The GBA Aftermath

Okay, I wasn’t even going to participate in this ridiculous, beyond childish “game” this year. Yet I had to after reading some things. I refrained from wanting to even blog or care about it after reading some news (which was my first mistake in a long time now because I had cut myself off with anything that’s related to the stretch of the media and anti-fans) last night. But I could no longer hold out after reading an exchange between Will and Mark:

(Image Credit: Will’s Weibo)

YES, it got to Will. In this day and age and leave it up to the media to add in more oil to the blazing fire, OF COURSE, IT GOT TO HIM. Thank you for those who were making things even worse. I hope you all are happy now! (YES, that was sarcasm.) Now that I got that part out of the way, I will attempt to tear everything apart one by one and beat the already “dead horse” to death again (IF POSSIBLE). These points were influenced by a collection of various discussions around the net BUT might not cover everything because I stopped reading for the sake of keeping whatever of sanity is left in me. Luckily, Will didn’t get beat down yet and will continue to strive forward.

First and foremost, who should have won? Everyone loves this question, right? Since most people (or what seems like it) have been yelling out injustice since the result was announced. Biased or unbiased, I think Will deserved every ounce of the award–regardless if the other nominees are veterans or not. Well, it’s easy for me to say because I’m some obsessed fangirl, right? WRONG, I thought James Wen would win this year–finally. Does that mean I have no faith in Will? NO, it was because Endless Love was too underrated AND the fact that the hype was built around The Fierce Wife and many others all along.

Additional reasons?

  • Picking on the new guy is just so fun. People are so against Will because he’s new. Technically, he isn’t new anymore in the industry, but at least he’s one of the new nominees and some people wouldn’t expect to show up on the list. It’s the same reason why Mark got bombarded to the point that it could be compared to a massacre two years ago. AND also the mockery that followed after Show got beat by Wu Cheng Di. I just want to say that when it comes to these things, it’s not a matter of who’s senior/junior but it should be based on that one performance only. That’s why they attached the title of the drama after reading out the nominees’ name, hence the next point.
  • Acting? The obvious reason for thinking his acting isn’t up to it. Those who think so based on Miss No Good and never watched Endless Love should not even have a say in it. After all, the award was based on his performance in Endless Love. Endless Love received some attention when it first aired–yet for all the wrong reasons (thanks to the media), but that was it. So it was hard for those who lost interest and never watched the rest of it to criticize Will’s acting. He had improved heaps since Miss No Good–if that was possible. Not to mention how with people’s first major lead role, they would end up all nervous. (AND because he and Rainie are really good friends outside, too familiar with one another that made him nervous and less natural in Miss No Good than in Endless Love.)
  • Fanbase and the personal support team. This is important because this is where everyone gets overly emotional because of course, they would be supporting their friends, favorites, etc. YET if they’re unwilling to step back and analyze the whole situation, it’s just group-bullying the winner in the end. Even more so, just because someone you support wins it means it’s fair? And if someone you don’t support wins, that means the whole thing is corrupted? More on that later.
  • Different interpretation of what ‘good acting’ is. YES, this is why sometimes we have a room full of people and they can’t seem to get along. We all have a different perception of what good acting is. SO the people on the panel are like that as well. Ever heard the phrase “9 people with 10 opinions”? (I’ll leave some other questions about doubt for later as well.)

Who handled the outcome better? Of course, it’s easy to be happy and all when you’re winning, right? YES, but Will had to deal with the combined pressure from the other nominees–and their supporters, the media, and the audience. This is one of those rare times when he rather not win. Being the winner is worse than being the loser this time around. But I must say that out of all the other nominees, Jin Shi Jie handled it pretty well, even congratulating Will based on this post. I’m not sure about Long Shao Hua since I haven’t heard much about him afterward–or the media focused less on him. NOT sure. Joseph Chang looked sad from some of the photos captured afterward–with Rainie comforting him–AND he has every right to be. Yet the most disappointing reaction must be from James Wen. He has every right–like the other nominees–to be upset yet calling injustice? Okay, here is the part where everyone would be arguing about there’s never a wrong way to react after losing since it’s hard to control one’s emotion and how it hurts to lose four times already. YET why didn’t he react so strongly before? (Okay, people are rolling their eyes and saying, “Maybe it’s because this is the fourth time.” How could I miss it when I wrote “four times” up there, right?) Lei Hong won in 2008–and no reaction just because he’s a veteran? Or was it because it was the second time (after some years) so no real effect yet (but just the whole flaunting around about “being honored with having the nomination”)? My turn to roll my eyes here. But if Eddie Peng had won over him that year, how would he feel? (Though if Eddie had won, I wouldn’t mind either because I felt his performance in Wayward Kenting was so convincing as some clueless guy. But for the record, I was rooting for Zhang Chen Guang also SO I wasn’t too happy with Lei Hong winning YET I got over it. YES, I said it that I didn’t agree with the winner BUT I wouldn’t go about bashing another for it. I just moved on.) Then come last year’s The Happy Times of That Year and he didn’t win either AND what was his reaction? Sorry that I have forgotten but most of the heat was on between the winner and Show Luo–or so it seemed. AND is this year an appropriate time to come out pondering if the audience could vote as well? (I get it the part about him being sad and disappointed that he doesn’t know where he went wrong. YET I didn’t like some of the attitude going on like he was sure he would win. No one wants to lose OR so others would be arguing right now, but he has let the whole hype get to him and building himself up too much hence not being able to accept the outcome–like some others who have taken it lightly. I’m sure it’s hard not to get pulled in because of how much The Fierce Wife Team has built itself up for getting awards, but he must understand that acting is not about awards only. Or was that his goal all along? And IF anyone wants to pull the veteran card out now, he has to understand how the industry is since he has been around for a while now.) Back to the whole questioning about the panel, he could question the panel all he wants but touching the audience? Nice move. This goes back to prove that everyone has a different opinion on how and what is good acting. YET what is he implying? (I’m sure the media could be twisting his word, but some of the reactions from him and the rest of The Fierce Wife Team are obvious already without the media adding in more.) Talking about TFW (The Fierce Wife) Team, Sonia sure disappointed me with her reaction as well. (YES, this is the part where people are saying about how it’s natural for her to not be able to control emotion because she just lost the leading actress award to Tian Xin previously–and that she was just supporting James–AND how she already apologized afterward via Facebook. YET Miss Sui was saying in this one article that she didn’t care about winning and seemed like she was taking it easy. She must have underestimated herself and reacted differently when the moment finally came and she couldn’t predict that YET it proved that the response was just a publicity stunt after all. And if what she said before had been taken out of context with her not caring about the award and she had clarified about that–aka she does care, then I’m sorry. But that was kind of not so graceful with her reaction–regardless of how much damage control was done afterward. It had allowed for the TFW fanbase to bash others since it was okay their idols were against a certain victory as well. Yeah, here comes the whole “idols couldn’t control their emotions” again, BUT they’re NOT new. People want to use the “veteran/senior card” to their advantage? I will use it too if you want to play that way.)

SIDE-NOTE: I want to stop here and clarify that I really like both Sonia and James Wen. I liked Sonia since watching The Magicians of Love–even if people thought her performance wasn’t all that, but I saw the potential in her. (NOT to mention how I have included her as one of the key characters in The Dating Game series of my fanfiction–regardless of how lame and random the story-line tend to get.) James? I only watched him in bits and pieces in The Happy Times of That Year but really liked his chemistry with Sonia in there, and loved them as an on-screen couple since then. Not to mention how I think James could really act. Yet I’m just disappointed in their reaction of recent, that’s all. SO if anyone thinks it’s just my cheap attempt to defend Will by dunking both James and Sonia, that’s fine and I can’t stop you, but it’s not the truth. I will continue to support both and wish their time will come in the future. I also hope that they would both learn to handle situations better as well. (NOT to mention the whole ‘TFW Team’ also.)

Moving on…to the next point.

The results were fixed. This couldn’t be helped when an award ceremony comes around–or some sort of competition. I read somewhere that someone was mentioning about Angie Cai (the producer of Endless Love) was behind the whole thing with getting Will to win. Honestly? Someone also pointed out through the same post that: “Why couldn’t she do the same last year for Show and Hai Pai Tian Xin?” I must agree with that response. Don’t tell me because she learned better this year. Unless you can prove it, don’t even go there. It does happen in the industry at times and who knows what else behind those curtains YET unless you can prove it, it’s just a bunch of baseless assumptions. To make it even worse, someone else blurted out that Will was actually the one buying himself the award. Again, honestly? This, I could say is impossible without proof. Why? He focuses his career on music because that’s his passion, but does one drama per year (or so he had announced one time) because of fans who would want to see him in the dramas. He’s known to be one of the most extreme workaholics in the industry, never stopping even when he injured his leg performing that one time onstage. Would he resort to that method to win?

Why didn’t I defend Mark when everyone and their cousins were after him for winning two years ago? The obvious: I didn’t watch Black & White yet and could only read the news that was surrounding the matter. A lame answer to dodge out of the sticky situation, but it’s the truth. I wouldn’t want to be talking about a subject that I have no idea about because it would end up worthless when I need to back up my argument. Have you ever sit there and listen to some friends talk about a certain popular movie recently shown in the theater and they talked it to death YET you have no idea what it’s about? But you ended up pretending you do AND they cornered you with a question regarding the plot or trap you with some questions about the cast (how did you think so and so did)? The sad outcome would be they made some stuff up to test you yet you didn’t even realize it until they told you in the end, making you look like an idiot because they knew all along you were bluffing (and just want to teach you a lesson). SO, yes I didn’t want to be that idiot. Though I never agree with people targeting others, even resorting to name-calling, etc. SO now that I already watched Black & White, how about not dodging the question anymore? Did Mark deserve the win? Honestly, I think he did. I pondered about it a lot when I was watching Black & White–and if I had to go raw without any real first-hand information, I would be too blinded and biased to answer that question. But I was glad to hold my judgment while I was watching. It seemed like a slow start with Mark’s character–though there was some excitement with the cases and the chase scenes at various points. Yet there were more actions than scenes where it allowed Mark to show off his ability to express his emotions. But somewhere near the ending when the plot focused on revealing more of Ying Xiong’s identity and the trap he fell into, Mark got more chances to prove his talent. It was indeed fascinating to watch. It wasn’t Mark’s fault that there were less emotional scenes for him. It was the way the plot was built. It was just that Pi Zi had a harsh life and the ups and downs of the stuff he went through were ten times worse hence allowing Vic more chances to prove his abilities. I’m not saying that Vic doesn’t deserve it SO don’t put words into my mouth. But I’m saying that other elements must be considered before jumping to a conclusion about who deserves it more than whom. I think either one of the guys winning would already be a victory for the drama itself.

Who got it worse–Mark or Will? YES, I had to address it too. During the commotion and the announcement of the result, Mark must have gotten it worse. Though both were equally shocked and emotional to pay attention to other sideshows. Yet I think Mark got it worse after the acceptance/appreciative speech and the after-party. Just because he was right there witnessing everything. People must be whispering and some doubts are out there–thanks to the media’s interpretation as well. Mark saw it all and had to endure the whole night. Will was in China performing and was watching it on TV. Just to get some things cleared out of the way before people assume otherwise, Will had agreed to perform in China first and did not want to cancel the show just because of the award show. Some people had interpreted that he didn’t show up because he knew he wouldn’t win (possibly thanks to the media again). That might be true to some extent, BUT I think it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he didn’t want to disappoint the people who were coming to see his performance with the show in China (since he had been known to be quite considerate and always work his best with preparations for the shows). If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t even watch, right? Of course, he was beyond surprised that he won and even went into extremely shocked mode after learning that he won. (It could be seen in this clip that he included after thanking the cast and crew of Endless Love because he said the award did not belong to him only, but to them also.) To get back to the point in bold again, I think it’s about the same after the show was over and the media begin weaving stories–and the audience’s reaction. And I don’t think there would be anyone who could comfort Will better than Mark since Mark really, truly understand EXACTLY what Will is going through (like both had said in that message above).

So after all those rants from me, who should be blamed then? (YES, I know we must blame someone for our frustration, right? SO, of course, I got that part covered.) The most obvious answer: GBA panel aka the judges. It was them who determined the winner. Whatever it was said and done, it was up to them. They were the ones who people should be targeting–regardless of what you assumed happened behind the scenes. But it’s natural to blame the winners because we couldn’t change anything or have a say in the panel, right? NO! Come on now, could someone come up with a lamer reason to hate? To get back to the subject again, if the nominees don’t trust the panel OR care for the GBA, why didn’t they just file some report/statement stating that they DO NOT want to be involved in it altogether? Oh, we’re back to the whole “I thought I would win thing again.” Scroll up and it goes in circles. LOL!

To get way off-topic but still somewhat on topic, did anyone consider that some of the best dramas of the year didn’t even get mentioned? SO how could you rate the fairness of everything or feel the injustice of it all? I’m sure every one of the production team of all the dramas aired last year (and all of the years in the past, in the current, and in the future as well) did their best and put in a lot to work to create all of those dramas for us to see–regardless if we care for the genre or not, BUT they didn’t get mentioned. What I’m getting at is if you complain about those not winning, what about those who didn’t get nominated? The list goes on and on, not just the cast–or the usual upfront producer/director teams either. But the people who spent hours to put up the set and get the scenes ready for the shoot. Or say those people who spent hours after to clean up after the others are done with the scenes and already went home? Do they ever get mentioned? We know they exist, but the attention’s always on the forerunners. SO imagine how they feel when they are not mentioned at all. OR like some people thought they could carry on a show without the help of the so-called “little people.”

Am I trying to act all mighty and teach people stuff? NO, I’m just fed up with seeing so much negativity and what one human being would do to another just because of something they couldn’t change. You might think I’m making too big of a deal out of this because they’re entertainers. BUT does that mean entertainers DO NOT have feelings or deserve to pursue their dreams or follow their ambition? Every one of us has a dream or a goal we’re working toward. You might think one is silly or another. You might choose to be a doctor because you want to save lives, others could choose to become singers/song-writers/actors–or whatever you name it. But it doesn’t make one career/profession more superior than the other. We’re just all different from one another and the path we choose makes this world a place with variety.

This was a rant about the male side mostly since it has to do with Will and all. Yet I think it could apply for all of the categories that were mentioned in the award as well. Because honestly, it doesn’t make much of a difference. The bottom-line: Get over it.

Awards Season

The worst season. I think winter is less cruel than this season. Honestly, the whole battle is dragging on and on. Old grudges are brought up. New expectations are drawn out. YET there ought to be bias all right. Sadly, I also get pulled into it. This year, I have patted myself on the back too early, considering how I thought I wouldn’t get drawn in. At least not one of them.

The good news? Hey, the GBA is over! No more anticipation. No more fighting among fans, right? WRONG! It gets even more complicated because everyone’s digging past results and comparing which one is the worst. Show Luo got robbed, by a kid? Sounds familiar? OKAY. Anyone stopped to realize James Wen got robbed the most? (Or should I say again?) Though I only watched the ending of Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang, I could tell he was great. As for the winner, I have no aches since it has been done and over with; and I honestly think that he deserves it too. I did not watch but heard from others that he was great in there. Whatever it was that the panel made in error or other pressures, it was their fault, not the kid’s fault since he delivered for his role. It was up to them. As for the female lead side? I should be glad that Rainie got it AND not Amber. Though I like Amber’s performance in Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang, I don’t think fans would’ve agreed. Being the newcomer (at least in dramas?), she would face too much pressure and probably major criticism from the public. IF she had won, Rainie fans would never let her off easily. It would end up being like the whole Show debate for now–possibly worse. (The same fate would go for the other nominees as well, NOT just Amber if things were different.) I like Rainie, believe me, I do, but I’m just pointing out that it has become an award for favoritism more than actual acknowledgment for their performances in those running dramas. (At least it seems that way to fans.) The panel made the wrong call? I feel so sorry for the person who would eventually get attacked by the public.

What most people get confused by these awards shows are that they DO NOT stick with the present. I know there are a lot of impressive actors/actresses out there. YET the awards are grading on the current project, NOT on the person’s history. That’s why some people win–though their past performances had been nothing impressive. It’s the per performance concept, NOT pulling up past records. What is this? Dividing the pig? That’s why I get irked the most when someone rants about someone’s past achievements OR it’s okay for a veteran to win IF the choices are too nerve-racking among the younger generation actors/actresses. Let me get it clear that I love veteran actors/actresses AND I DO respect them for contributing to the ET industry all these years. BUT it doesn’t mean because they are veterans that they get the nod without a say. It is about their performances in the dramas mentioned (for that year) that they’re being graded on. (I do know there’s a possibility the results might be rigged though there are things people must acknowledge before pointing fingers. Do you disagree with the results because you feel that person didn’t perform the best according to acting standards OR because your favorite didn’t win?) SO it comes to my next point regarding the panel of judges. They let public pressures influence them so much that they usually end up taking the easy way out instead of awarding to the most deserving individual (or their initial choice).  What I totally feel turned off specifically about the GBA is I read from a source (sorry can’t recall) that they usually pick an episode out of the drama and grade someone’s performance just on that episode. I agree that in order to be called good, one must be able to perform consistently throughout so it makes sense to see if one can act or not just based on that performance. BUT if they have ONE YEAR to watch it, at least do it correctly. Though they won’t know for sure what the nominations are yet, but should make time to watch for the fairness of it all. (I do know everyone has his/her own schedules AND not all can make time to watch BUT they are on the panel, after all, SO if they can’t do it, then they DON’T have to. Depending on the drama’s length, it might take them forever, but they should consider watching as much as possible.) It is even less reasonable if they have to based on just one episode to know if the drama is good or not. (Okay, IF they are pros and they take those classes to determine with the pattern, then okay, I have no say for that BUT is everyone on the panel experts? IF they are really pros, then why let the public influence them so much AND not just focus on the art itself?) If I had gotten the information wrong regarding the ‘one episode’ thing, please correct me for my ignorance because I would love to learn more and shed light on the matter (just for the kick of it).

What’s up next? The TVB Awards Show. Words have it that Fung is out of the race. I heard some people mentioning about the Charray year earlier somehow or it seemed like TVB was paving way for them this year. However, that plan bombed major time because Growing Through Life didn’t make it. (Yes, MOL received high ratings BUT honestly, the hype had somewhat died down with his possible TV King title.) The race now is between Wayne, Moses, Steven, and Felix. Though Felix might as well sit back and let the others fight. He has other things to worry about–and probably better things to do. The fact that TVB’s awards have become a political game is just plain funny and sad at the same time. Either they cave into the public OR they’re actually fighting internally among themselves to get their favorites in. Either way, the real problem is being stuck in between it all. Honestly, I guess wanting to be popular is a sin by now. (I’m sure the rest of us in society DO NOT want to advance forward and gain some recognition–regardless of the fields we work in. So let’s just all give them a hard time since they don’t do anything but sit around YET get paid–unlike the rest of us hardworking individuals, right? PUH-LEASE!!!) So as I was saying, take out Felix and we have three left. Though I think Moses could do much more than run the race with a comedy, he has it tough this time (aka public radar). The only way anyone’s going to get any peace out of this whole thing–IF possible–is let Wayne or Steven win. (Honestly, I just love them both BUT they’ve also been used by fans to push forth the pressure as well. Like anyone’s better than TVB by shoving stuff in our faces. Fans are doing the same thing as TVB, not even realizing it. Seriously, do you honestly support someone to the ounce that you would cry out in joy if they won? OR you just want to be right?)

Moving on to the female side. It’s the battle between the Zhou Zhi Ruos this year. Once again, please let Sheren win BECAUSE the rest of us will have to suffer years and years after, hearing how someone got robbed again–AND who knows when the next time TVB will cave in? While last year’s hype is still fresh in mind, it would make sense to just shove it out to the public again. (Seriously, the year Charmaine didn’t even get nominated in anything–was that last year? Well, not totally sure, but she wasn’t as acknowledged or put out in front. I remember some of us celebrating in her thread that year since we were so glad she was out of the public’s attacks.)

I think I should quit right here and now since it would go on forever if I move on to music awards, etc.

Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang

Okay, the reason why I was even watching this was because I was channel surfing on TV, intending to look for something different but stumbled upon this one. But I kept watching even after claiming that I only want to see the opening theme parts. Then James Wen Sheng Hao came onto the screen with Sonia that I sort of continue watching, thinking it wouldn’t matter to watch a bit more. But I became addicted to it–something I haven’t felt for a while–regardless of how I spread out my intervals of watching and telling myself to be patient. This one was different because it just kept me wanting more and more. Perhaps, it was because it didn’t have the whole ‘overrated’ feeling or the ‘hype’ often seen in other SETTV related dramas. Everything was so down to earth. There were serious elements in here, touching to the point of being worth a few tears. There were also the subtle comedic and lighthearted moments that accompanied the plot. Everything for once was so natural and down to earth. Maybe because I prefer this type of setting and plot more than the whole ‘richness’ or ‘royalty’ idea reeking in SETTV’s dramas.

I have to admit that I’m watching in the middle or at least it seems so since I do not understand how it began but it’s here. It’s the part where Sonia and James are joking about something and then he wears the ring for her, but only halfway. They are so cute and sweet–without trying. (Though I have seen different promotion events for P.S. Man yet I have a feeling I won’t enjoy the other as much since I’m hooked on James and Sonia’s chemistry.) Then the scene moves on to Amber talking to Leroy and finally making peace with him (I’m guessing after so long). Then comes James and Sonia’s wedding (after some more talk here and there). Though I only watched a few minutes of P.S. Man and was tired of seeing the ‘glamour’ element (so I put it aside), but I could see that Sonia is more comfortable in this drama versus P.S. Man. It’s like she’s more natural and not too ‘trying’ or so it seems. Again, it’s probably the whole ‘no hype’ feel that makes me enjoy it. The pace is just right, not too slow and not too fast either. You can feel the emotions without the exaggerated developments.

I was really blown away by several performances during the whole time watching though I did not expect much. I think this is one of the underrated dramas. First, I’m not familiar with Amber because I had skipped the whole Invincible Shan Bao Mei (mostly because I felt they were robbed and that some other overrated drama had used them to end their story). However, I was impressed with Amber in here. She did really well and I was convinced she’s a mature young lady (or it seems at that point), not blaming the other guy anymore, holding onto her child and relying on the baby’s strength (or so it seems). Her life revolves around her baby and nothing else matter (i.e. not holding grudges or living in the past anymore). She exudes a strong personality though she was crying while she was saying those things. But she let me believe that she’s strong and trying to be strong for everyone around her (especially her baby) and even herself.

Next in line are James and Sonia since their chemistry is so addicting to watch. Cute yet not overdone. Again, Sonia’s more natural and comfortable in here. I could feel that she’s drenched with happiness when she’s with James. They’re in a world of their own when they’re together. They do not care what others say about them. She could be crazy (or do crazy things) when she’s with him, and it’s perfectly all right. James’ charming and natural in every sense. He’s never too trying (or so it seems).

The supporting actors/actresses should not be forgotten either. I recognize some of the veteran stars and remember them from other dramas. They contribute a realistic touch to the story, worrisome parents and even to the point of overly worried. Yet it seems so natural. So like a regular family–though some of their behaviors said otherwise. (Though we could relate because we have a family member like one or another.)

The scenery is something else that makes it work. It’s so breathtaking in many sense. The whole nature surrounding them and paving a picture of a simplistic life is just so promising. The whole outdoor scenes and the freedom leaking all over the atmosphere.

Based on the above impression, I’m more than convinced that I would hunt down this drama in the future to watch it properly. (And I must say that SETTV should try out for these more than the other types since it’s overkilled with the exaggerated/ prince charming themes. But maybe because the audience enjoys the other type more so they have no choice but to create more of those types.)

Also, the music is sooo good and addicting. Or perhaps of how Peter sings it. Ring Hsu should also be credited since she’s the one singing the ending theme with Peter.