Aquarius: The Stars Saga Continues

The mystery is finally revealed. ‘Cause I wasn’t checking the news, but mostly following Nic’s cryptic messages. But now he finally tagged the drama name so I managed to search the news out. (Click here for the full article.) The female lead of the drama is Kimi Hsia. It would be a refreshing feeling.

Aside from that, the second lead guy is Johnny Lu, who will be playing a young master hence not having to go outside to film as much as the others (and he isn’t as dark as the rest of them like Nic pointed out, lol). Amanda Meng and Johnny will play a pair of mother son.

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Manly Chef: Promoting Dear Mom

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Okay, I’m finally giving this drama/cast some attention again. Yes, I did save pictures from their pages. But I just never got around to watching the drama. But I thought watching this promo event might motivate me to watch (as a cushion for the next 12 weeks).

What was hilarious? Lots! Yet I think the beginning part sort of topped it. Hong Xiao Ling forgot what their drama is called? NICE! I think she did it on purpose to cause laughter, lol. Don’t want to spoil too much of the program details. But it was a fun segment and getting to know the four of them more.