The New World: The Ending

How was it for me? I felt like I wasted the last fifteen weeks for nothing. I’m not saying that it’s bad. But I’m saying that there are several factors that have ruined it. The ending is always the most important part to convince us so I think it has to be really, really strong. It’s hard to do and it can’t all be perfect to everyone’s satisfaction, but it has to at least make sense. In some areas, it did make sense. But in others, I just felt so infuriated that it was like all was wasted.

First off, they have a great team with the special team. Why not focus more on it?

Instead, we were forced to watch Zi Hong and Miao Miao’s constant banter and their on and off relationship. Okay, I got it that they were the main couple, but it was too overused with their fights and then later they were so inactive in the final moments of the series that they could be easily forgotten if they weren’t needed to persuade Dong Han and Zi Yan to let go. Their moments were mostly episode fillers so we could wait for more developments of the main plot to unveil itself.

What was the most infuriating thing about the ending? Yang Yong Zhao got away. Seriously? He was the mastermind of the Returning Home Project, and I swear, I always thought that the mastermind was the guiltiest one. Even if Dong Han and Zi Yan carried out the later parts of the plan, they were misled by him to hate and to continue on. How could he get the free ticket out just because he was Chief Zheng’s senior and because he was Miao Miao’s grandfather? I don’t care how old he was, he was still guilty. If the others were going down, he had to go down as well. To think that Miao Miao was soooo into finding her childhood friends and in trying to protect people closer to her, I felt it strange that she accepted that Zi Yan went to prison and her grandfather didn’t. Not to mention how she fought so much with the police just because Zi Hong was in confinement twice in the past yet didn’t do anything for Zi Yan? Okay, so I got it that priorities with her and some others in here were seriously messed up. But what about Chen Jie? Chen Jie letting it go as well was somewhat unbelievable for me. Seriously? I know Chen Jie had calmed down since his last aggression with targeting Dong Han the first few episodes while trying to figure out who the mole was. Yet I don’t think that he would be the type to let it go so easily and telling Ah Gang and Xiao He so lightly that their boss told them to forget about it. He put his own brother in prison! How could he let a little connection get in the way? Just because Yang Yong Zhao was their advisor and was one of the most respectable cops in the good old days? To think that Chief Zheng was so strongly vouching to seek out the truth and do what was right, he sure took the cowardly path and brushed things under the rugs once again, like some people in here. I was really disappointed in him.

Yong Mei’s sole existence was for others to protect her. Then it changed to how she got a bigger role in the turn of events because she was carrying Dong Han’s baby. That meant she was the one responsible for breaking the whole hatred cycle between all parties, at last, uniting some families together. Aside from that, I swear I couldn’t even sympathize with her or anything. I’m not trying to pick on her, but the plot had led me to think so. The point that her pregnancy didn’t make sense made it less convincing too. I got why the writers wanted it to go that way since I already stated above with how it brought the families together. But it didn’t make sense. Dong Han was avoiding her like the plague previously. If it was the hospital scene, it was too unconvincing. I don’t even think he was well enough to do anything. (Sorry, but the writers led us there–like Percy had pointed out to me, so I don’t feel bad for going “there.”) If it was after they got out of the hospital, then I would understand. I think there were some scenes that got cut, but it was in one of the BTS regarding Dong Han and Yong Mei’s scenes. That might have explained it. Yet what was the point of making Yong Mei involved with Dong Han aside from just making peace with the other side? Even if Dong Han was revenge-driven and had gone insane with his tactic, and went into a killing spree, but we–as the audience–couldn’t help but feel really bad for him since he lost his whole family after all. Making him betray Zi Yan was the worst.

Who did Dong Han love–Zi Yan or Yong Mei? Many had asked this question on The New World Facebook page. Pan Bo Xi had posted a picture of Dong Han and Zi Yan as the final moments of the drama were airing. When he was asked, he had said whichever picture he posted, that was the answer. (Go here.) During the flashback of their face-off scene, Dong Han had told Zi Yan that their relationship had never changed. That was the obvious answer. Even if he had cared enough for Yong Mei, but with his words, it was mostly because of the baby (and possibly guilt from using her).

What was the point of surrounding the events on Zhang Guo Tang since the beginning and making a mountain out of it all? I swear it was another wasted route. Well, they wanted to create suspense and lead us astray, but after we found out it was only an accident, it seemed like Zhang Guo Tang’s existence was just there to fill time. Yet I felt if he was the final bad guy, it would have cranked up the hype even more. Because seriously? Although lots of things had happened after Zhang Guo Tang died, it seemed to be recycled and anti-climatic, to say the least. Like how Zi Hong already found out that Zhang Guo Tang said it being an accident. Yet they rehashed that again AND he (Zi Hong) didn’t just say it out to the others and try to convince from there? Yeah, Dong Han and Yang Yong Zhao were going wacko already so there was no talking to them. But I felt the last bits–even with the plot finally revealing Zi Yan as Xiao Cao, the details rehashed again. It was like, hello, we already know that. Could someone show some more proofs instead of crying out the innocent card and saying it was an accident? Yeah, I understand it was an accident because things didn’t turn out the way they thought it would so that was why it was called an accident. I got it. But I hated that they kept crying out their innocence when it was obvious nothing would come out good with the location along with the weather condition of that day. They wouldn’t know for sure if it would rain. But the curve and all? Just a little maneuver and an accident could occur. I don’t care how much they regretted it. And it didn’t matter if Project Jing Hai wasn’t what the others thought it to be. It was just a bunch of excuses to shrug off responsibilities. If they had said: “We tried, but we messed up”, it was easier to swallow. Instead, it was about “We’re innocent, we didn’t know that would happen” type of thing. The other reason for making Zhang Guo Tang the main villain works better? I seriously think he was the other person, aside from Dong Han, who actually helped move the plot forward. Or we would all be in a limbo of forever going through Zi Hong and Miao Miao’s banter and makeup scenes.

Jia Yuan’s death was really for nothing. Seriously? This was the other reason why I hated the ending. Or more like how Yang Yong Zhao got away with it. Although Jia Yuan sacrificed herself because she didn’t want to be used as a pawn for Zhang Guo Tang to put pressure on Zi Hong, it all had to do with Yang Yong Zhao’s grand plan. He was the one who called Zhang Guo Tang and got Zhang Guo Tang to come back. He couldn’t predict Zhang Guo Tang’s moves or didn’t care. He only wanted to execute his plan, so when it went haywire and Zhang Guo Tang was on the loose, running his own agenda, other people got hurt. One of the most innocent people in this matter was Jia Yuan. Her luck was seriously terrible. Her father incurred so much debt that she had to deal with it and even had to resort to being a call girl to pay off the debts, which she had borrowed from Hua Jie’s place to pay off the other ones first before getting rid of this one. She had to protect her brother so that was the only way for her, or at least she thought of it as that way. She didn’t paint herself as the victim or the pitiful one yet was pitied by others, including the audience. She said many times, especially to Zi Hong and later to Jiang Jian Ming, that she wanted to solve her problems her own way. She didn’t cling to anyone for help–or didn’t want to if it wasn’t necessary. She was also very brave, having endured so much already and having to protect her brother (as said before). In the end, what happened? Although it was her choice to sacrifice, I felt like her final moments were just a little crying from some parties and then that was it. She was forgotten away, it seemed like no one cared to seek justice for her anymore. They had other things to do, so they just wanted to brush her off. I’m not saying once a close one dies, we have to always be morbid. We still have to move on with our lives, but I felt Jia Yuan’s death was like it just happened and forgotten so quickly. Things happening made it hard to just focus on mourning for her, but I had a feeling like even Zi Hong no longer cared. That suck. Her brother didn’t know so it wouldn’t count. But I would expect more than five to ten minutes of crying.

Was it Zi Hong’s mother’s fault that the accident of twenty years ago happened? Well, I’m not trying to blame the poor old woman here, but Zi Hong said it himself in episode 15 that it could be an accident or not, because of how he and his mother might be the target of the “warning.” It might as well be so, but those other two families were seriously unlucky. Moral of the story: Stay away from married men! I don’t care how talented they are or like how it seemed that their married life didn’t look too happy or whatever else. They chose it. Don’t justify their actions or yours if you wanted to step toward that path. (And this was the other reason why I hated that Dong Han’s story sort of sounded like Jiang Jian Ming’s too. Not married but it made it similar to the triangle and all. I don’t care if Yong Mei threw herself in front of him, he could say “no” or stop her. So yeah, I’m not going to blame her only just because of my biases, I’m blaming his lack of self-control too.)

Who were the true heroes? Many might think I’m crazy by now. I did not put them in just because they’re my favorite couple. However, I think that if they hadn’t done what they did–minus Dong Han going on a crazy killing spree, no one would know. Everything regarding the accident and the other matters kept getting brushed under the rug. If they hadn’t created some commotion, the others would just plain continue to carry on with their lives, thinking they did right. Even if two wrong doesn’t make a right or whatever it is often splashed around, in this case, they got through. Even if it was because Yong Mei’s connection that forced her father to take some actions, it was still something. Then talking about them, it brought up another sense of frustration upon me again, because of how Yang Yong Zhao had involved both Dong Han and Zi Yan into the plot but never included Zi Hong or Miao Miao. Well, not until recently, but that had failed. Of course, it was already obvious that he wanted to keep Miao Miao out of it–as he had said before. Yet it meant that he was all right with using Dong Han and Zi Yan as tools to forgo his plans. His pitiful talks indicated that he cared for them, but to me, it seemed so fake. And obviously, Miao Miao was his granddaughter, so how could she be involved, right?

If the series is cut back to eight episodes, I think it would be a lot better and more enduring, even with the current ending–more or less. Just cut out some unnecessary bantering and some rehashed of information. I didn’t need fifteen episodes to tell me it was all because of some stupid misunderstanding. Lives were lost, people were hurt. How could the ones who were victims end up paying for it while the others who had–even if unintentionally–caused the pain lived so freely? (It didn’t count that Mrs. Jiang finally confessed, it was too late.) I didn’t even know why there were some details that were added if the Jiang weren’t that guilty about the whole matter, like how they paid Zhang Guo Tang off and didn’t tell Chief Zheng or the other police officers about it. Well, Zhang Guo Tang was crazy, but the constant hiding stuff from the others made it harder for them to move forward with their investigation or knowing what to expect.

And lastly, I don’t know why I need to justify myself anymore. But I guess I will have to do it or I’ll be facing a lot of wraths (even if invisible). I will say that I pick on characters in here throughout my review/summaries, but it’s seriously directed at the characters and plot, NOT the actors and actresses themselves. I think they’re a wonderful team. Watching BTS has made the audience understand more about them, but had also made me like them even more. Angela Lee’s actually really cute off-screen, it’s just that she has the weepy, weakling character throughout. Then there’s Rabbit Yang and Zheng Ting Hu’s hilarious rehearsals behind the scenes. The rest of the cast was equally funny, especially Zhao Jie (Chen Jie, lol), who was seen up to no good at times when they were practicing or just waiting for a scene change. Jean Lee was quite pro, slipping in and out of characters so fast that it had amazed some of the people working with her. Pan Bo Xi and Dou Hua Mei, no need to say more, but they were really funny–and cute.

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The New World: Episode 11

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

It seemed like a victory for Zi Hong’s side since Miao Miao and Mr. Shen ended up preparing a meal that night while Zi Hong watched nearby. Yet after dinner, Miao Miao took Zi Hong on a walk and said the ones who helped him weren’t just Chairman Jiang or Head Councilman Luo, but there was also Jia Yuan. Miao Miao told Zi Hong what Jia Yuan had done despite revealing all of the most controversial stuff in front of all those people. After saying all those, Miao Miao wanted Zi Hong to go see Jia Yuan the following day and reveal about his real relations to Jia Yuan so Jia You wouldn’t end up falling too deep.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Chairman Jiang was questioning Jia Yuan about the money that Zi Hong borrowed from him earlier. Jia Yuan realized that the check was from Chairman Jiang. Chairman Jiang then asked why Jia Yuan didn’t accept it. Jia Yuan said it was her father’s debt so she couldn’t let someone else pay it off for her. Chairman Jiang offered to pay the debt off for her. She was indeed surprised, asking him why. Chairman Jiang said because she was his granddaughter’s coworker and also Zi Hong’s friend. He went on to say that she indeed helped Zi Hong a lot earlier that day. She said it was just her dumb move and the cops didn’t believe her anyway. Yet Chairman Jiang said that it was because she liked Zi Hong. She asked him to not talk about that matter because her brother was waiting for her. Chairman Jiang wanted her to allow him to help her, so he would be sending her the check the following day. She once again thanked him for his good intention before turning down his offer. He asked her why. She paused briefly before saying that she didn’t want to owe others too much. She thanked him once again, even thanking the rest of his family, for treating her and her brother so well. She stated that she didn’t want any checks. She wanted to solve her own matters. Then she left.

The confrontation with Hua Jie was inevitable. Jia Yuan had to send Xuan Xuan to the neighbors before talking to Hua Jie. Jia Yuan indeed got a good scolding from it. Jia Yuan apologized yet Hua Jie said it wasn’t enough. Hua Jie wanted to know what type of person Zi Hong was and Jia Yuan’s relation to him hence her lying fiasco. It wasn’t enough for Hua Jie to cool down. It wasn’t until Jia Yuan asked about the ‘client’ that Hua Jie talked about previously and wondered if the offer was still open. Hua Jie told Jia Yuan not to cause any more trouble before leaving with one of her henchmen.

Before long, Hua Jie was seen meeting up with Zhang Guo Tang. She was reporting to him about Zi Hong and Jia Yuan. A coincidence or some preplanned thing? Well, it could just be a coincidence since Zhang Guo Tang didn’t know of Zi Hong’s existence until now. Or did it?  Anyway, through their conversation, it seemed like Zhang Guo Tang and Hua Jie knew each other quite well, so it wasn’t just some loose connection that he managed to find of recent. Then their conversation moved toward Zi Hong. Hua Jie was asking if Zhang Guo Tang really wanted to kill Zi Hong. Zhang Guo Tang said that seeking out Zi Hong would be dumb, but if he forced Zi Hong to go looking for him, it would be smarter. Hua Jie asked him what he meant. He said he wanted to use ‘Joy’ as the bait. Hua Jie seemed really worried and told Zhang Guo Tang not to hurt someone as kind and as pitiful as Jia Yuan. It seemed like she really cared for Jia Yuan or was she just worried about the debts not being paid off? But Zhang Guo Tang was asking if Hua Jie didn’t trust him. He said Jia Yuan wouldn’t be hurt. Because of Hua Jie’s persistence, it had roused Zhang Guo Tang up. He yelled out how two of his good brothers were dead already and it was only right that he avenged them. Those two had ended up going to prison for him and he didn’t get the chance to pay them back for it yet they were dead already. He owed it up to them.

Zi Yan and Dong Han were having a little night meeting. She was asking him if he’d believed Zi Hong. He did. She asked him why, but he didn’t answer. Not exactly. He pointed out that she also believed him. She admitted it. He wanted to listen to her reasoning. She said she just believed so, lol. Then they were mocking each other, lol. She was teasing him, saying how he looked a lot cuter when he smiled so he should smile more. Their little romantic get together was soon interrupted by Yong Mei’s text to Zi Yan, asking where Dong Han was. Yong Mei then asked if Zi Yan was busy. The upcoming messages said it was all right if Zi Yan was busy because Zi Yan could just message her when Zi Yan wasn’t as busy. Yong Mei disclosed that she met a really cute kid earlier that day, and wanted to tell them about it, etc. Dong Han wasn’t the least bit amused by the situation. In fact, he seemed upset. Zi Yan, on the other hand, was a bit amused by it since she read the messages. But it wasn’t like she was oblivious to Dong Han’s moods. She nudged him and asked if he was upset. He said it was nothing before getting up to leave. She called him back, saying if he wasn’t going to respond to Yong Mei, she would. He said it was up to her before heading off. She smiled.

Zi Hong finally sought out Jia Yuan to talk. She started first, saying that she’d already heard all the thanks so she didn’t need to hear it from him too. Soon, they found a spot to sit down. Jia Yuan told Zi Hong that she was going to go with the Japanese guy for half a year. He had agreed to let Xuan Xuan come along as well so after that half a year, she was free to start anew again. Zi Hong finally spoke up, telling her that she was his sister. She said she knew, but he said she didn’t know. He soon launched into explaining to her of their relation. Jia Yuan’s father initially came to the foster home and sought out Zi Hong, wanting to adopt him. The man thought that Zi Hong’s mother still had some money left, but after learning that there wasn’t much, he left. Jia Yuan had to admit that sounded like what her father would do. Zi Hong said because of the man, he found out about Jia Yuan and Xuan Xuan. Zi Hong then gave Jia Yuan a photo of his mother and him when he was younger. He asked her who that was. She said it was Xuan Xuan. Zi Hong corrected her by saying that was him, and the lady in the picture was his mother. He disclosed more to her about his childhood nickname, etc. She couldn’t believe it. He said his reaction when he first saw Xuan Xuan was the same as hers. He said if they weren’t blood relations, Xuan Xuan wouldn’t look so much like him. She asked him why he didn’t tell her sooner. He hesitated a bit before saying he didn’t dare to. She asked why. He said it was because he wanted to seek out Zhang Guo Tang. If Zhang Guo Tang knew her link to him, she would definitely be in danger. She said so it was all to protect her. He said he thought so yet he realized that he was wrong because he had caused greater pain toward her. Jia Yuan asked him if he was just joking with her at the moment. He said he wasn’t messing around. She finally understood why he cared so much for her all along. She returned the wallet to him before getting up to leave. She stopped and mumbled about how it was just caring for her (because of their relation) and not because of liking her, and that she understood why she couldn’t like him. She finally broke down and tearfully confessed of her initial sin. She said she thought if one day Zi Hong and Miao Miao broke up, she could still wait until Zi Hong healed and started over, so she could accompany him. Yet now even that little hope (even if it was wrong to think so) had turned into nothing. Jia Yuan finally turned around to face Zi Hong again, saying that their father had left a long time ago already, but if Xuan Xuan knew that he still had a brother who was his favorite teacher, he would be very happy. But what about her? She chided him for being cruel before leaving at last. (Because she rather he came up with a more unbelievable lie than telling her this truth.) Zi Hong soon called her up (almost like that one time when she called him up to talk). He said that he was dumb, not knowing what to say, but he asked her not to go to Japan with that one dude. She said there was no other way. He said he was worried for hers and Xuan Xuan’s safety, considering how she went to the police station so Zhang Guo Tang must have known. She said it was all right because Hua Jie had a lot of people so they could protect her. She said Zhang Guo Tang wouldn’t chase her down in Japan, and that he should be the one taking caution. He said he would be fine. He said he would be waiting for her and Xuan Xuan’s return. He also told her not to wait for her father’s return anymore, that she and Xuan Xuan still have him and Miao Miao as family. She made sure that Miao Miao was all right with that before saying that she would think it over. Then they hung up.

When Zi Hong returned home, he found Dong Han waiting for him. He was wondering if Dong Han was there to protect him or spy on him. Dong Han said both, so Zi Hong teased him for being too honest, having no future. Joking aside, Dong Han said he heard Miao Miao say Zi Hong was looking for him. Zi Hong invited him inside before having the talk. Dong Han confessed that he actually wanted to seek out Zi Hong a long time already. He wanted Zi Hong to listen to a song. He played the clip from “The New World” (新世界). After a while, it finally clicked in for Zi Hong, considering how it wasn’t one of the clips that they’d acquired from the cards or anything. Zi Hong finally blurted out “Xi Shuai.” Dong Han said that he knew Zi Hong still remembered the song because he still remembered. Zi Hong ended up hugging Dong Han. Indeed, it was a touching reunion for them. It had been 20 years already. It wasn’t like how it was with Miao Miao, and how he tracked her down ages back already. Zi Hong finally let go of Dong Han and asked about Dong Han’s well being all these years. Dong Han said he was fine. Zi Hong said he’d been looking for them all these years but couldn’t find them. Dong Han admitted that he’d been looking for them too. Zi Hong asked Dong Han about Xiao Cao. Dong Han disclosed that she wasn’t with him, but he tried to track her down. He only heard that she was quite well off, but wasn’t able to track down her current name or her whereabouts. He also heard that she didn’t want to be disturbed. He didn’t know what that meant, but he soon took out a note that Xiao Cao had sent along through someone to him. Those words came from a poem or some kind of idiom. Another phrase followed it, which indicated that she didn’t want to be reminded of the past. After some choked up feelings, Zi Hong told Dong Han what happened when he realized his mother didn’t recognize him. He reassured himself that he still had Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao yet when he returned to the foster home, they were already gone. He apologized for not keeping his promise. Dong Han told him it wasn’t his responsibility, because he said he also promised Xiao Cao yet he wasn’t able to carry out that promise either. Then they were back to deciphering Xiao Cao’s message. Zi Hong wondered if she hated them, because of the broken promise. Dong Han said he didn’t know, and that he didn’t care what she thought. He said they were still very little then and couldn’t control much of anything, even their names. Yet now they were all grown up, so it didn’t matter if Xiao Cao didn’t want to be part of them, there were still the three of them.

So it was only right that Zi Hong took Dong Han to see Miao Miao. Of course, Miao Miao didn’t know what was going on when Zi Hong told her he wanted her to see an old friend. But then Dong Han took out the pinwheel that Miao Miao recognized it. Dong Han soon told her about the first day he arrived and how he spotted her, etc. It was then that Miao Miao dared to hope and believe that the person standing in front of her was one of her childhood friends. She then asked him about the wooden tags. He admitted that he was the one hanging the wooden tags on the trees. She finally hugged him, blurting out that she really missed him, missed all of them. So after that emotional reunion, Miao Miao settled down to play with her pinwheel while the guys watched. After that, she turned to chide both guys for being petty, not even disclosing their whereabouts or even gave her a clue. Dong Han apologized to her yet she said she was happy to know he was Xi Shuai. Miao Miao was just pondering why Dong Han had to keep the secret. Before Dong Han could answer, his phone vibrated. The call was from Yong Mei. He excused himself yet Zi Hong stopped him, saying that he also wanted to know regarding Miao Miao’s question. Dong Han said that even the special team didn’t know about his true identity, asking them to keep it a secret for him. He then turned to Zi Hong with a serious look, saying that what Zi Hong wanted, he also wanted. Yup, Zhang Guo Tang. It wasn’t just Zhang Guo Tang though, because Dong Han stated that Zhang Guo Tang was just a little pawn. There had to be someone behind him, giving the commands. So that was Dong Han’s target. Yet Dong Han told Zi Hong to be even more careful because he said he had a gun and Zi Hong didn’t. It was also because Zi Hong had become bait, and he wasn’t. He once again told Zi Hong to be careful before leaving. Miao Miao got up from her seat after Dong Han left and told Zi Hong of her suspicions, saying how Dong Han had initially told her to not worry since Zi Hong was innocent. Miao Miao was pondering how Dong Han could be so sure. Zi Hong was really thinking it over.

Dong Han finally went to see Yong Mei. She asked why he didn’t pick up or return her text messages. He told her that if she had anything to say, she should say it quickly since he only had a minute. Yet she said that Chen Jie said otherwise, but he cut her off before she could go on any further. After a little staring, she asked him what was wrong. He said that it was all right that she didn’t understand the first time around since he could just tell her the second time and also the last time. He said that he was a very dangerous person, dangerous to the point that she couldn’t even imagine. He continued by saying that there was no relationship or no any type of new beginning for them regardless, whether at the present or the future. He told her not to contact him anymore, whether it was through calling or messaging him. Most importantly, she shouldn’t use his superiors to pressure him into showing up like today. Then he left.

Then the unpredictable came. Or more like it was inevitable, considering what happened previously. Zhang Guo Tang and his henchman finally sought Jia Yuan out. After Zhang Guo Tang introduced himself, Jia Yuan pretended to not knowing him by making light conversation. She asked if they had somehow met before. He said they hadn’t. She then asked if he was Hua Jie’s friend. He said they were old friends. He then assured her that they wouldn’t hurt her. Elsewhere, Zi Hong and Miao Miao were talking. Zi Hong mentioned his conversation with Jia Yuan. Miao Miao was so happy–if Jia Yuan were to agree with them. Then Zi Hong looked across the streets, where Chen Jie and Ah Gang were spying in their car. Then back in the other car, Jia Yuan finally mustered up the courage to ask Zhang Guo Tang where they were going. He said that when they arrived, she would know. She, of course, couldn’t wait. She made up an excuse with needing to use the restroom, asking if he could stop at the next gas station. They did stop at a gas station, but Zhang Guo Tang had given her a warning. He told her that Hua Jie really liked her so she shouldn’t call the cops or try to run. She said she knew. He wasn’t so trusting–and told her to leave her cell phone behind. And it wasn’t like he became trusting then because he had let one of the henchmen followed her inside. Then they were back after a few minutes. She actually thanked them and apologized for the inconvenience. On the way, she asked Zhang Guo Tang if he wanted to go after Zi Hong. No one answered, not even Paul (the guy who was in charge of watching her). Her expression told them that she didn’t care. Or if they took the time to glance. Because what she did next was more shocking than any one of them could imagine. She had opened the car door abruptly and tossed herself out. Paul yelled for the driver to stop the car, but they were too late. When they got out, some other drivers on the road had stopped and tended to Jia Yuan. She was severely injured by the looks of it. Paul wanted to take a shot, but Zhang Guo Tang stopped him, telling him to go. The drivers had started calling for help. They needed to leave immediately. So while Zi Hong and Miao Miao were questioning a shop-owner, Xiao He called Chen Jie and told him to tell Zi Hong regarding Jia Yuan’s matter. Chen Jie had no choice but to expose himself and rushed to tell Zi Hong and Miao Miao of the news.

They all met up at the hospital. Dong Han was actually there before, talking to the doctor about the situation. When the others arrived, he had to tell them of the news. They definitely had to do an operation for Jia Yuan, and Zi Hong and Miao Miao were just in time. Jia Yuan was awake and actually got to talk to them. Jia Yuan said that she just had a dream of her father returning and that Xuan Xuan was really happy. Then she said if she didn’t make it, don’t let Xuan Xuan know. She said to only let Xuan Xuan know of Zi Hong’s identity. Zi Hong told her that she would be fine and that Xuan Xuan would be waiting for her return.

Meanwhile, the others were discussing the case. Chief Zheng was asking if it was Zhang Guo Tang. Zi Yan said it wasn’t confirmed since the people who found Jia Yuan couldn’t be sure, considering the distance. Soon, Chief Zheng received a call. The others waited until he was done before asking. Chief Zheng hesitated before saying that the call was from Dong Han. The operation ended already, but Jia Yuan didn’t make it. Tragic indeed. Chief Zheng blamed himself for his inability to seek out Zhang Guo Tang thus causing more people to be hurt. The others could only watch in silence as Chief Zheng walked away.

Then Dong Han had to break the tragic news to Zi Hong and Miao Miao at the hospital. After that, Dong Han handed Zi Hong a bag containing a cell phone. Dong Han asked if the others wanted to open it to see if Jia Yuan had left anything behind. Zi Hong said it could wait since they needed to pick Xuan Xuan up from school. And Jia Yuan indeed left them a message on her cell phone. (The tricky thing was how she handed over the cell phone cover earlier so it might look like there was something in there but there actually wasn’t.) She left a video clip that she had filmed while she was in the restroom. They watched the clip while waiting in front of Xuan Xuan’s classroom. Xuan Xuan was still inside singing with the others so they were safe. Jia Yuan, in the clip, told them that she agreed with their arrangement of being a family so they couldn’t take it back. Yet she had said that if she didn’t make it, she told them not to tell Xuan Xuan. She wanted them to take the grass necklace and give it to Xuan Xuan, saying that she had traveled to a faraway place already. After a few more words and the mentioning of her helping them this time so they were even with how they would help her with watching over Xuan Xuan, she signed off. They took Xuan Xuan to Yong Mei’s house, but only temporarily since Zi Hong said after they were done taking care of stuff, they would come and pick Xuan Xuan up. Yong Mei promised to look after Xuan Xuan, but told Zi Hong not to let Miao Miao worry, telling him to let go of his revenge plan. He didn’t say anything but just left.

When Zi Hong came out, Dong Han was sitting in the car waiting for him. Dong Han told Zi Hong not to worry since Chief Zheng had already sent someone to Zi Hong’s house to protect his father. When Dong Han asked Zi hong of his upcoming plans, Zi Hong responded with taking care of the necessary steps for Jia Yuan and Xuan Xuan, etc. Dong Han said that Zi Hong knew he wasn’t asking about that. Zi Hong asked Dong Han which identity was Dong Han using to ask him, Xi Shuai or Liu Dong Han. Dong Han replied as both. Zi Hong told him not to ask since he didn’t want to put Dong Han into a hard spot. Zi Hong was about to walk away but Dong Han told him that someone wanted to see him. Zi Hong turned around to ask who, but Dong Han said that Zi Hong would know tomorrow when he saw that person. He said it was very important before waving Zi Hong off. After Zi Hong left, Zi Yan arrived. She got out of the car and spotted him, so she sent him a smile. He returned the smile before rolling his window up and driving away.

Inside, they were talking about Dong Han while somewhat watching Xuan Xuan nearby, playing with one of the maids. Yong Mei was obviously upset that Dong Han didn’t come in. Miao Miao tried to comfort Yong Mei, saying that she tried to get Dong Han to come in yet he didn’t. Yong Mei said that she was going to tell him something important yet he didn’t give her a chance. That got Zi Yan worried. What was she supposed to do?

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The New World: Episode 6

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode, unlike the past, didn’t repeat some of the previous parts or continued from the previous scene but ended up going toward another scene. Chen Jie and Chief Zheng were having a meeting with just the two of them. Chief Zheng was saying how trust couldn’t be bought with money or based upon someone’s status. Then he went into asking Chen Jie about his opinions of the rest of the team. Chen Jie said that he agreed with Zi Yan that there was indeed a mole among them all. Chen Jie also said that he trusted Zi Yan yet not so much with Dong Han. (Um, that justified his slapping Zi Yan previously?) Chief Zheng warned Chen Jie that he was treading into a very serious territory after he conjectured that Dong Han was probably trying to bid some time with leading them around in circles by opening the old case while trying to report to Zhang Guo Tang of their latest moves. Chief Zheng said that he trusted Chen Jie–and that Chen Jie should give the others more time to trust him as well. Then Chief Zheng received a call from his senior. It was Miao Miao’s grandpa. Chief Zheng obviously had to go tend to it, so the meeting was halted.

Meanwhile, Zi Yan came to Dong Han’s room to talk. She asked if he was leaving just because Chen Jie told him to. Dong Han said he could still investigate on his own, without having to see Chen Jie’s face. Zi Yan said that their boss was back, and he was talking to Chen Jie at that point. Zi Yan also said that she already talked to their boss, explaining to him of their actions. She disclosed that Chen Jie didn’t have any power over them, only their boss did. Therefore, Dong Han didn’t need to leave. Dong Han contradicted her by saying that no one had any power over his staying or leaving. After saying that, he left since he was done packing. However, Zi Yan reached out to grab a hold of his hand, stopping him. Dong Han obviously looked annoyed with her action. She told him that Yong Mei won’t let him leave, because she knew that Yong Mei likes him. He didn’t seem to care (or maybe he was still fuming from the fight with Chen Jie earlier), so he told Zi Yan to apologize to Yong Mei for him. Zi Yan tried another tactic, telling Dong Han that what if she wanted him to stay. He turned around to look at her once again before saying that it would be the same, he apologized to her as well. Yet she didn’t let go of him. In fact, she grabbed on even tighter than before. Then what she did next stunned him even more than all her previous actions. He no longer looked pissed off, but his face mirrored that of shock. What did she do? She gave him a kiss on the cheek before letting go of him. Yet he didn’t leave. He was still standing there, thinking of what just happened. He finally spoke up, asking her what she was doing. She didn’t know either, but she only knew that it felt lonely to be there yet it was fine afterward because of him. That was it, and she smiled. His expression was back to annoyed. He told her that she shouldn’t have any type of fantasies toward him because she would eventually be disappointed. She asked him why. But when he turned to face her, trying to get his point across, her phone rang. It was their boss. After Zi Yan got off the phone, she told Dong Han that Zhang Guo Tang had attacked again. It was the previous incident regarding Miao Miao. Zi Yan asked Dong Han if he still wanted to leave. He tossed his bag back on his bed before heading off to the scene with Zi Yan.

At the newspaper place, Miao Miao was still in shock and Zi Hong was waiting for the others to arrive. At that same time, Jia Yuan was seen preparing some milk tea for Miao Miao to calm her nerves. Miao Miao’s grandpa soon arrived, and Miao Miao rushed to his side, seeking some comfort. Soon, Miao Miao’s grandpa focused on Zi Hong. He wanted to thank Zi Hong for saving his granddaughter and offered a hand for Zi Hong to shake, which Zi Hong avoided completely and walked away. When Chief Zheng arrived with the others, they were stationed outside while Chief Zheng went in to do the questioning. Chief Zheng was pondering why Zhang Guo Tang was targeting Miao Miao. Miao Miao’s grandpa had two theories: a) because Miao Miao and Yong Mei were coworkers hence wanting to get to Miao Miao or b) Miao Miao was investigating Zhang Guo Tang hence Zhang Guo Tang wanted to give her a warning. Chief Zheng was surprised that Miao Miao didn’t contribute yet, considering her nature. Miao Miao soon jumped in to say that her grandpa had stopped her from investigating. Chief Zheng asked Miao Miao why she thought that the attacker wanted to kill her. She said Zi Hong said so, and even she thought that was exaggerating.

Outside, Zi Yan was taking Zi Hong’s statements while the others were dusting for prints. Dong Han walked over to the two while Zi Yan carried on with her questioning. She was asking how Zi Hong come to the conclusion that the attacker was going for the kill and not just kidnapping or other reasons. Zi Hong said that the other party didn’t care to wear a mask or tried to conceal himself because it seemed like the other person saw no need for it. Yes, going for the kill so it didn’t matter if Miao Miao saw his face or not. Zi Yan jotted down some notes before telling Zi Hong to sign if he didn’t have any problems with it. Zi Hong hesitated before taking his hands out of his pockets to sign. It was also then that Zi Yan realized he had hurt his hand. It was probably from the fight earlier. Zi Yan asked him how bad was his injury, suggesting that he head to the hospital to have it checked out. He said no need before rushing off. Zi Yan and Dong Han looked worried. Zi Yan even voiced her opinion about how much blood Zi Hong was losing–and wanted to rush after him yet Dong Han stopped her. He said he would. He increased his pace and asked Zi Hong where his car was, wanting to send Zi Hong to the hospital himself. He said he insisted so even if Zi Hong gave him a fierce look, it didn’t matter. While all that was going on, Zi Yan stood by with an amused smile on her face. And while they were on their way, Dong Han loosened his tie and tried to make conversation, but Zi Hong wasn’t biting. Not the least bit. But Zi Hong had to face Miao Miao’s wrath over the phone when Jia Yuan called him. Miao Miao questioned him why he was so impolite with her grandpa. She wanted to meet up later to straighten things out. He couldn’t say no. (And before that, Chief Zheng had a talk with Miao Miao’s grandpa, wanting to ask if he and Zhang Guo Tang had any disagreements in the past that had led to Zhang Guo Tang targeting Miao Miao. None at this point, but Chief Zheng promised to send a team over to protect Miao Miao all the same.)

Zi Yan was finally free and came inside to comfort Miao Miao. She found Miao Miao and Jia Yuan joking and laughing so she was reassured that Miao Miao was no longer frightened. Miao Miao joked that she had internal injuries, and wanted sweets to soothe those injuries after Zi Yan asked if she was still able to write. Zi Yan soon brought out some sweets to bribe both Miao Miao and Jia Yuan. After some more joking, Zi Yan and Miao Miao sat down at the table to talk while Jia Yuan prepared a teacup for Zi Yan. Zi Yan explained that she often ate sweets (from the tube she brought out earlier) when she didn’t have time for a meal. She soon handed Miao Miao a tissue to wipe her mouth (from the chocolate residues that she just snacked on). Zi Yan also grabbed a tissue to wipe her pen. Miao Miao saw the blood residues on the pen and asked if Zi Yan was injured. Zi Yan said no, it was from Zi Hong’s. That was when Jia Yuan brought over the teacup for Zi Yan and had to stop short upon hearing that Zi Hong was injured. Miao Miao was also no longer smiling. Of course, Zi Yan saw Miao Miao’s reaction and immediately asked Miao Miao about it. Miao Miao, of course, didn’t know about it. She probably had put two and two together, understanding why Zi Hong didn’t shake her grandpa’s hand earlier.

Elsewhere, Dong Han was saying how luckily Zi Hong was there to save Miao Miao or she would’ve been done for already. Dong Han asked if Zi Hong knew why Zhang Guo Tang was targeting Miao Miao. Dong Han stated that Zhang Guo Tang had been overseas lately so he couldn’t have any grudges with Miao Miao. Zi Hong pointed out it could have to do with her grandpa. Dong Han asked Zi Hong what their grudges were and Zi Hong told Dong Han not to ask him. Dong Han said that Zi Hong must know a lot. He asked if Zi Hong still remembered the accident of twenty years ago–and if Zi Hong wanted to seek revenge. He then mentioned Zi Hong’s mother, and if it wasn’t for the accident, his mother would still be normal, living her life, etc. Zi Hong asked where Dong Han was going and he could drop Dong Han off before walking away. Dong Han walked after Zi Hong, images of the past flashed in his mind. He was indeed hurting as bad as Zi Hong, and possibly worst because he had lost both of his parents. From his eyes, it could be seen that he wanted to reach out and reconnect with his childhood friend, but couldn’t.

At the Yang resident, the confrontation between Zi Hong and Miao Miao finally occurred. Miao Miao was, of course, upset over the fact that Zi Hong didn’t tell her that he was injured. She not only chided him for not telling her, but she had to hear it from someone else of his injury. Grandpa Yang soon came and dissolved the matter. They all sat down at the table afterward and Grandpa Yang got right down to business, saying that he heard Miao Miao said that Zi Hong wanted to ask him some questions. Zi Hong whipped out a piece of paper that he had acquired when he was in high school. It was the list with all the names of the ones who signed, agreeing to move out 20 years ago regarding the land redevelopment project. Apparently, Miao Miao had already asked him regarding the matter earlier, but he wanted to wait for Zi Hong before answering. Grandpa Yang said at first he didn’t want to sign either but he was told by his superior to do it, and that it was an order. After he did it, even his son scolded him. Yet because he had some reputation at that time around town so the townspeople soon signed, except for 3 households, which were Xiao Cao’s family, Xi Shuai’s family, and Zi Hong’s mother. Grandpa Yang asked if Zi Hong wanted to make him pay for what had happened. Zi Hong said he’d guessed that already so he wanted to ask Grandpa Yang another question. He wanted to know what Project Jing Hai (靖海計劃) was. Grandpa Yang said he didn’t know. Zi Hong couldn’t believe that he didn’t know, considering how it was probably linked to the redevelopment project. He said that before the signing, everyone was against the project, even Grandpa Yang himself (just like what Grandpa Yang said earlier). Yet afterward, Grandpa Yang just signed away. Grandpa Yang reminded Zi Hong that he had no choice but to obey at that time because it was an order from his superior. But Zi Hong wasn’t satisfied with the answer. Zi Hong said what was suspicious was how afterward, Grandpa Yang had a promotion. He suspected those incidents were linked, and it had to do with Project Jing Hai, considering how the files were sealed regarding that. Grandpa Yang lost his patience and lashed out at Zi Hong, telling Zi Hong that he’d been honest all his life, etc. But Zi Hong said he just wanted to know about Project Jing Hai, not caring what Grandpa Yang’s reputation was on the surface. It got to the point that Miao Miao had to stop the fight and told Zi Hong to stop attacking her grandpa. Zi Hong told the two that he would continue to investigate regardless before leaving the place.

Back at the secret headquarter, they had another meeting. Chen Jie said that Zi Hong and Miao Miao had already confirmed of Miao Miao’s attacker–and that they could disregard the reason for the attack being that Miao Miao was a newspaper reporter. Chen Jie further disclosed that Zhang Guo Tang, Yang Yong Zhao (楊永照 – aka Grandpa Yang), Jiang Jian Ming, and Shen You Fu (Zi Hong’s adopted father) were all from the same town. They didn’t want to admit their relations, but there was a definite link. Chen Jie suspected that Zhang Guo Tang’s main target wasn’t Jiang Jian Ming, but Yang Yong Zhao. Chief Zheng asked Chen Jie what he thought the reason was for the attacks. Chen Jie conjectured that it was either because of the whole cop/gangster relation that they could never break from, or it was because they were in a conspiracy together. Dong Han interrupted Chen Jie with his snarky remarks, saying that Chen Jie was once again trying to push blame on fellow cops. He used Chen Jie as an example, stating that he could just suspect Chen Jie because of his behaviors, and listed the way Chen Jie was doing with trying to kick him and Zi Yan off the team. Yet he said he chose to believe Chen Jie because Chen Jie was a fellow cop. Chen Jie said he wasn’t falling for Dong Han’s trap. Before it got any more out of hand, Chief Zheng jumped in to stop them from fighting, and even stated his reason for believing Yang Yong Zhao, because he said Yang Yong Zhao wouldn’t accept any money from anyone – even if his son had been hospitalized due to illness and ended up dying, etc. Chen Jie relented and said he was just guessing. Chief Zheng said he understood yet he wasn’t buying it. He said why didn’t they just plain suspect him too, considering how they already suspected Yang Yong Zhao. They were all quiet by that time, and Chen Jie once again sent Dong Han an evil glare. Yet Zi Yan soon broke the intensity by drawing out the formulas on the board, stating that the third possibility with Zhang Guo Tang’s attacks was to test them (aka their team). It was because Yang Yong Zhao was also currently a consultant to the police hence attacking him could be part of the whole testing the police force, not because of a personal reason. Indeed, that got the others thinking even more. It was about playing games with the police, not just some personal grudge with Jiang Jian Ming or Yang Yong Zhao.

While Miao Miao and Grandpa Yang were eating dinner at home and talking about the disagreements earlier with Zi Hong, Zi Hong was home talking to Jia Yuan. She, of course, worried for him and asked about his wound. They talked some more and ended up joking around. She noticed how he was so close to Miao Miao and wondered if they were friends for a long time. He admitted it yet dodged her question about his relationship or lack of one. Zi Hong finally confided in Jia Yuan of his high school crush when Jia Yuan promised not to tell anyone. He described how he followed her from behind when they were riding their bikes, etc. Jia Yuan was disappointed that he didn’t make a move yet didn’t blame him too much since it was only two months. He corrected her by saying that it was two years, not two months. She was indeed shocked. After some more joking, they settled down. Then Zi Hong drove Jia Yuan home. As he walked her to her place, she hooked her hands through his, even stopping to look at their shadows before stating how it would be nice to keep continuing like that. He didn’t say anything. Soon after, she asked him about them being together, which he denied. She asked if he didn’t like her, and he said it wasn’t so. She soon let go of him and apologized. He said it really wasn’t so and when she asked him why, he stated that he couldn’t be depended on. He went on to say that he treated her like his little sister. She made her request again about them getting together. She said that they could leave the place together with Xuan Xuan. He said he couldn’t leave yet. She asked if it was because of Miao Miao. He said it wasn’t like that, but it didn’t have to do with Miao Miao. She apologized and said it was all right before biding him goodbye and good night. They went their separate ways, but she soon texted him. The message said that it was all right that he didn’t tell her the reason why, but she promised him that she wouldn’t bring it up again in the future. She also hoped that he would be happy.

Hua Jie soon appeared, offering Jia Yuan a handkerchief and asked who had upset her. They moved on to discuss business. Hua Jie asked if Jia Yuan could travel, and Jia Yuan said no, considering how there was still Xuan Xuan. Hua Jie had other alternatives. Jia Yuan said she could do all that was asked, but she still wanted to work for the newspaper place from time to time, on top of caring for Xuan Xuan. Hua Jie promised.

Back at the Yang resident, Yong Mei came to see Miao Miao, asking about her well being. Yong Mei then apologized for dragging Miao Miao into the situation. Yet Miao Miao said it didn’t have anything to do with Yong Mei. Yong Mei was still feeling guilty about it, not convinced and knew that Miao Miao was just reassuring her. Yet Yong Mei soon turned to Dong Han and said that she knew it would soon end because the team was there to protect them and solve the case. And then when they got to the Luo resident, Yong Mei asked Dong Han when it would all end. Dong Han hesitated before saying that he didn’t know. She wanted him and Zi Yan to go and protect Miao Miao yet he told her that their orders were to protect her. Seeing her devastated state, Dong Han soon told her that they had come to the conclusion that this situation wasn’t related to her. He said it was because Grandpa Yang being a cop previously that Zhang Guo Tang wanted to target and test the cops, not having to do with Yong Mei’s side. Yong Mei burst out saying that she didn’t know what was Zhang Guo Tang’s problems with targeting people, but she told Dong Han to pass the words to his superiors to protect Miao Miao or she’ll…she had to stop herself from lashing out at Dong Han, considering how it wasn’t his fault. It was hard to blame her for the outburst because of recent events surrounding her and her family and friends, but she seriously was starting to sound like her mother, lol. She needed some time to pull herself together before apologizing to Dong Han for her actions, but he said it was no problem. She then asked him for his help tomorrow, and surprisingly, he agreed. And interestingly, he turned that sweet smile off after he left the Luo resident and got into his car. He was being followed by Chen Jie while he was driving away from the resident. However, he wasn’t heading back to the headquarter but went to a public phone and used a phone card to make a call. Chen Jie was still spying.

Next morning, Zi Yan was seen carrying two cups of beverage while Ah Gang was working at his desk. It was soon revealed that Zi Yan’s other cup was for Dong Han. He was working at his desk also and had stopped briefly to stare at Zi Yan before resuming his work. Yet he soon grabbed onto Zi Yan’s cup for him and placed it on the other side of his desk. Chen Jie was still watching Dong Han from upstairs. He soon descended the steps and called for everyone’s attention. He said that they should fight back, not standing around and taking Zhang Guo Tang’s blows anymore. He told Ah Gang that Ah Gang didn’t need to go spy on Zhang Guo Tang’s henchman anymore and that he could leave it to other fellow cops. He told them Xiao He had some leads, and that he and Ah Gang should go check it out. He then turned to Dong Han and told Dong Han to follow them as well. Dong Han said that he was supposed to go with Yong Mei, but Chen Jie said it had been changed. Dong Han didn’t give up, saying that Yong Mei needed his help with something. Chen Jie returned it by saying how Zi Yan could take care of it. Dong Han said Chen Jie should ask Yong Mei about it. That got to Chen Jie, and he confronted Dong Han, wondering if Dong Han was using Yong Mei to put some pressure on him. Dong Han said he wasn’t trying to use any pressure on anyone. Chen Jie said that with the current situation, Dong Han didn’t have any say any more. Dong Han asked Chen Jie what he was trying to get at. Chen Jie asked Dong Han where Dong Han went after leaving the Luo resident. Dong Han said, of course, he came back to the headquarter, but Chen Jie said it wasn’t so. Dong Han got up and asked Chen Jie what he was getting at with following him, etc. Chen Jie asked who Dong Han was calling when he stopped to use the public phone. Dong Han said that he was calling home. Chen Jie pointed out why Dong Han didn’t use his cell phone. Dong Han said his cell phone had run out of battery. Chen Jie asked him why he didn’t wait to return to the headquarter to call, etc. Dong Han said his family’s schedule wasn’t as abnormal as his to be up at that time, considering what time he returned. He even urged Chen Jie to investigate, handing over his own cell phone. Chen Jie still didn’t believe Dong Han, asking Dong Han his family’s home phone. Dong Han chanted off the number, which matched the number on the piece of paper Chen Jie had jotted down. However, Chen Jie still declared that he didn’t believe Dong Han. He asked why Dong Han dialed it twice. Dong Han said he couldn’t get through hence trying again. Dong Han knew it was hopeless so he said he would do whatever Chen Jie told him to do. Then he turned to Zi Yan, saying that what he promised Yong Mei, he had to trouble Zi Yan to fulfill it for him. Zi Yan asked him what he had promised Yong Mei, but Dong Han said to ask Yong Mei, not him.

Meanwhile, Zi Hong finally took Miao Miao to see his mother. Miao Miao tried to communicate with the old lady, trying to resurrect her memory or movement by telling her of old stories. However, it was as useless as when Zi Hong communicated with her. Then Miao Miao helped Zi Hong with massaging his mother, trying to keep her muscles active. Miao Miao tried to make a conversation with Zi Hong again, especially about her grandpa. When they brought Zi Hong’s mother back to her room, Miao Miao discovered the old music snow globe on the desk. She was moved to tears that the music box was still there.

At the Luo resident, Chen Jie was trying to convince Yong Mei not to meddle into their internal affairs. However, Yong Mei stated her respect for the team and her gratitude for their protection, etc. She also went on further to say that if Dong Han wanted to harm her, he would’ve already, he didn’t need to wait for Zhang Guo Tang to make a move. She even recaptured the situation of how she and Miao Miao had been in danger. She rather believed in Dong Han with having jumped out to protect her than all the other cops, including Chen Jie. Then they went outside and Dong Han asked what was their conclusion. Yong Mei spoke up to tell Dong Han to follow her, and Zi Yan took the chance to gave Dong Han a thumbs up. So Yong Mei entered the car and Dong Han followed, turning to see Chen Jie still frowning at him. Yong Mei sent Zi Yan a sweet smile before the car sped off. Chen Jie then told Zi Yan to keep her distance from Dong Han, and it was for her own good. Zi Yan frowned again, asking if Chen Jie was still suspicious of Dong Han. Chen Jie said sometimes suspicions didn’t need an explanation before walking away. Zi Yan shook her head at him. And back in the car, Dong asked Yong Mei what she told Chen Jie earlier. Yong Mei had on a cunning smile and said she wasn’t going to tell him.

Elsewhere in another car, Miao Miao was giving Zi Hong a hard time again. It was hard to blame her, considering how he did kiss her that one time and then shrugged it off as if it was nothing. And he was still acting it was nothing unusual. The most important thing was it was her first kiss. He said it was also his. She didn’t care, and she said she was a girl after all. Okay, it trudged past relationships and all as well. She asked if he’d ever been in love. He said in high school. She asked if he liked that girl more or her. He said, of course, the other girl. She kicked him out of the car, lol. Then she took off. Then it was revealed in the flashback that his high school crush was actually Miao Miao. It was just that she didn’t realize it was him. Or more like she didn’t realize she was being stalked, lol. Zi Hong had on a secret smile as he headed back home. It showed that he was working on a new music card, which coincidentally got sent to a certain someone.

And that person got murdered. The special team arrived at the scene to check it out. The music card was still present at the scene, which Zi Yan picked up and asked the others about it. Was it really Zi Hong? Or was it Dong Han? Considering how Dong Han had previously come to Zi Hong’s lab and discovered a lot there.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

The New World: Episode 5

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The confrontation between Chen Jie and Dong Han continued. Chen Jie wanted Dong Han to answer him. Considering what Dong Han said if Chen Jie was wrong, but Chen Jie said even if it was wrong, it was still his orders so Dong Han have to respect it. Dong Han smirked before saying that he would respect it. Chen Jie warned that Dong Han must remember what he (Dong Han) just said. Then Chen Jie turned to the others to remind them that they were facing a very dangerous criminal hence he didn’t want to see anything happening to them while he was their team leader. He made it too clear that he was in charge. As if that wasn’t enough, he turned to warn Dong Han once again.

As for Zi Hong, he finally went to the old forest where they planted the trees to check the wooden tags out for himself. It was also there that Miao Miao found him as she was returning to the place for a visit. She was obviously still upset over their last encounter, and possibly rightly so. While displaying her long face, she asked him if he really didn’t place those wooden tags on the trees. He said it wasn’t really him placing it on there yet the symbols were connected to him. She reminded him that he previously told her that Qing Ting was in the past already. He clarified that it belonged to his past and his birth mother, but to his father and others, he was just Zi Hong. It was indeed complicated and hard to understand for others. She spoke up to say that she wasn’t just anyone, she was Miao Miao. He said it had been 20 years already, people change along with the things, he wouldn’t know how much she’d changed. She snapped at him once again yet decided to let him off (lightly) by asking if he’d returned to the forest often. He admitted it yet he said it was the first time he saw the wooden tags. She asked him if he knew where Xi Shuai (蟋蟀 – cricket) and Xiao Cao (小草 – little grass) were. Zi Hong had a little reminiscent moment where he had tried to seek out Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao yet they were already adopted by other people before he could see them again after the accident. Miao Miao called Zi Hong out of the trance yet soon realized he might not want to disclose the details to her so she vouched to find out on her own. She rambled on and on, still upset about his coolness, obviously. (Yet what bugged me to death was how she was upset over how he had scolded her and she told him to be more careful next time when he scolded people. I don’t mean she can’t be upset since she was the person influencing Jiang Jian Ming to return, but what bugged me was how she told Zi Hong to be careful about the scolding yet herself? She was scolding the cops and bossing them around yet it was already a miracle that Chief Zheng gave her such an easy out.) Anyway, Zi Hong soon snapped out of it and asked if she’d returned to the seaside before. So they went. Their conversation somewhat improved since they were talking about Zi Hong’s mother. He said he took her there sometimes, even if she didn’t remember, hoping that she would remember one day. With Zi Hong’s recounts, Miao Miao soon apologized for not knowing and many more. She no longer wanted to scold him or be hostile toward him. She attempted again by asking about Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao. He said he and the other two were brought to the orphanage yet the other two were adopted already so he didn’t know where they went either. They soon made up, with him promising that he would tell her stuff. She was happy again and jumpy. They were interacting like normal again, or at least she was.

Back at the secret headquarter, Zi Yan was seen making sandwiches. It was soon revealed that she was making ’em for Chen Jie and Ah Gang. Well, she was just making ’em and wanted to share with the guys too. She pondered if Chen Jie had already calmed down and said that she wanted to discuss Dong Han’s suggestion with unearthing the case regarding the accident of 20 years ago. She said it would reveal a lot more about Zhang Guo Tang and Jiang Jian Ming’s disagreements and whatnot. Chen Jie asked if she also thought he was wrong. She said a little. Chen Jie shrugged it off as orders were orders yet he didn’t forget to thank her for the sandwiches on his way out. Zi Yan’s hospitality didn’t stop with Chen Jie and Ah Gang. She also bribed Xiao He with her sandwich, lol. And then, of course, Dong Han. He said he wasn’t hungry. She, of course, had her own technique to deal with such stubborn heads like him, lol. She said if he wasn’t hungry, she wouldn’t give him the files. Yes, she probably scored the files via Xiao He. So he had no choice but to accept the half sandwich. She also made him surrender the keys so she could drive. When they were in the car, she told him what she found out before they headed off to the Luo resident. There, Yong Mei greeted them both and asked if they both were going with her. Zi Yan explained since their trip that day required some nighttime so it was safer having Dong Han there with them as well. Yong Mei apologized and explained regarding her tasks that day, and said that she would try to limit night trips in the future. Zi Yan said it was their job so she didn’t need to apologize. Yong Mei soon asked if Dong Han was always carrying that long face. Zi Yan said that he was born with that long face, lol. Yong Mei laughed at the joke before walking to the car. Dong Han turned to give Zi Yan a half-smirk while Zi Yan returned it with one of her teasing expressions. (Cute!) And so they were off. Their trip entailed mostly business relating to Yong Mei’s newspaper stuff, but she soon found out that this one guy was taking advantage of the situation and wanted to bribe her by giving extra money to get the foot in the door with her parents. So, of course, she didn’t accept the money and left.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shen came to the newspaper place to meet up with Miao Miao. He brought a little gift over to her, thanking her for saving him and his son previously. She said she didn’t do much. Their conversation soon moved toward Zi Hong’s mother when they were outside. Mr. Shen said that she needed to talk to Zi Hong about it. Yup, he was still leaving it up to Zi Hong, just like how they were at the police headquarter previously. Miao Miao had no choice but to respect that. She then asked about Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao. Mr. Shen said Zi Hong had always been looking for them and for Miao Miao as well. He said they, along with his mother, were the most important in his life. Soon after, Mr. Shen left. Miao Miao was left with her thoughts and her reliance on herself to figure out Zi Hong’s words.

That night, Zi Yan and Dong Han escorted Yong Mei safely back to the Luo resident. However, Yong Mei seemed to be upset. Zi Yan asked her what was wrong. Yong Mei disclosed that previously when she tried to contact them with supporting her newspaper, they didn’t seem all that interested. Now that her father contacted them, they were more than excited and willing to help her. She went on to say that Miao Miao was very hardworking and had high hopes for their projects and that if Miao Miao found out those people were interested only because of Yong Mei’s connection, she would be very sad and disappointed. Before Zi Yan could speak up to reassure Yong Mei, Dong Han told Yong Mei not to let Miao Miao know. Dong Han went on to say that Yong Mei could just tell Miao Miao that the newspaper was priceless. Yong Mei asked if he read their newspaper. He said yes, he really liked it. Yong Mei was surprised. Zi Yan soon confessed she read it also and really liked it. Dong Han went on with his philosophical speech that got the other two staring at him. They indeed were surprised because of his talkativeness all of a sudden. Yong Mei thought that he was a mute, lol. The little joke between them also lightened up the moods and cheered Yong Mei up again.

Back at the headquarter, Dong Han was chiding Zi Yan about how girls were all the same, always relying on picking on others for their amusement. She returned it with her own witty remark, lol. Yet when they settled down at their desks, Dong Han was quiet and working again. Zi Yan soon slid her chair over to his side and asked why he wanted to investigate the accident of 20 years ago so much. He reminded her that he already told them all the reason at the meeting earlier. She said it still wasn’t all that convincing. She said she had a better reason than his, lol. She refused to say though. She quickly told him to finish up first and said she wanted to leave. He asked her if she was free tomorrow, wanting to meet up and discuss some stuff. She seemed surprised? (LOL!) She kept pointing between the two of them. He nodded to make sure she understood. So she asked him if it was a date. He said it was a meeting. She wasn’t letting him off though, considering how it wasn’t a group involved so it couldn’t be called a meeting, lol. He said then it would be an isolated meeting. He laughed after that. She was still giving him weird looks, but after she turned and left, she smiled as well.

That night, Dong Han was indeed burning the midnight oil. Like he had said, he was investigating the accident – with or without Chen Jie’s permission. It was also when he got up for another round of coffee that he remembered back to his childhood. And it was confirmed that he was one of the three kids that had been in the accident. He was Xi Shuai. He was with Xiao Cao in the car after meeting up with Qing Ting and how Qing Ting promised to find them later and then they would go and seek out Miao Miao. But Xi Shuai fell asleep in the car and when he awakened, Xiao Cao was gone. When asked, he was told that Xiao Cao had already gone to her new family. The same with Qing Ting. He, Xi Shuai, would soon be with his new family. It was also revealed that Dong Han was the one who curved the symbols on the wooden pieces and placed them onto the trees. He was working with the wooden pieces that night with some tools from his pouch. And he ended up at Zi Hong’s place yet didn’t confront the other party. He hid and sneaked into Zi Hong’s workroom to take a look. He even discovered Zi Hong’s board. He also found some blank music cards. Then the scene merged.

Jia Yuan was seen holding a blank music card in her hands. Yes, it seemed like Zi Hong was the one helping her all along with sending funds each month to help the pair of sister and brother surviving and all. And it seemed like Jia Yuan was still struggling with her own problems. (Yeah, obviously, considering how she couldn’t just cut it off and steer clear of a certain person.) She had to meet up with the person called Hua Jie. Jia Yuan didn’t want to step into that complicated world anymore. Not after that talk with Zi Hong, etc. Hua Jie asked her about the money she borrowed. Jia Yuan said she could return the money. Hua Jie said even if she could give Jia Yuan more time to allow her to pay back the money, it was still up to the boss. He wasn’t the type to force others into doing what they didn’t like, but what he hated more was people who didn’t keep their promises. She told Jia Yuan to think it over and said she was leaving. However, Xuan Xuan arrived. Jia Yuan realized Hua Jie knew Xuan Xuan’s name. Hua Jie said since Jia Yuan didn’t keep in touch, she had to rack up Jia Yuan’s ancestry links and all. Xuan Xuan asked who that lady was after Hua Jie left. Jia Yuan could only say that she was a friend.

The next day at the newspaper place, Miao Miao treated Zi Hong and Jia Yuan to lunch. She actually prepared the meal. Jia Yuan, of course, praised her dishes while Zi Hong said it was just all right. They ended up in banter. Yet afterward, Zi Hong washed the dishes while Miao Miao and Jia Yuan worked on the layout of the next issue. Like one of those times, Miao Miao joined Zi Hong for tea while Jia Yuan worked away at the layout. Miao Miao finally told Zi Hong that Mr. Shen sought her out the previous day. Zi Hong knew it was to thank her for her help at that one time. They went on to talk more about their childhood. Zi Hong told Miao Miao that he had let Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao down, considering how he didn’t keep his promise with them. Miao Miao told him he was only six back then, he shouldn’t be so hard on himself. He said that they shouldn’t talk about that anymore, he wanted to discuss her new findings. She said he was stubborn and he returned it with it wasn’t like her first day knowing him. Jia Yuan seemed to detect some strangeness between the two from afar. Yet she resumed her work anyway.

The meeting between Dong Han and Zi Yan finally commenced. He was wondering why she picked that place. She reminded him that he said they were having an “isolated” meeting hence the isolated location. He said he was just kidding. They finally approached the main topic after that little joke. Zi Yan said that there was a mole within the group. Dong Han asked the mole for who. Zi Yan said for Zhang Guo Tang. He told her not to joke around regarding that matter. She wasn’t. She told him all her reasoning with how Zhang Guo Tang knew so much about them and their plans. So he asked her who suspected as the mole. She said she would cross his name off the list first, lol. He asked her why. (Wasn’t he just glad she didn’t suspect him?) Her answer was that he didn’t have to save Yong Mei if he was the mole. He wouldn’t want to investigate Zhang Guo Tang and all the things surrounding him. He asked her who else could be crossed off the list. She said none, considering how everyone was as suspicious. That meant she also suspected Chief Zheng. What was surprising that got a glare from Dong Han was that she said she, herself, was also on the list. Yet she said the most suspicious person at that point was Chen Jie. Dong Han asked was it because of how Chen Jie was against the idea of him investigating the case of 20 years ago. Zi Yan nodded. Dong Han pondered if it was just because Chen Jie was upset by his (Dong Han) words hence losing his temper. Zi Yan said previously she upset him too yet his reaction wasn’t like that. If he was easily roused by the others, he couldn’t be their team leader. (Good point. He didn’t snap at Miao Miao either, even if she was yelling at them like tenfold.) Dong Han pointed out that it would be a big deal with pointing the finger at Chen Jie. Zi Yan said that she only hoped that her suspicion was wrong. Yet she told him they still have to be careful. He said he understood. He then asked her what she found out already. She told him, but at the same time, Miao Miao was also telling Zi Hong the same thing. It was how the town was going through some developmental process. All the families didn’t agree at first but soon one by one agreed. The remaining three that didn’t agree ended up in the accident. Perhaps that wasn’t an accident after all if it coincided with the project. Dong Han said that no one could be sure of the two incidents having to do with one another. It wasn’t up to Zi Yan to say. Zi Yan said it wasn’t like Zhang Guo Tang would confess if they caught him so they should investigate on their own. According to Miao Miao, the person behind the company that was responsible for the development project’s surname was Yan (顏). Zi Hong said that Jiang Jian Ming’s wife’s surname was Yan. So back to Zi Yan and Dong Han, Zi Yan said that it indeed had to do with the Yan. Dong Han said that if Zhang Guo Tang was acting under the Yan’s company’s orders, then it could possibly have to do with Jiang Jian Ming. Zi Yan nodded. Dong Han and Zi Yan’s meeting was interrupted by Xiao He’s text messaging them, telling them to come back for a meeting. Well, it was more like Chen Jie was looking for them.

Then back to Miao Miao and Zi Hong’s meeting. It was getting intense again–like it should be with the current topic of discussion. Zi Hong wondered if Miao Miao was able to continue on, considering how it had to with the Jiang family and she was best friends and co-workers with Yong Mei. She might want to change her mind regarding the whole investigation. He wanted to leave, telling her to think it over. Yet she said he was like that each time. It might not be as extreme as the thought. If it were to arrive at that point, she could always leave the newspaper place. Yet he said what about her grandpa? Apparently the ripple effect started with her grandpa, considering the townspeople didn’t want to sign and sell their places ages back yet her grandpa was the person that had quite an effect on the others. So the others signed, except for the remaining three. It was indeed hard for her to digest, but it couldn’t be helped. It was her grandpa after all.

So Dong Han and Zi Yan finally returned to meet up with Chen Jie and Xiao He. Chen Jie was fuming. It seemed like he found out about how Zi Yan pulled the files already so he was confronting both parties about not listening to his orders. Chen Jie was giving them the ultimatum, considering how their boss was back soon and would eventually strip them both of their current duties. Dong Han commented about how Chen Jie was playing for real, which upset Chen Jie even more. So they were told to surrender their badges and guns. Both did as told, slamming their badges and guns on the table yet Zi Yan soon confronted Chen Jie and asked what benefits did Zhang Guo Tang gave Chen Jie. He went insane and slapped Zi Yan. That shocked Dong Han yet his expression soon turned into livid. He lunged at Chen Jie and was ready to punch Chen Jie out. Yet Zi Yan yelled out to stop him. Chen Jie urged Dong Han on, saying that if Dong Han hit him, Dong Han couldn’t be a cop anymore. Zi Yan rushed over and pulled Dong Han out. They left together with Dong Han still fuming. Zi Yan thanked him for helping her earlier yet said that he didn’t need to do that in the future, considering how she was capable of taking care of herself.

What took place next was what seemed to be another kidnapping. Or an attempt. The person who attempted to kidnap Yong Mei was back to kidnap Miao Miao. Zi Hong had spotted that suspicious vehicle previously so he had doubled back to wait. He also got out in time to save Miao Miao after Zhang Guo Tang had given the go with the plan. Zi Hong and the other guy engaged in a fight. The other party soon fled, knowing it was useless to go against Zi Hong. When Zi Hong turned to Miao Miao, she was still quite shaken up by the fight she witnessed between the two. Zi Hong approached her and told her that that guy was probably Zhang Guo Tang’s henchman. He asked if she was scared yet. She said she had never feared anything before yet what she feared the most was not having friends to rely on. He kissed her. Then he apologized. She still didn’t know what to make of it. He told her to call the cops. She said to arrest him? He told her to call Chief Zheng up so they would know about the matter regarding how Zhang Guo Tang was targeting her. She said it would be faster with calling her grandpa.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

The New World: Choreography

So as I was wondering where in the world Tender Huang was since I obviously saw him in some of the pictures released by the production team. After scorching around to see who else they had for the cast list, not even the official site have his information. It wasn’t until I finally read the article posted on their Facebook page that I finally understand.

Tender Huang’s actually the choreographer for the drama. He has a Wushu background, so Director Huang Zhi Xiang sought him out for help. Since they did collaborate in Xiao Hai Da Ren, I didn’t think it was too hard to work together again, considering how successful that drama was.

Indeed, it was another successful collaboration, even if Tender was only part of the behind the scenes team.

On another note, I was checking around for more trailers, lol. Yes, I greedily do that although they did release like many trailers already. Anyway, I didn’t find much except for some repeat scenes. But finally got to watch the segment of their blessing ceremony that they held before filming that someone posted.

It was really fun to watch and get to know the cast more–if you didn’t know about them already. Well, bits and pieces here and there, but you notice stuff. Chen Wen Shan was the host.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

The New World: Characters

Back with this, because I couldn’t resist. So yes, I’ll probably do character descriptions or the main cast and then just work my way back somehow in the future if I remember for the rest of the cast.

Zhang Ting Hu (張庭瑚) as Shen Zi Hong (沈子鴻). 27 years old. An employee under the Research & Development Department of an electronics company. Exuding a gentle and sunshine personality, concealing a fierce persona. Since young, he was adopted by Shen You Fu (沈有福). Because of that background, it had influenced his later life immensely.

Ah Ben as He Zhen Fei (何振飛). 26 years old. A member of the Little Secret Service Group. Nickname: Xiao He (小何). A cop, was originally assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Police Department known as “Science and Technology Crime Protection Center.” Since transferring to the Little Secret Service Group, he seemed to have become a homebody.

Rabbit Yang (楊可涵) as Yang Miao Wei (楊妙薇). 26 years old. An editor for the community newspaper. Nickname: Miao Miao (喵喵).

Jean Lee (李依瑾) as Li Jia Yuan (李佳媛). 24 years old. Factory worker. Exuding a carefree and cute personality, concealing a sense of inferiority and cold-heartedness.

Cai Huang Ru (蔡黃汝) as Lin Zi Yan (林紫嫣). 26 years old. Originally from Interpol Division. Possessing a self-control personality. She doesn’t say much to others yet is easy to get along with.

Angela Lee (李佳豫) as Luo Yong Mei (羅詠玫). 27 years old. Chief Editor of the community newspaper. She is carefree and is very independent. She is also very well-mannered and would never spew vulgarity. Her father is the new Head Commissioner and her mother’s family works in the industrial commercial field.

Jet Chao (趙杰) as Chen Jie (陳杰). 28 years old. Team Leader of the Little Secret Service Division.

Pan Bo Xi (潘柏希) as Liu Dong Han (劉東瀚). 27 years old. Originally from the New North District’s Interpol Group. Possessing a calm and steady personality. At times, he could appear to be cold yet within that coldness, there conceals a raging flame.

*All images and character descriptions were found on The New World’s Official Facebook page.

**All translations were done by DTLCT.

The New World: A Serious Production

I was following this last year when Dou Hua Mei and Pan Bo Xi were posting images on their Facebook accounts. It was just that I didn’t get around to blog about it until now. Well, considering how it’s airing soon, it would be better I guess to talk about it. Anyway, anyone who wants to stalk their Facebook page for more active updates, go here or check their official website here.

At first, I just wanted to watch for these two. But then it caught on with me that it was actually focusing on action, among other serious themes. And it seemed serious enough, not just tossing stuff around randomly. Not to mention that it is from Director Huang Zhi Xiang. (If you don’t remember, he also directed Xiao Hai Da Ren, which was an epic drama.) Watching trailers also cranked up the excitement even more. So yes, I’m looking forward to it for the rest of the cast, plus the story to come.

For trailers, go here, here, and here.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.