FANILY Awards 2016


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Cyndi Wants Concert

I actually didn’t want to focus on this but when I saw someone posted some pictures on one of Calvin’s fan pages, I couldn’t help it. Miss Wang just held a concert and it was a success. There were many people coming to support her–both onstage and offstage. (Go here, here, here, here, here, here, and here for articles.)

The picture above was the one that captured my attention hence updating. But aside from the above whom went onstage at different points as guest performers, there were other guests and friends whom came to support and/or sent flowers to wish her success for the event. Others whom sent flowers were: JJ Lin, Mike He, Rainie Yang, Kenji Wu, Wilber Pan, and Alien Huang. (I’m sure there were lots of others but I didn’t want to go on Weibo to stalk.)

Vic and his wife, Reen Yu, also came to support. (Yes, Vic recently got married with Reen in case anyone missed it.)

GINO was also there and had posted a message, his words consisted of their relation in Smile Pasta from ten years ago.

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Star Awards 2015

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Most Popular Dramas For The First Half Of 2015


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Murphy’s Law of Love

I was sort of playing attention to this but not really. I do like Danson and Li Jia Ying from their past dramas. Also, what sparked my interest even more was seeing Enson. Just hope that it won’t be long. ‘Cause it could go either way with Friday airings. I need to play catch up again since the first episode aired already. Will come back for updates–if I can.

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*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.