I felt I couldn’t justify half of her actions. Sure, she was after all their Holy Girl and had to act appropriately according to the rules, whatever. But I felt, later on, her contribution to the plot was so weak. I wished she had a solid story so it convinced me why she was the main lead. I didn’t need her to jump in and save the day all the time. That would be unrealistic. Yet I felt aside from the scene where they conspired to save Chang Sheng out of that maximum-security prison, she didn’t have other scenes where she stood out. Sure, she fought along their side and contributed to help think of plans, but I felt it was still weak. It was still a part of her duty sort of thing. I liked her stubbornness and how she wouldn’t marry QSJ just because the others wanted her to. I liked her rebellious schemes later on–when she finally agreed to join in with the others to break Chang Sheng out (like said before). But why wasn’t she given anymore subplot to convince of her importance? It was 50+ episodes and she only stood around the majority of the time and discussed stuff and be lovey-dovey with Chang Sheng at other times? I got that she was smart in her own way and I liked that she had her reasons for not wanting Chang Sheng to become too obsessed with the constellations. But what else was there for her? Even her scene where she sabotaged Nan Ke’s wedding became a plot for QSJ to turn around. Really? I felt she just became a plot device so QSJ could shine somehow or just a reason for CS and QSJ to disagree–although I do like Chang Sheng a lot. But it didn’t make it any less of frustration to see the main girl so inactive. Aside from that, I felt that Nazha had improved so much with her acting since The Classic of Mountains and Seas. I’m proud of her. It sounds confusing, considering how I criticized the character so much yet I felt Nazha did a good job with portraying such a role, showing the depth of her character with whatever was given. She exuded the Holy Girl vibe very well and was quite articulated. Her ability to express with her eyes also improved immensely as well.
    • Lu Chen Yue (吕晨悦) as Childhood Xu You Rong (幼年徐有容).
  • Janice Wu (吴倩) as Bai Luo Heng (白落衡) aka Luo Luo (落落). She was my favorite female character in here. I was surprised. I thought I would dislike her because of a possible role in the triangle. But I felt she had exceeded all expectations. She was lively and fun. Not to mention so loyal and caring and lovable. There were so many sides to her. She was sort of spoiled too–somewhat–but she was still likable in many ways. I cried many times for her and felt that Janice did a very good job. I liked her since watching DOMD and felt she acted quite well in there. She took her acting to another level. I think her performance was what made her character so likable and enjoyable to watch. It was really sad to see her acting so passive toward the others later. I thought it would be for the best later since she had to move on anyway. But it was really tragic. The transition of her character also proved Janice’s acting was quite convincing.
  • Joseph Zeng (曾舜晞) as Tang Tang (唐棠) aka Tang San Shi Liu (唐三十六). He was hilarious. I loved how he was Chang Sheng’s first friend since arriving at that place. I thought he would be arrogant and look down on Chang Sheng, but he wasn’t so. He was quite grounded for a somewhat spoiled young master. He loved to show off and was very proud of his inventions. Yet he was surprisingly likable. Sure, he did have his crazy moments and was mad at Chang Sheng over some misunderstanding too. But I thought I forgave him since he did leave that one group to join Chang Sheng’s school to show his support. When things mattered, he did back Chang Sheng up. Not to mention, all of those inventions. It was too cool. Anyway, he was my second favorite male character in here.
  • Amelie Xu (许龄月) as Mo Yu (莫雨). I didn’t like her at all–if that was too cruel to say. Yet it was too hard to like her. It wasn’t because she sided with QSJ regarding the triangle either. Partly, but like how the rest of that place totally looked down on others–it was like a rule or something, you have to look down on outsiders to be called one of them. I could respect it that she finally admitted it that Chang Sheng had a good side but she was still siding with QSJ regarding the triangle. Yet what I found ironic for the majority of the series was how she didn’t see it that she was forcing You Rong YET she didn’t like the empress’ nephew either (who hit on her multiple times during the earlier parts of the series). I felt bad for her that she had become that way near the end. It was sad for her and Tang Tang yet that didn’t make her a top character for me either. Hey, I found it super hard to like You Rong too so it wasn’t like I was just picking on her.
  • Gao Han Yu (高瀚宇) as Xuan Yuan Po (轩辕破). He was probably my favorite male character in here. After having watched him in SCI Mystery, I was ready to see another role of his. In fact, that was the reason why I moved on to watching this series earlier than expected. (Yes, my list’s still super long and I don’t know if I could finish it in this lifetime, really.) I had followed it while it was airing but didn’t think to watch it so soon. Anyway, back to GHY, definitely a different role from SCI since his IQ was brought down even more, lol. But he was a really lovable character. He was funny–without knowing possibly. He was seriously loyal and caring toward his friends. It was hilarious. I also liked his crush on Luo Luo and felt it was too bad they couldn’t be together either. Well, he was going to guard her temple later so it wasn’t for nothing. But still sad. The saddest part was how he was crying–or on the verge of crying–knowing that she would forget him too eventually and seeing how it was already happening to Chang Sheng. What was even funnier with him was how he loved to eat but also could cook up a storm. It was a nice touch since in other series, we only get to see those loving to eat and pig out from others’ cooking. Yet he was able to do both. Anyway, GHY’s acting was quite good in here. I think I like him even more in here.
  • Chen Shu (陈数) as Tian Hai You Xue (天海幽雪) aka Holy Empress (圣后). Mixed feelings throughout. Sometimes, I got it from her speeches or her intentions that she was looking at the bigger picture and caring for her citizens. Other times, I just thought she was crazy.
  • Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) as Yin Xing Dao (寅行道) aka Royal Scholar (教宗大人) aka Red Robe (紅袍). Um, I have flashbacks of the ’90s when Eddie was portraying villainous roles all over again, lol. His schemes were elaborate and he was smart enough to stay in the background. However, I felt his intelligence could only be so much. Why? Seriously, he wanted to become king and all but ended up having to control the constellations as well? Um, not too smart there. Aside from that, I didn’t doubt Eddie’s acting.


  • Yao Di (姚笛) as Nan Ke (南客). I didn’t like her but had to admit her character got some mystery and depth to it. Even if she was from the opposing side, I actually admired her stubbornness at times. I hated her stupid jealousy rants but felt she had a better story than oh-say the main girl. Yes, I kept going back to that, but I seriously don’t get why You Rong got the short end of the stick like that. Anyway, I thought the actress did quite well–like some others did in here. She showed her emotions nicely.
  • Johnny Zhang (张峻宁) as Qiu Shan Jun (秋山君). Seriously, right from the start, I didn’t like him. It wasn’t because of his involvement in the triangle. But I’m known to not root for the too-good to be true guy. He was so bland and flaky that I found hard to relate to. People who are way above others/on top of the world would fall the hardest when meeting with obstacles and he indeed fell hard. The fact that he only got more interesting once he turned was really sad. I felt his saving point was the actor’s acting. Because he was so convincing in those scenes, the struggles and the unwillingness to let go of many things in his life. And then there went the reason why I was so mad at the writers. They managed to conjure up such a story for GSJ and couldn’t come up with an ounce of a decent plot for You Rong? Seriously? Even Nan Ke got some depth to her character–aside from the senseless jealousy.
  • Archie Kao (高聖遠) as Jin Yu Lu (金玉律). It was really interesting to see Archie in an ancient setting, lol. I wasn’t used to it but found his character likable. Archie didn’t disappoint in the acting department–obviously. I sometimes felt really bad for him for having to chase down Luo Luo time after time. Later, it was revealed their relationship wasn’t just that of master and servant but there was something deeper. He treated her like family and even promised to stay by her side in the future. Too bad he wasn’t able to fulfill that promise. It was really tragic with his death. I shed a few tears. One of the most tragic deaths of the series.
  • Lin Si Yi (林思意) as Little Black Dragon (小黑龙) aka Zhu Sha (朱砂). I loved her. She was hilarious. At times, she was so stubborn but she was quite likable. One of my favorite scenes was when she used one hand to hold her food and the other hand to lift the door for them to flee. It was awesome. She was after all a powerful dragon. The other character in here who was obsessed with food, lol. I don’t think I could blame her since she was trapped in that place for so long.
  • You Jing Ru (尤靖茹) as Qi Jian (七間). I didn’t care for her sect nor the rest of the members, but she was an exception. Not just because they were isolating Chang Sheng because they were taking their senior’s side, but how they were looking down on Chang Sheng and others in general. Anyway, she was different for me because–although she liked Qiu Shan Jun–but she had a likable persona to her since she appeared. It was like something I was looking forward to finding out more–or if she would appear more than some of the cast in here. It was a different character, so I was curious. She turned out to be quite righteous and reliable later. I didn’t just like her because she later followed them and aided them greatly–that was a bonus, but I liked how she was different from Nan Ke (aka someone else who liked QSJ but reacted differently). She wasn’t jealous of others who liked QSJ or the one QSJ liked. She was grounded in that way and was smart and determined in many areas. Although the others treated her with caution, wanting to protect her at times, but she proved herself to be quite capable.
  • Fu Li Jun (冯荔军) as Gou Han Shi (苟寒食). I had to make an exception from that one sect for him too. Sure, I got that he was worshiping QSJ too–it was hard not to, but I liked that he knew how to think for himself, not acting as a crowd to bully Chang Sheng. Initially, he wanted to show loyalty for his senior, but later interacting with Chang Sheng, he learned to respect Chang Sheng. I felt he was actually a true hero among the members of his sect, NOT QSJ. I’m not saying that because I sided with Chang Sheng regarding the other triangle, but I felt Gou Han Shi was a hidden hero, not showy but genuine.
  • Liu Kai Fei (刘凯菲) as Zhou Yu Ren (周玉人) aka Black Robe (黑袍). Zhou Du Fu’s younger sister. That was a major surprise. I meant with her relation to Zhou Du Fu. It was interesting how she collaborated with the Red Robe dude and then later wanted to switch sides. It made sense since they wanted to survive or at least take down whichever side they felt was more of a threat. But just found that really interesting. I had some suspicions during the scenes where they were in the tomb like she had a special relation to Zhou Du Fu but didn’t realize it was that close.


  • Eric Tsang (曾志偉) as Taoist Ji (計道人) aka Shang Xing Zhou (商行舟). Chang Sheng’s master. I thought he was a funny master, considering how it was Eric and all. But I felt he totally played Chang Sheng major time. Yes, he seemed to have his reasons back then, but it was sooo messed up to inflict such tragedies into Chang Sheng’s life. But I guessed since he had no one, it was so easy to influence and change his life however. I felt Chang Sheng was already so forgiving with the situation. I wasn’t grateful that he sided with them later and not with his junior. I felt it was overdue that he did something.
  • Fu Jia (付嘉) as Yu Ren (余人). Chang Sheng’s senior, the real son of the Holy Empress. I seriously didn’t think much of him so it was a surprise that he turned out to be the real son. I didn’t mean I looked down on him or anything. I liked that he was Chang Sheng’s good senior and always supported and encouraged Chang Sheng on throughout. However, I thought he was just another character. Well played.
    • Liu Ruo Gu (刘若谷) as Childhood Yu Ren (幼年余人).
  • Wang Ce (王策) as White Emperor (白帝). Luo Luo’s father, also the king of the demon clan.
  • Gong Bei Bi (龚蓓苾) as White Queen (白后). Luo Luo’s mother, also the queen of the demon clan.
  • Xue Jia Ning (薛佳凝) as Mo Yu’s mother (莫雨母亲).
  • Zhai Tian Lin (翟天临) as Zhou Du Fu (周独夫). Interesting character yet there were many things I still wanted to know about him.
  • Ren Shan (任山) as Tian Hai Cheng Wu (天海承武). Tian Hai You Xue’s older brother. Didn’t think much of him except he was there to cause conflicts.
  • Que Zhe Ming (曲哲明) as Tian Hai Ya Er (天海牙儿). Tian Hai Cheng Wu’s son, Tian Hai You Xue’s nephew. I felt his character was as useless as his father. It didn’t really contribute anything except side dramas.
  • Quan Pei Lun (权沛伦) as Guan Fei Bai (關飛白). It was indeed a shocker for him when his senior turned and killed him, which he realized wasn’t intentional but it was too late.
  • Xiao Yu Liang (肖宇梁) as Zhuang Huan Yu (莊換羽). I didn’t care for him throughout, considering how he was super jealous of Chang Sheng and still dared to act all righteous. He was a coward and despicable. So it was strange to see him trying to help Tang Tang that one time and then died in the conflict. It was strange. Did he repent when I blinked? Because by that time, I was getting really impatient to see the series wrap up.
  • Maggie Siu (邵美琪) as Xun Mei (荀梅). Short appearance, but sort of interesting to see.
  • Wang Gang (王岗) as Tang Qiu  (唐秋). Tang Tang’s father. Mixed feelings.
  • Zhang Jia Ding (张嘉鼎) as Tang Hai (唐海). Tang Tang’s adopted brother. I didn’t like him at all. It didn’t matter what his excuses were and his actions throughout. He didn’t gain any sympathy from me. It was sort of funny seeing how Tang Tang kicked him to Kingdom Come, lol.
  • Hao Shuai (郝帅) as Xiao De (小德). A general of the demon clan, wanted to marry Luo Luo. I was suspicious of him at times. Or because of his mysterious nature. But anyway, I guessed it was all right. At least he didn’t cause trouble or linger too long.
  • Yu Yang (于洋) as Shuang Er (霜兒). You Rong’s servant girl. Couldn’t really like her either although I know she couldn’t really be blamed since she can’t really control her own life.
  • He Zhong Hua (何中华) as Emperor of Zhou Dynasty (太宗). Only seen briefly at the beginning of the series and soon passed away.
  • Gao Yang (高洋) as Goddess of the demon clan (神女). A somewhat important role that influenced both Chang Sheng and Luo Luo’s destinies later.
  • Wu Ze Jin Xi (武泽锦熙) as Medicine Furnace Boy (药炉童子). Hilarious. I enjoyed his scenes. He was what made some of the scenes light up even more.


  • Cast. The majority of the cast did quite well.
  • The music. Always loved listening to Zhang Jie for theme songs so it was enjoyable for me. The rest of the soundtrack wasn’t bad either. It fitted with the series in general.
  • The majority of the friendships/bonds in here. Although some characters I cared for more than others, I had to admire them for their loyalty and support when things mattered.


  • Flashbacks. Seriously, this is the problem with the majority of the series nowadays. Once again, I loved the music and liked hearing the songs. But I found at times, the flashbacks were unnecessary–except to promote the songs and possibly extend the length.
  • Length/Pace. Seriously, flashbacks contributed to the problem. On top of that, they didn’t know how to focus on the right story.
  • Organization. It was a mess. The jump back and forth between scenes wasn’t well planned. I meant there were some subplots that dragged on and on, then later it jumped to another subplot. It made us forgot what in the world happened with the other one. I wouldn’t want them to jump so dizzily from one scene to the next but at times when they show what was happening here vs another, it was really slow. Then at another time, they just glossed over essential details.

Recommended? I think it’s considered average. It could be a good series, but the length killed it. It should have been 35 episodes. Because of the reasons I listed above, the length was unbearable in many ways.


Exclusive Interview – Ji Xiao Bing: Honorable Imperial Cat’s Unexpected Popularity

Article Title/ Tựa Bài: Exclusive Interview – Ji Xiao Bing: Honorable Imperial Cat’s Unexpected Popularity / Phỏng Vấn Đặc Biệt – Quý Tiêu Băng: Sự Nổi Tiếng Ngoài Ý Của “Ngự Miêu” Chính Trực

In regards to view counts, surrounded by costume dramas that were airing during the summer vacation period, this figure, perhaps, could be referred to as “negligible.” Yet within two months, a web series having “zero publicity”, depended on their solid quality, gained praises from the public as being a “conscience drama.”

Yet this type of “word of mouth” favorable criticism was mostly due to the outstanding performances of the two male leads.

Among which were the “original” fans who admitted that “the character that was closest to the novel” was Ji Xiao Bing’s role, Doctor of Psychology, Zhan Yao.


Nói về số lượng xem, (phim) bị bao vây bởi phim cổ trang chiếu trong thời gian nghỉ hè, con số này có thể nói rằng “không đáng kể.” Nhưng trong vòng hai tháng, bộ phim trên mạng “không tuyên truyền”, được nhờ vào chất lượng vững chắc, đã được công chúng khen rằng “phim có lương tâm.” (Lời Người Dịch: Ý là nói phim làm bằng lương tâm vì dựa theo chất lượng, chứ không theo trào lưu.)

Thế nhưng, lời bình luận tốt bằng cách “truyền miệng” này là nhờ vào sự cống hiến xuất sắc của hai diễn viên nam chánh.

Trong đó, có những fan “đầu tiên” đã công nhận rằng “nhân vật mà gần nhứt với nguyên tác” là vai của Quý Tiêu Băng, Bác Sỹ Tâm Lý Triển Diệu.

As a result, in the past two months, the actor Ji Xiao Bing’s popularity rose suddenly and sharply.

Countless of “SCI girls” who have been following the drama daily and cheering it on are known as “Cat Addicts.” Yet afterward, there were a lot of them entering the pit, which the majority were nicknamed, “Ice Cream.” (Translator’s Note: This is a pun on Ji Xiao Bing’s name because they’re using the word “ice (冰)” to connect his name to “ice cream (冰淇淋).”)

So, in the past two months, to Ji Xiao Bing–who had entered the industry eight years ago, it had consisted of a lot of surprises and changes.

After the airing of SCI ended, Ji Xiao Bing accepted an exclusive interview from a journalist of the Qingjiang Evening News. Being popular and not being popular, perseverance and transformation, fight thoughts and the future, let’s listen to “Zhao Miao”, himself, to see what he has to say.


Vì vậy, nên trong hai tháng vừa qua, sự nổi tiếng của diễn viên Quý Tiêu Băng đã tăng lên một cách đột ngột.

Vô số “con gái của SCI” mà đã theo dỗi phim thường ngày và cổ võ cho phim, được gọi là “Hấp Miêu.” (Lời Người Dịch: Tức là mê mèo quá, bị mèo thu hút rồi.) Mặt khác, có rất nhiều người trong số họ sau khi vào “bẫy” rồi, thì được biệt danh là “cà rem.” (Lời Người Dịch: Tiếng Trung “băng kỳ lâm” là kem, nên fans nối chữ “băng” của Quý Tiêu Băng lại để làm biệt danh.)

Cho nên, trong hai tháng nay, đối với một người đã vào nghề tám năm nay như Quý Tiêu Băng mà nói thì nó đã bao hàm quá nhiều sự ngạc nhiên và thay đổi.

Sau khi SCI chiếu xong, Quý Tiêu Băng đã nhận sự phỏng vấn đặc biệt của ký giả của nhà báo Tiền Giang Tin Tức Buổi Tối. Được nổi và không được nổi, sự kiên trì và cải biến, những tư tưởng ban đầu và đối với tương lai, chúng ta hãy lắng nghe chính bản thân “Triển Miêu” có những lời nói gì.

The Male Lead That The Director “Collected”, “Zhan Yao and I are very similar” / Nam Vai Chánh Mà Đạo Diễn “Lượm Được”, “Triển Diệu và tôi rất giống nhau”

Director Shi Lei, upon Ji Xiao Bing’s accepting the exclusive interview, had nothing but words of praise for him.

All in all, Ji Xiao Bing was the most suitable candidate after having narrowed down among several hundreds of actors and having looked at several thousands of actor’s profiles. He was also the last actor to be chosen within the production.

“The director’s praise was quite good.” In regards to the director’s high praises, Ji Xiao Bing’s response was quite modest. However, he was also quite grateful to the director’s “good eyes”: “In fact, I think that the director’s vision is quite unique. I also feel that this role is similar to me.” (smile/laugh)

And yet reality proved that, regardless of the director’s insight or Ji Xiao Bing’s self-recognition, all are very accurate.

Ultimately, the “Zhao Yao” appearing in front of everyone currently was that of refined, calm, wise and farsighted, along with the interactions with Bai Yu Tong, which were very natural–with traces of arrogant and cuteness. And so, all of these were very accurate to the original characters, lively and still reserved the “essence of the original.”


Lúc mà Quý Tiêu Băng nhận cuộc phỏng vấn đặc biệt này, đạo diễn của SCI là Thi Lỗi, không ngớt lời khen ngợi đối với anh.

Chung quy, Quý Tiêu Băng là nhân tuyễn thích hợp nhứt trong hàng trăm diễn viên mà đã được chọn ra trong danh sách của diễn viên. Hơn nữa, anh cũng là người diễn viên cuối cùng mà đã được lựa chọn trong dàn diễn viên của phim.

“Lời khen ngợi của đạo diễn rất là tốt.” Đối với lời khen ngợi của đạo diễn, lời đáp của Quý Tiêu Băng cũng khá là khiêm tốn. Nhưng anh cũng rất cảm kích đối với “nhãn quang” tốt của đạo diễn: “Thật ra, tôi nghĩ rằng đạo diễn có một nhãn quang rất độc đáo. Tôi cũng cảm thấy rằng nhân vật này giống như tôi vậy.” (cười)

Và sự thực đã chứng minh được rằng, bất luận là nhãn quang của đạo diễn hay là sự công nhận của Quý Tiêu Băng, tất cả đều rất đúng.

Cuối cùng, một “Triển Diệu” xuất hiện trước mặt mọi người là một người thanh nhã tú khí, bình tĩnh, nhìn xa hiểu rộng, cùng với sự giao lưu với Bạch Vũ Đồng rất là tự nhiên, lại thêm phần kiêu ngạo và dễ thương. Vì vậy, tất cả đều rất chính xác với nhân vật của nguyên tác, sống động và có “tính chất của nguyên tác.”

SCI was Ji Xiao Bing’s first leading role in a TV series. He took into account everyone’s recognition, owing to his similar personalities with Zhan Yao, along with the director’s guidance.

The reason was that he had to jumped right into filming although he hadn’t finished reading the script. Yet he wasn’t afraid of not being able to effectively portray the role.

Yet talking about worry, he still had some. “Because he had a lot of cases to analyze, confrontation scenes with criminals, and required of quick thinking nature. There were scenes where he had a lot of lines to deliver. The workload was huge. Those moments were quite worrisome. He wanted to do his best to deliver those lines, and to act even better.”

This was Ji Xiao Bing’s first time acting in a role possessing such a high IQ. So much so that this role “departed from normal people’s category”: “Actually, from the start, it was a little hard for me to adapt.”


SCI là bộ phim truyền hình đầu tiên của Quý Tiêu Băng mà anh đảm nhận vai chính.

Lý do là vì Quý Tiêu Băng chưa coi xong kịch bản thì đã quay ngay, nhưng lại không sợ tý nào đối với việc phải đảm nhiệm nhân vật này.

Nhưng mà nói về lo thì cũng có chút lo. “Bởi vì anh ta có nhiều vụ án phải phân tích, có nhiều cảnh đối đầu với phạm nhân, và cần phải có một đầu óc ứng biến lanh lẹ. Có một số cảnh anh ta có rất nhiều lời đối thoại phải đọc. Lượng công tác rất nhiều. Những lúc đó, thiệt khẩn trương. Anh muốn tận hết khả năng để mà đọc những lời đối thoại đó, và biểu diễn tốt hơn nữa.”

Đây là lần đầu tiên mà Quý Tiêu Băng diễn một nhân vật có trình độ IQ cao. Thậm chí nhân vật này giống như đã “thoát ly ra khỏi phạm vi của người thường”: “Thật ra, từ lúc bắt đầu, tôi đã có chút khó khăn để mà thích ứng.”

About two weeks after the start of filming, the majority of the scenes consisted of analyzing the cases at the police department.

“At that time, I thought my performance would be even better if I had included more details.” As a result, he added in a little more motions and emotions, in order to achieve the character Zhan Yao, Hong Kong’s best psychological doctor, always calm, possessing wisdom and farsightedness.

There was one time that Zhan Yao had to stand on a lift for a scene, confronting a murderer. That scene was the one that left the deepest impression on everyone, Zhan Yao’s “aura fully revealed” scene, even the behind-the-scenes showed the enthusiastic discussions.

That “high energy”, confrontation scene–both intense and brilliant, also took Ji Xiao Bing the longest time to prepare for it (comparing to all the scenes in the series), leaving a deep impression on him.

The day before filming, he used the whole day to recite the script, considering how to act out that part.


Khoảng hai tuần sau khi khởi máy, toàn là quay những cảnh phân tích án tình tại cục cảnh sát.

“Trong lúc đó, tôi nghĩ rằng nếu tôi thêm một chút chi tiết vào cho biểu diễn thì sẽ khá hơn nhiều.” Thế là, anh ta thêm vào những động tác và biểu cảm nhỏ, để mà thể hiện ra nhân vật Triển Diệu, một bác sĩ tâm lý giỏi nhứt Hương Cảng , lúc nào cũng bình tĩnh, nhìn xa hiểu rộng.
Có một lần, Triển Diệu phải diễn cảnh đứng trên cái trục cùng với hung phạm chạm trán. Đó là cảnh mà ấn tượng nhứt với mọi người, cảnh mà Triển Diệu đã “khí chất toàn phát”, cả đoạn phim hậu trường cũng thấy được mọi người bàn tán rất say sưa.

Cảnh chạm trán “năng lượng cao”, vừa khẩn trương vừa ngoạn mục kia, đã khiến Quý Tiêu Băng phải dùng một thời gian dài nhứt (so với những cảnh khác trong phim) để mà làm chuẩn bị, và đã để lại ấn tượng sâu nhứt cho anh.

Một ngày trước khi quay, anh đã dùng nguyên một ngày để đọc kịch bản và suy nghĩ làm sao để mà diễn.

Acting Is Enjoyment, Always “Dissatisfied” With Self / Diễn Xuất Là Sự Hưởng Thụ, Đối Với Bản Thân Vĩnh Viễn “Không Hài Lòng”

Not finishing with its airing, SCI has brought upon popularity and influence, surpassing by far Ji Xiao Bing’s own expectations.

What was even more “unexpected” were the tens of thousands of additional “Ice Cream” on a daily basis. They regretted not knowing Ji Xiao Bing earlier. Generally, these were the feelings of the new fans because of SCI.

The one who just started to “investigate” felt that Ji Xiao Bing is just like a “hidden treasure kind of guy.”

Knowing (about) Ji Xiao Bing isn’t difficult. Born in Jiangsu, compared to acting, he actually preferred calligraphy, drawing, playing musical instruments–these types of arts. “I would use a small musical calculator to play a simple nursery rhyme.”


Trong lúc chưa chiếu xong, SCI đã đưa lại sự nổi tiếng và ảnh hưởng lớn, nó đã vượt qua sự dự tính của bản thân Quý Tiêu Băng.

Cái mà càng “ngoài ý” đối với Quý Tiêu Băng là số lượng cả trăm ngàn thành viên “Cà Rem” (fan) tăng lên mỗi ngày. Họ hối hận không sớm biết được Quý Tiêu Băng. Đó là đại khái những cảm nghĩ của những fan mới bởi vì SCI.

Những người mới bắt đầu làm cuộc “khảo cổ” cảm thấy rằng Quý Tiêu Băng là một “bảo tàng.”

Muốn biết về Quý Tiêu Băng không khó chút nào. Anh sanh tại Giang Tô, so với việc diễn xuất, hồi nhỏ thật ra anh thích những thứ nghệ thuật như viết chữ, vẽ tranh, chơi nhạc cụ nhiều hơn. “Tôi sẽ dùng cái máy tính điện tử phát âm nhạc nhỏ để đệm những bài nhạc thiếu nhi đơn giản.”

When he was little, his dreams and goals were to acquire high achievements in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Now thinking back, one has to thank Ji Xiao Bing’s mother, who has a passion for entertainment arts. She felt that her son possessed artistic abilities hence guiding him into studying acting.

Ji Xiao Bing graduated from Beijing Film Academy (北京电影学院) in 2005 with an undergraduate degree in acting. His classmates included Yang Mi, Yuan Shan Shan, Jiao Jun Yan, etc.

In 2010, Ji Xiao Bing officially entered the industry when he acted in the TV series Family Reunion (团圆). Because of his handsome image in Legend of Goddess Luo (新洛神)The Investiture of the Gods (封神英雄榜), and other ancient series, he was dubbed as “Handsome Man of Ancient Series.”


Lúc nhỏ, lý tướng và mục tiêu của anh là đạt được thành tích cao vào những môn toán học, vật lý học hoặc hóa học. Hiện tại nghĩ lại, nên cám ơn má của anh vì bà nhận ra rằng con trai mình có năng khiếu nghệ thuật nên đã dẫn dắt cho anh vào việc học biểu diễn.

Quý Tiêu Băng tốt nghiệp tại Bắc Kinh Điện Ảnh Học Viện năm 2005 với bằng cấp về biểu diễn. Bạn học cùng lớp với anh là Dương Mịch, Viên San San, Tiêu Tuấn Diễm, vân vân…

Năm 2010, Quý Tiêu Băng chính thức vào ngành lúc tham gia vào phim Đoàn Viên. Bởi vì hình tượng tuấn tú trong Tân Lạc Thần, Phong Thần Anh Hùng Bảng và những phim cổ trang khác, cho nên anh đã được khen tặng danh hiệu “Cổ Trang Mỹ Nam.”

Joined the industry eight years ago, acted in more than twenty TV series and movies, not all were high yielding dramas. Yet the dramas that allowed us to be more familiar with Ji Xiao Bing were from the past year.

In the April 2017 web series The Fox’s Summer (狐狸的夏天), Ji Xiao Bing portrayed the personal assistant of the chairperson, Gao Yang.

His style was very gaudy, which brought upon a “hilarious” appearance of a middle school youth, which was a major contrast from Ji Xiao Bing himself. Yet he depended on his solid acting, brilliantly bringing out the character’s joyful persona.


Vào ngành tám năm trước, đã diễn trên khoảng hai mươi tác phẩm–phim bộ lẫn phim điện ảnh, không phải tất cả đều có thành tích cao. Nhưng những phim mà đưa mọi người đến gần hơn với Quý Tiêu Băng là những tác phẩm gần đây.

Trong phim mạng Mùa Hè Của Hồ Ly phát sống vào tháng 4 năm 2017, Quý Tiêu Băng diễn vai Cao Dương, là bí thư của tổng tài.

Cách ăn mặc rất là loè loẹt nên đem lại cảm giác rất là “hài” và giống một học sinh cấp hai trẻ trung, tương phản lại với bản thân của Quý Tiêu Băng. Nhưng anh đã nhờ vào tài diễn vững chắc để diễn một cách sống động đối với một nhân vật tràn đầy vui nhộn như Cao Dương.

April 2018, Here To Heart (温暖的弦) aired, allowing more people to pay attention to one of the most handsome men of Shallow Cosmos (浅宇), who was dashingly handsome, having high IQ and EQ like “Xiao Gao Zong” Gao Fang.


Tháng 4 năm 2018, phim truyền hình Huyền Của Ôn Noãn phát sống, tạo nên cơ hội để nhiều người có thể chú ý vào một trong ba người đẹp trai nhứt của Tiên Vũ, một người anh tuấn, có IQ và EQ cao như là “Tiểu Cao Tổng” Cao Phóng.

These past eight years, Ji Xiao Bing had used all to focus on “acting.” Speaking of acting, it seemed like he couldn’t stop talking about it, something that is possible to share with everyone.

He told the journalist that SCI was the drama that he had the littlest time for preparation, was the most nervous during the filming process: “Because I’m the slowest person. I want to have more time (before filming) to do excellent homework.” (smile/laugh)

Despite the audience and the production team giving Ji Xiao Bing’s role “Zhan Yao” high marks, he still felt regret: “The audience’s encouragement was quite big. I, myself, feel that the performance was a pass (Translator’s Note: he meant a passing mark), just give it a 6. Actually, it could have been better.”


Tám năm nay, Quý Tiêu Băng đều dùng hết trên việc “diễn.” Nói về diễn, anh giống như có chuyện để nói hoài mà không hết, có thể kể cho mọi người nghe.

Anh nói với ký giả rằng SCI là bộ phim mà anh có thời gian ngắn nhứt để chuẩn bị, khẩn trương nhứt trong thời gian quay: “Bởi vì tôi là người chậm nhứt, nên muốn có thêm thời gian (trước khi quay) để mà làm bài tập thật tốt.” (cười)

Mặc dù khán giả và đoàn phim đều cho vai “Triển Diệu” của Quý Tiêu Băng điểm cao, nhưng anh vẫn cảm thấy hối tiếc: “Khán giả đem tới sự ủng hộ rất lớn. Bản thân tôi thì thấy rằng chỉ đạt tiêu chuẩn thôi, cho 6 điểm đi. Thật ra, có thể làm tốt hơn nữa.”

“Actually, after the majority of the filming was finished, I, myself, wasn’t satisfied with it.” Ji Xiao Bing’s self-expectations are severe, exceeding an average person’s imagination: “In the acting career, extremely few people are satisfied with themselves, very few.”

Perhaps, because of that feeling of “not being satisfied” that had allowed Ji Xiao Bing to preserve the initial feeling of being an actor from the start.


“Thật ra, sau khi đa số bộ phận của phim đã được quay xong, bản thân tôi lại không cảm thấy hài lòng chút nào.” Yêu cầu của Quý Tiêu Băng đối với bản thân thiệt nghiêm khắc, vượt qua sự tưởng tượng của người thường: “Trong ngành diễn, có rất ít người được hài lòng với chính mình, rất ít.”

Co lẽ là vì cái cảm giác “không hài lòng” đó mà đã khiến Quý Tiêu Băng bảo trì được cái cảm giác ban đầu của một người diễn viên lúc bắt đầu cho tới giờ.

Adjusting Attitude After “Unexpected Popularity”, Vying For A Good Role / Điều Chỉnh Tâm Trạng Sau Khi Sự “Nổi Tiếng Ngoài Ý”, Cố Gắng Hết Mình Cho Một Vai Tốt

“Since when did you realize that Ji Xiao Bing has become famous?”

“This, I haven’t realized it at all. (smile/laugh) However, I’ve really received a little bit of attention, regardless of fans’ fondness toward me, or the acknowledgment from within the industry, all contained very good promotions. It could be said that it has opened up a new structure and phase.

Good actors and good scripts go hand in hand.

During filming, Ji Xiao Bing would focus wholeheartedly on bringing a good performance toward the role. Therefore, the popularity and influence he brought to SCI had undoubtedly exceeded his own expectations.

Facing all the favorable criticisms coming from all sides after the broadcasting (of the series), Ji Xiao Bing also felt unprecedented pressure.


“Bắt đầu từ lúc nào anh nhận ra được rằng Quý Tiêu Băng đã nổi rồi?”

“Việc này, tôi không nhận ra được chút nào. (cười) Nhưng tôi thiệt đã nhận được một chút đỉnh chú ý, dù là sự yêu thích của fan đối với tôi, hay là sự công nhận từ những người trong ngành, đó đều là những cách thăng cấp rất tốt. Có thể nói là đã mở ra một lề lối và cục diện mới.”

Diễn viên tốt và kịch bạn tốt là hai thứ cần phải phối hợp tốt mới có thể đem đến sự thành công.

Trong thời gian quay, Quý Tiêu Băng sẽ đem hết tâm trí bỏ vào vai diễn để có thể đem đến hiệu quả tốt nhứt. Vì vậy, khí chất và sự ảnh hưởng mà anh đem lại cho SCI đã vượt qua mức dự định của anh.

Đối diện với những lời phê bình tốt sau khi phim được chiếu, Quý Tiêu Băng đã cảm giác được áp lực mà trước nay chưa từng có.

Yet, this wasn’t Ji Xiao Bing’s first time of needing a “mentality adjustment.” Ji Xiao Bang disclosed to the journalist that the turning point of his career was in 2016.

To be more exact, since then, Ji Xiao Bing had a more solid plan for his future: “I hope that within my acting career, I could receive even more acknowledgment, that I could produce a role that is a little more satisfying to me.”


Nhưng đây không phải là lần đầu tiên Quý Tiêu Băng cần “điều chỉnh tâm thái.” Quý Tiêu Băng thố lộ với ký giả rằng bước ngoặt của sự nghiệp của anh là vào năm 2016.

Nói chính xác hơn là, từ lúc đó trở đi, Quý Tiêu Băng đối với tương lai của mình có một kế hoạch hẳn hồi hơn: “Tôi hy vọng rằng trên con đường sự nghiệp, bản thân tôi có thể nhận được nhiều sự công nhận hơn, có thể sáng tạo ra một nhân vật mà khiến mình hài lòng hơn một chút.”

Actually, during the entire interview, the deepest impression that Ji Xiao Bing gave the journalist was his honesty.

While talking about past work experience, he acknowledged frankly: “There isn’t a wide margin when choosing a role (smile/laugh), or the state of which the role has chosen me.”

What he could do is to preserve the attitude of “rather having little than none at all”: “I would rather rest for half a year, and then go and accept a good role for a good drama.”

Yet now, the degree of his popularity and reputation has risen, causing the circumstances to change somewhat: “There are roles that I like somewhat, I still have to fight for it. Indeed, the odds of winning over the role is becoming bigger and bigger.”

Ji Xiao Bing’s honesty could also be seen through his interactions with fans. Having entered the industry for eight years already, achieving the “idol” status, however, Ji Xiao Bing is still considered a hundred percent “newbie.”

On July 6, Ji Xiao Bing and Gao Han Yu recorded the song “Learn to Meow” on the Douyin platform, achieving the series’ “official benefits” online. The first time filming “cute” acts that are not related to a drama, Ji Xiao Bing had more no good takes versus when filming for a drama.


Thật ra, trong nguyên quá trình của cuộc phỏng vấn, ấn tượng sâu nhứt mà Quý Tiêu Băng để lại cho ký giả là sự chính trực.

Trong lúc nói chuyện về kinh nghiệm công tác, anh thẳng thắn thừa nhận rằng: “Khoảng cách để mà lựa một vai không có xa lắm (cười), hay là trạng thái mà cái vai đó lựa tôi.”

Cái mà anh ta có thể làm là duy trì “trạng thái thà ít mà tốt”: “Tôi thà là nghỉ ngơi nửa năm, rồi sau đó sẽ tiếp nhận một vai diễn thật tốt cho một bộ phim thật tốt.”

Nhưng hiện tại, thanh danh và mức độ nổi tiếng đã tăng lên, khiến cho tình huống cũng có chút thay đổi: “Có một số những nhân vật mà tôi hơi thích, tôi vẫn phải đi dành lấy nó. Xác suất thắng đích thực là càng lúc càng lớn hơn.”

Sự ngay thẳng của Quý Tiêu Băng cũng có thể thấy được qua những giao lưu đối với fan. Vào nghề tám năm, đạt được danh hiệu “idol”, nhưng Quý Tiêu Băng vẫn còn là một “người mới” không hơn không kém.

Vào ngày 6 tháng 7, Quý Tiêu Băng cùng với Cao Hãn Vũ quay bài hát “Học Mèo Kêu” trên trang mạng Douyin, đạt được “phúc lợi chính thức” của phim ở trên mạng. Lần đầu tiên Quý Tiêu Băng quay những màn “dễ thương” ngoài phim nên đã bị nhiều lần sai (và phải quay lại) hơn là lúc đóng phim.

On July 13, Ji Xiao Bing Studio’s official account formally launched online.

On July 15, Ji Xiao Bing’s Weibo following broke one million, starting to distribute member rewards.


Vào ngày 13 tháng 7, trang chính của “Phòng Làm Việc của Quý Tiêu Băng” chính thức lên mạng.

Vào 15 tháng 7, số lượng theo dõi trên Weibo của Quý Tiêu Băng vượt qua mức một triệu, bắt đầu phát ra những phúc lợi cho những thành viên.

However, these types of manipulation skills within the industry that would reap results, in regards to a person who is so absorbed with acting like Ji Xiao Bing, are all considered to be a new type of challenge.

In the past two months, a lot of fans ran to Ji Xiao Bing’s Weibo to “investigate”, browsing his past works.

After “investigating”, you should discover that it would be normal for the past Ji Xiao Bing to not send out a post in several months, and seldom take selfies to share.


Nhưng những kỹ thuật thao tác trong ngành này, đối với một người “mê diễn” như Quý Tiêu Băng mà nói thì đó toàn là những thử thách mới.

Hai tháng gần đây, có rất nhiều fan chạy tới Weibo của Quý Tiêu Băng mà “khảo cổ”, lướt xem những tác phẩm trước đây của anh.

“Khảo cổ” xong, quý vị sẽ phát hiện ra được rằng Quý Tiêu Băng mấy tháng không đăng bài là chuyện thường, và cũng không đủ “mặt dày” để đăng loạt hình tự sướng.

Now, a lot of things happened thus causing changes.

After having a “deep self-reflection”, when having free time, Ji Xiao Bing would especially spend a little time to manage his Weibo account, interacting with fans: “The current me would supervise and urge myself on. Everyone should also supervise and urge me on.”


Hiện tại, có nhiều chuyện xảy ra đã khiến cho có nhiều thay đổi.

Sau khi đã “thận trọng tự phản tỉnh”, khi rảnh, Quý Tiêu Băng hay dùng một ít thời gian để chỉnh lại trang Weibo của mình, cùng fan giao lưu: “Tôi của hiện tại tự mình đốc thúc mình. Mọi người cũng nên đốc thúc tôi đi.”

Yet popularity and the degree of following doesn’t change, in addition to his passion for acting as well as the honorable essence in his bones.

On July 24, Ji Xiao Bing had his first live-broadcasting.

Although it was to comply with fans’ zealous request, Ji Xiao Bing’s performance of “Learn To Meow” went smoothly. He also used a lot of time to study incoming mail from fans.

Upon learning the influence he had on fans, with them wanting to enroll in Beijing Film Academy, he straightforwardly shared with fans during his live-broadcast of his educational and acting experiences.

“Coming to see Young Master’s live-broadcast, didn’t expect to hear old cadre’s unforgettable life lessons.”

While the “Ice Cream Team” is digesting the “classroom notes”, at the studio and on Weibo, please do not spend money to buy gifts for Ji Xiao Bing, but should only use mail to interact with him.


Nhưng sự nổi tiếng và độ theo dõi không thay đổi, thêm vào sự nhiệt tình mà Quý Tiêu Băng dành cho biểu diễn, với lại cốt cách chính trực của anh.

Vào ngày 24 tháng 7, Quý Tiêu Băng lần đầu tiên được lên sống trực tiếp.

Tuy rằng là để cung ứng theo yêu cầu cuồng nhiệt của fan, nhưng cuộc trình diễn bài “Học Mèo Kêu” của Quý Tiêu Băng đã rất thuận lợi. Anh cũng đã dùng rất nhiều thời gian để xem thư của fan gởi tới.

Khi biết được có fan đã bị anh ảnh hưởng, muốn ghi danh vào Bắc Kinh Điện Ảnh Học Viện, anh đã dứt khoát chia sẻ trong cuộc phát sống trực tiếp những quá trình học và kinh nghiệm biểu diễn của mình.

“Tới coi cuộc phát sống của Thiếu Gia, ai ngờ lại nghe được những kinh lịch khó quên của lão cán bộ.”

Trong lúc nhóm “Cà Rem” đang tiêu hóa “Lớp Học Bút Ký”, tại phòng làm việc hay trên Weibo, xin đừng bỏ tiền ra để mua quà cho Quý Tiêu Băng, mà hãy nên dùng thư trao đổi là được.

“Currently, I only want to focus on working hard.”

Having been in the industry for eight years already, facing unprecedented changes, Ji Xiao Bing knows more than anyone that the acting road to his achievements is still long. Everything has just begun.


“Hiên tại, tôi chỉ muốn tập trung vào cố gắng làm việc.”

Đã vào ngành tám năm, đối diện với bao sự thay đổi vô thường, Quý Tiêu Băng biết hơn ai hết rằng con đường phát triển sự nghiệp hãy còn dài lắm. Tất cả mọi việc cũng vừa mới bắt đầu thôi.

Q & A / Hỏi & Đáp

Key: Q = Journalist / Phóng Viên | A = Ji Xiao Bing / Quý Tiêu Băng

Q: What scene of the drama left the deepest impression on you? / Đoạn nào của phim để lại ấn tượng sâu sắc nhứt đối với anh? 

A: There was a scene where I was standing on a lift. At that time, I was climbing onto it, the director said it was too ugly. (smile/laugh) If the audience sees it, they will reject it. He then asked me if I could climb more gracefully than that. When I was little, I would frequently climb onto places, so the foundation is still there. Upon trying it one more time, all staff members nearby applauded and cheered me on. (smile/laugh) The result of the filming turned out quite well. / Có khúc kia tôi phải đứng trên cái trục. Trong lúc đó, tôi đang trèo lên thì đạo diễn nói là xấu quá. (cười) Nếu để khán giả thấy được, họ sẽ loại bỏ ngay. Ông liền hỏi tôi có thể nào trèo đẹp hơn nữa được không. Lúc nhỏ, tôi thường hay leo trèo khắp nơi, nên nền tảng vẫn còn đó. Trong lúc thử lại thêm một lần nữa thì những nhân viên công tác ở lân cận đều vỗ tay cổ võ cho tôi. (cười) Quay xong rồi, hiệu quả cũng tốt lắm.

Q: Standing on the lift and confronting the murderer like that, were you nervous during the filming? / Đứng trên cái trục cùng với hung phạm chạm trán như vậy, lúc quay, có khẩn trương không? 

A: Actually, I was very nervous. First of all, this scene was very important. Secondly, I’m afraid of heights. (smile/laugh) At that moment, I was very scared. (smile/laugh) The lift was about three stories high. I felt a little shaky, from my right leg up to my knee. (smile/laugh) But when filming started, I felt a great sense of confidence coming out. We filmed until 6 am. We only needed one shot. / Thật ra, tôi rất khẩn trương. Trước nhứt, cảnh đó rất là quan trọng. Thứ hai là, tôi sợ cao. (cười) Lúc đó, tôi rất là sợ. (cười) Cái trục cao khoảng ba tầng lầu lận. Tôi cảm giác chân phải của tôi lên tới đầu gối hơi run rẩy một chút. (cười) Nhưng khi lúc quay thì lại có một cảm giác rất là tự tin. Quay một hơi là tới sáu giờ sáng luôn. Quay một lần là được liền.

Q: Do you and Gao Han Yu have a bonding process? / Anh và Cao Hãn Vũ có phương pháp giao lưu không?

A: There was no break in period. (Translator’s Note: He meant they didn’t have any sort of process at first.) Since the first meeting, because we didn’t know each other, we didn’t really interact. The person who broke past the impasse was the director. (smile/laugh) The director is a very passionate person. He talked to us a lot. Afterward, during filming, our relationship became extremely good, extremely happy. After interacting with Xiao Bai (Gao Han Yu), I discovered that he’s very lively and amusing. / Lúc đầu thì không có. Lần đầu tiên gặp mặt, bởi vì không quen biết nên mới không có giao lưu gì mấy. Người phá tan đi cục diện đó chính là đạo diễn. (cười) Đạo diễn là người rất nhiệt tình. Ông ta và chúng tôi trò chuyện thật nhiều. Sau đó, trong lúc quay, quan hệ của chúng tôi rất là tốt, đặc biệt vui vẻ. Sau khi tiếp xúc, phát hiện rằng Tiểu Bạch (Cao Hãn Vũ) là người rất hoạt bát và rất buồn cười.

Q: Privately, how do you and Gao Han Yu address each other? After the series was broadcasted, what type of interactions were there? / Lúc cá nhân, anh và Cao Hãn Vũ xưng hô nhau như thế nào? Sau khi phim được chiếu rồi, có những qua lại gì? 

A: I usually call him Lao Gao (Old Gao), Xiao Bai (Little White), Lao Bai (Old White), Han Yu. He started out calling me Lao Ji (Old Ji). Afterward, he changed it to Zhan Yao. Then when we were more familiar with one another, he called me Da Ye (Sir/Mister). Currently, he persistently calls me Da Ye. (smile/laugh) After the series finished broadcasting, we sympathized with it, especially reminiscing the filming process. During filming, we thought that there were many hardships. Now, thinking back, it was actually kind of sweet, full of happiness. / Tôi cứ gọi là Lão Cao, Tiểu Bạch, Lão Bạch, Hãn Vũ. Lúc bắt đầu, anh ta gọi tôi là Lão Quý. Sau đó gọi là Triển Diệu. Tới khi quen thân hơn thì gọi là Đại Gia. Hiện tại, anh ta vẫn còn gọi tôi là Đại Gia mãi như vậy đó. (cười) Phim chiếu xong rồi, chúng tôi đều cộng hưởng, đặc biệt hoài niệm tình cảnh trong lúc quay. Trong lúc quay, nghĩ rằng rất là cực khổ. Hiện tại nghĩ lại thì thiệt sự cảm thấy rằng có chút ngọt ngào, rất vui vẻ.

Q: That “famous blooper” where you didn’t catch Gao Han Yu, what was that about? / Đoạn phim “ngoài lề nổi tiếng” mà anh không có đỡ lấy Cao Hãn Vũ là chuyện như thế nào? 

A: That blooper happened during the scene where I was in the woods, confronting Feng Jie. Although filming was very tiring, from the bloopers, it was obvious that everyone was having fun with the filming process. / Đoạn ngoài lề đó xảy ra trong lúc tôi đang ở trong rừng giáp mặt với Phùng Kiệt. Tuy rằng lúc quay rất mệt, nhưng từ những đoạn ngoài lề thấy được rằng mọi người quay rất là vui vẻ.

At that time, the director wanted to film a slow-motion scene, wanting Gao Han Yu to collapse. At that moment, I was preparing to catch him, but heard the director yelled, “Cut!” I thought, “Oh, the act’s over.” I had an idea. (smile/laugh) I wanted to mess with Xiao Bai. (laughing loudly) Afterward, (realized that) the camera hadn’t stopped filming, so that part was recorded as well. / Lúc đó, đạo diễn muốn quay một cảnh chậm, muốn Cao Hãn Vũ phải ngã xuống. Trong lúc đó, tôi đang chuẩn bị đỡ anh ta thì nghe đạo diễn hô: “Cắt”! Tôi nghĩ: “Ồ, biểu diễn kết thúc rồi.” Tôi có một ý niện. (cười) Tôi muốn nghịch ngợm phá quấy Tiểu Bạch. (hahahahahaha) Sau đó, thì ra máy không có ngừng quay, cho nên đã thâu lại đoạn đó luôn.

Q: Aside from Gao Han Yu, which of the antagonist actor had a deep impression on you? / Ngoài Cao Hãn Vũ ra, diễn viên đối lập nào để lại ấn tượng sâu đối với anh? 

A: Teacher Zhang Fan. When reading the script, there are a lot of expectations with this character, because Zhao Jue is a very impressive character. Teacher Zhang Fan’s manners, charisma, and linguistic skills are all very commendable. For the series, it’s very rejuvenating. If it’s possible to have rivalry scenes with him, one could learn a little more. It’s a shame that our rivalry scenes are so little. Each time, the impression is very deep. / Trương Phàm lão sư. Lúc đọc kịch bản, đối với nhân vật này có rất nhiều kỳ vọng, bởi vì Triệu Tước là một nhân vật rất là lợi hại. Khí chất, mị lực và ngôn ngữ của Trương Phàm lão sư đều rất tốt. Đối với phim mà nói, thiệt là sảng khoái. Nếu có thể cùng ông ta đóng thêm vài cảnh đối lập, có thể học thêm vài điều. Rất tiếc rằng những cảnh đối lập của chúng tôi rất ít. Mỗi lần, ấn tượng đều rất sâu.

Q: Did you watch the series? / Cá nhân anh có coi phim hay không

A: I watched it all. I especially liked it. I also sent it to my friends. (smile/laugh) Recommended friends to watch the series. This is the first time that I recommended my own series. At first, I was just in a hurry to see my own performance, but after finished watching, I thought that every aspect of the series was really good. (smile/laugh) / Tôi đã coi hết, đặc biệt thích. Tôi còn chuyển cho đám bạn nữa. (cười) Giới thiệu cho bạn bè coi. Đây là lần đầu tiên tôi giới thiệu phim của chính mình. Lúc đầu, chỉ muốn chạy đi coi đoạn biểu diễn của chính mình thôi. Nhưng coi xong rồi thì cảm giác rằng toàn phương diện đều tốt hết. (cười)

Q: Have you read the comments yet? Which assessments left a deep impression on you? / Có đọc những lời bình luận chưa? Lời đánh giá nào để lại ấn tượng sâu nhứt? 

A: At first, I was a little afraid of opening up comments to read. Afterward, I heard the assessments were not bad. (smile/laugh) Later, I opened up comments to read. The assessments that left the deepest impressions on me were: “Very cute”, “He has starry eyes”, “His acting gets better and better” (smile/laugh). After watching it, I was actually like the audience, turning into an obsessed fan. (laugh loudly) / Mới đầu, không dám coi lắm. Sau này, nghe nói rằng đánh giá cũng không tệ. (cười) Sau đó mới dám mở ra đọc. Lời đánh giá ấn tương sâu nhứt là: “Rất dễ thương”, “Ánh mắt tựa như sao vậy”, “Diễn càng lúc càng hay đó” (cười). Tự mình xem rồi thì cũng giống như khán giả vậy, đều trở thành các thím, bà dì cười mê khờ vậy. (hahahahahaha) (Lời Người Dịch: Đại khái Tiểu Quý dùng tiếng lóng để hình dung các fan mê diễn viên, hơi khó dịch một chút.)

Q: If there’s an opportunity, would you act in season 2? / Nếu có cơ hội, anh có diễn luôn mùa hai không? 

A: (Answered within seconds) Priority, definitely priority. I whole-heartedly expected it, because this is an incomplete wish. Seeing how everyone wanted to watch it (Translator’s Note: he meant season 2), I actually also became passionate about it as well, wanting to complete this thing. / (Không mất mấy giây đã trả lời / trả lời rất nhanh chóng) Ưu tiên, tuyệt đối ưu tiên. Tôi có tràn đầy hy vọng đối với nó. Bởi vì đó là một nguyện vọng chưa hoàn thành được. Nhìn thấy mọi người muốn coi như vậy, tôi thiệt ra cũng trở nên nhiệt tình, muốn hoàn thành sự việc này luôn.

Q: What are your habits during filming? / Thói quen trong lúc quay phim của anh là gì? 

A: Doing homework. Upon receiving the script, I would start walking, and then on the side, I would start practicing. I might walk in front of the mirror, just to take a look at myself. (smile/laugh) Whatever I needed to act, I acted it out in one take, and then I would keep pacing. / Tôi có thói quen làm bài tập. Nhận được kịch bản rồi thì bắt đầu tản bộ, rồi sau đó ở một bên tập dượt. Có thể sẽ đi tới trước tấm gương, để nhìn thấy bản thân trong tấm gương. (cười) Phải nên diễn kiểu nào, sau đó, tôi sẽ diễn ra một lần, rồi lại tản bộ.

Q: Which features are you most satisfied with yourself? Having good looks, is that helping your work or does it hinder it? / Anh hài lòng nhứt là chỗ nào đối với ngoại hình của mình? Có một khuôn mặt đẹp, đối với công việc của anh là một sự giúp đỡ hay là một hạn chế? 

A: It depends on the time. Currently, the mouth and eyes. I can’t really say why. Outer appearance is a double-edged sword. It’s both helping and hindering. My outer appearance gives someone a first impression that (smile/laugh) is like someone of scholarly essence. (Do you want to escape from that range?) Of course! Comparing to others, I’m considered a lot luckier. All these years, I was able to accept all types of roles already. / Tùy lúc khác nhau sẽ thích những chỗ khác nhau. Hiện tại, miệng và mắt. Lý do thì nói không ra. Ngoại mạo là con dao hai lưỡi. Giúp đỡ và hạn chế đều có. Ngoại hình của tôi cho người ta ấn tượng đầu tiên là như vậy. (cười) Có thể so sánh với phong độ của người trí thức một chút. (Muốn thoát ra khỏi sự hạn chế đó không?) Đương nhiên rồi! Vận khí của tôi so với người khác đã tốt hơn nhiều. Bao nhiêu năm qua, tất cả loại vai diễn đều đã tiếp nhận hết.

Q: Aside from TV series, you’ve acted in stage plays, are you still going to attempt it in the future? / Ngoài phim truyền hình ra, anh đã diễn qua kịch sân khấu, trong tương lai anh còn tính thử nữa không? 

A: To actors, stage plays are a good way to train. If there’s a chance, I would definitely want to train more. / Kịch sân khấu đối với diễn viên mà nói thì là một cách rèn luyện tốt. Tôi vẫn còn rất muốn thử. Nếu như mà có cơ hội, tôi rất muốn đi rèn luyện thêm.

Q: Aside from acting, what other types of endeavors do you have? For instance, regarding variety shows, what type of genre do you want to participate in the most? / Ngoài diễn ra, anh còn có những thử nghiệm nào khác không? Thí dụ, chương trình tổng nghệ (như chương trình thực tế), anh muốn tham dự vào thể loại nào nhứt? 

A: I still want to put my focus on acting. I would still participate in variety shows, possibly, sometimes, according to the current work schedule. (What type of genre?) I’m not sure. I would comply with the arrangements. (smile/laugh) Because I watch so little of variety shows. / Tôi vẫn muốn tập trung vào việc diễn. Những chương trình tổng nghệ vẫn tham dự, có thể có lúc, tùy theo công việc đã sắp đặt. (Thể loại nào?) Tôi cũng không biết nữa. Tôi sẽ nghe theo sắp đặt. (cười) Bởi vì tôi rất ít coi những chương trình tổng nghệ.

Q: There are a lot of new fans currently “scrutinizing” your past works on Weibo. Do you feel embarrassed by it? / Có rất nhiều fan mới đang “khảo cổ” những tác phẩm trước kia của anh trên Weibo. Anh có cảm thấy ngượng nghịu không? 

A: I personally think that it’s very fascinating. (smile/laugh) Being able to see and compare my past young and inexperienced self, it’s easy to spot. Since they already see it, just let them have a look. (smile/laugh) / Cá nhân tôi cảm thấy rất có ý nghĩa. (cười) Có thể nhìn thấy và so sánh sự non nướt của tôi. Nhìn cũng đã thấy rồi. Dù sao cũng đã thấy rồi, thì cứ coi đi. (cười)

Q: During off time, what do you do? / Trong lúc giờ nghĩ, anh thường làm những gì? 

A: Mainly watching movies. I would also use it to do drills that are related to acting. Sometimes, I would also play games, travel or taking walks. I watched a lot of foreign films, also like a lot of the directors and actors. For instance, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, etc. / Coi phim điện ảnh là chánh. Hoặc luyện tập lại những gì có liên quan đến việc biểu diễn. Có lúc, cũng bấm game, du hoạn, hoặc tản bộ. Tôi coi rất nhiều phim ngoại quốc và thích rất nhiều đạo diễn và diễn viên. Giống như là Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, vân vân.

Q: Are there any other hidden characteristics that would like to divulge a little? / Còn có đặc tính ẩn tàng nào mà anh muốn thố lộ thêm không? 

A: Hidden characteristics, hidden characteristics, hidden characteristics. (He repeated the words three times.) Of course, there are. (smile/laugh) In the future, you all can slowly excavate it. Let me reserve this little suspense. (smile/laugh) / Đặc tính ẩn tàng, đặc tính ẩn tàng, đặc tính ẩn tàng. (Anh ta tự lập lại ba lần như vậy.) Đương nhiên là có rồi. (cười) Sau này, mọi người có thể từ từ khai thác. Hãy để tôi giữ lại một chút hồi hợp. (cười)

Q: Have your family watched SCI? How was the assessment? / Gia đình có coi SCI chưa? Đánh giá như thế nào? 

A: They have all seen it. They felt that there were both good and bad parts, and have discussed it with me. They’re especially happy for me. They felt that my performance was really great. / Họ đều đã coi rồi. Họ cảm thấy rằng có chỗ tốt và không tốt, và đã cùng tôi đàm luận. Họ đặc biệt vì tôi mà vui. Họ cảm thấy rằng biểu hiện của tôi rất tốt.

Q: After graduation, have you been staying in Beijing since then? Have you been communicating with your parents a lot? / Sau khi tốt nghiệp, có phải vẫn luôn ở tại Bắc Kinh không? Có cùng với cha mẹ giao lưu nhiều không? 

A: I’ve been staying in Beijing this whole time, my parents are currently at Xuzhou. Before, I’m the type that only shares happy news, not sad news. When I’m in distressed, I’m unwilling to share with my parents, fearing that they would be worried or sad. In my adolescent years, I didn’t really communicate with them. Now, regardless of how good or bad it is at work, I would share it with them. At one time, one phone call could take up to two or three hours. They know me, help me, support me. When I was little, I was a little rebellious. Contrary to when I’m all grown up, I could finally feel the warmness of (having a) family. / Tôi vẫn luôn ở tại Bắc Kinh, cha mẹ đang ở Từ Châu. Tôi lúc trước là một người báo hỷ chứ không báo sầu. Bản thân phiền não những gì cũng không nói với cha mẹ, sợ rằng họ sẽ lo hoặc đau lòng. Hồi thời niên thiếu, đối với cha mẹ không có câu thông nhiều lắm. Hiện tại, công việc tốt hay xấu, đều nói cho họ nghe. Có lần, một cú điện thoại có thể nói tới hai ba tiếng đồng hồ luôn. Họ sẽ giúp cho tôi, đưa ra ý kiến. Quan trọng nhứt là họ biết tất cả tình hình của tôi thì sẽ yên tâm hơn. Hơn nữa, tôi cảm giác rằng nội tâm của tôi cũng sẽ được mạnh mẽ hơn. Bởi vì họ biết tôi, giúp đỡ cho tôi, ủng hộ tôi. Lúc tôi còn nhỏ, có chút ngỗ nghịch. Ngược lại, lúc lớn lên, mới cảm giác được sự ấm áp của gia đình.

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*All translations were done by DTLCT, so if you decided to share elsewhere, please credit and link back to blog. (You can take out one language or the other to your liking.) / Bài báo đã được dịch bởi DTLCT, cho nên nếu quý vị muốn chia sẻ bài này ở nơi khác thì xin hãy ghi rõ tên người dịch và link trở lại blog giùm. (Quý vị có thể tự copy + share ngôn ngữ mà mình thích, khỏi cần share luôn cả hai.)

SCI Mystery

(image capped by DTLCT)

I got roped into this because of my sister. She was reading the novel so she followed the TV series as well. Anyway, how was it? I thought it was a decent drama, considering how I heard they were on a budget and all.

Main Cast:

  • Gao Han Yu (高瀚宇) as Bai Yu Tong (白羽瞳). The leader of SCI. He was cool in his own way. I felt he could he so funny too. I meant he was exuding the fierce attitude, but at times it was funny with how he argued or tried to get the upper hand with others–whether his family members or his coworkers.
  • Ji Xiao Bing (季肖冰) as Zhan Yao (展耀). Psychologist. First off, I didn’t even realize he was Gao Fang from Here To Heart (温暖的弦). In my defense, I haven’t finished it yet. I barely started on episode 2 and then got spoiled by some people so I put it aside for now. Anyway, back to this one. I felt he was really good. His manners, his postures, his bizarre attitudes at times. It was hilarious to watch. It was addicting to see what else he was up to. He was supposed to represent Zhan Zhao (展昭). I wouldn’t mind seeing him as Zhan Zhao in an ancient version. But I do know they have lots of Bao Jing Tian adaptations already so I’ll just use my imagination when reading stories in the future.


  • Ma Xiao Jun (马晓军) as Wang Shao (王韶). He was hilarious and gossipy too. However, he did his work well and got his team’s back when they needed him.
  • Luo Yu Kun (罗昱焜) as Ma Han (馬韓). Sniper Expert. She impressed me, especially the scene where she pretended to have multiple personalities and was controlled by her dark side, etc. Other than that, she was really cool.
  • Meng A Sai (孟阿赛) as Zhao Fu (趙富). He looked rouge but was quite likable and at times funny.
  • Wang Ruo Xuan (王若瑄) as Jiang Ling (蔣翎). Computer Expert. She was a pro in her skills, no need to say more. Aside from that, I thought she was at times adorable and others a tad goofy. But I liked her.
  • Jiang Long (蒋龙) as Bai Chi (白馳). Bai Yu Tong’s cousin. He was a nerd from what his image projected. He was made fun of by others at first but later found his confidence somewhat through Zhan Yao’s help and even use his skills to help them.


  • Jerry Ku (古明華) as Bao Ju (包局). The chief of the police department. He was hilarious without even trying. He often threatened them with “toilet scrubbing” duties whenever he appeared–which I was told was pulled straight from the novel. That would totally ruin the guys’ image all right. On a serious note, he backed them up at times, even if he didn’t agree with all they do other times. At one point when they visited Zhao Zhen’s resident, the butler greeted them and called him “Bao da ren” (包大人). I thought that was hilarious.
  • William Fan (范玮) as Gongsun Zhe (公孫哲). SCI’s coroner. I initially placed him in the “Supporting” section but felt it would be unfair to the others if I let him off too easily. I thought he seemed mysterious and cool at first. Yet he was a super snooze as the story progressed. I was told he was more interesting in the novel. I sure hope so. The one scene that I actually found him somewhat funny was when Jiang Ling was attempting to extract some information from him and he started a countdown, lol. Aside from that, that was pretty much it. I felt they could have done more with his character, maybe enhance his character a bit regarding his work and all. He appeared to be a tad weirder than the rest of the team. But that was it. His life seemed to be dominated by the women in it–even if he refused to acknowledge it. I was really frustrated with his cowardly way for not addressing Bai Qing Tang at times. I got it that they probably didn’t want to make him too crazy like in the novel described, but I think they dialed down too much.
  • Wang Mei Ren (王美人) as Bai Qing Tang (白磬堂). Bai Yu Tong’s older sister. I thought that putting her in the main cast was a slap in the face for the other characters who contributed more to the plot, so I put her in here. Not to mention how her only tie to the main case was how she was a victim of that one incident. I felt sad for her yet that didn’t erase the fact that her character (along with Gongsun) dragged the drama down. Sure, she had some funny scenes too but the lack of development for her story totally ruined it. If they (the scriptwriters) thought her ongoing drama with Gongsun was helping the series, it wasn’t. If they only placed her in as part of the main cast to have a hot female lead or something, they got Ma Han who contributed more to the story. When I say “contribute”, I don’t mean screen time. She had plenty of that. I just meant its relevancy to the story as an overall. I’m not against having side stories or focusing on the main cast’s family members. I was just fed up by the repetitive story with her and Gongsun.
  • Zhang Fan (张帆) as Zhao Jue (趙爵). I think the production team was really out to get him or something. Well, some ways, I was told it was like the novel. But I think his suspicious behaviors didn’t help things. I didn’t like that he was manipulating people. Yet what sort of made me cut him some slacks was his strange relationship with Bai Chi. It was like his soft spot for the lad. Like he sometimes gave him tips and their conversations at times seemed genuine.
  • Hu Xiao Ling (胡潇灵) as Zhao Zhen (趙禎). To be honest, I found him annoying at first and hated that he kept teasing and picking on Bai Chi initially. However, he gained my respect later when he stepped forward to shield Bai Chi from the maniac trying to shoot them down. So when their relationship improved, I sorta liked him better too. I didn’t want him to be bland like Gongsun, but I didn’t like it that he was acting like a bully. So when the two made peace (somewhat) and got along better, I was all right with that.
  • Hu Jian Qiang (胡建強) as Da Ding (大丁). Hilarious, lol.
  • Hu Jian Wei (胡建偉) as Xiao Ding (小丁). Hilarious as well.
  • Coco Yuen (袁紫侨) as Qi Le (齊樂).
  • Donnie Zhang (张凯) as Lan Cheng Lin (藍城霖). He was unbearable. I was annoyed with him from the start so it wasn’t a surprise when he turned out crooked.
  • Zhang Yu Feng (张煜枫) as Feng Jie (馮傑). Um, how in the world did people think he was hot? Okay, more like I didn’t get why Ma Han was somewhat obsessed with him at first. But he was seriously a snooze fest too, even if they tried to make him interesting. I couldn’t really sympathize with him because of how he used people who trusted him and manipulated his way around.
  • Du Fei Long (杜飛龍) as Ou Yang Chun (歐陽春). Interpol agent. They used his real name in here? Possibly a common name so they thought it was safe to keep it? But he was cool enough.
  • Qu Hao Ming (屈浩明) as Luo Tian (洛天). A mysterious person involved in the last case, later joined SCI team. I thought he was a good addition to the team, considering his wide knowledge of things. His past was seriously tragic with how he and the others were used as experiments. I was glad he was able to get out, survive, and start over.


  • The cast. Despite that I complained up and down regarding one or two characters in here, I felt the cast was very likable and was doing their best with bringing out their characters. I felt the team of SCI worked well together. They worked very hard along with the production team to bring out this series.
  • The theme song. It was really powerful and suitable for the series.
  • Zhan Yao and Bai Yu Tong. Their relationship was hilarious to watch. Whether they were at odds or when they were trying to get along. It was really addicting. One of my favorite scenes was when they were arguing about something–totally forgot, but Yu Tong was saying how Zhan Yao was a cat, not him. Zhan Yao was uttering out some idiom! LOL! Yu Tong took it literally, lol. I loved watching them together as a team.


  • The merging of the cases. I didn’t read the novel (or haven’t yet), but I was told several cases got merged into one–or somehow it was going all at once. It made everything so overwhelming that it was hard to appreciate the cases. Yes, I got the story but I think it could feel overwhelmed and didn’t do justice to some of them. Like it was a fusion of some sort.
  • Gonsun and Qing Tang. Seriously, I complained about them in the other section already but I had to put it here once again. I’m not against romances, in fact, I watched soaps that were even draggier than this. (LOL!) But this was after all a crime show so it was annoying to keep their ongoing loop of back and forth or on  and off relationship-or lack of one. I don’t dislike their characters individually, just that their romance story was so frustrating. Just had to clarify that.

Recommended? I think the cast was totally worth it. In fact, I’m looking forward to season 2. I hope they cut back on Gongsun and Qing Tang snooze fest–or just decide to get those two together already. I also hope to see more of Ou Yang Chun. Serious. He could be collaborating with the group again.