Attention, Love!: Wrap-Up & Whatnot

The cast are having their wrap-up one by one. So the excitement went up several notches. (Obviously from the picture above.) So, it’s coming together.

Wang Zi recently celebrated his birthday with different fan gathering events. What was more, Qiao Qiao showed up both times to those events, which garnered some praises from Wang Zi. (There were many other friends who showed up to support him too.)

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Attention, Love!: Many Cute Moments

Since filming began for the drama, there had been many fun moments on set. I had a lot of fun following them. But of course, once again, I’m slow to update. So this post will be dedicated to that.

The cast and crew spent many holidays together since filming, including Valentine’s Day.

Wang Zi even sparked a bit of controversy when he posted the above picture, wanting others to guess who the person was as a Valentine’s Day gag. Of course, fans rushed to answer that it was none other than Qiao Qiao, which was true since they were also filming that day–as stated before.

Of all the special occasions, they also celebrated Qiao Qiao’s birthday on set.

Wang Zi also compimented Qiao Qiao’s hardworking attitude in another post he shared.

They sure had fun, but I hope that the drama would be equally exciting as following the production thus far.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Wang Zi and Qiao Qiao Reunion: Attention, Love!

Wang Zi just posted a message on Facebook saying he had a new project with Qiao Qiao, asking if we were looking forward to it. That was when I went to search for news. (Go here and here for articles.) It had been four years since their collaboration in Ti Amo Chocolate. This was his first project coming back to Taiwan since he had been working in the mainland for the past four years. The drama focused around high school years. It had been awhile since they were students so it might take some used to. However, it seemed like they were up to the challenge. Wang Zi disclosed in the message he posted that his character was Yan Li Zheng (顏力正) and Qiao Qiao’s character was Zhong Xiao Xi (鍾少曦). Apparently, it was also a reunion for the two with Gao Shu Yao, because she was also in Ti Amo Chocolate.

Anyway, they just had the blessing ceremony for the drama. The story supposedly was about how Wang Zi and Qiao Qiao’s characters were in a prearranged marriage and Wang Zi’s character lived with Qiao Qiao’s character’s family since Wang Zi’s character’s parents had already passed away. The basis was mentioned as that. However, if there would be any changes, we’ll just have to wait and see. But I’m wondering if they would sing the main theme together or possibly some other songs in the drama, considering how they had sang together in the past already.

Some other cast members included Huang Xin Di (who had worked with Qiao Qiao in True Love 365), SpeXial’s Riley, Greg Hsu, Zhang Guang Chen, Barry Qu, Carolyn Chen, Xu Fan, and Scott Yang.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Status of Drama Watching IV

This is an overdue update since the last time I updated was in 2011. YES, you read it right. 2011! What in the world was I thinking in delaying, right? But life happened. Then I totally neglected this because of how I was relying on the ‘task list’ on the front page. But I thought I go ahead with it anyway, even if years later. I’ll try to update more frequent from now on.

Past Dramas:

  • A Great Way To Care II – It went downhill but what could I expect?
  • Angel Lover – Who knew I finally finished a Ming Dao series, right? NOT that I’m saying it’s bad. Just that I’m juggling too much that I sometimes feel bad, especially for some of the older dramas.
  • Be Home For Dinner – Long gone and don’t care for it anymore but placing in as another update.
  • Black Heart, White Soul – My last Roger series.
  • Borrow Your Love – My last Dylan drama. Episode summaries are done.
  • BOSS Seasons 1 & 2 – Yes, finished that ages ago but just want to place it in as part of the update as well.
  • Detective Tang Lang – Yeah, love it. But I swear I’m totally placing it aside for now, lol.
  • Falling – I almost forgot about this one.
  • Father’s Desire – Short and heartwarming. Just keeping it real.
  • Fondant Garden – Hmmmm.
  • Forensic Heroes III – Ah, the memories, lol.
  • Gentle Mercy – Enjoyable although also quite frustrating at times.
  • Home Run – Short and nice.
  • iHero – Yes, I placed in ‘placeholder’ posts. Then I had to go back and update. That kept me grounded for now. I’ll try harder to update. But can’t promise. Because of my schedule mostly.
  • Ji Gong 1995 – So in love with it! I’m up for another round of re-watching! LOL! Not kidding, it’s that addicting.
  • Just Singing And Dancing – I kept debating whether to go back and do episode summaries. But I’m just settling for some discussion posts for now.
  • King Maker – Really good and intriguing. But I got lazy with doing reviews, lol.
  • Legend of Star Apple – This will have the same fate as LT, I’ll post in ‘placeholder’ posts on Fridays so that it’s there and I’m forced to work in filling the gaps instead of procrastinating. Notice that I only summarize the main couple’s happenings for this one. YES, a very biased version of the drama. But I sort of don’t care for other stuffs and would like to continue that way. It takes the edge of frustration and boredom out of my watching. It also allows me to not pause all the time. Of course when more serious stuffs come into play, I’ll try to elaborate more. As of now, it’s that.
  • Liao Zhai 2014 – Yes, finished recently.
  • Li Wei’s Resignation – Hilarious and entertaining for the most part. There were draggy parts, but the humor and wit made up for it. Not to mention Paul Chun was the main guy and Deric Wan rounded up the comedy side as his somewhat crazy son.
  • Love Together (愛讓我們在一起)  – I finished with watching this already, ages back, in fact. But I kept holding back on episode summaries. But I got a solution at long last. I’ll put in a ‘placeholder’ posts so I’m forced to do it faster from now on. It’s going to post in its Monday slot, like intended at the beginning.
  • Madame White Snake (SETTV) – This is my last Ehlo drama. Quite enjoyable and loved him.
  • Master of Play – Wow, I didn’t realize it had been that long.
  • Only You (TVB version) – Okay, I think I posted like 2 episodes of this already? I was kind of lazy to continue on with the summary. But whenever it is I would pick it up, I’ll make sure to do the summary. At least finish it. I swear it has been soooo long so I already forgotten some stuffs, even with some notes I placed in while watching. So maybe a re-watch later to refresh my mind? Not sure. Might consider ‘placeholder’ posts for this one as well to push things forward a bit.
  • Mei Ren Long Tang – OMG, very enjoyable series for me. For once, I could say that I’m already done with the episode summaries. Holding back have its benefits?
  • Night Rose – Cute! Was I the only one whom thought it was cute?
  • Peak Times – I so need to go back and do episode summaries and caps! It would be fun! We’ll see.
  • Sisters (姊妹) – Along the way, it I had to put it on hold on and off. But I was glad I carried through. Because some of the things in the ending made it epic. Even if one of my favorite characters ended up in a quite tragic fate.
  • Rear Mirror – My last Wayne series.
  • Shen Yi Da Dao Gong 2013 – I want part 2.
  • The Dangerous City – Interesting short drama.
  • The Days of Days – Loved Sunny and Sonija in there. Just hated the other parts of the story that made Raymond Wong and Vivien Yeo seemed like senseless characters.
  • The Deer and the Cauldron 2014 – Yes, I managed to finish it awhile back. One of the new adaptations I actually watched and enjoyed, considering how it’s from the same team as the ones whom made the new version of DGSD.
  • The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013 – Finally a version I truly like. It’s all in the review so I won’t repeat here.
  • The Kind of Yesterday and Tomorrow – So long ago but really enjoyable.
  • The Legend and the Hero – I can’t believe I survived this but yeah.
  • The New World (新世界) – Although I was very disappointed in the ending and some of the repetitve stuffs (like I mentioned in different posts about the drama), I was glad I watched it. There were still some good things about it. So yeah, episode summaries finished already, lol.
  • The Legend of Dragon Pearl – Ridiculously amusing.
  • When Dolphin Met Cat – Frustrating on many levels but I just had to dive in, lol.
  • True Love 365 – The last Qiao Qiao drama that I watched fully and enjoyed.
  • When Heaven Burns – So long ago. Or it seemed that way to me with TVB series.
  • Xiao Hai Da Ren – Just epic!
  • Yours Fatefuly – The last Kingone drama that I actually watched fully.
  • Yuan Lai Wo Bu Shuai – So fun to watch at times. The randomness of old school days. Even if the later parts made me kind of mad, still enjoyed it as an overall.

Current Dramas:

  • Disclosed – Episode 2 – I was checking testing to see how it was before diving in for real later.
  • Dong Jiang Heroes – Episode 21 – This is actually my #1 priority. I had to stop because stuffs got deleted. But I’m back on track now. Just need to find time. After this, I might jump back to Monga Yao Hui or Love Family, whichever one I feel like it.
  • Empress Conquers (天后之征) – Episode 3 – I had to jump back and watch part 1 since I didn’t really get what was going on. AND yes, this saga is more along of the controversial side, not typical idol dramas. So some might not be able to handle it.
  • Father and Son (父與子) – Episode 12 – Yes, after 4 years and I’m still only at 12. It’s on and off for me since I got quite frustrated with some characters so yeah. I couldn’t believe I made it up to 12 either, lol. It’s like about 2 hours in episode so yeah. A bit trying. But I knew what I was getting myself into so can’t complain much, lol. Just watching it slowly in the background.
  • Galileo II – Episode 2 – I currently am halting this since I got a bit disappointed. Not giving up though.
  • Garden of Life – Episode 2 – Will go back to this one day. LOL!
  • Home (回家) – Episode 2 – I meant to continue this. It’s just that I need to clear off my list first.
  • IUUI – Episode 2 – I ended up jumping back to do episode reviews, that’s why I took so long.
  • Liao Zhai III – Episode 2 – YES, I hunted this down to catch up on as well. Watching it on and off so reviews will be delayed.
  • Love Family – Episode 9 –  I was surprised that it caught on with me so fast. But I had to put it aside for now to finish some others first.
  • Lucky Touch – Episode 2 – Yes, I need to go back to this.
  • Monga Yao Hui – Episode 3 – I finally got a hold of this and started watching. It’s actually quite intriguing. Will try to find time for it.
  • Sunshine Angel – Episode 2 – I started watching but like the other ones, had to halt.
  • The Four 2013 – Episode 15 – Yes, I was slowing down to wait for new episodes. So will come back to discuss when I get further along the way OR be done with it. Whichever comes first.
  • The War of Beauties – Episode 15 – I had to halt this since it got very frustrating. Will try to get back in it and watch past that.
  • Tong Flowers Love – Episode 2 – I totally forgot about this one, but yes, had watched it, somewhat.

Upcoming Dramas:

  • 7 Friends – I want to watch just for kicks, lol.
  • Aquarius – YES, I have a lot on my list yet still looking forward to new dramas.
  • Biao Men/ The Great Protector – I know it already aired. But I need to put it here as a note for myself.
  • City of Angels – Qiao Zhen Yu! LOL!
  • Dan Shen You Yue aka Single & Still Dating – Come on! I can’t believe we have to wait until the end of the year for this.
  • Full Moon, Curved Saber 2012 – OMG, please release this sometime in my lifetime. Some of the dramas from 2013 finally aired. Why can’t this one air faster?
  • Fu Rong Jin – Mostly because of Eric Huang, but we’ll see.
  • Murphy’s Law of Love – Aside from the stupid, overly corny beginning and an attempt to milk and/or shoved some drama into our throats again, I wanted to watch it for Danson and Li Jia Ying.
  • RPOGE – If I have time.
  • TiAmo Chocolate – Although it’s not so high on my list anymore BUT I hate to pass a Van Ness and Joanne collaboration.
  • The Crossing Hero – Not sure if I would carry through but might check it out.
  • The Four Horsemen – Dou Hua Mei! And I don’t mind the rest of the cast.
  • The Lost Tomb – I need to make time.
  • The Queen – Yeah, I let this one slip by too. So need to jump back and watch.
  • The Way We Were – Yes, I wanted to watch this. But look at my ‘current’ list already piling up, LOL!
  • Women on the Breadfruit Tree – Just because, lol.

On-Hold – STILL:

  • Autumn’s Concerto – I thought I had resurrected my excitement to continue watching but the buzz died down again so it’s still suffering on my list.
  • Channel X – Too long ago but I’m still planning to watch it in the future.
  • Chinese Paladin III – I took out the episode summaries already and decided to do a more detailed version instead of just a vague report. So yeah. Will take awhile though.
  • Evil Spirit 05 – Episode 3 – Unfortunately, I had to halt this after just several episodes because it was boring me to death. Sadly.
  • Love Buffet – Not too high on my list right now, since I have other things to watch.
  • They Are Flying – Still in the loop.
  • Zhong Wu Yan – Still in exile. I don’t think I need to explain anymore.
  • Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2012 – I would love to watch it faster! BUT it’s annoying me to the point of infuriating. Then I had to fast forward too much so yeah.


  • Come Home Love – Sorry, I had to quit after like 432 episodes. It’s driving me insane with the plot getting lamer and lamer. So yeah. Such a shame though since it has great potential. If only they didn’t get greedy. On one hand, I love the majority of the cast. On the other hand, I just want to end already if they can’t come up with decent material.
  • Love Keeps Going – NOT so interested in it after several scenes. Yes, people are probably thinking I’m extreme with only several scenes BUT that’s my patience for dramas nowadays, especially when it’s trying too hard. NOT blaming the cast. It’s just that some of the dramas just suffer from constant repetitive path. Or more like producers kept choosing the similar books to turn into TV dramas.

What do you make of those lists, eh? YES, it’s epic long. But like I said before, it was since 2011. And I do know some were repeated/listed again since I did mark progresses with my end of year updates, but this is about dramas only so I thought it was not too over to include ’em all. I’ll try to remember and update more often so it wouldn’t be such a clutter in the future. I sure hope so! LOL!

Until next time…

True Love 365: Episode 20

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

As Long Tian Xing was walking home, his father appeared out of nowhere and called out to him. (Well, that dude was spying nearby but still.) What was the topic of discussion this time around? Um…Tian Xing was telling his father how the Lai family weren’t a bad bunch, and that his father needed to open his eyes a bit to see how they were. Pouring some ice cold water onto his old man’s face all right. Of course he was still using the whole ‘family’ card to get Tian Xing to succumb to his plans. Bi Jing Ye threatened his son with the whole “I’ll tell Lai Da Fa you’re my son if you don’t do as I said” card. Great, so much for family. Yet Tian Xing said he was still following his old man’s plans, just that he thought the old man would reconsider the whole thing.

So back to Yu Xiang and Bi Ting’s stroll toward Bi Ting’s house. Suddenly they were so formal. She thanked him for walking her home. And then he was like asking for permission to speak. Well, it was more like he said he have something to tell her. Okay, she also have something to say to him. What? Bi Ting wanted to clarified all the rumors he must have heard about her breakup with Jun Jie. She said that the reason why she couldn’t let go of everything and leave for Paris was because of her mother, not because of him – like rumors has it. She also pointed out that she found out today how similar they were, treasuring family the most. Yu Xiang agreed that he couldn’t just let go of family. She was done talking and wanted to leave. Yet he stopped her. Was this the moment? No, too much impatient on my part. (Since it made sense he stopped himself if he was about to say it before.) Well, he asked her if she was willing to come to work for his company. Yet she said she already told him in the past that she was still pursuing her wedding planner dream and how she would eventually work her way up to earn the “Paris trip” herself in the future. Though she did thank him for thinking of recruiting her to work for him, etc. So that was it. End of conversation.

So it was ‘meet the parent day’ with Mrs. Lai. Of course she gave them her blessings. She sure was sharp though, stating that she have a friend who had similar background as Tian Xing’s descriptions. However, she let it off. He quickly made up some story to dodge the situation altogether. (Nice one.) When Tian Xing excused himself to go to the restroom, Yu Jie steered the conversation right back to convincing Mrs. Lai to forgive Chairman Lai.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Bi Ting was out and about and bumped into Jun Jie (literally). There were some awkwardness yet he invited her to breakfast/lunch. She agreed. They were having fast food out at the park, but Bi Ting didn’t mind. She never minded about those stuffs anyway. Besides, the more important thing was trying to resolve their past conflicts and ‘maintain some sort of friendship’. It was interesting how things turned out. After they cooled down and had some time off from all the pressures, they were able to talk again and even apologized to one another. And the most interesting thing was how Bi Ting suggested that Jun Jie moved into her apartment building since he was trying to cut back on spending, considering how he had just closed his company and was still searching for a job.

And as all that was going on, Yu Xiang was at home on his laptop while Tian Cheng walked in whistling like an idiot. Yes, he was feeling high. Yu Xiang was teasing him about how it was just a matter of time before Tian Cheng and Yi Ru got back together. Tian Cheng told Yu Xiang not to say those things, considering how Yi Ru just broke her engagement with Michael, and how he (Tian Cheng) wasn’t able to come out and say it after so many things had happened. Yu Xiang, being the adviser that he was, told Tian Cheng to seek out his daughter to help. Nice move, eh? Yet Tian Cheng turned the table on Yu Xiang when he pointed out that Yu Xiang couldn’t have a say in it with the whole ‘courage’ deal. Tian Cheng went on to say that he heard from Yu Jie that Yu Xiang had feelings toward Bi Ting yet wasn’t brave enough to pursue her. So Tian Cheng pointed out that Yu Xiang should take some actions to better convince him. Yu Xiang was so clever, he blurted out that their situations weren’t the same so it couldn’t be compared and rushed to the restroom instead.

Yu Jie and Tian Xing’s next stop was at Chairman Lai’s office. They were just sending along Mrs. Lai’s words regarding the meeting earlier. Chairman Lai was more than happy to oblige to Mrs. Lai’s requests. He even gave Tian Xing a check for all the wedding arrangements and such. Yet Tian Xing turned it down, saying they could manage. But Chairman Lai said it was for his daughter, not for Tian Xing, lol. So there it went with them shoving the check back and forth about twenty times before Yu Jie interfered. Soon, Tian Xing finally called Chairman Lai “Dad” and they settled down to chat some more. The topic of conversation suddenly moved to how Chairman Lai was saying Tian Xing reminded him of an old friend. Yu Jie jumped in to say that Tian Xing and Bi Jing Ye sure resembled one another. (Wow and they didn’t figure that one out until now? Great…) Tian Xing used that time to ask about that particular “Uncle Bi” who Yu Jie was talking about. So he finally got to hear Chairman Lai’s side of the story. Yet it wasn’t like Chairman Lai was bashing the other party or defending himself. He actually blamed himself for not paying attention to Bi Jing Ye thus causing even more understandings and worsening their ties. Tian xing assured Chairman Lai that if that friend of his understood, he would soon be forgiven.

So at Sam Brunch, Tian Cheng was really enjoying it with finally being able to spend time with his ‘wife’ and kid without other interruptions. Well, not really, but it seemed like they were back to where they started. Just needed to muster up some courage and tell Yi Ru. Sam looked like he wanted to tease them yet he didn’t.

Back on the Yu Xiang and Bi Ting front, they were meeting up with Yu Jie and Tian Xing again. The wedding was going to take place 3 days later. Yu Xiang was beyond shocked with the time. Yet Yu Jie said their mother had wanted to travel south, etc. After the explanation and all, Yu Xiang promised that he and Bi Ting would help them out, etc. They went shopping together and tried to make ends meet. It was so funny how she made him beg this one lady. It was so funny yet cute. Then they were moving on to searching for other items. So funny how he was using chopsticks to propose to her.

Jun Jie and Shu Xin were also enjoying their time together – although they were just working on their proposals. Yet it was a change that Jun Jie was sharing his feelings to her, etc. She was indeed happy of his change in attitude and outlook as well.

Back on Yu Xiang and Bi Ting front again, they were settling old scores. At least Bi Ting was saying how he was picking at her work during their first official meeting yet now he had to stay up late to do all the work. He was actually enjoying past arguments? Yet he was right. Though they were arguing nonstop daily but it was rather simple than the situation they were in now. Then things got awkward again before they tried to go back to work on the decorations. It wasn’t until Yu Xiang finally couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to tell her AND ended up knocking the decorations over by accident. Or more like they both turned at the same time to call out each other’s names. Oy… What was there to do except retrieving those items from the floor. And he still used that time to say that she was unlucky?

Much, much later in the night, Yu Xiang walked Bi Ting home again. He repeated his appreciation for her working so hard on his sister’s wedding, etc. Of course she said it was nothing since it was part of her job. After the usual chat, they parted ways again with her going upstairs and he waited until she was safely inside before leaving. Well, not really going yet since he stepped aside to dial her number. Then he stopped himself with beating himself up by saying he wasn’t thinking about Jun Jie’s feelings, and no wonder Jun Jie kept misunderstanding him in the past, etc. When Bi Ting finally picked up, he told her he dialed the wrong number.

Then came the day of Yu Jie and Tian Xing’s wedding. Everything seemed perfect. It took place at Sam Brunch. They had to transform the atmosphere and decorated the place to be suitable for the wedding. Guests were showing up already. Then Yu Xiang came. He spotted Bi Ting checking over the decorations to make sure it was tip-top, and walked over to her to deliver some words of tease. Yet he did thank her once again for her effort. Jun Jie soon stepped in though and addressed both parties. A round of awkward staring was in placed. That was until Jun Jie said that he was going to go and give Yu Jie his blessings. Yu Xiang seconded and they left together. After that, guests piling in one by one, even some of the key characters. Jun Jie soon got his turn to talk to Yu Jie – to which he told her he wasn’t staying since he had to leave for some business matters in a bit. But he had promised to return later. She then asked him if he found a place yet and he told her he was living at their mother’s past apartment – across from Bi Ting. Yu Jie teased him for having some ‘motives’ but he shrugged it off. He also mentioned about how he and Bi Ting already talked it out. Shu Xin arrived next and gave her blessings to Yu Jie as well. Then Chairman Lai came. They chatted a bit and the surprising moment arrived when Mrs. Lai came (since they weren’t sure if she would come, considering how things were between her and Chairman Lai at the moment). Mrs. Lai wanted to talk with Tian Xing in private. That set off some alarms but she was only giving him some jewelries. A pair of rings to be exact. It was from her parents and she wanted to pass it on to Yu Jie and Tian Xing. Indeed Tian Xing was feeling worse and worse after Mrs. Lai left, considering how much they trusted him, especially Yu Jie’s parents.

Then it was finally the time when Tian Xing stepped up toward the stage area and called for attention. (That was after he handed over the pair of rings to Yu Jie and said it was from her mother.) He said he have an announcement to make. He broke it to the others that he was actually Bi Jing Ye’s son. He went further to explain that he initially wanted to execute his father’s plans hence going forward with this whole thing. Yet now, he had really fallen for Yu Jie, and their family’s warmness had caused him realize that he shouldn’t continue with his schemes anymore. He went on to clarify that he wasn’t saying all those things so that they would accept him. He only hoped that they would give him a chance and forgive him for what he’d done. He ended the speech with a sincere bow. Yu Jie had no choice but to flee the scene. It was too much to take, who could blame her?

Outside, Tian Xing had successfully caught up with her. She told him to let go. Then she asked him why he have to trick her like that. He explained it was because of his father, but now he really loved her. He even asked for a second chance. Of course she couldn’t accept it and couldn’t take him back like that. It was too much to take. So she fled the scene again.

That night at home, the men were busy trying to comfort their princess. Yet they still dared defended Tian Xing in front of her? Well, it made sense since it was indeed one of the up sides that Tian Xing had told her before the wedding instead of after. But she was too heart-broken to care or think rationally at this point. So they were still going back and forth with the argument whether Yu Jie should accept him or not. Yang Bo Wen said that he could see that Tian Xing knew he was wrong and he ‘truely’ loved Yu Jie so he voted one for Tian Xing. Yu Xiang and Tian Cheng were still on the out with saying that Tian Xing was still wrong to trick others. Regardless of the men’s side argument though, it would be up to Yu Jie to decide since she will have to live with it. What made Yu Jie laughed at last was how Tian Cheng was pondering why Jun Jie wasn’t picking up. Yu Jie clarified that it was because he was busy with a case and how he was living at their mother’s previous apartment now. Yu Xiang was mumbling how so those two hadn’t reconcile and all. That was about the time Yang Bo Wen jumped over to Yu Xiang and Tian Cheng’s place to investigate about a certain ‘sour’ odor. (YUP, implying that Yu Xiang was jealous.) Yu Xiang quickly said that he needed to go upstairs and rest and fled the scene. Nice getaway indeed.

Back at an undisclosed location, Tian Xing had another meeting with his father. The old man didn’t look too happy. (I wouldn’t either if someone sabotaged my evil plans like that.) Tian Xing confessed that he had already told the others that he was Bi Jing Ye’s son, and that he didn’t want to continue on with this ‘trap’ anymore. Okay, Bi Jing Ye sprung his ultimate plan: severing all ties with Tian Xing. Old plan but yeah. Tian Xing was still calm, he even urged his old man to go seek out Chairman Lai for a talk to sort things out.

At Sam Brunch, Yu Xiang and Min Ling were meeting up for a talk. So Min Ling was leaving. She thanked him for looking after her all these years. Yu Xiang asked her where she was going. She told him she was going to the States to study for a while. He wished her luck and told her to take good care of herself. Min Ling then told him that he should take good care of Bi Ting since Bi Ting had let go of her Paris dream because of him so Bi Ting must really love him. He promised. (Really? When was he going to carry through?)

Still, at another location, Tian Xing sought out Mrs. Lai for a talk. He wasn’t trying to pull strings to get back into Yu Jie’s heart. He was out to do damage control and ask for forgiveness. Mrs. Lai was apparently still in shock that Tian Xing was Bi Jing Ye’s son. But she was willing to forgive him since she said he was only fulfilling his filial duties, and that it took a lot of courage for him to step out and say it. Then she asked about Bi Jing Ye, hoping that he would eventually accept it and move on.

Somewhere at a playground. Or more accurately at the playground that Tian Cheng and Yi Ru often took Xiao Die out to play, Yi Ru was walking around calling out for Xiao Die. Xiao Die soon jumped out from somewhere to surprise her mother. But that wasn’t the real surprise since she wanted to take her mother somewhere. Awww…Xiao Die teamed up with her father to give her mother a surprise. Well, Tian Cheng dressed as a clown to surprise Yi Ru and popped the question again. It didn’t matter what her answer was. They were having too much fun goofing off.

Yu Jie finally met up with her mother. It was an interesting conversation really. Because how Yu Jie was saying her father was wrong too yet he still clarified the matters with everyone. So why didn’t her mother forgive her father? Great question really. How was it different? The father sure took his precious time about it. (Okay, I’m not helping but it’s still funny to see how Mrs. Lai dodge out of this one.) Yup, Mrs. Lai was indeed sharp all right since she said the situations were different. Yu Jie was using the whole ‘forgiveness’ thing to bargain with her mother (aka if she forgive Tian Xing, then Mrs. Lai will have to forgive Chairman Lai.) It was funny how Mrs. Lai agreed, but she added a term to it. Yet she stated it was impossible since Chairman Lai would never do it.

At a construction site, Jun Jie spotted Shu Xin. Wow, she sure was taking it easy nowadays, willing to go out in the world and get ‘dirty’, not caring for the ‘perfect’ image anymore. It was indeed cute (if I really have to admit it) that they were joking around so comfortably, unlike in the past. And they were able to share so much with each other as well. Well, more him than her at the moment. But definitely progress. (I actually thought it would be mad rushed if the script-writers try to pull these two together at the last moment but it actually worked out quite well, considering how their time apart had made them acquire a different perspective toward many things, including toward each other.)

Back home, Yu Jie descended the stairs, calling out for the others, wondering why they hadn’t come back yet. However, when she switched on the lights, Tian Xing was standing in front of her. (How in the world did he get in? Who was the culprit who let him in?) Anyway, he was reenacting a part of some script to try and win her over again. She was willing to reconsider if he wasn’t going to pull any sort of tricks again.

Next step? Massage parlor. Tian Cheng and Yu Xiang were pretending to be the employees of this one spa to sneak in and find Mrs. Lai. After they were done confirming of her location, and had brought in water, they left. Chairman Lai was going to carry out the ‘terms’ that she proposed earlier with how if Chairman Lai was willing to wash her feet for her, then she would forgive him. YES, it was an ‘impossible’ one with how he have his own pride and dignity. Mrs. Lai was counting on it. Yet Chairman Lai wasn’t so into ‘saving face’ like some other people. It wasn’t until she could feel the pain (since Chairman Lai wasn’t a pro master after all) that she screamed out and pulled off her eye patch to see Chairman Lai there. She added another term, that he have to do the massage too and then she would reconsider forgiving him. Tian Cheng and Yu Xiang were outside cheering. They took it up another notch to celebrate and Tian Cheng was gloating as Yu Xiang tried to sabotage him.  It wasn’t until Tian Cheng pointed out that everything worked out for everyone yet Yu Xiang and Bi Ting were still not making any progress at all that Yu Xiang realized he was in for good. Time to dodge again. Yet he didn’t this time. Not really. He was really considering Tian Cheng’s words.

So sometime later, Bi Ting came home to see Yu Xiang drawing on a wall next to her apartment building. (Wah…he’s so getting it for graffiti.) Just for kicks, what was he drawing anyway? Well, a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Then there was Bi Ting. His answer to her question about what he was doing was he wanted to compensate her ‘dream’ since she’d given it up because of him. She told him not to get too carried away with his imagination. (The not everything is about him talk, lol.) So she walked toward the door but he grabbed her hand and steered her around again. Just when he was leaning in to kiss her and she almost closed her eyes, she opened her eyes again and hit him. What? That was funny indeed since I was thinking of a ‘mushy’ moment or something. But she just thought of something. She forgot something so she have to go get it. He had to chase after her. It was almost like the scene where he was fleeing some gangsters in the past and just plain grabbed her and used her as a shield to get away from them. Yet this time, he was sincere. So he told her that he couldn’t help her fulfill her dream at that point but he promised to work hard for it – if she would give him a chance. Yet she wasn’t touched as easily. She said that she wasn’t the ‘perfect’ girl that he was seeking for. He said it was all right since he wasn’t perfect either. He continued by saying that he was ‘Ji Che Nan’ (機車男) so he was more compatible with ‘Dao Mei Nv’ (倒楣女). She finally laughed. But that was before she beat him up for keep calling her ‘unlucky girl’, lol. (Awww…finally…)

So on that same rooftop that Tian Xing often meet up with Bi Jing Ye, Bi Jing Ye was having another meeting with Gao You Da. Bi Jing Ye was begging Chairman Gao to give him another chance to bring Lai Da Fa down. Chairman Gao said it was too late since Bi Jing Ye was worthless at that point. Then he mentioned about collaborating with Chairman Lai in the future. But that wasn’t all. Chairman Lai and Mrs. Lai showed up at that time. They asked him for his forgiveness. He thought for a bit before saying that he was also wrong. (Possibly because he had no where to lean on now so he needed to get out of there quickly?) He said he would transfer his shares to his son, hoping the others would take good care of his son for him. Then he left. Mrs. Lai tried calling after him. Yet Chairman Lai said that it was hard to let go at their age so he told Mrs. Lai to let Bi Jing Ye be for the time being.

Three months later, it seemed like it was back at the beginning again. Well, at least it seemed that way with Yu Xiang driving to work and how he received a call from Tian Cheng with coming to the ceremony. This time, it wasn’t a separation party but a wedding. And Yu Xiang wasn’t driving his fancy sports car but a van. Tian Cheng’s message also consisted of asking Yu Xiang to call Yu Jie since she was quite forgetful. He really wanted her to be there. As for Jun Jie, he was seen in his office working away. Some things hadn’t changed. Yet he seemed more relaxed, using a basketball to entertain himself as he was trying to work out of a cram. It was also when he finally thought of the solution that Tian Cheng called in. He was reminding Jun Jie to come to his wedding. What about Bi Ting? She was home getting ready. Or so it seemed. Soon, she received a call. Yu Xiang or someone else? Yet she said she remembered. So it was probably Yu Xiang calling to remind her about the wedding? Then the scene zoomed to Shu Xin. Jun Jie called her up to remind her as well.

So back to Bi Ting, she was out waiting for a bus when Yu Xiang drove up and stopped by the sidewalk, teasing her about the time and how she was still waiting for a bus. She called him “San Shao Ye” (三少爺) and he returned it with calling her “San Shao Nai” (三少奶). How cute! YET she hit him for calling her “San Shao Nai”. So apparently they were not married yet. OY, I thought they were. But still cute. He was rushing her though, telling her they would be late if they were still there. Then she ordered him to drive as they got in the van. And as interestingly as it got, they got into an accident (just like how she witnessed the accident at their first meeting and even chided him). This time, it wasn’t them though because the guy in front of them stopped so he had to brake. Luckily, they weren’t hurt. The same old trick with some old lady trying to pull the pitiful card. Bi Ting soon realized what was going on and how it was so similar to their first encounter. The new victim was as fierce as Yu Xiang was at the beginning yet there was no “Bi Ting” around to argue with that guy. The old lady finally got up and said that it was harder and harder to ‘earn a living’ and how she should find a ‘dumber’ person the next time she pulled that trick. It was also then that Yu Xiang turned to look at Bi Ting while Bi Ting had her mouth wide open. He grabbed at the chance to tease her yet she turned it around with how she was just kind-hearted yet he was the dumb one who fell for the trick. What? NICE…He was so getting it since he asked her where she learned such ‘attitude’. It was funny how he realized it was like staring into a mirror. And he even questioned what he had done to himself, lol.

Jun Jie’s presentation this time seemed successful and he was leaving. So the scene finally zoomed to the ‘main couple’ of the moment. Xiao Die was seen in the bride’s room all smile. It was indeed better times for them at last. The same old Iron Man trick from Tian Cheng as he stepped in to greet the pair of mother and daughter. Yet they were definitely in higher spirits. It was so cute with how Xiao Die was saying her father was tall but not handsome. Kids’ innocent answers. Those were the best. He told her to stay away from her uncles since they were bad influence. He quickly repeated the mantra with him being ‘handsome and tall’. Soon, Yi Ru chided him for coming in to see the ‘bride’ before the wedding had shooed him out. Yet he said it was their second time getting married so it didn’t count. But she shooed him out anyway, saying it was bad luck. So he have no choice but to bid temporary goodbye to Xiao Die before exiting.

Scene soon zoomed to Tian Xing. He was waiting for Yu Jie. She told him some good news. But she would have to travel overseas for some filming in the coming days. He faked the upset scene yet soon turned it off, saying that he was an actor after all. He sure got it good. Yet he stopped her attacks and told her they have to go since the ceremony was commencing soon. They were on their way, then she asked if Bi Jing Ye was coming. Tian Xing said probably not since he hadn’t gotten over the other matter yet. And that he had gone on a trip to the mainland for the time being. Tian Xing told Yu Jie it was best to give everyone more time to adjust and accept. So they were finally on their way.

At the ceremony at last, Yu Xiang and Bi Ting finally arrived. Like usual, Bi Ting went to check on everything and even adjusted some decorations like the beginning. Just a sigh from Yu Xiang and it got Bi Ting on a roll again, lol. Then there they were again, arguing over whose taste was more suitable. OY! Then he moved on to testing her about her knowledge. He turned the whole thing toward himself when she finally answered his question, saying since she first saw him, she already fallen for him. (It was a crafty question though since she was answering and the “I Love You” fitted with the answer and how he eventually took it from there, lol.) She faked nausea. Soon, she told him to go find his brothers to talk or the more they talk, she would reconsider why she chose such a guy. He obliged but before he went, he tossed her an ‘air kiss’, telling her not to miss him too much. OY! Crazy but cute.

Even more interesting with the scene unfolding was how Bi Ting was on the phone with her mother and Jun Jie walked by. He was on his way in (like at their first meeting) and helped her retrieve her phone since she dropped it after trying to put it back into her purse. They congratulated each other on finding their own happiness already. Then the usual catch up with what was up recently.

Back inside, Yu Xiang and Jun Jie finally have their talk. What a time to have the talk, but still they needed even more time to cool off than that one time at the company. They were joking and talking like brothers again. It was indeed so funny how Yu Xiang was grabbing onto Jun Jie and saying how there were no problems between them. The way he took Jun Jie’s hand suggested a different relationship than a brotherly one. LOL! At least that got Jun Jie laughing. Jun Jie then apologized for causing so much ruptures yet Yu Xiang shrugged it off, saying that they were brothers after all. Jun Jie said that he was glad he was a part of the Lai family. Yu Xiang then faked coldness since he realized his ‘2nd bro’ was back already. (Yes, Jun Jie and his mushy talks would cause shivers all around all right, lol.) Yu Jie soon showed up with Shu Xin (just like the beginning) and chided Jun Jie for abandoning his other half so she have to do the honor of escorting Shu Xin in. They were getting shivers again as Jun Jie and Shu Xin were playing ‘lovey-dovey’, lol. Yu Xiang wanted to go before he couldn’t take it anymore and dragged Yu Jie along. Yet Yu Jie said she was waiting for her Tian Xing to come so she could do a face off with the other couple. Yu Xiang faked nausea and was about to flee the scene. Yet he said he wasn’t going to lose to them in the ‘lovey-dovey’ department so he turned around and yelled for Bi Ting.

Yu Xiang finally found Bi Ting by the bridge. She was sitting there enjoying the scenery. So indeed it had been a year already since their first meeting. She told Yu Xiang that her feelings during both times weren’t the same. Just some reminiscent moment. There he went teasing her again. She chided him for lack of maturity this past year. He was still able to smile. Yet he soon launched into a somewhat of an enlightened talk about fate. That got her smiling again. Then they got up to go since it was almost time.

OMG, it was actually four weddings, not one. The other three couples were also getting married. Yet they made it like it was just Tian Cheng and Yi Ru’s wedding. (I had a feeling it might be three more weddings, not one because of some words being said in between, but I wasn’t too sure.) Their parents were late again with attending, just like last year. But they were more happy and willing this year, considering how the event was different. Indeed, Yu Jie jumped out of the line to chide her parents for being late and even handed the whole ‘host’ job to their uncle. Mrs. Lai was sharp as always and delivered her speech ever so convincingly. Then Chairman Lai delivered a powerful speech in blessing the couples, and also to wish their new beginning a happy one. Then they danced off to the main theme song. Suitable since it was full circle already. Good ending!

*Image was captured by DTLCT