Manly Chef: Promoting Dear Mom

Okay, I’m finally giving this drama/cast some attention again. Yes, I did save pictures from their pages. But I just never got around to watching the drama. But I thought watching this promo event might motivate me to watch (as a cushion for the next 12 weeks).

What was hilarious? Lots! Yet I think the beginning part sort of topped it. Hong Xiao Ling forgot what their drama is called? NICE! I think she did it on purpose to cause laughter, lol. Don’t want to spoil too much of the program details. But it was a fun segment and getting to know the four of them more.


2014 MILK Awards

So I’m back for another voting event thing. This time, it’s the Milk Awards. Follow this link to vote. The following people are the ones I’m rooting for, the rest, oh well…I mean I like some of them, but planning to support these ones for this particular event.

Mr. Milk

Ms. Milk

Performer of the Year

Most Focused Person of the Year

Band of the Year

Trendiest Artist of the Year

Most Refreshing Cover Artist

Milk’s Prevailing Artist