Lonely Memory: Penny Lin

I was just randomly browsing but saw Penny's post about this movie, and how she was telling us to watch and support her. (Click here for the movie's Facebook page.) This was written and directed by Alice Wang in 2015. (Go here for the article.) Supposedly, this is a story focused on women and their … Continue reading Lonely Memory: Penny Lin

Nylon and Lene's Wedding

This was the end of last year, but once again, I'm a slowpoke for updating and all. The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids. The groom and his best men. Of course there were other friends whom attended the wedding and even performed for the couple. Of course, Nylon didn't pass up the chance of serenading … Continue reading Nylon and Lene's Wedding

Year 2017 in Recap

When I thought that 2016 was a terrible year for me, I was wrong. 2017 continued to tank to a new level of crappiness. There were many frustrating things--one after another. It was like when I asked, "How much worse could 2017 be?", it was like a challenge to the universe. So stuff happening in … Continue reading Year 2017 in Recap

New Year Surprise: Mr. and Mrs. Chen

(image credit: Nylon Chen's Facebook Page) To be honest, I was half asleep when I saw Nylon's post with a picture of him and Lene the other day. I thought it was a project they were involved in--again. Yet what caught my attention was the "Mrs. Chen" part so I scrolled back and read it … Continue reading New Year Surprise: Mr. and Mrs. Chen

Refresh Man: A Reunion for Joanne and Aaron

I was browsing on Facebook and found Joanne's post. After reading the article, I realized it was a drama. It was totally unexpected but I will continue to tune in. Many of the QiaoLun fans would be soooo happy. Because I think many have thought that the ship already sank, even before it came to … Continue reading Refresh Man: A Reunion for Joanne and Aaron