Miss Hong Kong 1994

I only managed to catch the top 12 this year. The top 12 consisted of:
#1. Halina Tam Siu Wan (譚小環)
#2. Theresa Lee Yi Hung (李綺紅)
#3. Astrid Chan Chi Ching (陳芷菁)
#5. Kitty Chung Kit Yee ()
#6. Annamarie Wood Lai Ming (活麗明)
#9. Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (張可頤)
#10. Bui Hon Mei ()
#11. Chiu Mei Yu ()
#13. Akina Hong Wah (康華)
#14. Natalie Wong (黃紀瑩)
#17. Kwong Ching Che ()
#18. Dorothy Ng So Shan (吳素珊)
The hosts for this part of the show were: Eric Tsang, Natalis Chan, and Lawrence Cheng. The theme this year for the top 12 was pirates. The guests were Jacky Cheung (of course), Leon Lai, Faye Wong, and Kenny Ho. Alan Tam was one of the judges.The opening of this part was quite lively and the humor wasn’t over. Eric made a good team with Lawrence and Natalis. The twelve contestants were princesses like last year but this time they were princesses under a pirate captain. The first part was seeing who wanted to be the next captain but the princesses wanted to vote for one another, lol. Most of the girls voted for #3, Astrid Chan. (I know I’m slow but I just realized it was Astrid! I meant I didn’t realize it was her until I re-watch it this time.) Then the others voted for #1, which was Halina Tam. There were of course others too, but Halina and Astrid were the most popular among the girls. While they were deciding which one to make as captain, the island was invaded and was threatened. So Eric and the others were thinking of ways to defend the island. Lawrence jumped in finally and told the others that he found a famous swordsman to come and train the princesses for the upcoming battle. This was the part where Kenny Ho came in. He got to show off his swords moves as well as his singing skills. Refreshing indeed since there was a mix of singers.
Shirley Kwan came into the scene shortly after as Medusa. Well, I like to give her that name since she has snakes on her head and all. She was just one of those sent to sabotage the island and paved way for her people’s take over. It was funny that Eric won with his mirror! That was funny!
Now they finally found an excuse for the questioning part, lol. There was definite disparity with their answers. Leon came on after that round of questions as the son of the God of the Sun. Man, he was so lucky, getting all those kisses from the girls. (YES, I’m probably the rare few who thinks so since come on now!) Leon was singing of the rare few songs that I like of his. The princesses were supposed to convince Leon and borrow his sword. This was also the part where they get to show off their evening gowns.
So after they convinced Leon with the kisses, Leon agreed (of course) to let them have the sword. Then they have to give the sword to Jacky so he could fight with Faye Wong (who was the real leader pulling all the strings in trying to take over the island). Awesome performance! How could I complain right? It’s Jacky and Faye! Jacky was singing one my favorite songs when he appeared aka 餓狼傳說. (I rewind it around 2 times before letting the program continue! LOL!) I don’t know. For some reason, I enjoy the performances more than the contestants’ answers, except for some. AND Jacky did not need the Leon sword to defeat Faye! (He’s awesome by himself!)
After that performance, they of course reverted to the modern time again to continue the last part of the program. The usual announcing the Miss Friendship first before announcing the top 5. Dorothy Ng got the title, which made sense since she seemed friendly enough. Top #5 as announced: #6, #9, #14, #1, #2.
The last part of this year was more enjoyable (to me) since they have a variety of challenges for the top 5. First part was the persuasion thing. Theresa was hilarious in her responses. Maggie couldn’t convince Theresa to cry but it was still cute seeing Maggie tried to convince while Theresa was staying firm with her belief, lol. Annamarie couldn’t convince so she gave in! LOL! Honestly…
The next part the contestants have to change into sportswear to answer questions. Halina and Maggie dominated the scene. Annamarie had a disadvantage ’cause they were too fast. Maggie got the highest score for that round with 160. The second part was they had to run to get the questions. Speed and intelligence were required. Halina and Maggie dominated again but this time Halina was leading. Understandable. Halina was honestly smart. And Maggie was sort of nervous so she reacted a tad slower during the second part.
While waiting for the result, the hosts made the contestants write down the possible winner. The difference from last year was they have to write who was going to be #1 and then who will lose out. Halina wrote #2 for win and #9 and #14 lose. WOW. That was strange but she was right regarding the other two. Theresa wrote down #1 as the winner (which she was smack on) and #9 and #2 would lose. Theresa’s asnwer, lol! And it was kind of predictable that Maggie wouldn’t win. (TVB had to haul her regarding her potential actress prize.) Theresa got her wish! She didn’t win the crown, lol. At least Halina won and not #14. I’m sorry, but #14 didn’t impress me at all.


Networking with Celebs

With the growing trends of celebrities having their own blogs or other networking methods to stay in touch with fans or share their thoughts with the general public, there are also the downside of encountering false pages. However, based on information collected on various sites and my own searching, I’ve actually found some that are trustworthy over the years and would like to share them with everyone.
Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu: Facebook | Weibo | Yahoo! Blog | YouTube Channel
Ady An Yi Xuan: Official Facebook Page | Sina Blog | QQ | Weibo | Studio Weibo
AK – Andy Chen Yi & Chris Shen Jian Hong: Facebook | Andy’s Weibo | Kris’ Weibo | AK’s Weibo| Yahoo! Blog | Wretch Blog
Amber Kuo/ Guo Cai Jie: QQ | Weibo
Ambrose Hsu/ Xu Shao Yang: Ambrose Fans Club | Sina Blog | QQ | Weibo | Yahoo! Blog
Andy Chen Yi: Facebook | Andy’s Weibo | AK’s Weibo| Yahoo! Blog | Wretch Blog
Angela Chang/ Zhang Shao Han: Official Facebook Page | Official Website | QQ | WeiboAngmuzik Weibo | Official YouTube Channel | Temptation Styles Official Website | Temptation Official Facebook PageTemptation Styles Weibo | Temptation Styles Youtube Channel
Annie Liu Xin You: QQ | Weibo
Ben Bai Ji Sheng: Pixnet Blog | Weibo
Bianca Bai Xin Hui: Sina Blog | Weibo
Blue Lang Zheng Long: QQ | Weibo
Cai Huang Ru aka Dou Hua Mei: Facebook Page | Instagram: fafa19877115 | Weibo
Calvin Chen Yi Ru: Fahrenciti Blog | Weibo
Cyndi Wang Xin Ling: Facebook | Sina Blog | Weibo | Yahoo! Blog
Cynthia Wang Xin Ru/ Chloe Wang Le Yan: Facebook | Facebook Page |Instagram: chloe_wang | QQ | Weibo
Debbie Huang Di Jun: Facebook | Weibo
Derek Chen De Lie: Facebook Page | Instagram: chenderek | Weibo | YouTube Channel
Deric Wan Siu Lun/Wen Zhao Lun: Sina Blog | QQ | Weibo
Denny Tang Feng: Facebook Regular Account | Facebook Page | Weibo | Yahoo! Blog | Wretch Blog
Doris Lai Wei Ru: Facebook | Instagram: littled1230 | Weibo
Double Chao Chun Ya/ Zhao Jun Ya: Facebook Page | Instagram: chunyachao | QQ | Weibo
Dylan Kuo/ Guo Pin Chao: QQ | Weibo
Eddie Peng Yu Yan: Facebook | Pixnet Blog |Weibo
Ehlo Huang Yu Rong: Facebook Page | Pixnet Blog| PC Home Blog | QQ | Sina Blog | Weibo
Eric Suen Yiu Wai/Sun Yao Wei: Facebook | QQ | Weibo | Yahoo! Blog
Esther Liu Pin Yan aka Yan Yan: Facebook | Pixnet Blog | QQ | Weibo | Yahoo! Blog
Fahrenheit: FahrenCiti
Hu Ge: Sina Blog | Weibo
Jacky Chu/ Zhu Fan Gang: Facebook Regular Account  | Facebook Page | Instagram: JakeChu6699 | QQ | Weibo |Yahoo! Blog
Jade Qu Min Jie: Weibo
James Chu/ Zhu Qiang Bo: Facebook Page | Instagram: james_cpchu | Weibo
James Wen Sheng Hao: Weibo
Janine Chang/ Zhang Jun Ning: Facebook | Official Website | Weibo
Jet Li: Official Facebook Page | Official Website | Weibo | One Foundation Official Website | One Foundation’s Weibo
Jiro Wang Dong Cheng: FahrenCiti Blog | QQ | Weibo
Joanne Zeng Zhi Qiao aka Qiao Qiao: Facebook | Instagram: chiaochiao1988 | Weibo | Wretch Blog
Joe Cheng/ Zheng Yuan Chang: Joe’s Family (Official Site) | QQ | Weibo
Johnny Yan Xing Shu: Instagram: johnnyyen | QQ | Weibo | Yahoo! Blog
Joyce Zhao Hong Qiao aka Xiao Qiao: Weibo
Justine Ji Wen Hui: FaceBook | QQ | Weibo | Wretch Blog
Ken Chang Zhi Yao: Weibo | Ken Studio Weibo Page
Kenny Ho: Official Facebook Page | Weibo
Leon Jay Williams: QQ | Sina Blog | Weibo
Liang Zhe: Pixnet Blog
Louis Liu Lu Cun aka Xiao Lu: Facebook | Weibo
Makiyo: Weibo
Michael Chang/ Zhang Xun Jie: Weibo
Mike He Jun Xiang: Sina Blog | Weibo
Nicholas Teo/ Zhang Dong Liang: QQ | Weibo
Novia Lin Ruo Ya: Facebook Page | Weibo
PenBer Pan Bo Xi: Facebook Page | Instagram: penber12231 | Weibo
Penny Lin Wei Jun: Facebook Page | Weibo
Rainie Yang Cheng Lin: QQ | Wretch Blog
Ruby Lin Xin Ru: Official Facebook Page | Ruby Studio Official Facebook Page | Weibo | Ruby Studio Weibo
Sandrine Pinna/ Zhang Rong Rong: QQ | Weibo
Sonia Sui Tang: Weibo
Sophia Chou/ Zhou Ming Jing: Facebook | Pixnet Blog | Sina Blog | Weibo | Wretch Blog | YouTube Channel
Sphinx Ding Chun Cheng: Facebook | Plurk | Weibo | Wretch Blog
TAE: Sina Blog | Weibo
Tammy Cheng Yi Rong: QQ | Weibo
Tony Sun Xie Zhi: Pixnet Blog | Weibo
Van Fan Yi Chen: Pixnet Blog | QQ | Weibo
Van Ness Wu: Alive or Dead Blog | Facebook |Twitter | Weibo
Vic Chou/ Zhou Yu Min: Facebook Page | Official Site | Weibo
Vivien Yeo: Official Facebook Page | Instagram: vivien_yeosiewhui | QQ | Vivien Yeo Beauty Store | Weibo
Wallace Huo Jian Hua: For Fan Mails: | Official Website | Hua Jae Studio Official Facebook Page | Hua Jae Studio Weibo
Wilber Pan Wei Bo: Facebook | Official Site | Twitter | QQ | Weibo | YouTube Channel
William Feng Shao Feng: QQ | Weibo
Wu Zun: CHUN ZONE (Official Fan Club)
Xiu Jie Kai: Weibo | Wretch Blog
Yang Mi: QQ | Sina Blog | Weibo
Yuan Hong: Sina Blog | QQ | Weibo
Yvonne Yao: Facebook | Sina Blog | Weibo
*This page will be updated from time to time
*Note*: If I did not list a link, it is because: (a) I do not follow those celebrities actively to know if it’s real or fake; or (b) I do not know about it yet.

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