San Sheng You Xing

“Everything that happens in life…has its own meaning.”

Ah Zheng crossed paths with a patient upon one of his trips to the hospital because he had a leg injury. On that person’s dying request, the man asked Ah Zheng to call his mother every year on the day of his memorial and give her courage. It was like looking over her so she would not think the wrong thoughts (i.e. suicide).

At first, he was reluctant to help because he did not know the other man. How could he fulfill such a strange request? What did it have to do with him anyway? However, he followed the man’s wish in the end to avoid the inevitable. Although Ah Zheng might not be leading the most desirable life to others’ point of view, he has a good heart.

As fate has it, he was the next victim of a similar fatal disease. It was now his turn to seek for someone who could look after his girlfriend, Xiao Yan. It was now his turn to pass on the same message that a dying man once passed to him. “Give her a call every year and give her a message”–as he instructed through his recording. Not only did he have to pass on his own story, but also the man who’d once entrusted that mission onto him to call the mother.

The phrase “The fact that our voices sound the same is definitely not a coincidence” was like the hallmark of this story. It brought upon a very mystical feeling, making you wonder what was out there.

I really like the directing and storyline in here because it did not give many details or explain why. But sometimes things just happened. There was no why. It was sudden and tragic but there was also hope. Not too much at all.

I’m not going into acting much since it was such a short story, to begin with. However, I must admit the story was very moving. If it was really Van Fan’s voice, he really gave it his all with the emotions. I was not even planning on crying until he was narrating to that ‘someone’ with all the instructions.

Part of the touching message:

Thank you, dear strange. If I do not wake up, please tell Xiao Yan:

Tell her I know she has to cry, but she has to eat too to maintain the energy to keep crying.

On the second year, please tell her that, “I’m practicing baseball down here. Hopefully, I’ll be better than Babe Ruth in the next life.”

On the third year, please tell her that, “I’m still wearing the sweater. But two sleeves are not even.” Tell her that she should practice more.

On the fourth year, please tell her, “The person who can eat more than twenty eggs at one time must be deeply in love with you.”

 On the fifth year, please tell her, “There’s no Jedi Knight on earth. But he who’s willing to fight with you with Lightsaber all night long… If you’d met one once, you’ll definitely meet another.”

On the sixth year, please tell her that, “It’s dark in the elevator, but somebody’s going to open the door.”

On the seventh year, please tell her that “I’m going back to this world. These things happen. I was gone, but we’ll meet again. Thank you for missing me. But don’t ignore the whole world because you miss me too much.”

*Note*: This was the first story and part of the movie L-O-V-E.

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This was not a single movie but a series of short stories surrounding the same theme. There were four stories in this saga.

The first one starred Van Fan and Megan Lai, the second Blue and Annie, the third one Ethan and Alice (of course), and the last one was Tracy’s story.

San Sheng You Xing (三聲有幸) – Van Fan was trying to find a person who could protect his girlfriend if he did not make it out of the surgery room.

Hua Shan * 24 (華山‧24) – Blue and Annie met again after so many years but somehow she has lost her memory so she did not remember him. He must try to seek out the reason and work his way into her life again.

Xing Yun (幸運) – Ethan was a stuntman while Alice was a flight attendant. They had an argument. She left because he was being unreasonable. He finally confronted his own self and tried to chase after her and get her to forgive him before it was too late.

Di Liu Hao Liu Hai (第六號瀏海) – Tracy was having bad luck with guys and she kept running around asking people “Why doesn’t anyone love me?” until one day a fortune-teller told her that she would encounter six guys and the sixth person would be her prince charming or Mr. Right. Searching desperately for each, she landed into the hands of fate, except it was of a twisted one.

I especially like the first one the most because it was really short and meaningful. It was really touching with the idea, especially the opening scene, and then it finally unfolded into much more than just two people meeting each other out of nowhere and then doing goofy things together.

My second favorite must be of Blue and Annie’s story. Memory and the loss of memory have been done to the point of overkill but this one was different in that it did not try too hard to be perfect. It was just how it was and let the flow take its way. Really nice story also. Tammy Chen’s special appearance in here was really cute as well.

The third one was meaningful in its own context but I didn’t like it too much because of how the storyline was. It was too short for the approach of that type of storyline. Still was not that bad though.

The last one was lame, corny, exaggerated, and beyond words. But I guess that was why it needed so many guest stars to cover the bases. It was great to see members of different bands collaborating together. Also, Alec Su and Ken Chu’s special appearances were very funny.

So, worth watching or not? Your choice really. I thought it was worth every cent of my money because the fact that they were smart enough to put the best storyline first and then the next one was the longest one among the stories but it was the correct one to include more details. There was also the thing with a lot of interesting guest appearances to move the story along if it was not all that, like the last story.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT