Status of Fan Fiction XXI

The last time I updated this was more than two years ago. I thought I need to bring this up again, despite having literally no progress at all for almost two years now. What happened? The crazy and/or dramas just kept piling up that I couldn’t catch a break to do it. Well, I did write a lot but I kept backspacing or just scratching it out altogether. To be totally honest, my focus for the past few years has been the three parts of Wan Xin Bang (萬心幫). It’s listed in some of the other updates, but I pulled it from the fanfiction section because I was changing it around too much. When I’m finally done, like absolutely no more changing my mind about the plot, I will post it up. Yes, there are three parts of Wan Xin Bang. It’s also my first wuxia attempt ever so it’s really hard but also fun. I also ended up starting my second wuxia, which would also be having multiple parts, lol.

Anyway, getting back to this current update, the current total vote is 69.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 25 Votes – One vote up from last time YET I’m still not moving. Again, I’m trying to preserve some sort of light tone to it, even if some details are leaning toward a more serious route. I don’t want to end up killing some characters senselessly just to finish the story off. So yeah, sorry, but I’ll try somehow to finish it. It’s just hanging in limbo for now.

Honey In Tea – 9 Votes – One up from last time I updated. Once again, didn’t want to ruin it.

Payback – 3 Votes – Regarding this, I merged part 2 with part 1 so now there’s only 1 part, nice? Yes, hence the updated poster to include Dou Hua Mei. She will be an essential character, and that’s all I’m saying for now.

Stranded – 3 Votes – Totally scrapping it. Or more like some of the cast/characters and revamping it to make it my version. It’s not working out. Not to mention a tragedy happening at the beginning of last month also drove my decision.

The Business – 7 Votes – Will finish it. I actually like this one so I’m not giving up on it. It just needs time for me to not ruin it.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

I know it’s like ridiculous to still maintain this section when I’m up in my heads with a lack of updates for all the others. Yet I just couldn’t help myself.

Slanted Thoughts 3 – Okay, I know. You’re all like: This thing needs a 3? Yes, it’s crazy. I actually thought of part 3 like two years back. It’s mostly the first chapter and notes. But I think it’s going to happen. But rest assured that like some of my past sagas, this will only be three parts.

The Dating Game 6 – I’m almost done with this. Just need a few more chapters. I actually want to do another read over to see if I should go with that route or backtrack. I might post it up to keep my lack of updates for fan fics less pathetic.

One-shots is now at 22. I’m not sure what I should be writing about, even if it’s just one-shots. I actually have some drawn up, but then ended up scrapping it, because of recent events, etc.

So overall, all I can say is I can’t promise anything regarding updates, considering how the craziness just keeps piling up. Now, I have other more pressing things in my life to take care of. Maybe when that front is more stable and I’m less stressed, updates will happen. If you haven’t noticed yet, I don’t want to get updates out for the sake of it.


Status of Fan Fiction XX

I initially wanted to wait until I finish more but I thought I delayed it enough. Even if the progress is still sad. The total number is now 61.

Past Fan Fic(s):

Neurotic: Tainted World – 1 Vote – That’s it. Told you guys it’s the last one. And so happy that I could finally finish it! Major relief indeed! The saga is finally complete–after long last. If you were following, you knew it was already done ages back.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 24 Votes – Still stuck. No surprise.

Honey In Tea – 8 Votes – Still in background.

Payback – 3 Votes – Moved forward somewhat, but not really either. Planned part 2. Yeah, I know. Not even done with part 1 yet planned for part 2? I don’t know. It happens.

Stranded – 2 Votes – Not moving either. I want to cancel it. But I don’t want to put people who voted through nothing. Although the majority weren’t really helping.

The Business – 4 Votes – Moved forward somewhat but still debating some stuff so haven’t posted yet.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

Gossip Mill – Feel like canceling it. NOT sure.

The Dating Game 6 – I’m working on it in the background. So I will post it up once I feel like it.

One-shots is still at 20. I’m nowhere near wanting to plan one OR have the inspiration to.

All About Janine Chang

Another candidate for this saga, lol. Quite deserving too.


Calm, Cool, and Collected: Lan Xi Ying (from Black & White). There were some who criticized her for her dead eyes and boring expressions, saying that she should stick to modeling. And I couldn’t disagree more. Seriously, that was how her character was. She was the type who didn’t jump up and down or scream or panic when things happened. Considering how her job was, it fitted. She couldn’t be easily upset or worked up over stuff. She needed to stay calm and analyze the evidence. It wasn’t like she didn’t know how to laugh or cry or joke. At least she was one of the rare ones that found Pi Zi funny with his jumpiness at first when they met in her lab.

Sophisticated Yet Complicated Writer: Ding Xiao Wei aka Endless Rain (from Wayward Kenting). Again, it could never satisfy people with whatever role she took on since I again see people criticizing her for such a role. What does it say then? She’s just versatile in picking her role. Unlike the so-called ones who others support for keeping taking ‘flashy’ roles to shine, she takes on many challenges along the way with different roles. This one was quite daring for some people’s taste. But it fitted in with the rest of the characters of the story, some of them were sunshine–others tainted by their past and needed to find the courage or a reason to move on.

Kind of Random BUT still cute: Fang Yong Yong (from Sunny Happiness). Really hardworking and all, but wasn’t a doormat. She had quite a sharp tongue in there and was at times hilarious–without even trying.

Mad Crazy, ALMOST Maniac: He Ya Gong (from Honey & Clover). She was scary in there, lol. Just plain crazy! Okay, maybe at the beginning since things got quite serious later. But she managed to show another set of personalities. It was hard to hate her in there, even if at times it seemed there were mixed feelings going on between different pairings. It was a mad drama anyway so it was hard to predict with where it was going (except if you read the manga, lol). But still, no one knew how the Taiwanese adaptation of the drama would be until the end.



Favorite Male Co-Star: Vic Chou. I wouldn’t mind if they work on another project together. They only ended up once in Tea Fight. Then I had hoped that they ended up together in Black & White through my analytical post from last year. I still haven’t finished Home yet so I can’t tell for that one.

2nd Favorite Male Co-Star: Eddie Peng. I used to really love this pairing but somehow they faded for me when Vic came into the picture. So yes, after that, Eddie just has to take the 2nd spot in regards to Janine’s pairings. I still loved them in Wayward Kenting and then eventually briefly somewhat in Honey & Clover. Very cute and funny together.

3rd Favorite Male Co-Star: Zhang Han. If anyone was paying attention, Mike was initially 4th–and Joe was 3rd, but I kicked them down, lol. After watching The Four 2013, it’s hard not to fall in love with Janine and Zhang Han. They were so cute together. Then my obsession got even worse after Here to Heart.

4th Favorite Male Co-Star: Joe Cheng. YES, even if Honey & Clover was quite crazy and random at times, but I loved them in there. And the fact that I haven’t started on You Light Up My Star yet wouldn’t qualify me for discussing more them, lol. I need to do major catch up, once again. (And I kicked him down one spot, lol. Sorry, not really, lol.)

5th Favorite Male Co-Star: Mike He.


She’s very intelligent, no doubt about it. Her educational background said it all. Not only that, but she seemed to exude the intelligent aura naturally. It also seemed like her sense of fashion is quite good as well. (Except for some occasions, but understandable.)

*Will be updated in the future.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Status of Fan Fiction XIX

Okay, I wasn’t going to update until I clear more stuff out of the way. Yet I swear I’ve not been making any progress lately. So going to update anyway to put in some notes. So the current total is 59.

Past Fan Fic(s):

The Dating Game 5 – 1 Vote -YES, it’s done! I slowed down a bit but then it was like whoa, suddenly got inspiration so yeah. And yes, it’s a cliff hanger! I was going in a different direction, and not ending it right there for this part because I was stuck. So yes, it was intentional in case anyone’s confused.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 24 Votes – Working on it. I kept backspacing but trying to make it work so it wouldn’t be rushed or lame. It’s hard at this point since I just want to finish it and get it over with. But I have like 1 and a half chapters left so I don’t want to ruin it. At least not ruin it so bad.

Honey In Tea – 7 Votes – Unfortunately, not making progress at all with this one. Still in the background.

Neurotic: Tainted World – 1 Vote – I worked on it somewhat, but still not anywhere near what I wanted so taking my precious time. Yes, I want to finish strong. I could say right now that it will be fifteen chapters. There are lots of explanations to wrap up the saga so it would take some creative manipulation to tie the last two parts in so yeah.

Payback – 2 Votes – Slowed down again. It happens.

Stranded – 2 Votes – And I managed to think up some stuff already, just need to get it on paper.

The Business – 3 Votes – Interestingly popular, and I’m so sorry that I got stuck. But I kept backspacing.

One-shots is now at 20. Still not making progress, but I think it’s better that I focus on getting some of the current ones done. And yet again, that’s my sad lack of progress. Hopefully next time there will be more.

Status of Fan Fiction XVIII

So this is another fanfic update although I’m nowhere near making any sort of progress except for like one. The total number is now 45. It’s because I took “Slanted Thoughts 2” out. So let’s move forward to see what sort of progress I made, right?

Past Fan Fic(s):

Slanted Thoughts 2 – 2 Votes – YES, it’s finished. At long last and WAY overdue too. Yet I did it. Glad that I waited as well.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 21 Votes – STILL NOT DONE! Yeah, I know people who are waiting are so disappointed or beyond outrage at my progress. But I seriously am stuck and I decided at one point to kill all the characters and finish it off. BUT I know that’s just my frustration talking so will wait a little to see if I could turn it around.

Honey In Tea – 4 Votes – Still stuck, two more votes, and I’m so dead meat with some people. But like that’s news. It’s okay though. I’m willing to wait it out.

Neurotic: Tainted World – On hold, obviously.

Payback – 1 Vote – Guess what? I think it might be moving forward again. No promises though. ‘Cause I wrote the last chapter already. So as long as I know what happens in the end, I could work my way back. Hopefully posting the next chapter sometime this coming week. Yet no promises though.

Stranded – 0 Votes – Guess what? I came up with a new solution. I might be merging this into “The Other Extreme“. This means that this will be on the same timeline as TOE. It’s because I thought I could make it different than just some stranded on some island theme. But the characters from TOE might not appear. Since their story is done.

The Business – 0 Votes – Um, I was on a roll for a while and then I had to put it aside again. It didn’t come out as I expected so I had to step back and think about it a bit before continuing on. But I did write the ending already so I will continue to work my way toward that one.

The Dating Game 5 – 1 Vote – Somehow, I’m stuck. I forgot to put some details in and then I decided to just ax it out. I might backtrack though since it seems anti-climatic the way it is now. NOT sure. But this part will be like the last few parts aka being 15 chapters. So let’s see, 8 chapters already, I only have about 6 and a half to go. Yes, I wrote the ending already. It seems like it’s how I work these past few months.

One-shots is now at 18. Maybe I’ll write one for this Christmas. NOT sure.