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Momo Love: Episode 7

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Apparently, Zhi Qiang was still keeping up that scheme. Qi wasn’t all heart then since he did not call the operation off even if he knew that Shi Lang and Tao Hua had gone through so much to purchase a gift for him. What was Zhi Qiang doing then? Pretending to be pitiful once again. It seemed to work on other girls. Wonder if it will work on Tao Hua though.

Wasn’t that a bit over? Maybe WAY over. Honestly, who in the world would fall for that one? (Still funny though! I think only Calvin could pull that one off and get away with it.) Honestly, that was so OVER. But it was too funny.

I wonder what in the world Zhi Qiang meant by that? So he wasn’t into Yu Yi but was just deceiving them so he could get to Tao Hua? What? Have to wait and see. That just means that he’s cunning though. I always knew those idiots would end up stepping on their own traps one day.

Wow! Shi Lang mad for the first time? At least that triggered something. It will motivate him to push forward. Come on, Shi Lang!

The doom day finally came as Tao Hua set out with Zhi Qiang to fulfill Zhi Qiang’s wish. However, she soon caught on to her four brothers’ strange behaviors. Why weren’t they opposed to the date? What was that about their smiling and waving routine? But then He rushed to cover it up as he rattled off some threats to Zhi Qiang while the others followed suit with their deliverance of hostile words.

Habits were hard to break after all since they rushed inside to spy on Zhi Qiang and Tao Hua as the two were getting into Zhi Qiang’s car. Only Yu Yi was smart enough to see through Zhi Qiang’s schemes but Zhuan brushed it off as Yu Yi’s little jealous rant? Great… it seemed that Yu Yi was actually the one with brains.

Zhi Qiang proceeded with his own plan as the crazy brothers and Hui Qi watched nearby. What was that? He finally reacted but Cheng and Zhuan stopped him in time. Too bad.

After a round of swimming, Yu Yi finally confessed to Shi Lang about his brothers’ crazy schemes with Zhi Qiang. Shi Lang reacted and pulled Yu Yi out of the water. He was anxious to go save his precious Tao Hua all right. Finally some movements!

Once again, the so-called ‘date’ proceeded with Cheng, Zhuan, He, and Hui Qi following closely. Though Zhi Qiang was cunning, they still managed to cut through the chase. However, Shi Lang and Yu Yi need to hurry!

Shi Lang finally arrived after one incidental event that Hui Qi persuaded some kids to make it happen. Will Shi Lang prevent the inevitable in time and break through their schemes? He was badly outnumbered. And I was right! I will never forgive them for this!

And the inevitable happened because some dumb guys did not care to listen to Shi Lang. Hui Qi liked Shi Lang so of course, she did not care to stop it. Quite a traumatizing moment for Tao Hua yet she still managed to fight off Zhi Qiang. However, the look on Shi Lang’s face and the events afterward was quite tragic.

What was the point in beating Zhi Qiang up now? Since no one wanted to listen to Yu Yi or Shi Lang before. It was too late. I suddenly am disappointed in Zhuan’s investigative skills since he was able to rattle off all sort of information regarding their previous victims. How come he never caught on? Or was it because Zhi Qiang put up such a good show that they failed to investigate any further?

Beggars can’t be choosers. Why were they still scolding Yu Yi when they should be finding ways to comfort Tao Hua? Useless! But they finally learned their lessons and agreed to let it be. (Or so they said. Hopefully, they won’t back out on their words this time around, considering how they already helped Zhi Qiang and hurt their sister–even if it was not on purpose.)

The worst feeling ever–or possibly one of the top ones–was being ignored. Tao Hua was just going through such. The song “Little Star” wasn’t helping the mood either since it made the scene even more heartbreaking.

And what were Zhuan and He up to this time? Double trouble? Why were they dressed in such weird attires? Trying to conceal themselves? Hahahaha! That was so uncalled for! Their car got tolled! (I thought it wouldn’t happen since dramas usually cover their bases pretty well with that regarding how the major characters never have troubles like that. But that little incident made it more real.) Okay, so Zhuan finally got his brain back. That was a good scheme. Using the old trick? Hopefully, they succeed this time.

Meanwhile, Shi Lang was giving in to his thoughts and decided to call Tao Hua. However, Zhi Qiang made a go for it once again, using Hui Qi’s cell phone to send the incidental picture to Shi Lang. Upon seeing that photo, Shi Lang changed his mind and walked off although Tao Hua was right there when she received the call. Tao Hua was not putting up with that ignorance game anymore but decided to pursue the matter. How to undo this matter now?

Though Tao Hua was unsuccessful in trying to explain herself, the twins were more successful in diverting Hui Qi’s attention from Shi Lang. It was time for He to work his charm. Zhuan, of course, managed to persuade He to be the candidate for the operation. It was not that hard to persuade anyway since they needed to undo matters since they were partially blamed for the matter anyway. Wow! He was really working off his charm. Never knew he was that capable of using those words. He just regained his title once again.

The scheme was getting big. So Xiao Mi was also in it? Let’s hope they won’t get exposed as fast. Since they were finally steering toward the right direction. Yu Yi was more than glad to help them because they finally used their minds for good instead of the bizarre ways they were proceeding toward earlier.

It was too late, however, since Shi Lang hate being deceived and/or lied to the most. How was he supposed to know she had nothing to do with the schemes? Sometimes being too helpful wasn’t helping at all. It was too late also because of their past records of mishaps. Can’t blamed Shi Lang for being mad but it was still sad seeing Tao Hua like that.

A chase to their house was fruitful since Shi Lang finally agreed to talk with Tao Hua. (Though it was more thanks to Zhuan’s GPS chip from earlier.) As Zhuan, Yu Yi, and Xiao Mi headed back to the Chen resident for some rest, they bumped into He, not realizing that Hui Qi was also around. Zhuan and He tried to stop Hui Qi from sabotaging their plan but Yu Yi ended up being the victim once again. Poor Yu Yi! (All the girls in here can really hit for some reason!) The Chen clan finally reunited as they ran to tend to Yu Yi. Even Hui Qi was not as urgent to head out any more, allowing more time for Shi Lang and Tao Hua to talk.

Back outside, Shi Lang and Tao Hua were just having a staring contest, not knowing where to begin. Tao Hua quickly spoke up anyway, not wanting to lose this one and only chance as Shi Lang listened on half-heartedly. It seemed hopeless but at last, Shi Lang softened and the scene ended in felicity as the rest of the Chen clan and Hui Qi witnessed the heartwarming scene. (The same could not be said for Yu Yi though since he was once again abandoned and forgotten by the others.)

And they were back again as a trio with Tao Hua being more than happy. She seemed to be on Cloud 9 and oblivious to all things around her.

Yet the atmosphere was broken again because of an announcement calling out for Tao Hua and Zhi Qiang. What would bring for them this time around? Another set of dramas? However, the image of Yu Yi looking so happy upon seeing Hui Qi was just too funny since she was more than pissed off at the turn of events.

Ratings rose again to .94 but not that much. Oh well, I might just give up on the ratings since it didn’t matter anymore.

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Cyndi Wang, Momo Love, Taiwanese Entertainment

Momo Love: Episode 2

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So episode 2 continued with Tao Hua’s little daydream. (Phew! Shi Lang was not suicidal after all.) Tao Hua seriously gave us a heart attack with her imagination though. We almost thought that Shi Lang would be done for after that scene–IF someone got a hold of it–or captured it on camera like last time. Luckily, it was a false alarm.Yes, Tao Hua, please stop thinking those thoughts–at least for the time being.

Just as Tao Hua was occupied with her thoughts, her imaginations ran wild again since she managed to conjure up a scene of Shi Lang jogging by in his judo uniform! No, wait….it was actually real but her imagination was let loose too many times that she did not believe it was really him…until later. Too late!

Spying on Shi Lang? Okay, that was normal all right. Well, it was normal if you didn’t get caught. What to do in such a situation? Why did he have to be so tall and threatening? (If only her brothers were around to get rid of him! How dare he question her whereabouts?) Oh no, false alarm again. He only looked threatening on the surface. He was actually a very nice guy. Phew! Too bad Shi Lang was not as lucky since he got distracted upon her presence and got slammed. Luckily it was only practice and not a real match or Shi Lang will have to find a place to hide.

Okay, so Tao Hua was not so lucky after all. I take that back about the threatening guy. He was actually quite cunning. How in the world could Tao Hua survive someone twice her size? (Time to close your eyes now so you wouldn’t see the gruesome match.) And I don’t know if Tao Hua should accept the other guy’s praise or not. He was setting her up for death. (Well, seems that way.)

Eh….Cheng Xiao Shi is reunited with Lei Long (Wu Zhen Ya)? He was actually having a big crush on her in Smile Pasta. Why was he so threatening now? Love turned into hate? (LOL…wrong drama, I know. Still funny to see them interacting once again.)

Some people must be very suicidal and want their funeral day to come even closer. How dare he stop Tao Hua? Honestly, they knew about her brothers after the match. So….let’s pray that they’ll stay in one piece later.

Where in the world were those threatening brothers when she needed them so badly to save her? No point in dodging the inevitable. However, it was a great chance for someone to play the hero saving the heroine! (So brave!)

Okay, he just got braver! Not a good idea! But…someone had to do it, right? He held her hand! (Hope no one lured around with his camera!) This is beginning to be a troublesome matter with worrying constantly for Shi Lang’s safety. Hopefully, it won’t be too painful. He got real talents–unlike someone we saw in episode 1, right?

Can’t blame Shi Lang though, right? She looked so fragile. He had to protect her. (If only it wouldn’t mean that he needs to protect himself from her brothers later!) Ah…the risks he would take for his bravery.

Ooohhh….Tao Hua let it slipped! That was getting more exciting than I thought. Great time to argue too! Shi Lang questioning Tao Hua? Okay, that has got to be my favorite phrase so far, “Because I want to see you.” (Um…okay.)

Shi Lang was in no hurry to talk now? I suggest that Tao Hua not try to explain. It got even more confusing one after another. Time to flee! How embarrassing was that? And once again Shi Lang got to be the hero! (PHEW…) I’m now convinced that it’s very dangerous in Taiwan. (LOL) Or maybe people should watch where they’re going more, especially crossing the streets.

Must compliment that big bus for stopping so fast–but umm….felt so sorry for the other cars. Uh…Shi Lang, you’re supposed to get out of the street before scolding her, NOT during the accident. And it got a bit more realistic that the driver was scolding at them since that was one HUMONGOUS damage all right. We got another scene to witness–but have to hold our breaths because Cheng might see them. (Ahhhhhhh….)

Love Cheng! It wasn’t him? We all knew it wasn’t him but wonder if the other person would believe it. Okay, so it was expected that Cheng saw them! But was it a good idea to get out of the car? Just chase after them! (But then why would I want to encourage Cheng to go after Shi Lang in that car, right?) History was about to repeat itself! Everyone, brace yourself! Emergency light going up again! I was silently pondering if they were worrying for Tao Hua’s well being or was more concerned about taking care of the ‘guy’ who Cheng saw with her. Oh…no….expected again! But did they had to call He? Last time I checked, He wanted to rip whoever it was apart the last time he learned of the previous confession. There was no confession taken place but Shi Lang was too close. Um….so false alarm. Of course. They did not know where Shi Lang resided at, right? Had to investigate the matter and extract some information first.

A little accident? (That was an understatement of understatements, Tao Hua.) Aww….a little bonding between the siblings. (Cheng is so sweet although he scolded her, he was just worried about her well being.) But…sweet moment got cut short. Qi was definitely all business, right? Of course. He had to get to the bottom of it. If I didn’t know better, I thought that he was holding it inside for such a long time already till they sorted the other matter out before asking of the ‘to be victim’. And he had to be funny at a time like that. Come on now, stop that bit in front of Tao Hua. Wouldn’t it be more useful if Zhuan used his talents for more important matters at hand? (Getting into the traffic camera to zoom on Shi Lang’s image?) I don’t know whether to be more afraid of Cheng’s breadstick or He’s pan. (Put those down, puh-lease, guys!)

On the other hand, Qi’s expression was priceless when he was so loving and caring when he said good night to Tao Hua and it turned into a ‘beyond livid’ look like seconds later. Finally, their little front was taken off after Tao Hua’s departure. Run, Yu Yi, run! Too late…he was too badly outnumbered. (The ‘not feeling good’ excuse only works for Tao Hua!)

They made it like some secret organization’s meeting to discuss top priority missions. And Yu Yi, you forgot your place again. Stay quiet so you could be spared of some ‘lessons’ since they were too busy focusing on Shi Lang now.

I guess Qi’s oldest and wisest title was still attached after all since he was the most observant in regards to Tao Hua’s behavior toward Shi Lang. Too bad Cheng and He were not able to carry out their threats sooner. Must be patient. Okay, WAY too exaggerated with treating this situation like some government threat. But still a bit of useful information regarding their past victims on the board.

So Yu Yi was in that to spy for Tao Hua? That was pretty cool then. And I thought they were too scared to take actions. But that did not mean they could come up with a plan to stop those crazy four, right?

Once again, we got another dose of somewhat called flashbacks of the past victims with Yu Yi being the narrator for it. So all the pieces have fallen into place for Tao Hua–after being in the dark for such a long time. I wondered what possessed Yu Yi to be so brave to tell Tao Hua all of that. Possibly because the others were not around to bully him? (Too occupy with all their preparations for the next battle, right?)

So they managed to come up with a plan after all. The classic theme of the four Chen brothers came on again as they made their grand entrance at the match between Shi Lang and Tao Hua. Yes, Shi Lang got affected by their threatening presence too. (Ekkk…he lost his concentration!)

Reality check, don’t these guys have work? (Classes in Zhuan’s case.) Or were they too talented, too powerful to get in trouble for their absent at work (or classes)? (After all, maniacs aside, their talents were seen during the last episode.)

Back to the situation at hand, Shi Lang was in bigger trouble than anyone could have seen. He should have maintained his calm. Because his lost in concentration got him even more careless. Still…can’t help it. (It wasn’t his fault totally since he was supposed to be the victim here but the Chen brothers did not see it that way, did they?)

While Yu Yi held his breath and waited for the inevitable to occur, the Chen clan (plus Tao Hua’s best pal) sat nearby and stared in bewilderment. Okay, Shi Lang was done for. (IF it was a cartoon, the Chen brothers’ eyes would’ve popped out by now.) Qi’s killer expression said it all. (Must give him some credit to still keep his cool and restrained He in time though.)

So Shi Lang’s fate was spared for a while as the scene zoomed to tell more about Shi Lang’s background. Phew! (Saved for the moment. Not for long though!) A tad refreshing to see that the main guy got along fine with his father–unlike some other dramas that kept implying the conflict between father and son and getting acceptance from the father. (Hopefully, he’ll accept Tao Hua since he seems so laid back. But I guess we will have to wait for Shi Lang to survive the Chen clan first, right?)

On the other hand, Shi Lang, why are you robbing the old man a hug? (Come on!) So cute though!

And we were brought back to the situation at hand. It seemed like a commercial break since He was practicing his shooting skills with what else but Shi Lang’s picture?

So the Chen clan (excluding Yu Yi and Tao Hua of course) were back into their secret hideout to consult with each other. What now? I was not sure if I was more scared of their plan or their evil laugh at the end of the meeting.

Loved the Fahrenheit’s song “Very Quiet” (很安靜) playing in the back while Shi Lang and Tao Hua were reminiscing about the previous encounter and their feelings.

Cyndi finally got to do something exciting! Sleepwalking or was she pretending? (Got to watch it since I won’t let you in on that one.) Anyway, luckily the others were fast or they’ve already been chopped to pieces. (Not so lucky for Yu Yi though! Poor dude, always becoming the victim of circumstances!) And more flashbacks of Yu Yi and Tao Hua when they were young. I love these black and white film feeling (though was not totally black and white since it was sort of brown-ish but still got the old film feeling). Oooohh….so that was why…

Already somewhat said it, but just love how the soundtrack was applied for each situation in here. Just right.

Great, the day when the four maniacs had no clue of the next step. After all, they can’t just go after Shi Lang when they already learned of Tao Hua’s affection for Shi Lang, right? But they’re smart so they should come up with one soon?

Before the crazy Chen brothers could come up with more evil plots, Shi Lang already told Tao Hua not to come look for him anymore. (Sad moment, and that song was not even helping.) That was a bit short lived as well since He was back with his threats again–to which the others did not seem all that enthusiastic about the plan anymore. Their precious Tao Hua was not eating again?

Must give the Chen brothers credit for it. Their creative imagination came into play again! How cute! More silent film moments! (LOL) And of course crazy, protective brothers’ moment to ruin it all!

Still love them–although they were so crazy. Did they have to react so strongly since it was only their imagination at work, right? (Guess can’t contradict them.) Just when there was a tad of hope with them snapping out of it, Qi came up with a new plan! Their evil laugh sent chills down my spine every time. (They were that creepy.) Then I wonder again if they were actually related to Yu Yi. (He must be adopted, right? They were just too evil!)

And Yu Yi thought he could escape his fate when he fled from the scene? Tough luck! There were four pairs of eyes watching! He reacted too fast! LOL! Was he celebrating too fast? Genius? Okay. We’ll see.

Tao Hua surprised all her brothers by accepting their suggestion of going abroad for studying. While Qi and the others were arguing over it, they took her to the airport. Wasn’t that their grand idea of solving the problem? Why were they arguing now? So it was Qi’s idea? What was that about Cheng loving her more than the others? Um…okay, that went great.

The episode exited on Tao Hua’s change of mind in not leaving for England after all. The brothers were surprised once again of the change in attitude but were glad all the same that she did not want to leave anymore. Yes, a bunch of weirdos all right. Still…couldn’t hate them though. So funny.

Ratings? Strangely though it has gained the second spot beating out one of its competitors for this episode, the rating has dropped from 1.95 to 1.48.

*All images were captured by DTLCT