Ruby Lin’s 2018 Birthday

This was over a week ago but I got lazy and didn’t update. Anyway, it seemed like Ruby had a wonderful night with friends. Aside from Melvin Sia and Tiffany Hsu from her The Way We Were gang, there was also Derek Chang and Greg Hsu from My Dear Boy. Regretfully, Jason Zou wasn’t there….

My Dear Boy: Wrap-Up

Yes, the drama has wrapped up already after several months of filming. The cast and crew seemed to get along quite well. *All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Golden Bell Awards 2017: Nominations List

Best Dramas: Abula’s Three Women (阿不拉的三個女人) (FTV) Game (明天一起去樂園) (Hakka TV) Qseries (植劇場): Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark (天黑請閉眼) (TTV) Qseries (植劇場): Love of Sandstorm (戀愛沙塵暴) (TTV) Family Time (酸甜之味) (PTS) Best Mini-series/ Tele-movies: Far and Away (外鄉女): Black Beauty (黑美人) (FTV) The Devil Game (劣人傳之詭計) (Youku) The Teenage Psychic (通靈少女) (PTS) She’s Family…

My Dear Boy: Blessing Ceremony

Yes, this drama is finally taking off. It went quiet for a while that I almost thought it got scraped. Serious. Then saw Ruby’s page update today so excited. (Go here for articles.) What’s even more exciting is the announcement of additional cast. Joining Ruby and Derek as part of the main cast are Archie…

Attention, Love! Wrap-Up & Whatnot

The cast are having their wrap-up one by one. So the excitement went up several notches. (Obviously from the picture above.) So, it’s coming together. Wang Zi recently celebrated his birthday with different fan gathering events. What was more, Qiao Qiao showed up both times to those events, which garnered some praises from Wang Zi….