It’s Always You by Deric Wan

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Song Title: It’s Always You (永遠是你)

Lyricist: Chen Da Li (陳大力)

Composer: Chen Da Li and Chen Xiu Nan (陳大力, 陳秀男)

Bold = Chinese
Indigo = Pin Yin
Burnt Orange = English
Purple = Vietnamese

冬天的雨 為什麼總是下不停
dong tian de yu   wei she me zong shi xia bu ting
Winter rain, why won’t it stop falling?
Mưa của mùa đông, sao cứ rơi mãi không ngừng?
無緣的人 為什麼總是會相遇
wu yuan de ren   wei she me zong shi hui xiang yu
Fateless individuals, why must they always cross paths?
Người không duyên phận, sao cứ mãi gặp nhau?
熟悉的路 為什麼總是會迷路
shu xi de lu   wei she me zong shi hui mi lu
Familiar roads, why does one always get lost?
Những con đường quen thuộc, sao cứ mãi bị lạc đường?
期待的夢 為什麼總是會破碎
qi dai de meng   wei she me zong shi hui po sui
Awaited dream, why must it always shatter?
Giấc mộng mong mỏi, sao cứ mãi vỡ tan?

bu zhi suo cuo you wu ke nai he
At loss and unable to do anything
Bất tri sở thố, vô khả nại hà
bu yuan xiang qi you wu fa wang ji
Unwilling to bring it up and unable to forget
Không muốn nhắc tới và không thể quên được
tai duo hui yi ke zai wo xin di
There are too many memories engraved at the bottom of my heart
Có quá nhiều hồi ức đã khắc sâu vào lòng tôi

nan dao wo de meng
Could it be that my dream
Chẳng lẽ giấc mộng của tôi
jiu zhe yang mei ci mei ci jue wang
Is just like that, time after time, be as hopeless?
Cứ như vậy là một lần rồi lại một lần biến thành tuyệt vọng?
nan dao wo di ai
Could it be that my love
Chẳng lẽ tình yêu của tôi
zhu ding yao yi ci yi ci shou shang
Is destined to, time after time, suffer painfully?
Đã định sẵn cứ một lần rồi lại một lần chịu nổi đau thương?

meng bu dao meng bu dao de ni
Unable to dream of you
Mơ nhưng không mơ thấy được em 
忘不了 忘不了的你
wang bu liao   wang bu liao de ni
Unable to forget you
Quên nhưng lại quên không được em
放不下 放不開永遠是你
fang bu xia   fang bu kai yong yuan shi ni
Unable to let go, unable to separate from you as always
Bỏ không được, buông không ra được vĩnh viễn chính là em

*All translations were done by DTLCT.


Yong Yuan Shi Ni by Deric Wan

(Uploaded by: Kzhid)

Having been a Deric Wan fan for so long, I found myself missing out on a lot of his songs and serials also. Maybe it was because I was not into modern series much when I was little since I was too engrossed in the whole ‘wuxia’ world that was paved out in different novels and ancient series.

To talk more about music, I can’t believe I didn’t even discover this song yet. (Although I do know of the Vietnamese version and knew it was from a Chinese song from the sound of it. But never knew it was Deric’s.) It’s so awesome and really I like Deric’s voice in here (like any other that he sang).

Anyway, I’ve been hunting down his old TVB series to watch, such as Conscience and The Blood of Good and Evil but can’t seem to find the latter since I prefer it more after reading a review of the first one mentioned. Maybe it’s because I’m a Maggie fan so it’s hard to accept such a plot that doesn’t plan on letting Deric and Maggie end up together. I was only watching the first few episodes but I was really disappointed with the plot and where it was heading, not to mention the many flaws that were so apparent. (I must admit that recent TVB modern series are better since it managed to cover all bases or try to do research to not make a fool of themselves too much.)

As of Deric’s recent series, I haven’t been catching up on it but hope he comes back with an awesome role soon. (Not that I mind that he portrays any role since he’s capable but would still want to see some surprises.)