Momo Love: Episode 11

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

What a way to start the episode off since Chen Ba Ba was seen with a snake! Ekk! Was he planning to use it on them if they did not get their acts together? At least Chen Ma Ma looked like she wanted to use it on their sons. Their frightened looks were back though. Honestly, it was just a clip. Did they still have to wear that expression? Even Yu Yi was finding it hard to swallow. So it was true after all according to the clip they just watched. So the crazy brothers were doing it for both theirs and Tao Hua’s sake.

That news had affected everyone around them, not just the Chen clan. Aww…nice scene between Tao Hua and Xiao Mi. It showed that she was not just hanging around Tao Hua because of her brother but because of their friendship too. But why was Hui Qi around? She was the only who was happy about the matter? Time to take advantage of the situation again. I guess she can’t just change within several days and be all nice, huh? It would be too hard to believe anyway. And they were similar after all since Yu Yi managed to snatch the opportunity to impress Hui Qi as well. (Though she wasn’t convinced.) Still funny.

So the trial was on for Tao Hua to prove that she was capable of doing all the tasks herself. Jia you! Cheng scolding at Tao Hua? A first! (But must say he was anxious too for a good result.) Zhuan’s sneaky behaviors again. Awww….how could he? He shot the balloons! But it was Shi Lang’s encouragement for Tao Hua! Okay, so it was sort of a distraction but still! That was mean! Not to mention I would’ve expected that more from He and not Zhuan. They were double trouble after all so it wasn’t surprising that they shared some similar traits. Moving on, Tao Hua was handling the little monsters better? Great…at least she was showing improvements in that area. Something to be happy about all right.

So Xue Zhi Qiang found his way back to civilization after all since he was running his mouth again during judo. Okay, so who was the one who wouldn’t be serious about training? Hello! And their coach caught on! Smart, Coach! Give it to him! I got happy too early. But we were able to see some of Shi Lang’s jealous acts. Poor the other dude for being thrown like that! He was so not prepared!

That little scene created some opportunity for Hui Qi since she was able to use that time to talk to Shi Lang. However, it was surprising that she was not trying to move in. Okay, she was sort of getting to that part from her expression but somehow, I think she was right. Shi Lang could be so clueless at times and not observant enough. Tao Hua would never accept or care for Zhi Qiang. Shi Lang needs to be more observant.

Eh…what was Shi Ba Ba up to this time around? That was so funny! Thank you, Shi Lang. We needed to hear the main point. Shi Ba Ba kept going around in circles. He was making them dizzy. Oh…so he was trying to help his future daughter-in-law with sharpening her culinary skills. If only he would get to the point faster. What a technique all right! Chanting the mantra would work? At least he was trying to help! Didn’t work though! Oh wow, a second technique! Uh…if only it was easy to understand. I guess it was hard being a genius. He had to come up with those techniques that ordinary people were not able to grasp so easily. Okay, so her imagination was massive yet it did not help any with the real thing. Back to the drawing board, Shi Ba Ba! Love him! He’s so funny! He hypnotized himself! (LOL!)

So it took Shi Lang to persuade her otherwise. I guess it would happen sooner or later since only Shi Lang had an effect on her that the others could not. She finally succeeded!

Things were not on a happy note at the Chen resident though since He was back at it again, wanting to seek for Tao Hua even through the others’ objections. It seemed like Qi, Cheng, and Zhuan were softening up. Even if they did not want to see the inevitable changes Tao Hua was going through, they still want to be good brothers in her heart instead of bestowing more grief upon her shoulders. It took Qi’s raising his voice to stop He, making him give in. (Qi sure was their Lao Da all right. He was able to use his older brother power at the right time, not just like other times when they were acting crazy.) But then He had to open his mouth and talked about the sad topic that they did not want to hear. Whoa! All the others reacted the same, even Yu Yi. (Another time when Yu Yi was not on the out.)

So Tao Hua was not afraid of knives anymore. But it did not mean she was able to cook well. Come on now, it was her first try so no one expected it to be some delicacy, right? Seeing Shi Lang’s expression after taste testing it was funny though. It was very brave of Tao Hua to turn down Shi Lang’s attempt to help though since she wanted to achieve everything on her own, showing her capabilities. On a random note, Shi Lang looked so cute falling asleep like that.

Gasp! How in the world did Shi Lang do it? How did he turn those little devils into little angels? It was a miracle after all!

Yay! They passed the first trial! And then they were scared out of their wits with Cheng’s criticism! But luckily he passed Tao Hua as well! Qi and Zhuan were breathing out. Phew indeed! Awww….Cheng looked so cute trying it on! (Probably trying to rub it in the others’ faces since he got the first one made by Tao Hua!) Seeing Zhuan’s moving lips and Qi’s annoyed expression, it was worth the taunting! Then the others took it into their hands to demand one as well! One each, no problem! Half a year? So much for it! Ooooohh…they were in line but behind Shi Lang? That outta hurt! Cheng was the lucky one after all. Love their annoyed look.

Okay, moving on…it was Tao Hua’s time to prove her culinary skills. Everyone was just looking in from the living room. They wouldn’t want to disturb the chefs at work, right? They were getting anxious since things were turning a bit haywire. Was Zhuan sensitive or was that a weird smell coming from the kitchen? Ekk! Oh, shoot! One chef down! Shi Lang cut himself! (And He thought Tao Hua did it, lol.) So they apologized for nothing? Back to the living room then. (Um…so they only cared if Tao Hua was responsible for it or not? Lucky someone had the mind to tell Yu Yi to tend to Shi Lang.)

So it looked good, but was it edible? It was up to Chef He to decide, right? The others did not even care to sample? Or were they making He their lab rat before they dug in? Okay, maybe they wanted to hear a ‘Pass’ from He before calling for a celebration. Qi, Cheng, and Zhuan’s expressions were so funny though while they were waiting for He to test it. It was like they were waiting for their death sentences or something.

That was hectic all right. Finally a word of approval from He! If he did not say it any sooner, Qi, Cheng, and Zhuan would’ve died from lack of air. They were holding their breaths for too long.

After that touching moment with He’s confession about matters, they were back at it again! Yu Yi was so sneaky! Qi’s sharp eyes caught him and Cheng attempted to stop him but he was faster! Awww…they were like one happy family eating together. Yay! Food fight! Okay, not really since they were just fighting to get more food not using food as weapons. That was funny though. Qi had to remind Zhuan about his declaration earlier with not eating. Why was Zhuan scooping so much food into his bowl? Uhuh, showing your support for your sister’s effort? Great, nice excuse. Like the others were convinced.

Eh…the results were out! Yay! She passed with flying colors! Yu Yi and his power of love rant again. Must admit he was a good tutor! Okay, so not so flying colors since she got a 74 on one of the subjects. It was easy to seek sympathy from her knitting skills but numbers can’t lie, right? How come only several points? Only six points, Shi Lang? Zhuan will flip!

Yu Yi was willing to cheat? The others would kill them if they found out. But they were desperate for a way out, right? If only they could live with their conscience. Desperate times called for desperate measures, but this? How long would it last? What if they were found out since Zhuan was not an idiot. Even Qi, Cheng, and He did not buy it since the results were WAY too unbelievable for the other ones already. Not to mention the only one that she got a 74 on. But then they were equally happy anyway since they did not have to worry anymore. Or did they?

Tao Hua’s conscience was nabbing her since she was melting down to Qi’s encouragements and the others’ unusual proud mode. How could she lie to them, right? Even if it was six points. So Zhuan knew but he did not say anything to expose them…yet. Time to shift their focus back on Yu Yi! (He ran too late! Should have ran when Tao Hua was confessing of her lie.) Lucky Tao Hua was there in time to rescue Yu Yi. Yet Zhuan was not bad either since he pointed out that they were just caring too much for Tao Hua. She was their precious sister after all. They would’ve done anything to help her.

So things weren’t that bad after all. Hopefully, their mother would be reasonable and understanding of the situation. The Chen clan was finally united at last, including Yu Yi! Why was Yu Yi making an excuse to run so fast though? No one was in any hurry to open the door. He did not have to be so anxious. Or was he afraid of the other brothers changing their minds and attacking him once again?

It was a surprise indeed! Look at He all innocent again! Trying to score points with Chen Ma Ma? And Cheng was not far behind either with trying to work his charms again. But then the question came! Why were they unusually quiet? What was so interesting about the ceiling, Cheng? Found something up there? Qi, what about being their fearless leader?

And uh…why was Xue Zhi Qiang around? Up to no good again, of course. But Chen Ba Ba spoke up in time since it created an excuse for them to leave the room and go help Chen Ba Ba with the luggage. They had a lot of luggage? All right…nice one, Shi Lang. That was so cute with him trying to dodge out of the sticky situation though. One of those times we get to see his playful side.

And I think that Zhi Qiang and Hui Qi should get together more than Yu Yi and Hui Qi since he was claiming to be Tao Hua’s fiancee and so was Hui Qi at one point (in regards to Shi Lang). Honestly. Bringing out that old photo for proof? The others could contradict him in two shakes. But then I must give Hui Qi some credit for backing down since she clarified herself before anything else took place. Maybe she was reconsidering matters. She did not want to get on Shi Lang’s bad side again. But then Zhi Qiang was able to hold his own show since he managed to shut Shi Lang up with his fierce attitude and his thick skin. (I have to clarify here that I love Calvin thus far with his performance but I’m just getting turned off with the character Xue Zhi Qiang more and more, that’s all.)

Gotta love Chen Ma Ma for shooting Xue Zhi Qiang down. Since Chen Ba Ba was all smiling and trying to be friendly and hear him out. But Chen Ma Ma was all business. Love Qi and Cheng’s satisfied expressions since Zhi Qiang was not all smile anymore. Then he changed tactic, going for the pitiful look. But that failed too since Chen Ma Ma was super smart after all. She had to care for her daughter’s feelings, NOT just some outsider’s words.

And for the first time, all the crazy Chen brothers were willing to carry out their mother’s task without any signs of silent reluctance. They were ready to kick Xue Zhi Qiang out all right. And Yu Yi even took the opportunity to snatch the picture back. He even received an approval pat on the back from his brothers. This was an improvement for their siblings’ bonding all right.

It was a true reunion indeed since they were gathered in the Chen backyard. Qi spoke too soon though. What ‘tian xia tai ping’? Just because Chen Ma Ma kicked Xue Zhi Qiang out did not mean that she let them off. Thanks again, Mr. Director for another reality check. Yes, I was wondering why in the world didn’t they alert their parents regarding the marriage since it was after all a big deal. But they got scolded for that one so it made sense.

Eh…Shi Lang sneakily watched Tao Hua at work? Wow! And Hui Qi almost looked harmless. Was she really reconsidering things? After all, Shi Lang looked so happy with Tao Hua. Maybe she should let go.

But we did not have time to see her in actions though since Yu Yi was at it again, wanting to go with their parents in Tao Hua’s place. LOL! Nice try, Yu Yi, but the answer was still NO… (Just look at Cheng and Zhuan’s expression!) Yu Yi was convincing with his attempt though. Too bad it didn’t work. He still could not escape from the four monsters’ grasp. So much for their little bonding moment before. Lucky Yu Yi diverted his answer in time or he would face consequences later when their parents were not around.

And Chen Ma Ma was always so fast! She caught on! She was eyeing Hui Qi so suspiciously that I think she might be up to something. Or was that just reading too much into just one expression? But she was sharp after all, she would know.

But first things first since they needed to take care of their precious daughter’s situation before indulging themselves into other ones. Yu Yi will have to wait again. And I was wondering about Shi Lang’s tasks so now Chen Ma Ma brought the subject matter into focus again! Yay! We get to see Shi Lang sweat while answering to Chen Ba Ba and Chen Ma Ma’s questions! At least the first question was easy, right? (Or not!) Chen Ba Ba and Chen Ma Ma were funny though. Cunning questions.

And that was so funny but not unpredictable since the brothers were eavesdropping from the door. They all fell in when Chen Ma Ma opened the door. Almost forgot, that did not include Yu Yi–once again. Come on now, they were spying, of course, they would never include Yu Yi. Need more space to eavesdrop.

But at least Yu Yi did not lose out either since Hui Qi seemed to be getting friendly. Was she seeing him from a different light? Still a cute moment between them. Hui Qi was returning to her angelic state.

Anyway, back to Tao Hua’s room, the others got to be a part of that little ‘trial’ as well since they made themselves comfortable around the room as Chen Ba Ba and Chen Ma Ma continued on with their talk. And that was funny how the parents were giving examples with Qi and Kai Li but he managed to divert it to Cheng right away! Why was he getting fidgety? But thanks to Zhuan for rubbing it in for Cheng and making him even more nervous with all attention on him now!

And what was the big news? Why was Chen Ba Ba acting so strange? Chen Ma Ma was not all words either. Were they letting their children (and Shi Lang) die from the suspense? Eh…they were getting a new sister soon? Wow! Were the other crazy four brothers going to make Yu Yi stay in college to protect her too? He would be WAY old before he graduates then! (JUST KIDDING…) Well, I guess this made up for Qi’s outburst earlier about a baby.

Uh…Cheng, that was a bit OVER. Scoring points with the baby already? So funny of Zhuan to bring out his statistical facts to knock Cheng’s tactic out again. Too bad He’s Bai He (百合 – lily) and Cheng’s Mei Gui (玫瑰 – rose) could not beat Zhuan’s Du Juan (杜鵑 – azalea). It was still funny that they were trying to make reference to Roseate Love. Sometimes there were benefits with being twins since Zhuan had He’s support. Those were all beautiful names though. And that was a mutual agreement among the Chen clan (excluding Yu Yi–poor Yu Yi) and Shi Lang.

But Yu Yi was not at lost or would not regret that opportunity too much since he was given one of the rare chances to be with Hui Qi. It was just them silently working away in the kitchen. Then Hui Qi finally realized how and why Tao Hua was so important to them all. (Yu Yi still managed to sneak in some smart words! She was his sunshine? Okay…) Their little happiness moment was short lived also since Hui Qi wanted to leave, claiming she was not that hungry. Awww…why not, Yu Yi?  Be brave! Or do you need a little push? If only he knew why the others were so happy. It was not because of Shi Lang and Tao Hua’s happiness but it was because they were celebrating about their new sister, Chen Du Juan. (Nice effects with the bubble thing though. That illustrated a lot of how Yu Yi was feeling and it was like he did not belong in their world.)

So after the night full of happiness shared by the Chen clan and Shi Lang (with the exception of Yu Yi of course since he was suffering a heartache), things were back to normal again at the Chen resident. (OR NOT) Why were Cheng and Zhuan eyeing Xiao Mi so suspiciously? And why was Xiao Mi so into eating? What was going on here? And why was He scaring the world out of everyone with his weird rant? Even Qi was alarmed! Still funny!

Zhuan and his little old man philosophy again. No wonder He wanted to take a nap. But Zhuan was so cute with his nerdy glasses though.

Awww…Xiao Du Juan so cute! Their new hope! Xiao Mi’s so emotional! But she was right! Qi was having second thoughts about his brother’s choice of girlfriends? (LOL) Um…so they were bored. Of course, they could not meddle into Shi Lang and Tao Hua’s matter anymore. After all, both already received approval from Chen Ba Ba and Chen Ma Ma. They had Xiao Du Juan but that would be months away. What to do?

The answer came soon after since Qi spotted Yu Yi outside Hui Qi’s house with Little Raindrop. Yes! They found a new project! Nothing earth shattering but it would occupy some of their times while they waited for the arrival of Xiao Du Juan. That was so funny! Little Raindrop betrayed Yu Yi! Yu Yi got exposed! (And even knocked down Hui Qi’s fence.) Even Little Raindrop can take advantage of Yu Yi. But then that earned Yu Yi a smile from Hui Qi so it was not too much of an embarrassment. Um…bizarre imagination from Yu Yi. But he was desperate for attention so that was understandable.

Suddenly Yu Yi was getting popular. Even Xiao Mi was giving him her attention. Of course, Yu Yi had the right to be suspicious of their behaviors. Cheng and his experiences again. Great, Mr. Love Saint. Okay, so they wanted to help? Tough luck! So they were proving that they cared for Yu Yi too? If only they tried harder. Yu Yi saw through their scheme. Yup, too bored so needed something to occupy their time. Good luck convincing Yu Yi otherwise, Qi.

Qi’s status was still intact after all. He guessed right on the first try. But then it was obvious, right? Why else would Yu Yi be so sure? That sent everyone into silence all right. The effect was that strong. Aww…they were so proud of him for having the bravery to confess his love to Hui Qi. At least Xiao Mi was proud of him. The others were just shocked that he was able to do it.

That little speech from Yu Yi was so touching. Though it had been said many times (not in those exact words of course) by other characters in different dramas, JL sounded so sincere that it was so memorable and touching. The others were affected by it also. Not to mention how Qi was so determined to help Yu Yi in courting Hui Qi. It was not about a joke they wanted to play on Yu Yi anymore but actually caring for his well being and his happiness. Yay! Guess that was a start for another Chen clan mission. Their united hands!

On the other hand, Shi Lang and Tao Hua were going shopping for baby clothes. That was funny that they got misunderstood by the salesperson. Yet Shi Lang was not denying anything? Aww…But then he clarified the matter with her later! So funny how he was struggling to explain though. (They were wearing matching outfits! How cute!) Shi Lang was so clueless! That was even cuter.

And now we were back to the maniac brothers with their new schemes. Sun, surf, and sand. A very promising day for the beach, right? Er…wrong. They were up to something again. NOT enjoying the beach like they seemed to let on. That was mean, He, did you had to hit Yu Yi’s head for emphasis? So he was a tad slow but you didn’t have to do that. And then after Zhuan’s statistical lesson and He’s encouragement, everyone could proceed with the next part of their plan. Or not…since the twins were hauled away by a bunch of girls already. So much for it. Must admit that the twins’ tactics were effective though. Since Zhuan was pretending to be the not so strong one (so all the girls could gather around to care for him when he’d fallen) while He was aiming for the cool dude attitude with his cool moves. (Still, poor Yu Yi since the twins tried to divert the girls’ attention on Yu Yi but they did not care for it.)

So Cheng wanted to go slowly before upgrading to those beauties. That might be a better tactic since Yu Yi needed to build his confidence slowly. Aww…no phone number, don’t come back? Did Cheng had to drive the ultimatum? And that was a bit mean that they were laughing at Yu Yi from afar. (Still, need to train him for the first steps.) Yu Yi caught on though since he was not a fool. He only pretended that he did not know. Hope the guys got a backup plan since Yu Yi’s attempt failed major time.

Oops…if only Yu Yi was not as active in convincing the girl. That outta hurt. He got slapped. It was only a misunderstanding.

They were willing to beg Yu Yi to come out? That was a first all right. But it was their fault in a way since they sent him out to court some girls. And then if they weren’t at the beach, that incident didn’t happen. Let’s see how effective they are with mending the situation. Um…Cheng had a point since Hui Qi seemed to care about Yu Yi more now or she would not care to slap him? Great…not very convincing but possible. Why were they treating him like a little kid again? What was that ‘be good’ phrase?

Awww…Rui Sha was back as the lady of his dream! So funny though it was supposed to be a sad moment. Yu Yi was so into his dreamland that he did not care to listen to Tao Hua’s words. That was so funny how the words corresponded to what both girls were saying though. (Both from his main lead and Tao Hua’s that was.) But then it merged into one voice since Yu Yi was like asking his main lead about Shi Lang, lol. That was priceless.

I guess Tao Hua was like their mother in a way that she was more effective than all the guys combined, considering how she went through the same thing so her encouragements were more worth it than the others’ empty talks. She was able to persuade him since her help was better than their useless schemes, right? Still, Yu Yi needed help major time all right. Can’t blame him since he kept getting abandoned hence he was so clueless on matters. Not to mention that was causing a major gap with his confidence.

That was WAY OVER, Cheng. Drawing beard/mustache on Yu Yi. And they still dared to laugh. Like he wasn’t fed up with them already. Extreme Makeover time for Yu Yi. When were they done messing around though since they did not look like they were serious on those attires, right? To top it off, Chen Ma Ma had to put in that comment too. But Yu Yi was cute in that outfit though!

Finally showtime. They were actually serious about the outfit? But Hui Qi did smile upon seeing it. That was a start all right. IF only he caught on faster to Cheng’s words. Funny how the other Chen clan were in the car on standby. Zhuan and his binoculars! He had a point. Yu Yi was usually talkative about various subjects, why was he all tongue-tied now? But then he recited the wrong line! Cheng was actually answering the phone call and not prompting Yu Yi. Didn’t Yu Yi realize how weird it would’ve sounded? Hui Qi caught on! It was too obvious not to. But she agreed! That was a start! How funny that he wanted to come and pick her up. They lived across the street, don’t they? Honestly. Chen Ba Ba and Chen Ma Ma were as cute, observing in the house with Qi. They were one family all right. (Even if they were a bit strange.)

Aww…how cute! They were trying to dodge Yu Yi! Don’t let Hui Qi see them? Er…I think that already happened.

The big day…errr…night finally arrived. Yu Yi looked so handsome. (The makeover worked after all. The others weren’t joking about helping him.) But then we have to wait for the next episode before knowing the outcome of the date.

Sadly to say, ratings have dropped again for this episode to .67. A bit longer than the usual 1 hour and 24 minutes since it was like 1 hour and 34 minutes for this episode. Still good though since there was more to see.

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Momo Love: Episode 6

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So Hui Qi was moving in near them. Across the street actually. What was going on? Did she need to stalk Tao Hua like that? Or was that just another coincidence of all coincidences? It did not matter since Yu Yi was in Heaven. He did not even care about his freedom or his scary brothers anymore.

And another incidental moment occurred. Shi Lang with another girl? Last time that happened, Tao Hua went to the temple and almost became a nun. Was history about to repeat itself? It was just a big misunderstanding last time. But it seemed more than that this time.

What was amusing about the whole matter was, only Yu Yi was happy about Hui Qi’s presence while the others were either oblivious or somewhat disturbed. Cheng seemed to catch on to Tao Hua’s mood faster this time around. Was that just a friendly handshake or a start of an investigation?

After hearing the news of Hui Qi being already attached to Shi Lang, the Chen clan went home. All were present for a secret meeting, excluding Yu Yi and Tao Hua. Those two were heavily affected by the news anyway. While Cheng was threatening Shi Lang, the others continued to eat. Can’t go to war with hungry soldiers, right? Gotta build their strengths up–again.

When Cheng finally took time to eat, Qi spoke up saying how good it was. What?! How dare Qi? Was he crazy to say that it was good that Shi Lang had deceived their precious sister? Then Qi clarified himself and spared himself from the other three’s threatening glares. Now I believe they’re crazy. Honestly, they were still able to celebrate? Twisted minds all right.

As Tao Hua was pondering about Hui Qi’s words in bed, Yu Yi was also suffering from a heartache. He was only able to suffer through the black and white movie he was watching. (I wonder how many times they have to re-take it since it’s just too funny and dramatic at the same time with Yu Yi and the tissues.) That was just too much with Yu Yi’s imagination though. You still have me? LOL!

And that was lame! How could Hui Qi do that? But I guess she was capable, considering how cunning she was before. She seemed like a psycho though. How could Shi Lang fall for it? However, that was a chance for some clarifications also.

Tao Hua showed off her athletic side to the crowd as Zhi Qiang passed on some praises for her. Hui Qi thought she was all that but failed miserably. Serves her right for being ungrateful of Yu Yi and Tao Hua’s help. Yeah, she was celebrating about gaining the upper hand but so what?

That was so funny! How did Shi Lang become so cunning? He tricked Hui Qi! She found her way into Judo anyway. But no matter how she tried, she would fail.

More jealousy scenes from Shi Lang though. It was very subtle but was noticeable since every time Zhi Qiang was near Tao Hua or talked to her, Shi Lang was staring at them! Zhi Qiang might be the force to finally let Shi Lang know about his feelings toward Tao Hua.

Back at home, the others were once again picking on Yu Yi for not being able to protect Tao Hua. However, Yu Yi was not in any better shape himself. Poor Yu Yi. Smart move from Tao Hua! Making a dive out of there in time. Why were they pulling the “parents” card on her? Lucky she escaped quickly.

Still trying to think of a way to get Tao Hua to forget about Shi Lang. These guys were getting quite hopeless since they can’t seem to come up with a better plan. They were happy too early last time, thinking that Shi Lang was already attached. They had to go back and rely on themselves once again.

And how could they? OMG! I don’t want to hate them BUT honestly, conspiring with outsiders to make Tao Hua suffer like that? Arrrggg… That was frustrating all right. And that was definitely an “Et tu, Brutus?” moment. If only Tao Hua knew about it.

The cat fights continued the next day with both girls trying to outdo each other in the culinary area. Shi Lang looked quite happy seeing Tao Hua’s preparation. (How cute!) One could tell right away that his expression changed to an uncomfortable one as soon as Hui Qi was trying to impress him once again.

Wow! How romantic! Zhi Qiang prepared a surprise for Tao Hua. If only that Hui Qi wasn’t around and smiling like some psycho, the scene wouldn’t be ruined. Honestly… It was already bad enough that she was around Shi Lang all the time. Now she had to ruin it for Zhi Qiang as well.

Yay for Tao Hua for being brave enough to turn him down also. Though I like Zhi Qiang, but I wouldn’t want Hui Qi to have the satisfaction of it all.

Finally, a face-off between the guys since it had been the cat fights all the while. Could get boring in two shakes. And kudos to Zhi Qiang for shoving Shi Lang a bit more. I know Shi Lang was afraid of the four crazy brothers and was not sure about his feelings yet. But he needed some major pushing all right. Maybe this will do it.

Zhi Qiang was really too much! Luckily Tao Hua hid in time. For the first time, I have to say thanks to the script-writers for NOT making the main girl all wishy-washy or being so nice about it that makes the other party misunderstand. Tao Hua was really clear on what she wanted and she did not show mercy or pity toward those who she was not interested in. Also, she was not a doormat to back down in regard to Hui Qi either. Zhi Qiang was more likable than Hui Qi but I would rather Tao Hua put a distance from him so it would not be her fault in the future if there were misunderstandings.

Luck was really on Tao Hua’s side since she spotted Shi Lang outside when she was hiding from Zhi Qiang! How funny! Was he hiding from Hui Qi also? But then again, Hui Qi loved to exaggerate so her words were never to be trusted. So Hui Qi miscalculated! Huh! Nice!

What was that? Was Shi Lang making his move already? Aww….yay, this was getting exciting. Perhaps Hui Qi’s sabotage attempts and Zhi Qiang’s persistent moves had driven Shi Lang and Tao Hua together after all. How ironic was that?

Zhi Qiang and Hui Qi had no idea that Shi Lang and Tao Hua had a date to look forward to. They still smiled, eh? But Calvin’s smile is so cute that it was hard to hate! Still, he was in for a major disappointment. Meanwhile, Yu Yi jumped in to sabotage Zhi Qiang’s moves again. Why was Zhi Qiang telling Yu Yi to move? Yu Yi was her older brother after all. Did he not know how to score points with the older brother?

The day finally came when Zhi Qiang became the victim of the four crazy brothers. But contrary to Yu Yi’s prediction, they were actually in tune with Zhi Qiang and only wanting to get rid of Shi Lang. Were they that crazy? Yes, Zhi Qiang was charming but was Shi Lang that bad? He might be a bit slow but he was super cute too. I guess we can’t reason with these crazy guys.

What? Zhi Qiang was changing his tactics? Those brothers were too much! How could they conspire with Zhi Qiang also? But that was a shocker with Zhi Qiang though! Poor Yu Yi got taken advantage of! Rui Sha appeared once again as Yu Yi’s dream girl to comfort him! So funny! Too bad he was not able to erase the image from his mind. cute was that? Shi Lang was so protective of Tao Hua! A nice change! Since Tao Hua had always been protected by her brothers and not others.

Yup, Zhi Qiang changed his tactics! Acting all sincere and pretending to be kind and caring toward his elders. (Thanks to the information provided by those Brutus brothers.) If you look carefully though, Zhi Qiang was looking at Yu Yi instead of Tao Hua.

What tactic was this? Um…dramatic soul. Or Drama King. Either way, Tao Hua wasn’t falling for it. Too bad, Brutus brothers! (And fake rain! How funny!)

And then Qi was struggling with his conscience as he realized how Tao Hua actually had a surprise for his birthday. What was that? Shi Lang was actually out with Tao Hua to buy him a birthday present?

Ratings finally dropped below 1.00 to .91. I guess it’s understandable since Hui Qi was super annoying but honestly, the others were still entertaining to watch.

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Momo Love: Episode 5

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The match making process continued as Shi Lang and Tao Hua tried to do more of pushing and tugging to bring Cheng and Xiao Xue together. Cheng and Xiao Xue gave Tao Hua and Shi Lang dagger looks and questioned their motives? That was just hilarious. Come on now. Why were they still denying it? Guess they have to maintain their cool front. Jia you, Shi Lang and Tao Hua! Almost there!

Why was Yu Yi spying on them? Yu Yi, shame on you! Spying was supposed to be those other four crazy brothers’ specialty, not yours. Stop being paranoid! Still couldn’t believe that Yu Yi was stalking them though. What was that outburst with the photographer? She was just doing her job! And kind of funny seeing him almost getting caught with someone else in the picture.

The funniest part must be those two taking pictures but looking like they wanted to murder the other party on the spot. Still cute!

Finally the confrontation. It would come out sooner or later anyway. What flower? What wine? Exactly. Cheng caught on faster than that, knowing his sister. However, Xiao Xue probably did not care enough to bother investigating. And we were able to see Tao Hua trying to work her charms and dispel of Cheng’s suspicion. (She learned well from her brothers after all! The familiar pattern was there from just watching her brothers trying to work off their charms earlier.) Shi Lang was also trying to work his charm trying to dissolve some hostility also. He was a great teammate for Tao Hua all right.

Failing to persuade Xiao Xue, Shi Lang backed off for the time being while Cheng used the cows as an attack toward Xiao Xue. How childish are you to play such games, Cheng? Er….spoke too soon again. Since Xiao Xue was not that mature either, considering how she used the hippos as a counter-attack toward Cheng. They were a match all right.

So much for Yu Yi’s spying scheme since the others already found out! They installed a tracking app in his cell phone? Nice…Poor Yu Yi has no freedom.

More interrogation from Cheng and Xiao Xue. Shi Lang and Tao Hua must be careful. Looks like they’ve switched tactics since asking their sibling/cousin was not as effective. Asking the other party might be better. What better way than to do it in the restroom, right? (NOT) Ekk! Tao Hua can’t lie! Shi Lang is better at this! Or was Xiao Xue more cunning and/or threatening than Cheng? Hold on now, how did the Cheng and Xiao Xue talk turn into a Shi Lang and Tao Hua talk? Great…leave it up to Cheng to do it. But can’t blame him for being fierce since he was just worrying for his precious sister. But then Cheng was not as fierce as Xiao Xue after all. She was as crazy as all four brothers combined or maybe worse.

Leaving Cheng and Xiao Xue to another face-off, Shi Lang and Tao Hua sneaked off to have some fun of their own! How sweet! But they have to pray that the others did not find them too early. But Cheng seemed more lenient of the situation since he managed to pull Xiao Xue back so Shi Lang and Tao Hua would have more time together. Gotta love Cheng for that.

How did the double date turn into bazillions of others going together? How funny that Qi was threatening Yu Yi to tell of the others’ location while Zhuan and He appeared with their drinks too.

After everything was exposed, aside from Yu Yi, probably the others who were most happy about it were Qi, Zhuan, and He, right? Considering how their expressions were that of amusement and/or enjoyment. Were they that petty to be mad at Cheng and Tao Hua for not including them during the day trip? Or were they just glad that Xiao Xue was not going to be a part of their family?

While the four crazy Chen brothers were scheming up another plan, it was getting quite repetitive–with the exception that they were at the bar this time around and not in their headquarter. Perhaps they needed a change of atmosphere so they could clear up their minds? We’ll see if things will work for them this time around. These guys were getting more and more about all talks than actions. What happened to their cool attitudes? Have they lost it already? (But it was surprisingly funny that Yu Yi was surrounded by the girls instead of the four brothers.)

Xiao Xue’s little talk with Shi Lang was more worth mentioning though since it showed the bond between them. Like she admitted to Cheng earlier at the park, she had always looked after him so it was not her fault that she had built up a strong exterior. In a way, it was like Cheng said that she was not only Shi Lang’s cousin, but was also his mother, sister, teacher, and senior/classmate. She was a protector in one package. So it was nice to see that she and Shi Lang had a serious talk instead of the usual getting mad at him or scolding others unreasonably–or what it seemed to be–from various encounters. (And I just had to type the previous lines before seeing the actual part of where Xiao Xue was thinking back to what Cheng said! LOL! Nice! Will this become a breakthrough moment that she might reconsider giving Shi Lang and Tao Hua a chance to be together?)

That was a funny run-in with Tao Hua and her teacher. (The previews once again deceived us into thinking otherwise.) Nice to see a little bonding between Tao Hua and Cheng though. Sometimes seeing them all together with the others was a bit too overwhelming. Possibly they were starting with the individual character developments instead? Seeing Tao Hua and Yu Yi together most of the time was inevitable since the other four wanted Yu Yi to protect her but seeing her with Cheng was cool since it made way for Cheng’s story as himself instead of just the crazy brother.

What was that? How cute! They were finally getting together! At least a chance! (And cute of Shi Lang, sitting at the side like that and eating the sandwich while witnessing the other two’s scene.) Yup, Shi Lang was right. Xiao Xue should smile more since she looked beautiful like that. Cheng, of course, was better while he smiled and worked off his charm than act like the crazy brother character.

There he was! Qi was talking about Tao Hua on TV again! He practically snatched every chance he could to talk about her. While that was going on, Tao Hua was stressed out again, pulling Zhuan to her rescue. (It was Zhuan’s fault for bragging about his capabilities. But he didn’t forget to take his plate of foods with him!)

Yu Yi spoke up again! He never learned. But was that too exaggerated with sealing off all escape routes? So that was it! They were going back on their words. I knew it was too good to be true with them promising to let Yu Yi go. Confiscating his wallet and severing his ties to everything he needed to live comfortably? Overboard!

While Yu Yi’s suffering his unfortunate fate, Shi Lang and Tao Hua were going through better times now since it seemed that Shi Lang’s obstacle has been solved. Never seemed Shi Lang so lively, so full of energy before! Must be really glad to get acceptance from Xiao Xue.

Back at home, He was up to no good again since he was sneaking up on Tao Hua while she was looking over some cute pictures. He should become a spy instead of his current specialties in sports. Tao Hua was too busy daydreaming to care about his sneaky actions though. Poor Little Raindrop! Tao Hua was too picture crazy to care! Or was she just Shi Lang crazy?

After regaining his freedom, Yu Yi had another encounter with a female–who was not his sister or the ice queen Xiao Xue. This time around, it was not him who needed help, but her. Desperately trying to get her attention so he could return a certain item to her, he suddenly became dumbfounded by her presence instead.

Woohoo! More Charlie Chaplin daydreaming moments! No more silent films but confessions in various languages! How funny! Priceless stuff here. Can’t seem to get enough of it. Longer scenes of it this time around–unlike last time. Perhaps it was meant to be and not wishful thinking on his part like last time? (Since this girl, Gong Hui Qi, was smiling back at him too. Or was she just being friendly?) No wait, might still be wishful thinking since she found him too weird with his strange behaviors and how he was unwilling to part with her possession.

Still, she was not as turned off by his behaviors since she was still around when he woke up from that traumatic experience. Yu Yi, you need to get yourself together! Stop scaring that poor girl. She only wanted to thank you, Yu Yi. Nothing more! Stop thinking too much!

And then again, Yu Yi and this Gong Hui Qi might not be as bad of a match since she was not so normal herself! (Though we all know she was just helping Tao Hua to relax.) Ekk… I was afraid that Tao Hua would lose her card but it was the picture. However, it might affect her for the worse! Don’t be so superstitious! It’s only a picture! (Okay, it was a lucky picture but so what? Concentrate!) Eh….so it was a small world after all! She was also after Shi Lang? How could Shi Lang give her a picture too?!

Cool, so it wasn’t just one new character appearing but two. Possibly another weirdo? (Yay! Calvin finally came into the scene!) And yes, Tao Hua, that was the guy’s restroom! Wrong place! And you, liar, you! How could you?! You’re stepping on it and lying through your teeth! (Can’t blame him since it was super awkward! But still…this would drive the misunderstanding between Tao Hua and Hui Qi up another notch.)

More crazy brothers protective scenes? Another hilarious scene though. Five minutes? All right… Did they have to take turns staring Shi Lang down as they were making their way inside? And I thought Cheng was more supportive after having already started with Xiao Xue. Or was he just giving Shi Lang a supportive clap on the shoulder? (The background music was funny though–both humorous and threatening at the same time.)

And that was more than five minutes. No wonder the others were giving Shi Lang the long face. But Tao Hua got them back by giving them her famous glare. It was so cute to see them trying to muster up an innocent smile. Honestly, she wasn’t going to fall for that! Still cute. (Actually, if anyone was timing it, it was under 5 minutes, only 3 minutes even–guess the brothers were operating by their own clock.)

Back to the same old routine of trying to lure Tao Hua out for food. But all of that time, it was very funny to see He so hot-tempered but he was responsible for their daily meals? What a combination all right. Considering how cooking required a lot of patience and precision.

Hahahahaha, they forgot Yu Yi again! It wasn’t surprising but still! How could they? Qi had to make a head count before anyone realized that Yu Yi was missing?

A rare occasion where all of them were gathered at the same spot. Not to mention they included Yu Yi. What were they waiting for? The results of the entrance exam of course! It was also another rare occasion where they were proud of Yu Yi! I guess because it affected their Chen clan’s reputation after all. Have to keep that intact!

Tao Hua passed already, why were they so gloomy? And who in the world would drink beer out of wine glasses? Leave it up to those weirdos. (There was actually a wine bottle but too many beer cans around to see it until Zhuan picked it up from behind him.) Oh…almost forgot. Of course…Shi Lang will be with her during the upcoming years. They really had to worry.

Yu Yi’s dream shattered once again as the brothers took on the next step to tear up his future plans. Yes, a very familiar scene. But still…when will these guys get it? So much for sand and surf, Yu Yi. The nightmare continued just like any other day. They decided not to resort to violence after all? Back to using their persuasion method? Okay, it was still Yu Yi’s life.

What was that, Zhuan? Old? You gotta be kidding me, right? Yu Yi didn’t buy it either. And Zhuan, He has always worn a beard! What are you talking about?

I actually have to side with Yu Yi this time since it was getting way out of hand. Not that it wasn’t before. How could they force him to go down this path? It was his future after all. How can they hold him back like that? What was next on their schedule to persuade Yu Yi? Money, cars, and girls? Great. Lucky he resisted it in time or he would regret it later with the temporary pleasure.

I guess the pitiful look won over all of those materialistic stuff. Why were they making Yu Yi feel guilty when they should be feeling guilty themselves for restricting Yu Yi’s life?

And I guess all those things did not amount to anything either but a certain girl. So much for freedom, Yu Yi. You just sacrificed your freedom for someone who might or might not be worth it. You can wave (or maybe kiss) all those freedom speeches goodbye too.

The rating dropped down to a new low of 1.04 for this episode. However, impatient people are missing out big time!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Momo Love: Episode 4

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

What was with these men and their bribes? Food and the usual? What else, right? I’m beginning to think that they’re not that talented liked it was led on from the beginning since they kept using the same tactics to cheer Tao Hua up. And Qi, that was the ‘DO NOT Disturb’ sign that you just ignored and barged in.

So their princess was upset once again, showing her long face. Look at them being so clueless! I wonder if I should pity them for having no idea or feel amused by it. Oh…handing over messages. They’ve been given the silent treatment. Good luck with breaking the ice!

And she’s not a kid anymore! Bribing her with food and movies? Great…same old tactic. Not working. More messages! The same ones actually. Good to know that they were able to read though. Or that would be a big problem! A bit, Qi? More like WAY overboard. Tao Hua had the right to be mad after all. They’ve gone back on their words!

Didn’t realize that Yu Yi likes to watch those dramatic soaps. Was he able to watch all those? Or was he just picking it up randomly while talking? And Tao Hua inherited the evilness from her maniac brothers? She knew how to bully Yu Yi as well?

So the conspiracy between Tao Hua and Yu Yi failed but luckily they arrived on time to save their princess once again. But then, Tao Hua was very brave to face off with the ice queen. Must give Tao Hua kudos also for defending her brothers although they’ve been in the wrong for bullying Shi Lang previously.

The ice queen was trying to discredit the guys but somehow helped Tao Hua unknowingly since Shi Lang heard Tao Hua’s confession! This is what I call ‘wanting to harm someone yet help them instead’. However, that was cut short since it wasn’t the right time after all. A sad moment. (And I was getting excited because what was shown in the previews in the last episode.)

Awww….so that was just part of someone’s imagination! That was soooo teasing us with the previews! No wonder! But that would’ve made more sense since it was not in Shi Lang’s nature to be so quick and rash. (But that was funny how Shi Lang was answering to the questions on TV.)

Back to headquarter once again, the guys were still figuring out matters. What? That was their conclusion? If Shi Lang did not like Tao Hua, then he was gay? Okay…nice going, guys. Better think up of another one.

We were finally brought back to reality since Qi was seen back to work at the TV station doing his job. Though a tad disturbed, at least we know now that he needed to go to work and it wasn’t like he own the station. And also how Tao Hua was seen as being late so it still meant that she needed to get to classes. Thank you, Director, for a reality check. But then again, that was just another way of leading into another conspiracy cooked up by the four maniacs! Clever move.

Not to mention, The Addams Family music playing in the background was random but crucial for their little scheme. And they were back again with more ‘blame game’ since they needed to divert Tao Hua’s attention away from themselves. The suspense is killing me by now since they usually aren’t this secretive. At least they’ve talked about it in their headquarter already. But this time, it was a lot of sign languages and nothing more. They were definitely up to something since the high five after Tao Hua left them said a lot.

Yu Yi gave in again since he was not able to turn Tao Hua down. What was that with him mumbling about “What is love?”, lol. Old phrase but still funny to hear it. Yes, Yu Yi agreed to help Tao Hua once again but it was only to deliver something to Shi Lang and not used himself as diversion like last time. It should be safe, right? It was also a great opportunity to have a guy talk between them and get it out of the way once and for all. Or was it?

Clever trick, Tao Hua. I thought it was only a replacement with the mp3 but it was a message. That was cute. On the other hand, was that really love? Honestly, Shi Lang just ate pepper and didn’t even realize it! Ahhhh… (Was that really pepper? How in the world did Jiro do it? Well, if he was able to endure spicy stuff, it would be easy but still. To keep such passive expression.)

Love the double screen since it allowed us to see their actions/reactions at the same time. Another neat trick brought into this. That was really funny how they weren’t able to get through or someone called the wrong number. So much for it.

And it seemed like Shi Lang got affected by the Chen clan’s vivid imagination as well. Or was he just suffering from severe illusion disorders? Snap out of it and call her already! Tao Hua was suffering from the same disorder though so she might not pick up if he did call. (She might have thought that was just another part of her imagination at work.) These two are killing me with their slow rate. Can’t blame them but still…

Shi Lang, still confused about his feelings, decided to seek help from his father. What did his father do in such circumstances? It was a major issue, right? So what was useful in a time like that than to tell old time stories with the silent film mood and some more classic hits to accompany the scene? Great to see more father and son bonding between Shi Lang and his father.

At least that talk helped. They were finally moving forward at last with a conspiracy of their own–with Yu Yi as their messenger. And Qi seemed to catch on already but of course, he can’t be fierce about it, right? They just managed to get Tao Hua to talk to them and eat with them again. Can’t risk it. It seemed though that Shi Lang was becoming even more lively with this whole scheme.

Nice comeback, Yu Yi. They were always weird, lol. That was really good actually. I must admit those four were always up to something, not just recently. But what was going on? Come on now! Everyone was up to something yet this time around, the four crazy guys’ motive was not clear. They were acting suspicious. Too suspicious even for them. Stalking? Was that it? Was that why they did not care to investigate any further? Yup, always like that. Nothing new.

So while they were out stalking Shi Lang and Tao Hua, the ice queen was doing the same thing.

Yet it was so cute seeing Shi Lang and Tao Hua sneaking around like that! Awww…finally some scenes worth watching. (Not that it wasn’t before but seeing them carrying out their conspiracy, at last, was very funny.)

After another run-in with the ice queen and the Chen brothers, we were brought back to Shi Lang and Tao Hua flying–literally. That was cool. Didn’t expect such scene since thought it would be them sneaking off to some place and have some ice cream or hang around somewhere to catch a movie or something.

More sweet scenes between them afterward. Like each one of them equally. Also, “Little Star” was playing in the background again. Nice moment. It was indeed an unforgettable day.

Must compliment those crazy people for having the patience to wait for Shi Lang and Tao Hua all day. And that ice queen was one crazy person all right! Even crazier than the four maniacs combined.

That push was definitely not Qi’s fault since she was attacking him. Eek! Poor Cheng! (Or not?) What was that? Umm…yes, Cheng was right. She was the one on top! What was she talking about? Who was taking advantage of whom there?

So after a last face off, they separated and headed home. They were outraged. They had the right to be since she insulted all of them.

But why was Cheng quiet all of a sudden? He even separated himself from the rest of them. Don’t tell me he has fallen for the enemy! How could he? Yup, Qi was always the fast one to catch on first.

While they were battling it out among themselves, Tao Hua had another plot going on. Yup, Shi Lang was shocked all right but it was for the best, right? So funny! And the ice queen fell for that one too! I guess no one would turn down some praises, right? How lame was that? Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl? Hahahhahaha…honestly….who came up with that one? So old… (But it actually worked on the ice queen so that was something.) Errr…or was the pick up line for Cheng the lamest? They honestly deserved to be deceived though! They totally fell for it! (Cheng managed to boost his ego also! She really had taste? What was that? Stop bragging, man!)

Finally, it was the moment where Tao Hua could strike and pull Cheng to her side as well. Too bad He’s sharp eyes caught them. Luckily Tao Hua managed to dive from the questions. Besides, Cheng was backing her up so it might work this time around? (After all, he already fell into the pit! Can’t think clear anymore of other matters! He had no idea!)

Cheng’s brain was at work again since he managed to save himself from being attacked by the other three. He just disarmed their dagger looks by attacking their weaknesses whereas he was the expert, right? It was great to have some talent to back it up with. He was so convincing. Though it was not a guarantee he would be able to deceive them.

And yes, why was he sneaking around like a thief? It was almost funny seeing them on the same side while the other three were probably having their eyes on them at that exact moment. And so they met.

As its two competitors continue to battle it out to gain first place, its rating continued to drop (to 1.10)–despite promotional efforts. People are definitely losing interest. But I thought it was somewhat to a point where viewers were waiting for aka the whole interaction with Shi Lang and Tao Hua. Definitely some cute scenes there. Not to mention their attempt to match make too! That was so random but got to give them credit for it.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

Momo Love: Episode 3

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Episode 3 picked up at Cheng’s little speech about how good it was that they were together again with Tao Hua not leaving after all AND about being one family–loving and caring for one another. Um…a bit too trying since no one seemed to care? Or were they still sore about the previous disagreements at the airport? Cheng’s charm did not work. Or were they just thinking about the next move? Qi was not their leader anymore? Why was he so quiet and was just pointing at Cheng in agreement instead of speaking up? Strange but might be he was conjuring up some new schemes to get rid of Shi Lang.

And the truth unfolded as soon as Tao Hua stepped away from the scene, claiming that she was going back to her room. Here we go again with the arguments. I knew it! It wasn’t just that. No wonder Qi was all quiet and Zhuan was just chipping in some talks. So it was Cheng’s fault? Okay. So much for ‘getting along like one happy family’ and ‘loving and caring for one another’. (And that was smart of Yu Yi to walk away while they were still arguing OR they might turn their frustration to him instead.)

And I spoke up to early since Yu Yi just have to speak up while the other ‘elders’ were talking among themselves. Did he not know that he did not have a place to voice his opinions around them?

Moving on…(lol)…after another round of bullying Yu Yi, Qi and He decided to work their charm with luring Tao Hua out for a meal. However, Tao Hua seemed oblivious of their presence. Perhaps they should go check up on their charm level since Cheng had failed in the previous scene and now Qi and He. Maybe they need to go sharpen up on their skills again? Their persuasion skills seemed to be lacking.

Feeling down after Tao Hua’s confession of being overly protected by her brothers, Qi and He returned to the living room pondering about matters. The latest talk was actually about a suspicious picture having to do with Shi Lang. Questioning of Zhuan’s abilities, they began to dig deeper in regard to Shi Lang’s ‘girlfriend’ or so it seemed from that suspicious picture. Yu Yi carried in a tray full of drinks at that time and heard about it. (Yes, he was being their servant again, nothing new.) Attempting to make a clean exit, he was once again caught by Qi’s sharp eyes. (Thanks to He’s impatience nature, Yu Yi was saved for the time being.)

Sometimes, I don’t feel like I need to defend or feel pity for Yu Yi since he just managed to dive out of harm’s way but decided to press his luck again with his words–drawing unnecessary attention to himself once more. However, I guess it was not in vain either since Qi finally realized that Yu Yi was right regarding the whole matter. (Phew! Saved for the first time.) Could this be a breakthrough moment or just a delay of events until the crazy brothers could come up with another scheme?

Now, this was the only time where one wouldn’t want to be standing in front since it was not like they were worshiping him or anything hence the lining up in front of him. But it was to deliver some threats his way to make sure he remembered his job. (They were back at it once again but in a subtle way.) But it was not all that scary after all since Qi did send his well-wishing, which almost sounded sincere for the first time toward Yu Yi.

So while Yu Yi and Tao Hua were on their way to their new destination, Qi and the others were following behind in Qi’s car. Couldn’t blame them too much since that was a big decision and a big leap. It would eventually happen and Tao Hua was right since she would never grow up for real if she kept being sheltered by her brothers. However, I couldn’t help thinking about Yu Yi’s words of it having to do with Shi Lang.

Just when they were debating of Tao Hua’s new habitat, Tao Hua spotted Shi Lang in the arms of another girl. Did Yu Yi’s poor photo-shopping skills pay off after all since now they were able to see the real person instead of the fake one? What a scene to witness!

Sometimes, I feel that it was too easy to guess but at the same time, it was equally funny since Tao Hua changed her mind again about the move, just like the scene at the airport. But can’t blame her. Just too funny how the others were spying on Shi Lang and the mysterious girl as well–almost forgetting to hide. Lucky He told Qi to back up in time or they would’ve been caught. (Like Tao Hua was paying any attention to her surroundings aside from Shi Lang and the other girl.) Poor Mr. Driver, had to drive all the way back. (Still, can’t get enough of the scenes where they’re all gathered in one room.)

And we once again got to witness He’s temper at work. Yes, how could he stand it? It was just too frustrating sitting around and pondering about matters or worse, seeing their precious Tao Hua so sad. Luckily, there were so many of them since they managed to restrain He in time before anything incidental took place.

Thanks, Qi, you’re a true ‘Lao Da’ after all. He managed to steer them back to their main purpose, tending to their Tao Hua and NOT go off to start unnecessary fights with others. It was one of those rare times also to see them so united and so cute together as one family! Not to mention they even included Yu Yi. I could almost forgive them for bullying Yu Yi all those times, especially how Cheng placed his hand on Yu Yi’s shoulder. It could almost convince us that they were really harmless after all.

Just when I was preparing myself for some smart lines from Zhuan, Zhuan had to make an oops. Was that more in the league of He since he seemed more about actions than brains? (Though I’m sure he’s super smart too, he’s usually impatient about matters and has a higher chance of making mistakes.) You were not supposed to mention those two words, Zhuan! For once, we also see all dagger looks on Zhuan instead of Yu Yi.

They were once again looking for Tao Hua with the exception of Yu Yi in the dark just like the rest of them this time around. Wonder how wild and/or vivid their imaginations would get once they ran out of people on their lists to call.

They were definitely channeling He on that reaction with almost going insane after all the calls they made. Of course, she wasn’t Tao Hua! Still, funny moment. And Qi! That was mean! How could you? Taking Yu Yi’s money just like that. Was that convenient? By trying to do good, you just defeated the purpose of it. Poor Yu Yi! No more money! That was not all since Qi just had to pocket it when it wasn’t his, to begin with! But then that wasn’t just another random scene to take up time since she had news to deliver. And that news was equally earth-shattering as the part where they known of Tao Hua’s feelings for Shi Lang. Ahhhhhh!

I prepared myself to feel sorry for the temple already since such a placid place would turn chaotic as soon as those maniacs present themselves in a bit. So as the rules were explained to Tao Hua and the last of the confirmation from her became irreversible, the peaceful atmosphere was ruined upon the arrival of the so-called brothers.

Cheng’s title was once again secured as he was using his skills to persuade Tao Hua otherwise. Honestly, I hate the idea and the association with those who kept insisting on using this method when they’ve fallen into a pit due to lost love. But this wasn’t as bad since it was only a brief moment. However, I’m getting a bit disappointed with Tao Hua’s rash actions. Maybe it was due to some influences from her brothers but she was just jumping all in to do something and the next minute, she jumped right back out. It was for the purposes of the humor but still a bit disturbing. Hope it won’t keep repeating the pattern too much in the future.

Although Cheng was very convincing, I guess I gave him credit too fast since it was Qi’s method that worked since he managed to use reverse psychology on her. It was too funny with how everyone was kneeling and determined to make it happen by joining Tao Hua to become a monk while Cheng and Yu Yi were still standing around. I guess it’s funny to see that in a way, they’re brothers after all. Come on now. Cheng loves his stylish life too much. How could he give it all up for it? Not to mention he has to shave his head. Very funny how he was shoving Yu Yi to go first. As if just to delay the inevitable. Love Cheng! He was so reluctant yet he had to answer to Qi’s dagger look. Yu Yi was like, “Me too” but he looked so morbid that it was so pitiful.

But before they were able to convince Tao Hua, Qi received an emergency call and all ran back home to face it. (Well, all except for Tao Hua that was.) They all looked so pitiful I could almost forgive them for past bizarre behaviors. It was as if they just borrowed some bravery from a cat. That was WAY too funny with them pointing in different directions and then Cheng pushing Zhuan forward to explain. Lucky that He was strong enough to not get pushed forward. They were all in a panic until they found Yu Yi–the usual target. It was so funny with how they were so out of control and not as cool as they were seen in the previous episodes.

Cheng was right after all. How could Tao Hua part with her hair? Too bad he was not able to be there to gloat over his correct hypothesis. Too occupied at that moment to worry about such matters as that of boosting his ego.

Anyway, as people always say, “Never send out a man to do a woman’s job” since only Tao Hua’s mother was able to persuade her. And I swear I could see hints of Yu Yi being evil since he looked like he enjoyed the moment when his brothers were being beaten up by their mother. Can’t blame him since he had suffered enough from them. It was not too wrong to laugh at them if just for a bit.

Not a very proud sight to see since they were made to kneel down and be punished like little kids again. Then I silently wonder if Yu Yi had snapped a picture to keep for future purposes. It was like a one in a millionth time of seeing such a scene. Wait a minute. So they were not forced to kneel but they did it anyway? Showed how much they were afraid of their mother. (But then it was just that they rather kneel than receive worse punishments.)

Just as Yu Yi was enjoying the current events unfolding, He entered to tell him the change of events. What else happened? Yes, they were forced to give Yu Yi more room than his current beyond comfortable habitat. It was really compensating for Yu Yi time. But how long was that going to last? Will they find ways around it? Can’t, right? Since their parents were back now.

After a heartfelt mother to daughter talk–with Tao Hua and their mother, of course, the four brothers were seen sitting around at the steps, feeling sore about the turn of events. Their powers suddenly stripped and their status not so secured, they had the right to be miserable. (Why was Cheng holding the dog? He borrowed it from Tao Hua so he could cry with it? Poor doggie had to be stuck with one of the monsters.)

It was at last Yu Yi’s moment to shine. That was as short-lived as his mood since he was still trying to find ways to prolong the enjoyment he was going through but was once again shattered with the bad news of their parents leaving so soon. (I really like the effects of the shattering part since it was like literally shattered with Yu Yi’s hopeful thoughts.) Though I feel sorry for Yu Yi at times with being bullied by his brothers, I feel too out of place seeing how Qi and the others were. It was just how things were. It seemed more fun with seeing the events as they were before–not when the table was turned. So funny how the others looked all threatening at Yu Yi and then the parents spotted that and they scattered apart again, claiming it was nothing.

So after that tearful goodbye… (Okay, was just exaggerating. It wasn’t so tearful.) So after that little goodbye, Qi finally decided to let Tao Hua pursue her happiness. The others were reluctant but were supportive of Tao Hua all the same. After all, it was better than seeing their precious Tao Hua all sad, right? Or was that empty talks from Qi and the others once again? We’ll see.

Come on now! Was Yu Yi that clueless to not know the inevitable? Or was he just pretending to be clueless? From Qi’s expression, it was definitely a hint to move out. After all, their parents were gone, right? Qi was not crazy to stay in such a small room. He needed to claim his territory back! (Yu Yi, of course, got it after the initial excitement of describing the previous night’s enjoyment.)

I didn’t realize by letting Tao Hua pursue her happiness, it included them. Since they were now gathered in Tao Hua’s room to discuss their next move. That was a good question that Cheng could answer? Nice going, Qi! Love these guys! Look at Cheng being put on the spot! Luckily he recovered quickly and launched into a session of sharing his expertise. However, I greatly pity Zhuan and He having to be test subjects. Cheng finally concluded his presentation with statistic lessons. Phew! Poor Zhuan and He made it through.

Were they a bit overly friendly? Gee whiz! That was hilarious with them inviting Shi Lang over and treating him like some royalty. Not to mention their reactions were quite contradicting to their previous threatening looks toward Shi Lang. I don’t know whether to feel good for Shi Lang and Tao Hua finally having their blessing or feel sorry for Shi Lang having to interact with these psychos. (Still, they were just too cute with trying too hard to impress Shi Lang!)

I just love Qi’s overly friendly exaggerated laugh though. It makes me laugh along as well. Ken’s so awesome with it! Not to mention the other guys were too trying in it! Loved their expressions! Who in the world would go and do it right away? Of course, Shi Lang was feeling weird about it too. And what was that Qi? Shi Lang loved to joke? Worth a million of laughter again.

Okay, so Rome wasn’t built in a day so how were they able to change their behaviors completely, right? Can’t blame them for eavesdropping. And that was really funny of Shi Lang and Tao Hua with their fake laugh as well. Tao Hua probably got that from her brothers but what about Shi Lang? Must have been trying to ease off the awkwardness of the situation.

If anyone was wondering where Yu Yi was all this time when the guys were trying to be friendly with Shi Lang–like I was pondering all along, the answer came out later. Wow, so no wonder Qi persuaded the others to leave the two alone in the room. Yu Yi was under the bed spying for them anyway, right? So it was not like those two were left in there together just like that.

More funny black and white flashback scenes. Also, memorable black and white classic techniques were forever ruined with these guys since how in the world were they able to look so threatening in that scene? That was a classic moment all right, but not like how we thought it was supposed to be with mellow scenes like those.

That was so funny–again! They had a camera in her room so they were able to monitor her through it at their headquarter. And they were exposed! Nice…how in the world did they know what the two were saying anyway? LOL! Thanks for He’s fast thinking that he turned it right around to blaming Shi Lang. It was all a misunderstanding after all since Yu Yi was at fault for creating such a picture! But wasn’t that their fault too for pressuring Yu Yi before? Can’t reason with these guys anyway since they were looking for a target to take it out on. (Still, very funny scenes between the major characters.) Though that was a major failure with trying to warm up with Shi Lang, somehow it turned out quite successful since Shi Lang gave Tao Hua his phone number. That was something to celebrate! Can’t say the same for Yu Yi though since he was up for another round of good beating. (If beating meant good in the first place.)

That continued on as Yu Yi was receiving some good news in the mail. He was cornered once again and literally too. So much for wanting to leave that dreadful place. Regardless of the situation, their evil laugh just sent chills all around, especially Qi’s. And I thought that they had hung their evil hats up already after agreeing to help Tao Hua. That was a close one since they were willing to let Yu Yi off but not without some terms. After all, they were the evil four, right? There was always a catch.

Eh…someone was willing to stand up and defend Yu Yi in harsh times? That was like non-existence before. Well, unless for his parents and Tao Hua, no one would help him like that. Not to mention wasting her breath to argue with the salesperson. Hahahahaha, Charlie Chaplin daydreaming style! That was priceless! Silent film movie mixed in with modernized music. Great…

Shi Lang spying on Tao Hua? That was a first! So cute! It was usually the other way around. Nice little moment though they did not have any interaction, just silent observation on Shi Lang’s side and how hard working Tao Hua was with all those books laid out in front of her.

Yu Yi’s little dream was short lived once again as the ringtone of “This Old Man” (or it sounded like it) came on to alert him of Cheng’s existence. (Yu Yi dared to forget?) But then again, Yu Yi’s little dream was already smashed after the ‘beauty’ launched into her weird series of questions.

Wow! It was too interesting that it was always Cheng who discovered many of the incidental moments. It was only a trip to seek out Yu Yi but he ended up finding Shi Lang and Tao Hua together! That was another cute interaction between Shi Lang and Tao Hua though. (I know it wasn’t much but just want to see more of their interactions.)

Okay, now I could believe that the ‘beauty’ was crazy all right. Yes, she was a beauty but still crazy. Perhaps Yu Yi shouldn’t build his hopes up too much. What was with her and her notebook! Kept jotting and mumbling nonsense. She needed to seek some professional help more than Tao Hua’s brothers.

Just as Yu Yi was pondering about matters though, he spotted the most terrifying sight ever! What else? The four monsters were back with their threatening looks and their killer poses. (What happened to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony? I miss that! That was their classic introduction theme. They honestly need to get that back.) Nice going, Yu Yi. You could only hide temporarily. Besides, Cheng already saw you from earlier when he was standing outside. He just needed to take care of more important matters first. That was funny how He had to take out his wallet photo to reassure everyone that they were not a bunch of scary gang members! (They could pass off as one. Honestly…)

So all those maniacs combined could not amount to that beauty? Okay…I guess these guys were all talks after all. It was the girls who were more threatening and capable. What to do now since they had lost their opportunity to bully Shi Lang? The usual. Take it out on Yu Yi! A nice and routine exit as always since they needed to close their scene by showing their capabilities, right? Even if it was just to bully their little brother–yet again.

This episode has dropped to 1.26 and also back down to third place because Hai Pai Tian Xin (海派甜心) had started airing. Or was it because some viewers had lost interest? It was not too bad. More craziness with the Chen clan. That was all. The previews showed more craziness but from the beauty’s side and not of the Chen brothers’ craziness. Strange… They had to take a step down because of a girl? We’ll see.

*All images were captured by DTLCT