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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Liang Jing Hao was a hard-working, filial son who had to rely on several jobs to support his family, which only included two members–his father and himself. His father was a mentally challenged person, therefore, needing supervision 24/7. Jing Hao had to hire someone to look after his father while he was away delivering milk bottles, teaching a martial arts class for kids, going to classes, and managing a stall in the street selling clothes (which of course was illegal and risky). Life was tough but he always managed to keep a positive attitude toward his father, always so caring and gentle.

Jing Hao’s life–though tough–was at its stability until one day he encountered Song Rui En while running away from the police. Jing Hao accidentally bumped into Rui En and almost ripped her skirt out because his clothes rack had clung onto a piece of thread on Rui En’s skirt. Luckily, he stopped in time and an embarrassing moment was avoided. Rui En managed to change into one of the jeans on Jing Hao’s rack and forced Jing Hao to compensate her. While trying to get away, she almost took a fall but was rescued by Jing Hao – just like any other hero out there would do for a beauty. Though caught in a moment, Rui En still managed to scold Jing Hao, demanding that he let go of her. Jing Hao ignored her and carried her to some steps by the pavement, making her wait for him while he went to get the necessities to treat the wound on her leg. Having mixed feelings toward Jing Hao, Rui En decided to forget it–temporarily–and head home.

Upon arriving home, Jing Hao was scolded by the sitter (the one he hired to take care of his father) and she even inquired about the money. He begged her to delay the payments a bit longer and was spared of the worst–at least for the time being. That was just the beginning since he realized how he had to pay both the sitter and Rui En. He tried to call Rui En up the next day to move the deadline but was not let off easily because Rui En thought he was trying edge out of it. Frustrated and left with no choice, he paid Rui En first (by selling one of his most precious collections) and resorted to begging the sitter once again (considering how she knew of his condition). However, she gave him the ultimatum and stormed out of his house in a huff. He took his anger out by banging his hand on the door and was greeted by his father’s sincere offering of a candy bar. Touched by his father’s action and not wanting to frighten the man any longer, he calmed down. After preparing food and other necessities for his father, he gave the man some instructions before going to school. However, he was doubtful about whether the man was able to look after himself just for that one day. He repeated his words to the man until the man finally turned to him and reassured him, even calling him ‘Son’. With a glint of hope, he went ahead with his plan of heading to class.

While that was going on, it was revealed that Rui En lived with her father and liked Li Min Shuo for a period of time already. Rui En had a meal with her father, Min Shuo, and his mother before heading to class. It was also revealed that Min Shuo’s mother seemed to have a keen interest in Rui En’s father. Therefore, Min Shuo had always wanted to see the two elders getting together, teasing them and encouraging their get together. Rui En was shattered by the thought that Min Shuo had always treated her like a sister–whether she was growing up or not.

After attending some classes, Rui En spotted Jing Hao walking on campus and rushed to catch up with him, returning his Student ID card. She managed to stalk him subtly, pretending she was just going the same way. Almost speaking up to deliver her next round of attacks, she was stopped short by the phone call Jing Hao received. Someone was calling to inform Jing Hao that his house was on fire. Beyond shocked, Jing Hao rushed out of the campus, wanting to get home as soon as possible. Rui En tagged him down and insisted to drive him there. But Jing Hao insisted on driving. After taking control, Jing Hao flew through traffic as Rui En held on for her life. Upon arriving at his house, he jumped out of the car and rushed toward one of the firefighters. He was reassured by the answer that his father had been rescued. Rushing toward the man, he hugged him and cried with much relief.

On the way back to town, Rui En was distracted by the touching scene between Jing Hao and his father. She was soaked with guilt as she thought back to how she had forced him to compensate her and was so fierce with him during the whole incident. Not to mention the words she overheard from Jing Hao’s neighbors earlier regarding his financial difficulties.

Back at the Liang resident, Jing Hao was seen cleaning up with the help of NoQ (Jing Hao’s friend). It was at this time that Jing Hao’s father decided to play with the water bucket, spraying water everywhere. Jing Hao tried to stop him but knew he could not for some reason. Frustrated, Jing Hao then told NoQ to look after his father while he went out for a bit. NoQ questioned his trip but Jing Hao did not care to answer.

On the other hand, Rui En was still seemed devastated by what had happened. Her father thought that she was still sad because of what Min Shuo said and reassured her about the matter. But she clarified that it was not that. Not being able to get it out of her mind, she drove to Jing Hao’s house once again with the intention to return the money to him yet was unable to find the courage to face him.

Having previously scolded NoQ and the gym owner for thinking of such things as fighting in those underground matches, Jing Hao finally sought out the gym owner to go forth with the idea. He needed the money and the gym owner needed a fighter. They had one goal, but what would this lead to? An endless cycle?

After the match, Jing Hao went to find the sitter and paid her the money. After taking the envelope from Jing Hao, she inquired about the bruises on his face yet he did not care to answer. He just walked away quietly in the night. It was like he no longer cared to explain to anyone who did not understand his hardship or couldn’t spare him just a little more time.

It was only until NoQ was gone and after he put his father to bed that he finally cried out in pain. Missing his mother so much he could not hold back the tears anymore. It was such a burden to be carrying at such an age.

The next day at school, Rui En called out to him and caught up with him, offering a friendly smile. The smile turned off when she realized what had happened to his face. She–like the sitter–inquired about it, but he did not care to answer. He turned and walked away with the most indifference attitude he knew of.

Determined to pursue the matter, Rui En followed Jing Hao inside. Hesitation delayed her a bit but she was in time to witness a girl confessing to Jing Hao. Jing Hao actually accepted the girl but listed all his current lifestyles to the girl, trying to see if she could endure it all. Knowing the answer already, Jing Hao smiled mockingly at the girl while she shakily answered, running away from the scene afterward.

After the crowd dissolved, Rui En stepped down from her place and confronted Jing Hao. She scolded him for being fierce and how he should’ve said he already had a girlfriend so it would be less awkward. Jing Hao did not care to argue but just smiled. Rui En, annoyed by his attitude, asked him why he was still able to smile. He finally lashed out at her and walked away from the scene altogether, not caring to clarify anything with her or wait for her to defend herself.

Thoughts? This sort of reminded me of Legend of Star Apple because of the relationship between Jing Hao and his father. It was like how Rui Rui and her father were relying on each other. Though luckily for Rui Rui, her father was able to take care of himself more or less than Jing Hao’s father.

I actually like Will’s character in here more versus in Miss No Good–though it is not because this character is a lot nicer. But it is because this character is a lot more down to earth. Somehow, I always prefer the down to earth ones versus the whole rich guy idea. First time watching Sandrine Pinna but I like her chemistry with Will thus far.

Ratings for the first episode was 0.96. Whoa! Unbelievable since it had a decent start with enough touches here and there, indicating that it was not too over the top. I honestly found it refreshing. Yes, it was cliches in some senses, but it dived away from just the ‘hype’ but more about real-life obstacles. I honestly hope it would rise in the next episode or at least be recognized in its own way.

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Rainie’s Proclamation – Not Yet A Woman

This is the first CD I bought of her although I have listened to samples of her songs already. Maybe ’cause I wanted to get the subtheme songs of Miss No Good but must say–although probably not extraordinary awesome, but she does have her own style.


1. Too Troubled (太煩惱). This song is just so upbeat and fun–especially associating to scenes from Miss No Good. I actually think she sang it quite well with this song, bringing out its playful side and with a bit of seriousness on the side.

2. Take Me Away (帶我走). This song is just too sad. But really soothes the mood for certain scenes in Miss No Good. I think she managed to capture the emotions of the song just fine.

3. A Drop of My Pitiful Love (我的愛吊點滴). Interesting song and beat but for some reason, I don’t like this song that much. Maybe it’s the somewhat spooky feeling because of the background music.

4. Cold War (冷 戰). A mix of sad and soothing feeling at the same time–for odd reasons. And I like the words used to describe the scenes/ situations in here. I like how she managed to get the feeling out of the song out without being screechy or exaggerating her voice (like some other singers often do). It’s just the right amount, mixed in with bitterness.

5. Mars (火星). Interesting song, but good song. (Or at least I like it.) Just right, not too depressing or too dramatic. Or maybe because of the background music mix that compliments it.

6. Half-Hearted Declaration (半熟宣言). This song (heard it from the Viet version but definitely know it’s a Jap song). Anyway, the background music is nice and all. Maybe ’cause I like this song overall–no matter the version–so it’s getting addicting. And yes, the lyrics are a bit catchy too. It fits her quite well actually (from what it seems of course, lol).

7. Love Me, Please Shut Up (愛 我請shut up). Strange title, but when listened to, actually makes sense. Don’t really like the beat for this one but I guess it’s all right still. Not bad at all.

8. The Smile In Your Bossom (在你懷裡的徵笑). This is probably my 3rd favorite in the CD. Like both the lyrics and background music.

9. I’m the Biggest Girl (女生我最大). Catchy, upbeat song. It can get quite addicting and yes, maybe it’s just because upbeat songs are just so fun with weird lyrics. But maybe not that weird at all. Or maybe because the background music is having that effect on the words itself also. Actually like this one more than track #7.

10. Rhythm of Happiness (幸福的節拍). This is probably my 4th fav. song on here. Because it’s a mix of excitement and somewhat heart-warming feeling. It possesses both playful and seriousness that has this promising feeling to it.


「不良笑花」精采集錦 秘密珍藏 – The DVD shows different scenes of Miss No Good, featuring Xiao Hua vs. Tang Men scenes as well some scenes with the song  “Take Me Away” in the background. Also, some behind the scenes of Miss No Good. If I didn’t watch some parts of the BTS already, it would have been fun to watch. No Will for BTS though. Kind of a shame but it’s all right.

Overall, this CD is pretty good. There’s a mix of soft-soothing ballads as well as upbeat ones. I think she did better than for the previous one? Or the previous wasn’t that appealing to me.

There were also four high-quality pictures included as part of the goodies as well as a 2008 calendar planner booklet. (Of course, the lyrics booklet was included.) Quite worth the purchase actually.

Posted: December 3, 2008

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