Rouge Tears by Luo Yong Juan (Uploaded by: 飛翔鹿) Song Title: Rouge Tears (胭脂淚) Music by: Shu Shi Hao (舒世豪) Lyrics by: Zhang Tao (張濤) Key: Bold = Chinese Blue-Violet = Pin Yin Red-Violet = English Orange-ish Red = Vietnamese 那離愁 深秋 再回首 na li chou   shen qiu   zai hui shou That sorrow of separation has been recalled by the … Continue reading Rouge Tears by Luo Yong Juan

Year 2015 in Recap

  Oh joy, I'm bringing this back since it's another year of madness. How did it go? Let's check the number first, lol. Yes, before I start bragging and realized it wasn't worth bragging over, lol. But before I actually go into the stats, I would like to thank The New World and iHero for … Continue reading Year 2015 in Recap

Liao Zhai 3

Since I was on a Liao Zhai binge, I had to hunt this one down and watch too. Too bad that other stuff got in the way so I was off track with this. Now back to watch properly. Hua Bi (畫壁) Roy Qiu as Meng Long Tan (孟龍潭). First time watching Roy properly since … Continue reading Liao Zhai 3

Liao Zhai 2 (Uploaded by: chiffon168) Ending Theme Versions: Featuring Luo Sha Hai Shi and Yan Zhi: Here Featuring Yi Ning and Fen Die: Here Featuring Lian Xiang and Yi Qian: Here I said that I would do an overall analysis on this one so here goes. I thought this set of stories was quite lacking compared … Continue reading Liao Zhai 2

Liao Zhai 2: Luo Sha Hai Shi

(image credit: as marked) This was, of course, my most anticipated story among all in here, considering how I'm a major fan of Eric and while following the shooting of it, it seemed quite intriguing. It was really, really, really disappointing on all parts with characterization, plot, and possibly acting. I'll start with acting first. … Continue reading Liao Zhai 2: Luo Sha Hai Shi