All About Zhao Jun Ya

Okay, the saga continues with the 2nd candidate. Or should I say, victim? YES, like having a ‘Special Profiles’ page for him wasn’t enough (and him hogging the banner for months wasn’t enough either).  But I think that the ‘Special Profiles’ page is too general at times so I need to talk about him more in detail and get it out in one post, considering how I’m lazy at times to do serious discussions with individual posts about some dramas.


ULTIMATE Favorite Character: Wang Wei (from Rookies’ Diary). YES, I’m that sure to put ‘ultimate’ in. I don’t think any upcoming role could be that good. Sure, other roles could be complex and different from this role yet it couldn’t beat the aura this role was built around, earning him even more attention from viewers. This role has so much grace and charm that it’s hard to beat. And the humor at times is just an added bonus to his already awesome persona in the drama itself.

2nd Favorite Character: Lin Zhong Ze (from Love Together). Could be categorized as the typical “cold/cruel” person on the surface yet is a good person deep down character in most dramas. Yet this one has more complexity to it. Having him in constant conflict with himself because of the uncontrolled events unfolding around him one after another kind of made one think differently of him than just the typical ‘cruel’ guy. Then he wasn’t just some ‘cold-blooded’ person but there was also the ‘revenge’ thing thrown in so it was much harder to blame him for some of his actions.

Impressed: Qin Mo (from King Flower). I made a post about it so it’s hard to miss how impressed I was with him in that role. (Though I didn’t care for the rest of the soap.)


Favorite Serious Drama (so far): Love Together. Though the ending made me a bit sore about some things not completely covered, overall, I loved it. It was the chemistry between Jun Ya and Jia Yu. Then there were the hilarious random scenes at times. The revenge plot also made it interesting to see how things would unfold.

Favorite Random Drama: Rookies’ Diary. This had a lot of subplots so it wasn’t boring in that way. However, because he wasn’t around for some of the middle scenes, it kind of made me impatient at one point. (Yes, I have to admit that.) Then I was thinking perhaps it was due to the fact that he was filming Love Together with some of the other cast so it made sense he wasn’t around as much during the middle parts. But still, the middle of Rookies’ Diary was kind of frustrating–though I did understand the conflicts, so this sort of had to rank lower on my list.

Unbearable: King Flower. Honestly, I didn’t understand the hype. AND I’m still sore over the fact that I got ‘lashed’ at when I was stating my opinion about it being a typical plot. (YET it was okay that others were saying that a certain drama I actually enjoyed was boring. NOT saying everyone must agree with me, but I’m saying if others get to say that they do not like the stuff that I like, it would make sense that I could say I don’t like what the majority are enjoying.) It was one of those times when I skipped around to watch some scenes and NOT all the way through.


Favorite Female Pairing: Tang Zhen. Perhaps it was his first pairing that I watched so it stuck with me. They were indeed so cute though. So little scenes too. Yet I guess they (the scriptwriters) didn’t want to overwhelm us with his ‘romance’ story versus his duty within the military. I should be happy that it was another nice touch to the overall story, not letting it be draggy with just focusing on one couple or another too long. (Except for some I could name but I won’t even try to say it here since it’s irrelevant to his story.) I actually talked about this couple in another post already so I don’t want to get repetitive regarding my views of them in this post as well.

2nd Favorite Female Pairing: Ye Jia Yu. OMG, I’m still not over them yet. They have such great chemistry. (Even if I like some of their other pairings as well.) I think they turned a typically formulated drama convincing for me because of their maturity like the roles they were cast. There were, of course, hilarious immature moments between them too in the drama, but I felt what made me even more hooked was because of their age. I guess what I’m trying to say is I was more convinced because of the realistic elements in there, not just the usual ‘kiddish’ formulas. And I never waited longer (though the drama didn’t seem that long with the pace being just right) for the main leads to get together. They seemed to spend a lot of time together and only had to be apart during the parts in the middle, but it was like so frustrating to wait until they were actually together. Then they were torn apart again. It was driving me crazy and I was scared that they wouldn’t end up at all because of so much misunderstandings and confrontations throughout. Yet it worked out in the end.

Favorite Male Co-Star: Ah Pang. They became the sole reason why I stuck through season 2 of Rookies’ Diary. (I didn’t say it was ‘that bad’ but it was driving me insane sometimes with not being able to watch more of some characters at times.) I really liked their friendship and how they were providing comic relief at times for the drama. His character seemed so strict with the recruits yet he was really funny and random when he was hanging out or making random comments with Shan Ren/Ah Pang in there.

2nd Favorite Male Co-Star: Tang Zhi Wei. His mentor and somewhat of a friend in Love Together. They were the only ones in the know regarding the revenge plot and I felt Ah Sir had been there for him throughout, either supporting him or mocking him at times about his revenge plot. But Ah Sir could be so serious about his advice too, trying to tell Zhong Ze that he didn’t have to burden himself with all the revenge and the hatred inside him.

NOT SOLD YET: Li Xiang Lin. I need to catch up some more on Lucky Touch to decide but I’m putting her in this category for now.

A Funny Team: Xiao Xiao Yu. Seriously, I enjoyed their interactions on the “Game Union” for the time that it lasted. And I have to say that was the first time watching a show just because of the hosts. (Though the games were cool too but I don’t usually watch those to know what was out of recent, I usually do that at the local store or online to check for prices, etc.) If they work together in the future in some drama together, that would be cool. Off-screen, they’re like brother and sister (since it was mentioned at one point of the show) but he could get all random with her and the rest of the cast of Rookies’ Diary at one point that it was really funny.


Dream (夢想): A very inspirational song and very suitable for his voice.

Under The Same Sky (同一片天空): Liked the song but there were too many people in there (though I do like some of their voices) for me to enjoy his singing. I remember one time when he and some of the cast went to promote and he was sick BUT there were only two guys there (including himself) and two girls so he had to try and wing it through. It seemed obvious that he was still able to carry on.

Point? OMG, I wish he has some more opportunities to sing in the future. One could only repeat a song after so many times.


How random is he? YES, he’s one of the most random people I’m following. It seems like he’s operating on his own wavelength or something. But that makes it funnier to follow him on Weibo or Facebook. At times, from some references he made with the posts, he’s quite intelligent with the stuff that he reads. Yet other times, he gets super silly as well. (I guess it’s hard not to.) Then there’s surfing. (Yeah, he loves posting those to show off his surfing skills.) He also knows how to cook (from this one show I saw this one time)–and could possibly be a pro at it. But other than those, he’s just really fun to follow at times, not afraid to share even his not so notable moments. Still funny though.

*Will be updated in the future for more rants.

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Trending Question #1: Is Zhao Jun Ya Gay?

Okay, it’s very clear (if not all clear) by now that I hate to get into all sorts of controversial stuff or engage in those debates. But I couldn’t resist this one. It just popped into my blog hits with the search terms. Possibly because I blog about him so the ‘tags’ had led some people here. Anyway, as soon as I was checking search terms to see what was popular of recent and if I should update on someone, I saw this question and I almost fell off my chair. I’m not saying it’s impossible since I’m not planning to marry him or have some weird fantasy that might get crushed if it were true. (And for the record, I don’t have anything against gay people in case it’s going to turn into some bloody battle about discrimination.) But I never thought people would ask this one about him.

Was it because of what Chris had implied in the BTS in one of the Jin Da Hua episodes? (Go here for more details regarding that.) Or was it because of his occasional picture updates of cross-dressing of recent?

But anyhow, the reason why I never thought him as the gay type is because since watching and following his news since the days of Rookies’ Diary, it had been a lot of fun and his real-life persona was so much different from the cool Wang Ban Zhang (王班長). He had been made fun of for being “old” or “pervert” (in regard to his obsession with girls–or so it was let on) numerous times on Game Union by his co-host Xiao Xiao Yu. And sometimes on Weibo, he would post weird comments that could border into the “pervert” zone. (Though I must give him some kudos for being that brave since most celebs would be covering their tracks and try to be a “real role model” when it comes to image, etc. At least he’s not flaky in that sense. Some people might be thinking he’s not that famous anyway so it doesn’t matter if he keeps it under a wrap or not, but he’s really in the limelight of recent so it’s not surprising that he should build a good reputation. But he’s still very consistent.)

Another reason why it never really occurred to me was because of his break up last year with girlfriend, Jean Kao. (Now ex-girlfriend.) During that time, there were several rumors flying around. One being how Megan Lai was the third-party hence the breakup, which Megan had clarified that she had nothing to do with it. That rumor was probably due to the fact that Jun Ya was filming for Miss Rose (螺絲小姐要出嫁) with Megan and Roy Chiu at that time so it was convenient for the paparazzi to find some party to blame–and spice things up even more to sell their so-called news. Then there was also one about how Jean was having problems focusing on filming and had cried on the set of Tian Xia Nv Ren Xin (天下女人心) while doing a scene with Eric Huang. Regardless of what happened or didn’t happen, he still got the “asshole” title for hurting Jean. (Or so some people had made it out to be.) I seriously didn’t care at that time and I couldn’t care less now. Not that I’m heartless or taking his side, but since we’re on the outside and will never know what happened between them anyway, I don’t think it’s relevant to participate in it. Or more like I refuse to be manipulated by the media. I only want to focus on his career–as an outsider.

As for getting back on the topic, was it because of his role in Jin Da Hua that had triggered such curiosity? What would happen next when people witness his scenes on the currently airing Lucky Touch (我愛幸運七)?

To end this post, we probably wouldn’t know unless he comes out to admit it himself. However, as for me, it wouldn’t affect my support for him. Unless he does something really stupid to jeopardize his career, I wouldn’t drop him. And stupid could equal to anything like excessive partying or ruining himself purposely by doing a certain activity. But I actually have confidence in that for once since he’s quite active and would go out surfing when he has time.

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Mad Doctor Qin Mo

I didn’t realize that Zhao Jun Ya’s role in the drama was that big until I forced myself to go through with it. Actually, I didn’t watch like really watch straight from beginning to the latest episode, but it was more like skimming. I gave up on it since the first episode and there were just too many good dramas currently airing that it was too hard to catch up. So I decided to do some ‘skimming’ to see what was going on, wanting to find some motivation to perhaps watch it more ‘properly’. Anyway, while the majority were fighting over whether Jin Da Hua should be with her Guan Jun Ge or Terry, I was fawning over Qin Mo. It’s not because I dislike James or Chris, because I actually quite like both of them in some past dramas. It’s just that in recent years, my focus has majorly gone to Jun Ya. So to get back to the role Qin Mo, how was he?

Qin Mo was just like the post title said, he was a mad doctor. His daring nature overruled the typical logical and compassionate stereotypes of a doctor. Qin Mo actually reminded me of Dr. House with his craziness, but his attitude wasn’t terrible. It was just that he was willing to take risks. Not to mention his happy expression upon thinking of wild theories or wanting to face major challenges.

And I so know that he was drawing up a crazy plan to help Terry’s career, among other reasons. But just look at him when he was about to help Da Hua take off the bandages. In fact, he was so into the idea of his that he looked beyond overjoyed when they were carrying out the plan of finding a replacement for Liang Yan temporarily. He was like a mad scientist wanting to execute the latest project as soon as possible and see the result. It was no surprise that he was proud of his abilities so when Terry’s driver asked him to find a way to change Da Hua’s personality, he was upset that they didn’t appreciate his effort thus far, stating that he was only responsible for the appearance front, the other matter was all up to them.

While we’re on that subject, look at him when Terry confronted him about listening to him in the first place, finding a replacement for Liang Yan, etc. Qin Mo, who was remorseful toward his actions previously–about lying to Terry and keeping Terry in the dark regarding Liang Yan’s actual health condition, totally turned insane and said he had helped Terry secure his job. Then both guys just went ballistic from there, losing control altogether, laughing out like maniacs.

His relationship with Terry? Was it just good friends or much more? The reason why I’m even putting that on the table is because of what Chris said in episode 8’s BTS. Okay, not so much as said but more like the words flashing in front of him while he was sitting there talking about their scenes together, etc. Was he talking about Jun Ya’s role or Jun Ya? LOL! But still, something to think about.

Back to the serious side, I must agree with Chris when he said that Qin Mo is a role that is hard to act. And I’m not saying that because Chris had praised Jun Ya. But it was more like I wasn’t expecting much because of the amount of screen time Jun Ya had. I was glad to be wrong this time around because it proved that the amount of screen time does not equal to significance, not all the time. Sometimes a person appearing so little could have such a big impact with the overall picture. There was little time to show what kind of character Qin Mo was and what he had to bring into the overall story. Yet Jun Ya really brought out the role well. I’m actually quite proud of him. Though it might overlap with some of the previous roles I saw of him, but this one contained more complexity than that. There was the craziness with wanting to experiment and push the limits, making some medical history. But there was also a side of him that was willing to take the blame and show whatever support that he could. His point of view was different from Terry, thinking that Terry didn’t need to know and standing by helplessly if Terry had known about Liang Yan’s real condition; Terry, himself, rather be by her side and take care of her, be with her until the last moment. Yet that decision he made for Terry didn’t make him despicable. It was his way of protecting Terry, even if it had robbed Terry of the time spent with Liang Yan. Indeed, in the end, he realized he had made the wrong decision hence breaking down completely after Terry left the scene.

One of the questions I kept in mind while watching some upcoming scenes was: Was it Qin Mo’s fault that Du Liang Yan met with her accident? Many might be saying right now that if it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t have a drama to see. Yet I really want to address it if it were to happen in real life. Was it his fault? Because he did put in a word for Liang Yan during their meeting that one time. Putting aside the fact that Jun Ya portrayed the role since I just said I want to visualize the situation if it were to happen in real life, I didn’t think it was his fault. Why not? That was just his opinion. He can’t predict the future. And the most important thing was Terry knew he was crazy, why find him to help talk Liang Yan out of it? I’m not putting the blame on Terry here since Terry was really cautious in wanting to protect Liang Yan, like always. I’m just saying how people’s opinions shouldn’t be the sole reason for what would somehow happen in the future, i.e. Qin Mo’s crazy, don’t take him seriously kind of thing, especially anything daring in nature. Though I will say that I knew his “crow’s mouth” was a hint that something would happen on that trip. (I’m referring to the part where Terry said what if something happened to Liang Yan and he said he would cure her.) The tragic incident that happened to Liang Yan was like unpredictable really, since people go travel and hiking all the time on mountains but it just so happened that Liang Yan got unlucky. I find it a bit unconvincing that she was fine walking toward the mountainside to watch the view yet couldn’t step back as safely? Well, that was why it was called an ‘accident’ in the first place. But it was like seriously? Turning and making her way back would turn into such a mess? (I blame the unconvincing plot, not the actors/actresses involved.)

And oh yeah, the final point that I want to talk about is the one I mentioned with the whole ‘small role yet big impact’. It was the crazy Qin Mo who suggested to Terry about seeking out a replacement for Liang Yan’s spot within a year (which was the deadline he made for himself to cure ‘Liang Yan’ or die trying). Again, if there was no such bizarre plan, there would be no drama. But honestly, that was crazy. Crazy but not out of character for a person like Qin Mo. He even freaked me out from time to time with his expressions whenever he mentioned his attempts to cure Liang Yan or anything medical related. Even when he was explaining to Liang Yan’s father that he had cooked up the plan in the first place and kept Terry in the dark during the initial process, his expression was turning ‘insane’ again as he went on to say how he would ‘cure Liang Yan’. One minute he wanted to defend his friend and explain away, and somewhat showing fear of Mr. Du. Yet the next minute he looked like a maniac as he went into further details of wanting to find a cure for Liang Yan. That was why I felt Jun Ya did very well bringing into this role. So little time yet so much could be learned of the character from his acting.

Notice, I’m not using the whole ‘small role, big impact’ excuse to make Jun Ya shine and sink the other characters. Of the skimming that I did, I found that James and Chris did very well in their characters, even Nikki impressed me with her double roles. But this post is solely dedicated to Jun Ya so that’s why I only focus on his character as Qin Mo.

To think that I was saying how I was fawning over Qin Mo yet I haven’t really tied it back together. It’s not just because of Jun Ya portraying the role. Like I said before, it had to do with the fact that Qin Mo was such a complex character. He was like bordering on good versus evil. It was so hard to hate him yet so not easy to relate to either. Not totally. If it wasn’t for the focus on the triangles and many other formulas coming into play, the character Qin Mo had great potential for some expansion of screen time. Yet I wonder if that would end up ruining his mysterious aura altogether. So not to be so greedy, I decided to settle on the fact that he had a great contribution to the drama itself.

I don’t know how long this drama would be, but will Qin Mo appear again? If so, I’ll probably find some more random stuff to talk about him.

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