iHero: More Season 2 Promos

Yes, like the title said they're doing more promotions for the drama. This time, Dou Hua Mei is present as well. Some people were complaining about how there was a lack of Xiao Xin and Jing Ling's individual pictures, which I agreed. Not to mention how the focus of the main leads seemed to be … Continue reading iHero: More Season 2 Promos

iHero: Season 2 Officially Filming

Yes! Finally some concrete news about this. They officially started filming at long last! I wouldn't blame them since it's hard to get everyone back together with how their schedules are. Just that I'm anxious to see them back in action. (Go here and here for news clips.) Anyway, season 2 is called Righteous War … Continue reading iHero: Season 2 Officially Filming

What’s So Good About iHero?

Yes, this is a defense post. Don't pay attention to the ratings. It just doesn't do the drama justice. Whatever the reasons, considering how most people prefer soaps--or because of the time aired, those factors do not define the drama. Hey, they're popular enough to have a sequel. Well, any drama could try to come … Continue reading What’s So Good About iHero?

iHero: Season 2 Coming Up

  This good news has been out for like a week or more already. I'm not too sure. But as soon as I read about it, I was so happy! I know I've been a slowpoke in catching up with the last few episodes so the episode summaries had to suffer. But I really love … Continue reading iHero: Season 2 Coming Up

iHero: Episode 13

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned. This episode continued with Wei Zhe visiting Lin Sir. He just found out about Lin Sir's arrest. Lin Sir didn't want to tell him because it wasn't anything worth mentioning. Wei Zhe said that he … Continue reading iHero: Episode 13