All About Wallace Huo

So I decided to start some kind of saga to share the things I love and hate about my favorites. Who's the first one on the plate? Who else but Mr. Huo, right? But before I get started, DO REMEMBER that these are my personal likes and dislikes SO if you don't agree with me, … Continue reading All About Wallace Huo

Ni Hao Jiu Hao by Wallace Huo

Credit: WallaceHuoVEVO The other day I was watching the MV again so I decided to blog about it. Considering how I haven't written a Wallace post for ages, it's reasonable to be random, eh? Anyway, why am I even talking about this song? Not that it's about this song, NOT really. It has to do … Continue reading Ni Hao Jiu Hao by Wallace Huo