Golden Bell Awards 2014: Winners

Okay, here are the results for this year. All are listed in the order they were presented.

Best Film Editing – Presenter(s): Liang Xiu Shen ( 梁修身) and ?:
An Bang and Zheng Xin Kai (安邦、鄭心愷) – Double Happiness (主桌)
Ke Wen Li (柯汶利) – Freeman (自由人)
Fan Yang Zhong and Lin Xin Min (范揚仲、林欣民) – Almost Heaven (回家的女人)
Chen Bo Wen and Li Yi Shan (陳博文、李宜珊) – Youth’s Advancement – In Regards To 20 Onward (青春的進擊—關於二十,以及¬¬。) (PTS)
Yang Shou Yi and Lin Xin Min (楊守義、林欣民) – Discovery – Army Frogmen (台灣特戰部隊)

Best Cinematography – Presenter(s): Liang Xiu Shen ( 梁修身) and ?:
Li Ming (李鳴) – Cigarette Ends (菸蒂)
Chen Tian Bao (陳添寶) – Record Standpoint – Boiling Sand River (紀錄觀點—滾滾沙河) (PTS)
Ma Hua (馬華) – Freeman (自由人)
Chen Yu Jie and Lin Hou Cheng (陳鈺杰、林厚成) – Rite of Spring (曉之春)
Chen Jun Kang, Xu Zhi Wei, Zhu Pei Ji, and Ye Dao Hong (陳俊康、許智為、朱培基、葉道宏) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)

Best Lighting – Presenter(s): Ye Tian Lun (葉天倫) and Chen Bo Zheng (陳博正):
Ding Hai De (丁海德) – Lonely River (在河左岸)
Li Shao Yun and Wang Zhi Zheng (李少雲、王知政) – Boys Can Fly (刺蝟男孩)
Deng Ji Xuan (鄧紀璿) – Cou Zhen (湊陣) (PTS’ Life Story Collection)
Xie Jian Fa (謝建發) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)
Su Liang Zhi (蘇良志) – Once Upon A Time In Beitou (熱海戀歌)

Best Sound Editing – Presenter(s): Ye Tian Lun (葉天倫) and Chen Bo Zheng (陳博正):
Shen Sheng De and Li Ying  (沈聖德、李穎) – Housework Proposal (家事提案)
Du Du Zhi (杜篤之) – PTS HD Record Version – Golden Horse Series  (公視HD紀錄片—金馬系列【戰酒】)
Zhou Zong Kun and Chen Yi Qi (周宗崑、陳羿棨) – Life Journey – Hello Brain! (生命旅程—Hello Brain!) (PTS)
Jiang Tao (蔣韜) – To-Go Station (客家電視電影院—《到站》) ( Hakka TV)
Xue Yi Xin, Wu Xin Ying, and Yu Zheng Xian (薛易欣、吳欣穎、余政憲) –  Freeman (自由人)

Best Art and Design – Presenter(s): Ye Tian Lun (葉天倫) and Chen Bo Zheng (陳博正):
Fan Jia Qi (范家綺) – The Snail School (慢吞吞小學)
Peng Wei Min and Ye Cheng Da (彭維民、葉承達) – Freeman (自由人)
Pu Shi Rong (蒲士榮) – Almost Heaven (回家的女人)
Liu Ji Fu and Lin Zhi Ming (劉基福、林智明) – Lonely River (在河左岸)
Su Yao Tang and Li Jian Yu (蘇耀堂、李建裕) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)

Best Supporting Actor – Mini-series/ Tele-movies – Presenter(s): Joe Cheng (鄭元暢) and Amber Kuo (郭采潔):
Lv Fu Lu (呂福祿) – Land of Purple Pearl (紺珠之地) (PTS’ Student Life Story Collection)
Rock (洛可杉) – Wu Di Zhan Jian Xie He Hao  (無敵戰艦協和號)
Xi Xiang (喜翔) – Cigarette Ends (菸蒂)
Cai Ming Xiu (蔡明修) – Freeman (自由人)
Pan Qin Yu (潘親御) – Summer Trifles (夏日紀事) (PTS’ Student Life Story Collection)

Best Supporting Actress – Mini-series/ Tele-movies – Presenter(s): Joe Cheng (鄭元暢) and Amber Kuo (郭采潔):
June Tsai (蔡君茹) / Liu Yue (六月) – Go Ah Wen! (加油喔!阿文) (PTS’ Life Story Collection)
Chen Ying Liu (陳英柳) – Forward, Sir! (轉。大人) (PTS’ Life Story Collection)
Yang Jie Mei (楊潔玫) – Thank You, Patronage(銘謝惠顧)
Jenny Wen (溫貞菱) – Rite of Spring (曉之春)
Rao Xing Xing (饒星星) – Freeman (自由人)

Best Screenwriter/ Script – Tele-movies:
Wang Jia Jun and Fu Kai Ling (王傢軍、傅凱羚) – Land of Purple Pearl (紺珠之地)
Chen Yu Li (陳昱俐) – Freeman (自由人)
Chen Yu Jie, Wang Li Wen, and Li Zhang Qing Hui (陳鈺杰、王莉雯、李張清慧) – Rite of Spring (曉之春)
Liang Mo Fei and An Zhe Yi (梁莫非、安哲毅) – Thank You, Patronage (銘謝惠顧)
Zhang Qi En and Wang Chuan Zong (張綺恩、王傳宗) – Just Want To Challenge You To Live Another Day (只想比你多活一天)

Best Director – Mini-series/ Tele-movies:
Wang Chuan Zong (王傳宗) – Just Want To Challenge You To Live Another Day (只想比你多活一天)
An Zhe Yi (安哲毅) – Thank You, Patronage (銘謝惠顧)
Ke Wen Li (柯汶利) – Freeman (自由人)
Chen Yu Jie (陳鈺杰) – Rite of Spring (曉之春)
Liao Shi Han (廖士涵) – Cigarette Ends (菸蒂)

Best Mini-series/ Tele-movies:
PTS’ Life Story Collection – Just Want To Challenge You To Live Another Day (只想比你多活一天)
PTS’ Student Life Story Collection – Freeman (自由人)
PTS’ Life Story Collection – Almost Heaven (回家的女人)
PTS’ Life Story Collection – Ming Xie Hui Gu (銘謝惠顧)
Rite of Spring (曉之春) (CTV)

Best Leading Actor – Mini-series/ Tele-movies – Presenter(s): Long Shao Hua (龍劭華):
Wang Xi Rui (王錫瑞) / Wang Rui (王瑞) – Just Want To Challenge You To Live Another Day (只想比你多活一天) (PTS’ Life Story Collection)
Shi Ming Shuai (施名帥) – Freeman (自由人)
Gao Meng Jie (高盟傑) – Almost Heaven (回家的女人)
Huang He (黃河) – Cigarette Ends (菸蒂) (CTV)
Xi Xiang (喜翔) – Wu Di Zhan Jian Xie He Hao  (無敵戰艦協和號) (PTS’ Life Story Collection)

Best Leading Actress – Min-series/ Tele-movies – Presenter(s): :
Yin Xin (尹馨) – Almost Heaven (回家的女人)
Lee Kang Yi (李康宜) – Rite of Spring (曉之春)
He Ai Yun (何璦芸) / He Xiu Lan (何秀蘭) – Just Want To Challenge You To Live Another Day (只想比你多活一天)
Zheng Jia Yu (鄭家榆) – Ming Xie Hui Gu (銘謝惠顧)
Megan Lai (賴雅妍) – Housework Proposal (家事提案) (PTS’ Life Story Collection)

Best Supporting Actor – Drama – Presenter(s): Chris Wang (王宥勝) and Leroy Yang (楊一展):
Wang Jing Guan (王鏡冠) – Lonely River (在河左岸)
Jacky Ku (古理德) – Boys Can Fly (刺蝟男孩)
Jay Shih (是元介) – In A Good Way (我的自由年代)
Chen Bo Zheng (陳博正) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)
Yankee Yang (楊子儀) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)

Best Supporting Actress – Drama – Presenter(s): Chris Wang (王宥勝) and Leroy Yang (楊一展):
Riva Chang (張可昀) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)
Lin Nai Hua (林乃華) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)
Jo’elle Lu (陸明君) – Once Upon A Time In Beitou (熱海戀歌) (SETTV)
Xi Man Ning (席曼寧) – A Good Wife (親愛的,我愛上別人了)
Isa Hsieh (謝瓊煖) – Lonely River (在河左岸)

Best Screenwriter/ Script – Drama – Presenter(s): Li Li Qun (李立群):
Wang Xiao Di, An Zhe Yi, Zhan Jun Jie, Gao Miao Hui, and Yu Zhi Wen (王小棣、安哲毅、張可欣、詹俊傑、高妙慧、余智珉) – Boys Can Fly (刺蝟男孩)
Li Ding Wei, Wen Cai, and Wang Gong Cheng (李定偉、文采、王公誠) – Amour et Pâtisserie (沒有名字的甜點店)
Chen Zhang Lun, Ke Shu Qing, and Lin Jia Hui (陳長綸、柯淑卿、林佳慧) – Lonely River (在河左岸)
Xu Yun Qi and Wu Pei Zhen (許芸齊、吳佩珍) – In A Good Way (我的自由年代)
Wen Yi Hui and Li Yi Ze (溫怡惠、李義澤) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)

Best Director – Drama – Presenter(s): Li Li Qun (李立群):
Wang Xiao Di and An Zhe Yi (王小棣、安哲毅) – Boys Can Fly (刺蝟男孩)
Wu Meng En (吳蒙恩) – In A Good Way (我的自由年代)
Zhou Xiao Peng and Ye Hong Wei (周曉鵬、葉鴻偉) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)
Chen Zhang Lun (陳長綸) – Lonely River (在河左岸)
Zheng Fen Fen (鄭芬芬) – Kiss Me Mom! (媽,親一下!) (TVBS)

Best Marketing Program – Presenter(s): Christopher Lee (李銘順) and Tian Xin (天心):
In A Good Way (我的自由年代) (SETTV)
Boys Can Fly (刺蝟男孩) (PTS)
Lovestore at the Corner (巷弄裡的那家書店) (CTS)
Super Taste: Summer Day Heated Battle, Fated Program (食尚玩家(夏日熱鬪篇命運規劃局)) (TVBS)
A Good Wife (親愛的,我愛上別人了) (GTV)

Best Leading Actress – Drama – Presenter(s): Christopher Lee (李銘順) and Tian Xin (天心):
Tian Xin (天心) – A Good Wife (親愛的,我愛上別人了)
Zhong Xin Ling (鍾欣凌) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)
Sandrine Pinna (張榕容) – Amour et Pâtisserie (沒有名字的甜點店)
Cheryl Yang (楊謹華) – The Queen (女王的誕生) (CTV)
Yan Yi Wen (嚴藝文) – Lonely River (在河左岸)

Best Leading Actor – Drama – Presenter(s): Vic Chou (周渝民) and Chen Bo Lin (陳柏霖):
Han Yi Bang (韓宜邦) (Junior) – Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽)
Hans Chung (鍾承翰) – Boys Can Fly (刺蝟男孩)
Christopher Lee (李銘順) – A Good Wife (親愛的,我愛上別人了) (GTV)
Zhang Ting Hu (張庭瑚) – Boys Can Fly (刺蝟男孩)
Blue Lan (藍正龍) – CHOCOLAT (流氓蛋糕店) (GTV)

Best Dramas – Presenter(s): Vic Chou (周渝民) and Chen Bo Lin (陳柏霖):
Amour et Pâtisserie (沒有名字的甜點店) (PTS)
In A Good Way (我的自由年代) (SETTV)
Sun After Rain (雨後驕陽) (NEXT TV)
Boys Can Fly (刺蝟男孩) (PTS)
Lonely River (在河左岸) (Hakka TV)

Woohoo! Another exciting year! Well, some stuff spoiled my moods a bit. Yet the later parts made up for it. Not because of the winners, since they deserved it with all their hard work! It was one of the side things. Anyway, congrats to all winners!

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Memorable Sad Endings

Not everyone likes sad endings because it would defeat the purpose of them wanting to see their favorite on-screen couple ending up together. Not to mention no one dies in fairy tales, right? Everyone wants to see a happy ever after ending or if there are conflicts, they would be resolved in the end, allowing a satisfying ending, right? I was one of those people once upon a time but I’ve become accepting of those endings over the years, having been more in touch with reality. I don’t have to like it but I’ve become more understanding of the creators’ intention.

As I was listening to Van Fan’s “Listen With Your Heart” once again for the umpteenth time on my mp3 player, I once again recall of the final scenes from Sound of Colors when Wallace’s character, Yun Xiang, died in the hospital after seeing Ruby’s character, Jing Jing, for the last time. Being a Wallace fan, I must admit I did not want that kind of ending. Though I’ve known of it beforehand from various articles of it during the filming process, I was still hopeful of the ending. I wished for some incident like the script-writers changing the details of it to give us viewers a more favorable outcome. In the end, it was like the news had reported it as. I was disappointed for a while. However, I come to accept it more after several days. I also gave it a good thought of how the whole story was crafted and how the events had led to such an ending. In the end, it has become one of my favorite endings ever–even if it was really sad and tragic.

Perhaps a big clue of the ending was how Yun Xiang had tried to stop the doctors from taking his mother’s eyes for Jing Jing when his mother died. He was only a kid and knew only to protect his mother from being touched by others after her death. However, it was a big hint after they’ve met again and how he became aware of the incident that took place years ago. It was a twist of fate–as the writers crafted the story. It was also a whole new journey he was going on as he entered Jing Jing’s world. She was a blind girl yet she was still optimistic about life, learning to be independent and having a job to support herself–though unnecessary since she has an older protective sister, Ming Ming (Hao Lei), who was willing to take care of her no matter what. Jing Jing’s optimistic nature has affected Yun Xiang, making him see the better of life and to let go of his past, forgiving people who could possibly hurt him–accidentally or on purpose. Maybe Jing Jing was an angel sent to him to open his eyes up and see the better of this world–though she was the one who did not have a sight of her own.

To get back to the scenes leading to the ending, I must confess that I cried the whole time during the last few scenes of the drama. It was that sad. Jing Jing never knew about Yun Xiang’s disease–even during the time that he had to go into surgery. It was only to the very last minute that they knew Yun Xiang won’t make it that Ming Ming, Fan Yang (Huang Meng)–aka Ming Ming’s boyfriend and Yun Xiang’s step-brother–and the others decided to tell Jing Jing. It was her last chance of seeing him. Jing Jing received the call while she was at the radio station. She was beyond shocked upon hearing the news from her voicemail, dropped her cell phone and rushed outside–though she could not see or know of which direction she should have taken. She only knew that she must go to Yun Xiang’s side. Fan Yang arrived on time and drove her to the hospital. As soon as she stepped out of the car, she took a tumble since she was beyond herself at that point. Allowing herself to be led by Fan Yang, they finally made it to the waiting area where the others were waiting for news of Yun Xiang.

A touching scene unfolded as soon as Ming Ming rushed to Jing Jing’s side, trying to calm her down. Jing Jing lashed out and asked why the others did not tell her until Yun Xiang was almost dead. She was furious, hating the others for not telling her earlier. However, she did not mean that but it was because she wished she knew before. Being the one in the dark (no pun intended) was not a good feeling. I think that part was one of Ruby’s most emotional scenes in portraying Jing Jing and this role had allowed her to act out various emotions, showing her capabilities and proving to others that she was not just a pretty face who was trying too hard to be cute.

Anyway, a doctor finally stepped out and told them of the condition. After he left, Jing Jing rushed into Yun Xiang’s room (since she probably heard where he was stepping out from) and tripped on a chair since she did not know of its existence. Ming Ming helped Jing Jing up and guided her over to the bed where Yun Xiang was laying–with tubes in him. He was still unconscious but was soon awoken by her heart-breaking words, asking why he did not tell her, not allowing her to face the obstacles with him. Yun Xiang, who was quite weak by now, was only able to summon whatever was left of his energy to trace out the words on her hand, apologizing for his actions. She tearfully told him that she did not want his apologies and only wanted him to be well and be with her. The final words breaking through everyone’s heart who was present were: “Why is Heaven so unfair? I’m already blind and now I’m losing you as well.”

The fact that Van Fan’s “Listen With Your Heart” was playing the whole time while the scenes were unfolding was not helping much either. It made it hard not to shed a few tears for what was happening.

The last request that Yun Xiang had was for Jing Jing to be able to see this world with her own eyes as to how he’d seen it in the first place–maybe even more. Of course, that meant that he was giving up his eyes to her, which made sense of his last words to her: “I will never leave you. I’ll always be by your side.” The others were not aware of his wish either until Fan Yang found out from their father (his step-father and Yun Xiang’s father) of Yun Xiang’s plan–having already prepared a signed paper saying that he will donate his eyes to Jing Jing if anything were to happen to him. Of course, Jing Jing did not accept with the current state she was in, stating that there was no need to see this world anymore since she already lost Yun Xiang. Another set of touching words came out from Jing Jing–though it might be from her unwilling to let go of Yun Xiang: “Heaven could take away my light, my happiness, and even my future. But don’t tell me to take away Yun Xiang’s eyes. If you guys love me, please love my Yun Xiang as well. Don’t be so cruel to us.”

It was not until one of Yun Xiang’s good friends brought out a present from Yun Xiang, saying that Yun Xiang wanted Jing Jing to see its contents that she finally agreed because it would fulfill Yun Xiang’s last wish.

The scene skipped to the part where Jing Jing was watching the clip Yun Xiang had prepared while he was still alive for her. Her operation had been successful, allowing her to finally see the person she loved so much and also allowing her to see the world. There was also the painting that he had created for her with them standing next to each other, waiting for the sun to rise and watching the rainbow overhead. It was also a sign that he will always watch over her.

Jing Jing came back to work at the radio station after two months of recovering from the operation and having explored the world around her to which she had missed most of her life. She finally accepted what happened and encouraged her listeners to cherish what they have around them because what one has at the moment might not be there forever. An inspirational message sent through the airwaves while we see the last scenes of the drama unfolding with everyone moving on with their lives. Ming Ming and Fan Yang were preparing for their wedding while Yun Xiang’s two best friends got together. Chen Gao and Tan Li Na (Jing Jing’s colleagues) were seen happily together as well with Chen Gao’s daughter like one family. Perhaps, the other person suffering the most–among them all–was Yun Xiang’s father since he was still seen as mourning after his son’s death. The song “In Your Eyes” sang by Rebecca Hsu guided the final scenes of the drama and helped it closed on a memorable note.

Final thoughts? It was memorable without trying to be like some other dramas. It was a success though it was not perfect. Maybe that was what made it nice in the first place.

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