And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Scary and clever at the same time. I didn’t get to read the post-script part until later when I was hunting down for more clues regarding the book since I did not get the ending. Anyway, that was clever all right. In a way, it was pointing at people’s conscience with the remaining two. I thought it was the judge all right BUT after he was dead (or supposedly dead), it was harder to guess. The post-script helped major time to understand what was happening. Indeed there was really someone among them that was the murderer.

Comparing this to some similar adaptations, like Identity and Mindhunters, I thought that Identity was more into the psychological aspects than the other. Sure, both were inspired by the book but Identity dealt with the psychological side more. It was creepier in a sense because the mind was scarier than the actual events that happened. It was less obvious with the story because of the different places they were placed in and how they eventually solved the mystery. Or at least found out too late. It was really someone among them and that person also faked his death. Yet it was all in the mind.

Mindhunters, on the other hand, showed obvious similarity with the book because of the whole island setting, except the motive was different from the book. The murderer was revealed at the end that was he was trying to tempt fate (or more like the authorities). The manipulation method was somewhat similar to the book. They were eliminated one by one. The ending was somewhat similar with a girl and a guy being the last two. But they survived it and was rescued later.

Regardless of the similarities of both movies with the book, I thought they were both worth checking out. I actually watched Identity and then Mindhunters but still find it good for different reasons. I just managed to hunt down the book recently to read.