Miss Hong Kong 1998

The hosts for this year were Eric Tsang, Lawrence Cheng, and Bobby Au Yeung. The year that it started to deteriorate. Trust me, the hairstyles the contestants were wearing at the beginning were enough to turn everyone off. The stylists should be fired. Even if the contestants weren't that pretty, the make-up artists and the … Continue reading Miss Hong Kong 1998

Miss Hong Kong 1994

I only managed to catch the top 12 this year. The top 12 consisted of: #1. Halina Tam Siu Wan (譚小環) #2. Theresa Lee Yi Hung (李綺紅) #3. Astrid Chan Chi Ching (陳芷菁) #5. Kitty Chung Kit Yee () #6. Annamarie Wood Lai Ming (活麗明) #9. Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (張可頤) #10. Bui Hon Mei … Continue reading Miss Hong Kong 1994

Welcome to the House

This was the first sitcom of TVB that I managed to finish and I must admit that it was one interesting journey. It took me several months, of course, because I had to spread them out. Like(s): Raymond Cho and Johnson Lee as Ah Dee and Ah Mieh. I really liked watching them together as … Continue reading Welcome to the House