The Day I Lost You: A Chen Yi and Kingone Wang Collaboration

This drama airs after The Crossing Hero, which focuses around a pair of brothers and their friends. (Click here for the drama's official Facebook page.) Aside from Chen Yi and Kingone, the main male cast also includes Gu Bin and Danny Liang. Female main leads include Nana Lee, Christina Mok, and Jozie Lu. Linda Liu … Continue reading The Day I Lost You: A Chen Yi and Kingone Wang Collaboration

Golden Bell Awards 2013: Winners

I know, I know. I'm way late with posting up results. But I had to wait until I actually have time or try to squeeze in some watching here and there before I could post this up--instead of just copying and pasting stuff from other sites. Anyway, those of you who have watched or read … Continue reading Golden Bell Awards 2013: Winners

Yours Fatefully

The reason? Because I saw some articles regarding the drama on Xin.MSN. How was it? I didn't find it cute until it was up to episode 5. Not that I don't like the main characters, but I found some of the misunderstandings kind of senseless. Okay, very senseless. It was like they were playing these … Continue reading Yours Fatefully

Home Run

Out to hunt for short dramas, I found this. Well, more like I was checking what was up with Qu Zhong Heng lately and found how much I missed. Then there was the whole reading the cast list and knowing that it was short so what was the harm, right? Cast: Kingone Wang as Lin … Continue reading Home Run

Fondant Garden

(image credit: captured by DTLCT) The drama lost its magic around episode 15. NO, I'm not complaining about the length because it was not that draggy throughout. The reason why it lost points with me--from a 4/5 to a 3/5 was because of the overly used and over-killed memory loss formula. At first, I was … Continue reading Fondant Garden