Endless Love: Line 10

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode actually doesn’t cheat anymore since it actually continued at the part where Jing Hao and Rui En were having that conversation, and Rui En’s declaration to fight fairly with Xin Jie, not wanting to bring up the past anymore, etc. On the other hand, I think I’m starting to love the random chemistry between Jing Hao’s two assistants since they were so funny with kept saying, “Why should I tell you? You’re not my wife/husband.” phrases. Kind of cute in their own way.

While Jing Hao was resuming work at his company, Rui En was seen taking all the drawings of Jing Hao from her room. She was indeed starting anew and wanting to create new memories with Jing Hao, not dwelling in the past. Tong Tong’s so cute though, kept encouraging Rui En on. I think though Tong Tong’s just a little girl yet she’s the only one who isn’t judging or forcing Rui En to accept Min Shuo. Yes, Tong Tong’s a kid and probably doesn’t understand much since she’s still so innocent with her kid mentality. Yet I found her support more comforting than the others who claimed to care for Rui En. Sometimes the others just complicate things too much, wanting to live others’ lives. Tong Tong just knew that Rui En loved her husband hence she would always support Rui En’s decision, wanting Rui En to be happy.

Since Rui En already made her decision in continuing her battle to win Jing Hao over once again, she sought Min Shuo out to straighten things out with him. Yet he was in major denial and wanted to avoid things at all cost, kept jumping in to talk before she could. Yet she finally stopped him and made him listen. AND WHAT FREAKING RIGHT DID HE HAVE WITH YELLING AT HER? SHE NEVER PROMISED HIM ANYTHING BUT JUST SAID THAT SHE WOULD THINK WHAT HE SAID TO HER OVER. THAT DOES NOT EQUAL A PROMISE. (Yes, I’m so mad that I have to type in caps. GOSH!) So if things don’t go his way, he could throw tantrums? (Again, what about what he did to her in the past? Yes, I’m holding the past over him again and again, BUT second chances don’t come for everyone and his chances had already gone dry.) Like what Jing Hao said, he didn’t ask Rui En to wait for him–just like how Rui En never asked Min Shuo to wait for her. It was his own decision, so why was he blaming her or acting like he was the victim? I just can’t sympathize with this pathetic dude. If he was the bad guy from the start, just be that way and I might even root for him or at least give him some points for being straightforward. But his tactic? Too fake to sympathize with. Fake people are the most hateful. She was already being beyond nice or considerate by announcing it to him her decision, like cutting him loose and not wanting to lead him on or whatever else he was thinking. So it was all right to accept if the answer was favorable to him? YES, again, he thinks the world must be spinning around him or something. Operate by his standards then fine, if not he was mad? How many times have I typed pathetic already? Wouldn’t mind if I repeat it once again. OKAY, GETTING PATHETIC AGAIN WITH HIM RANTING ON AND ON WITH BI YUN. Yes, she would sympathize with him since she never saw Rui En suffer in the past because of him. But when he suffered, he would seek sympathy from others? OKAY…makes sense. NOT! (I really want to fast forward but wouldn’t want to miss anything in case he use anything else against others in the future.) Stupid that Bi Yun should say that Rui En doesn’t see or cherish Min Shuo yet. HEY, where was she when Rui En was practically worshiping Min Shuo a long time ago and was brushed off? Bi Yun should seriously get together with Min Shuo all right. Only able to see the surface of things. And just to make it even more pathetic, since Bi Yun likes him, does that mean he has to like her? Applying his logic even further, he’s too blind to see Bi Yun’s good side? And that he’s a jerk, right? For not able to see how well Bi Yun was treating him. Right? DARN, does that look good for him now that he’s on the receiving end? So we should all force others to do whatever we want, eh? People have the right to fight for what they believe, but they should also understand others around them have the right to react as well.

So Rui En’s father finally had to battle with some demons by himself. Serves him right for stabbing his daughter in the back. Now he has to deal with this situation and the crazy woman as well. (But regardless of what, I think he’s the only person who takes action in this case that could sympathize with since it was his daughter after all and he was mad worried, unlike outsiders who only knew how to force Rui En to do things for their own benefits.)

Though NoQ left in a huff the last time they had an encounter, he was back once again, acting like they were best buddies. I guess they kind of were since three years ago. He was bringing over clothes to her and not to mention talking on and on about skills and even mentioning Jing Hao by accident. I guess in a way, he still misses Jing Hao a lot and could not accept how Jing Hao had changed. In a way, it could be very reassuring and I could forgive him for lashing out at Jing Hao before. At least he and Jing Hao had some history together–unlike someone who was just trying to gain his own advantage and didn’t care for others, only lecturing when he should be the one to wake up. (Yes, stabbing at Min Shuo again BUT blame the script-writers for making Min Shuo appear so much.) Yup, NoQ still cared hence asking if Jing Hao had come that one time. Then Rui En took the opportunity to seek some feedback on her creation. NoQ indeed was quite helpful, solving Rui En’s little obstacle. And yes, I swear Bi Yun should get together with Min Shuo already. They’re so in-sync with one another with the logic that IF SOMEONE LIKES YOU, LIKE THEM BACK. By that definition, they must have a lot of husbands and wives too. DAMN. PATHETIC. So what am I doing now? Repeating the exact thing over and over again: It was okay for Min Shuo to hurt Rui En all these years since it was his free will and choice to like her or not YET she couldn’t choose what she wants? NICE… And to steer it away from stupid people, I think I’m starting to calm down regarding NoQ and actually forgive him more and more. I meant he and Jing Hao were inseparable in the past. Now he had no idea why Jing Hao had become that way yet he couldn’t just ignore Jing Hao. It wasn’t because of how he felt responsible for Jing Hao’s father’s death either. But it was because of their friendship in the past. Only he could sympathize with Rui En and like he said, they were in the same situation, can’t really think clearly and can’t let go of Jing Hao completely either. One is a friend and the other his wife. Slightly different but they have a bond others couldn’t see–or care to understand. Aside from the gym owner also, others never saw the nice Jing Hao from the past so they were just basing their references on now and judge him (aka spinning tales to incorporate into their wild guesses).

As fate would have it, Jing Hao was out taking a night stroll with Xin Jie when she was surrounded by her fans and he wandered off to wait for her hence bumping into Rui En. The police were coming so he ran over to help her immediately, escaping the police. He left after making sure she was safe at her hiding place, but she called him back again. Before Jing Hao could respond to Rui En’s question, he heard some whistling sounds. Two guesses that it was from the police and he made a quick one, grabbing her and taking her into his arms, and returning to the hiding place. Even after the police left, they refused to let go of each other. Though Jing Hao wanted to make sure it was safe at first, it had been a while since he’d hugged Rui En. They were communicating silently, but had the message gone through? Perhaps, but he woke up a minute later and let go of her at last.

Back and safe, they were celebrating that over some soda and whatnot. Time to recruit and share notes, right? Yes, NoQ was definitely surprised that it was Jing Hao who helped her. Though still scolding Jing Hao, but NoQ was definitely still curious about Jing Hao and possibly still carrying some hope that Jing Hao was still the old Jing Hao after hearing Rui En’s recounts? Yup, NoQ was saying how Jing Hao still had some heart to not let the police catch Rui En, etc. A glint of hope for them both indeed. (Things weren’t so hot for Jing Hao though since he encountered some thugs yet managed to fight them off. Man, they definitely were attacking the wrong target. Jing Hao finally could use some people to vent his bottled-up anger.)

The day finally came when Rui En’s so-called ‘secret’ revealed itself. Jing Hao wasn’t the only one puzzled when he saw her in front of his company one morning. Wanting to send her home, his assistant arrived and greeted Rui En, clarifying to him about Rui En’s current status at the company. Nice? Hahahahahaha…I finally could laugh. That wasn’t the best of it either since NoQ also came as well! Hahahahaha! So priceless! NoQ rattling out that he wasn’t late since it was only 8:59, lol. Yes, Rui En definitely needed someone as loyal as NoQ to be by her side to support her, not like some other people. When NoQ finally shut his mouth (lol), Jing Hao called his assistants in to discuss the matter, trying to understand everything. They gave a good reason, focusing on Rui En’s work only while Jing Hao was lost in thoughts. Jing Hao finally gave them three months before he would accept them. (Jia you, everyone!)

Indeed Liang Ba Ba was still alive. (I swear it was super suspicious that he should die like that. I meant it might have been some accident that he’d walked off on his own and fell, but I somehow wanted to hold a glint of hope because of the few items found. But it happened and then Jing Hao disappeared so I thought it had become a reality and they wanted to intensify things even more.) It seemed like Rui En’s father had been visiting him and tending to him. Yet why did Rui En’s father conceal everything like that? What was the point? To separate Jing Hao and Rui En? But that would make Rui En suffer more. Or did he find Liang Ba Ba afterward but wasn’t able to locate Jing Hao? And then he just let life took its course anyway? Too many unanswered questions and too many possibilities. (Then that despicable Min Shuo just had to discover the secret and would eventually use it against Jing Hao later.) So maybe this was why Rui En’s father was no longer feeling guilty about the past? I mean he still would be grieving and not forgiving himself yet since tending to Jing Hao’s father, he seemed to have forgiven himself even more? Like he was making up for his wrong instead of just being pitiful? Let’s hope so because it would be too much if he just blames Jing Hao and disregards the past like that.

I think Jing Hao sort of dug his own grave by pushing it with trying to make Rui En give up on him by letting her witness some demonstration of him being affectionate with Xin Jie. We all know how Rui En would end up doing just the opposite when people want to toy with her, right? She doesn’t operate the way they want her to. So he shouldn’t have done that–if he’d known her better. His plan totally backfired because she came over and hugged him. Yes, right in front of Xin Jie. She sure gave him a heart attack though since he thought she would expose him. Not to mention how pale Xin Jie was turning upon seeing the intimate gesture. Gotta love Rui En for pulling that card.

After extracting some information from Rui En, Min Shuo went to confront Jing Hao. Or this was more like him carrying out his plan, at last, using Jing Hao’s father as a bargaining chip. (Did I say he’s despicable before? YES. Now he was just proving it even more and more with his actions. The fact that he pretended to apologize to Rui En so he could stay by her side again made it super fake already. Then the extracting of information.) Man, I was waiting for the time when Jing Hao would hit Min Shuo for so long. Min Shuo could attack him, but Min Shuo could not just say anything about his father. But that was cut short and it was the end of the episode.

Previews showed Min Shuo carrying out his despicable plan and Jing Hao losing it. In fact, he and Rui En were both losing it because she was yelling at him for getting married to Xin Jie while he was getting out of control with the hard spot Min Shuo was putting him in. Then there was some scene when the ending theme was playing that showed Bi Yun was in on the conspiracy as well. That witch! She sure deserved Min Shuo. (Regardless of how they think they’re doing good for Rui En, they’re just trying to ruin others’ lives. What right to do they have really?)

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Endless Love: Line 9

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Another episode that kind of cheated since the meeting didn’t happen yet but they gave us some jump-ahead scene just to make things dramatic with the other episode’s ending scene. This episode actually continued with Jing Hao’s reaction after receiving Rui En’s message. Yes, he was once again troubled with having to face her and act all cold and cruel toward her. Like it wasn’t killing him inside already. Then there was also the whole thing with trying to dive away from Xu Xin Jie’s pestering the next day. It wasn’t like he was already feeling so troublesome yet she had to remind him so much stuffs about Rui En–and what they did in the past. (Okay, I’m getting WAY pissed off right now. Damn it! Sorry, but damn it! Why do all the stupid stuff have to happen when Jing Hao was trying to go to the meeting? If they wanted to add in some dramatic moments, they could do that later. Just when I was so relief that he could get Xu Xin Jie home, he encountered another obstacle.)

Okay, I do feel sorry for Xu Jie now. What kind of mother is that? Some people just want everyone alive so they could have a family yet others just abuse their power of being a parent so much. Gosh! (But I still prefer not to include these types of dramatic moments since like we don’t have enough things for the main characters to get past already.) Now I understand why Jing Hao actually tolerated Xu Jie half of the time. They somehow endured the same type of treatment–though it was more tragic and somewhat forgivable in Jing Hao’s case. And Xu Jie’s mother looked like she was selling her daughter off more than some type of ‘worry’ thing or misunderstanding.

They finally meet up though it was late. Her persistence (and yes stubbornness as well) paid off. But of course, it was not time to call victory yet, because he had delivered some more cruel words before leaving the scene, wanting to discourage her once again. (For the record though, it has been three days since their last meet up since she wanted to prove something.) Like many times before though, Rui En was not giving up just because of his cruel words. She saw right through his scheme of wanting to aggravate her, make her sad, and maybe if he was lucky, she would hate him as well. But like she would fall for that one. She wanted a reason and he gave her one. I guess that would be a very convincing one, saying that he wouldn’t want to be a leech, depending on her family’s finances. Okay, that made sense to a lot of people so it was a good reason to give. (But we, the viewers, all know it wasn’t so. Not really. Not all of it.) It seemed like he had won the battle because he walked away in victory (and in silent pain) as she cried away, not being able to say another word. Was she going to give up though? We’ll see.

Methinks that stupid idiot Min Shuo should be Song Wan Ji’s son instead. He landed himself in the hospital with his reckless driving. The lucky part was the other party did not die. I swear, I don’t care for him right now. Okay, so he was beyond livid with the fact that Rui En thought he was Jing Hao and all, and that he was jealous, etc. But too late. And not to mention how reckless driving could cause others their lives. Jing Hao’s mother was an example of that already. Should he even use speeding as a venue to vent his anger? Idiot. I said it many times before and I won’t mind repeating it, too late. His chance has already passed. He had the right to choose not to like her in the past and also could choose to like her now, but I think she had the right to say no as well. Like anything could be forced. How does it make sense that it was okay for her to suffer all these years when he didn’t care to pay attention to her YET wanted her to accept him just because he stopped being a player for three years? Should they give him an award then if he’d been taming his behavior and only focus on Rui En for these three years? Come now, get real. One word: pathetic. And what right did he have to question her as to why she was meeting up with Jing Hao again. Not to mention how he was ordering her not to see Jing Hao again. Double pathetic. Stupid that he kept thinking about himself being hurt. I think he should definitely get in line. When she was hurt in the past because of him, did he even realize it? What right does he have to lecture her? Honestly. So it’s all about him and his feelings and not others?

Like a typical mother wanting to speak up for her son, Min Shuo’s mother rushed to seek out Jing Hao. But she was not on speaking terms since she rather sent her message by slapping him. (GREAT…yes, my sarcasm is picking up again.) Yes, she had every right to defend her son yet like any blind person, she was only thinking of herself and her family, not caring regardless of the things others were going through. If it was someone else’s situation totally unrelated to her son or people around her, would she care that much? I think he only had to answer to Rui En (though he couldn’t really do so because of many things involved), not some outsiders’ who only want to judge him and not know the full story. So they watched Rui En suffer, but have they ever watch him? (I think it was like what Rui En said when Min Shuo told her to forget it that one time and she said that they know what she was going through yet no one knew what Jing Hao was going through during those times he disappeared.) But regardless of what Min Shuo’s mother’s saying on Rui En’s behalf, in the end, she just wanted her son to win–that was why she was saying why he appeared and if he wanted to reunite with Rui En, starting over, etc. Yeah, definitely investigating the enemy side so she could report back to her son. (I’m being overboard here BUT I don’t care.) I swear that when they found out the real reason why Jing Hao had to leave, they’ll probably just forgive Rui En’s father in two shakes because it was an ‘accident’, right? OH PUH-LEASE! It was just a matter of protecting some person they cared about versus a person like Jing Hao who had lost all friends just because he didn’t want to reveal someone’s secret.

And the confrontation seen in the previews. Honestly, Jing Hao should strike back already. It didn’t matter who was right or wrong or if he’d truly believed that staying away from Rui En was the best because of what punishment he received after wanting to bury the past (aka his father’s death). He should just hit Min Shuo already. Just to vent out some anger. (What in the world? No wonder the rating was just a sad case for this drama. They just have to drag it out so much with making Jing Hao suffer by the others’ attack. Give him a freaking damn break already.) Why must the stupid, idiot Min Shuo assume that he was returning because he wanted to start anew with Rui En? He had work, a project. Hello! Why should he explain it to them? Was the world revolving around Min Shuo or something? He honestly think Jing Hao had some kind of conspiracy to bring him down? Big ego much? Seriously, his whole idea with questioning Jing Hao’s presence at the hospital showed his arrogant attitude already. AND yes, it was a hospital, anyone could come in and out, not just Min Shuo.) Talking about how the high-class people are, they seriously could hit people. (Who’s the gangster now?)

Unable to brush off the pestering pair of mother and son (yeah, Min Shuo and his mother), Rui En went home and did a research on her love rival, wanting to get ahead of the game. Yet what she encountered the next morning was more than she could take. Or more like she couldn’t hold in anymore. Her father did his own stabbing at her? (But I think someone dug their own grave this time with wanting to slap the whole Jing Hao and Xin Jie in front of Rui En so she would give up YET it’s an opportunity for Rui En to encounter Jing Hao more and more.) Rui En’s father seriously think that he could stab her without facing the consequences? Why was everyone wanting to shut her up? Hmmm…like that was possible. She could do more damage than they think. I honestly sympathize with Xin Jie now and could say that I like her millions of times more than that pretentious, faking pity Min Shuo, but I just want to side with Rui En because she was betrayed by others YET they still dared think they were doing things for her own good. Man, I love her attitude now. They should know what they’d unleashed. How she was saying all those words to her father and then telling that Min Shuo to let go of her hand was quite priceless to watch. Brief, but effective.

Just when Rui En was about to deliver her last card after she was finished with her drawing of Xin Jie, Xin Jie’s mother just have to arrive to delay matters. In a way, I guess it might be a good thing since Rui En would have a chance to understand Xin Jie more and not hate her anymore–or plan attacks toward her, when she should be launching those attacks toward her father, Min Shuo, and Min Shuo’s mother. (Yeah, people who are forcing her to do stuffs their way so they wouldn’t have to worry anymore.) And I think Mei Ru chose to go against her lady boss to protect Xin Jie this time around. A brave move indeed since that woman was scary all right hence how Mei Ru was so timid in the past and not speak up or support Xin Jie too openly.

Because of Mei Ru’s attempt to stop Xin Jie’s mother, Rui En was able to escape and search for Xin Jie–upon Mei Ru’s request, of course. It was also a chance for Rui En to understand the whole situation and hear the story from Xin Jie. I guess this was why Xin Jie was still so naive at times in the past scenes. She was forced to enter the industry and do these things–or else. And at last, Rui En understood how attached to Jing Hao Xin Jie was. Was Rui En going to let go and go on with her life since she sympathized with Xin Jie? But whatever she decides, I hope she doesn’t go back to Min Shuo. He’s just a spoiled brat thinking he’s suffering yet Xin Jie’s past and what she’d gone through were the actual problems worth mulling over.

Another confrontation took place and this time Jing Hao was the one interrogating Rui En. I found it kind of maddening though that he let others pushed him around yet he was all right with bullying Rui En? I meant the other parts, I knew he was trying to make Rui En give up and he was hurting too. But this time, it was like going overboard. Why didn’t he just beat those other people up? Talking about assuming things and saying it was Rui En who told her father to plan the whole thing so she could meet up with Xin Jie, etc. And I’m so glad that Rui En didn’t back down that easily–just like many times before. Yes, she wouldn’t use their past against Xin Jie, but that wouldn’t mean she would just step away so easily. Sympathizing with Xin Jie and wanting to compete fairly is one thing, but letting go of Jing Hao completely is another matter. And that was indeed the end of this episode. I honestly hope the next one is moving faster.

Previews showed more frustrating scene with stupid Min Shuo using Jing Hao’s father to bargain for his own gain. GOSH! I knew he was too fake when he kept acting like a good guy. Always acting like he cared yet he was just trying to use everyone and everything to his advantage. I’m not saying I prefer perfect people and want him to be one so it could be easy, but what I find despicable is he kept playing dirty YET always portraying the fake exterior in front of others, seeking sympathy. If Jing Hao’s father was not dead, then things could turn around between Jing Hao and Rui En, right? Not by much but still…

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Endless Love: Line 8

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The episode cheated a little and slipped back to the part where Jing Hao and Rui En had an unofficial reunion at the light. It was necessary since they needed to backtrack and show us why and how Jing Hao was even at the airport in the first place and who was the person he was picking, etc. He was supposed to meet up with some people after all–according to his assistant earlier. While Jing Hao was patching things up with the business meeting he was supposedly late for, Rui En was seen watching the segment that she recorded of Jing Hao once again. In fact, it seemed like she was able to chant those lines along with him as she watched. It had been three years and watching it everyday must have led to the effect. So the new character that was making her appearance in the ending part of the previous episode was Xu Xin Jie. And it seemed like both Jing Hao and Rui En had kept their paintings of one another (the one with the red strings she did as a collection that one time).

As interesting as it was, Jing Hao was seen at the hospital, visiting the mob boss. (Yeah, the one that kidnapped him three years ago.) And what was even more interesting was Min Shuo saw Jing Hao walked right past him. While Jing Hao and the mob boss were having some catch-up session (aka more time to fill some of the details in for us that was), Min Shuo was sneaking up on them and listening in to their conversation. Okay, I sort of forgive him for that since he was sooo curious after all. Like how the world Jing Hao was back and didn’t tell anyone AND how in the world Jing Hao was seen with the mob boss. So the mob boss was the one who helped Jing Hao when they bumped into each other in Japan like two years ago? Wow! Okay… No wonder Jing Hao had some progress. It was interesting all right. And still, Min Shuo didn’t stop Jing Hao to confront him. Or was he still shocked about Jing Hao’s sudden appearance and not to mention the weird story he heard? He ran out of the hospital anyway, but to find Jing Hao or Rui En?

Just when Jing Hao was taking a walk along the familiar place to reminisce about the past, he spotted the many drawings of himself blowing in the wind. And who else but Rui En walking over to the small chair and sitting down at it, drinking a milk bottle? After that, she went back to her task of drawing up another picture of none other than him and still with a hopeful smile on her face. And we got our answer as to where Min Shuo was going because he was looking for Rui En, asking for her hand in marriage–to which Rui En was thinking that he must be crazy (to which her answer said so). Did Jing Hao really have to witness that scene? I guess he had to since it would persuade him to move on? (Back to hating Min Shuo mood here since what in the world was he doing? I guess he didn’t want to lose another chance? I don’t know, but I still don’t feel sorry for him. He had all his life yet he threw that away ages ago and he was asking for what now? She should’ve slapped his hand off of the tip of her mouth when he was attempting to shut her up for the time being and tell her to reconsider.)

Jing Hao just had to satisfy his curiosity because he followed Rui En on the way home. The truth had to be revealed, right? Since he finally knew that she was staying at his old place. That was when Tong Tong wanted to play fate since she was knocking on Jing Hao’s car door and told Jing Hao that she was lost. LOL! Priceless! I didn’t realize that such a sad scene could turn into a hilarious one. Or somewhat of a witty one. She said she wanted to borrow his phone so she could call her mother, lol. Don’t want to be too obvious, right? She called Rui En instead. The kid soon faked some conversation before leaving Jing Hao, even stating that the actual person was actually very handsome, lol. It was after Tong Tong left that Jing Hao glimpsed at his phone and realized that the number belonged to Rui En’s cell phone. Too bad Tong Tong was not able to convince her mother otherwise. Perhaps, she should just tell Rui En to come out of the house and meet Jing Hao. Then the scene at the airport finally arrived and it was really the next day. Rui En tried to run after Jing Hao when Xu Xin Jie’s agent swept them up and ran from the press yet was unfruitful. She only could watch as the van pulled away further and further. Jing Hao saw her though, but like he could do anything. In fact, he was fighting his own demon inside while the outer demon (the yakking Xu Xin Jie of course, sorry for that–childish but whatever) was telling her agent that she could just marry Jing Hao. But Jing Hao finally regained control when he told them to stop the car. His yell was indeed effective because he managed to get off. (But as a side note, was there such a clueless girl like Xu Xin Jie? Seriously. Like she was within the industry after all, was she that naive? Honestly…)

Jing Hao returned to the airport to see Rui En on the floor, retrieving her drawings that she had dropped earlier to chase after him. But he had no plan of meeting up with her since he turned his back on her upon seeing her getting up and making her way out of there. It was like he wanted to observe, but not disturb. After she left, there was still a drawing somewhere in the corner that she had missed and he picked it up. At the same time, he was pondering why she hadn’t changed at all like he thought she would eventually forget him and move on.

One of the most important confrontations was about to take place. Since Rui En fainted and was hospitalized, NoQ was more than frustrated with the situation and not to mention how everyone had seen the intimate scene at the airport already. Bi Yun finally gave NoQ Jing Hao’s number hence the encounter seen above. The gym owner seemed relieved to see Jing Hao well and alive while NoQ was more than beyond livid. (But honestly, I partially blame him for what happened.) Though Jing Hao was a bit over with his words yet I swear he was right. First of all, he never told Rui En to wait for him. And secondly, NoQ had no right to hit him or lecture him because of NoQ’s careless mistake that caused Jing Hao’s father’s death.

Though his words were harsh yet I knew he would visit her, wanting to know about her well being. He left after having a glimpse at her and waited in the car. Morning arrived and Jing Hao finally saw his enemy once again. (Yup, Song Wan Ji came to the hospital to see his daughter.) Anger immediately flashed on his face yet he didn’t carry any type of action toward that but just drove away. (I honestly want the plot to move forward a little faster to reveal the true reason behind Jing Hao’s departure so the others wouldn’t blame him in totality anymore. And yes, I’m getting like 200% annoyed with all those people who know nothing but just blurts stuff out. Then I’m also hating on Song Wan Ji since he’s so low to use that tactic with using that annoying star. Yes, he’s doing this for his daughter YET I just had it with him, letting Jing Hao take all the blame in this whole situation.)

Rui En escaped from the hospital and came to Jing Hao’s company, wanting to meet up. (Yup, she learned well from him since he attempted to leave the hospital that one time.) A confrontation took place and she indeed sounded like his wife with the whole chiding him of leaving with no words, etc. He could still smile after she left? But I guess he couldn’t help it for old time’s sake.

After successfully persuading NoQ to help (aka thank the gym owner for putting in some words), Rui En messaged Jing Hao for a meeting. He showed up, of course, and saw all the drawings of the events of their meeting being displayed. And then Rui En turned around to smile at him while he was still observing those drawings. And that was the end of the episode.

Previews showed some more intensity. Honestly, are they going to reveal that whole thing with Song Wan Ji killing Jing Hao’s mother? ‘Cause I honestly can’t endure any more of the torture Jing Hao has to go through.

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Endless Love: Line 7

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The day of the wedding finally arrived. From several scenes shown, it seemed like a good sign. Not to mention how Min Shuo’s mother was even more enthusiastic toward greeting the guests and carrying on the various tasks. (And sometimes I wonder if it was her wedding instead since she was so happy, lol.) However, the problem started with NoQ’s attempt to get Jing Hao’s father to the wedding location. The old man had demanded NoQ to return his rings and was giving NoQ troubles, even when NoQ was trying to drive. Dangerous move all right. Luckily, NoQ managed to steer the car in time and parked at a side of the street before anything drastic happen. But the most obvious hint that something major was happening because of some careless mistake was NoQ’s sudden nature call and he needed to leave so he told Liang Ba Ba not to go anywhere and wait for him to come back. (Yeah right! How frustrating was that? It was like an invitation card when there was like some kind of “Don’t” being slapped around.)

Before things escalated for the worst though, we were brought back to the scene of the wedding preparations–among other things. So last minute. But Jing Hao and Rui En were receiving their blessing from Min Shuo. Jing Hao even went to the extent of calling Min Shuo “Min Shuo Ge”, which got a reaction from Rui En all right. She didn’t realize how they were getting along so well now. It was hard not to, right? Since they already worked out their differences–or at least had their ‘man to man’ talk? LOL! But that somewhat amusing atmosphere between the three of them was, of course, short-lived and shattered by NoQ’s delivery of the news to Jing Hao over the phone that Liang Ba Ba had disappeared. (The least NoQ could have done was roll the window down a tad for the old man to have some air and lock the car. Idiot! Yes, I’m getting technical and mean here but isn’t that common sense since the old man has been that way for a while and that he should know better? Don’t say that he had to go so he couldn’t do all that. He had the time to rattle out some commands to Liang Ba Ba so he would have some time to roll the window down super fast and lock the car after he got out. Hello!) The result? Min Shuo lent Jing Hao his car to go find Liang Ba Ba while they were waiting at the hotel.

And the confrontation went forth as Jing Hao arrived at the spot where NoQ was waiting at. (Yeah, still the same spot.) What was the point of saying sorry now? The search for Liang Ba Ba continued within the perimeter while the guests and the organizers included were restless at the hotel, wondering what was going on. Though it was called a ‘search’ but NoQ was the only one walking around calling out for Liang Ba Ba while Jing Hao was standing nearby, lost in thoughts. Was he thinking that Heaven must be punishing him for marrying the daughter of the enemy? Possible. What about Rui En? She was seen all alone and probably thinking about some bad signs as well. The search continued into the night as Jing Hao was seen wandering along the streets to see if his father had gone there. Yup, Jing Hao was thinking that he was being punished by his mother–and not by Heaven. He was begging his mother to let him find his father again and saying that he would let go of Rui En, hoping that she was listening to his prayers.

After they dismissed the guests and managed to get everything under control (or what seemed like it), they were all gathered in the hallway where Rui En had been standing at the whole while. I wouldn’t even want to be there, honestly. Imagine facing those people and their questioning glances, and the mumbling. But back to the situation at hand, Min Shuo and his mother were persuading Rui En to go home and wait for Jing Hao but Rui En insisted on waiting there, saying that Jing Hao promised her he would return. Not being able to put another word in, Min Shuo’s mother stepped aside and whispered to Song Ba Ba. The typical response came from him with saying that they should just ignore Rui En for the time being. Not that he was mad–though that had to do with it too (since he had every right to) but he knew his daughter too well, knowing that she won’t budge. So Min Shuo was the only one left after the adults were gone, still trying to persuade Rui En. (Good luck, man.) Yup, Min Shuo was forced to leave also since Rui En was determined to wait for Jing Hao and Liang Ba Ba there.

Indeed Jing Hao did return. Yet he couldn’t muster up his courage to speak up and tell her anything. Perhaps if he’d stayed longer, he wouldn’t be able to carry through with his plan. What was the plan? To severe all ties with the Song family by revealing the truth that happened 15 years ago to Song Ba Ba. But it was over the phone instead of the face to face confrontation. Unable to control his emotions anymore, Jing Hao finally yelled out why Song Ba Ba had to be Rui En’s father–and that got Rui En’s attention. She only heard his voice though and not what was being said. While she was running around the hotel searching for him, Min Shuo came back (with food?) and discovered that Jing Hao had returned (since his car was back). Song Ba Ba was still stumped by the information Jing Hao just blurted out that he didn’t know what to say to Min Shuo when Min Shuo asked. He only wanted to find Jing Hao at that point, not explain. Song Ba Ba was desperately bargaining with Jing Hao to meet up, saying that Jing Hao shouldn’t tell Rui En yet since Rui En couldn’t be blamed. But before Jing Hao could respond, Rui En found Jing Hao. The connection got cut off between Jing Hao and Song Ba Ba then since Rui En was asking Jing Hao if he’d found his father and that it was all right since they would go search together, etc.

The meet up at last. Yet it wasn’t what Song Ba Ba would’ve wanted. He was fine with a face to face confrontation, just not in front of his daughter. But I guess they were still able to control their emotions, just slightly since no one strike yet. Though Jing Hao was sitting there giving Song Ba Ba dagger looks, he hadn’t struck. While Song Ba Ba was trying to control himself and assuring others that he was fine, but it was obvious he was turning quite pale by then. Rui En asked for her father’s help since he had a lot of connections. But somehow, Min Shuo had detected the hectic atmosphere already. It was just that he was trying to keep things calm for the time being. It looked like his mother wasn’t too behind with detecting things either since she rattled out some instructions to her son to send Jing Hao and Rui En home while she was doing the same with Song Ba Ba. Were they delaying things? At least for Jing Hao and Song Ba Ba. It was indeed hard for Jing Hao to just severe all ties upon seeing Rui En’s tearful look when she finally found him earlier. Looking at Jing Hao’s hands, he was definitely trying to restrain himself from doing anything rash right there and then.

On the way home, Jing Hao was reconsidering what Song Ba Ba said earlier while Rui En was attempting to reassure him all over again, saying that they would eventually find Liang Ba Ba. But I think Min Shuo’s getting sharper or at least more observant because he seemed to detect something totally different from just the whole ‘worrying for his father’ vibe from Jing Hao. As for Song Ba Ba, he was thinking about the whole accident and what Jing Hao said to him as well at home that night.

Next morning at the police station, Jing Hao was arguing with the police while the others were calming him down. Yup, they wouldn’t care for anything until it was past 24 hours (just to make sure it wasn’t just some false alarm that was). Yet Jing Hao had every reason to be worried since it was a special case with his father, not being able to take care of himself. However, Rui En couldn’t even persuade Jing Hao since he just brushed her off and walked off. Min Shuo was commenting on how terrible Jing Hao’s attitude was but Rui En just shrugged it off, totally understanding that Jing Hao was just worrying for his father. Yet she had no idea that was just partially it. Outside, Jing Hao seemed to have calmed down a bit after Rui En’s comforting words–and he was back to his torn self, pondering if he should really throw the ultimatum her way when Song Ba Ba called him and asked for a meet up with just the two of them to sort things out.

That was it? “Sorry, it was my fault”? No wonder Jing Hao looked beyond livid. He elaborated how bad he was feeling and had repented all these years yet it didn’t seem to be enough. At least not from Jing Hao’s point of view. Understandable since how could you ever be sorry enough for those kinds of things? Powerful words all right. I meant from Jing Hao’s response. That was right. (In case anyone wanted it to be repeated on here, what Jing Hao said was: “You didn’t just kill one person, but a family. You didn’t just kill my mother, but my father and I as well.”) Even if they say it was an accident, but either way couldn’t justify it. I meant that was why it was called an ‘accident’ in the first place since no one wanted it to happen. Yet it couldn’t just be called an ‘accident’ so lightly since it had ruined so many lives. So Song Ba Ba was rushing to the hospital that day to see his wife for the last time that caused the accident? And now was the reverse since Rui En called when Jing Hao was still torn between wanting to forget it because of Rui En but it was just too much to take in regardless of how one look at it. But the decision was to be delayed once again since Liang Ba Ba’s whereabouts were more important at that point.

Another emotional scene unfolded after the police officer told Jing Hao they only found Liang Ba Ba’s wallet with his ID in it and his shoes. Did he really jump? Possible yet there was still some other possibilities. NoQ was saying sorry from behind the scene yet I found it unforgivable. At the same time, Rui En was being comforted by Min Shuo nearby. Later, while Min Shuo and his mother were having a talk at home, Jing Hao was seen at the police station still arguing with the officers that his father couldn’t possibly commit suicide as Rui En followed suit, agreeing with Jing Hao that it was impossible. The officers were having their time persuading Jing Hao and Rui En all right yet it just didn’t make sense. It would have a higher chance at being a possibility if it was the death anniversary of Jing Hao’s mother, right? I meant if his father wanted to commit suicide? That day had a more emotional impact on him. And the bridge of Jing Hao’s emotion finally surged forth because he had pushed Rui En aside so powerfully–and cruelly. Though it seemed like their ties would come to an end with what had happened at the police station that day, but Rui En was still seen at Jing Hao’s house that night, weeping away silently at her own corner as Jing Hao was doing his own mourning over the loss of his father–or what seemed to be that way.

The day finally came when they accepted the truth because they finally held a funeral for Liang Ba Ba with all the crucial characters attending. I thought the scene was well done. There wasn’t a need for too many cheesy words or flashbacks. The song playing in the background accompanied the moment of their mourning well.

And the day of departure finally came when everyone, including Rui En, thought that Jing Hao would eventually recover yet he had chosen to leave the place because he could no longer keep it all inside. He did keep his promise or what was more like accepting Rui En’s father’s plea in not telling her regarding their conflict because of the tragic accident that happened 15 years ago. Yet that had made everyone else puzzled of his actions, especially Min Shuo who was beyond upset because of what Rui En was going through. At least Rui En had Min Shuo to comfort her (even if it wouldn’t help her state a bit since she was practically going hysterical), but Jing Hao only had himself to keep that secret and pain all inside. On the other hand, we were finally able to watch and listen to Jing Hao’s response to Rui En’s question that one time when she was capturing his words on camera. A new tint of hope surged inside Rui En after replaying that segment of Jing Hao, promising to wait for him to come back and never forget him, not letting go, etc. (Though I had a feeling she was still in a stage of denial. I have confidence in her that she wouldn’t just forget about him but at that moment, it was both her determination and denial that had made her stand firm on her words.)

The story picked up three years later after Rui En’s promise to wait for Jing Hao and putting the wedding ring on her finger. What would it be then? What changes would there be actually? First off, Rui En was seen on a motorcycle instead of her fancy, slick car. The ring was still shining brightly when the sun hit it. And her face was still full of hope, probably a sign that she was still waiting for Jing Hao. It seemed like she had kept her promise to stay strong and wait for his return. Though seen in a more matured image yet her personality was still visible with her exchange with the boss at this one shop. We also discovered something else from her persistence in convincing the boss of the shop to sell the materials to her. What? Not obvious enough? She must have struck out on her own and not rely on her father since she was running low on money hence having to use her wit and charm to convince the boss she needed the materials before she could become ‘Song Da Shi’, lol. The boss said that the heat must have gotten to her? LOL! But he gave in anyway. In fact, he had already prepared a bag for her.  How could anyone resist her charm, right? Cute. When Rui En got home, we learned something else. She was living at Jing Hao’s place now. Then there were also two other persons living with her, a pair of mother and daughter.

Zoomed in to the gym, we see the gym owner and NoQ still around. Business seemed to have picked up. Or they must have transformed it into a different type of business since NoQ was seen directing the ladies in a routine exercise while the gym owner watched on. Rui En came to visit them and watched as well. Though the gym owner was glad to see her (and it seemed they’ve kept in touch throughout these few years), the gym owner had on this worried look and the head-shaking indicated that he was indeed feeling sorry for her. And NoQ still dared to say it? It was all his fault. Well, can’t really blame him, but it was so careless of him with the incident three years ago. Yet he still dared to chide Jing Hao for not calling them? In a way, I guess he was trying to persuade Rui En to forget about Jing Hao and move on with her life yet it was a bit overboard, like the gym owner had said with him saying nonsensical stuff.

Min Shuo, we learned from Tong Tong (the little girl), seemed to have been keeping in touch with Rui En as well. He was visiting them again. Yet he was having too much trouble with convincing the little girl not to call him ‘Da Shu’ anymore. LOL! And the little battle halted when Rui En and Bi Yun (Tong Tong’s mother) came home. The casual greetings were exchanged before Rui En said a phrase that could have just been delivered in the form of a slap because she said, “Why are you here again? Didn’t I say that you don’t need to come anymore?” Talking about a typical, blunt Rui En attack. Yet Min Shuo soon recovered and passed over some items from his mother. (Or was it?) Bi Yun soon interfered and snatched up the bags, her daughter, and disappeared inside for the two to talk. But that wasn’t before another round of brilliant exchange between Min Shuo and Tong Tong–the usual ‘See you later, Da Shu’ and ‘See you later, Xiao Xiao Ya Tou’. (And Bi Yun seemed to have fancied Min Shuo? LOL!)

What had happened in the past and would eventually unleash another rounds of unknown dramas, we have yet to know. But I think out of the whole obstacles and whatnot, Min Shuo’s mother seemed to have benefited the most. NOT that she was responsible for anything. But it was like she’d found her way to Rui En’s father’s heart by staying by his side throughout these few years. It seemed their relationship had grown to a more comfortable level. At least he wasn’t treating her in a polite way like in the past? Not sure but it seemed that way. And though he seemed like he didn’t care, Rui En’s father was more than glad to hear Min Shuo say that she was coming to the opening of his hospital.

The person whom everyone was waiting for has finally returned. Yet he had no idea the person who was waiting for him now resided at his old house. Tong Tong was talking to her mother inside and asking some questions. But when she turned around to face the door, she saw Jing Hao. The problem was that she would have a major time to convince anyone since she’d been known to give false ID in the past, not on purpose of course. Her mother thought that she was spouting nonsense again, not allowing her to run after Jing Hao. But Tong Tong managed to break free and give chase anyway. But would this be fruitful at all? Since Jing Hao was nowhere to be seen when Tong Tong was finally outside.

After the opening ceremony, the four of them gathered and were having a meal together. What seemed to be a happy reunion turned into an argument about Rui En’s stubbornness and reluctant to pursue her education in Paris years ago. Once the topic was brought up, it became irreversible since Rui En said that they’d been through that thousand of times already. Min Shuo and his mother quickly rushed to patch things up again. Now I understand why it was necessary to have this pair of mother and son with the other two. They were the essential characters to maintain peace within the Song family. Though Rui En was always so stubborn with her decision, I swear Song Ba Ba was WAY over when he said that Jing Hao must have been dead already. WHAT?! To think that Jing Hao had kept it a secret and made himself an asshole by breaking it off with Rui En like that, wanting her to move on. Now he was blaming Jing Hao? He loved his daughter, but should he even say those things about Jing Hao? Though Rui En lost it and lashed out at her father but she quickly apologized since it was an important day to him after all. But she still departed, not wanting to trigger another argument.

Another confrontation between Rui En and Min Shuo ensued outside. Rui En was saying how they were saying they worried for her yet she was still around for them to see that she was all right. She also said they should be worrying about Jing Hao’s well being instead. Min Shuo then said that it was enough that she had waited for Jing Hao for so long and had worried for Jing Hao all these times. (I guess the definition sure varies since I would think 10 years is long, but 3? Oh well, that’s not the point, I guess.) Rui En, being her stubborn self, said it would never be enough unless Jing Hao appeared in front of her. Soon, Rui En was back into her regular clothes again, riding on her motorcycle, going home. Meanwhile, Jing Hao was seen making his way back to town after that brief visit to his old house. Would they bump into each other then? It was interesting how things turned out since she was driving in her car back then and he would probably be on his motorcycle.

Indeed, they both stopped at the same light and were heading in the same direction. Yet he only saw her back and didn’t realize it was her. When the light finally turned green, both turned in opposite directions and headed toward their own destination, not knowing they were so close to a reunion–whether good or bad. But fate was on their side since they met at the airport the next day when Jing Hao was there to pick someone up and Rui En was seen drawing away with some inspirations in mind. And that was the end of the episode when they finally saw each other.

Previews show more emotional confrontations–from many parties, not just between Jing Hao and Rui En.

Ratings went up to 0.84 for this one.

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Endless Love: Line 6

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode picked up where Jing Hao was reassuring Rui En that he wouldn’t leave her–ever. Such a promise yet we all know it won’t last because of the past unleashing itself on them. Moving on, Rui En’s father was seen reminiscing about the conversation he had with Jing Hao previously. Though Jing Hao gave the old man his words yet Rui En’s father was still seen sighing after that little flashback. Who wouldn’t, right? It was his daughter after all.

After that false alarm of a breakup, Jing Hao was seen struggling with the gym owner, pondering what was the whole idea with covering his eyes. Yet the gym owner refused to cave in, wanting it to be an absolute surprise for Jing Hao. Delaying the anticipation some more, the gym owner proceeded to yell for NoQ to get ready while NoQ passed the words on to Rui En. When the gym owner finally let go of Jing Hao, allowing him to see the scene in front of him, he was indeed surprised and 200% happy. Apparently, not only were they preparing for his little surprise party, but Rui En even came up with a little dance just for him. How cute is that?

Jing Hao and Rui En left the gym afterward but things were far from over since Rui En was seen questioning Jing Hao about the conversation between him and her father. However, typical as it got, he just shrugged it off and said it was just a secret between men (lol). Man to man talk, eh? But of course Jing Hao did mention her father worrying for her well-being and it was natural that the old man did. We were able to see Jing Hao’s sad expression after Rui En’s car drove away. Was this a hint for some event unfolding? Or was he just feeling like his happiness was too good to be true? Perhaps…

Bad news came in the form of a letter because Rui En’s father had discovered about her opportunity to further her education overseas. The confrontation took place when she got home, but she was determined and responded with much indifference that she didn’t want to go anymore. Well, indifference was an understatement or inaccurate for this situation because her face displayed that of annoyed since she was ready to question him about giving Jing Hao a hard time previously. (Nice way of diverting out of the other situation, eh?) It did not matter that her father was rambling on about how hard it was to get accepted into that university. Things intensified when Rui En’s father realized what she just said and expressed his disappointment for Jing Hao (thinking that Jing Hao had told Rui En regarding the conversation). Rui En, of course, clarified that it was Min Shuo who told her, not Jing Hao. That was one intense scene with the confrontation, the sharp words, and the final blow (literally). (Rui En seriously takes it after her father since they were both stubborn in a sense, not letting go of their belief. It doesn’t make either party wrong, just makes it harder for them to connect when there are real obstacles that they need to deal with, like this one.)

So what did the fight result in? Nothing that was too unexpected of Rui En since she ran away from home and ended up at Jing Hao’s house. Surprised was all he was when he stepped out of the shower. After that previous intense scene, I would’ve expected her falling into his arms and cry it out YET it took us toward another angle. Honestly, that was random but still funny. What happened? He was questioning her about her presence at their house (his and his father’s that was) since it was so late already. She said she wanted to stay there and he refused, stating she couldn’t stay there with the men-only resident. Her stubbornness kicked in about then and she went to his room, apparently proving that she wasn’t leaving anytime soon. He followed her, attempting to kick her out–or more like persuading her otherwise. BUT he had no idea when he was closing the door, the towel he used to wrap himself had caught on the door and she saw it all! The next part? A scream echoing through the neighborhood, what else? (That was kind of hard to believe that he couldn’t feel the towel sliding off though. Perhaps he was too occupied in getting her to leave that he didn’t notice?) Not only that she fled the scene but had also left behind a sneaker. (Modern Cinderella? Just kidding, lol…) The difference was she couldn’t go anywhere without the sneaker so she sat down just outside of his resident, pondering what to do next–and of course still in a panic of what she just saw. Not to mention still trying to muster up some courage to go back inside and retrieve her shoe. What about Jing Hao? What else could he do except getting dressed? Then going outside with her belongings and returning it to her.

Though still awkward yet they managed to sit down and began a serious talk. The conversation was fruitful of course since he managed to persuade her otherwise and to believe in him with making it work and proving it to her father. He had his way of convincing her, but still managed to make a joke out of it? Nice. He’s right though. He has to prove to her father appropriately how he could take care of her, not running off like that. And indeed, Rui En went home and apologized to her father.

The next day promised to be a good one with the nice weather greeting them and Jing Hao was seen spending time with his father. Liang Ba Ba sure looks good, hope he stays that way. He sure gave us a good scare. But while Jing Hao was rolling his old man back inside, he learned through the news about what kind of position Rui En’s father held. Though discouraged about the big gap, he soon turned optimistic again, stating that he would always have his father by his side. Of course, Liang Ba Ba was happy to hear that, but he repeated that he was hungry. So there they were–on their way to get food–that ended up with Jing Hao using his laptop to search for additional information on Rui En’s father. (The teasing exchange between Jing Hao and Rui En were so cute though. On the other hand, though, I don’t feel sorry for Min Shuo at all though clap him on for having informed Rui En of the meeting between Jing Hao and her father. He has all those times so it wasn’t like he was being robbed. But she moved on.)

While Jing Hao was out and about trying to test the camera in his hands, he spotted Rui En rushing toward him with a 100-watt smile on her face. Sensing something weird, he asked her where her car was to receive a response that she wanted to walk. It was indeed a nice day, so why waste time sitting in some car, right? So they proceeded on with her trying to grab the camera from him while he kept filming, even when she took a fall while trying to skate. Seeing her expression, he tried to assure her and rushed forward to help her (so she wouldn’t scowl anymore). But clever as she was, she pulled him on the ground as well, letting him experience the pain she went through a few seconds ago.

Two could play at this game, right? Since after Jing Hao changed the disc for the next round, Rui En snatched it up and decided to have her fair share of fun by filming him. (See how he likes it now, right?) Slightly annoyed–or possibly mildly annoyed–by what Rui En was doing, but upon hearing her question to him, he flashed on his amused smile. (or was that a surprised, semi-relief smile? LOL! Still cute.) Anyway, on the way back home, he told her that she could drive her car the next time since having to ride the public bus could be quite troublesome. Rui En, being on Cloud 9 of recent, only replied that she had missed a lot of things while driving so she wanted to ride the bus instead, allowing her to see the beautiful sun and see his face also. (Nice? Aww…touched…) We weren’t left with that sweet moment though since she requested for the disc so she could broadcast it in the future if he dared to go against her. (Yup, the dramatic exit, still cute though.)

That night, Rui En’s father was in for a surprise as the person who had to do with the money they were talking about all day long was actually Jing Hao. Rui En was at home at the moment and had no idea until NoQ called her (on Jing Hao’s order) and told her to tune in to the segment. While watching, Rui En was more than happy with Jing Hao’s words to her father. At the same time, NoQ and the gym owner cheered Jing Hao on at their own place. Perhaps the only person not so happy–and was bordering on annoyed–was Min Shuo. It was indeed a surprise for Rui En’s father but I guess Jing Hao really earned his respect by now. (Not just because everyone was there and they needed to pose for the camera for show.)

After the event, Jing Hao walked out of the hotel, pondering why Rui En hadn’t called him yet. Little did he know, Rui En was lurking around the area, scheming to surprise him in her own way. To take it even further, she didn’t answer his call immediately but just walked toward him before responding into her own phone. (Cute?)

It wasn’t like Rui En had forgotten or dropped her plan of apologizing to her father (after some failed attempts to make conversation). That night at home, Song Ba Ba discovered some drawings hanging on the glass windows with words of apologies all over them, showing her sincerity. Those drawings were indeed so cute! How could Song Ba Ba stay mad, right? And while Song Ba Ba was reconsidering matters, Jing Hao and Rui En were enjoying their walk home (to Jing Hao’s house that was). Another cute moment between them.

The next day proved to be another interesting one. Not only was Rui En still firm on her decision of not going to Paris for her studies and made her father caved in, but Song Ba Ba also told Jing Hao what Rui En was sacrificing for him. After some sharp exchange between the two, Song Ba Ba interfered and told Rui En that they were both going to Paris for their studies. It was at that eventful moment that Min Shuo’s mother jumped in and said that they (Jing Hao and Rui En) were getting married. Rui En went all nervous and shy but quickly recovered to introduce the two. Funny as it was, Min Shuo’s mother had become a fan of Jing Hao’s after watching last night’s segment. Jing Hao only got to experience a little of that flattery since Min Shuo’s mother turned the whole subject into some awkward moment once again. It was then that Song Ba Ba decided to jump in to clarify that they weren’t getting married, only going overseas for studies–to which Min Shuo’s mother went all shocked, beyond herself, etc and scolded him for being inconsiderate. (Nice… She didn’t say all those words but it was implied with her choice of words.)

Soon, they seemed strolling along a familiar place–to which Rui En took the pleasure of teasing Jing Hao about what he said that one time. Though amused by her mockery, he admitted that it seemed so perfect, so easy that made him fear something coming up. She promised that their future would only consist of happiness. (Don’t we wish it too?) For now, they couldn’t think of anything that could separate them, but Jing Hao’s fear was right. It would be coming soon.

Well, I wasn’t expecting this but I guess this might count as one of those mini obstacles. Yes, Min Shuo had found out through his mother that Jing Hao and Rui En were getting married and he was more than frustrated, even willing to find some reason to turn it into some kind of conspiracy. I wouldn’t expect Min Shuo to be some too good to be true dude either, but this is just getting lame with his attempt to prove something. (Or was he trying to?) It was almost brainless that Jing Hao was winning the fight though. (I meant, hello – trained versus untrained.) But I must agree with Jing Hao, I have no idea who he was coming to the gym for anyway–Jing Hao or Rui En? That was worth millions of laugh though. What? Min Shuo actually said ‘his Rui En’, excuse me? HELLO…delusional much? Unwilling to let go or more like did not cherish her or care to pay attention to her until it was too late. It was like he didn’t think much when she was around and now he was regretting things when she was gone so he wanted to win her back? Then the worst was not admitting it but pushing the blame toward Jing Hao for using those ‘schemes’ to win Rui En and her father over.

Leaving the guys to fend for themselves, we were brought toward the scene where Rui En was bringing over some of Liang Ba Ba’s favorites. He was of course always so happy to see Rui En–and the food she brought.

Was it so hard for Min Shuo to believe that Jing Hao got together with Rui En because he loved her? Perhaps he was so used to being in those types of world with the girls clinging onto him because of money or his look so he felt it was too much to believe? But that was too ironic with Min Shuo’s admitting to Jing Hao that he liked Rui En now. 200% ironic all right. Don’t forget that NoQ and the gym owner were lurking nearby watching the guys’ every move the whole time. And they weren’t too happy with hearing that Jing Hao was getting married–AND didn’t tell them about it. So funny to see their reaction and then advancing on Jing Hao after Min Shuo left. Totally dissolved the previous hectic mood. (Side-Note: Min Shuo was such a spoiled, young master all right, looking at him rubbing his face and listening to him whine about how much it hurt was too much to take. But kind of funny.)

When Jing Hao came to visit his father, he was puzzled as to why his old man was sleeping already when it was still early. Yet Rui En sprung up from under the blankets and gave him a good shock. Asking why she was there, she replied by saying that she was there to ask his father for permission in getting married. And the old man’s response? He jumped out from somewhere and sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song with the word ‘birthday’ replaced with ‘getting married’, nice? (Cute indeed.)

So they proceeded with wedding plans and other arrangements. Min Shuo’s mother was 200% involved in the preparations (and even took time to hang onto Song Ba Ba’s arms while they were watching Jing Hao and Rui En in wedding attires). All that while, something was waiting to happen since Song Ba Ba was seen staring at the ring in the box once again, even scolding Rui En for scaring him when she jumped out from nowhere.

Jing Hao finally discovered the ring inside the box when he was going into Song Ba Ba’s room to retrieve Rui En’s documents for her. Flashbacks and vivid sounds of his father’s scoldings haunted him, causing him to flee the scene without caring to tell Rui En. He needed time to process matters. How could fate be so cruel, right? (Though it was kind of fake that he would just grab the envelope without caring to push the box aside first. It wasn’t like the box was out of the way, it was like sort of in the middle. Or he thought he could just slip the envelope out of the way without causing the box to fall? Or he was just wanting to get the envelope, get out of there, and get back to the living room to meet Rui En? Too much possibilities but it was all right. They needed an excuse to let Jing Hao know. Since he wasn’t the nosy type, he wouldn’t stumble into it unless it was like that?) Anyway, Rui En tried to call him after she came back to find his backpack gone and all, knowing he’d already left. It was really the day that Jing Hao was talking about, having no idea it was like that when he said it. What about Jing Hao? He returned to the scene of the crime to relive the events once again, torturing himself with the past and now the future, his fleeting future. Actually, their fleeting future, because Rui En was already suspecting the worst with her unanswered calls. While Rui En was crying away and worrying about his well-being, he was listening to all her messages and also feeling his heartbreak. Feeling fate had toyed with him, he yelled out in frustration, questioning why did it have to be Rui En’s father. Despite that discovery, Jing Hao apologized to his parents when he was already home and had calmed down, stating that he couldn’t go on without Rui En. So that was his decision, calling her up and meeting her in front of her house. It seemed like a false alarm – or so she thought, only glad that everything was okay. But for how long could he hold on? After all, it wasn’t like he could avoid Rui En’s father for the rest of his life.

It was getting even more obvious when the three of them were on the trip the next day to meet Jing Hao’s father. While pretending everything was all right, he was seen all hostile whenever Rui En’s father spoke up. So while both of their fathers were outside acting like a bunch of kids, Jing Hao was seen splashing water on his face, trying to regain his calm state–but it was failing miserably. How could he refrain when he finally knew of the truth after all these years, right? So, of course, it wasn’t out of this world to think about revenge.

Back outside, Jing Hao transformed to his happy self once again (only when Rui En was watching) and witnessed his father playing so happily with the person who killed his mother and ruined their normal life. Everything was so reeking of irony, not hinting of anything strange just upon witnessing the two hanging out together. So while Rui En’s father promised to look after Jing Hao’s father when Jing Hao and Rui En left for their studies, it seemed like a good plan (on the surface). Watching those two getting along so well that they were going to the restroom together was way beyond agony (for Jing Hao). (And then I was thinking the whole time that if Jing Hao stared any longer, he could put holes through Song Ba Ba’s head.) And the episode ended with Jing Hao tossing the rings into the water (not sure though since he did it so fast), determined to leave the past behind and move on. Another great episode with touches of sweetness and bitterness, among other things.

Previews show the worst with the gang coming back to cause trouble for Jing Hao again, but this time abducting his father instead of him. The worst being that the old man must have died already. Or did he? Jing Hao refused to believe yet the police said otherwise. Then the truth coming out about the accident that occurred 15 years ago and his confrontation with Rui En’s father. Quite intense, emotional, and led to the worst–as expected already. But there was the typical gap of him leaving and returning. Though it made sense that he should leave the place and return later since so much had happened already and how he just lost his father. How could he bear it all?

Ratings went up to 0.78 for this episode. A slight improvement.

*All images were captured by DTLCT