The New World: Who is Xiao Cao?

Right from the start, we know who Miao Miao (喵喵) was because of her nickname and the article she wrote. Then it was subtly hinted that Zi Hong was Qing Ting (蜻蜓), which was confirmed through various scenes and flashbacks.

It wasn’t until episode 5 that it was revealed that Dong Han was Xi Shuai (蟋蟀). The other characters did not know of his identity, not yet. Miao Miao and Zi Hong knew that he was back, because of the wooden tags he’d created and placed on the trees to inform them that he still remembered them. However, they did not know who he was as of recent. He knew who Miao Miao was right from the start, because of the article. Then later knew about Zi Hong, because of the sealed documents they managed to retrieve. Zi Yan had suspected him of something or at least saying how he seemed so interested in Zi Hong’s situation yet he avoided the question totally. Of course, she wouldn’t be able to guess their link due to the lack of information but knew something was up. So the final question is: Who is Xiao Cao (小草)?

It was revealed in episode 2 that Jia Yuan couldn’t possibly be Xiao Cao, because she was Zi Hong’s cousin, which explained why Xuan Xuan looked like Zi Hong when Zi Hong was younger. It was just that she didn’t know about it. He secretly tried to help her out from time to time. It wasn’t until the last episode (Episode 10) that she knew he was the secret person who helped her and Xuan Xuan survived all those times with the money and secret card. Yet she still didn’t know their connection as cousins yet. But it sure ruled her out as being Xiao Cao early on.

So between Zi Yan and Yong Mei, who is Xiao Cao? The Wiki page for the drama had changed on and off with Zi Yan being Xiao Cao or not. It seemed obvious from the plot thus far, wanting to pair the four key characters of twenty years ago together. However, it hasn’t been revealed yet in the drama so I think it’s fair to discuss. (And because Wiki’s unreliable in many ways.)

During that one conversation, it seemed like Zi Yan was Xiao Cao because although she mentioned her father, it could be the same as the other two–and how she got adopted as well. The majority of her background was kept a secret, except for her little talk with Dong Han. (Yes, others were kept in private too but it was eventually revealed.) Then there was also the part where Dong Han and Zi Yan tried to comfort Yong Mei regarding the newspaper matter. It seemed like Dong Han wasn’t the only one happy when discussing the articles, especially how we knew why he had to defend Miao Miao’s work. Yet Zi Yan was also complimenting the works. Although that could mean anything, still a little clue. Up until now, one could guess but we can’t be too sure if the writers decided to go toward a different path. In a way, it’s cute if Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao ended up together. However, it would also end up being a cliche because Miao Miao and Zi Hong were already tied together.

The reason why I want to include Yong Mei is because anything is possible. Even if we know early on that she’s the daughter of the head commissioner, it still could change. Her files could be sealed like the others. She could be adopted by the Luo after the accident. She might not remember what happened after the events or was still traumatized by it hence forgetting. It could happen, especially after losing her parents, she lost her friends too because they were all separated. Then it would also explain why Dong Han could possibly fall for her later like some of the trailers indicated. I would hate to think that Dong Han would betray Zi Yan because somehow Yong Mei finally got to him. Or the whole opposite attracts or whatever else. If she was Xiao Cao, he could relate to their childhood together and feel the need to reconnect with her. Then it would explain their conversation in one of the trailers regarding how he said he only wanted her to be safe.

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The New World: Episode 10

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Unlike what happened last time, Zi Hong told his father to stop it. He tried to calmly talk to the police officers this time, not just attacking and defending his father like previously. Or was it because he was doing suspicious activities so he was just trying to ease things a bit? Chen Jie had to flash out the warrant once again to show that they had legitimate reasons to come. But as Ah Gang was telling Mr. Shen to lower his stick, they were once again in some hectic bantering. Zi Hong finally yelled for both to stop. After some more staring and hesitation from both parties, Zi Hong raised his hands up and surrendered. Mr. Shen was in a frenzy again, telling Zi Hong that he didn’t do anything wrong so he shouldn’t follow the police officers. However, Zi Hong reasoned that because he was innocent, he would return home soon. Then he turned to others, asking if they were going to arrest him–or wait for him to regret (aka fighting back). So Chen Jie signaled the others to move in. After the arrest, they searched the house, especially Zi Hong’s room. Chen Jie reported back saying that Zi Hong didn’t resist arrest or anything. Zi Yan and Dong Han were still seen deep in thoughts–with Dong Han worrying tenfold more. Chen Jie said that it didn’t seem right. While they were sorting out the matter and how Xiao He was reporting back to their boss about the successful arrest, Dong Han left the room. Zi Yan had been eyeing him suspiciously so once he left, she followed, knowing something was definitely up. On the other hand, Mr. Shen called Miao Miao up after Zi Hong bid him goodbye and reassured him he was going to be all right. Miao Miao asked if Zi Hong had been hurt, which Mr. Shen reassured her that Zi Hong hadn’t. She said she was going to contact Yong Mei. However, when she got off the phone with Mr. Shen, he asked for her grandpa’s help. Then back on Zi Yan and Dong Han’s front, Zi Yan was rushing after Dong Han, asking him stuffs. Like how he was unusually concerned for Zi Hong. He said nothing but his pace was increasing even more.

Yet they finally met up at Yong Mei’s place with Chairman Jiang also present. Yes, Mr. Shen had also come. It was like how Miao Miao had promised Mr. Shen on the phone, meeting up with the pair of grandpa and granddaughter to discuss the matter and help Zi Hong’s case. Miao Miao launched into blaming herself for what happened. If it wasn’t for her, Zi Hong would have left already and wouldn’t be stuck here and get caught, etc. As Yong Mei comforted her, Mr. Shen spoke up to tell her not to say those words. He said he had to thank her for convincing Zi Hong to return home. Now it was up to Chairman Jiang to help. (Seriously? I feel like throwing up already. Not in my mouth, of course since I never get that phrase since it would be too gross to throw up in your mouth. These people. Always yelling at others yet can’t see anything wrong with using connections to push down on the cops to get what they wanted. Well, I got it they were worried for their families, friends, etc. But what made it sickening and ironic was how they always told the cops to investigate, etc but when it didn’t come out like how they wanted, they used different means to twist things toward their benefits.) Yong Mei tried to use her chiding to get her grandpa to budge. He reasoned that Yong Mei and her mother shouldn’t be involved yet he could. And it seemed too funny that Yong Mei didn’t like it that others were leaning on her and trying to get to her father by kissing up to her. YET when she wanted some stuff to go her way, she didn’t hesitate to use her father’s connections. So how could she be upset when others do that? Anyway, after some more exchanges, Chairman Jiang promised that he would sort it out, telling Mr. Shen and Miao Miao not to be worried.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Head Commissioner Luo had arrived and told Chief Zheng he wasn’t there to cause some pressures for them but was just checking in. So they proceeded to the interrogation room, stopping outside along with the others to watch and listen in while Chen Jie interrogated Zi Hong. Zi Hong said he was just passing by when asked why he was around the area during the time of the crime. What really got Zi Hong was when Chen Jie whipped out the fragments of the burned music cards that Zi Hong had destroyed previously. The search team had managed to retrieve those items. And then Head Councilman Luo went back to the Luo resident to report to the others. Miao Miao asked if she and Mr. Shen could see Zi Hong. Head Councilman Luo said that because of the seriousness of the situation, no one could see Zi Hong. Even Yang Yong Zhao knew it was too serious. Head Councilman Luo also said that he didn’t want to put Chief Zheng in a hard spot so he didn’t insist. It seemed hopeless with them. (Why are they acting all pitiful? The cops were just trying to do their jobs here.)

That night, Yong Mei texted Dong Han, asking for help. (Seriously?) She said that Miao Miao just left her place, and she was still worried for Miao Miao. She went on to say that Miao Miao was her only friend–and that helping Miao Miao was like helping her. She continued by saying if it was because she wasn’t anything to him hence him not wanting to help. Then she played the pitiful ploy by saying how it seemed so hopeless that he didn’t even say a word to her. She told him not to be like that. She said she wanted to know where he was and what he was thinking.

Then the scene zoomed to Jia Yuan. She was drying her hair and was barely paying attention to the news at first. Yet what caught her attention was the one regarding Zi Hong. She soon opened a drawer and retrieved the cards she’d received many times before. So the next day, she dropped her brother off and had asked him to go straight to a friend’s house that day. She wasn’t going to pick him up so he had every right to ask. She told him not to ask, and even chided him when he asked why she was dressing so pretty that day.

The predictable occurred. Jia Yuan went to the police station to give her statements. Chief Zheng and Yang Yong Zhao asked Miao Miao to come in and identify Jia Yuan and her relation to Zi Hong. Miao Miao asked what was up yet her grandpa told her to listen first. So inside the interrogation room, Chen Jie finally began. The basic questions came out first, of course. Then came the important ones, especially the one about Jia Yuan saying that she was with Zi Hong during those two times the crimes were committed. She confirmed that those two days she was with him. Chen Jie said how it was such coincidences. Jia Yuan said it wasn’t just those two days. She implied that they’d been carrying on a certain relationship. Chen Jie had to go back outside to verify Jia Yuan’s statement so she was told to wait. Zi Yan said that Jia Yuan got along quite well with her coworkers. When Chen Jie asked about Jia Yuan’s relation with Zi Hong, Dong Han said that they were good friends, not dating or anything like that. Chen Jie said that if they’d gone to the motel like how Jia Yuan had said, no one could really confirm – at least not their coworkers. Ah Gang soon entered and told the others that the person named Ah Hu that Jia Yuan mentioned earlier had confirmed that Zi Hong and Jia Yuan were indeed together those two times. Chief Zheng said if it was too easy, but Ah Gang said it didn’t seem like so. They managed to get the logbook from Ah Hu and checked. Ah Gang explained that J + K in the logs were shorthanded versions of Jia Yuan and Zi Hong, because the others wanted to keep a secret so they didn’t use their real names. Zi Yan said that Ah Gang was a cop, why would the others cooperate, considering how he said they were trying to keep it all a secret? Ah Gang said he told Ah Hu to tell him or he could ask Hua Jie. Chen Jie didn’t get it. Chief Zheng jumped in to explain that part because the others weren’t locals so they didn’t know who Hua Jie was and her nature of ‘business’. It took a while for the others to get it, considering how some of the others weren’t locals. Ah Gang finally said it out that J was for Jia Yuan’s name in the biz, known as Joy. Jia Yuan was a call girl under Hua Jie.

So back in the interrogation room. This time, Chief Zheng joined Chen Jie to question Jia Yuan. She asked if they had already confirmed the details. Chief Zheng said that he couldn’t believe it that Zi Hong wouldn’t say anything. Jia Yuan said that things like these, how could he? Chief Zheng said that Zi Hong was facing a possible death sentence so he had to say it to save himself. Yet Jia Yuan disagreed, and asked if Chief Zheng was accused of a crime like that, would he dare say it when his wife could possibly be standing on the other side to listen? Chen Jie told Jia Yuan to be careful with her words yet Chief Zheng stopped Chen Jie. Jia Yuan then retrieved a lip gloss from her bag before getting up to apply it using the mirror as a guide. Then she asked if Miao Miao was on the other side. She said it was all right that Miao Miao wanted to fire her for it because she was no longer suitable for that type of job anyway. Then she went back to her seat, saying that Miao Miao was Zi Hong’s real girlfriend. So of course, if Zi Hong knew Miao Miao was standing on the other side to watch, he wouldn’t admit that he had anything to do with a call girl – even if it would cause his life. Chief Zheng soon asked if Zi Hong had paid Jia Yuan. Jia Yuan said he did but she didn’t want his money. She said because she liked him yet he didn’t like her. She apologized to Miao Miao again. Chief Zheng changed tactics, he said he heard she had a brother and really cared for him, what would happen if the kid knew about what was going on? It indeed was effective with rousing Jia Yuan up. He said that he wouldn’t take actions (like releasing to the news about her or possibly letting her brother listen to the recorded segment of what they just said), but if Jia Yuan didn’t cooperate, he would go to such extremes. Jia Yuan said she wasn’t lying. Chief Zheng got up around then, telling Chen Jie to go find Jia Yuan’s brother. Jia Yuan got up also, pleading with Chief Zheng to not drag her brother in. Chief Zheng said who was he supposed to plead then. He launched into saying that each day everyone was pleading to him, citizens begged him to seek justice for them, his superiors wanted to ask for favors, etc. Everyone had their wants and needs. He said that she was selling her body and he was selling his soul, and that was the only difference between them. (Indeed, I love this part, even if poor Jia Yuan had to endure it because seriously, it zoomed to the others outside. Everyone was putting him in a hard spot yet never considered his feelings or duties.) Chief Zheng repeated his words with not wanting to give Jia Yuan a hard time initially, but she was putting him in a hard spot too. He gave Jia Yuan a ten-minutes deadline to think things over and tell the truth before he had to resort to extreme measures. Back outside, Chairman Jiang wanted to leave to talk to Chief Zheng. Yang Yong Zhao turned to ask Miao Miao if she was all right. She said she was fine and told them to leave first. They did. Miao Miao called Jia Yuan up and Jia Yuan apologized again yet Miao Miao said she and Zi Hong had to thank Jia Yuan, and that Jia Yuan didn’t need to explain. She told Jia Yuan to go up to the mirror, she tried to do the hand on the mirror thing and told Jia Yuan that she would take care of the Xuan Xuan matter, telling Jia Yuan to trust her.

And it seemed like what Chief Zheng said didn’t matter anyway and that he was wasting his breath. Since someone was still pressuring him to release Zi Hong. Chief Zheng said that the girl (Jia Yuan) was obviously lying. Chairman Jiang said that there were indeed lies and truths yet there were also lying for the good. So he said it was easier to live with by closing one eye and opening one eye. (Really? I swear if I was Chief Zheng, I would’ve quit already and let them do what the hell ever. It’s not a 5-star hotel, why should he cater to their requests? Yet if he didn’t, his job would be at a threat.) Chief Zheng said it wasn’t some small cases but it was a matter of some lives being lost.

Miao Miao sought out Zi Yan and Dong Han for help. She said that Zi Hong indeed made those cards yet he meant to send a message to Zhang Guo Tang. Miao Miao went on to say how she’d gone with Zi Hong to seek out Zhang Guo Tang at times as well. After some more convincing, Zi Yan said that she would call and check up on that. While Zi Yan was on the phone with Xiao He, telling him to verify some stuff, Dong Han asked if Miao Miao and Zi Hong were really dating. Miao Miao asked him if she wasn’t supposed to. He actually laughed and said that he thought they should be together already. Miao Miao said she only wanted this matter to be over with and behind them. Dong Han reassured Miao Miao and said that Zi Hong would be fine since he was innocent. Miao Miao asked him how could he be so sure. He said he believed so, and told Miao Miao not to worry. Soon, Miao Miao received a call from Mr. Shen, saying he found a receipt for a shop on a certain day. It seemed hopeful. She told him to wait for her, and that she would come right away. After getting off the phone, she asked Dong Han to accompany her somewhere. And then back inside, Chairman Jiang told Chief Zheng to release Zi Hong. Chief Zheng turned to Head Councilman Luo to ask if that was his order. Head Councilman Luo said he wasn’t going to give Chief Zheng any pressure. Chief Zheng had to ask once more if it wasn’t an order and that he could turn the request down. Having Head Councilman Luo’s words, Chief Zheng declared that he rejected the request, which had turned Chairman Jiang’s smile upside down. Then it was back outside again, Xiao He was saying it was so hard to track since it had been a while yet Zi Yan flattered Xiao He by saying that there were many obstacles in this world, but she didn’t believe it could stop Xiao He. And that had worked, both ways actually. Xiao He was happy to hear her compliment, but he had also managed to retrieve some valuable information. Back inside, Chairman Jiang was saying how Chief Zheng wasn’t giving him any face. Chief Zheng went on with saying how was it so simple that Chairman Jiang was saving Zi Hong because Zi Hong was Mr. Shen’s son or was it because Zi Hong was acting on Chairman Jiang’s orders. That not only riled up Chairman Jiang but also Head Councilman Luo. Chief Zheng said that Head Councilman Luo was his superior, but there were also others above them, which he had to answer. Head Councilman Luo asked if Chief Zheng was trying to pressure him. Chief Zheng said it wasn’t so. But he said because how Chairman Jiang was the head councilman’s father in law so they couldn’t investigate or ask all the necessary questions thus dragging it out already. He only needed answers to exhaust out all leads. Chief Zheng soon excused himself, saying that Jia Yuan was waiting for him. He didn’t care if the head councilman was calling him this time, or how upset the latter was. Then it was back to Zi Yan and Xiao He. Xiao He found out the clip where Zi Hong was during one of the crimes. It proved that he was too far away–and that he was wearing a different color hoodie. Zi Yan was so happy–and told Xiao He to send her a picture.

After Dong Han and Miao Miao went to a convenience store to find the video clip the day of the crime, the second one, they received a call from Xiao He. Dong Han and Zi Yan were also connected so they were on standby. But just before that though, Chief Zheng had returned to the interrogation room with Chen Jie and Ah Gang to ask Jia Yuan of her decision. She said she was telling truth so she didn’t need to say anything more. Chief Zheng told Chen Jie to go find her brother. So back to the other four on the phone, they shared the news of having found the clips already. Zi Yan said they should congratulate Xiao He first since he found some clips first. Miao Miao immediately thanked Xiao He. Yet Zi Yan said she was still suspicious of something. Dong Han asked her what. Zi Yan said that Zi Hong was very smart, so why didn’t he say it out with how he could be tracked. Dong Han turned to ask Miao Miao. She didn’t know either and said they should ask Zi Hong about it. Dong Han then said now it was a discussion about their internal stuff so Miao Miao thanked the others once more before hanging up. She was about to leave yet Dong Han called her back. She wasn’t leaving, not really. She was waiting for some news.

So their trip was unfruitful–because the mighty highnesses came in to sweep Xuan Xuan away, even throwing out the head commissioner’s name to give Chen Jie and Ah Gang some pressures. They had no choice but to call back to their boss. (Hey, I don’t agree that the police dragged the poor kid in either, BUT I hated that somehow those other snobs kept bringing in connections. No wonder Chen Jie hated those types of stuff.) Chen Jie told Chief Zheng that he suspected it was Miao Miao who had informed Mrs. Luo and Yong Mei hence the turnout. And after they were done with sweeping Xuan Xuan away, Yong Mei called Miao Miao up to report on her successful trip. So after the whole joking and whatnot, Miao Miao finally called Jia Yuan after hanging up with Yong Mei. Then it was the special team on the phone together. Chief Zheng said that even if it was so, Zi Hong could have changed his clothes and could have found a way to go to that one store to commit the crime and the time of death could vary, etc. There were still too many possibilities that couldn’t wipe out all of the suspicions. Dong Han said he understood but they could use that to their advantage. Chief Zheng asked what Dong Han meant. Dong Han explained that the news was already out, therefore, Zhang Guo Tang must have seen it already. Chief Zheng said, of course, there were only some exceptions that hadn’t been released to the public yet. Dong Han said if they released Zi Hong, what would happen. Chief Zheng said Zhang Guo Tang would hunt Zi Hong down. Dong Han said that was why they needed to use that to their advantage. Chief Zheng asked if Dong Han wanted to use Zi Hong as a bait to lure Zhang Guo Tang out. Xiao He jumped in to say that it would be too dangerous for Zi Hong. Dong Han confirmed but said it was the only way. Zi Yan said they could send a team out to protect Zi Hong yet could at the same time trap Zhang Guo Tang. After much thinking, Chief Zheng said that the stake was too high yet, on the other hand, the game of tug had been too long with Zhang Guo Tang in the dark and them in the light. He finally said the magic word.

Chief Zheng returned to the interrogation room again to release Jia Yuan. She smiled this time, asking him why he wasn’t smiling anymore. He told her that she was really lucky, having a lot of people helping her. Yet he told her that those things weren’t everlasting, suggesting her to leave Hua Jie. She asked him why was he meddling into her business. He reminded her that he already said they were alike, except that she was selling her body while he sold his soul. They were both mocked/looked down by others yet he said he didn’t have a choice while she still had. She should leave Hua Jie while she could, especially if she didn’t want her brother to find out about it. It was the only way she could save the last of her self-pride. She asked him why he was telling her that. He told her that when he was little, he was luckier than her brother, having a mother who took care of him, and also a sister who had sacrificed a lot for him. After telling her once again to think it over, he buttoned up his jacket and bowed to her, apologizing for his actions. Then he told her that Zi Hong was fine now so she could leave as well. He apologized one last time before leaving himself. So Jia Yuan left but was stopped outside by the head commissioner. He told her that her brother was at his house.

Zi Hong was finally released. Zi Yan told him to check his possessions before signing. After that, he was told that Chief Zheng was waiting for him. Chief Zheng said that a lot of people wanted to help Zi Hong, but that wasn’t the reason why he’d released Zi Hong. He said they did find two pictures that had proved Zi Hong’s innocence yet that wasn’t the reason for Zi Hong’s release either. He wanted Zi Hong’s help in luring out Zhang Guo Tang. Zi Hong responded that he wasn’t interested. Chief Zheng asked what Zi Hong was interested in. Chief Zheng asked him what his interests were, listing some items before stating revenge. Chief Zheng continued by saying how they’d suspected there was a third party in this matter, which was Zi Hong. He asked if Zi Hong wanted revenge for what happened 20 years ago or because of what happened to his mother. He asked how Zi Hong wanted to do that, an eye for an eye, blood for blood, etc. Chief Zheng said that Zi Hong had used his capabilities at the wrong spot, so Zi Hong returned with saying how he thought Chief Zheng was smart so he didn’t have to use his intelligence at the wrong spot either. Zi Yan told Zi Hong to watch his attitude, but Chief Zheng raised his hand up to stop Zi Yan. Zi Hong asked what would happen if he said no. Zi Yan said Chief Zheng already said it, it wasn’t a threat but it was a request. Zi Hong said it didn’t sound any different. Zi Yan repeated her suspicion from earlier, saying how it was strange that Zi Hong didn’t tell them about tracking his whereabouts. She pondered if he wanted Zhang Guo Tang to think the same so he didn’t clarify and didn’t fight back when he was arrested. Zi Hong smirked and said that Zi Yan was thinking too much. Zi Yan said perhaps she was thinking too much yet their goals were the same as luring Zhang Guo Tang out, therefore, they should join forces. Zi Hong asked if he could leave yet since his dad was waiting for him, etc. Chief Zheng said that if Zi Hong walked out, he would be dead meat. He said that they let him walked out so they were already treating him as bait to lure Zhang Guo Tang out. After he left, Chief Zheng mumbled stuff about Zi Hong being smart and seeing through their tactic. He asked Yang Yong Zhao for advice. Yang Yong Zhao said that Zi Hong had wanted it to be that way. Yet he was worried for his granddaughter. Chief Zheng told him not to worry, and turned to Zi Yan, telling her to keep an eye on Zi Hong from now on. So when Zi Hong left the station, he saw Dong Han and Miao Miao waiting for him. Miao Miao ran up to hug him after the initial teasing and taunting from both sides. Dong Han, of course, looked happy to see both had reunited. Another reunion took place elsewhere at that time, but at the Luo resident. Quite touching in its own way, because Jia Yuan was indeed glad her brother hadn’t found out who she really was, at least what she’d been through. Will she think seriously of Chief Zheng’s words or would she continue down the same path?

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The New World: Episode 9

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So they proceeded with the plan. Or it seemed like there were no objections after Xiao He asked the question about them setting the trap. Ah Gang and Chen Jie were seen browsing the neighborhoods and trying to find new leads. They got out of the car and were on their way to take a look at this one location when Xiao He called Chen Jie, telling him there were new leads regarding Zhang Guo Tang’s whereabouts. Xiao He sent Chen Jie a picture before going over some details. After hearing all the crucial details, Chen Jie told Xiao He not to tell anyone. Xiao He asked him why not, but he told Xiao He not to ask at that time. After getting off the phone with Xiao He, he told Ah Gang that he was leaving. Ah Gang asked him what he was up to yet he told Ah Gang not to ask. He got in the car and left Ah Gang behind. Then it finally showed that Xiao He was in the control room with Zi Yan. The picture he said he managed to pull up of Zhang Guo Tang’s whereabouts and sent to Chen Jie was indeed created by him using merging techniques. That was the bait for Chen Jie. But poor Ah Gang had to tag Chen Jie on foot. He called Zi Yan to tell her of the situation. Zi Yan told him what happened and that Chen Jie indeed didn’t tell the others of the so-called discovery. She left the building to go to the location of the trap. She ensured that Ah Gang remembered of their agreed meeting place before getting ready herself. She picked up Ah Gang before both raced to the location to wait for Chen Jie.

So what did Chen Jie had to say when they finally confronted him? He actually shot down a mannequin they planted at the spot before seeing Zi Yan. Ah Gang came out to help Zi Yan after Zi Yan told Chen Jie to drop his weapon. Chen Jie, still protesting, told Zi Yan she had mistaken. Before Ah Gang could secure the location though, some gunmen stepped out. That was when things turned complicated again. Chen Jie yelled for the others not to shoot since they were all on the same side. Then he turned to scold at Zi Yan again. He asked Zi Yan if he was the mole, who was the other person. Zi Yan responded back by saying how she wouldn’t know. Chen Jie went ballistic and told the others to drop their weapons. Zi Yan told him to drop his first. After all the staring, Chen Jie finally signaled for the gunmen to lower their weapons before doing so himself. They also noticed some sounds from somewhere so Chen Jie spoke into his headset to call it off. Zi Yan asked who the other gunmen were but Chen Jie didn’t respond. He soon went over to check on the person who just got shot. Zi Yan and Ah Gang finally lowered their weapons and followed. Chen Jie told them it was a mannequin. He said so they were the ones who set it up. Then he told them to follow him if they wanted to know everything.

Well, they did find out stuff from their boss. But they also got a good scolding for interfering. It was Yang Yong Zhao’s plan. They were keeping secrets on purpose. After the scolding, Chief Zheng told Chen Jie to tell them what happened. Chen Jie said after Xiao He informed him of the information, he informed their boss and then went with another special team to the location to set up. Well, before that, he had stalked someone they suspected within another department to be leaking out some information. She indeed informed their boss as well before rushing somewhere. When Chen Jie got there with the special team, he separated with them to search for Liu Yu Ying (the suspect). So it was she who shot the mannequin, not Chen Jie. (It was too fast so I didn’t notice the difference.) After Chen Jie recounted the whole story, he said that the other two almost blew their operation. Ah Gang mumbled that he didn’t know. Chen Jie went on to recount that some members of the other special team had managed to capture Liu Yu Ying. Chief Zheng asked since the mole was already captured, did the other two have anything else to say. Zi Yan mumbled no. Chief Zheng said that he would find a time to teach the other two a lesson. Before leaving, he reminded them that they owed Chen Jie an apology. Chen Jie left after seeing the other two not really saying anything. Chief Zheng and Chen Jie were watching outside the interrogation room while Yang Yong Zhao was in there questioning Liu Yu Ying. She was in tears and kept saying how she didn’t know stuff regarding Zhang Guo Tang’s whereabouts or motives. She only admitted to doing all the spying because of money. She also said she didn’t realize Zhang Guo Tang wanted to harm Miao Miao and asked Yang Yong Zhao to send words of apologies to Miao Miao. Chen Jie asked Chief Zheng if she was telling the truth. Chief Zheng said she might be.

When Chen Jie came back out to the main area, the others were waiting for him. Chen Jie said that he knew he owed them an apology. He shouldn’t have suspected Dong Han, and it wasn’t too late to make up for it since it was fortunate that Dong Han was still alive. He went on to say that it was always the same, he was considered a weirdo in other people’s eyes wherever he went. He said he wasn’t like everyone, acting like brothers, because he had his own perspective. He’d also seen a lot with how regardless of people, they all wanted money. So it didn’t make a difference if that person was a cop or not. (It was indeed true with Liu Yu Ying.) It didn’t matter if it was his own brother. He didn’t care if the others scolded him or hated him. After saying that, he left. Yet Zi Yan extended her hand out to stop him, saying her apologies at last. Even Xiao He joined in. Ah Gang saluted Chen Jie and said he wouldn’t dare to do such things again in the future. Chen Jie asked him if there was going to be a ‘next time’. (LOL!) Then he left. It was also around that time that Zi Yan remembered back to her conversation with Chief Zheng earlier. He told her of Chen Jie’s background, and how Chen Jie’s brother had accepted some money regarding some other case. Chen Jie was the one who captured his brother so he couldn’t even return home anymore, considering how his family had blamed him for it, regardless of matters. That was the reason why Chief Zheng trusted Chen Jie so much.

On the other hand, Miao Miao called a meeting with Zi Hong. She wanted to help him with the investigation, not wanting him to brush her aside. She managed to convince her grandfather not to have the police officers follow her. So they were on the road and discussing the matter. They were unfruitful on some matters but they also had fun spending some time together. After all, it was a time they didn’t need to be watched by the others so closely. And yes, Miao Miao already learned of the other lady’s betrayal from her grandpa. Yet she was still encouraged to treat the other party like an important person, like a close person to them. (No wonder Chen Jie got banned for life and was put to death by his family for such arrest. It was like those thoughts that made it okay to commit some crimes and still be accepted. Well, I got where they were coming from, but that made it so hard to be doing the right things.)

So the day finally came when Head Commissioner Luo and his family came to show their gratitude to Dong Han and his mother. Head Commissioner Luo apologized that they didn’t come earlier, but they wanted to make sure he was in a well enough condition to be able to hear them thank him. He turned to his wife and waited for her to speak up. She finally showed signs of humanity and thanked Dong Han for what he did. She said she was also representing her husband and her father in saying those words of gratitude to him. She also wanted to apologize to him, and that was just herself saying it. She said when Zi Yan came to their house that one time, saying that they would use their lives to protect Yong Mei, she didn’t believe them. Yet now she believed. She also asked him to understand her situation–with worrying for her daughter’s safety as well as her father’s safety. She asked him to forgive her. Dong Han finally spoke up and said that she didn’t need to apologize because he didn’t mind at all. Then they left. Actually, only Head Commissioner Luo and his wife left. Yong Mei wanted to stay behind to chat with Dong Han so Zi Yan was asked to stay behind and wait for her. And Zi Yan was about to open the door, at least her hand was on the handle, but she didn’t in the end. Yong Mei wanted to apologize to Dong Han for what happened previously. He said it wasn’t anyone’s fault, because it was his job. He said what she said the other day, he wanted to say no. She said they could always start at ground zero. So she pulled the curtain back to give them some privacy. He told her that he was a very dangerous person, and he would leave after the current mission was done. The scene zoomed to Zi Yan standing outside waiting after some more words were exchanged.

Miao Miao and Zi Hong were discussing the song “The New World” and Miao Miao was pondering why Zi Hong’s mother had chosen that song. Zi Hong suspected it had to do with his father. He never knew who his father was, and had grown up with many hardships and criticisms from others. He also wanted to find out who his father was at one point but didn’t in the end. He said regardless, his only father was Shen You Fu. Miao Miao pondered the significance of the music box. Zi Hong said it was probably a gift from that person. She moved on to ponder about the number of secrets that Zi Hong still kept from her. He said he would tell her one day. She wanted to set some scores with him, mostly about past relationships, etc.

Dong Han finally returned to the headquarter and found Chen Jie sitting on the steps waiting for him. He wanted to ignore Chen Jie but Chen Jie got up and approached him. He asked if Dong Han knew about the capture of the mole already. Dong Han said he heard. Chen Jie said he wanted to apologize for his previous actions. Dong Han didn’t respond so Chen Jie asked if that meant Dong Han didn’t accept his apology. After some hard staring, Dong Han extended his hand to Chen Jie. Chen Jie hesitated a bit before clapping it to Dong Han’s, smiling. It was like they were finally on the same team. Then elsewhere as Ah Gang was on surveillance of that one shop, the shop-owner received a card. Then he was killed within seconds later. Ah Gang and the other officer realized too late when a hooded man was seen leaving the shop in a hurry. Then to make things even worse, they lost the killer among the crowd.

A meeting was called after the crime scene investigation commenced. It was the same technique with the killing method and the card left behind at the scene. So this could be said as linking to the other killing incident. The difference was the three words “Zhang Guo Tang” placed on the card. After Chen Jie presented the details, Chief Zheng got up to present his views. He said since the beginning, there were two sides–theirs and Zhang Guo Tang–going against one another. Then a third group came into the picture. He suspected that it was Chairman Jiang yet Chairman Jiang had denied. If that person wasn’t from Charmain Jiang, who was it? Xiao He said that the technological aspects had been destroyed and the killer was very cautious in not getting caught on the cameras so it could be said that the other person was someone who was very knowledgeable in technology. So they were back to thinking of possibilities again. However, Dong Han was suspiciously in deep thoughts. Chief Zheng encouraged them to find another way to figure this out and said that the card was their only piece of evidence that could lead them to something else. Ah Gang wanted to be the one searching for more information yet Xiao He pointed out it might be better to go out and ask citizens than just searching aimlessly. Zi Yan agreed yet Dong Han said what if it would cause the killer to go into hiding. Zi Yan said it was a worthwhile gamble. After her reasoning, Chief Zheng asked Chen Jie and Chen Jie agreed. So they proceeded with that plan.

After the meeting, Dong Han chased after Zi Yan and tried to strike up a conversation with her. He asked her what was up and she said nothing. He said it seemed like she wasn’t too happy. She said it wasn’t so, because she was just seeing it as a situation, not aiming at anyone with the earlier discussion. She told him not to think too much of the matter. He said if that was what she wanted, then all right. She couldn’t stand it anymore and turned around to call him back. She told him that Yong Mei told her about their relationship already. He asked what did Yong Mei tell her. She said Yong Mei had said that it didn’t matter if Dong Han had turned her (Yong Mei) down, she (Yong Mei) won’t give up. He asked her if that had upset her. She said it wasn’t so. It was more like she’d never encountered such a situation before so she didn’t know if she could stand it. He said whenever she feels like she couldn’t stand it anymore, then she could yell out to stop it. She said it seemed like he didn’t care. He said it wasn’t important that he cared or not, it was up to her. She considered for a bit before agreeing. She walked toward him and ended up holding his hand. She said she only feared that she couldn’t keep away from him, and feared that he would end up liking Yong Mei and would accept Yong Mei’s confession. He said he wouldn’t accept it. Yet Zi Yan said that Yong Mei was not only the head commissioner daughter but was also very beautiful and had personality qualities such as…but Dong Han interrupted her and said it was all the same. He wouldn’t accept. Zi Yan finally smiled, asking him really. Then she said he shouldn’t blame her for thinking it, and said one of the memorable quotes in one of the trailers. She also said that she feared that Yong Mei’s parents would find out about it and the unlucky person would be him. He said he hoped that it wouldn’t happen either, but it didn’t matter if it would come to that. He just hoped that the mission would end soon and if the mission ended, that matter would end as well. Zi Yan questioned him again if he really didn’t feel touched or more like the least bit affected by it. He said that the person whom he really liked and cared for was her. Her smile was even brighter than before, and she hugged him. (Aww…lol.)

After the news release of the music card with Chief Zheng presenting some details and telling citizens to come forward if they knew of anything, Zi Hong was seen in his workshop, getting rid of the evidence. Previously, Miao Miao had also seen that same news clip while Zi Hong had heard of it at his workplace. While he was getting rid of all the news clips and pictures on the bulletin board, he received a call from Miao Miao. But he had to face his father first. Mr. Shen asked if Zi Hong was worried the police would investigate him hence the whole getting rid of all the suspicious items. Zi Hong nodded. He wanted to push forward with his plans, etc. He wanted to go find Zhang Guo Tang and questioned him about what happened 20 years ago. Mr. Shen said he knew, and that Zi Hong didn’t have to worry about his mother. Zi Hong could only utter words of gratitude. So afterward, Zi Hong went out to burn the evidence. He received another call. Two guesses. And back in the control center, Xiao He finally got a lead.

Zi Hong couldn’t avoid Miao Miao anymore so he went to the newspaper place to look for her. She asked him if he knew how long she’d looked for him. He said he knew. She talked about the news release from earlier that day. She asked if he did it. He said that he created the cards, but he didn’t kill that guy. He said if she didn’t believe him, he could leave. She grabbed onto him and said that she believed him. Yet she told him not to say stuff about leaving anymore, and she didn’t want to hear it. He promised. She asked him to tell her what was going on. He finally explained to her about the card and why he was making ’em, etc. He said that he wanted to send Zhang Guo Tang’s henchmen cards to lure Zhang Guo Tang out. Yet it seemed like he was always a step late. He told her that the reason why he didn’t pick up the phone all day long was because he was trying to get rid of the evidence. He said that from now on, he wasn’t just going against Zhang Guo Tang, but also the police. He said there were a lot of things he’d owed people, he couldn’t repay in this lifetime. He said he didn’t want to drag Miao Miao in either. Miao Miao told him not to say those words anymore, and stop trying to push her away once again. He said that the situation was getting too complicated and he would become the prime suspect so she should understand. She said she could get her grandfather to help, considering his position and that Chief Zheng usually listened to him. Zi Hong said it wasn’t that simple. Even if her grandfather agreed to help, what would the others say? They would be saying stuff like he was helping or making an exception because of his granddaughter, etc. She still stuck with the conclusion that he was trying to push her away. He said he didn’t want to leave her but considering the situation, they should separate for a while. He told her not to be like that anymore. She didn’t want to. He said perhaps it wouldn’t happen. It was just a precaution. She said since she declared that they were tied together, she had already made up her mind not to leave his side. She stated that even if they couldn’t drag her grandfather in, but Yong Mei could help her. He said no one could help the situation at this point. She said it didn’t matter, she would find a way. They were tied together, so she didn’t care what happened, she would be there for him no matter what. He finally agreed.

Xiao He finally presented his findings to the others. He managed to capture the face of the hooded man in one of the camera clips. It was indeed showing Zi Hong. (Possibly when he was on his way to deliver the card.) After Xiao He was finished, Dong Han was wondering if it was just a coincidence. Ah Gang said that once could be called coincidence, but twice? Dong Han said if he knew how to destroy the cameras after committing the crime, why didn’t he destroy it before. Xiao He, hesitated for a bit, before saying that Dong Han should ask Zi Hong and not him. (Yes, getting offended again, lol.) Chen Jie then asked Zi Yan for her input. Zi Yan had phased out so Chen Jie had to call her again before she responded. She said that considering how Zi Hong was injured when he tried to defend Miao Miao previously, it was hard to believe he was capable of committing such crimes. Chen Jie said that Zi Hong had gone through major military training in the past so it was possible. He said he was going to tell their boss to try and get a warrant. He told Zi Yan and Dong Han to stay behind while he and Ah Gang went. Xiao He was told to track down Zi Hong. After they left, Zi Yan was seen staring at Dong Han while Dong Han was panicking inside. So Chen Jie and Ah Gang were on their way with some other police officers. He issued some directions before asking Xiao He if Zi Hong was still at his house. Xiao He confirmed and said that Mr. Shen was also there. Zi Yan and Dong Han still looked quite troubled.

The moment of confrontation finally came. It was yet another hectic encounter. Chen Jie whipped out the warrant and asked Zi Hong to come out and cooperate with them. Mr. Shen said Zi Hong wasn’t there. Chen Jie asked that Mr. Shen wouldn’t put him in a difficult spot. Mr. Shen repeated that Zi Hong wasn’t there. Chen Jie put away his warrant and attempted to barge in. Mr. Shen said it was his house and they had no right. Ah Gang requested that Mr. Shen step aside since they had a warrant. After much struggle, Ah Gang said he was going to count to three before Mr. Shen would be arrested too, but he only got to two, because Mr. Shen finished the count for him. Before they could do anything though, Zi Hong finally stepped out.

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The New World: Episode 8

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

After Dong Han crashed, Ah Gang rushed over to yell for someone to call 911 yet Dong Han objected. He mumbled in fragments about telling Zi Yan to call his mother. While Ah Gang tried to salvage the situation, Yong Mei could only cry on, asking Zi Yan what Dong Han was saying. That was also when Ah Gang cranked it up a notch by knocking on the car door, yelling for the driver to help. Then there was the whole thing with the girls telling Dong Han not to close his eyes or sleep (i.e. they were losing him to death).

All of those hectic situations had to phase out for Jia Yuan and Miao Miao’s scene though. Jia Yuan, upon leaving the newspaper place, had to make a very tough decision. She, of course, had overheard the most important parts of the previous conversation between Miao Miao and Yong Mei. So after much bitterness of the situation, Jia Yuan returned to the newspaper place to tell Miao Miao about what Zi Hong told her regarding his crush. Miao Miao thought at first that she had lost to one of her fellow classmates. However, Jia Yuan said that that person was Miao Miao. It was also then that Miao Miao looked serious again, realizing Zi Hong had crushed over her for two years in high school. Or at least had followed her during those times. Jia Yuan went on to say that she didn’t know why Zi Hong didn’t tell Miao Miao about it, but she knew it wasn’t just some past memories he was after. So from that, it could be said that it had been about 8 or 9 years already. Miao Miao corrected Jia Yuan by saying that it had been 10 years already. Miao Miao was now in tears and not knowing what else to say aside from how she’d never known. Yet Jia Yuan pointed out that she knew now, so it wasn’t too late. Then Jia Yuan left. Only when she was finally alone again that she dared to cry. It indeed was a tough decision for her. Then she tried to pull herself together again.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Chief Zheng was on the phone with Head Commissioner Luo as the others were waiting for news regarding Dong Han’s operation. Yong Mei was blaming herself for having gone out on that day, causing Dong Han to land in such a situation. However, Zi Yan told her not to say it anymore. Zi Yan was as worried for Dong Han, or possibly even more worried yet she was trying to keep calm for Yong Mei’s sake. She had glimpsed at her hand with some of Dong Han’s blood remnants still in her nails. After Chief Zheng got off the phone, she told Yong Mei that her father wanted her home immediately. Yong Mei wanted to stay because she wanted to know the result of Dong Han’s operation. Chief Zheng said that he didn’t have to explain yet Yong Mei should understand the situation quite well with how Zhang Guo Tang had already unleashed his wrath. Chief Zheng thought it was best that she listened to his and her father’s plan. It was for her own good. Yong Mei still wanted to stay a little more. Chief Zheng promised to let Zi Yan call her to tell her the results afterward. Aside from that, he didn’t want to risk her safety even more as of now. Yong Mei insisted on staying. Chief Zheng had to use a higher tone to talk to Yong Mei, telling her how dangerous it was at this point. He said that Zhang Guo Tang was not only dangerous but he didn’t care who got hurt, considering how he wanted to go forth with his plan at such a crowded place as that gathering. Zhang Guo Tang wouldn’t care if it was the hospital or somewhere else even more crowded. Chief Zheng continued by saying how Yong Mei was lucky that she didn’t get hurt, but Dong Han wasn’t that lucky. He said that his duties weren’t just about protecting her and her family but also to ensure that his colleagues get off work safely. He pleaded to her not to put him in a hard spot. Zi Yan finally interfered and told Yong Mei to go home first since she was there already. Yong Mei made Zi Yan promise to call her because she would be waiting for Zi Yan’s call. Zi Yan managed a smile and nodded. After Yong Mei finally left with Xiao Zhuang (another police officer), Chief Zheng took out a piece of paper and asked Zi Yan to do the honor of calling Dong Han’s mother. Yet Zi Yan said she didn’t need it since she already knew the number. Zi Yan waited until she was outside and had composed herself before calling Dong Han’s mother up to tell her of the news.

On the Zi Hong front, Miao Miao came to his house to look for him yet he wasn’t there. She called Mr. Shen and he told her Zi Hong moved out already. Mr. Shen called Zi Hong after Zi Hong had already tried to take care of his wound himself. Mr. Shen told Zi Hong that Zi Hong could go home anytime he wanted and that he was always welcomed. Considering how Zi Hong didn’t want to listen to him, he wouldn’t force Zi Hong to do stuff his way anymore but only wanted Zi Hong to know that he would be looking after Zi Hong’s mother. He told Zi Hong to be careful and do whatever he wanted to do. Zi Hong soon went to see his mother at the senior center yet found out that Miao Miao was there as well so he backed out of there, trying to avoid her. At that time, Miao Miao was talking to Zi Hong’s mother. She ended up pondering how Zi Hong had survived these past 20 years. And at that moment, Zi Hong was seen visiting the forest. Miao Miao admitted to Zi Hong’s mother that she always wanted to call her “Mom” because she lost her mother when she was still so little so she didn’t even remember her own mother. Soon, she left and realized Zi Hong might be there because of the wooden horse in front so she returned. Yet she didn’t see them in the room. She rushed to find the pair of mother and son. Before long, she found them at the spot where Zi Hong often took her out to talk to her and get some fresh air. Miao Miao was indeed envious of Zi Hong’s mother since she’d never seen him so happy before.

So Zi Yan returned to the secret headquarter along with the others after comforting Dong Han’s mother in the hospital. Chen Jie had requested to be removed from the special team. Zi Yan jumped in to say that it was easy for him to leave yet who was to be responsible for what happened. Chen Jie told her that they could do whatever they wanted with him. Zi Yan mockingly told him what did he mean by that. It seemed like he said it so easily. Yet she reminded him that today they had to face the enemy but Chen Jie dared to point his gun at his own team. Before long, Chief Zheng jumped in to stop Zi Yan–and told Chen Jie to present his case. Chen Jie said that he couldn’t explain his suspicion of Dong Han, not exactly. Yet Chen Jie said he always discovered Dong Han leaving in the middle of the night to who knows where and when confronted, Dong Han would always say that he was investigating Zhang Guo Tang’s whereabouts. Chief Zheng asked if Chen Jie was still suspicious of Dong Han at the moment. Chen Jie said he wasn’t so sure now. Chief Zheng asked if Chen Jie could trust Dong Han at that point. He responded possible. Chief Zheng then asked if Chen Jie was able to apologize to Dong Han if Dong Han returned safely. Chen Jie once again said that it was possible. Chief Zheng got up then and returned Chen Jie’s badge to him, telling him to prepare for the interrogation with that one suspect and that they would be able to seek out Zhang Guo Tang that day. After Chen Jie left, Zi Yan spoke up again. Chief Zheng told her not to say anymore since there were still many things he couldn’t disclose yet. Zi Yan said if they were to wait anymore, it might be too late. She stressed once again that it couldn’t be Dong Han, especially what happened earlier that day. Chief Zheng asked Zi Yan if she suspected Chen Jie. Zi Yan said that she couldn’t think of anyone else aside from Chen Jie, because Yong Mei had changed her schedule so unless it was some person within their team, others couldn’t possibly know. Chief Zheng asked why she had to suspect Chen Jie. She said that she saw him using a different cell phone to talk to someone. Chief Zheng said he was the one who gave Chen Jie the cell phone. Zi Yan said Chen Jie could have used the phone to call someone else. Chief Zheng asked if Zi Yan meant Zhang Guo Tang, and she admitted it. He said he hoped Zi Yan knew what she was saying. After that, he told her not to say any more of that nonsense, because it was more important that they go take care of the interrogation. So after Chief Zheng left, Zi Yan was pondering why Chief Zheng kept protecting Chen Jie. Ah Gang said that he also hated what Chen Jie did earlier that day, however, he didn’t agree with Zi Yan’s suspicion regarding Chen Jie. Zi Yan, disappointed, said she won’t mention it again then. Yet she stated that evidence would prove it all, asking for Ah Gang’s help in investigating Chen Jie. She said if afterward, she was wrong, she would personally apologize to Chen Jie. She also wanted Xiao He’s help. Ah Gang agreed.

Zi Hong couldn’t dodge Miao Miao. Not this time. She was already waiting for him when he came out of the senior center. She teased him at first yet later mocked herself for not knowing that someone was secretly in love with her for 10 years but she didn’t know. She said that Jia Yuan had disclosed it to her already. After going on and on, she told him that he didn’t need to tell her about dividing time between their mother. Yes, she’d taken his mother in as her own. She scolded him for his selfishness, causing her not being able to see their mother for 10 years already. She won’t let him do that again. He wanted to apologize to her. She didn’t want him to say those words anymore. She needed a hug. So he tried to brush her tears away and pulled her into a hug.

So the interrogation commenced. The suspect didn’t say anything, so Chen Jie was just wasting his breath. Outside, the other three were having a discussion among themselves. Zi Yan was saying how it was like one of those suicide assassins (死士). (Sorry, this part I had to get a bit creative since I was sort of stumped with how to translate it accurately although I know what it means, lol.) Anyway, those were from the ancient time, mostly coming from a poor background, they had to use their own life to provide for their family. In a way, the people who took them in or hired them already taken care of their funeral arrangements and whatnot so they didn’t need to worry about anything else. Ah Gang was surprised by the comparison yet later had to agree. Chief Zheng got a call from Xiao He, and Xiao He indeed managed to find out the suspect’s real identity. He had already sent the information to their cell phones. So back inside, Chen Jie was getting quite impatient, telling the suspect to say something. And indeed the other party spoke up, but instead of cooperating, he told Chen Jie to hit him if he dared. Chen Jie said he couldn’t hit him yet upon his release, there would be many people out there waiting for him.

So after they calmed down, Zi Hong and Miao Miao went back to their serious talk. She wondered why he never approached her, and wondered if it had to do with her grandfather. He said it really wasn’t like that. He didn’t know why. But he told her that during that one time chasing her, he ended up stopping side by side with her on the bicycle, hoping that she would notice him. She chided him for not calling out to her. He said he couldn’t. Actually, one time on a somewhat windy day, he chased her down, almost to her house, wanting to tell her that he was Qing Ting. He also wanted to bring her to see his mother. Yet he stopped in front of her house because he didn’t know if she had remembered him. During one of those hopeless moments, he wanted to go see his mother, seeking some comfort from her. Yet he didn’t, because he didn’t want her to see him like that, even if she didn’t recognize him anymore. Then there were times that he felt very alone because he had pondered about how the others had forgotten him, just like his mother. Yet after having gone to college and eventually serving his military duties, he finally was able to see more clearly. He felt that it was all right that they had forgotten him because he could still remember them. Then when he entered the workforce at the tech company, he always read the local newspaper, especially articles from the writer Miao Miao, because he knew it was her. He also returned to the forest a lot. Then when he saw the article about their childhood and seeing their picture, he got a shock out of it, because he didn’t realize that she remembered. That he didn’t need to worry or be afraid anymore because he had her. He then turned around and asked if Miao Miao understood and that she was the true thief in the matter, not him; implying that she’d affected his life more than she knew. Then they were back at it again, with her giving him a hard time and all. He was too cheap, so the final decision was having a meal at her house–with her doing the cooking. She said that her grandfather wasn’t around so it was all right and that he had to eat whatever she prepared.

So Miao Miao whipped some food for them both with some leftovers. Then she asked him why he’d moved out, and if it had to do with Zhang Guo Tang. He didn’t answer. She took a look at his wound and said that it was also hers. After some mushy talk, she said that she wanted it to be like how they were little, being tied together. She wanted to be tied to him just like that. He asked if she was serious because she would be enduring some hardship with him. She pointed out it was probably more than a little. She then took out the two wooden tags from the trees in the forest that she’d retrieved. She said it must be Xi Shuai’s intention. She said by taking it, it would allow Xi Shuai to know that they were back and they knew that he had returned already. While Miao Miao was hooking strings onto the wooden tags and turning them into necklaces, the scene zoomed to Dong Han still unconscious with doctors and nurses constantly checking-up on him–with the haunting music in the background. Then after Miao Miao was done with lacing the necklaces, she and Zi Hong helped each other put it on. She said that it wasn’t just them being together now, Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao would be together with them too.

Back at the hospital, Mama Liu was still there, looking at Dong Han through the window as the doctors and nurses were still tending to him. Zi Yan soon came up to her, asking her why she hadn’t gone to the hotel to rest yet. She said she didn’t want to, she wanted to watch over Dong Han. She then asked Zi Yan why Zi Yan still returned since it was so late already. She asked if Zi Yan also wanted to watch over Dong Han, and Zi Yan nodded. Through their conversation, it was revealed that Dong Han had mentioned Zi Yan with his mother, complimenting her on being a good colleague. Zi Yan was glad to hear that from Dong Han, and returned the compliment by saying that he was indeed a very courageous and determined person. Mama Liu said that Zi Yan also possesses those traits. One of the doctors soon stepped out to inform them that Dong Han’s situation had improved. They were allowed to go in and see him. Well, at least Mama Liu went in to see him while Zi Yan watched through the window.

So the next day Zi Yan went to Yong Mei’s house to meet up with her and talk it over regarding Dong Han’s matter. Yong Mei said that she couldn’t sleep last night. It was because she was worried about Dong Han and the other reason was that she was blaming herself for the incident. Zi Yan told her not to think of it anymore since it had already passed. Yong Mei went on to confide in Zi Yan that she liked Dong Han, not fearing that Zi Yan would laugh at her or tell her mother. She also wanted Zi Yan to help her. (Seriously?) Anyway, she said she couldn’t go to the newspaper place the upcoming days because of obvious reasons, heightened security and all. Yet she wasn’t worried since Miao Miao could take care of it. However, she wanted to go to the hospital to see Dong Han, after he was more stable that was. She wanted Zi Yan to help her regarding her mother’s side. (Seriously?) After much hesitation, Zi Yan finally agreed. And Yong Mei was more than happy so she didn’t see or couldn’t detect the uneasiness on Zi Yan’s face.

So another meeting with Head Commissioner Luo and his wife. Yet this time, because of Yang Yong Zhao speaking up, the wife finally shut up and even seemed to be more polite with him. Yang Yong Zhao was able to bring upfront what others had been trying to get through the Luo and the Jiang families. Chief Zheng had promised to work hard to find out about the mole. But Yang Yong Zhao brought up the topic of importance, which was it was soooo hard to investigate with them not knowing of Zhang Guo Tang’s motives. Head Commissioner Luo asked if it was because of his father in law. Yang Yong Zhao said he didn’t mean that. Head Commissioner Luo said that he was very grateful of what they’d done to protect him and his family, especially what happened to one of the police officers, but regarding his father in law, he couldn’t help. He continued by saying that they already asked his father in law, and he’d already answered all their questions. He even reminded them that Zhang Guo Tang was crazy, so they wouldn’t know of his motive either. Yang Yong Zhao went on to ask if the recent case really didn’t have anything to do with Chairman Jiang, and Head Commissioner Luo confirmed. Yang Yong Zhao wanted to talk to Chairman Jiang again yet the head commissioner said he already talked to Chairman Jiang so there wasn’t anything to discuss anymore. So Yang Yong Zhao spoke up to let them know of the possible consequences, outlining the facts so far, mostly relating to Zhang Guo Tang and his henchmen, and the recently arrested suspect. (Nice, I like his style.) Anyway, on the way back, Chief Zheng wanted to ask Yang Yong Zhao what Chairman Jiang’s secrets were. Yang Yong Zhao didn’t really say, but just ended up passing along some cryptic message.

So back in the control center, Xiao He finally couldn’t take it anymore and confronted Chen Jie. Apparently, Chen Jie had asked him to investigate the others as well, so Xiao He snapped at him by saying how they were all in the hospital already and Chen Jie still wanted him to investigate them. Xiao He said based on what Dong Han did today and ended up in the hospital had already proven that he wasn’t the mole. He wanted Chen Jie to tell him why Chen Jie still suspected Dong Han. Chen Jie said he would say it out after he had all the information. Xiao He responded by saying that he wasn’t going to help Chen Jie investigate anymore. Not until their boss said so. And Xiao He went all out saying that he didn’t care if they fired him either. He indeed had enough. Chen Jie said that he wasn’t like them. It got to the point that he told Xiao He to perform his duties, not playing ‘brothers’ or whatever game it was.

After he left, Xiao He went to meet up with Ah Gang and Zi Yan. Xiao He had recounted his conversation with Chen Jie earlier. Ah Gang couldn’t believe Chen Jie was like that. Well, he knew Chen Jie was stubborn regarding his principle, but he didn’t realize that Chen Jie had said that he would apologize to Dong Han in front of Chief Zheng earlier, but now he went behind their backs to investigate Dong Han again. Zi Yan said she wasn’t the least bit surprised by his actions. Xiao He said that was quite upsetting, it was hard to not say anything. However, he said that didn’t make Chen Jie the mole. He didn’t want to be like Chen Jie, kept suspecting one another again because they were a team. Zi Yan said she understood, but she pointed out if there was indeed a mole within them, it was better to investigate it once and for all.

So they returned to the control center. Xiao He explained to them regarding the system tracking all calls and e-mails, etc. Ah Gang said that the reason Chen Jie suspected Dong Han was how Dong Han had used a public phone to call home because it couldn’t be tracked. Xiao He confirmed. Zi Yan then said that since she and Chen Jie were the first ones to know about Yong Mei’s new schedule, they were the most suspicious. So whoever left first was the most suspicious since that person could use that chance to inform Zhang Guo Tang. Ah Gang said it was impossible since Zi Yan and Dong Han left together. Xiao He was asking about Chen Jie’s whereabouts. Ah Gang said that he was out on a spy mission so Chen Jie had to go fetch him. Xiao He asked if Chen Jie was alone, and Ah Gang confirmed. Xiao He finally understood why Zi Yan and Ah Gang wanted his help in investigating Chen Jie. Ah Gang said they shouldn’t let their boss know at the moment. Xiao He was still hesitant. Yet he asked what the other two had in mind. Zi Yan answered that they were going to use some bait to spring a trap.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

The New World: The Secret Headquarter

So the mystery is out! The secret headquarter is actually located at the Tainan National University of the Arts (國立臺南藝術大學).

Specifically, their filming was mostly at the College of Sound and Image Arts (音像藝術學院).

Also, Dong Han and Zi Yan’s “isolated” meeting place was also filmed there.

*All images were from The New World’s Official Facebook Page.

The New World: Episode 7

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The episode entered with Miao Miao preparing her breakfast and heading out the door. She thanked her bodyguards before getting in the car and heading to an unknown location. However, she was still griping over the stolen kiss, and how she didn’t stop Zi Hong previously. And she was also back to thinking about Zhang Guo Tang and the other matter, especially how she’d been targeted. She stopped herself from thinking any further about Zi Hong’s matters and forced herself to focus on driving. Before long, it was revealed that she was investigating Project Jing Hai. It was unfruitful, considering how that file was locked. Meanwhile, Zi Hong was looking for Jia Yuan at work, wondering why she wasn’t there. According to another coworker, Jia Yuan had asked for a long break.

Back at the secret headquarter, the team was discussing the recent murder. Chen Jie, of course, was the one presenting the case. After Chen Jie’s presenting of evidence and reports from the lab, Chief Zheng was pondering if it was Zhang Guo Tang getting rid of his own people. Zi Yan jumped in to say that it could possibly be Jiang Jian Ming. Ah Gang agreed with Zi Yan. He said that considering how Jiang Jian Ming had a lot of friends, whether the law-abiding type or the ones within the gangs. Then there was the whole thing with Zhang Guo Tang attacking Jiang Jian Ming time after time with different tactics, so it would make sense that Jiang Jian Ming wanted to take action. Xiao He finally got his chance to talk, saying that he had already found the song in the card, it was indeed the song “The New World” (新世界). What he found strange was how cards were usually having birthday or Christmas songs, but this type of card, it was the first time he saw it. They were saying how the card could either be left there by accident or on purpose. While Chen Jie was inputting his thoughts, he immediately turned to Dong Han. Indeed, a flashback revealed the reason for Dong Han being disturbed. The others finally turned to look at Dong Han as well. Chief Zheng was asking Dong Han for his views. He didn’t have anything to say about it. Chen Jie was still glaring him down. Yet Dong Han didn’t care to pay attention. he was very troubled by now. Chief Zheng said regardless of the reason or its details, they still had to turn it over to the local station. Their main goal was Zhang Guo Tang so they had to figure out his moves soon. Chen Jie and Ah Gang were in charge of seeking out Zhang Guo Tang while Dong Han and Zi Yan were responsible for Yong Mei’s safety. They had to increase their vigilance even more from now on. After saying that, Chief Zheng dismissed them, considering how he had to seek out Jiang Jian Ming.

And just like that, Chen Jie and Dong Han were once again in another face-off. Chief Zheng barely left and Dong Han was just making a move yet Chen Jie stop him to interrogate. Zi Yan, Ah Gang, and Xiao He were really feeling the hectic atmosphere of the room once again. Chen Jie asked Dong Han to whom the phone number actually belonged. Dong Han was wondering what Chen Jie was up to again. Chen Jie said that the records didn’t show that Dong Han had called home. Dong Han turned to ask Xiao He if he had a look. Xiao He, fearing Dong Han’s wrath, told Dong Han that he was just following Chen Jie’s order. Chen Jie told Dong Han not to lead them around in circles anymore. He said that the number was registered by a false name, so Dong Han should just tell him. He continued on by asking if that false name was Zhang Guo Tang. Dong Han smirked, asking if Chen Jie really wanted to go there. He told Chen Jie if Chen Jie really wanted to know, then go investigate on his own. Chen Jie said it would be much simpler if Dong Han would just cooperate and say it out. Dong Han had on his taunting look by now, saying that Chen Jie didn’t make things easier before with suspecting him and not trusting fellow cops. He told Chen Jie that life wasn’t just simple yes or no. He went on to lay out the choices for Chen Jie to choose, whether he, Liu Dong Han, was the mole. He repeated his previous suggestion, telling Chen Jie to go investigate on his own if Chen Jie really wanted to know the truth. Chen Jie said if Dong Han wanted to do that, then he was willing. Dong Han taunted Chen Jie again, he told Chen Jie to go ahead. Zi Yan finally got up from her desk and interfered, telling the guys to knock it off. She also told Chen Jie that she wanted to withdraw her previous suspicion regarding the mole. Chen Jie asked if she was playing him. She said if he didn’t want to before turning to Dong Han, asking him to whom that phone number belonged. Dong Han turned her down as well, saying that he couldn’t do that. She said if he couldn’t do it, then great, she would use her way to solve it. She asked Chen Jie the number once again, and Chen Jie actually obliged. What Zi Yan did next, shocked Chen Jie so much that he thought she was crazy. What did she do? She dialed the number. (LOL!) She said it would be faster that way rather than keep guessing, and they would finally get an answer. Chen Jie asked her what if it was Zhang Guo Tang. She said they would still know before shutting Chen Jie up. A woman answered the phone and Zi Yan pretended to be someone taking surveys from citizens. The woman on the phone told Zi Yan she was busy so she couldn’t help. Zi Yan apologized and hung up before turning to ask who that person was. Dong Han played it smack by saying maybe it was Zhang Guo Tang’s woman, lol. He gave Chen Jie an encouraging clap on the shoulder before saying that Chen Jie should quickly investigate since everyone was depending on his answer. He added that he wasn’t going to flee, he was waiting for Chen Jie to come and get him. Then he left. After that, Zi Yan turned to Chen Jie, asking if that was enough already. She went on to say if Chen Jie didn’t think that was enough, she could go and ask if that person was Dong Han’s mother or sister or someone else in his family. She could exhaust all the questions for Chen Jie, if he wanted. She said that it was more than enough already before leaving as well. Chen Jie was more than pissed off because of how the situation turned out. He turned to ask Ah Gang and Xiao He if they thought he was wrong as well. Ah Gang did the ‘X’ symbol with his hands, stating that Chen Jie shouldn’t ask him before leaving the room. Xiao He, being the only one left, totally felt the pressure of answering. He said he didn’t know who was right or wrong yet he didn’t like how things turned out at all. He was forced to leave as well, knowing that the intensity of the atmosphere was too thick, even if the others were already gone.

Zi Yan found Dong Han at their ‘isolated’ meeting place. She settled down next to him before asking if the woman on the phone was his mother. He didn’t answer at first, still pulling the long face. She asked if he was hiding that from her as well. He soon responded and told her yes, it was his mother. He went on further by disclosing her health condition and how she was still working. He also said that what his mother feared the most was receiving a call regarding him. Zi Yan said that her father was the same when he heard that she was going to become a cop. Yes, both parents feared that they would receive the call telling them that their children had died on duty. Zi Yan tried to make light of the situation by mimicking the call, and they laughed about it. Yet Dong Han soon turned serious and told her about his childhood, and how he’d always seen his mother making Christmas lights. Although she made Christmas lights, they had never had a Christmas tree at their place. However, his mother did take him to see public Christmas trees, where the lights were already placed on there nicely, sparkling. Upon seeing the lights shining brightly on the trees, she was very satisfied and very proud of her work. Zi Yan said that her father was the same, but with his culinary skills. Zi Yan ended up taking over the cooking tasks, but her father seemed very proud. Yet she said she could no longer see him smile, because he had already left. A brief silence between them before Dong Han asked her had she ever thought if one day she died, what would happen? She said she would live to be one hundred, and he will as well. Then later when they were on one of their missions to protect Yong Mei, Zi Yan texted Dong Han while they were in the car, saying that they would definitely live on to be one hundred. He texted her back and told her not to text during their mission. YET texted her again about a minute later telling her that they didn’t need to live to be one hundred, he could still like her. And that had made her smile. Still later, he was seen staring at Zi Yan and smiling when he saw her smile while watching Miao Miao and Jia Yuan bicker. (Or was he?)

Zi Hong came home to see Miao Miao waiting for him after a trip to see Chairman Jiang, wanting to lend some money. She told him she tried to investigate Project Jing Hai yet it was like he said, it was locked. She also said that the lady there promised to help her think of a way. He asked her if she still wanted to investigate. She said she still wanted to, because she wanted to know the truth and also because she trusted her grandfather. She then confronted him about that one time, asking him the real reason why he didn’t shake her grandfather’s hand – whether it was because he couldn’t due to his injury or because he didn’t want to. He didn’t answer. She then asked him about how long he’d scorched through, investigating her grandfather. He said since high school. She said that it meant he’d knew where they resided at yet didn’t meet up with her. He said that he didn’t like it that he was being interrogated, and she said she didn’t like it either. Soon, he said that he didn’t know if he had a future or anything to think about love or involve anyone. She wanted him to admit that he liked her, so he did. She then broke down, saying that she was so scared of what happened–and that her grandfather had said if the injury wasn’t on his hand, it would’ve been at his heart. She didn’t know why she didn’t apologize and thank him yet just kept yelling at him. Then when he took her to see his mother, she wanted to say thank you yet she wasn’t able to. She asked him if he was all right with her being so temperamental. He said he didn’t mind since he was even worst, so he wasn’t scared. Then they went to the forest again to check out the trees. She asked him if he could guess who had placed the wooden tags on the trees. He said it had to be Xi Shuai – and she agreed because Xi Shuai’s father was a woodcarver. She said she didn’t know where Xi Shuai was, but was wondering why he’d placed those wooden tags on there. Zi Hong said that Xi Shuai must have seen the news articles that she did, and had returned already hence doing so. Xi Shuai wanted them to know that he’d returned and still remembered them. Miao Miao said it was her grandfather that had sparked her inspiration with doing those memorial articles. She told Zi Hong not to be suspicious of him anymore. Zi Hong stayed quiet again, but Miao Miao said she would find a way to make him believe in her grandfather, just like how she believed him. She then said that she would help him investigate the truth regarding the incident of 20 years ago, but asked him to promise her not to go seek out Zhang Guo Tang on his own. He didn’t trust cops. She asked him why, but he didn’t answer exactly, just saying that he didn’t want to argue with her. She sighed out in exasperation before asking if it had to do with her grandfather. He said perhaps there was and perhaps not. She didn’t know why he kept picking on her grandfather. He said her grandfather was the first one to sign hence allowing others to follow so it was suspicious. After all that was said and done, he found it hard to trust anyone, especially the cops. She said that it seemed like he didn’t trust her either. He said he believed her, that he truly believed her. Yet she said it seemed like he was still keeping her in the dark regarding different matters. In the end, he told her that he was very happy to hear her call his mother “Mom”, and said that it seemed like the past Miao Miao had returned. He told her that if he wanted to go see his mother from now on, to go ahead, but wait for a certain day. She asked him what he meant. It seemed like he was driving her away again. He aggravated her on purpose by telling her if she wanted to leave, just leave. She questioned whether he really liked her or just the past her because of their childhood memories. He said maybe so, and received a slap from her after he mocked the kiss of that one time. She said she wasn’t leaving either, saying she wanted to wait and see if he would leave (aka giving up on the idea of going against Zhang Guo Tang on his own). He left after saying that they didn’t need to say goodbye.

Chief Zheng finally confronted Jiang Jian Ming. He went straight out asking if it had anything to do with Jiang Jian Ming. Chairman Jiang laughed and said that if Chief Zheng thought he was the killing type. No, Chief Zheng meant there were many people he knew. Chairman Jiang laughed again, a little louder this time, asking if Chief Zheng meant that he had paid some hired gun to do the deed. Chief Zheng said he only wanted to ask as part of the routine. Chairman Jiang asked if Chief Zheng didn’t believe him. Chief Zheng said that since it was a complicated matter, it couldn’t be disposed of just because someone said so. Chairman Jiang was definitely insulted. He said his answer was obvious, telling Shen You Fu to escort Chief Zheng out. Chief Zheng attempted to get through him but failed. He finally said even if he believed Chairman Jiang, Zhang Guo Tang might not. Chairman Jiang asked him what he meant. Chief Zheng quickly explained that if Zhang Guo Tang suspected him, he had to be very careful from now on. Then Chief Zheng told Shen You Fu that he didn’t need anyone showing him the way out, he knew. So he left.

Then came Zi Hong’s confrontation with Jia Yuan. He handed Jia Yuan an envelope, telling her to return to work tomorrow. It was the check, containing the money he lent from Jiang Jian Ming earlier. She asked where the money came from, and he said it wasn’t important, because it was hers now. She could use that money to end a certain thing. She asked him again where he lent it from, and he told her not to mind it. She asked him about how he was going to repay it with his current wage, and if she had to pay it back with him. He said she didn’t have to, only he would be paying the money back. She asked if he was pitying her, and he said no. She then asked if he was apologizing for what he’d said to her that night, and he also said no. She leaned into him and asked if he wanted to sleep with her. He told her not to joke around like that. She said what if she wanted to. He told her to knock it off, pay off her debts, and then return to work tomorrow before leaving. She stopped him, saying she hadn’t agreed. She said with her, she could repay the money in several months yet he had to use his whole life and couldn’t repay it. She wasn’t going to let him waste his youth like that. He told her to knock it off or he would get mad. She taunted by saying that he actually looked quite cute when he was mad before tearing the check-up. He went ballistic, yelling at her and asking her what she was doing. She hugged him, telling him not to be mad since she knew he was just worried for her. She had already accepted his concern yet she said it was enough, begging him not to force her anymore. He asked her if what she said to him that night was a message for him to help her, because the others were forcing her to continue taking ‘cases’. She said it wasn’t. She said she was just saying that. He said if he had known, and she said it wasn’t so. She finally let go of him and retrieved pieces of the check on the floor. He said that he would go get another one yet she told him not to. He said if she didn’t want to accept it, he could always go straight to the others and talk to them. She asked him if she was speaking a foreign language hence him not understanding, because she said that he wasn’t the only one knowing how to get mad, she was capable of it too. She wanted to rely on herself, regardless of the consequences. Yet she said the others had told her that if she was willing to go to Japan on a special assignment, they could cut her debt back quickly, and she could even earn enough for a new house for her and Xuan Xuan. Yet she had turned them down. So she told Zi Hong if he kept doing that, she might end up changing her mind. She ended the conversation by saying that she didn’t care about the check because money wasn’t what she wanted, but what she wanted he couldn’t give her. No one could save her at that point except herself.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Zhang Guo Tang was sending off his good brother by burning a set of tux and a promise to seek out the killers. He said he would make them pay one by one. So it wasn’t too out of it when he and his brothers were out casing the joint the next day. And indeed, he was ready to make a move regardless. He called his ‘cop’ friend to check on the situation, asking if that person was making a move or not.

So when Zi Yan caught Chen Jie on the phone with someone, it wasn’t too out of character to ask him about it. He said he didn’t need to report to her. She said that was true since he was the team leader, not Liu Dong Han. Yet she also said that it seemed like it wasn’t the same phone he often used. He said the superiors had given that phone to him so it was easier to report back and for safety measures. He asked if Zi Yan still had other suspicions. She said she didn’t. Then she handed him new paperwork, saying that Yong Mei wanted to go out later. He looked at the paper and said he thought that Mrs. Luo forbade all activities at the moment. Zi Yan said that Yong Mei insisted so Mrs. Luo couldn’t do anything about it. Chen Jie told her to go, but be extra careful, especially keeping an eye out for Dong Han. Zi Yan asked if Dong Han was also going. Chen Jie said if it wasn’t for Yong Mei and Zi Yan’s persistence in speaking up for Dong Han, he already got kicked out. So Chen Jie said whatever happens later, Zi Yan would be responsible for it.

Jia Yuan arrived at the newspaper place the next day in time to overhear Miao Miao’s conversation with Yong Mei. Jia Yuan tried to focus on her task at the computer, narrowing down the problem to the loose cable before firing the computer up once again. Miao Miao was confiding in Yong Mei with how perhaps Zi Hong never cared for her, but only their childhood memories. It got Yong Mei worried. Yet Miao Miao soon moved on to tease Yong Mei with liking Dong Han. Yong Mei ended up being conned by Miao Miao with admitting that she indeed liked Dong Han. Miao Miao asked her if Dong Han knew. Yong Mei said not yet but he will know today. So after some more random teasing and a set of concerned advice from Miao Miao, the two hung up. It wasn’t until then that Miao Miao realized that she hadn’t lost the article from the previous day and how Jia Yuan was there. Jia Yuan said that she stopped by immediately to save the day. The two joked awhile more before settling down again.

At the charity event, Dong Han and Zi Yan accompanied Yong Mei and kept caution at all times. It seemed to go quite well until Chen Jie showed up and said that he wasn’t going to leave her alone to fend, considering how they were a team. Zi Yan said that Dong Han was also part of their team. Chen Jie didn’t seem to think so. He was back with keeping an eye on Dong Han.

Yet Yong Mei had other plans. She took Dong Han upstairs to a more quiet location to talk. She asked him if he thought it was senseless. She admitted that it was senseless too yet she still wanted to come. He asked her why. He quickly retaliated and said it was all right that she didn’t want to say it. It was better off that they returned home anyway. Yet she smiled and turned to face him. She said that it was because of him. He asked her what she meant. She pulled his earpiece out and said she didn’t want anyone to disturb them. And then just like that Zi Yan was searching for them both and asking where Dong Han was. Even Chen Jie and Ah Gang were on the search for them. (Nice, it gave Chen Jie a chance to nab at Dong Han.) Now it was Chen Jie’s turn to call out for Dong Han, telling him to answer. Then they separated again to go in different directions and continue the search. And then it was back to the conversation with Dong Han and Yong Mei again. Or more like it was Yong Mei still talking and Dong Han looked like he was weighing his options. Anyway, Yong Mei was saying how she’d fallen in love in the past, but ended up getting hurt because that person didn’t love her, only her background. She continued by saying that she’d promised herself that if she were to fall in love again, she would choose for herself. She then checked in with Dong Han, and asked if he understood. He said he hoped he had misunderstood. She said he didn’t, because the person she was referring to was him. She said that she hoped he didn’t mind her straightforward personality, and he said he didn’t mind. She interrupted by saying it was all right that he didn’t like her since they could start all over again at zero. He asked her if it was because he’d saved her. She said it wasn’t. He finished his sentence by saying that was just his duty. She said what she saw was his bravery. Then when he comforted her that one time regarding the newspaper, she saw his gentleness. He said he wasn’t that good of a person like she made him out to be. She said that time will tell. He finally had to cut her off by saying that it was against his duties. She said she could wait until after his mission was finished. He said that he would leave immediately afterward. She said it couldn’t be too far. She said that she won’t force him into giving her a chance yet she would work harder to convince him. He still didn’t say anything, so she thought it was good enough, considering how he didn’t outright say no. And that was also when Zi Yan arrived at the scene, seeing them so close. Well, they were standing close, not being intimate or anything. Yong Mei, hearing Zi Yan’s footsteps, turned around and apologized for going off like that. She said that she just needed some fresh air. That was also when Dong Han turned around, looking guiltily at Zi Yan. Zi Yan’s only reaction was pointing toward her own earpiece, indicating that Dong Han wasn’t wearing his. Dong Han wasn’t the one adjusting his earpiece back in but it was Yong Mei doing the deed, which caused another reaction from Zi Yan. That reaction was shocked beyond words, because Dong Han didn’t bother stopping Yong Mei or stepping away from her. Yong Mei apologized after that, saying it was her fault so Zi Yan shouldn’t chide him. He walked over to Zi Yan after Yong Mei left, still displaying the guilty look. She didn’t say anything to him, but just turned and left.

Chen Jie was so giving Dong Han an earful, saying how even if Yong Mei didn’t understand or know, Dong Han should know better. Before long, Dong Han told Chen Jie to shut up. (LOL!) Chen Jie asked Dong Han to repeat it. Dong Han told him that someone was carrying a gun. Dong Han went on by saying that they shouldn’t injure the innocents so it was better to lure the other person outside. Chen Jie asked how. Dong Han said that Chen Jie, Ah Gang, and Zi Yan should escort Yong Mei out so the other person would follow. Dong Han said that he would fallback. Chen Jie wanted to stick with Dong Han. Dong Han said what if there were others outside. Chen Jie retorted by saying how would he know if Dong Han wouldn’t shoot him in the back. Dong Han told him to take a gamble. Chen Jie finally made a move while blurting out commands to the others. Zi Yan immediately grabbed Yong Mei and hurried out of there–with the suspect following after. Dong Han used that opportunity to follow him.

While they were making their way out of there, Yong Mei asked about Dong Han. Zi Yan said that Dong Han was following them from behind. Chen Jie turned around and told the other person to stop while Ah Gang and Zi Yan pulled out their guns as well. Zi Yan had used herself to shield in front of Yong Mei at the same time. Chen Jie then yelled out for Ah Gang to restrain the other person. Yet what shocked them all was Chen Jie telling Dong Han to stop and toss his gun on the ground. Dong Han yelled out what Chen Jie was trying to pull while Ah Gang paused in his tracks. Zi Yan even yelled out for Chen Jie, wondering what he was up to. Chen Jie told her to shut up and repeated his order by telling Dong Han to toss his gun. Yong Mei then spoke up to ask Chen Jie about his intention. Chen Jie said he would explain when they returned. He repeated his command once again. Dong Han said if Chen Jie wanted to, just shoot him to get it over with. Chen Jie told Dong Han not to taunt him. Ah Gang told Chen Jie not to be like that at the moment. He still didn’t listen. Ah Gang had no choice but to proceed with his task, telling the suspect to kneel down before kicking his weapon away. Dong Han knew it wasn’t that simple. Ah Gang got overpowered while searching for other weapons. It was also then that Dong Han reacted, striking at the suspect to save Ah Gang. Yet Chen Jie still yelled at Dong Han, telling him not to move. Dong Han told Chen Jie not to shoot, saying that he wanted the suspect alive. So they engaged in a fight. It was too obvious the suspect wasn’t a match for Dong Han. Yet he retreated and pulled out a knife. Dong Han removed his own tie and used that as a weapon. It was effective at first yet the knife had cut Dong Han’s tie in several more moves. Dong Han didn’t give up, finally restraining the suspect. Ah Gang soon rushed forward to take over for Dong Han, telling Dong Han it was all right to let go. Dong Han loosened up at last after Ah Gang attempted to undo Dong Han’s grip from the suspect. While he was handcuffing the suspect, Chen Jie yelled out that it was more important to get Yong Mei home. He yelled at Ah Gang when Ah Gang didn’t respond. Ah Gang yelled back, saying that it was enough already, and that Dong Han could go, considering how they were all on the same team. Chen Jie returned his glare to Dong Han yet Dong walked away to continue his duty while Ah Gang yelled at Chen Jie to help him. Zi Yan finally put away her gun while Yong Mei walked out from behind her to ask about Dong Han’s well being. Dong Han said he was fine and told Zi Yan to get Yong Mei home. While Yong Mei settled into the car, she finally discovered something, yelling out Dong Han’s name. That was when Zi Yan turned around and saw what they had all missed before. Dong Han was injured. Zi Yan rushed over to him and grab onto his sides, telling him to sit down. Dong Han said they could wait until they were done with the mission, but she told him to sit down first. Yet he pushed her away and proceeded to open the car door again. But that was also when he crashed. Both Zi Yan and Yong Mei rushed over to tend to him.

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The New World: Episode 6

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode, unlike the past, didn’t repeat some of the previous parts or continued from the previous scene but ended up going toward another scene. Chen Jie and Chief Zheng were having a meeting with just the two of them. Chief Zheng was saying how trust couldn’t be bought with money or based upon someone’s status. Then he went into asking Chen Jie about his opinions of the rest of the team. Chen Jie said that he agreed with Zi Yan that there was indeed a mole among them all. Chen Jie also said that he trusted Zi Yan yet not so much with Dong Han. (Um, that justified his slapping Zi Yan previously?) Chief Zheng warned Chen Jie that he was treading into a very serious territory after he conjectured that Dong Han was probably trying to bid some time with leading them around in circles by opening the old case while trying to report to Zhang Guo Tang of their latest moves. Chief Zheng said that he trusted Chen Jie–and that Chen Jie should give the others more time to trust him as well. Then Chief Zheng received a call from his senior. It was Miao Miao’s grandpa. Chief Zheng obviously had to go tend to it, so the meeting was halted.

Meanwhile, Zi Yan came to Dong Han’s room to talk. She asked if he was leaving just because Chen Jie told him to. Dong Han said he could still investigate on his own, without having to see Chen Jie’s face. Zi Yan said that their boss was back, and he was talking to Chen Jie at that point. Zi Yan also said that she already talked to their boss, explaining to him of their actions. She disclosed that Chen Jie didn’t have any power over them, only their boss did. Therefore, Dong Han didn’t need to leave. Dong Han contradicted her by saying that no one had any power over his staying or leaving. After saying that, he left since he was done packing. However, Zi Yan reached out to grab a hold of his hand, stopping him. Dong Han obviously looked annoyed with her action. She told him that Yong Mei won’t let him leave, because she knew that Yong Mei likes him. He didn’t seem to care (or maybe he was still fuming from the fight with Chen Jie earlier), so he told Zi Yan to apologize to Yong Mei for him. Zi Yan tried another tactic, telling Dong Han that what if she wanted him to stay. He turned around to look at her once again before saying that it would be the same, he apologized to her as well. Yet she didn’t let go of him. In fact, she grabbed on even tighter than before. Then what she did next stunned him even more than all her previous actions. He no longer looked pissed off, but his face mirrored that of shock. What did she do? She gave him a kiss on the cheek before letting go of him. Yet he didn’t leave. He was still standing there, thinking of what just happened. He finally spoke up, asking her what she was doing. She didn’t know either, but she only knew that it felt lonely to be there yet it was fine afterward because of him. That was it, and she smiled. His expression was back to annoyed. He told her that she shouldn’t have any type of fantasies toward him because she would eventually be disappointed. She asked him why. But when he turned to face her, trying to get his point across, her phone rang. It was their boss. After Zi Yan got off the phone, she told Dong Han that Zhang Guo Tang had attacked again. It was the previous incident regarding Miao Miao. Zi Yan asked Dong Han if he still wanted to leave. He tossed his bag back on his bed before heading off to the scene with Zi Yan.

At the newspaper place, Miao Miao was still in shock and Zi Hong was waiting for the others to arrive. At that same time, Jia Yuan was seen preparing some milk tea for Miao Miao to calm her nerves. Miao Miao’s grandpa soon arrived, and Miao Miao rushed to his side, seeking some comfort. Soon, Miao Miao’s grandpa focused on Zi Hong. He wanted to thank Zi Hong for saving his granddaughter and offered a hand for Zi Hong to shake, which Zi Hong avoided completely and walked away. When Chief Zheng arrived with the others, they were stationed outside while Chief Zheng went in to do the questioning. Chief Zheng was pondering why Zhang Guo Tang was targeting Miao Miao. Miao Miao’s grandpa had two theories: a) because Miao Miao and Yong Mei were coworkers hence wanting to get to Miao Miao or b) Miao Miao was investigating Zhang Guo Tang hence Zhang Guo Tang wanted to give her a warning. Chief Zheng was surprised that Miao Miao didn’t contribute yet, considering her nature. Miao Miao soon jumped in to say that her grandpa had stopped her from investigating. Chief Zheng asked Miao Miao why she thought that the attacker wanted to kill her. She said Zi Hong said so, and even she thought that was exaggerating.

Outside, Zi Yan was taking Zi Hong’s statements while the others were dusting for prints. Dong Han walked over to the two while Zi Yan carried on with her questioning. She was asking how Zi Hong come to the conclusion that the attacker was going for the kill and not just kidnapping or other reasons. Zi Hong said that the other party didn’t care to wear a mask or tried to conceal himself because it seemed like the other person saw no need for it. Yes, going for the kill so it didn’t matter if Miao Miao saw his face or not. Zi Yan jotted down some notes before telling Zi Hong to sign if he didn’t have any problems with it. Zi Hong hesitated before taking his hands out of his pockets to sign. It was also then that Zi Yan realized he had hurt his hand. It was probably from the fight earlier. Zi Yan asked him how bad was his injury, suggesting that he head to the hospital to have it checked out. He said no need before rushing off. Zi Yan and Dong Han looked worried. Zi Yan even voiced her opinion about how much blood Zi Hong was losing–and wanted to rush after him yet Dong Han stopped her. He said he would. He increased his pace and asked Zi Hong where his car was, wanting to send Zi Hong to the hospital himself. He said he insisted so even if Zi Hong gave him a fierce look, it didn’t matter. While all that was going on, Zi Yan stood by with an amused smile on her face. And while they were on their way, Dong Han loosened his tie and tried to make conversation, but Zi Hong wasn’t biting. Not the least bit. But Zi Hong had to face Miao Miao’s wrath over the phone when Jia Yuan called him. Miao Miao questioned him why he was so impolite with her grandpa. She wanted to meet up later to straighten things out. He couldn’t say no. (And before that, Chief Zheng had a talk with Miao Miao’s grandpa, wanting to ask if he and Zhang Guo Tang had any disagreements in the past that had led to Zhang Guo Tang targeting Miao Miao. None at this point, but Chief Zheng promised to send a team over to protect Miao Miao all the same.)

Zi Yan was finally free and came inside to comfort Miao Miao. She found Miao Miao and Jia Yuan joking and laughing so she was reassured that Miao Miao was no longer frightened. Miao Miao joked that she had internal injuries, and wanted sweets to soothe those injuries after Zi Yan asked if she was still able to write. Zi Yan soon brought out some sweets to bribe both Miao Miao and Jia Yuan. After some more joking, Zi Yan and Miao Miao sat down at the table to talk while Jia Yuan prepared a teacup for Zi Yan. Zi Yan explained that she often ate sweets (from the tube she brought out earlier) when she didn’t have time for a meal. She soon handed Miao Miao a tissue to wipe her mouth (from the chocolate residues that she just snacked on). Zi Yan also grabbed a tissue to wipe her pen. Miao Miao saw the blood residues on the pen and asked if Zi Yan was injured. Zi Yan said no, it was from Zi Hong’s. That was when Jia Yuan brought over the teacup for Zi Yan and had to stop short upon hearing that Zi Hong was injured. Miao Miao was also no longer smiling. Of course, Zi Yan saw Miao Miao’s reaction and immediately asked Miao Miao about it. Miao Miao, of course, didn’t know about it. She probably had put two and two together, understanding why Zi Hong didn’t shake her grandpa’s hand earlier.

Elsewhere, Dong Han was saying how luckily Zi Hong was there to save Miao Miao or she would’ve been done for already. Dong Han asked if Zi Hong knew why Zhang Guo Tang was targeting Miao Miao. Dong Han stated that Zhang Guo Tang had been overseas lately so he couldn’t have any grudges with Miao Miao. Zi Hong pointed out it could have to do with her grandpa. Dong Han asked Zi Hong what their grudges were and Zi Hong told Dong Han not to ask him. Dong Han said that Zi Hong must know a lot. He asked if Zi Hong still remembered the accident of twenty years ago–and if Zi Hong wanted to seek revenge. He then mentioned Zi Hong’s mother, and if it wasn’t for the accident, his mother would still be normal, living her life, etc. Zi Hong asked where Dong Han was going and he could drop Dong Han off before walking away. Dong Han walked after Zi Hong, images of the past flashed in his mind. He was indeed hurting as bad as Zi Hong, and possibly worst because he had lost both of his parents. From his eyes, it could be seen that he wanted to reach out and reconnect with his childhood friend, but couldn’t.

At the Yang resident, the confrontation between Zi Hong and Miao Miao finally occurred. Miao Miao was, of course, upset over the fact that Zi Hong didn’t tell her that he was injured. She not only chided him for not telling her, but she had to hear it from someone else of his injury. Grandpa Yang soon came and dissolved the matter. They all sat down at the table afterward and Grandpa Yang got right down to business, saying that he heard Miao Miao said that Zi Hong wanted to ask him some questions. Zi Hong whipped out a piece of paper that he had acquired when he was in high school. It was the list with all the names of the ones who signed, agreeing to move out 20 years ago regarding the land redevelopment project. Apparently, Miao Miao had already asked him regarding the matter earlier, but he wanted to wait for Zi Hong before answering. Grandpa Yang said at first he didn’t want to sign either but he was told by his superior to do it, and that it was an order. After he did it, even his son scolded him. Yet because he had some reputation at that time around town so the townspeople soon signed, except for 3 households, which were Xiao Cao’s family, Xi Shuai’s family, and Zi Hong’s mother. Grandpa Yang asked if Zi Hong wanted to make him pay for what had happened. Zi Hong said he’d guessed that already so he wanted to ask Grandpa Yang another question. He wanted to know what Project Jing Hai (靖海計劃) was. Grandpa Yang said he didn’t know. Zi Hong couldn’t believe that he didn’t know, considering how it was probably linked to the redevelopment project. He said that before the signing, everyone was against the project, even Grandpa Yang himself (just like what Grandpa Yang said earlier). Yet afterward, Grandpa Yang just signed away. Grandpa Yang reminded Zi Hong that he had no choice but to obey at that time because it was an order from his superior. But Zi Hong wasn’t satisfied with the answer. Zi Hong said what was suspicious was how afterward, Grandpa Yang had a promotion. He suspected those incidents were linked, and it had to do with Project Jing Hai, considering how the files were sealed regarding that. Grandpa Yang lost his patience and lashed out at Zi Hong, telling Zi Hong that he’d been honest all his life, etc. But Zi Hong said he just wanted to know about Project Jing Hai, not caring what Grandpa Yang’s reputation was on the surface. It got to the point that Miao Miao had to stop the fight and told Zi Hong to stop attacking her grandpa. Zi Hong told the two that he would continue to investigate regardless before leaving the place.

Back at the secret headquarter, they had another meeting. Chen Jie said that Zi Hong and Miao Miao had already confirmed of Miao Miao’s attacker–and that they could disregard the reason for the attack being that Miao Miao was a newspaper reporter. Chen Jie further disclosed that Zhang Guo Tang, Yang Yong Zhao (楊永照 – aka Grandpa Yang), Jiang Jian Ming, and Shen You Fu (Zi Hong’s adopted father) were all from the same town. They didn’t want to admit their relations, but there was a definite link. Chen Jie suspected that Zhang Guo Tang’s main target wasn’t Jiang Jian Ming, but Yang Yong Zhao. Chief Zheng asked Chen Jie what he thought the reason was for the attacks. Chen Jie conjectured that it was either because of the whole cop/gangster relation that they could never break from, or it was because they were in a conspiracy together. Dong Han interrupted Chen Jie with his snarky remarks, saying that Chen Jie was once again trying to push blame on fellow cops. He used Chen Jie as an example, stating that he could just suspect Chen Jie because of his behaviors, and listed the way Chen Jie was doing with trying to kick him and Zi Yan off the team. Yet he said he chose to believe Chen Jie because Chen Jie was a fellow cop. Chen Jie said he wasn’t falling for Dong Han’s trap. Before it got any more out of hand, Chief Zheng jumped in to stop them from fighting, and even stated his reason for believing Yang Yong Zhao, because he said Yang Yong Zhao wouldn’t accept any money from anyone – even if his son had been hospitalized due to illness and ended up dying, etc. Chen Jie relented and said he was just guessing. Chief Zheng said he understood yet he wasn’t buying it. He said why didn’t they just plain suspect him too, considering how they already suspected Yang Yong Zhao. They were all quiet by that time, and Chen Jie once again sent Dong Han an evil glare. Yet Zi Yan soon broke the intensity by drawing out the formulas on the board, stating that the third possibility with Zhang Guo Tang’s attacks was to test them (aka their team). It was because Yang Yong Zhao was also currently a consultant to the police hence attacking him could be part of the whole testing the police force, not because of a personal reason. Indeed, that got the others thinking even more. It was about playing games with the police, not just some personal grudge with Jiang Jian Ming or Yang Yong Zhao.

While Miao Miao and Grandpa Yang were eating dinner at home and talking about the disagreements earlier with Zi Hong, Zi Hong was home talking to Jia Yuan. She, of course, worried for him and asked about his wound. They talked some more and ended up joking around. She noticed how he was so close to Miao Miao and wondered if they were friends for a long time. He admitted it yet dodged her question about his relationship or lack of one. Zi Hong finally confided in Jia Yuan of his high school crush when Jia Yuan promised not to tell anyone. He described how he followed her from behind when they were riding their bikes, etc. Jia Yuan was disappointed that he didn’t make a move yet didn’t blame him too much since it was only two months. He corrected her by saying that it was two years, not two months. She was indeed shocked. After some more joking, they settled down. Then Zi Hong drove Jia Yuan home. As he walked her to her place, she hooked her hands through his, even stopping to look at their shadows before stating how it would be nice to keep continuing like that. He didn’t say anything. Soon after, she asked him about them being together, which he denied. She asked if he didn’t like her, and he said it wasn’t so. She soon let go of him and apologized. He said it really wasn’t so and when she asked him why, he stated that he couldn’t be depended on. He went on to say that he treated her like his little sister. She made her request again about them getting together. She said that they could leave the place together with Xuan Xuan. He said he couldn’t leave yet. She asked if it was because of Miao Miao. He said it wasn’t like that, but it didn’t have to do with Miao Miao. She apologized and said it was all right before biding him goodbye and good night. They went their separate ways, but she soon texted him. The message said that it was all right that he didn’t tell her the reason why, but she promised him that she wouldn’t bring it up again in the future. She also hoped that he would be happy.

Hua Jie soon appeared, offering Jia Yuan a handkerchief and asked who had upset her. They moved on to discuss business. Hua Jie asked if Jia Yuan could travel, and Jia Yuan said no, considering how there was still Xuan Xuan. Hua Jie had other alternatives. Jia Yuan said she could do all that was asked, but she still wanted to work for the newspaper place from time to time, on top of caring for Xuan Xuan. Hua Jie promised.

Back at the Yang resident, Yong Mei came to see Miao Miao, asking about her well being. Yong Mei then apologized for dragging Miao Miao into the situation. Yet Miao Miao said it didn’t have anything to do with Yong Mei. Yong Mei was still feeling guilty about it, not convinced and knew that Miao Miao was just reassuring her. Yet Yong Mei soon turned to Dong Han and said that she knew it would soon end because the team was there to protect them and solve the case. And then when they got to the Luo resident, Yong Mei asked Dong Han when it would all end. Dong Han hesitated before saying that he didn’t know. She wanted him and Zi Yan to go and protect Miao Miao yet he told her that their orders were to protect her. Seeing her devastated state, Dong Han soon told her that they had come to the conclusion that this situation wasn’t related to her. He said it was because Grandpa Yang being a cop previously that Zhang Guo Tang wanted to target and test the cops, not having to do with Yong Mei’s side. Yong Mei burst out saying that she didn’t know what was Zhang Guo Tang’s problems with targeting people, but she told Dong Han to pass the words to his superiors to protect Miao Miao or she’ll…she had to stop herself from lashing out at Dong Han, considering how it wasn’t his fault. It was hard to blame her for the outburst because of recent events surrounding her and her family and friends, but she seriously was starting to sound like her mother, lol. She needed some time to pull herself together before apologizing to Dong Han for her actions, but he said it was no problem. She then asked him for his help tomorrow, and surprisingly, he agreed. And interestingly, he turned that sweet smile off after he left the Luo resident and got into his car. He was being followed by Chen Jie while he was driving away from the resident. However, he wasn’t heading back to the headquarter but went to a public phone and used a phone card to make a call. Chen Jie was still spying.

Next morning, Zi Yan was seen carrying two cups of beverage while Ah Gang was working at his desk. It was soon revealed that Zi Yan’s other cup was for Dong Han. He was working at his desk also and had stopped briefly to stare at Zi Yan before resuming his work. Yet he soon grabbed onto Zi Yan’s cup for him and placed it on the other side of his desk. Chen Jie was still watching Dong Han from upstairs. He soon descended the steps and called for everyone’s attention. He said that they should fight back, not standing around and taking Zhang Guo Tang’s blows anymore. He told Ah Gang that Ah Gang didn’t need to go spy on Zhang Guo Tang’s henchman anymore and that he could leave it to other fellow cops. He told them Xiao He had some leads, and that he and Ah Gang should go check it out. He then turned to Dong Han and told Dong Han to follow them as well. Dong Han said that he was supposed to go with Yong Mei, but Chen Jie said it had been changed. Dong Han didn’t give up, saying that Yong Mei needed his help with something. Chen Jie returned it by saying how Zi Yan could take care of it. Dong Han said Chen Jie should ask Yong Mei about it. That got to Chen Jie, and he confronted Dong Han, wondering if Dong Han was using Yong Mei to put some pressure on him. Dong Han said he wasn’t trying to use any pressure on anyone. Chen Jie said that with the current situation, Dong Han didn’t have any say any more. Dong Han asked Chen Jie what he was trying to get at. Chen Jie asked Dong Han where Dong Han went after leaving the Luo resident. Dong Han said, of course, he came back to the headquarter, but Chen Jie said it wasn’t so. Dong Han got up and asked Chen Jie what he was getting at with following him, etc. Chen Jie asked who Dong Han was calling when he stopped to use the public phone. Dong Han said that he was calling home. Chen Jie pointed out why Dong Han didn’t use his cell phone. Dong Han said his cell phone had run out of battery. Chen Jie asked him why he didn’t wait to return to the headquarter to call, etc. Dong Han said his family’s schedule wasn’t as abnormal as his to be up at that time, considering what time he returned. He even urged Chen Jie to investigate, handing over his own cell phone. Chen Jie still didn’t believe Dong Han, asking Dong Han his family’s home phone. Dong Han chanted off the number, which matched the number on the piece of paper Chen Jie had jotted down. However, Chen Jie still declared that he didn’t believe Dong Han. He asked why Dong Han dialed it twice. Dong Han said he couldn’t get through hence trying again. Dong Han knew it was hopeless so he said he would do whatever Chen Jie told him to do. Then he turned to Zi Yan, saying that what he promised Yong Mei, he had to trouble Zi Yan to fulfill it for him. Zi Yan asked him what he had promised Yong Mei, but Dong Han said to ask Yong Mei, not him.

Meanwhile, Zi Hong finally took Miao Miao to see his mother. Miao Miao tried to communicate with the old lady, trying to resurrect her memory or movement by telling her of old stories. However, it was as useless as when Zi Hong communicated with her. Then Miao Miao helped Zi Hong with massaging his mother, trying to keep her muscles active. Miao Miao tried to make a conversation with Zi Hong again, especially about her grandpa. When they brought Zi Hong’s mother back to her room, Miao Miao discovered the old music snow globe on the desk. She was moved to tears that the music box was still there.

At the Luo resident, Chen Jie was trying to convince Yong Mei not to meddle into their internal affairs. However, Yong Mei stated her respect for the team and her gratitude for their protection, etc. She also went on further to say that if Dong Han wanted to harm her, he would’ve already, he didn’t need to wait for Zhang Guo Tang to make a move. She even recaptured the situation of how she and Miao Miao had been in danger. She rather believed in Dong Han with having jumped out to protect her than all the other cops, including Chen Jie. Then they went outside and Dong Han asked what was their conclusion. Yong Mei spoke up to tell Dong Han to follow her, and Zi Yan took the chance to gave Dong Han a thumbs up. So Yong Mei entered the car and Dong Han followed, turning to see Chen Jie still frowning at him. Yong Mei sent Zi Yan a sweet smile before the car sped off. Chen Jie then told Zi Yan to keep her distance from Dong Han, and it was for her own good. Zi Yan frowned again, asking if Chen Jie was still suspicious of Dong Han. Chen Jie said sometimes suspicions didn’t need an explanation before walking away. Zi Yan shook her head at him. And back in the car, Dong asked Yong Mei what she told Chen Jie earlier. Yong Mei had on a cunning smile and said she wasn’t going to tell him.

Elsewhere in another car, Miao Miao was giving Zi Hong a hard time again. It was hard to blame her, considering how he did kiss her that one time and then shrugged it off as if it was nothing. And he was still acting it was nothing unusual. The most important thing was it was her first kiss. He said it was also his. She didn’t care, and she said she was a girl after all. Okay, it trudged past relationships and all as well. She asked if he’d ever been in love. He said in high school. She asked if he liked that girl more or her. He said, of course, the other girl. She kicked him out of the car, lol. Then she took off. Then it was revealed in the flashback that his high school crush was actually Miao Miao. It was just that she didn’t realize it was him. Or more like she didn’t realize she was being stalked, lol. Zi Hong had on a secret smile as he headed back home. It showed that he was working on a new music card, which coincidentally got sent to a certain someone.

And that person got murdered. The special team arrived at the scene to check it out. The music card was still present at the scene, which Zi Yan picked up and asked the others about it. Was it really Zi Hong? Or was it Dong Han? Considering how Dong Han had previously come to Zi Hong’s lab and discovered a lot there.

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The New World: Dong Han and Zi Yan

Just because I haven’t updated on them for a while. So it feels right to.

Pan Bo Xi disclosed that the following is his favorite Zi Yan expression. Cute?


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The New World: Episode 5

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The confrontation between Chen Jie and Dong Han continued. Chen Jie wanted Dong Han to answer him. Considering what Dong Han said if Chen Jie was wrong, but Chen Jie said even if it was wrong, it was still his orders so Dong Han have to respect it. Dong Han smirked before saying that he would respect it. Chen Jie warned that Dong Han must remember what he (Dong Han) just said. Then Chen Jie turned to the others to remind them that they were facing a very dangerous criminal hence he didn’t want to see anything happening to them while he was their team leader. He made it too clear that he was in charge. As if that wasn’t enough, he turned to warn Dong Han once again.

As for Zi Hong, he finally went to the old forest where they planted the trees to check the wooden tags out for himself. It was also there that Miao Miao found him as she was returning to the place for a visit. She was obviously still upset over their last encounter, and possibly rightly so. While displaying her long face, she asked him if he really didn’t place those wooden tags on the trees. He said it wasn’t really him placing it on there yet the symbols were connected to him. She reminded him that he previously told her that Qing Ting was in the past already. He clarified that it belonged to his past and his birth mother, but to his father and others, he was just Zi Hong. It was indeed complicated and hard to understand for others. She spoke up to say that she wasn’t just anyone, she was Miao Miao. He said it had been 20 years already, people change along with the things, he wouldn’t know how much she’d changed. She snapped at him once again yet decided to let him off (lightly) by asking if he’d returned to the forest often. He admitted it yet he said it was the first time he saw the wooden tags. She asked him if he knew where Xi Shuai (蟋蟀 – cricket) and Xiao Cao (小草 – little grass) were. Zi Hong had a little reminiscent moment where he had tried to seek out Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao yet they were already adopted by other people before he could see them again after the accident. Miao Miao called Zi Hong out of the trance yet soon realized he might not want to disclose the details to her so she vouched to find out on her own. She rambled on and on, still upset about his coolness, obviously. (Yet what bugged me to death was how she was upset over how he had scolded her and she told him to be more careful next time when he scolded people. I don’t mean she can’t be upset since she was the person influencing Jiang Jian Ming to return, but what bugged me was how she told Zi Hong to be careful about the scolding yet herself? She was scolding the cops and bossing them around yet it was already a miracle that Chief Zheng gave her such an easy out.) Anyway, Zi Hong soon snapped out of it and asked if she’d returned to the seaside before. So they went. Their conversation somewhat improved since they were talking about Zi Hong’s mother. He said he took her there sometimes, even if she didn’t remember, hoping that she would remember one day. With Zi Hong’s recounts, Miao Miao soon apologized for not knowing and many more. She no longer wanted to scold him or be hostile toward him. She attempted again by asking about Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao. He said he and the other two were brought to the orphanage yet the other two were adopted already so he didn’t know where they went either. They soon made up, with him promising that he would tell her stuff. She was happy again and jumpy. They were interacting like normal again, or at least she was.

Back at the secret headquarter, Zi Yan was seen making sandwiches. It was soon revealed that she was making ’em for Chen Jie and Ah Gang. Well, she was just making ’em and wanted to share with the guys too. She pondered if Chen Jie had already calmed down and said that she wanted to discuss Dong Han’s suggestion with unearthing the case regarding the accident of 20 years ago. She said it would reveal a lot more about Zhang Guo Tang and Jiang Jian Ming’s disagreements and whatnot. Chen Jie asked if she also thought he was wrong. She said a little. Chen Jie shrugged it off as orders were orders yet he didn’t forget to thank her for the sandwiches on his way out. Zi Yan’s hospitality didn’t stop with Chen Jie and Ah Gang. She also bribed Xiao He with her sandwich, lol. And then, of course, Dong Han. He said he wasn’t hungry. She, of course, had her own technique to deal with such stubborn heads like him, lol. She said if he wasn’t hungry, she wouldn’t give him the files. Yes, she probably scored the files via Xiao He. So he had no choice but to accept the half sandwich. She also made him surrender the keys so she could drive. When they were in the car, she told him what she found out before they headed off to the Luo resident. There, Yong Mei greeted them both and asked if they both were going with her. Zi Yan explained since their trip that day required some nighttime so it was safer having Dong Han there with them as well. Yong Mei apologized and explained regarding her tasks that day, and said that she would try to limit night trips in the future. Zi Yan said it was their job so she didn’t need to apologize. Yong Mei soon asked if Dong Han was always carrying that long face. Zi Yan said that he was born with that long face, lol. Yong Mei laughed at the joke before walking to the car. Dong Han turned to give Zi Yan a half-smirk while Zi Yan returned it with one of her teasing expressions. (Cute!) And so they were off. Their trip entailed mostly business relating to Yong Mei’s newspaper stuff, but she soon found out that this one guy was taking advantage of the situation and wanted to bribe her by giving extra money to get the foot in the door with her parents. So, of course, she didn’t accept the money and left.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shen came to the newspaper place to meet up with Miao Miao. He brought a little gift over to her, thanking her for saving him and his son previously. She said she didn’t do much. Their conversation soon moved toward Zi Hong’s mother when they were outside. Mr. Shen said that she needed to talk to Zi Hong about it. Yup, he was still leaving it up to Zi Hong, just like how they were at the police headquarter previously. Miao Miao had no choice but to respect that. She then asked about Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao. Mr. Shen said Zi Hong had always been looking for them and for Miao Miao as well. He said they, along with his mother, were the most important in his life. Soon after, Mr. Shen left. Miao Miao was left with her thoughts and her reliance on herself to figure out Zi Hong’s words.

That night, Zi Yan and Dong Han escorted Yong Mei safely back to the Luo resident. However, Yong Mei seemed to be upset. Zi Yan asked her what was wrong. Yong Mei disclosed that previously when she tried to contact them with supporting her newspaper, they didn’t seem all that interested. Now that her father contacted them, they were more than excited and willing to help her. She went on to say that Miao Miao was very hardworking and had high hopes for their projects and that if Miao Miao found out those people were interested only because of Yong Mei’s connection, she would be very sad and disappointed. Before Zi Yan could speak up to reassure Yong Mei, Dong Han told Yong Mei not to let Miao Miao know. Dong Han went on to say that Yong Mei could just tell Miao Miao that the newspaper was priceless. Yong Mei asked if he read their newspaper. He said yes, he really liked it. Yong Mei was surprised. Zi Yan soon confessed she read it also and really liked it. Dong Han went on with his philosophical speech that got the other two staring at him. They indeed were surprised because of his talkativeness all of a sudden. Yong Mei thought that he was a mute, lol. The little joke between them also lightened up the moods and cheered Yong Mei up again.

Back at the headquarter, Dong Han was chiding Zi Yan about how girls were all the same, always relying on picking on others for their amusement. She returned it with her own witty remark, lol. Yet when they settled down at their desks, Dong Han was quiet and working again. Zi Yan soon slid her chair over to his side and asked why he wanted to investigate the accident of 20 years ago so much. He reminded her that he already told them all the reason at the meeting earlier. She said it still wasn’t all that convincing. She said she had a better reason than his, lol. She refused to say though. She quickly told him to finish up first and said she wanted to leave. He asked her if she was free tomorrow, wanting to meet up and discuss some stuff. She seemed surprised? (LOL!) She kept pointing between the two of them. He nodded to make sure she understood. So she asked him if it was a date. He said it was a meeting. She wasn’t letting him off though, considering how it wasn’t a group involved so it couldn’t be called a meeting, lol. He said then it would be an isolated meeting. He laughed after that. She was still giving him weird looks, but after she turned and left, she smiled as well.

That night, Dong Han was indeed burning the midnight oil. Like he had said, he was investigating the accident – with or without Chen Jie’s permission. It was also when he got up for another round of coffee that he remembered back to his childhood. And it was confirmed that he was one of the three kids that had been in the accident. He was Xi Shuai. He was with Xiao Cao in the car after meeting up with Qing Ting and how Qing Ting promised to find them later and then they would go and seek out Miao Miao. But Xi Shuai fell asleep in the car and when he awakened, Xiao Cao was gone. When asked, he was told that Xiao Cao had already gone to her new family. The same with Qing Ting. He, Xi Shuai, would soon be with his new family. It was also revealed that Dong Han was the one who curved the symbols on the wooden pieces and placed them onto the trees. He was working with the wooden pieces that night with some tools from his pouch. And he ended up at Zi Hong’s place yet didn’t confront the other party. He hid and sneaked into Zi Hong’s workroom to take a look. He even discovered Zi Hong’s board. He also found some blank music cards. Then the scene merged.

Jia Yuan was seen holding a blank music card in her hands. Yes, it seemed like Zi Hong was the one helping her all along with sending funds each month to help the pair of sister and brother surviving and all. And it seemed like Jia Yuan was still struggling with her own problems. (Yeah, obviously, considering how she couldn’t just cut it off and steer clear of a certain person.) She had to meet up with the person called Hua Jie. Jia Yuan didn’t want to step into that complicated world anymore. Not after that talk with Zi Hong, etc. Hua Jie asked her about the money she borrowed. Jia Yuan said she could return the money. Hua Jie said even if she could give Jia Yuan more time to allow her to pay back the money, it was still up to the boss. He wasn’t the type to force others into doing what they didn’t like, but what he hated more was people who didn’t keep their promises. She told Jia Yuan to think it over and said she was leaving. However, Xuan Xuan arrived. Jia Yuan realized Hua Jie knew Xuan Xuan’s name. Hua Jie said since Jia Yuan didn’t keep in touch, she had to rack up Jia Yuan’s ancestry links and all. Xuan Xuan asked who that lady was after Hua Jie left. Jia Yuan could only say that she was a friend.

The next day at the newspaper place, Miao Miao treated Zi Hong and Jia Yuan to lunch. She actually prepared the meal. Jia Yuan, of course, praised her dishes while Zi Hong said it was just all right. They ended up in banter. Yet afterward, Zi Hong washed the dishes while Miao Miao and Jia Yuan worked on the layout of the next issue. Like one of those times, Miao Miao joined Zi Hong for tea while Jia Yuan worked away at the layout. Miao Miao finally told Zi Hong that Mr. Shen sought her out the previous day. Zi Hong knew it was to thank her for her help at that one time. They went on to talk more about their childhood. Zi Hong told Miao Miao that he had let Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao down, considering how he didn’t keep his promise with them. Miao Miao told him he was only six back then, he shouldn’t be so hard on himself. He said that they shouldn’t talk about that anymore, he wanted to discuss her new findings. She said he was stubborn and he returned it with it wasn’t like her first day knowing him. Jia Yuan seemed to detect some strangeness between the two from afar. Yet she resumed her work anyway.

The meeting between Dong Han and Zi Yan finally commenced. He was wondering why she picked that place. She reminded him that he said they were having an “isolated” meeting hence the isolated location. He said he was just kidding. They finally approached the main topic after that little joke. Zi Yan said that there was a mole within the group. Dong Han asked the mole for who. Zi Yan said for Zhang Guo Tang. He told her not to joke around regarding that matter. She wasn’t. She told him all her reasoning with how Zhang Guo Tang knew so much about them and their plans. So he asked her who suspected as the mole. She said she would cross his name off the list first, lol. He asked her why. (Wasn’t he just glad she didn’t suspect him?) Her answer was that he didn’t have to save Yong Mei if he was the mole. He wouldn’t want to investigate Zhang Guo Tang and all the things surrounding him. He asked her who else could be crossed off the list. She said none, considering how everyone was as suspicious. That meant she also suspected Chief Zheng. What was surprising that got a glare from Dong Han was that she said she, herself, was also on the list. Yet she said the most suspicious person at that point was Chen Jie. Dong Han asked was it because of how Chen Jie was against the idea of him investigating the case of 20 years ago. Zi Yan nodded. Dong Han pondered if it was just because Chen Jie was upset by his (Dong Han) words hence losing his temper. Zi Yan said previously she upset him too yet his reaction wasn’t like that. If he was easily roused by the others, he couldn’t be their team leader. (Good point. He didn’t snap at Miao Miao either, even if she was yelling at them like tenfold.) Dong Han pointed out that it would be a big deal with pointing the finger at Chen Jie. Zi Yan said that she only hoped that her suspicion was wrong. Yet she told him they still have to be careful. He said he understood. He then asked her what she found out already. She told him, but at the same time, Miao Miao was also telling Zi Hong the same thing. It was how the town was going through some developmental process. All the families didn’t agree at first but soon one by one agreed. The remaining three that didn’t agree ended up in the accident. Perhaps that wasn’t an accident after all if it coincided with the project. Dong Han said that no one could be sure of the two incidents having to do with one another. It wasn’t up to Zi Yan to say. Zi Yan said it wasn’t like Zhang Guo Tang would confess if they caught him so they should investigate on their own. According to Miao Miao, the person behind the company that was responsible for the development project’s surname was Yan (顏). Zi Hong said that Jiang Jian Ming’s wife’s surname was Yan. So back to Zi Yan and Dong Han, Zi Yan said that it indeed had to do with the Yan. Dong Han said that if Zhang Guo Tang was acting under the Yan’s company’s orders, then it could possibly have to do with Jiang Jian Ming. Zi Yan nodded. Dong Han and Zi Yan’s meeting was interrupted by Xiao He’s text messaging them, telling them to come back for a meeting. Well, it was more like Chen Jie was looking for them.

Then back to Miao Miao and Zi Hong’s meeting. It was getting intense again–like it should be with the current topic of discussion. Zi Hong wondered if Miao Miao was able to continue on, considering how it had to with the Jiang family and she was best friends and co-workers with Yong Mei. She might want to change her mind regarding the whole investigation. He wanted to leave, telling her to think it over. Yet she said he was like that each time. It might not be as extreme as the thought. If it were to arrive at that point, she could always leave the newspaper place. Yet he said what about her grandpa? Apparently the ripple effect started with her grandpa, considering the townspeople didn’t want to sign and sell their places ages back yet her grandpa was the person that had quite an effect on the others. So the others signed, except for the remaining three. It was indeed hard for her to digest, but it couldn’t be helped. It was her grandpa after all.

So Dong Han and Zi Yan finally returned to meet up with Chen Jie and Xiao He. Chen Jie was fuming. It seemed like he found out about how Zi Yan pulled the files already so he was confronting both parties about not listening to his orders. Chen Jie was giving them the ultimatum, considering how their boss was back soon and would eventually strip them both of their current duties. Dong Han commented about how Chen Jie was playing for real, which upset Chen Jie even more. So they were told to surrender their badges and guns. Both did as told, slamming their badges and guns on the table yet Zi Yan soon confronted Chen Jie and asked what benefits did Zhang Guo Tang gave Chen Jie. He went insane and slapped Zi Yan. That shocked Dong Han yet his expression soon turned into livid. He lunged at Chen Jie and was ready to punch Chen Jie out. Yet Zi Yan yelled out to stop him. Chen Jie urged Dong Han on, saying that if Dong Han hit him, Dong Han couldn’t be a cop anymore. Zi Yan rushed over and pulled Dong Han out. They left together with Dong Han still fuming. Zi Yan thanked him for helping her earlier yet said that he didn’t need to do that in the future, considering how she was capable of taking care of herself.

What took place next was what seemed to be another kidnapping. Or an attempt. The person who attempted to kidnap Yong Mei was back to kidnap Miao Miao. Zi Hong had spotted that suspicious vehicle previously so he had doubled back to wait. He also got out in time to save Miao Miao after Zhang Guo Tang had given the go with the plan. Zi Hong and the other guy engaged in a fight. The other party soon fled, knowing it was useless to go against Zi Hong. When Zi Hong turned to Miao Miao, she was still quite shaken up by the fight she witnessed between the two. Zi Hong approached her and told her that that guy was probably Zhang Guo Tang’s henchman. He asked if she was scared yet. She said she had never feared anything before yet what she feared the most was not having friends to rely on. He kissed her. Then he apologized. She still didn’t know what to make of it. He told her to call the cops. She said to arrest him? He told her to call Chief Zheng up so they would know about the matter regarding how Zhang Guo Tang was targeting her. She said it would be faster with calling her grandpa.

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The New World: The Mole

I actually wanted to blog about this way before the question was posted on their Facebook page. But haven’t gotten around to it yet. The mystery was already posed in the trailers as to whom was the mole. Yet it hadn’t been asked on the page. So here I am answering it now. Who would the mole be? The one who called Zhang Guo Tang back?

Lin Zi Yan (林紫嫣). She had said in episode 3 that it seemed like Zhang Guo Tang was always one step ahead of them. Then in the previews for episode 4, she told Dong Han that she suspected that there was a mole among them. Dong Han told her not to jump to conclusions, considering how it was a serious matter. It was later seen that she confronted Chen Jie and received a slap from him after asking him what he was benefiting from Zhang Guo Tang. Dong Han lunged at Chen Jie for the attack (and in one of the earlier trailers, Zi Yan had stopped Dong Han in time before he could hit Chen Jie). Was that proving that she wasn’t the mole or was that a cover-up? It could also be that she was trying to stir things up among the group to get them fighting and tearing each other apart while she got to walk away with nothing more than a slap.

Zhao Ji Gang (趙紀綱) aka Ah Gang (阿綱). At first, he was seen as part of the group with ganging up on Zi Yan. However, later when they found out Zi Yan was right in her theory, he jokingly mocked Xiao He and even complimented Zi Yan on her instinct. He has a somewhat rogue appearance yet seemed harmless after they got to know him better. Yet that didn’t mean he was less suspicious at other times. At the supermarket where Zhang Guo Tang had a meetup with his former henchman, it seemed like he was trying hard not to get caught while spying on the other guy. That made sense with his cautious steps. But it seemed like a few snapshots here and there. It didn’t dismiss his suspicious behaviors seen at times.

Chen Jie (陳杰). The trailers and previews made him look very suspicious as the mole. Not to mention how he would be slapping Zi Yan later and getting all the repercussions for it. His fierce reactions and his defensiveness also made him hard to sympathize with. Yet did those things mark him for good and let the others off? He seemed to react even stronger with objecting to Dong Han’s idea of investigating the accident that took place twenty years ago. Was it because of his involvement and a possible link with Zhang Guo Tang? Or was that just another round of defensiveness sparking up because he felt threatened with his leadership role? In another trailer, Dong Han had said that he believed Chen Jie wasn’t the mole, but Chen Jie didn’t believe Dong Han. Because according to Dong Han, Chen Jie suspected him (Dong Han) as the mole.

Liu Dong Han (劉東瀚). Very cool and very righteous as seen various times throughout his appearance so far. Yet he was seen smiling at times also. It wasn’t that he was too cold or too hard to get along with. He just reacted to how others treated him or felt he needed to interfere because of a sense of injustice surrounding those matters. Still, an undeniable aura of mystery surrounded him even up to this point. He seemed to have a gripe with Jiang Jian Ming or the Jiang family in general. If he had a personal gripe with them, it could possibly explain why he was so hostile toward Jiang Ming Yue that one time when they came to the Luo resident to pick up Yong Mei. And it more than explained his reason for bringing Zhang Guo Tang back to confront Jiang Jian Ming.

He Zhen Fei (何振飛) aka Xiao He (小何). Various fans had commented on the page that it could not possibly be Xiao He. However, one shouldn’t forget that Ah Ben looked harmless and geeky for the role, not the character itself. Xiao He might seem awkward and at times defensive that Zi Yan had trudge over his territory, but he might not be that harmless as others seen because of Ah Ben portraying the role. He was a computer genius after all. He couldn’t be that simple. Maybe he might be creepy inside. Or hiding some secrets. Like usually the mole is the secretive, often easily looked past person because they didn’t look suspicious enough.

Zheng Hui Min (鄭惠民). His ability to use extreme measures during special situations was seen in episode 3. He wasn’t so weak like the Jiang seen to disregard at times. Well, if he wasn’t able to carry out his duties, he wouldn’t be a chief. He wasn’t all that fierce with them either but had told them to be extra careful and never let them lose face again after that one incident with getting a scolding marathon from Jiang Ming Yue. And oh yeah, he managed to track down all the top police officers and placed them together in a team for it to be called a special team. So he meant serious business.

But according to what Zhang Guo Tang said (正義歸你, 錢歸我), it seemed to eliminate some of the suspects. It wasn’t like the others were less righteous than the rest. But up to this point, some seemed to be leaning stronger on it. Chief Zheng had to be on top of the list on this, considering how he had some things to prove. Dong Han wanted to reopen the case of the accident of twenty years ago and exhaust their leads. He wasn’t backing down because Chen Jie said so. He was willing to fight Chen Jie for it–or so it seemed with the intensity of the situation at the end of episode 3. Zi Yan was indeed quite smart and underestimated by some of the guys earlier, but proved her capabilities soon after. However, if she was the mole, would she help them actively to track down Zhang Guo Tang like that? Or was that a clever way to throw suspicion off of her? Chen Jie and Ah Gang could be wanting something else, but not justice. They needed to prove something as well, but it didn’t seem to be justice at this point. Or it might as well be Chen Jie all along–because he knew where Zhang Guo Tang was hence not allowing Zi Yan to check that one area and then fiercely not allowing Dong Han to investigate anymore about the past case. So, who?

*The first image was from The New World’s Official Facebook Page, the rest were captured by DTLCT.