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Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Deric Wan

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Song Title: Yesterday’s Tomorrow (昨天的明天)

Lyricist: Li Yan Xiu (李岩修)

Composer: Xu Jia Liang (徐嘉良)

Bold = Chinese
Dark Red = Pin Yin
Golden = English
Orange = Vietnamese

ni shuo jiu zhe yang zai jian
You said goodbye just like that
Em như vậy đã nói tạm biệt
bie yun niang tai duo shang bei
Don’t mull over sorrow too much
Đừng nghĩ quá nhiều về những bi thương
ai qing jiu liu zai yuan dian pei hui yi guo ye
Love will stay at the original point accompanying memories through the night
Tình yêu sẽ ở tại nguyên điểm cùng với hồi ức mà qua đêm

zuo tian hai pan zhe ming tian
Yesterday still hopes for tomorrow
Hôm qua vẫn còn hy vọng đối với ngày mai
yi wei ai yong heng bu bian
Thinking that love will be everlasting, never changing
Nghĩ rằng tình sẽ là vĩnh hằng, không bao giờ thay đổi
shui zhi dao ming tian hui shi wu jin de ye
Who knows that tomorrow is an endless night?
Ai biết rằng ngày mai sẽ là một đêm vô tận?

wei qing wo cong lai bu pa lei
Because of passion, I’ve never feared fatigue
Vì tình, tôi không hề sợ mệt mỏi
wei ai wo yuan shou zui
Because of love, I’m willing to suffer
Vì ái, tôi nguyện chịu khổ
jiu suan zai duo ku ye bu tui
Even if there is more bitterness, I wouldn’t retreat
Dù cho có thêm bao nhiêu khổ, tôi sẽ không rút lui
zai duo tong ye bu hou hui
Even more pain, I won’t regret
Thêm bao nhiêu đau, tôi sẽ không hối hận

jin tian jiu shi na zuo tian de ming tian
Today is that yesterday’s tomorrow
Hôm nay là ngày hôm qua của ngày mai
xiang hei ye hou lian jie zhe bai tian
Like after the dark night follows by the day
Giống như sau đêm tối sẽ tiếp nối ban ngày
ni he wo bu gai yong yan lei lai mian dui
You and I shouldn’t use tears to face it
Em và tôi không nên dùng nước mắt để đối diện

jin tian jiu shi na zuo tian de ming tian
Today is that yesterday’s tomorrow
Hôm nay là ngày hôm qua của ngày mai
hai de jin tou zhong jiu lian zhe tian
The ocean’s edge in the end will connect with the sky
Tận cùng của biển rốt cuộc cũng sẽ nối liền với trời cao
shi qu le ni wo jiu mei le zheng ge shi jie
Losing you, my world won’t be complete
Mất đi em, anh sẽ không còn một thế giới hoàn chỉnh

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Mainland China Entertainment

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Okay, here’s the 3rd list as promised. (Although I sure take my precious time, lol.)


Journey to the West I & II (1986 & 1999) – This is what I call classic. Though Season 2 had some variations but still retained a sense of cleverness from within.

Li Wei’s Resignation – Surprisingly good. I didn’t realize it was that good either. I meant okay, it got random at times too, but it didn’t fall short of quality. The mystery and constant humor kept it going. Not to mention the witty battle between Li Wei and the king.

The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013 – Yeah, I couldn’t help putting this in after finishing it. Seriously, it was a surprise for me–as mentioned in the review. But I just had to make an exception because how they did it, which made sense to me more.

The Story of a Woodcutter and his Fox Wife – So unexpected and surprisingly good. I didn’t realize I would become so addicted to it from the start. It was a lovable folktale and a mix of humor here and there. There were frustrating moments but it wasn’t as unbearable as it seemed. Qiao Zhen Yu and Song Jia Ling were so cute and lovable.

Water Margin 1998 – I haven’t watched the new version yet so can’t comment, but this was pretty good. So awesome with the cast and the plot unfolding. They managed to keep most of the stories intact. Though sometimes you felt there were ‘miscast’ here or there regarding ages, but because they were sticking around until later so it wasn’t too bad.


Detective Tang Lang – It was surprisingly good. Usually, trailers are misleading since it only show exciting parts, but this one was consistent throughout. The suspense and witty humor were what kept the series going. The cast was also likable, at least to me. IF you like detective and action dramas, this might be it.


A Chance of Sunshine – Major skipping around but the ending result was good. Not to mention the Lu Yi and Alyssa chemistry was really addicting to watch so it was worth the wait in a way.

Sound of Colors – Soapy and it has its faults with draggy moments and bloopers but it was good overall. And if you don’t mind sad endings.

*NOTE*: This post will be updated from time to time. Therefore, it will be included in the ‘Helpful + Fun Posts’ section to make it easier to locate – IF anyone’s interested in following. Also, keep in mind that I back-watch from time to time, some might NOT be on the list yet. Others, call it a difference of opinions – IF I didn’t put it on there.